Photo Credit: Time Magazine

Photo Credit: Time Magazine
Al Qaeda Backed Syrian Rebels Decapitate Young Boy– Photo Credit: TIME Magazine

We have been providing you all coverage on the Syrian civil war for quite some time. Atrocities surface every so often. We first realized the barbaric face of the Free Syrian Army when one member cut the heart of a soldier out and proceeded to eat it. The rebel claimed the act in the name of Allah. Now, we see yet another crime against humanity that is a regular practice of the rebels.

Time Magazine was given exclusive access to images, which witness the Syrian rebels in action. The above decapitation is one of four that occurred that day. Below is the photographer’s eye witness account of the event.

“The man was brought in to the square. His eyes were blindfolded. I began shooting pictures, one after the other. It was to be the fourth execution that day I would photograph. I was feeling awful; several times I had been on the verge of throwing up. But I kept it under control because as a journalist I knew I had to document this, as I had the three previous beheadings I had photographed that day, in three other locations outside Aleppo.

The crowd began cheering. Everyone was happy. I knew that if I tried to intervene I would be taken away, and that the executions would go ahead. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to change what was happening and I might put myself in danger.

I saw a scene of utter cruelty: a human being treated in a way that no human being should ever be treated. But it seems to me that in two and a half years, the war has degraded people’s humanity. On this day the people at the execution had no control over their feelings, their desires, their anger. It was impossible to stop them.

I don’t know how old the victim was but he was young. He was forced to his knees. The rebels around him read out his crimes from a sheet of paper. They stood around him. The young man was on his knees on the ground, his hands tied. He seemed frozen.

Two rebels whispered something into his ear and the young man replied in an innocent and sad manner, but I couldn’t understand what he said because I don’t speak Arabic.

At the moment of execution the rebels grasped his throat. The young man put up a struggle. Three or four rebels pinned him down. The man tried to protect his throat with his hands, which were still tied together. He tried to resist but they were stronger than he was and they cut his throat. They raised his head into the air. People waved their guns and cheered. Everyone was happy that the execution had gone ahead.

That scene in Syria, that moment, was like a scene from the Middle Ages, the kind of thing you read about in history books. The war in Syria has reached the point where a person can be mercilessly killed in front of hundreds of people—who enjoy the spectacle.

As a human being I would never have wished to see what I saw. But as a journalist I have a camera and a responsibility. I have a responsibility to share what I saw that day. That’s why I am making this statement and that’s why I took the photographs. I will close this chapter soon and try never to remember it.”

The photographer’s name is not published to protect his identity. This is the face of the creature, which Assad fights against. This is the face of the creature, which president Obama wishes to support. When Obama addressed America two days ago to try and rally support for a Syrian strike he made no mention of taking Al Qaeda’s weapons. In fact, he only mentioned them once in the entire 15 minute speech. Instead, he declared more than 10 times that Assad would be disarmed to give the upper-hand to the Al Qaeda backed, Free Syrian Army.

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  • Avaloner31

    I wont watch the video but know what to expect. Assad might be a “brutal” (questionable how brutal he is as it is hard to get a clear picture of his brutality as most of it is biased) dictator but atleast the country had peace and stability before all this. It could have been a melting pot of relgion and ethinc groups but it wasn’t. His regime preseved thousands of years of cultural history from many differnt kingdoms and empires and the people were relativly affluent compared to some of the not so resource rich countries in the region.

    These sorts of people (and the extremnists on both sides of the war) will not bring peace and stability to the country but the complete oppisite. Obama’s support of these people shows to me that the so called “war on terror” was a complete lie from the start and that America is willing to side with terrorists to further their agenda (though I guess thats hardly a new development just look at their involvement in South America).

    And the so called modarete FSA that some glorafy is no better then the terrorists. They have sided with these people and fight side beside with them so how can anyone defend them? Do they denounce this sort of thing? Likly not and if they do it clearly does not stop them fighting along side these people.

    Assad might be “evil” but he is by far the lessor evil of the two and its not like the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or the so called leader of the free world are any less evil. If these people win then the kurds, christians, Alawites etc will die and America will be one step closer in isolating Iran from the rest of the world.

    • Vtech

      You know what place had that kind of “peace and stability”??? America, before the revolution. Except the British didn’t gas the Americans, nor slaughter whole towns wholesale with tanks, so it is actually quite worse in Syria. Way to be as un-American as you can possibly be. We had our revolution, got our freedom, but those Syrians, they don’t need that. They’re fine with a dictator. This is supposed to be about freedom, and I just don’t get why all of you prefer stability to freedom?! Don’t you pay attention to Benjamin Franklin? So many “liberty” people have lost their way – misled by the likes of the Russian agitprop RussiaToday into supporting evil thinking they’re doing it for the good of America. All you’re doing is giving support to the kind of people you despise elsewhere so they can torment people like you that live there. It’s really sad. Question yourself and your beliefs like you say people should, not just in reference to others’ beliefs.

      • Rubber Duckey

        Brotha, Islam extremists would be far worse to have at the leadership. Just saying.

        • Vtech

          That’s exactly why we need to be involved. To make sure they don’t become the leadership. If the rebels are nurtured and the ones who share our values are supported, we stand a much greater chance of a good results then if we leave them to their own devices. Unguided, it is likely Al-Qaeda will infiltrate. But we can prevent that. We can also gather intelligence on those very Al-Qaeda members for the future.

          • shirley elizabeth

            Neither side shares our values…how did we get messed up in this?

          • Vtech

            Some do. It is not all Al-Qaeda, you know…

          • Justin Franklin

            If the rebels win in Syria, Christians and any religious groups other than the militant extremists that make up the rebels will have to literally run for their lives. The fact that a good portion of the rebels aren’t even native Syrians, should tell you something, Vtech.

          • Vtech

            You’re making wild assumptions regarding the composition of the rebels. Those assumptions happen to be wrong. The vast majority of the rebels are ex-civilians, many of them very young. Most of them are not extremists. However, if we let the Syrian war run for many years, we will guarantee that extremists will indeed co-opt the revolution and the new regime once Assad falls (which he will sooner or later). I’m not sure you recall, but Assad was slaughtering masses of people at peaceful protests before the war started. Were they Al-Qaeda to you as well? And the children massacred in Holms, I guess they deserve to die since they are somehow, by proxy, connected with Al-Qaeda?

            I seem to recall your line was used by the British with regards to those upstart religious extremist American rebels who were fighting against the British Monarchy for their freedom – much like the people of Syria are fighting for their freedom from Assad.

