Just two weeks ago Ben Swann interviewed Virginia State Senator Richard H. Black about the rise of ISIS, and specifically why the U.S. attempt to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al Assad is indirectly leading to the extermination of Christians in Syria.

Shortly after that interview, Virginia Capitol Police reportedly alerted Senator Black that he has been placed on a very short list of ISIS’ enemies. ISIS named Black in their latest edition of the publication “Dabiq”. Black was singled out along with former U.S. senator and presidential hopeful Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) and CIA veteran and author Gary Berntsen who were called “crusaders”.

According to an interview with The Washington Post, Black says he was notified by the Virgina Capitol Police.

“Capitol police called me yesterday afternoon,” Black said on Tuesday. “They just wanted to be sure that I was aware of it because, of course, ISIS has been an ultra-violent organization. These are people who have been burning people in cages and beheading them.”

In the ISIS magazine, Black was quoted from his interview with Ben Swann when he said “One thing is clear, if Damascus falls, the dreaded black and white flag of ISIS will fly over Damascus”. “Within a period of months after the fall of Damascus, Jordan will fall and Lebanon will fall. … I think you will automatically see a beginning of a historic push of Islam towards Europe and I think, ultimately, Europe will be conquered.”

You can watch Swann’s full interview with Senator Black here:

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