What do a Minnesota governor, a pink boa-wearing pro wrestler, and a 9/11 conspiracy theorist all have in common?

They are all Jesse Ventura.

Oh, and “President of the United States” could be added to that list… If he decides to run and can win.

“2016 would be the time for me to do it,” Ventura told me, his voice booming with confidence. “I really believe I could win – I would tell the people they could make history with me by electing the first person since George Washington that does not belong to a political party. That would be enough to win right there.”

The ex-professional wrestler and former Governor of Minnesota has a remarkably colorful past. Ventura joined the Navy in 1969 and spent years as an elite SEAL Underwater Demolition expert. After leaving the Navy, his career took an unusual twist — he became a pro wrestling star, known as Jesse “The Body” Ventura. He quickly became famous for his flamboyant personality and pink boa.


After a long career in the wrestling world, Ventura went on to become the 38th Governor of Minnesota. He ran as a Reform Party candidate following a very unorthodox campaign (think bumper stickers that say “My Governor Can Beat Up Your Governor”). He described himself as fiscally conservative but socially liberal. Ventura often battled both Republicans and Democrats on issues, but he still managed to do a lot of good for Minnesota. For instance, during his administration, Minnesotans received a tax-free check each year. The state had a budget surplus at that time and Ventura wanted the money to be returned to the people.

He decided not to run again when his term ended in 2003, citing the media’s negative impact on his family.

Ventura has since authored several books, hosted his own show called Conspiracy Theories with Jesse Ventura, and remained vocal about his political opinions. He is especially noted for expressing his belief that 9/11 was an inside job. “You’re not allowed to ask about [9/11],” he said. “I have questions, but no one can supply me with an answer. If what they’re saying is true, why can’t they tell me about it?”

After a remarkable career path, Ventura may now have his sights on the Oval Office.

There is little doubt that he would be a drastic change from President Obama. Ventura wastes no time playing politics and fearlessly tells it like it is.

Referring to Washington bureaucrats, Ventura vehemently said, “They should all be fired. All of them. If you work for a business in the private sector, had a deadline, did not complete your work on time, and forced your company to shut down temporarily for not having your job done — don’t you think you’d be fired?”

Those annoying, yet necessary, things we call “rules” do not apply to bureaucrats.

Ventura said, “The key to the run would be giving the people the opportunity to elect someone who isn’t involved with these games. Everything about these politics is games. I think these two parties are destroying our country. They put their party first — not their country. That was shown with the government shut down. [Politicians] were willing to shut down the government for their parties. That is an act of treason. You know exactly where I stand with them. They’re criminals, a lot of them.”

When Ventura talks about the two party system, his voice becomes irritated and firmer than usual. Once he starts railing on the entrenched political system, it’s hard – no, impossible – to shut him off.

“Some people believe that if you change your vote from Republican to Democrat or Democrat to Republican, they’re going to get change,” he said. “They should know that’s not true and see it from the election of Barack Obama. When a Democrat and Republican tells you they’re going to give you change, they’re lying.”

Ventura said the first thing he would do as president is eliminate foreign aid.

“Foreign aid is bribery,” Ventura said. “We’re giving them money so they’ll support us. Besides, we’re broke. To put it in layman’s terms, it would be like you’re having your house repossessed and you’re three car payments behind but Uncle John wants to borrow 300 bucks from ya. Can you give it to him?  No, no.”

Radio personality and the self-proclaimed “King of All Media,” Howard Stern, would come on board as Ventura’s Vice President. The legendary shock jock is a character of his own, being described by the Parents Television Council as having a “reputation for sleaze and misogyny.” Stern, who sometimes portrays himself as the character “Fartman,” offends certain groups on a regular basis — he has done everything from drop the N-word to mock school shootings. After racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for such quips, Stern switched to Satellite radio in 2004, where FCC regulations do not apply.

Despite being a controversial figure, Stern reaches millions of listeners each day and is undoubtably one of the most powerful men in media.

“If I run, I need Howard Stern,” said Ventura. “With his radio show, he could raise me all the money we would need for the campaign. If you appeal to all of his listeners, that’s how you start a grassroots movement. We could use his radio show as a platform right up until the day to the election.”

Instead of accepting money from Super PACS and corporations during his campaign, Ventura would seek lots of small donations from Stern’s listeners and supporters around the country.

