Truth In Media Project Launch LIVE July 26th 7pm EST. Click the link on the video player below for free access. To attend the live event in Concord NH, buy your ticket here:

Guest speakers include:
  • Ben Swann
  • Amber Lyon (video message)
  • Carla Gericke
  • Judge Jim Gray (via Skype)
  • Tyrel Ventura
  • Josh Tolley (via Skype)
  • Jeremy Richter
  • State Senator Andy Sanborn
  • G. Edward Griffin (video message)
Truth In Media Project Panel:
  • Kristin Tate
  • Mark Edge (Free Talk Live)
  • Tony Schinella (Concord Patch)
  • Tyrel Ventura
  • Tony Stiles
  • Aaron Day
Musical Performance By:
Tatiana Moroz and Ron Noyes

The ticket sales will go toward offsetting the cost of the event. In addition, Ben will be donating a portion of the ticket sales to, an organization that helps low income children, in NH, become homeschooled or attend private schools.

Live sound provided by Blue Sky Recording, Concord, NH

Reality Check: Donald Trump May Be RIGHT on Birthright Citizenship!

Enter to win $500 of Gold or Silver from Anthem Vault!

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  • live_free_or_die_69

    What does $10 get me? Surely it’s not for one episode or even one month…. not unless this is going to be something like a daily show. I need more info.

    • Sam

      The $10 is for access to the live stream of the event. The price of the ticket will help off set the cost of the event. In addition, Ben will be donating a portion of the ticket sales to an organization that helps children, in
      NH, become home schooled or go to private schools.

      • live_free_or_die_69

        Well, that’s all well & good, but for a person who is trying to get started themselves, he shouldn’t be donating to charity, YET. I have to pass on this then. Ben, if you read this, I recently wrote you lengthy email on youtube in your “inbox”. I WANT to give you my money. Build it! & I will come. Don’t worry about donating yet. If anyone needs charity, it’s you right now. Take care of self first, then take care of others. Get me in this for a couple bucks & I’m in. If charity is raising the cost of this in any way, dump it for now. No one thinks you to be uncharitable. But in an economy that is thrifty due to lack of funds, I will donate what I can where & WHEN I can. Right now I’d like to be putting up a little money to see this stream. Ben, you have a HUGE heart, brother. We all know it! You have nothing to prove to us. I can not stress enough how much support you’ve got out here. I don’t care what the bank account says right now. Like I have said in this statement & in the one I sent you on youtube, build it, we will come. This was the basic premiss that fueled the ’90’s & ’00’s, & it still holds true today. Take heart my friend, I know how uneasy you must be feeling right now. Keep doing what you’re doing but put more effort into the thing that got you here!!! That’s what you do best!! I might suggest that you use a LITTLE bit of your budget to see about hiring a SMALL but REPUTABLE marketing agent. This will help you be able to focus on what you do best. I really hope these words reach you, Ben. I’d like to see some reports coming out of you again asap. I think you’re focusing too much on fundraising & not enough on the product you’re trying to sale. Remain steadfast, we’re with you man!!!

        • Sam

          The charity is in no way raising the cost. They did not ask for Ben to do this.

          Rest assured, all will be come clear after the announcement. 😀

          To break up the cost, we suggest viewing parties. Get some friends together and watch the event. Have a good time.

        • Sam

          The charity is in no way raising the cost. They did not ask for Ben to do this.

          Rest assured, all will be come clear after the announcement. 😀

          To break up the cost, we suggest viewing parties. Get some friends together and watch the event. Have a good time.

          • Aldo

            I’ve read all the comments above and agree that times are tough for us, even I couldn’t donate when Ben, first launched the Kick Starter thing, but boy I wanted to so badly. Back then I was so broke I just covered my rent and electric that month. Today I give thanks to our wonderful IRS because I finally got my 2012 refund in the mail. I called the IRS and asked if I was being targeted because of my political beliefs, the rep on the other line was very nice to me and said that she would get my check in the mail ASAP. Fishy how that worked out for me, maybe we should all apply for a non profit conservative/libertarian projects haha.

