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Photographs recently started circulating of a page from a textbook that students in Denton, Texas are suppose to use for advanced placement examination in US History. The controversy around the book is its summation of the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights. It should be noted that all 10 amendments are summarized in the text. However, the summary of the other nine amendments does not change their meaning as it does with the Second Amendment.

The book titled, United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination, summarizes the Second Amendment as so: “The people have the right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.

Upon interpretation of this version of the Second Amendment one would certainly deduce that an individual only has a right to keep and bear arms in if they are in a state militia. The summary also leaves out the most crucial words of the Second AmendmentShall Not Be Infringed.

Hundreds of individuals have taken to the book’s amazon page in fury. Comments read:

WARNING: DON’T BUY THIS BOOK! It contains so called “history” that is inaccurate and untrue. Please ask that Amazon remove it

This book is complete propaganda that is not based in fact. 

The next edition will probably wipe out the Constitution of the US entirely and replace it with Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. I imagine the progressive college professors are giddy with excitement knowing that their agenda is sanctified by the Dept of Ed and spoon fed to young, impressionable minds.

This text book should stay on the shelves and rot. Don’t even consider buying it to educate your children if you’re interested in historical facts.


One wonders how students can be placed in advanced classes when actually learning incorrect material. According to Jason Howerton with The Blaze, parents in the district are furious. Howerton reached out to the Denton Independent School District regarding the text book and received the following statement from Director of Communications and Community Relations Sharon Cox:

“The main history book that is utilized in the Advanced Placement U.S. History class for juniors in Denton ISD  is titled: American Pageant. This is a history book that has had a strong reputation for historical facts for many years. The American Pageant, the official textbook, gives the exact Bill of Rights.”

Cox goes on to ensure that the material is only supplemental and not approved for the classroom.  The book is also used in Washington, Georgia, California and possibly others.

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Michael Lotfi

CEO, Political Director at BrandFire Consulting LLC
Michael Lotfi is a Persian-American political analyst and adviser living in Nashville, Tennessee. Lotfi is the founder and CEO of BrandFire Consulting LLC. The firm specializes in public and private technology centered brand development, lead generation, data aggregation, online fundraising, social media, advertising, content generation, public relations, constituency management systems, print and more. Lotfi is the former executive state director for the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, a think-tank focused on restraining federal overreach.Lotfi graduated with top honors from Belmont University, a private Christian university located in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  • Kevin Merck

    I don’t mean to preach to the choir but the militia is all free men. In today’s world that includes all people, white, black, yellow or brown, male or female, Christian or Muslim, it makes no difference.

    Feminists, (financed by the elite) who are allowed to educate our children, have been rewriting history for decades now and it’s nice to see that people are waking up to it.

    Without the Constitution and the recognition that we have inalienable, natural, (God given) rights, we have nothing.

    • defyentropy

      Kevin, I always enjoy your posts, but I keep seeing “feminists allied with elitists” references in various posts. I’m not sure I get the reference. Is this a specific group…organization…do they they have a self-proclaimed label?

      If it is a reference to women like senator Fienstein – I would label these women as anti-humanist, not feminist. Perhaps I don’t understand the current definition of “feminist”, or its’ current influence in public education.

      Admittedly I’m of the “hippie” generation and always considered myself in thought & action to be feminist and libertarian, the rights of the individual to be paramount. Truth in action toward life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

      • Kevin Merck

        The feminist movement has never been about equal rights for women. That’s what we were all led to believe back in the sixties and seventies. They don’t want equal rights, they want total control over every aspect of our lives. Abortion was never an “equal rights” issue, that very notion is absurd. The power to murder unborn children gives them the power of God, it has absolutely nothing to do with equal rights, privacy, or any other sane reason.
        Feminism is a hate group much like the KKK, white supremacists and the like, and they have been in control of the classroom for decades. they are only concerned with the rights of women at everyone else’s expense. I can’t believe a “hippie” doesn’t know what I’m talking about when the word feminist is used. They are the people responsible for ‘political correctness’ and ‘the new normal’ which is another way of saying ‘new speak’ and ‘group think’. Orwell got it wrong about big brother, it was big sis he didn’t foresee.
        Of course, feminist nutcases who read this will say I hate women, but that’s not the case at all. I want women to have equal rights and good women want men to have the same rights they do, which is NOT the case with feminists.
        Maybe the word is outdated. Most female supremacists don’t want to be called feminists anymore because the word has an increasingly negative connotation, thanks to the work of men tired of their oppression.
        Take Care

        • defyentropy

          Thanks, Kevin, I think I will stop thinking of myself as a “feminist” as the current description certainly doesn’t fit me! Neither in any of your posts have I noticed a “woman hater” attitude and you’re right that oppression is not gender specific. Damaging behavior seems today to be equally perpetrated by both genders in positions of power.