Would Ventura be able to keep up with an exhausting presidential campaign on a shoestring budget? Maybe. But he’d have to take a cue from his character “Blain” from Predator… He “ain’t got time to bleed.”

His potential plans were best summed up when he said, “If I were to run for president, my campaign will be unorthodox and different — because I’m different.”

As for now, Ventura is gearing up to do his own daily internet show and just published his new book, “They Killed Our President: 63 Reasons To Believe There Was A Conspiracy To Assassinate JFK.”

The former Governor currently spends most his time in Mexico. “People many times ask me why I live in Mexico — what can I do there that I cant do here,” he said. “I can touch grey whales in the water. We need to understand something in the United States: we’re not looked up to like we were before. The most popular T-shirt in Mexico a few years ago had a picture of George W. Bush on it and said ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction.’ People fear us. They think if they go against anything we want, we’ll start a war with them. I don’t think that’s what we should be portraying to the world. Who is responsible? The Democrats and Republicans.  It always comes back to them, doesn’t it?”

During our interview, I sensed that Ventura had the same passion for destroying the entrenched D.C. politicians as his rough-and-tumble character, Blain Cooper, had when seeking to destroy the alien in Predator. It’s almost as though he can’t wait to get there and rip the heads off those sanctimonious, pompous, polished, fake D.C. bureaucrats. “The Body” is never at a loss of words. He’s like a tenacious bull chomping at the bit to take on the establishment which has become so predictable and corrupt, yet deceives us all over and over again with impunity.

Still, a lot of questions remain unanswered: could Ventura and his family handle intense scrutiny from the mainstream media that comes with a presidential campaign? Could he compete with establishment candidates, backed by major Super PAC money? Would his pro-wrestling background and controversial VP hurt his credibility?

If Ventura does decide to run, only time will tell.

A “Jesse The Body” and “Fartman” ticket may sound crazy to middle America. But a crazy shakeup may be exactly what this country needs.

One thing is for sure — 2016 may be shaping up to be one entertaining campaign season.


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Kristin Tate is a multi-media reporter for Breitbart News and BenSwann.com.Dedicated to fearless journalism, she regularly works on undercover stings with James O'Keefe to reveal government waste, abuse, and fraud.Tate was a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter President and Founder. She will continue to fight tirelessly for individual liberty and free markets through new media. Visit Kristin's website at www.TheLibertarianChick.com.

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  • Paul

    I’d vote for Jesse in a heart beat.

    • Tom Schneider

      So we go from Ron Paul carrying the torch, to Jesse Ventura (and Howard Stern)? This would spend any good will from past libertarian compaigning, with the US electorate, for a long time. Complete madness, put someone up with the same kind of determination as Jesse but without all the characteristics that discredit.. Find two serious people to run, not these guys.

      • g.johnon

        and just exactly what are ventura’s distracting characteristics?
        and after paying attention to jesse ventura for the past few years, I don’t think you could easily find anyone more serious.
        as for the narcissistic mr. stearn, that is a tough one.

      • Ken D

        I agree, Tom. I like most of Ventura’s ideas, but I’m supporting Rand Paul or Ted Cruz all the way.

  • Tony Karma Wallace

    I’d sooner vote for Jesse before I voted Red or Blue team, that’s for sure.

  • Guest

    He lost me at Howard Stern

    • g.johnon

      yeah, I have to agree. that one is pretty hard to swallow. ron paul did ok in the finance department without howards radio show, I think jesse could too.
      but I like jesse and he would get my vote with howard playing the part of lessor evil.

  • Jonny Imperial

    This mamby pamby country couldn’t handle Jesse as commander in chief. We (not me )want someone who will easily cave. He’d get my vote.

  • John

    In my view the real problem is not JUST the Democrats and Republicans, but of State power in general. The initiation of the use of force is wrong whether it be a mugger on the street or the Feds coming to your door asking for your taxes. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be voting for anyone next election but I hope he gets a chance to at least shake things up. My guess is that if he wins its kind of a moot point, we might have hyperinflation by 2017 and it would suck to have that happen under his watch. Ventura might have to be the one to break the news to everyone. On the other hand someone like him might be our only chance of not making it worse…

    • g.johnon

      generally, when the feds come to your door for taxes, they don’t ask.

  • Tayla Saunders

    Ventura would have my vote, if it weren’t for Stern. Stern’s views on our foreign entanglements in the Middle East is enough for me to put the breaks on and decide yet again to stay home instead of going to the voter’s box.