            Today I’m proud to say that I will be able to donate to the live feed and to the kick start project. I trust Ben, and hope that he can organize many state by state conferences with these great Americans:

            Jesse Ventura, Dr.Ben Carson, Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Darrel Issa and Ted Cruz.

            Imagine all these leaders running our country from the White House. Our goal should be nothing less but to restore love and respect in our nation and the world.

            Of all these great leaders I mentioned above one stands out the most to me. Dr.Ben Carson. He can win the hearts and minds of millions of Americans that foolishly fell in love with Obama. America needs real solutions that work, real transparency and always the truth..

          • Joseph C. Carbone III

            Rand Paul Tries to Have Abby Martin Fired From RT for Daring to Ask Him Questions:


            Up until now, I have been giving Sen. Rand Paul support.

            Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 26 June 2013

    • justdoit

      I guess you don’t get the concept. It surely is for one episode, do you really think those who bring you this content don’t incur costs when putting an event together? Coughing up 10 bucks to further this cause should be well worth it.

      • live_free_or_die_69

        That’s just it, it’s not going to further this cause, it’s being skimmed & then the remains donated to another cause…. If the remains were to go into Ben’s account, I’d be more likely to do it. Furthermore, no way this episode is going to cost $10/person to make!!! Well, I guess it might if only a few people show up. But if 5k people came to watch the stream @ $10 each that’d be $50k! For one what 20 minute episode? No way. For a single report I’ll pay $1-$2 TOPS! Like I explained below, I’LL decided where, when & who I donate to charity too. If anything Ben’s “Donation” could be a quick plug for the organization sending people there to give on their own. The way it’s set up that tail is wagging the dog. We, the consumer, want one thing, good, wholesome news reporting. Ben has proven himself to be a reporter who gives us just that. THAT is what I’m on this site for. I will gladly buy an episode, or news report to help get him started but not if he’s going to give some of my contribution to someone else when HE is the one who needs the funds right now. None of us feel that Ben is in any way uncharitable. So I’m not sure what the deal is with giving to charity when he isn’t even paying the bills yet. If he wants to do that after he gets his company up & running, fine. But not yet. It’s too early.

    • Joseph C. Carbone III

      I find some agreement with the spirit of what you are saying; also, I believe it is important to be supportive without the prerequisite of perfection. This is morale building for the community and the team.

      A furtherance of our goal is what we get for the donation and payment of $10. We are communicating a trusting disposition that Mr. Swann has made an excellent choice to go live and personal and that his added gesture is grand and well-ordered.

      What probably needs to be kept in mind is that this is not going to leave anybody in the dark if he or she is unable to attend, and this broadcast will likely be posted but certainly will be communicated on the website shortly after its completion.

      Think of the move to spend an additional $10 as kindness and solidarity, but, if I only had one ten-dollar bill, I would give it to the project before contributing to the live broadcast, which is in the spirit of what you are communicating. It is a personal choice and one of strategy and good economics, but it should be left up to you to decide where you are on the matter. Because, in a manner speaking, you will lose nothing if you are unable to attend and you gain if you are able to attend. So, this is not a mission-critical event, but it is with substance.

      Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 10 July 2013

      • jcs

        frankly, i think this journalist is over fiscalized and thus less liberty minded, more domesticated and polished, and less the soldier of truth who can operate dirty and still shine. Liberty is Free first, then also costly.. but not costly first. it’s free by principle, then also demands your highest will and commitment. infinitely precious.. still free, and bequeathed to the next generation at cost of one’s life.

        • Mike Wallace

          Everyone has a unique combination of experience and interest. Fiscal issues are important. Money as one half of every voluntary transaction must be moral and honest.