          I would certainly like to see more level-headed women in politics instead of these seemingly hate filled anti-humanist harpies we get. There are a few but not enough.

          Ancient cultures seemed to know instinctively that a good balance of leadership included both the feminine & masculine perspectives, but it appears that both gender perspectives have been radically altered to the detriment of all humanity.

          • Debra

            What ancient cultures are you talking about if you don’t mind me asking?

          • defyentropy

            Hi Debra, It would take a dissertation to adequately answer your question, and this is not really the appropriate forum, but I will give it a brief try.

            Archaeologists & anthropologists inform that in prehistoric times when humans were basically tribal the leadership was female & male and the female held the elevated position as it was her responsibility for the health (knowing which plants were safe to eat or medicinal, etc.) & emotional well-being (counseling people on behaviors that were beneficial to the tribe). males were responsible for hunting & protecting the tribe from predators and the elements.

            Tribes engaged in raids on each other which rarely resulted in deaths. They would steal each others women, children & livestock as if they innately knew they needed to refresh/expand their gene pool. The captives were generally not treated as slaves but enfolded into the tribe.

            When population centers grew to become nations, actual warfare evolved to increase lands & resources; and the enslavement of peoples began in earnest (cheap labor).

            It was during this time that “marriage” was instituted, thus reducing women to property. Rulers discovered it was easier to get men to march off to war that may involve years of time if they were promised property of women, land & livestock upon their return.

            Unfortunately it has been mostly downhill for women ever since. This is a very brief overview of a complex subject, but as you obviously have access to the Net, research is at your fingertips.

          • Debra

            I was just wanting to know which specific tribes you were talking about so I could research them. I have done some research into matriarchal tribes of Ireland but not much into anything before (?) that.

          • Debra

            Sorry, cultures, not tribes, though if you have specific tribe names that would work as well. :)

    • LocalHero

      Nonsense. The Constitution does not grant rights. It states them and that is all. Do you know what the word ‘unalienable’ means? The rights exist with or without the Constitution.

      • Kevin Merck

        Never said they didn’t exist without the Constitution.
        You are reading what you want into the comment.
        I said without the Constitution ***AND***
        Don’t be a jerk.

  • H

    Please edit your articles more carefully. Furry is different than fury.

    • Daniel

      That’s probably the funniest editing mistake.

  • Troy

    Even with their change, the way I understand it, here in Indiana the state’s constitution reads that militia is pretty much any and all able body individuals over the age of 17. (The exact wording is below.) So unless I am mistaken, every person 18 or older in the state of Indiana can be considered part of the state militia.

    Section 1. A militia shall be provided and shall consist of all persons over the age of seventeen (17) years, except those persons who may be exempted by the laws of the United States or of this state. The militia may be divided into active and inactive classes and consist of such military organizations as may be provided by law.

  • Kimber_TLE

    Hey, I’m from Ohio! Our constitution says the state could call me up for service in our militia for another 8 years. Can I keep my weapons?

    All citizens, residents of this state, being seventeen years of age, and under the age of sixty-seven years, shall be subject to enrollment in the militia and the performance of military duty, in such manner, not incompatible with the Constitution and laws of the United States, as may be prescribed by law.


    Under the United States Code Title 10, Chapter 13, I out-aged my standing in the Militia of the United States about 18 years ago. Would I be able to keep my weapons because I’m in the US Militia, if my state didn’t make me a part of their militia?


    I’m in, or I’m out. I move and I’m either in or out. So confusing!

    How about this: I’ll keep my Kimber, you try and take it away… Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  • Gary W. Searing

    He gave the publishers the right to change history?

  • smgriffiths

    I have seen this shared around and I make two points when I see it: 1.) the Second Amendment is not the only amendment rewritten, but for some it is the only one that matters. 2.) Why can’t AP students (I was an AP student) learn the original language of the amendments? It gives historical insights into the mindset of the Founders. It doesn’t make sense to me that a history book would try to give a more modern translation for the Bill of Rights.

  • https://twitter.com/JordanDJohnson Jordan

    I’ve personally heard this argument before in the classroom setting. I’m a grad student and I had a pretty liberal professor last year. When the Newtown shootings took place we dedicated a class to discuss guns and violence in America. In the “lecture,” he gave the exact same argument saying the Supreme Court got it wrong when they affirmed the individual right to bear arms. He advocated the collective militia approach. His basis was on the phrase “the people.” He said that phrase isn’t used anywhere else in the constitution to denote an individual right therefore the founding fathers intended it to be applied to state/local militias.