          • Justin Franklin

            I don’t seem to recall the American revolutionaries cutting off the heads of all others besides Christians. Your attempted comparison is just flat wrong. I don’t claim that Assad is good but he is better for the people of Syria than rebels would be. Also, when has Syria attacked the US? Oh, that’s right, never. Let these people fight their ownd damn war. We have no business over there and if you think otherwise, why aren’t you at the recruitment office, signing up to be a part of what you believe in?

          • Vtech

            “I don’t seem to recall the American revolutionaries cutting off the heads of all others besides Christians.”

            Ummm, you do realize they were all Christians, right? Oh and remember what happened to the non-Christian Native Americans?

            “I don’t claim that Assad is good but he is better for the people of Syria than rebels would be.” – Again, baseless argument. You’re still giving me your perceptions of the composition of the rebels, which is ridiculously wrong. I’m guessing you like to listen to a little too much RT or their re-distribution network. I have news for you. It’s agit-prop and its listeners are “useful idiots”. You’re trying to paint them all with one brush when that is obviously incorrect and a foolish thing to do. This is why you come up with the wrong conclusions.

            “Also, when has Syria attacked the US? Oh, that’s right, never.” That is so clever, saying “that’s right, never”. If I could only think of such brilliant phrases…

            “Let these people fight their ownd damn war.” Yeah, let the Jews free themselves from the Nazi’s. We got our freedom, let’s just relax and have another donut.

            We have no business in Syria? We have quite a bit of business, actually. The middle east is central to our economic policy, and having a civil war in Syria is very destabilizing, not to mention it costs money and our troops have to be deployed there anyway – though I don’t really expect you to understand how that works.

          • Justin Franklin

            Yeah man, we have to destabilize the middle east and assert our dominance in order to keep the petrol dollar as the world’s reserve currency. That is basically what you are saying here. You know damned well this has nothing to do with the people of Syria, their freedom or lack there of, or anything else for that matter matter besides the petrol dollar. And, I see you didn’t bother to respond to the article I posted. You know, the one about how over half of the ‘rebels” are foreign jihadists. You’re the only useful idiot here, although, I have no use for you at all.

          • Justin Franklin

            Also, your claim that the vast majority of the rebels aren’t extremists is also false. Either your terribly misinformed or you have some other agenda here.

      • paulio_male_gigalo

        Why do you assume that the rebel cause has anything to do with freedom and how is it America’s role to figure that out?

        • Vtech

          Because I took the time to investigate Assad before the war began and I know what his regime was like. I also know what it is like to not live in a free country. I know I’d be fighting for freedom, wouldn’t you? To top it all off, Assad gets his weapons from North Korea, Russia and Iran, who have the worst human rights records. You can also check out Syria on the biggest human rights violators list here:

          • Justin Franklin

            Right, and Syrian Girl, a Syrian activist who was part of the protests against the regime, before the foreign extremists got involved, now prefers the current government over the rebels because she knows what will happen to Syria if the rebels win.

        • HP McLovincraft

          There’s no freedom for the Christians in Syria, only death.

  • Sami

    So where’s the beheading? The video shows a bunch of (likely staged) photos and then stops right before the beheading? This is proof of absolutely nothing.

    • media sceptic

      And why was there some video but not of the decapitation? Only still pictures of this…no video showing the cheering crowds or the young man struggling.

  • elbuggo

    “The photographer’s name is not published to protect his identity.” – do we know this was real, and not just some new staged Pallywood video? From TIME? Be skeptical to this.

    • Avaloner31

      Well if you need proof of rebel atrocities there are plent on Youtube.

      • asiliveandbreathe

        All video is suspect on both sides.

        • Avaloner31

          True. THats why I question everything you hear or see about this war and the lead up to it.

    • Mel

      There are also videos of people staging pictures that appear in the news.

    • asiliveandbreathe

      I have to agree with this post. I have seen excellent realistic cgi from computer animators,,some of them unpaid interns under the age of 20.

    • Concerned

      I agree with keeping a skeptical eye on the media, but at some point truth is truth. There is indeed a war, and there are indeed people performing attricities on both sides. Being skeptical must be done with uniformity and not selectivity. Both sides are capable of deceit, but one thing is clear. There is no good side in this situation, only a select number of good people caught up in it.

      • Vtech

        Like… say… the 1400 slaughtered by Assad with chems and the 100,000+ killed in the last two years?

    • Justin Franklin

      Considering the fact that Time Life is usually an Obama mouthpiece, I don’t see what their motivation would be in faking something like this.

  • Eldritch

    As if after all you have seen you would say these monkeys are not capable of this ?

    I’m sure the video is out there if you really want to go chasing it .

    This is getting out of hand .

    • Vtech

      And you think that the FSB is not capable of faking this to protect their $4 billion deal for weapons with Assad and their only way of projecting their fleet into the Mediterranean?

  • Adrian

    Ummm. The Vatican it’s self has confirmed the reports of what happened to their Bishops and Priests in Syria. So those of you saying these reports are fake, now your conspiracy not only implicates the Assad regime but also the Vatican. That’s a bit of a stretch and I’m not even a big fan of the Vatican. This report is not hard to believe with all the given information. The people that think this isn’t happening are just as bad as holocaust deniers.

  • Mittenchick

    What is ”eye whiteness account”…

    That being said, there are plenty of atrocities being committed on a daily basis, and I do not doubt things like this happen more than we ever realize. This is why I worked my ass off for more than two years to protect my assets and stop paying my taxes. The government can no longer steal my hard-earned money to use in aid to these kind of monsters. (Clarification, I am not calling Muslims monsters, I am calling any individual who commits atrocities against their fellow humans monsters.)

  • Kevin Merck

    The freaks on Capital Hill love this kind of stuff.
    I’m not going to watch the video because a normal person doesn’t want to see a beheading.
    John Kerry and John McCain probably watch that kind of stuff with their Post Toasties at breakfast.

    • Joshua Allen Donini

      It’s a video showing stills of events up to the moment of a beheading, There is no imagery of a disembodied head or headless body.
      It also features a guy from TIME Magazine discussing events.

      That said, it still isn’t for the faint of heart.

    • USASilentNoMore

      …with their Post Toasties … roflmbo 😉
      Agree with your statement – but struck me giggle bone lol

  • Walt S.

    I’m pretty sure it was the liver, and not the heart, that the rebel commander ate. Hence V. Putin referring to the rebels as “those liver eaters”. Then again maybe they are eating people’s guts on the reg. It’s al Qaeda after all.

    • Shari Hammond

      And what about the video of the Priest who was beheaded? Was that a fake too?

