Actress Alyssa Milano recently released a “sex tape” online.

But it’s not a sex tape — it is a video promoting a Syria attack.

It was released by and is arguably little more than propaganda to support Obama and his agenda in Syria.

Although the video claims to try to “inform” people about a potential attack, it only regurgitates Obama’s narrative. The video asserts that Assad is responsible for the chemical attacks in Syria and that a “red line” was violated.

The video lacks depth, and does not discuss some important aspects of the Syria debate. For instance, as InfoWars points out “it makes no mention of the other side of the debate, including the UN’s acknowledgment that the FSA rebels used chemical weapons back in March or last week’s report by Associated Press correspondent Dale Gavlak which contained interviews with rebels who admitted being responsible for the chemical weapons incident in Ghouta.”

View the video here:

Do you think it is appropriate for celebrities to release one-sided videos like this? Of course, the video’s makers are protected by the First Amendment — but it could influence the way many Americans look at the situation.

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Kristin Tate is a multi-media reporter for Breitbart News and to fearless journalism, she regularly works on undercover stings with James O'Keefe to reveal government waste, abuse, and fraud.Tate was a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter President and Founder. She will continue to fight tirelessly for individual liberty and free markets through new media. Visit Kristin's website at

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  • Matt Winkeljohn

    I don’t put a whole lot of faith in to the intelligence of most Hollywood actors/actresses. While I can see how this video might have had the effect of showing people that there is more important stuff happening than whatever some celebrity is doing, it definitely ended up as a propaganda video. There may have been good intentions involved in making this, however, it does steer people towards the pro-war Obama regime.

  • Kevin Merck

    What do you expect from people who allow their public school system to be run by leftwing, feminist nutcases, who make abortion and underage sex a major part of their curriculum.
    Support Obama no matter what he wants because he’s the abortion fanatic in Chief.

  • Laurie Schultz

    Wow, and I thought that these actresses couldn’t get any dumber than Miley Cyrus. Now I have to say it’s a toss up.

  • Duane Savage

    They can make all the propaganda films they want.. it doesn’t work near as well as it used to.

  • Scotster

    Sheeple eat this stuff up. Could have been done better tho. The commentator could have like asked them to stop fooling around and pay attention! lmao

  • Ross V Scalise

    Unfortunately, too many people have already made up their minds before the facts come in. Too many people think with their emotions, and not with their brains. They will ignore facts that do not coincide with their world view.

  • Brutus Lincoln Paine

    Hollywood panders to the New World Order, “Illuminati”, and all that other crap more often than not so it’s hardly surprising. They heavily indoctrinate the youth in cartoons and otherwise with similar themes if not outright agendas. Call it whatever. Some call it satanism, some paganism, some universalism, etc. Whatever the case, Hollywood speaks to limited or secular government infrequently if it does at all. Allah akbar or whatever weirdness they can throw out there is their middle name; hardly enlightening whatever the case might be. They’re as irrelevant as government when it comes to real productivity; counting their “pretender” money and prancing around like the aristocracy.

  • Patricia

    Shame on you Alyssa! This is not a Communist country. We do not take sides in another country’s civil war no matter what the outcome might be. There is no clear and present danger to the people of the United States therefore there is no reason to take any action at this time except that of facilitating peace negotiations. We have the American version of HITLER in office. He wants world domination and that means domination of this country as well and he is willing to start WWIII to achieve his goals. Perhaps you need to go back to school and study American History and actually read the Constitution and Bill of Rights, It is imperative that you learn what you are actually and have already given up and what they are wanting to continue to take from you. Exercise your brain Alyssa and while you are studying American History, why not read about what Hitler did in Germany and where his tactics came from. They came from Muslim tactics. The same tactics the terrorists use. Why would you even support backing the same people who took down our World Trade Center. Have you that little respect for you country and it’s peoples? You shame us. Grow up and do your own research before you start spreading this Traitorous Tyrants message of blood and death!

  • Chris R.

    There was a newscast playing?

    But seriously, maybe this is the only way this washed up B-actress can get attention these days. Sad. I voted for DIE after it finished playing. You should too. Show them how un-funny it really is.

  • crappinrocks

    You know the left is desperate when they try to “educate” under false pretenses. And all Alyssa Milano is good for is a piece of cheap hollywood ass.