  • Mark Noonan

    I know you need money for your Truth in Media Project but there are alot of people without much money counting every penny fighting for liberty who should be able to tune in Free not to mention we are the ones probably posting your stuff everywhere we can . I also don’t care for donating to homeschooling and Private schools . We should be Demanding a better Education system that is Public and fits standards for all . I am tired of the Nobility class sending their kids to private schools to learn to keep power over us and not many parents are as good at teaching as they say but are vital in helping their children at home . Otherwise Public schools at the moment is just for pumping out illiterate labor .

    • endthefed

      I am sure they will release videos after a short time, for you to watch and post.

    • scottt79

      If schools were private, each parent and child could choose which school to send their kids to. Schools would then actually compete and give a damn about being efficient because if they’re not, they won’t get any parents sending their students to their school. Competition is good and right now government schools don’t have nearly enough competition to generate innovation and new ideas inside the classroom.

    • jcs


  • Chris James

    Man, I’m all for charity, I really am…but it is looking like even if it is possible to reach the kickstarter goal the way things currently stand, Truth In Media will need EVERY penny to make it. Can’t say I completely understand donating when your own very important project isn’t successful yet, but I will still purchase a ticket because I really want this to either succeed or walk away from this knowing I did all I could to make this a reality.

  • Dan A.

    Ben’s got a quarter of a million dollars pledged. That’s a start. No, he won’t make the Kickstarter goal, but we can still fund him. $250K get’s 20 episodes. Then supporters like us can get the word out to family and friends who are happily asleep in blissful apathy. Ben will give us high quality, professional journalism to forward on to these people, and maybe, just maybe, they will start to wake up to the dark realities of the [brave] new world emerging about us. Personally, I want to see the Truth in Media Project succeed. But it is going to start out as a grass-roots effort. Don’t get discouraged so soon. We’re not even out of the gates yet. Donate (with no strings attached) and give this project a chance to reach fruition!

    • Dale

      When people wake up; what happens after they wake up?

      • Mike Wallace

        Ideally, I would say the effort spreads of a process of ‘Gnosis’.., or knowing. Not in any one absolute truth but trusting in the process of freeing your mind from the pre-concieved expectations and structures.that society would impose the mind. Author Philip K Dick called this the Black Iron Prision.

        The truth in media project seems to align itself naturally with libertarian ideals. Libertarian ideals rely on believing in the better nature of society. Attuned that they are to knowing the path, libertarian leaning individuals are often internally reactive and hypocritical in how they treat and view themselves and their self worth. Cynical instead of trusting. Speaking Truth only applies if its in your heart as well. Efforts of truth would seek to control that truth via legislation and.

        Without that knowing, each individual trusting in thier own creative spark, without ego then any effort to fight the empire of our current media culture will only result in the victor becoming the empire. aka Hypocrisy.

        I’m all for swinging the system the other way but before the ‘Utopic’ endgame of a free and open society is reached I would say we need to be physically, mentally and spiritually prepared to shift our entire preconception about what that result is.

        I’m looking forward to chatting with Ben at his even in Maine on the 27th.

  • TX

    When are you coming to Dallas?

  • sstout

    Texans for Todd Staples (running for Lt Gov. 2014)
    Campaign Mgr: Cody McGregor 512-912-1603
    TX Agriculture Commissioner

    P.O. Box 13092
    Austin, Texas 78711
    Phone: (512) 912-1603
    Fax: (512) 912-1191 — Greta interview re: TX border w/ Todd

    Hey Ben:

    I just listened to your guest spot on Coast to Coast last night (this a.m.), and I was very much impressed. You added knowledge to my bits and pieces on just about everything. Thank you. This is the 2nd time I have ever actually gone to one of the C2C guest’s websites, and I am a longtime listener.

