A new Pew Research Center poll shows that Americans want the government to stay out of Ukraine.

“By a roughly two-to-one margin (56% vs. 29%), the public says it is more important for the U.S. to not get involved in the situation with Russia and Ukraine than to take a firm stand against Russian actions.”pew-3-11-14-1

The poll also finds that more Americans disapprove of President Obama’s administration’s handling of the situation than approve with 44% disapproving while just 30% approve. This statistic was cut down party lines with 67% of Republicans disapproving, 56% of Democrats approving and Independents disapproving by roughly two-to-one (52% to 24%).

Only 16% of Republicans and just 5% of Democrats believe that military options should be considered.

The Obama Administration appears to be ignoring the polls. Friday Secretary Of State John Kerry gave Russia until Monday to change course. However, he did not specify what will happen if Russia does not change course.

What are your thoughts? Should the US stay out of the situation, apply sanctions on Russia, or consider military options? Leave your comments below.


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  • Thinking Out Loud

    The power of the public lies entirely in our numbers. So long as we’re divided anywhere near the middle on topics (like when only 60% against Ukraine involvement), the government is not too concerned about how we feel, and our leaders will continue to do as they see fit.

    But alas, its almost impossible to get most of us to agree on something
    like this. As with almost all topics, there is logic and evidence to
    support both sides. Also, 99% of us know almost nothing about why the Ukraine is important, as most people don’t really delve into the topic and only hear a few bits and pieces of information before forming an opinion.

    So I guess its logical that leaders don’t listen to the people to figure out what the wisest course of action is…but only how bad the backlash may be should they do something. With that in mind, it becomes easier to see why many leaders see the public as nothing more than an irritant, and don’t consider our well-being as top priority.

    That then makes me wonder that in a country this size, with so many different types of people all over the place, if “democracy” could ever really be sustained. It seems that we’ve steadily transformed from electing representatives of us for us…to electing leaders who will do as they wish whatever their personal priorities are, regardless of whatever we as a people would prefer

    So in essence, we seem to elect rulers…not leaders or representatives.

    If that’s the case, is “freedom” as we like to think of it really possible to sustain?

    I’m not for or against anything, just thinking out loud. Would like some logical input on these thoughts.

    • Jeff

      Our leaders are far more representative of our wishes than those of the former Soviet Union. We also have the option of not following the leader through a recall / impeachment process, an option the Ukrainians didn’t have.

      It was only after parliament took control of the country that a legitimate impeachment law was implemented and the ruler was deposed. Something that the Russian rulers still don’t recognize. They don’t recognize the legitimacy of the impeachment process, because the person that was going to be impeached didn’t authorize it. A little funny isn’t it.

      I by no means suggest that our democracy is some shining example. We have enough skeletons in our closet to fill a lunar crater. We work at it though and the fact that we have things like 508 compliance shows that we do care a little more than the bottom line. Maybe not much, but more than most. Ukrainians would love a system like this.

      So while I wholeheartedly agree that there are problems, it’s far too easy to point them out without offering any real solutions. I personally believe that this is part of the problem as well. Everyone gets up and arms about a problem, the internet lights up with discussion, but very few offer any advice. Even less get off the internet and do something about it.

      I’m not saying people shouldn’t point out problems, they should, it’s what keeps our government honest. It’s just kind of like, so what are our options?

      • Tiredofwar

        Jeff, Any war Not protecting the borders of our nation is an unjust war. We need to let the EU figure it out and quit being the strong-arm for everybody else. EU can enforce your Budapest memorandum, we are broke from being the bully war machine for everybody else.

        • Jeff

          No more broke than EU, you should look into their financial situation. We also get benefits for being the strong-arm, aka our gas price compared to the EU.

          While I can agree to a certain extent on the not in my backyard not my problem situation. The truth of the matter is that the world is not the pockets of isolated culture it was 100 years ago, no matter how many try to turn back the tide. We’re becoming a global society and what happens on the other side of the world has some very real repercussions for us. We can’t bury our heads in the sand and expect to never be challenged by another power. We’re being challenged right now, and it seems many Americans are backing down.

          I mean they joke around about nuking the US on public television because we threatened them with sanctions. Sanctions, the kind of isolationism you folks talk about. Should we back down from sanctions too?


      • Tiredofwar

        The Constitution says we need a strong army to Protect Our Borders, not other nations borders.

        • chrismalllory

          Actually, the Constitution mandates a weak army. Why else is Congress forbidden from giving them more than 2 years worth of money in any budget?

        • Jeff

          Yes because we’ve never needed to add anything to that, it was perfect as is. Never mind slavery, or the whole bill of rights for that matter.