  • Joshua Allen Donini

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about. John McCain personally vetted all the rebels. Bombs away!

    • Larry

      As long as John McCain says it’s all good, what do we have to fear?

      • Joshua Allen Donini

        Exactly!!! I mean the guy actually went to Syria and met with the rebels. He’s an excellent judge of character!

      • peadie

        Frosty nuclear fallout?

    • HP McLovincraft

      Less you forget, it was Obama who drew the line and it’s Obama supplying weapons to these people through the CIA.

      • Joshua Allen Donini

        And McCain is all the more happy to help out his buddy Obama.

  • Chelsea S.

    I enjoyed your article but couldn’t help noticing the spelling and grammatical errors. I find it hard to take someone seriously when they don’t proofread their work.

    • Idiotsabound

      A young man loses his head , our president wants to fund more of this and what you notice is grammatical errors? At least you have your priorities straight. Go stick your head back in whatever orifice you choose.

      • jac

        No, she’s being observant and expressing a healthy skepticism of the unverified reporting.

        • peadie

          Yeah folks, why should you “tread” on her for “input”? Swann is starting a alternative media source that is NEW! Maybe he wants a little bit of constructive criticism to better his site and bring in more viewers, just sayin’

          • Daimyo

            Than email him. Don’t discredit this story for grammatical errors. I think Obama “truth team” is at work. They’ll do everything possible to stop an alternative media source uprising against the 6 conglomerates that own 90% of all media sources that lobby with government.

          • jac

            Interesting that Obama caved to Putin pressure to sign on to the Russian deal… maybe it’s Putin’s truth team we should beware of here.

      • Vtech

        After what they have done, I’m not surprised they’re executing them. Assad’s soldiers have been carrying out massacres for the last two years using Putin-supplied weapons. This execution is what law looks like when you can’t go to the government for it. It is very difficult for us, who have not lived in Syria for the last two years, to understand why they do this, but if your entire family and friends had been slaughtered in front of you, you’d have a different viewpoint.

        • Marc

          You are absolutely right. We can’t possibly know or understand what’s going on here. We don’t think like they do, and we don’t act like they do. This is a whole different culture with a whole different way of looking at things.

          That’s exactly why we should keep our noses out of these people’s affairs. We need to get our own house in order, and leave others to do the same.

          And, yes, I’m appalled that people can do this to each other. If I could, I’d put a stop to it. Any decent person would. But we can’t, and we only make things worse when we try.

          • Vtech

            I think we can help. It has happened throughout history many times. At the very least we must not allow Putin to help Assad grind the people of Syria into dust. By arming the regime, they’ve already prolonged a conflict that should’ve been over a long time ago. As long as Putin keeps supporting Assad, he can drag it out indefinitely. Syria will never accept Assad, not now. He is finished, no matter what anyone says. All we’re arguing over is how long we let the guy keep killing the people that are trying to removing him. These people, by the way, are the majority of the population, as this is a sectarian conflict and Alawites are in the minority to the tune of ~18%.

    • Eric

      Grammatical Errors??? Really??? That is all you got from this post. It’s a sad world we live in. Regardless of what race,religion, gender, or beliefs, this person is still a human being like the rest of us. It is sad that our Government is supporting such atrocities.

    • Larry

      Wow, you’ll take someone seriously just because they proofread something? I guess you are an idiot and easy to fool because you won’t take anyone seriously unless they proofread it. I take it the Lord Of The Rings and Star Wars were easy for you to believe because they had been proof read, huh? Going down to the library must be a chore to find truth there with all the contradictions in all the proofread material there too… Some people are just born retarded I guess…. it is what it is….

    • Daimyo

      But mainstream media is much more grammatically correct. You sound like a pretentious bitch and probably correct your friends every chance you get so you feel better than everyone. I’m typing this on my phone and can give two shits about being grammatically correct 99% of the time and when I see others make mistakes I don’t get on my high horse and correct them because I know that it was a common mistake.

  • jac

    Too many claims made on this site cannot be independently verified, and thus hold no journalistic integrity. I fear the foreign policy issues in this site are devolving into just a mouthpiece for Putin, via RT.

    While there’s no defending the rebels in Syria, these are faked videos and pics and nothing but Russian wartime propaganda, designed to outrage and win the hearts and minds of the world in favor of Al Assad. The VERONA encrypts, along w/ countless defectors, proved that Russia’s intelligence service had infiltrated TIME, The NY TIMES, and others, decades ago, and wrote the book on disinformation and propaganda. They’ve been practicing it for over 200 years, since the days of the MVD, up to today’s FSB, and perfected it to a masterpiece unmatched by any other intelligence agency on the globe.

    And don’t fall for the charade and think this conflict has anything to do w/ chemical weapons. This is nothing but an age-old geopolitical showdown b/n the US and Russia, via the Shiite and Sunni conflict, and even that is probably just a convenient excuse to allow the global elites to take away more freedoms from everyday citizens, ostensibly via the UN.

    • Eric

      I do not believe anything ANY Journalist reports, until i verify for myself. So far, whatever i have read on this site, i have been able to find the evidence. Although i have not researched every post or comment made, i do feel that is reporting facts and not trying to fill our hearts and minds with disinformation and propaganda. In a world with Corrupt Media, this site is a breathe of fresh air.

      • jac

        I’m trying to be a fan of this site, but so far it’s shaping up to be like most media, a mixture of good and bad reporting. And just b/c many other sites echo this report doesn’t mean it has been independently verified.

        • Tim

          What reporting is bad? So far you trashed this article and made no case at all to show it’s ‘Russian propaganda’. If anything, YOU sound like a pro-govt shill.

          • jac

            I made a case for both. If you can’t see it I can’t help you. I’m a fan of much of Swann’s reporting, but too many here just wanna be spoon fed info w/o thinking for themselves. Count yourself as one of those.

          • Tim

            You made NO CASE and failed to show any facts indicating this article is inaccurate. You foisted completely unsupported opinions. You are what is called a “shill” on sites like this because you are part of the propagandists who wish to confuse and mislead people. You should be ashamed of yourself.

          • jac

            Got a case to make of your ow, or just trolling around letting others think for you? Maybe you’re just a shill for Putin? Not one statement I’ve made here supports any US position.

          • jac

            Russia is allied with Iran and Syria, and has no power of its own in the Middle East. It relies on Syrian intelligence and Iran’s power in the region to assert itself against US interests, which is, in a nut shell, to use Sunni Jihadists to create instability in the M.E. to keep Iran from becoming too powerful. That the US has accepted Putin’s deal shows our president’s weakness, not that supporting the rebels is a good option either, but this conflict has no good options.