    You may already know the person I have posted contact info on above; but, your coverage of Mexico’s drug wars just made me think of Todd right off the bat! You guys would have much in common on that subject, so I had an idea perhaps…? 😉 (I’m running this by him this a.m. as well–left him info regarding you on his office mailbox.) So…at least go to his website and check out his “about” page. Nolan Ryan is his statewide Chairman, and much like you… all his friends, family and supporters have talked him into stepping up into the Lt Gov. race. I feel there is STILL hope (re: the US) with each of you guys taking on your respective challenges.
    Ben, your still a Texan–and we vERY MUCH need to get some info out to the public. Other than Greta Van S’es interview, once on Fox w/ Todd, I have not heard anything from mainstream. Anyway, since Todd has recently come out with his book on the subject, AND he is running for Lt. Gov in 2014, he needs some publicity too. He, just as you, are starting to test familiar –but different waters in your lives. SO…
    You should invite Todd Staples as a guest for an interview regarding Mexico’s drug war and our unprotected borders. I tweeted him that you may call him. (or not)… That’s up to both of you I guess. It could result in a friendship that may last for years down the road… ya never know.

    Todd and I are former High school classmates. I haven’t seen him in years, but my Mom (former state delegate) and our family backs him all the way! Hold onto your hats, because he is as steady as they come. We have at least ONE young Republican in the midst to go all the way to the White House! I wouldn’t doubt that at ALL!

    You my friend should go to the top as well. And I do feel Snowden is a “whistle blower,” not merely a “leaker.” NSA actions are criminal! Interesting note!

    Be Safe,

    Sheri (Glenn) Stout

  • kevin777

    How do we view the stream if we cant make it to NH?

    • Sam

      Hi Kevin,
      The live stream will be playing right here on this page where the Ustream embed is.

  • Anthony

    Hey Ben

    I run a Youtube channel about the same size as yours. If you search around your channel settings/features, you should see an option to live stream events, or apply to run live stream events.

    I realize its last minute, but if you were to switch to Youtube instead of Ustream to live stream, you would pick up an additional few thousand live viewers. (And even more for any future live stream events, if scheduled in advance on Youtube, so they could notify your subscribers).

    Rock on brother.

    – Anthony

  • Conal McLaughlin

    Sweet Tyrel Ventura. I hope Tyrel takes a moment to publicly set the record straight to that idiot on fox who was bad mouthing his dad.

  • Jeffrey

    Just wanted to thank you for your efforts. If the recent events have taught us anything, it’s the fact that the mainstream media has a pronounced agenda. You are sorely needed to provide a balanced opinion that forms its judgements from the perspective of Liberty. Thank you Ben Swann and all who are working on this project.

  • Ron

    I’m from Manchester NH, I’ll be seeing you tonight Ben!!

  • Barbara_NC

    Ben Swann reported all the truth and I watched his reporting during the 2012 Primarys when MSM was not. I will follow Ben Swann, he needs a place in the Journalistic MSM but not beholding to any “CEO”

  • Brandon Pinkston

    Monumental day for America! Go get em Ben!

  • Brandon Pinkston

    Is the stream up?

  • Benjamin

    Not seeing anything on the stream…

    • libertychick

      I think you need to click on it again – I was only seeing a ouple of letters for a while, then clicked on something and now I see the video. don’t really remember what I clicked on though!

  • Jeffrey Suarez

    I have no video

  • annie

    me neither, it says off air

  • Brandon Pinkston

    I have it now

  • Paul Segers

    Did Josh Tolley already speak? I didn’t know he was involved with this.

  • Chad

    Lost picture! What was on the Statue?

  • matt

    where did video go?

  • Chad

    Hey!!!! CAMERA!!!!!

  • annie

    The feed keeps getting interrupted with T Mobil commercials

  • libertychick

    I’m watching the counter above, and lots of people are signing on, but looks like many are leaving. Not sure the format is keeping people engaged…

    • Chris Ellis

      yes I wood agree with you on this and the streaming not the best.

      • libertychick

        Do you know how long this goes on for? I want to be supportive, but it just seems to be a telethon. I’ve already bought into the concept, I guess I thought there would be more than this…

        • Chris

          Till 10 pm

    • ashleigh

      the format of the event is to be an in-person event/fundraiser. Ben Swann and his team kindly allowed the stream to be shown live online so others could tune in and view, since all of us don’t live in the immediate area of the event. the purpose of this night is to raise money for the project and for people to attend IN PERSON. it’s sole purpose is not an online event, that just came as an added bonus to us out-of-towners.