          It’s the equivalent of writing an operating system for a computer and never updating it as things develop. It’s like arguing for going back to the good ol’ days of DOS or even further back to punch cards.

          Since the constitution didn’t specify an Air Force nor a Coast Guard I guess we should start dismantling those?

    • Jeff

      Also, while I don’t have much of a solution either I believe solidarity of like minded people is a start. And I don’t mean some fuzzy notion of solidarity, I mean this:
      And not for a day, or a week. But through the entire bitter Soviet winter.

      The truth is, most aren’t willing to sacrifice much time in the elements for a cause. Because we have pretty cushy lives here in America, so we resort to slacktivism. And the fact that slacktivits can actually accomplish something small in this country, shows our reps do listen a little.

      How bad do you think things would have to get for Americans to start marching into sniper fire?
      Even after they realized the police weren’t using rubber bullets anymore, they did not back down.

  • Jeff

    That is part of the problem, most Americans know little of politics of Ukraine, Russia, and Crimea.

    There’s a little thing called the Budapest Memorandum, people should read up on it. We convinced them to give up over 1,000 nukes for a security assurance. If we break that promise, how can we possibly ask any nation to not develop nuclear weapons, or to trust our word for that matter.

    This is more than just thinking about our pocketbooks and the stock market. This is also not the middle east where our involvement is usually unappreciated if not undesired. We made a promise to these people, they are now pleading us to uphold it, while we tip-toe around sanctions trying to figure out how cheaply we can do this. I understand that Ukraine is poor and there’s only so much we can get out of them (Chevron did make a $10 billion gas deal), but this should be about more than money. It’s almost a little sickening, because while I can understand the average American’s ignorance of the matter, the politicians aren’t, and should stop playing fair weather friends with other nations.

    • Mendi

      I don’t believe it’s all that complicated, not anymore. The truth is, Americans are sick and tired of war and the problems it causes, don’t want to know the politics and are finally speaking out. It’s over. Washington better tip-toe! And just from a moral stand point, how CAN we ask another nation not to develop nuclear weapons while we develop nuclear weapons? The ego it must take for the State Dept’s hypocrisy….

      • Jeff

        It’s easy, everyone’s a hypocrite, it’s not a bad thing. A crack addict can advocate for others to not try crack, nothing wrong with that. In fact that’s not even the definition of being a hypocrite, it’s somehow gotten warped with misuse. My best guess as to why most have a false definition in their head is that such a definition makes it easy to dismiss the opinions of others because of some infraction. You’re only a hypocrite if you act as if you don’t do those things yourself. Aka crack addict pretends they’re not and tells others not to, and if the US acted like it didn’t have nukes and told others not to. Thus hypocrisy is rooted in lying, no lie, no hypocrisy. I personally have no qualms about reducing the global nuclear stockpile.

        I’m no fan of war, but considering all the unnecessary wars we got ourselves into since the Korean war, I think it’s a little callus to tell Ukraine “sorry we made you give up your nukes, good luck now”. I guess we could give them 1,000 nukes to make it right and not go to war. Would you be for that plan?

    • chrismalllory

      Do you want your kids, grandkids, nephews and nieces to die enforcing the “Budapest Memorandum”? Will you sacrifice them to “keep our promise”?

  • Bert Trim

    Stay the hell out of the Ukraine and someone should give Soros and Obama a sharp slap on the side of their heads

    • john smith

      agreed. yes, please – do us all a favor and jump off that cliff soon.

    • Johhney Appleseed

      So by this same logic, if Russia runs a destabilization op against our dictator in OUR country and we have a coup against him then Russia could sit there and tell Homeland Security to stay the F*ck out of it, and try to impose sanctions and get the international community behind them?? Can anyone see the hypocrisy here? The criminal Obama administration do NOT represent the will of the American people who want no part of this. And hopefully Russia see’s that fact. WE DO NOT WANT THIS WAR nor do we want our seals used in this manner. We’ve got our own revolution coming in this country and its not going to be pretty. The American people are fed up with globalist bankers and the soros crowd using OUR military to play this global reckless game of chess that could inevitable lead to Global Thermal Nuclear war. This is all going to come to a stop one way or another. Hopefully it ends in indictments and prosecutions and not bloodshed. But I would bet against it.

      • Bert Trim

        It’s good to see that someone’s not asleep.

  • ghendric

    The US should stay out of it..

  • Reza

    Russia will have home ground advantage if there is military intervention…and they’re not pushovers like the Arab states the US have been invading

    • Jeff

      They don’t need to invade anything, just defend Ukrainian soil. They will also have wide support from the local military / population. This goes a long way. Places to stay, free food. Ukrainian food is delicious by the way.