            As a longtime follower of Swann, I have commented on his 1st rate investigative journalism. But too many reports on this site merely echo FSB disinformation from Putin, who has found an audience in the
            alternative/libertarian media crowd, which he’s using to full advantage in this crisis.

            This report is a case in point, where you have an unnamed “photojournalist” claiming to work for TIME
            apologizing to readers for taking pictures instead of rescuing the boy… doesn’t happen in the real world. The video only suggest a beheading, but doesn’t show it. The video quality suggests multiple copies were made before posting, indicating probable manipulation.

            We don’t need a faked video to prove the rebels in Syria are a murderous, barbaric bunch. There is enough legitimate evidence out there already.

            Clearly, the US position has been to gradually unseat Middle East dictators who had kept relative stability in exchange for Sunni extremists, in an attempt to counter Shiite Iranian power. Not a policy any American, or
            world citizen, naturally wants.

          • Tim

            When the position regarding Syria (and most positions made by our ‘leaders’ domestically) doesn’t promote Liberty and looks to be socializing/globalizing everything to our detriment, then how can you expect me to honor this govt (who were chosen for the people) who AREN’T truly representing the people OR the Constitution?

    • Vtech

      Excellent points all, sir. Do you have a twitter I can follow or a blog I can add to my list? Always interested in connecting with intelligent and well-informed individuals. Cheers!

  • Ben

    the journalist reports the young mans hands are tied behind his back but yet in the still photo it shows his hand in front of him ??? some journalistic reporting there .

    • Kelly

      It said only that his hands were tied. “Behind his back” was not mentioned.

      • Tim

        The shills are infiltrating in force in a desperate attempt to try and discourage people from reading reliable stories that the ‘mainstream’ govt-war-propaganda news outlets won’t run.

  • Colin

    video shows nothing but a guy getting a knife put to his throat. I could make this in my backyard.

    • Petra

      I agree that doesn’t show the end result so it is hard to take as truth. This whole Syria story is so hard to discern. There is just too many opposing views and fabrications out there that anybody in their right mind cannot understand what is really going on, and so the madness begins. The people there that are killing each other don’t even know who they are killing. I think that to participate in the war you should have to wear a uniform! Anyone without a uniform is hands off or a drone will come and shoot you.

  • Aubrey Jack Wilson

    So let me get this straight.
    We have video and evidence that the rebel regime has been attacking,
    killing and in some cases eating the organs of the people they kill, but we
    should be skeptical of this… Sometimes I wonder if people just post things because they want to be THAT person who had the different opinion. Your no better than a troll. People are losing their lives to these organizations. Not just
    in Syria, all over the middle east and even beyond. And to the person who said they can’t take this seriously because of the grammatical errors. The point of an article is to inform, I am assuming if you could point out the errors that means you know what was meant to be said, so in essence you got the information. So I questions your morality to get the information I just read, and felt it was not relevant because someone didn’t hit spell check first. Feel free to correct any of my grammatical errors, but I warn you, my opinion of you is too low to give a sh*t.

    • Rob

      “So I questions your morality…”

      I’m guessing that’s a typo since you have a tirade about grammatical errors?

    • jac

      You believe everything you see? Or just what you wanna believe?

      The evidence here doesn’t pass the smell test. And no matter how many times it’s been duplicated all over the ‘net, the source has not been independently verified, which makes its credibility highly questionable.

      • Skrilla Mcskrillerson

        The UN, The Guardian, RT, and the BBC are not credible news sources? Let me guess though, Fox News is? Not sure why Ben Swann works for the Antichrist, but at least he tells it like it is.

        • jac

          Again, copying a report does not mean it has been sourced independently… the outlets mentioned above did not source the report, they merely echoed it from an unnamed reporter w/ no independent verification of authenticity. It’s journalism 101.

          • jac

            But the Guardian, RT and BBC have not even reported this particular incident, but the ever-credible INFO WARS is all over it.

      • Tim

        Jac’s writings = ‘shill alert’.

        • jac

          Name calling… a brilliant response to opposing views.

          • Genkboy

            I don’t believe he was name calling.. I think he was trying to describe the evidence of your statements.. which were independently verified btw. 😀

  • ulfbert

    His hands are not tied in the photo, but the journalist said they were tied in his testimony, it makes me question the accuracy of his statement? or is the man in the photo different from the testimony? What we see is the threat of decapitation, what we have read is a unverifiable statement. I dont doubt these rebels are monsters, but I also dont believe everything I hear.

    • Alex

      There’s very clearly a zip tie around his wrist, which are easy to slip out of, especially when struggling.

      • ulfbert

        I see it now, didnt spot it cause it was black, thanks for clarifying.

  • Flash

    I see a couple of government hacks has infiltrated this site. Can you pick them out? They are always the one with the loudest condescending remarks. They come in to further the governments goal of keeping the people misinformed and uninformed. They like to use words like: “unverified”, “not credible”, “no integrity”, “fake”, “lies” and other simple statements that will put doubt in your mind about the issue being discussed. They pop in everywhere their secrets may be uncovered and reveled to add dissent and confusion to the story. These hacks were created because Obummer has failed, so far, to take control of the internet and wants us to live in fear and be uninformed when it comes to the real story. Keep up the good work Ben. They are worried, as it should be.

    • Nicholas Sweeten

      Doubt is a bad thing? Isnt that what debate and intelligent discussion is all about? If you disagree then you are just promoting propaganda also, the only difference is which team you are on. Picking out opposing arguments and the voices of contention is quite irrational and agenda-oriented.

    • jac

      Don’t work for the govt, just a student of history, geopolitics and an observer of world trends. Reading multiple sources of different viewpoints with a healthy skepticism is a terrific remedy for paranoia.

    • jac

      Swann’s reporting at Reality Check was superb! But the reporting here has been disappointingly spotty, despite its
      high traffic numbers. Hopefully, the criticisms will help improve it.

  • missaspnks

    I am looking to further educate myself before making decisions regarding any political matters. Everything appears to be altered to benefit someone elses pockets.

    My question’s to all of you is this;

    If I can not be present to verify an event has taken place, how do I know who/what to believe? Where can I go as an uneducated member of society and get the actual facts?

    I would also like to mention that these are sincere questions and I am looking forward to hearing insightful answers.( I am going to apologize ahead of time for any improper grammar.)