  • Ward Damon Hubbard

    Jesse and Howard is just what Washington DC needs, and lets’ face it how worse could it be then what we have had, whatever you may think of them running, it is clear that what the middle class has had from Regan on has done nothing but the same old same old, and its time that this two party dictatorship is replaced, there is no difference between the two political parties we have, and with the last government shutdown the behavior of our elected officials, is without a dough unacceptable and needs to change, and as I understand it, no political party platform, that in and of itself has convinced me that a bid for the highest office in the land by them is a reasonable solution to an otherwise system where we the people can not be heard, where super PAC run our govern parties, are being sold to the highest bidder. and voting on bills relays more on money and special interest agenda’s, then the greater good of the people, where for ten years we have our youth dying for what? anyone figured that out yet, shrouded in scenery, no one’s seems to question this super evasive military complex spying on everybody and spending trillions of our money. and if you are just fine with all that then Jesse and Howard seems far fetched, but to others such as myself seems like a reasonable choice

    • Ken D

      I agree. But would middle-America support this ticket? I think not.

      • g.johnon

        let’s give em a chance an find out.

  • Burseg Sardaukar

    I love Howard on the radio, but his concepts for foreign policy (nuke them) even if tongue-in-cheek is still pause for concert. He is also an avid anti-“assault weapon” type guy despite being a “proud gun owner” and supports a lot of the nonsense laws Bloomberg forced on NYC residents, saying he was the best mayor they’ve had.

    • Bianca Colt

      Agreed. I love Ventura, but wouldnt vote for him if Stern were on the ticket.

    • g.johnon

      I have always been in favor of pausing for a good concert.
      but I take your slant on howard seriously and agree.

  • Dan Bender

    Jesse has my vote,I see him as the best choice for america and if he does what he say`s and he does.we would be so much better off

  • Don’t be a Dick Morris

    Jesse is half right, and half embarrassing Socialist egomaniac.

    • g.johnon

      there is not a single socialist hair on jesse’s head.
      if you were actually awake you would be embarrassed by the posers who we have previously elected, not by a real human who just happens to have lead a very colorful, but honest life.

      • Max Sand

        There’s not much hair left on his head period…….just saying, bad choice of metaphor :p

        • g.johnon

          you know, that very thought crossed my mind about a nanosecond after a hit the post button.
          good catch.

    • Michael


  • Jen Rockwell

    Hasn’t the White House had enough defamation? Anyone who thinks Jesse is the best choice we’ve got probably has a bunker and stockpile of food, weapons & ammo. Stop being so prepared for the worst that you fail to take action towards advancing the best.

    • g.johnon

      so, just how does having a real human being in the whitehouse defame it?
      what has defamed the white house and the country are the priggish demons posing as angels who have been occupying it so often in the past….oh yeah, and present.

  • Lisa Futvoye-Shepherd

    Mr. Swann, please hire an educated proof reader. It’s getting so bad, your staff should be embarrassed.

    • Ken D

      What the Hell are you talking about? Go back to correcting your student’s papers.

      • Lisa Futvoye-Shepherd

        Poorly written articles only diminish credibility. I would have thought that the credibility of this site would be paramount for Mr. Swann. Perhaps I was mistaken. Have a nice day.

        • Guest

          How is my article “poorly written?” Be specific please.

        • g.johnon

          the credibility is always in the content. you do not have to be an English major to have something important to say.

          • Lisa Futvoye-Shepherd

            Punctuation and capitalization count too…as you just demonstrated. LOL.

  • Dave Maisey

    well, i really think he would do many good things. he doesnt seem like the type to be bought, like all politicians now. i think he would do what he says he would do, and not be swayed by big money. the problem is, what he wants to do is a little crazy. but hey, no crazier than most other politicians anyway. at least he is honest.

  • Ken D

    The reason he probably wont win is because he’s too honest. Most stupid voters want to hear the predictable talking points that they’re used to during a campaign season…

    I’m not sure I’d like Stern as a VP, but Jesse Ventura would make an amazing president IMHO.

    Thank you for this colorful interview!

    • BobtheGrape

      The reason he won”t win is that if he gets really popular “they”, who are they, the “powers-that-be”(PTB’s); will either find some dirt on him, real or made up; and if he survives that they will kill him as they attempted to do with George Wallace. He would have to campaign in an armored car and have several food tasters. The folks, PTB’s, who run things wouldn’t let him get even close to becoming president because he would expose all their corruption and other shenanigans.