      • ashleigh

        also, above it states:

        Ben will be donating a portion of the ticket sales to, an organization that helps low income children, in NH, become homeschooled or attend private schools.

  • Chad

    I don’t think people realized this was simply a fundraiser. I’m also a little concerned about the push for Libertarian bias. While I can appreciate that the Libertarian Party was neglected I don’t think you can convince people that Ben is the “Most Trusted Reporter” with such a strong Libertarian bias. I would consider myself a conservative Libertarian. I’m just trying to look at it objectively.

    • Glenn Horowitz

      When I was privileged to interview Ben on the Freedom Finders show I host, the word ‘libertarian’ barely came up. He repeatedly stressed freedom, and bringing facts to peoples’ attention, not any ideology. I understand your concern but don’t think you need worry. I’m more of an AnCap/agorist myself and don’t care for distractions big organizations always bring, certainly not an LP member, for what it’s worth.

      • Chad

        Perhaps Ben wants to remain objective but the people that appear to be running this show most definitely show a blatant bias. Will Ben be easily swayed by these people down the road as he appears to side with them politically?

        • Glenn Horowitz

          They do indeed show a bias, but I think Ben is inner-directed enough not to be swayed from any given purpose he’s directing his energies toward. In my own writing I make no attempt to be objective, for example, you’re damned right I’m biased, and I came by those biases honestly.

          True, it’s important to take facts ninto account even when they’re inconvenient, but to maintain a stance proclaiming total objectivity…as most of the MSM types do reflexively even when their bias is clear…is disingenuous in my book.

          • Chad

            That’s fine for you if you are convinced. But they are the one’s asking for money from us and we have a WIDE range of views. I in particular simply want ALL sides to have a voice and fair reporting without spin. I’m not getting that message here. I won’t shoot my nose off despite my face. Should I invest in something that may very well harm me in the long run? There are so many questions that has kept me from donating. I came looking for clarification on what I’ll be getting. I’m missing something yet.

          • SRQTad

            Chad, Have you kept up with Ben’s reality Check segments and other work? What he’s done, in the past, is dig beyond the published stories and has never been afraid to “buck the system”. What you’re seeing here seems to be largely the Libertarian point of view BUT that’s not who’s asking for financial support. The idea is to get Ben Swann off the ground. I have already donated and, even if it fails, to me, it is worth the risk. It’s very easy to jump on a bandwagon after is already loaded up and ready to get rolling. It takes a bit of risk to get in there and build the bandwagon.

          • Chad

            Yes I’ve followed Ben from the start but this TIMP is not just about Ben. He has a large part in it. But these other people I don’t know or trust. A few of them I don’t trust at all as they have given me no reason to trust them. Before, I thought Ben was asking to support just him, and that was tough enough to justify. Now there is all these others on here and I just don’t know them.

          • SRQTad

            This is a fundraiser for Ben’s Truth In Media Project, put together by some of his supporters.

          • Chad

            The fact that it took you to tell me that says something…don’t you think?

          • SRQTad

            Well… I’m a bit surprised you weren’t already aware of that but I got the email, from Ben, about the event. The proceeds from ticket sales go to the project with Ben donating a portion to a local org that works with low income people who want to home-school their kids. I forget waht that % is but, while it’s significant, the majority of proceeds go to the project. I don’t know if donations,made directly to the project during this live stream, are part of the split, but, even if they are, it’s a good cause (in my opinion). I, however, pledged to the project early on and, when the kickstarter plan fell short, converted my kickstarter pledge to a direct donation earlier this week.

          • SRQTad

            My bad…: from this page:
            The ticket sales will go toward offsetting the cost of the event. In addition, Ben will be donating a portion of the ticket sales to, an organization that helps low income children, in NH, become homeschooled or attend private schools.