    It was a convincing argument for a few minutes until I took a step back and looked at history and the time in which it was written. There is no way the founding fathers would’ve advocated creating some sort of People’s Armory where men would have to scramble to the other side of town to grab their guns in case of an emergency. And if they did, I highly doubt it was meant to substitute the individual right to keep arms in the home or on one’s person. These men feared attacks from colonial powers, predators, Native American raiders, bandits, and even slave rebellions. In all the sense the constitution makes, why would they advocate such a reckless and asinine law that could endanger everything they strove to create? Try again.

    • Keg

      “He said that phrase isn’t used anywhere else in the constitution to denote an individual right therefore the founding fathers intended it to be applied to state/local militias.at phrase isn’t used anywhere else in the constitution to denote an individual right therefore the founding fathers intended it to be applied to state/local militias.”

      Preamble To US CONSTITUTION:

      “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence (sic), promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

      Did that professor ever read the preamble? Who is “we the people” then? A group of individuals is called people, that professor was just an NWO/gun grabbing/ “progressive”.

      • https://twitter.com/JordanDJohnson Jordan

        Haha good catch! Yes he is…we agree on a few things (like the overuse of drones and such) but for the most part he’s the tree hugging, peace circle type of guy. I wiped the floor with him later in the lecture when he proceeded to call AR-15’s assault rifles. He didn’t know the definition of an assault rifle. To show how little he knows about guns in general, he once said the M-16 is just a knock off AK-47. It was such a ludicrous statement, I just nodded my head and let him think himself wise.

        • Keg

          That is about how much most gun control advocates know about guns.

          • Patriot from the nanny state

            Dan Bongino ex secret service for obama look him up on youtube(it’s not gun contol it’s controlling people) AWESOME VIDEO!

  • Ctrl-alt-del

    I’m sure this will eventually be worked into the new Common Core curriculum (if it hasn’t already). While I’m not a teacher, I am a staff member at a Kalifornia skewl and see all forms of historical distortions and inaccuracies being taught in the classroom. Makes me vomit.

  • Bob

    This is why we must reject Common Core.

    It’s dangerous to have a singular view of education. If that singular view is incorrect then there will be nobody left who knows what is correct.

    50 independent State run Departments of Education are far superior than a single Federal Department of Education.

    This books interpretation is evidence of this.

  • Sabrina

    WONDERFUL BEN, thank you! You are a “Superman”!!!!

  • Tom B

    Get your kids out of these schools ASAP!

    • LocalHero

      Absolutely right. Hit them where it hurts. Pull your kids and they lose the federal money. That’s all they understand.

  • Patriot from the nanny state

    any one who has the means to home school kids please do so!

  • Gail Finke

    “Congress may not favor one religion over another” is not the meaning of the First Amendment, either. If they are preparing for the AP test, they should be reading the real amendments, anyway!

  • Nedd Ludd

    Go wide and deep my friends. The author of this book should be sued for sedition. It is the most vile and offensive assault on American history that I have ever read (excluding the Obama lies that try to support the myth that he’s actually an American). Go to Amazon and leave your comments. Go to Google plus and leave your comments. http://books.google.ca/books?id=i2OoAAAACAAJ&sitesec=reviews&hl=en Do not let this offensive piece of garbage stand. If the young and impressionable minds read it enough times, they’ll soon swallow the story line. It’s your responsibility to fix this now!

  • nomark

    Not only that,but it leaves out the right to counsel. (6th Amendment)

  • http://twitter.com/jsbrodhead Jeff Brodhead

    They think (know) the average student in America is SOOOO stupid, they could not publish the ACTUAL words of the Bill of Rights?

    Such crap has treasonous intent – obviously and purposely implemented in it!

  • denru

    This is what happens when you let people interpret things to fit an agenda as opposed to fit the TRUTH!! I have seen this already on a local forum I attend and it gets no less disdain.

  • Jamie

    Did Obama write this book? or one of his minions? ugh.. But on another note Number 9 should also be looked closer at, in regards to recent events.

  • Stephen D Clark

    They are obviously paraphrasing the amendments and giving a quick restatement of their meaning… But there’s still one problem. The “brief” they used is legally incorrect. Heller v. DC SPECIFICALLY rejected that interpretation of the 2nd. My hope is that the textbooks were printed prior to 2008 when Heller was decided, and the district just didn’t want to spend the money to buy new one’s yet… And a TEACHER can stand up there and say, “This has since been rejected by the Supreme Court… Ignore everything after the word ‘Arms’.”