  • g.johnon

    aww jesse, howard stern? the man who did the absolutely impossible and actually made me miss piers morgan when he took morgan’s place on America’s got talent?
    come on jesse, if you make an honest commitment to run, I have every confidence that we the people will money bomb the heck out of you. you don’t need sterns money, and I doubt that he could raise enough to cancel out his own huge downside anyway.
    ditch howard and go talk to Catherine albrecht about being your running mate. now that would be a ticket.

    • Ward Damon Hubbard

      What makes Howard Stern a perfect choice is exactly the money, and it has everything to do with the inter-working of the back room dealing by Super PACs perhaps it’s because of a lack of belief or knowledge of most people, or the amounts of cash we’re actually talking about, just take a look at Obama’s appointees’ so far, the question I would ask is the amount they spent for that position, or the recent “Freedom Medals” where given out, how much did they spend and those are just the high profile ones, the quite one the ones that are business as usual, golf with oil executives while voting on the keystone pipeline, Yea it is about the cash, and who your beholding to once you arrive. Howard while unorthodox, to some sound crazy, I see Howard Stern pushing the edge of our free speech, with a record he has had with the FCC, and the Christian right, he is to the airwaves what Larry Flint was to Men’s Magazines, and really in a strange way if he hadn’t done what he did , there’s a good chance free speech would have been gone already. And really Joe Biden?? you can almost hear the servo motors when he turns his head, Howard a ambassador of what it mean to BE an American, I believe those in the third world would say “See the dream lives if he can do that it’s wide open ” As for him being able to raise the greenbacks -enough said.

      • g.johnon

        cogent points all. I heartily agree with a whole bunch of what you are saying.
        the points that separate are:
        you contend that it’s all about money. as things stand you are correct.
        I submit that the all about money thing has got to stop, quickly or nothing is going to stop this slide into hell.
        and, no way in hell that howard singlehandedly saved free speech. without him, folks like carlin, art bell, john b. wells, noory, aaron russo (r.i.p.) and a slew of others would be keeping the flame burning just fine.
        oh yeah, john b. wells would make another fine running mate. and his audience, although his is only on Saturdays nights, is actually way bigger than sterns.
        there is also the unfortunate fact that a large part of stern’s audience would most likely be incapable of registering to vote let alone actually carrying out the task.
        so, what have you got agains cathy Albrecht anyway?

        • Ward Damon Hubbard

          It is dialog such as this, that will not only save this nation, but scares the B’Jesus out of the powers that be, we live at a time and understanding, that if the envelope of constitutional rights and freedoms, if not pressured, thereby understood, they become victims of a ideology of moral turpitude, and become not a basic freedom, and many other alternative radio shows understand this, but Howard Stern owns Cyrus radio, and if nothing else the basic morality issue and dialog generated in doing so, and if they should win? What would the political landscape of the backroom dealing, mafia style sit down, PAC whoring, do about that? How is that “business as usual” model going to work, when that monkey wrench is thrown into the mix, with Jesse Ventura as president not owning them nothing, not even an explanation. what kind of court appointed judgeship would he appoint the federal courts, who would he pardon what would this western military complex do after that loss of control? Believe me they could do a lot, history reflects the damage that they are responsible for, but perhaps if this shakes up the standard norm of the political theater, is that a bad thing? I would argue look at where we are now,

          • g.johnon

            well spoken. I consider you to be in your right mind and asking all the right questions.
            but I can’t escape the feeling that, jesse would be murdered and howard would fall into line with bad guys.

          • Ward Damon Hubbard

            changes of this magnitude are comfortable or convenient, hey my ears are wide open,…

          • Ward Damon Hubbard

            perhaps should clarify Hilary Clinton for President, one word yea you guessed it Benghazi, I would ask Hilary to explain to us how , why this could possibly happen on her watch, I recall a team of retired joint chiefs were investigating it, as for her in the oval office? the thought of that ever happening, is why our second amendment is so very important, that I could not support …in any fashion.

  • Bianca Colt

    I would love him to run. But replace Stern with someone more reasonable. He loses ALL credibility with Stern.

    • just my 2 cents

      Exactly. Few will take him seriously with Stern. Most of the ones that would will not vote for him because of Stern. Could you imagine Stern being one heartbeat away from the presidency? And if Jesse wants Stern because of the campaign money he could bring, what makes him different from the political prostitutes we already have? Jesse– get serious, refine your message, and find a decent running mate. Then you may have my support!