      Most Russians also don’t want a war either, especially not one their sons will die in. It’s just one gang that most are too afraid to speak up to. Though some 50,000 people protested it in Moscow last weekend. They couldn’t arrest all of them on anti-protest laws like they did when only 100 showed up a while ago.

      If they can plow through Ukraine with ease, they might just do it, because they’ll keep their population in the dark and there won’t be much of an outcry. As soon as their sons start dying in a worthless gang war, they’ll end the campaign or face retribution from their own people.

  • D Rant

    Goddamned Democrat Warmongers.

    • Bert Trim


  • Ol Grey Wolf


  • Ade

    We need a good World War to define us and bring us together as a country supporting its mil. As a member of the mil of the USA, I welcome the challenge to fight a real army and not this 2faced terrorist BS. Plus maybe then we”ll get our funding “back” to help take care of our families. Nothing sucks more than being forgotten…

    • Beach

      Ade, seriously? Kind of tough to “fight” a ballistic missle.

    • chrismalllory

      It is time you took sickcall and had the Doc increase your meds.

    • Kansas Bright

      Your delusional, and I mean that kindly. We need another WW like we all need holes in our heads.

      What we need to do is to make those serving within our governments do as the contract and binding oath requires of them or we need to prosecute them. They are the ones who paid/continue to pay corporate welfare in an amount far larger then social welfare to move and keep what used to be US businesses to foreign nations – despite profits in the Billions per year.

      Dump “Free Trade” which IF you had read it you would have wanted it gone long ago as it sends our business to other nations to build them up while destroying ours. NAFTA, CAFTA, etc were all put into place with lies and deceit to destroy us from within. GO READ THEM.

      This systematic destruction of US businesses, jobs, housing, food, water, etc is all being done to force us into the NWO. If you would read a bit, starting with YOUR state Constitution which is the highest law in YOUR state EXCEPT where the US Constitution and all that is in Pursuance thereof it is supreme – which is actually in very few areas such as protecting our natural rights from those within our governments.

      Reading is a good thing, texting makes it much easier to be lied to.

      • ProfessorPBZ

        Well spoken Kansas Bright.

  • vanyam

    We’ve been using Ukraine as a pawn for a long time, in order to poke Russia in the eye. We’ve broken our NATO agreement not to push our way all the way to the Russian border, and now Ukraine is paying the big price for our BS. Not to mention the Budapest agreement!

    It’s time to live up to our word AND our signature on a document and protect Ukraine from the “brother” to the north who has already killed millions of Ukrainians, many of which were starved to death as we bought their stolen wheat from Stalin. Our bullcrap War on Terrorism has run interference for Israel for how many decades??? And we’re questioning our duty to live up to our alliance with Ukraine? What’s up with that? Ukraine got no oil?

    Give me a gun, I’ll go..

    • Robert Zraick

      I hope you do. Stalin is dead. But go over and shoot him if you must.

      • vanyam

        Let’s pull Israel off the “must protect” list and give someone else some help. Are you saying you’re an isolationist or a pussy?

        • Robert Zraick

          I can see I am dealing with a real intellectual here, I am neither. Now please go away.

          • vanyam

            Well Bob, apparently you put yourself in that category, but rather than be an empty shirt, put up your best solution. As you’ve said above, we’ve lost our credibility, so let’s hear what’s floating around in that big head of yours.. Come on Bob, skip the short, sweet and pompous.. put some gusto in your responses.

            “Now please go away”… sounds like one of those liberals who can’t deal with someone else’s opinions. Mommy.. make him go away..

  • john smith

    so, does any of this BS have to do with the use of Ukraine pipelines that will deliver gas to Europe? and how that threatens the petrodollar?

  • Oscar

    If we let Russia continue what its doing without giving it a severe punishment to stop it, that means our credibility in the whole world is completely GONE!! And once the world feels that we have no credibility no power, that means we’re gonna be in even worse trouble in the future!

    • Thomas Rippolon

      Hey Oscar you gotta look into this a bit further. WE largely financed the protests over there because of the Ukraine going with Russia to begin with. NOW WE make it sound like it’s a people’s revolution to overthrow tyranny…all bullshit. Again we are the “invader”, not the protector of freedom as we’re so often told…don’t buy it please

    • chrismalllory

      How many of your kids, grandkids, nephews and nieces are you willing to sacrifice to “punish” Russia?

      • ProfessorPBZ

        Right on target chrismalllory.

    • Kansas Bright

      What has Russia done? They are standing up for a country that is mostly Russian, that voted to be with Russia, that is ticked off at America for going in with the Euros and sniped people on both sides to get and keep the conflict going.

      They lied to us, AGAIN, about what is going on there.