  • Vivislafter

    awesome! will work my butt off to get you more awesomes!! already downloaded this !!

  • Todd in Sacramento

    CSPAN is part of the controlled media.

  • sgtrutledge

    i’m so there

    • Glenn Horowitz

      You n me both, bud 😀

  • beth simmons

    Is this live?
    The title says 2 weeks ago. I am late tuning in. Where is Ben Swann? I am not sure I have the right link.

    • sam

      Yes this live now

      • beth simmons

        Thanks. Where’s Ben?

  • sgtrutledge


  • Brandon Pinkston

    lost audio

  • J Johnson

    No audio here.

  • J Johnson


  • Brandon Pinkston

    its back

  • Joseph C. Carbone III

    I support Ben Swann and the Truth in Media Project. To me, Ben has been so influential in the Liberty Movement that I mentioned him in my book, “Meet Ron Paul.” It is a biography of Ron Paul for kids/youth. Today’s government controlled media headline becomes tomorrow’s government controlled history lesson. Together we can change the conversation. Check out our book at and find out more about our goal to spread the liberty movement into schools around the country on our FB page. Thank you Ben!!!

  • CalicoJo

    I love Ben Swann, but this broadcast is very disappointing. Video and audio poor. Discussion group completely worthwhile, but very low budget and grainy broadcast plus open space while talking in background. I expected so much more. And where is Ben Swann????

    • Chad

      Well, they ARE asking for money.

    • Jeffrey suarez

      Your point is exactly the point they were making. They hit the proverbial nail on the head and you solidify theirs with your post. That is why they need the financial help. If they are to improve the delivery of the message and strengthen the content they need more funding.

  • CalicoJo

    already contributed several times over

    • Chad

      Enough to pay for a high speed broadband dedicated line and server along with equipment to shoot this with TV Studio cameras?

  • SRQTad

    What’s with the t-mobil ads interrupting the streaming???

    • Chad

      Adblock plus in google chrome. I see no ads. However clicking on the ad may just generate some revenue for the stream.

    • FL_Lady

      If you are not a member, I think a paying member, of UStream, you get periodical ads.

  • Glenn Horowitz

    Nice input from Josh Tolley there, I have no criticisms. Tell the truth, I’m indebted to Josh for his show in which Florida gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wyllie was his guest. I had Adrian on last night and we used the topics discussed on Josh’ show as a jumping off point to begin. Adrian was generous enough to give us 2 hours of his time and looking at all the issues we were able to cover all I can say is it was EPIC.

  • FL_Lady
  • FL_Lady

    New Executive order – funding Palestine Authority

  • SRQTad

    as to broadcasting US propaganda inside the US… Aren’t we already paying for it’s broadcast, world-wide? Why not hear what is being said, in our name, right here at home? How does that affect the amount of tax dollars used fro the purpose?

    • FL_Lady

      They are not going to tell you, “This is a copy of the propaganda we are spreading across the world.”

  • WinstonSmith

    You lost me at REPUBLICAN sellout Rand “playin’ the game” Paul, who’s been LAUGHABLY PRESENTED as some sort of new direction.

    • SRQTad

      That’s really unfortunate. You might want to take a hard look at his voting record.

      • WinstonSmith

        Supporting amnesty? Interventionism? Drones a’buzzin everywhere (with a warrant, of course – wink,wink)? UNCONSTITUTIONAL global welfare? Endorsing gungrabbing, homosexual marriage, abortion, compulsory socialism, through ENDORSING LEFTIST Mitt Romney?

        • xdreamartist

          You’re trippin.

  • Ron

    Just got back from the event, had a great time, plenty of great speakers, good cold beer and a great crowd.

  • Stoudemire Ang

    Maybe, you should upload at the Youtube. So that It will be much better view.

  • Jesse Farmer

    You can vote up as a guest, but you can’t vote down. What a joke. How insecure are you people?

  • Ramon Johannessen

    Is there any way to get these entire broadcasts after the fact? I’ve found bits and pieces on YouTube, but nothing complete…