  • Sharon

    Don’t make a tape if you have no idea what is going on in politics or the world. Tired of dumb celebrities trying to make comments on things they don’t understand.

  • agcw86

    Not the first time that literal media whores and psychopaths have teamed up to get their elitist agenda accomplished. At least as a whore, she only defiles and cheapens her own body. The other elitists and politicians sell out that which they have never and will never own to destroy people they will never know. This is simply a pageant of evil on display for all the world to see.The US has gone from a melting pot to a cesspool, but finally the people are waking up to it.

  • Drew


  • Tim Peplinski

    It is a comedy site. This is like taking the onion seriously. You are losing credibility.

    • Greenebeane

      No you are wrong, this is propaganda dressed up like comedy to program people like you to what is about to come with the New World Order. Better open your eyes to how Hollywood actors are working with evil forces to desensitize us to the message. They may not know it but they are being used like tools to push this message There are some things that are not funny. This “war” of Obama is not justified and how many other people will die if we attack? God Bless Ben Swann for exposing this. Peace!

    • RLM

      I’d be inclined to agree with you if I hadn’t heard people actually say that they get a lot of their news from The Daily Show…

  • Jean-Luc H Ulmer

    New World Order is a cool idea and all; however, let’s talk about economics and pragmatism.

    Of course Hollywood has an agenda, they always have. Maybe it’s to create wealth marginalization, rather than to promote a “new world order.”

    History often repeats itself. The common man is pretty stupid.
    Marketing has been in society since the dawn of historical data.
    If there is some kind of New World Order, they are pretty ineffective at it.
    We’re mostly just stupid, and we won’t accept it.
    It’s very easy to control people who don’t know what brainwashing is, and also who think that everyone else is brainwashed.
    We’re programmed to be attached to common marketing concepts. Everything is marketing. Whether or not Alex Jones is telling the truth or not. He’s made quite large profits from ( Maybe he’s marketing?

  • Andrew M.N.

    Does no one realize this is satire from a site that produces comedy sketches? Keywords: satire, comedy, and sketches. Ben, as a donor who has supported you and your ventures financially and through word of mouth, I expect a higher standard of fact-checking journalism.

    • Cole

      People will use what ever they can to get the message across…Simple really !

    • Drew

      So your saying it has to be on a news website to influence people? Pretty sure being a ‘sex tape’ on a comedy website makes it a lot more dangerous because of the young adults and children that it is reaching. It’s purposely deployed into the public in this manner to hide it’s true intentions.

      • Andrew M.N.

        There’s a very clear difference between pro-war propaganda and a comedy sketch that doesn’t even take a stance either way on the issue. I’m just as anti-war and anti-propaganda as I’m sure you are, but sometimes things really are meant to be taken at face value.

    • Q702

      I have a feeling you didn’t watch the video. That wasn’t satire and it wasn’t even funny.

      • Andrew M.N.

        I did watch it, why in the world would I comment on something I hadn’t watched? That would be a sad waste of my time. I didn’t find it particularly funny either, but you’re right in saying it probably isn’t fully satire by definition. Partly satire, though (of sex tapes), yes.

    • Camilla

      Seriously. This girl sucks.

  • Brian Hawkins

    If that actually influences anyone, we might as well give up on humanity right now. Not really. But honestly, even the idea that such garbage could be influential is a terrible commentary on the state of our nation.

    • obloodyhell

      I’m sure it will influence people, and this is not unusual in the history of even this nation — but the NUMBER of people it will influence is the sad part.

      Too many LIVs.

  • Dick

    What would Tony and Angela say about this?

  • kev in AB

    Propaganda will always sway the simple. It is our nature to get what we want by the most effective way our conscience will allow. Milano is either using simple people or is being used.