  • John NightmareThunder

    There is a lot of misuse going on I have to say and even tho its not apart of the 10…the 16th is very troublesome I’ve always hated it as I was growing up because I was taught to be a fool by our own system…but I have awakened and I see the truth behind it, the 16th reads, “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration,” Yes from using everything we know as from our schools it sounds like it…but its not…

    the Sixteenth Amendment cannot be interpreted as applying to wages; that wages are not income because labor is exchanged for them

    Wages- “The compensation agreed upon by a master to be paid to a servant, or any other person hired to do work or business for him.”

    Don’t get the two confused…

  • Travis

    I can’t say I agree with their interpretation of the 3rd or 4th amendment either… this book looks like some kind of primer for the slippery slope away from personal freedom and into government domination of the citizenry

  • Rick

    My understanding of the meaning/interpretation of the 2nd amendment is we have the right to bare arms always and forever without compromise. This was put in that way so the citizens have the ability to rise up against potential tyrannical government. It affords us, the citizen, a fighting chance if at some point the government tries to take our rights away… Seems that is what they are trying, Obama in particular… Around the world governments have essentially banned guns except for military use, and the result over time is oppressed citizens and Tyrannical Government and Military. Socialist/Communist BULLSHIT, and OBAMA will not SUCCEED in his plot to kill off the middle class while slowly stripping our right to liberty and Freedom

  • James

    I like how the author is a “Persian, American”. What has happened that simply being American is not good enough. I’m proud of my heritage too, but I don’t feel the need to post my bio with my ethnicity or ancestral statehood.

    • Tony Salcido

      The author of this op-ed is Persian-American, not the author of the book. Maybe he holds dual citizenship. I don’t like when people confuse nationality, with ethnicity either, which is the point I think you are getting at.

  • Beverly Buckman

    Good time for a book burning…..along with common core crap.

  • juicylu

    This brainwashing they are instilling in information to our children across America seems to be related to the “1963 Communist Goals” in the Congressional records. If you have not read this evidence at the Library of Congress please go read it, most of the Communist goals outlined in 1963 have come to fruition on some form or another.

  • juicylu

    If you read the Federalist papers, and the debates wich led up to the inception of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights explain that “a well regulated Militia” is in fact not a State or Govt. organized militia, but indicates all citizens make up the Militia, which makes “shall not be infringed” apply to all Citizens and People of the United States, without anything to do with State or govt. organized militia.

  • Robert Roe

    In Thirteen Words, Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., examines the phrase in the Constitution of the United States which is the most overlooked and misunderstood today-even though its foundations in pre-constitutional American history and law are arguably more extensive than those of any other phrase, and by its own terms it is the most important constitutional phrase for all Americans to understand and apply. The analysis this book lays out is of singular importance, not only as an intellectual exercise through which Americans can comprehend the true meaning and power of the Second Amendment and its interrelationship with the original Constitution as well as the Declaration of Independence, but also as a legal and political tool with which they can preserve their country as an independent, free, and prosperous republic in the face of the dangers and challenges now threatening and confronting their country. Thirteen Words presents a message-and especially a warning-to which the Founding Fathers, without dissenting voice, would have subscribed had they been sufficiently pessimistic to foresee the political degeneracy which today is on the verge of overwhelming the nation they poured out their blood and treasure to create. Edwin Vieira, Jr, is the author of Constitutional “Homeland Security”, Volume One, The Nation in Arms; Constitutional “Homeland Security”, Volume Two, The Sword and Sovereignty; Pieces of Eight: The Monetary Powers and Disabilities of the United States Constitution; and How To Dethrone the Imperial Judiciary. He is also the lecturer in the extensive DVD presentation The Purse and the Sword: Imminent Dangers of U.S. Economic and Homeland Security Policies.


  • cazbit

    burn it.

  • Dawn

    Anyone else check the rest of the interpretations? The 2nd is not the only amendment to be castrated.

    We should not be teaching kids little summaries of the constitutional amendments! The mere fact that they write a little blurb rather than the actual amendment is proof enough for me that they are intentionally misinforming and ‘dumbing down’ our kids!
    The constitution should be taught word for word!

  • Milliardo007

    Attempting to say that the 2nd amendment applies to usage during government services is one of the most boldfaced lies I’ve ever seen. That is a twisted, evil, corruption of what is written and what was intended by the founders.
    At best, it’s a painful misunderstanding of the words. At worst, it’s willful treason.

  • UncleSamsnephew

    If this is what is being taught to our children it should be stopped now! You have changed the meaning of the amendments to hide what they really mean. This is shameful and UNAmerican!

  • UncleSamsnephew

    Communist propaganda! Pure and simple!