    • jac

      Become educated by reading sources with different viewpoints and test them to see what rings true to you. And learn what the phrase “independently verified” means. If at least two independent parties without connection to each other or the original source of a story verify its accuracy then it’s a safe bet the story is true. That used to be standard operating procedure in journalism, less so today. Merely circulated a story around the ‘net or in print does not mean the source has been independently verified.

      And realize that obscene amounts of money and resources are being devoted by governments and NGOs to shape public opinion in favor of their policies.

      Learning to spot faked photos and videos is a more complicated. One problem in the video above is it suggests an act was performed w/o showing the full completion of it. That doesn’t prove it didn’t happen, it just lends serious doubt that it did.

    • Stuperfan

      Actually the information is rather easy to find. If one if honestly searching for it. I have found more than enough information from The Huffington Post and The Blaze (one a conservative site, the other a liberal site). Read the articles…ignore the comment sections.

    • Wassim

      I can give you first answers about what is going on and give you clues since I live in Tunisia, an Arab country and close enough to the Salafi jihadist and Wahabi groups here (not member of them but I know them very well). First you should know that here in Tunisia (I take it as an example cause its nearly the same way of life as in Syria and Lebanon) we were living with no enmities to each other, apart from a full hatred toward Ben Ali’s regime and its mafia. Since the arrival of the Muslim Brotherhood to power on 2011 (after the so called revolution) we started seeing a new behavior and form of life propagating into our peaceful society. We were seeing those men, wearing bizarre clothes like if they were coming from Afghanistan, and often we were hearing about the arrival of Saudi backed Wahabi sheikhs to the country and they were giving lessons to those men.

      A few months after that we started seeing a number of Salafi Jihadists appearing everywhere in the country, and acting freely in markets, terrorizing women who don’t wear Hijabs. Also in a poor and very densely inhabited city called “Ettadhamen” we heard a lot and saw a lot of women being harassed when they go to work on early morning about 4am and 5am. The Salafis patrols the streets and when they find a women outside they order her to go back to her home.

      And from this point, things started to deteriorate. The youth of the cities started attacking the Salafis and vice-versa. Where is the gov in all this? Its the muslim Brotherhood gov, backed by Saudi Arabia and the USA. And Its leader “Rached Ghannouchi” met with US officials in Washington and also they invited Jhon Mc Cain here…And while they had the gov’s support and cover, the Salafis movement started to grow further and the guys who were about 200 men now they are more than 30000. When the war in Syria started, many of those men moved to fight there. Some returned with stories about the atrocities they saw there.

      A few months after that, March 2013, we started hearing about explosions in the mountains of “Chaambi” and reports are all talking about Salafis Jihadists from the same movement who got the gov’s support (Named: Ansar Al Chariaa) who declared their loyalty to Al Qaida in the Arabic maghreb and they started targetting our patrolling soldiers on the border.

      On July 28th or 26th, 2013. We found 8 soldiers throat cut open and some of them were beheaded after they were killed by the Salafis group who grew up among the peaceful people of Tunisia.
      So yes To answer your question clearly: the images you see in this report are true, they can do this, and they can do worse than this and you don’t even know how evil they are and I can bet they are Satanists who cry “Allah Akbar” while killing and even when bombing mosques just to hide their hatred toward everything that is not THEM behind religion! And if they did it here to the people they belong to in first place, to their families, sisters, mothers and fathers, to the mosques we have and temples they burnt in Tunisia their land. So what you think that they will do to the land of other people, and Syria is depicted by Saudis and Qataris as lead by a Kouffar regime. And Those countries are financing waves and waves of Wahabi Salafis to fight there.

      The situation is very complicated that’s for sure. But if you never faced a Salafi Wahabi Jihadist you’ll never knew what I’m and what that journalist is talking about. Even our prophet (pbuh) talked about them saying they are “Khawarej” (outsiders more like hateful criminals than true muslims), they are a dagger in the back of the Arab and muslim world and they cause too much trouble everywhere! Notice that wherever they go, the USA is just behind them! They are stupid dangerous puppets. And believe it or not, we are more victims of their actions and crimes than you are! And they don’t care at all if we are muslims or not, You just have to be like them or you die.

      Hope all this will helps you to understand the situation a little bit, Tunisia was a peaceful country and now nearly each two days we hear about our anti-terror teams arresting one of those thugs or firing at them. Even the government who backed them is now turning on them cause they are out of control. They are moving to Syria from Algeria, Irak, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco, France, Canada, USA…just to kill Syrian people who aren’t on their side on the ground.

    • trumpsahead

      On your computer, at 10 a.m. EST listen to for excellent commentary on controversial politics and economics by Peter Schiff; after Schiff listen to for Alex Jones commentary on everything political in govt & foreign relations – Alex is by far the best information gatherer and most intelligent and articulate dispenser of info in America at this time; check out for any and all videos with Ron Paul in it, as Ron Paul is synonomous with truth and the U.S.Constitution, search for others like him – names escape me at the moment; go to website (named after Ron Paul) and view forums regarding everything in the news that is worth talking about – a generally Libertarian website but it is becoming more infiltrated lately, but excellent site to collect info and view other people’s opinions.
      You sound like a novice, so you may not know what happened on 9/11 2001 – an excellent site for viewing just about every documentary ever made re 9/11 and lectures, interviews, go to – then you will know the American govt pulled off 9/11; there are other truth sites also regarding 9/11 just use your search bar and much info will come up; there are tons of documentaries of conspiracies perpetrated by America and other govts and you can search for Conspiracy documentaries that are free to view on many sites – my favorite is for a thousand free documentaries, where you will see many 9/11 documentaries also, and learn the truth of many conspiracies and health, history, just about anything, a true education.

      Studying the U.S.Constitution is about the most basic way to understand who is good and who is bad. Many people in govt say they are for the Citizens then they usurp the Constitution – they are bad. Obama is a criminal and so are most of Senators and Congressmen today. We are in a Revolution as I speak, and the Elite are aware that We the People are regaining our Constitutional rights so are pulling out all the stops that is why govt wants us in Syria – it was planned all along but if govt waits much longer they may lose the opportunity because We the People are becoming aware and stronger in our Constitutional beliefs and beginning to Demand that govt obey the U.S. Constitution, as it should be, and as it will one day be. Govt can never win, but there may be blood sweat and tears.
      Pray to God and carry a weapon. Never give up your guns and ammo.

      • missaspnks

        Thank you. I have already done some research about 9-11 and come to the conclusion that the American govt was behind it. It really sickens me that we as human beings can treat others this way and be able to look in the mirror and not be disgusted. I am finding it very difficult to even tell people that I am an American when the people representing my country are so selfish and horrible.