      • BobtheGrape

        Bianca, you’re right again!

    • BobtheGrape

      You’re right, Stern is too much of a flake. But I don’t think that he wanted Stern to run with him, he just wants Stern to be on his side to help get the youth vote. Or did I misconstrue something?

      • Not Bob

        He wants Stern because he can bring the money, Stern would be an incredible fund raiser and has his own unfiltered voice to the people.

  • Franklin

    Stern is to Ventura, what Biden is to Obama. An insurance policy.

  • j

    How about Jesse Ventura has Gary Johnson as vice president?

  • Johnny Cirucci

    Jesse is a Lib…but he’s an HONEST Lib with a heart for the common person and that has him FLY past contenders.

    I agree with some of the other commenters, Stern is “get out the kids vote” insurance and he begs the one concern I have about them both:

    I need to know that they are going to stand strong on AT LEAST protecting the unborn (I know I’ll have to give up the sanctity of marriage with them) and I don’t think I have that assurance.

    Surprisingly, I think I do with Rand Paul who would be a knock-out punch as VP.

    • Toonces

      If by “Lib” you mean Libertarian then you would be on the money. He’s certainly not a liberal, nor a conservative. If you are hoping for conservative platforms from a libertarian then you’ll be disappointed. But keep voting because you are worried about two guys kissing and see how this country turns out. Priorities.

      • Johnny Cirucci

        No, dude. By “Lib” I mean “LIB-TARD”…someone who KNOWS the Truth yet refuses to slam messiah Obama.

        And I could give a sh*t about 2 guys kissing but 2 guys buggering each other, then being recognized by my government as equal to a man and a woman and adopting children DOES bother me.

        I still love Jesse. I just don’t know if I trust him to take care of me the way I would take care of him.

        • g.johnon

          so you are saying jesse wouldn’t get the homophobe vote?

          • Johnny Cirucci

            Not at all. I’m saying that assholes like you need to be overcome before we can build a powerful Conservative/Libertarian coalition that will take America back from the Elite scourge that is ruining her.

          • g.johnon

            since your fundamentalism is oozing out all over this page, I would consider you to be an integral part of the elite scourge that is ruining the republic.
            you have a guaranteed right to believe what you will, but when you attempt to force others to your beliefs by making them the law of the land, I and other assholes like me will continue to be your worst nightmare.
            liberty is a reciprocal commodity, you can’t have it if you can’t allow it for everyone who does no harm to others.
            so, I’m getting a little sick of shallow ass monkeys like you running around blithering about how your pissy little narcissistic god needs to run the show.
            if you want credibility in the political arena of a free society, then leave your blithering little “I need you on your knees” god at home when you come to the meetings.

          • Johnny Cirucci

            HA! “Fundamentalism”. By that you mean morals, ethics and self control: things that make you shudder as you masturbate to porn in your mommy’s basement.

            I’ve got bad news for you, “Gary”…this Revolution BELONGS to the soldiers of Christ.

            You’re welcome to join (as it will be much more friendly to you than the New World Order) but don’t get in the way, either.

            The unborn and traditional marriage will be protected with us. Perhaps we’ll throw you a bone and legalize pot.

            Just don’t start a crime wave in the resultant depravity.

          • g.johnon

            no, by that I mean false morals, pseudo ethics and total lack of self control. and yeah, that could make me shudder.
            by the way johnny, who the hell is gary?
            can I join? really? do I get to light the witch fires? can I run the dunking pond? can I? can I? huh can I?
            my mom doesn’t have a basement but your assumptions do expose you nonetheless for apechild that you are.
            yeah, protect my marriage from something going on in private somewhere else. there are only two people responsible for the “sanctity” of a marriage. those who are engaged within that marriage. only those too weak to shoulder that responsibility would stoop to blaming someone how has no effect on their marriage whatsoever.
            you have a right to your opinion about abortion, its a tough one. what you do not have the right to do is empower the federal government to make personal and social choices for us. no way, now how.
            who is the depraved one son? maybe you should get down on your knees and pray to your great and wonderful oz about it.

          • Johnny Cirucci


          • g.johnon


      • LibertyMonger

        Jesse is a Liberal, a TRUE classical Liberal, what a Liberal was meant to be! Thomas Jefferson was a TRUE Liberal! The Liberals of today are not Liberals, they are authoritarians posing as liberals!