      When a statement is made or a “side” given by the cartel media, ALWAYS double check the information to see if it is anywhere near the truth or if it is propaganda to steer your thought process.

      I do NOT say trust Russia, but like here, let those countries choose their own governments and not have them forced upon them (even when democratically elected, but not the government wanted in power by our government – puppets) by us and the euros. those serving with on our government are no more trustworthy then Russia, China, etc. They are just as criminal. Think not, then think back to the “Patriot Act” which is not only unlawful here, but makes traitors out of those who enforce it. NDAA (Obama lied MULTIPLE times there), Agenda 21 which is a backdoor destruction of our nation/government/people.

    • Bill hicks

      Oscar, you are so far off base it’s sad really. America has lost it’s credibility to the rest of the world years ago ever since we invaded countries under false pretenses.we lost credibility to the rest of the world ever since we invaded countries for their resources and destroyed their economies in the wake.sorry to burst your delusional bubble.The polls speak for themselves.Nobody wants America to intervene including Americans. Nor can afford another war. We still haven’t paid off the wars with afghan and Iraq. You’re false sense of freedom and politics is just that,false.

      • ProfessorPBZ

        Good call Bill.

    • leslymill

      bye bye NATO the warmonger army without a country and with no congressional approval

    • Robert Zraick

      Our credibility has been gone for some time. I would observe the we are already in trouble, and that it is in part to people who think as you do.

  • ProfessorPBZ

    America should create jobs not wars. Messing with Russia is messing with China and India. China with 1.2 Billion people has just thrown out their ban on more than one child per family, allowing more children, meaning a larger military.

    India has also about 1.3 Billion people, and Russia has 1.5 million. Between those nations there could be armies of 500,000,000 strong. Not a pleasant thought and all three have Nuclear weapons and missiles.

    Obama is constantly lying and ignoring his job because he has no intention of creating jobs, ever. He is the worst president we have ever had.

  • cooperbry

    Wasn’t it the US and EU responsible for the recent Coup d’état in the Ukraine? This poll should have been taken last year!

  • Jan

    Oh no, not another red line!!!! What ever shall we do? Smh, pipe down Obama. Nobody is taking you seriously anymore.

  • Bert Trim

    Distractions. it’s all distractions. The US is running on empty and they don’t have anyone to bleed. Ukraine isn’t what they want. Who the hell would want a Nazi country. It’s the Crimea they want. They need to destabilize Russia to get to China.
    Notice how every country that’s tried to sway from the US currency has collapsed through occupation or war. Someone’s going to drop the US dollar soon and everyone will follow. And down goes the EU. End play, kick the crap out of anyone that tries to swamp the US. $ You can trace all of this back to the bankers, Soros and the likes of the Rockefeller’s, Rothschild’s to name a few. The US, NATO and the EU work for these money men. They’ve been doing this shit since the 1700’s and they’re awfully good at it by now. If the SHTF over a future Crimea conflict. The US President will call in NATO to disarm the US. This is what this Marxist piece of shit wants for the future of the US. He’s been well trained and that’s why he’s been given the job of dismantling America.

  • Alberto

    1812 Napoleon invades Russia

    1941 Hitler invades Russia

    2014 OBozo ???

  • JK474

    I am unsurprised that our political leaders take it as high principal that we must not allow the Crimeans to have what they want and voted for — union with Russia. And we’re the guys that are always busy bombing some country into democracy.

  • Bert Trim

    Yes, the US is saying that it basically reserves the right to beat another country to a pulp with a big stick with nails in it when they’re not looking.

    Right JK474. However, we’re not the guys doing the bombing. It’s a military with no leash and a President with his own agenda at home. They have people like this piece of human waste, George Soros funding these miseries and making Billions in the process. This Fat Pig has a lot of blood on his hands. And it’s all a diversion and distraction to keep our minds off the Dollar that’s doing a “Swan dive” in the US. Obama’s not finished with his agenda in the US. We’re going to be corralled and bled dry by this President.

  • Linda Berch

    I also agree that we should stay out because it is none of our business. The Russians need to protect their military base on the Black Sea among other reasons. This is not the same Stalinist regime that was there 50 years ago and they do provide more freedom for their citizens. They do not have any plans to harm the population but they are stricter on the law and order and punish public dissent. Not everyone agrees with that but we are a different country and should stay out of it. We say that the election was false and that people opposed to Russia were afraid to vote but they may have approved it anyway. There is a large Russian population there which they need to protect. Russia has stated that they will encourage Ukraine to keep its culture. The people there may be safer and more financially secure under the protection of a larger nation. We should encourage an orderly transition in the hopes that Russia will encourage more independence inside of the country–like Canada and Great Britain. We should not create sanctions because that hurts innocent people.