  • Paul Revere

    Alyssa who? It really shows the desperation of the globalists that are trying to cause this was and their little “Crew” of the remaining brainwashed liberals that don’t realize what’s going on yet.
    The best thing for your average Obamatard to do right now, the ones that were all for Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Holder and the rest of the global criminal elements of our government is to do the right thing and admit that you have been conned. It would be very smart at this point to get it out on public record (Facebook post..forums..etc.) That you made a mistake and you publicly denounce the actions of these people. There are very good reasons for doing this. I don’t want to scare anybody and I’m not condoning this by any means, but once Obama is removed from power or flees with Michelle and the kids to china or whatever, there will more than likely be a “witch hunt” via use of internet records provided from the NSA that (will also be repatriated once the police and military turn against this plan – which they are already doing in droves it seems). This witch hunt will hopefully stop at the ring leaders of the globalist takeover of America. The key word being “Hopefully”. This will naturally happen in attempt to make sure these crimes don’t happen again. And I really hope cooler heads will prevail. Also, members of the house and senate, your voting records, statement’s…etc. are also a matter of public record. I hate to partially quote bush here but “You are either with us, or you are with the Terrorist” – and I think we all know who the terrorist is…

  • kurtiskobain

    I think she only has a responsibility to promote the side she supports. If others wish to better inform themselves on the situation, as I would hope most would, they need only visit Google.

  • Dustin

    The video is ignorant and shows lack of education and reality of what is and has happened in Syria. She can’t make a video about the truth about what our government has done there and what has gone on with the supporting of terrorism and terrorist by our government because they would Michael Hasting’s her butt……

  • Nick

    More hollywood scum pushing the fake liberal agenda of the president. Sometimes people will stoop to unbelievable levels to get attention I guess. Funny that the video says the syrian government launched the chemical attacks with no proof whatsoever. Anyone who isn’t a drooling, babbling zombie knows that this is pure horseshit as far as facts and reporting goes. My guess is that people who visit funnyordie on a regular basis are not very informed about geopolitics or war in the first place.

  • Palmer Eldrich

    ha ha funny thing is i wouldn’t watch a Alyssa milano “sex” tape – i like some over the hill chicks but she really not my cup of tea anyhow ., and over the hill .

  • Baja Artists

    Oh geeeez, that dude didn’t last very long. He’s a 3 to 4 minute type of guy…

  • Tim Fulton

    If a Hollywood celebrity really wants to promote war, why don’t they do so by marching their sorry butt down to the recruiter’s office and enlisting to serve in it?! Alyssa is not too old!

  • SRQTad

    Not propaganda… Pure satire… If you’re watching the news, you’re getting screwed. When you’re finished getting screwed, change the channel to something worth watching.

  • Element Omega

    Who pays attention to the least intelligent of our species (actors) anyway?? so confused.

    • RLM

      Um… all the idiots who “keep up with the Kardashians,” those people pay attention to actors. There really don’t seem to be a lot of independent thinkers left in the world, which is one reason I like Ben Swann so much.

  • Gregory Alan of Johnson

    I almost cracked a smile for the effort made. The only effort made to “help” the US “civil” (Northern aggression) war was Russia’s in keeping themselves and the Rothschilds physically out of it. the same needs to happen with Syria. I have not seen ONE verified effort of any legitimate Syrian group asking for help in their conflict. I have read/seen that the “Rebels” are not true Syrians, but hired guns.

  • HillaryofArabia

    Hi, I read a lot, and used to read The New York Post a lot.
    Years ago, I read in Cindy Adam’s column that Alyssa Milano, who was then a former child star fallen into deep obscurity, was making pornos. This was according to Cindy Adams, who had a lot of access.
    Now, if you accept that I am not making this up (I’m not), you might ask yourself why this story never became common knowledge, or was not more widely known.
    Could these tapes have been buried, and are now used to blackmail Alyssa Milano? She’s been making a bit of a comeback, but porn tapes surfacing could damage this.
    Anyway, I just wanted to point out that this is not the first time her name has been associated with sex tapes, though only I seem to have noticed it. This was pre-Internet, so it would not have had the circulation such a revelation would have today.
    I’m not trying to trash her, but it’s worth mentioning, I think. Perhaps Kristen Tate would find it worth checking, since she posted the story here.

  • badman400

    Another dodo marked off the list. Shame, she was such a pretty one.

    • Ken D

      “WAS” is the operative word here…

  • jonas

    Just terrible. I will no longer watch Funny Or Die, nor anything with Alyssa in it.

  • David Lerner

    Alyssa Milano is best relegated to doing cheesey, quasi-porno Vampire flicks.

  • Daniel

    If it were a republican president she would be just another celebdiot opposing “war”. But since he’s a socialist liberal, that makes “war” OK to her. I put her in the same has been category as Dim Carey. (Celebdiot and Dim are intentional. Anyone trying to say that I don’t know how to spell is a moron.)

