Spoiler alert: Swann says that he is opposed to Agenda 21 but loves that the globalists have given us a blueprint by which to restore individual liberty on a local level rather than trying to force change through only the federal level.

Reality Check: Donald Trump May Be RIGHT on Birthright Citizenship!

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  • jac


    You’re right in that Agenda 21 gives everyday citizens a fighting chance to defeat the enemies of freedom at the local level, and you’re “spot on” about speaking the right language in engaging the fight against Agenda 21. One thing I’ve learned while combating Agenda 21, aka sustainable development, smart growth, smart streets, etc. etc, is to learn the particular language one’s community is using, and engage the community leaders in their terminology, i.e., no community uses the words, “Agenda 21,” and most don’t even know what that is. Civic organizations that are on the front lines of implementing Agenda 21 through ICLEI, for the most part just think they are improving their neighborhoods, and are largely ignorant of the bigger plan behind their smart streets/smart growth plans. That’s why in combating Agenda 21, it’s essential to address them in terminology they understand, and to focus on the specific law or ordinance under question. DEMOCRATS AGAINST UN AGENDA 21 dot com is one organization that has been successful in their California community, and Tom Deweese at American Policy Center dot org has a gold mine of specific and practical information on how to fight Agenda 21 activities at the civic level. I hope readers check out these sights and start the fight.

  • HostileLogic

    “Sustainability” is a major catchword of the Watermelons. Don’t buy into the malevolent message of these heavy-metal bagpiping parasites.

    Mother Nature created houseflies, cockroaches, maggots, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, slugs, leeches and intestinal parasites.

    Then she lowered her standards to a breathtaking new depth of depravity and created Progressives.

  • Michele

    I’m on my way to an anti-Agenda 21 meeting now and this is exactly our tact. But your message is really motivating. Thank you. I’m sharing this!

  • Michele

    Here’s another really great fighter of Agenda 21 in Northern California: http://www.freedomadvocates.org/

  • Kentucky

    Go Rand Paul! Go Ben Swann!

  • gadsdengurl

    HUH????? This is NOT restoration of liberty at the local level.. It’s complete tyranny handed down by the FEDS….. Ben you need to rethink this..


  • GM

    Ben, The problem with this is the people that control Agenda 21 is successful because they are spending billions of dollars to bribe the local governments to accept ICLEI. We do not have the power of the Federal Reserve to print the money to bribe the local governments.

    • jac


      You’re right, but there is plenty individuals can do to challenge Agenda 21 legislation (just getting ramped up in recent years) by attending civic hearings, town meetings and state legislative sessions. Individual citizens or groups can get informed about the issues and challenge Agenda 21 legislation by bringing supporting documentation and arguing relevant facts to lawmakers about proposed bills. We’re not alone in this fight, there are plenty of organizations fighting Agenda 21 and they have back-up materials to help others. Don’t cop out b/c of the odds, check out the American Policy Center, Democrats Against UN Agenda 21, and Freedom Advocates and join the fight.

  • Padraic

    Agenda 21 is a load of codswallop-Ground control to major tom/ben. COme back down to earth.http://www.naturalnews.com/039243_monsanto_agenda_21_sustainability.html

  • comgetsumgov

    the way they are implementing agenda 21 is a great template, but agenda 21 is a globalist plan. Ben said the other day that anytime governments make something sound fluffy and good it will not be good for liberty like(The Patriot Act, Affordable Heath Care, ext). The U.N is global government. They are not trying to save the world from over population the are controlling the population.

  • Tony

    Personally, I want to see a strong and coordinated effort to make public, the bastardization of language, and correct it.

    Example: Pro-Choice, or, “for-choice”, to be able to ‘choose’ our destination. Choice is a very positive word. We can choose what we want to eat for dinner, where we want to work, where we want to live, etc.

    The exact meaning, based on the people calling for this particular choice, is Pro-Abortion. But using that language hurts the chances of keeping that particular ‘choice’ alive. Pun intended.

    Or, “A Woman’s ‘Right’ To Choose”. This should be called, a woman’s decision to end the life of the person in her possession…. but, again, this language gets in the way of gathering followers to the movement. So, they change the language to something positive. “Right” “Choice”. Very positive indeed, except for the outcome to the person, helpless within a dark, warm, womb.

    Words have been co-opted, switched, and now mean the opposite, while people without use of logical-thinking, follow the lead, like cows to the abattoir.

    I do my part in correcting all kinds of co-opted language, but I’m 1 guy talking to a few people….. Ben, we need you on this.

    • Mo

      “A woman’s individual rights end at conception,” would be a clear way to express your views. Or, “Your body belongs to the state,” if you’re a fertile female. How about, “A woman’s reproductive capacity is her own liberty’s destroyer.” A more wordy description could follow: “An individual has rights unless that individual is a pregnant woman; then the rights belong only to the unborn in her state-surveilled womb. Only girls, boys and men shall determine the course of their lives. OUR women are a special case.”

      • Anonymous

        Keep your pants on. There’s your right to choose.

    • Ghost

      does this apply to the word, “gay”?

  • BobbyBoyNYC

    My people perish for want of knowledge, so please try to educate everyone around you. Get them to realize television is a form of mind control, actually mind destruction, that gets you to buy products that are bad for you and the environment, and vote for career criminals. Pass that first step, and I think redemption is at least possible. You have to awaken, first of all.

  • Tom B

    Our city banned Agenda 21 thankfully.

    • deannaM

      what city do you live in? theyre killing and “developing ” everything here

      • Tom B