    • Guest

      Glenn Greenwald has been doing good work for a long time with regard to adversarial journalism. He is working for The Guardian currently. Ben Swann is a pretty decent “alternative” investigative journalist. He has his own website now, but got started as a regional television journalist. You can start there and then branch out as you read more. Where you should always avoid: cable news channels.

      • missaspnks

        Its a good thing I don’t have tv then.

    • RC

      THE BIBLE THE WORD OF GOD ! try it it WILL answer everything want to know>PERIOD !

      • Dan Moore

        Bull Crap, RC.

      • cat ji

        That’s what muslims say too. Just another book. Other side of the same coin. Another sick Arab/Semite Middle East cult, religion of darkness.

    • Niall

      Context. You need context. Specifically, you need historical context. Once you see what the pattern is, you’ll see that it repeats over and over again. Sure, sometimes there’s some variance and you can still be surprised now and then. But overall, you’ll see the endless loop of ‘same old story’.

  • realish
  • Menumorut

    Hahahaha, Al Quaeda backed Rebels….Al Quaeda was funded by the US of A this was is the making of the Zionists the world over who control the US government and therefore its army. Good luck trying to sheeple everyone, Zionists. Not everybody is asleep.

    • Cat ji

      More people are beginning to realise it. The further their plans go ahead, the more obvious it becomes.
      What is all this “national debt”? Most countries have “national debt”. Debt to who? Who lends the money? Who juggles pieces of paper representing money and debt?

  • K Solomon

    It doesn’t take genius to see who the enemies of decency are… I am an agnostic and I have lived in a Muslim village for 3 years, my neighbours are loving, caring, family oriented people, they are not involved in any barbaric practices. There are Muslims that still practice some tribal/Berber traditions but it is not done with malice, it is done because that is what they know. We also have black African Christians nearby and they also practice their traditional ways, again, they do not act with malice. In all the time that I have been here there has been harmony and balance between all peoples – We work together, we shop at the same places and we enjoy each others traditional foods.
    I can say that the strife we see between different faiths and ethnicities is fermented by outsiders… When the zionist elites set their eyes upon the local resource, they use nefarious, underhanded means to divide the populace so that they can steal the wealth of the land.
    One only has to look at the history of the British Empire and the Zionist Banking Cabal to know who the real enemies of life are.
    When the instigators of misery are gone, you can see that all peoples of all faiths can find balance and harmony.
    People are too busy getting on with day to day work to have time for hate and animosity… It is only when the work of a zionist agent-provocateur is discovered that the division and misery begins.
    Thank you and blessing to all families of all faiths.

    • cat ji

      Except for one thing: Islam, the Quran, tells to convert the non-believers to Islam or they may become dhimmis, “protected”, and pay the jizya tax.
      Do not bother telling me that it is not “true muslims” that say that – it is stated in Quran.
      So those “Illuminati”/financial speculators/etc, currently known as Zionists are very clever, and they exploit and manipulate, taking advantage of the Islam and tribal issues and so on. They take advantage of the innate tendency of humans to have conflict over access to resources.

  • David Foster

    The scariest part of ALL this is that is who we are supporting. We are supporting the rebels. We are arming them, and there is absolutely NO concrete proof that the rebels were not responsible for the chemical weapons. I think we need to leave this one alone, because all we are doing is promoting this kind of behavior by supporting them.

  • Joseph Johnson

    And the guy taking the pics got paid for doing so to. SMH

    • Dan Moore

      SO WHAT ?

  • defyentropy

    The real problem here is that all governments/military no longer have any restraints toward the preservation of life and have adopted a genocidal attitude toward any people defined as other or enemy. Middleastern peoples seem more willing to have their atrocities visible, while most of those in power positions in the rest of the world seem to prefer their atrocities be clandestine & hidden from their own peoples.

  • ameliak

    This makes me so sick to my stomach. Not only, the atrocity of stories
    such as above, but that our government is sending weapons among other
    things to rebels. It is confusing and shocking how they can justify and get away
    with this!? The majority of rebels in Syria aren’t even Syrian, and
    they are all extremist Muslims. I have Christian family in Syria that
    will no doubt die if the rebels get to them, and our government says
    it’s doing this for the Syrian citizens? BULL SHIT.

  • Anita G Flippo Hitchcock

    These are not people, they are evil inhumane monsters….

  • denise0513

    Please excuse my graphic language but all I can think of is “Obama you sick prick for backing these disgusting subhuman beings!”

    • RC


  • Effing Dick


  • my2pennies

    As I recall the rebellion against Assad began as a peaceful resistance to his tyranny and torture of anyone who opposed him. They were met with brute force by Assad’s military. Later, the more brutal and extremist factions joined the ‘rebellion’; so, it does not seem to me that we should classify all of the ‘rebels’ as soulless, bloodthirsty animals because that is all that we are being shown. I think it’s important not to get lost in government-controlled media propaganda as we form our own opinion. Personally, I would not be at all surprised if TPTB deliberately planted extremist factions in with the initial resistance just to add fuel to the fire. There is far more going on in Syria; and, I believe much of it has more to do with Syria’s Central Bank than it does civil upheaval…..which has likely been manipulated and fueled by TPTB’s interest in Syria’s Central Bank.

    • Dan Moore

      They are all muslims and we should stay out of the conflict. Let them kill each other.

      • love jesus

        Ok and what about the conflicts IF happens between christian people? Will you not support that. You seems to be not human to me too.

        • Dan Moore

          Okay Love, IF it happens between christians I would feel the same way. Stay the heck out of it. Besides Love, if it happens between christians which side would you take? Ponder that for a while.

  • my2pennies

    Btw…..US police force is being trained to be just as brutal…. just sayin’

    • Crudy Thepuppy

      really? funny! didnt know i was being trained to cut the heads off of kids. see i thought my training revolved around criminal justice and constitutional law. oh wait it does… and your not the in training so you have no clue what you are talking about huh? Just FYI most of the students im with right now in my classes love the constitution. we graduate next month not one candidate has ever been told violate constitutional rights of humane rights. SO NO WE ARE NOT TRAINED LIKE THIS. corruption comes for most police after they get a job and these are usually in cities you have little rights like Chicago. not cities where cops rally against gun control and obamas wars. If you are against obama spreading lies and deceit to spread fear why would u do it as well? Anyway long story short stop lying, obvi you dont know what you are talking about, and maybe pick up one of the books we study from and see how much it speaks about respect, empathy, humanity, and rights given by birth if we where to be taught to be animals then, we wouldn’t need to be taught all those things.

