On Wednesday, US Marine Corps veteran and former Baltimore police sergeant Michael A. Wood Jr. let loose on his Twitter account, detailing in a series of tweets examples of police corruption that he claims to have witnessed on the job during his 10-plus year career at the embattled Baltimore Police Department. Examples of some of the tweets can be seen below.











According to New York Daily News, a Baltimore Police Department spokesman said that police are investigating Michael A. Wood Jr.’s allegations and background and pointed out the fact that Wood stopped short of providing names and other details outlining which officers participated in the misconduct incidents that he claims to have witnessed.

Wood told New York Daily News, “I have no desire to verify the allegations. If anyone wants to look into them, fine. But I’m not looking for retribution. My purpose is to admit these things and help make policies and training materials to prevent them in the future.” Wood says he plans to continue tweeting around 10 examples of police misconduct per day for the time being and added that it would be difficult for him to provide specific names and dates for all of his allegations due to the fact that the incidents happened on a daily basis.

Wood’s tweets continued on Thursday, and he promised to deliver another round of tweets on Friday aimed at exposing corruption at the command and administrative levels of the Baltimore Police Department.




Wood explained, “It wasn’t until I got out of the police department and saw things from a different perspective and got educated that I realized the things that happened were so wrong.”

New York Daily News notes that former Baltimore police detective Joseph Crystal said, “Sgt Wood was probably one of the most intelligent guys I ever met in the department.” He continued, “I don’t know why he’s coming forward now, but I’m happy if it will bring him peace. I wish everyone spoke up when these things happened. If we speak up when we see abuse, we have a chance to fix it. But I understand why officers are reluctant.

Joseph Crystal, who trained under Wood in 2009, resigned from the Baltimore Police Department in August of 2014 in response to intimidation from co-workers which he reportedly received after he “testified against [fellow officers] Sgt. Marinos Gialamas and Officer Anthony Williams, who have since been convicted for their involvement in beating a drug suspect and covering up the incident,” according to Truth in Media‘s Annabelle Bamforth.

In April of this year, civil unrest engulfed Baltimore after tensions between police and residents hit a boiling point following the officer-involved death of Freddie Gray in police custody.

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