  • Wendy Colby

    Propaganda should be labeled what it is and the sources should get full credit for their work.I am sure Mr.Obama is very pleased with the tape he had made for what he thinks are mindless sex craze morons who need to be guided to think the right way about things.Pompous elitist!

  • Patrick Piklapp

    You all act like propaganda is something you don’t see every day. Remember Republicans are constantly on the news telling you Affordable Care Act is bad, when they implemented the same thing in five different states before Obama ran for office. These same people have been telling you that the rich need to pay less taxes than the rest of us, even though the results of the rich paying less money in taxes has resulted in the rich banking in other countries to decrease their taxes further and a growing National Debt.

    • David Harmon

      You are correct, propaganda is everywhere, including your post.

      • Bianca C

        Lol. Fabulous, David…

  • Nancy Dominguez

    I vote for all celebrities to keep their noses out of politics.. either way. I really could not care less what they think. Just becuase their famous for being in a movie, tv show, or for a song does not make them world thinkers… why do people look to celebrities for their world view anyway? I say keep singing, acting or doing whatever you do and stay out of politics to ALL CELEBRITIES no matter what side of the aisle they may sit on.

  • Rogoraeck

    Well, the pro war scum is so desperate, that they are asking Joowood bimbo/sluts for support!

  • WTH

    Is she…. Jewish?

  • Josh

    this lady is a dumbass, i’m sorry, anybody that thinks that the logic of intervening in a civil war that has nothing to do with the US is a good idea is a retard, seriously its like “since Syrians are killing Syrians, lets Kill Syrians to make syrians stop killing Syrians” Allyssa Milano, you have lost my respect

  • ConsciouslySpeaking

    It’s become more important than ever to Pay VERY Close Attention to exactly what’s being said – what words are being used, and in THIS example you really missed “The Biggie” in my opinion.

    As an Hypnosis Instructor and NLP Trainer I’m pretty conscious of the tremendous increase of what we refer to as “Imbedded Commands” and a host of other linguistic tools. One of the most frequent questions I get from people regarding my trainings is “Is it hard to Hypnotize People”? My answer is generally the same – “Not at all… the HARD Part is Waking People UP”! So many Americans are walking around in Trance and THAT is Very Dangerous.

    Go back and listen to the “Last Statement” of the reporter on TV … the “Anchoring Statement” if you will. It starts off with Obama has asked Congress for permission blah, blah… but ends with “The American People AWAIT THEIR Decision”. That is NOT a whimsical statement – that’s TELLING US what we’re doing… sit back and wait to be told whats going to be done by our Supreme Leaders. I believe if you go back and listen closely you’ll notice what a “Brilliant PR Piece” this really is, but NOT in a good way. I submit Alyssa Milano isn’t the ONLY one Getting Screwed in this Presentation.

    The Constitution begins with “We the People” not We the Politicians and if there was ever evidence of a cataclysmal disconnect and misunderstanding between We The People and They Our Elected Servants it’s NOW. I find it terribly concerning that John McCain, a former Republican Candidate for President can so easily fall into lock step cadence with Obama (for Numerous Reasons) and then get caught red handed playing Video Poker during one of the most important “Foreign Relations Committee Meetings” of our Century and be allowed to just Laugh it Off (the bad new was I lost?). Did anyone watch this little clip? ( ) Yes, the young man is not a professional orator yet he did well. John McCain on the other hand ends up “Chuckling” and talking with someone in the audience before the speaker has finished, that’s not indicative of poor manners by a Career Politician (at this point) THAT my Friends is total Disrespect for a courageous Patriot… and just Look at the Faces on some of those people! Oh the Horror, somebody actually has the backbone to Stand Up and peacefully challenge failed leadership / representation – anyone want to wager he was “Escorted” from the meeting shortly after by SS (no, not the German one, Ours – The Secret Service) given the new Executive Orders and NDAA prohibiting demonstrations?

    When you add this situation to the now completely forgotten fact that BOTH the RNC and DNC were busted “Announcing the results of Floor Votes” by READING Them off Scripted Teleprompters during their respective Conventions. Need I add more to the “Something Stinks in Washington DC / National Politics” List?

    We really must pay close attention to avoid a future I doubt many of us can even comprehend.