  • PaulBraveheart

    Our government said , Bush jr, said your either with us or your with the terrorist. Isn’t that a oxymoron? The government is the terrorist.

    • RC

      yes BUSH crap thought everyone understood that as STANDING BY HIM!

  • Hollynne

    Good article but horrible headline…total sensationlism. It was a young man, not a boy….totally different. Please don’t do that. I expect more from this website.

    • justin

      not important. make your own website, do something better than nitpicking someone else’s work. ha “you expect more”… so entitled.

    • RC

      in GODS EYES NO DIFFERENT YOUNG MAN is a BOY! idiot again?

      • missaspnks

        I am a Christian and I am fairly new on reading the bible so I apologize if this may offend you, but what verse in the bible says to call someone an idiot? The headline clearly states a “young boy” not a young man.

        • subee7

          You are right…name calling is not right…we are called to love our enemies. Loving your enemies does not mean condoning their actions. We are called to love all, but hate their actions. God created the person, actions can be changed.

      • dave

        God doesnt exist, so stop using a book written by ignorant men 2000 years ago.

      • Luke Thomas

        you are not god so no.

    • missaspnks

      I’m glad you brought that up. I thought the same thing when I first read the headline. It is misleading.

  • RonMGA

    As a Christian I know we will be called upon to answer for this crime. I believe we will be asked “what did you do to stop it, did you call your Senator, did you call your President and demand that NO funding goes to the rebels, and that your tax dollars will not be used to injure or kill one of God’s other children?”
    I am not naive enough to think that 1 or 2 calls will make a difference but if enough calls are made letting your representative know that their jobs depend upon them “doing the right thing” I suspect that it might help.
    Make a call or two, please.

    • cat ji

      Call your senator and ask him to do something about the fact that although the original native peoples of Northern America were persecuted and exterminated by European settlers, everything is about American Africans.

      • RonMGA

        I shall ask him to invent a Time Machine !!!
        Much easier than asking him to learn from the past…..

  • Hys Storae

    Let’s be real…America wasn’t built on a Coke and Smile either. Before anyone can go around judging a particular group, because of a few, should really do some research on our “so-called” United States of America History. You think Syria is bad? Well, our history tops it. What’s even more disturbing, some of our century and beyond centuries old history is still before us in our present day.

    So let it be known, Syria is going through an era and it has to take its course.


    • Dan Moore

      You guys always start blabbing about the mistakes of the past as if the world has not moved on. It is time to get over the past and move on.

      • sa

        what about the mistake of Iraq that have led to more than a million deaths, 500 000 children??

      • Donovan Bock

        Because if people did to America what America has done to others, Americans would totally just move on. Herp derp.

  • RC

    who the bad guys are??? kidding me? the bad guys are GODS enemies chopping off heads and killing in the name of alluh FREAKS look in the bible it will tell who who the enemies of God are you bunch stupid idiots

    • Luke Thomas

      im sorry, but this racist comment is unacceptable. and actually the bible does not list the enemies of God. The bible isnt literal, its only used to deliver good values and teachings of the Lord, NEVER in any case has it reffered to the killing of muslims or even as enamies. But most of all, this is a political debate, not a religious war, therefore your opinion is flawed and invalid. Clearly you dont know your own religion

      • Dan Moore

        There are many instances in the bible where God condones killing of enemies.

        • Cat ji

          Christianity is the other side of the coin of Islam. Although most people are morons or ignorants who don’t know any history.

        • Luke Thomas

          however why should we base beliefs on a book, there are teachings such as- Love thy neighbour and forgiveness… and then the killing of those in Gods name. These are conflicting stories as God is said to have three main qualties – omni benevolence, omni potence and omniscient (look it up). Therefore one can argue whether god exists as he is all-powerful, so he can stop anything and all loving and knowing so he knows what is going on.

        • God

          Perhaps, but neither did I pen that document, dictate it, or have anything else to do with it. Were I not who I Am, I might be inclined to take umbrage at some of the things people have done in, or attributed to, my name.

          Believe whatever you please – really, I don’t care. The “universe” as you call it, is large – far larger than any of you could possibly comprehend in a trillion lifetimes. I have plenty to keep me occupied and if some imperceptibly small corner runs amok as the result of choices it made for itself, no matter – you’re not the first and will certainly not be the last.

          The human will to nonsense of the wildest sort is something to behold, I must confess. It was a result I had not expected from that which I created. Though perhaps marginally amusing the first time through, it gets boring almost immediately thereafter in the ways “comics” like Eddie Murphy and Dice Clay do. It’s a one-shot deal, losing all appeal immediately thereafter for its utter lack of art and craft, and that is what humanity has chosen for itself with very few exceptions.

          So be it – I am God – I don’t have to be bored – I have tons of other things with which to occupy myself and therefore I am in no way obliged or moved to waste my “time” with creatures that have chosen to be THIS ridiculous.

          But don’t let any of my words disturb you – just keep right on going at it as you have been – believe whatever you want and blame me or your dogs or your kitchen sinks for it if it pleases you. It makes no difference to me. The only ones being hurt are the lot of you and were I to intervene, how would that help you? I gave you the freedom to choose; thwarting you would solve nothing. It would, in fact, make things even worse. Therefore, I leave you to your devices.

          Good luck with that.

          Nothing lasts forever, except perhaps Me, and I’ve not done that yet, so who knows?

      • cat ji

        What was a racist comment? i don’t see any mention of race.

        • Luke Thomas

          called those who kill in the name of allah freaks, yeah its an indirect (very) insult

          • God

            What are you suggesting, that we give them hugs and tell them they are just as good as everybody else? Last I checked, wasn’t murder not on the list of good things to do?

            So lets see this a bit further: if they are not “freaks”, what label might be permissible?

          • JJM123

            Heathens, Beasts, Barbaric Devils, Virus. I would say Animals but to be fair to most creatures, must clarify as Rabid Animals.

          • Donovan Bock

            Are you talking about the “Christian Nation” that caused hundreds of thousands of deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan? Yes, they are barbaric devils.

          • JJM123

            So a supporter of torture, cannibalism and dismemberment of those still alive speaks out?

      • alvin691

        Jackass using the race card.

    • dave

      So…anyone that believes in God is the enemy. That is very clear. The god of the bible ie a bloodthirsty, bigoted psychopath. His followers are the same.

      • Bigchief28

        Hey man,allah is not the God of the bible. Get that fact straight!!!

        • God

          How do you know?