  • BobtheGrape

    Jesse “The Body” Ventura would get my vote for President. Jesse Ventura and Judge Andrew Napolitano, that ticket would clean-up the mess that this country is in. I would ask them to fire all of Congress (House & Senate) to start with, then we could start over. Like fire the Fed and repeal the 17th amendment for seconds!

    • Ward Damon Hubbard

      Hey Grape that’s idea, if they could get the money-

  • Not Bob

    I would vote for him over a D or R in a heart beat but then I see the whole political thing as a big fake wrestling match where the battle du jour like the debt limit is alll done for show with the amazing victor at the last minute.

    How could he possibly do worse than our current set of scum ?

  • Jason

    Cruz and Rand can go jump off a cliff. Ventura/Stern 2016!

  • BravoLimaFiveEight

    How is Mr. Ventura on constitutional issues? Does he support the second amendment? Does he believe we (Americans) should be able to defend ourselves and arm ourselves as we see fit to defend ourselves from any attacker including our own government? If he doesn’t then I won’t vote for him.

    • Robert Zraick

      I believe he does support the Constitution. I would agree with you.

  • Allan Folsom

    So Governor, please tell me, did you get sucker punched in a San Diego bar by a real Navy Seal (not a UDT SCRUB such as yourself) and why are you going to great lengths to sue his widow? What a man you are

    • LibertyMonger

      So sick of looking at you idiots always believing what you hear from known liars. Do America a favor and just shut your mouth.

  • Aniga Kaliya

    He could run but it would be a long shot. People like Ventura, Paul and Napolitano can’t be presidents… they’d undo everything the motherlovers have been doing for the past 100+ years…

    • LibertyMonger

      Dream on with your fake libertarian wannabe. What makes you think America will learn who he is in 2016? LMAO stop wasting our time!

  • Andrew Craig

    I don’t know why anyone would support this nutjob when Gary Johnson is running again. His record as Governor puts Ventura’s to shame, and as a bonus he’s not a batshit insane 9/11 troofer who lies about his military record.

  • abe

    Being one of them turkeys from turkeytown, and seeing Jessie at the Amory,Auditorium, And Civic Center, he was right to call the media jackels just that!! Screw’em all!!

  • jeff4justice

    Tyrel Ventura On His Dad Jesse
    Ventura Running For President http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pq6HKEOc4OI

  • Thanks

    Thanks for labeling Jesse a conspiracy theorist in your first sentance. I know what it means, and what his show was named, but to use this term when it’s definition has been changed to “nut job” is not cool. There are many other ways to explain someone who questions 911, there, I did it without even trying.

  • Ward Damon Hubbard

    Before you completely dismiss Howard Stern as a buyable candidate for vice president, ask yourself this, unless you can find a running mate that brings to the table what Howard does, good ‘lo Yankee greenbacks, and a uncensored platform and freedom of satellite radio, Globally, take a minute and think about that, beholding to no one, he would not have to sell out to “Capitan of Industry”, and Jesse walks what he talks, with our nation facing this fiscal crisis and wide spread influence peddling from PAC’s which amounts to corruption, clearly, what we do not need is another professional politician, who has been in this corrupted system, knows the ins and out, and already sold out, I would like to see just how mainstream media would react to what a worldwide untouchable, uncensored platform like Howard Stern Show has, how and what would they do about that? and as far as Howard Stern ability to raise the cash to make a honest bid for the white house? I think that answerer is yes, and if the people by choice made enough noise to get Jesse Ventura into the nation’s presidential debates, which has been mostly two parties only, Jesse said if he could get that far that he would win, and be the only president since George Washington not to have a political affiliation, unorthodox choice perhaps, butt maybe just enough of being outside the box, to make the change we need to get this nation back on course.

  • JesusIsAmerican

    I will vote for Jesse Ventura; no one else short of Ron, or MAYBE Rand, Paul gets my vote. This is not a discussion. VENTURA 2016

  • PlainOldTruth

    The Republocrat stastus quo must end! Part of exposing the criminality of the District is to expose the fact that the current president is the reprehensible organized crime dame named Valerie Jarrett. Too much ink is spilt on that bad actor the Chicago-based criminal gang hired to read off their press releases to the gullible sports-addled Oprah-addled masses.