  • Milo Minderbinder

    This is yet another right-wing screed in sheep’s clothing that has nothing whatever to do with independent journalism. I watched the linked video and it does not advocate ANY position on intervention. And the author actually states with the gravitas of a ‘journalist’ that the fake sex video ‘lacks depth’ and goes on to cite Alex Jones as a credible source. As for all the ‘Libertarian’ posters (who were, no doubt, staunch Republicans a few short years ago), where was your outrage at G. Bush when he used the same argument, i.e. the U.S. cannot allow the use of weapons of mass destruction anywhere lest they end up being used here or elsewhere, for the invasion of Iraq? Calling for invasion, I’ll wager.
    I was initally encouraged by Ben Swann’s work on whatever that little podunk station was and bought into this enterprise of his, but now I see that it’s going to be a (much weaker, in terms of reportage) mirror image of Huffington Post. No, that’s too strong, even; more like a pseudo-political Look at the “reporter’s” own bio: she worked for James O’Keefe! The very best you could say about him is that he was a discredited yellow journalist. And she proudly boasts him as a personal reference. Rubbish.

    • Ray

      The video clearly was propaganda. It made the assumption about the “ruthless slaughtering of Syrian citizens by the Assad regime” and it paints a picture that leads only to one intended and logical conclusion: military action in Syria by the US is the right thing to do.

      “As for all the ‘Libertarian’ posters (who were, no doubt, staunch Republicans a few short years ago), where was your outrage at G. Bush when he used the same argument, i.e. the U.S. cannot allow the use of weapons of mass destruction anywhere lest they end up being used here or elsewhere, for the invasion of Iraq? Calling for invasion, I’ll wager.”

      You’re a bit confused here it seems. You’re trying to lump “Libertarian posters” with “staunch Republicans”, condemning them for not being against something they now oppose that they originally did not. If someone changes their mind on the war in Iraq (such as I did when I made the ideological shift to consistently supporting the ideas of Liberty across all aspects of life), is it not obvious that former Republicans would not have been opposed, but now are?? Your point here is incoherent.

    • Matt Chappel

      Congratulations, you can’t make a “point” without making several assumptions about people you know nothing about. Also, attacking Alex Jones is a genetic and ad hominem fallacy. Nice try though.

    • Bianca C

      Another liberal in libertarian clothing. So much free time on your hands, Milo, and so angry… I love James O’Keefe! I love Kristin Tate! I love Ben Swann!

  • Milo Minderbinder

    Oh, yeah, almost forgot!

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    • Bianca C

      Thank you, Milo! Your absence feels like someone just opened a window and let in some fresh air. Ahhhh…. :)

  • Steven

    She’s a 40-year-old, moderately attractive, borderline washed-up actress who decided that the best way to get her point across is to dress it up as a sex-tape. I have no time for this nonsense.

  • John

    The only influence this “sex tape” will have is among the 9% that already approve of attacking Syria. As with all political programming that comes out of Hollywood it is aimed at the uninformed voter.

  • adnjdfb

    does anyone ever ask these celebrities real questions? do they give answers they comprehend themselves or is it all just stuff they heard in passing at parties where they tell each other how great they are?

  • Andrew Servant

    I would never listen to or believe anything presented in that fashion. So shallow. Are Americans really so gullible that they would take seriously something like that? I hope not. But then again, seeing how much of the government spoon-feeding they have swallowed since 9/11, I wonder.

  • Adam Khan

    Celebrities should just stick to sex tapes;)

  • billbobaggins

    I watched the video, really didn’t see where she was for or against the attack. All the reporter on the TV talked about is what has led up to today, which is true. At no point did he say we should or should not attack Syria. Other than that, it was a stupid video. I’ll chalk this story up to over-sensationalism.

  • Camila

    OMG!!! Really?? How could you not see the obvious? This is the most FAKE home made tape I´ve ever seen. It’s hilarious! It´s clearly, no doubt a propoganda tool…I mean…PEOPLE COME ON!!! WAKE UP ALL READY!!! Try, for example, doing a home made tape and rolling the camera oh so perfectly so that you get a PERFECT clear image of a tv program. And, also, do not forget, getting the hole speech as a perfect sincronism….I mean….IT’S OBVIOUS….

  • Lada Belyy

    What’shername should go to Syria and hang out with the “rebels” for a while. They could make more sex tapes and stuff.