        • Donovan Bock

          Yes he is. All you whackos worship the same god. There’s a reason they’re called Abrahamic faiths, because they’re all built on the same foundation. An insane man who heard a voice in his head telling him to kill his son and he actually listened. For some reason Christians, Jews and Muslims think this insane man is a hero when he was just a lunatic like Andrea Yates.

      • Daina

        Have some respect!

  • Dan Moore

    This behavior is something from the middle ages you have read about. These followers of islam are still stuck in the middle ages while the rest of the world tries to move on.

  • Johnny Shiloh

    It was primarily the papacy that slaughtered millions upon millions
    in the Dark Ages, and the papacy is behind much of the trouble going on
    now because modern day protestants have surrendered their god-given
    protestantism, plunging the world back into the horrors of the Dark

    Because America is supporting such rebels,
    America sadly is fully complicit in their unspeakable acts, and surely
    will be held accountable by God. As Jefferson said, “I tremble for my
    country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice will not sleep

    The one and only joy from all this is that the signs of Christ’s second coming are obviously thickening all around us.

    • Donovan Bock

      “I’m certain that Jesus Christ will return in my lifetime, we are in the last days.” — Every Christian Ever

  • Patrice

    God / Religion has nothing to do with this!!!! humanity is what’s SCREWED up!!!!!!!!! Humans are the ones who CHOOSE to do the things they do!!!

  • Andy

    I’m not gonna discuss religion. This is, religion or no religion, heinous. The point we should all be able to agree on is:
    “How can you pick a ‘good’ side in this fight when there is so much barbarism to go around on both sides?”
    I say we can’t. Particularly with a gov’t that turns everything it touches to mud, there’s no way anyone in Washington could say with a straight face how it would play out if we got involved militarily. Many of them know how they hope it would play out, but the track record of U.S. involvement in the Middle East doesn’t bode well for the odds of a successful intervention here, regardless of which side we might take.
    There’s not going to be any winner in this war.

    • David Merkle

      This Is an American funded intervention proxy war !

  • God

    God here –

    OK, let us get a few things straight: pretty well none of you people have any of this right. I created all this that is around you and stepped back to see what you would do with it. You did OK for the longest time until someone got some funny ideas that the rest, for whatever reason incomprehensible to me, actually bought. The fundamental notions underpinning empire, their acceptance giving rise to the same, has been the poison in the well of humanity, killing you all in the most protracted agony, and yet you refuse to walk away, which us utterly mystifying to me.

    Here is a hint: that some of you are ABLE to act as if you were masters of others, which you can never be in fabric, it does not follow that you SHOULD. Example: and adult is capable of killing and eating his infant child because he is more powerful; does it follow that he ought to? I leave that one as an exercise to the human race to dope out for itself while I sit over here rolling my eyes.

    I really don’t give a damn what you do with yourselves, to be honest. I did what I could – gave you all the tools to live well – freely – and this is what you have chosen. So be it. If you all think I will be intervening at this late date and in the face of the fact that this is what you have willfully chosen, you are mistaken.

    This life is YOUR deal – not mine. Sink or swim by your own hands because I am keeping mine out of it, though I will continue to watch for awhile – though to be honest, you guys are beginning to bore me with your predictable predilection for doing the most viciously stupid and stupidly vicious things.

    Have a nice day

    • Lucky Leisuresuit Larry

      You’re an idiot, please stop.

  • Cheryl Newcomb

    Utter insanity and savagery.

  • Charles Frith

    The CIA created Al Qaeda who are what’s known in Major Frank Kitson’s counterinsurgency bible Gang’s and Countergangs as the latter. They are easy to manipulate and the American public are gullible so they just believe their TV’s when the evidence is documented that we are funding vicious terrorists in Syria.

  • Veritas

    Same thing was done in Balkan wars, where they accuse one nation for all crimes but not really investigate what was happening there. I will give example : Crazy religions fanatic, mujahedins would go around with neckleces made of children’s fingers. So, no, there is no confusion here, its very clear what is happening! AGAIN!

  • BobtheGrape

    It’s a new “cold war” instead of the “COMMUNISTS” now it’s the “MOOSLIM TERRA-ISTS”. How do you expect the guv’mint to keep pissing away trillions of our tax dollars? Well, sports fan, it’s the War on: (pick one or two or three or Pick ’em all) 1. Terror, 2. Drugs, 3. Crime, 4. You name it, 5. Poverty, 6. You, 7. Me, etc, etc.

  • love jesus

    If you want peace in the world kindly YOU the people of America, tell your government; to pull all the forces which are in other countries, Don’t show anyone your gratitude. Its enough. Humans are suffering for their personal gain. USA government, the center of all the WAR crimes around the globe.

  • Ann Burg

    Why do things like this always get turned into a religion thing?… You bible bangers are relentless. Your god created all of this so biblically speaking you are all to blame for not stopping it. Not the non-believers… I am so sick of seeing how you all just “speak up as a christian”, yet you are only here to start arguments and draw attention away from the real issue. You guys are really very sad individuals.

    • Daina

      What the hell are you on about?

    • PaulBrosamJr

      No. God does not create evil. Satan creates evil. Satan was an archangel who challenged God’s authority and went bad. It is satan who produces evil and sin. Ann. Unless you change your ways, you are in danger of the fires of hell. Wake up before it is too late.

  • Linda

    I can only imagine what God would say to these murderers, “I am God, the God of Abraham, of Moses, of Mohammad and my commandments are not being followed. What about Thou Shall Not Kill did you not understand?”

  • PaulBrosamJr

    Do these Muslims realize that committing these murders only lead them to hell? God specifically says in the 10 Commandments that “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. They will pay the ultimate price for these killings that they are committing in the name of Allah. A life separated from God in the lake of fire.

  • kerston

    “His hands still tied together” Obviously they are not. Just look at the photo. I have looked at articles and photos on this story from MANY sources. There are many things that make no sense. If you will notice for one they never show all 4 of the men in one article. It looks to me like the one in the cammo shirt and one of the others in other articles are the same young man. I can go on with many other things that just don’t add up with the photos and the story, but it would be a pretty long article in itself. People really need to look at these types of things closely and set aside the drama. There is an awful lot of propaganda being shoved at us.

  • leslymill

    these are not Al Qaeda backed terrorists…they are AMERICAN backed terrorists and we should be demanding impeachment for treason.

  • KHALID issa

    this man killed by knife one family in small village and when they catch him and under the low they take action to kill him as what he did

  • LeslieFish

    The best thing to do with Syria, or any other Jihad-drunk country, is to encourage both sides to keep fighting until they kill off everybody who loves slaughter, conquest and holy war.