In a referendum vote that shouldn’t come as a surprise, the numbers coming out of the Crimea referendum vote appear to be overwhelmingly in favor of leaving Ukraine.

Granted, the initial reports are coming from Russian state TV.  With over half the votes counted, 95.5 percent had chosen the option of annexation by Moscow, the head of the referendum commission, Mikhail Malyshev, said two hours after polls closed.

According to Malyshev, he turnout was very high, around 83 percent. On some levels, that number may seem almost too high considering that many who opposed the move had said they would boycott the vote.  On the other hand, as we have reported, Crimea is largely Russian speaking and made up of a population which is vastly of Russian heritage.

The United States, the E.U. and NATO had preemptively denounced the referendum as being illegitimate and a violation of international law.  Those claims are not slowing Russia which has deployed about 60,000 troops along the Ukrainian border, the government in Kiev said.

Reports from the region indicate that the new Ukraine government has closed border crossings to Russia and will mobilize as many as 15,000 volunteers in the next 15 days to defend the nation.

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Ben Swann is an investigative journalist working tirelessly to dissolve the left/right paradigm prevalent in most mainstream media narratives. As a news reporter and anchor in the earlier days of his career, he has gained a wealth of experience while earning two Emmy Awards and two Edward R. Murrow awards. In addition to heading the Truth In Media Project, Ben is the prime anchor at WGCL-TV in Atlanta, GA. He can be seen anchoring live at 4 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 6 p.m., and 11 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. A stream is available at

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  • Dave H

    Why no mention of the independent international observers who have been monitoring the voting stations and have made statements saying that they have seen no signs of foul play?
    You would think that would be an important point to note in this ongoing story/debate.

    • Billy mebolix

      Everything has already been decided my the masters of the Universe.

  • garyspuppy

    Not a surprising outcome. First they are surrounded by Russian soldiers for days leading up to the vote, and second, I am sure many chose between an unknown future with the EU version of Ukraine versus a shadow of stability by joining the Russian Federation.

    • Jeff

      Not to mention Russia has the magic ability to run elections where districts have an over 100% turnout. Our highest is like 58%, pretty week to the superior democracy of Mother Russia.

      • Chaz

        No in Ohio, The turn out was 109%. I see you haven’t learned a thing by listening to Ben Swann? Even our elections are rigged.

        • Jeff

          Ohh I have no doubt we do some shady things, pretty sure Gore was our elected president and not Bush. I never heard of the 109% in Ohio and can’t seem to Google or DuckDuckGo my way to it.

          Can you offer a source? I would prefer if it wasn’t a blog or some 2-bit operation. Foreign media is fine, RT, Al Jazeera, just something with a little credibility, something with more than a PO Box on the contact page.

          • RedStar
          • Jeff

            I ask for something more credible than a PO Box, and you offer me blogs that won’t even pay for a domain name. I’m sorry I can’t take things like this seriously, especially when they don’t cite any sources, offer no evidence, and play to my emotions instead of my logic.

            I’m not asking for mainstream, just something, even Russian propaganda would be more credible, at least they cite sources most of the time.

          • Dank
          • Jeff

            Yeah, that’s pretty bad, voting machines should be made by the government, open source code, open source schematics, and a paper receipt for verification. Anything less is a slippery slope, I agree.

            However, Ben Swann makes no mention of the 109%, so I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to say here. Just because I can rob someone doesn’t mean I have robbed someone.

  • steuart

    why no mention of what was on the ballot? BBC mentions that there were only two questions without an option to leave Ukraine in it’s current status….Any info on that from your end?

  • Pericles

    Democracy in action. You’d think that would make everyone happy. I feel very confident, that their vote was a lot more legitimate than elections are in this banana republic, of disenfranchised fools.
    Forget about Crimea, and focus on the squatter in the White House, if you want a future.

    • Jeff

      “Forget about Crimea” in a thick Russian Accent, lol

  • J. Nev

    The U.S. was founded to be a REPUBLIC not a democracy (majority rule).

    DEMOCRACY IS A BRAINWASHED TERM!!! NOTICE: The Pledge of Allegiance. “I
    pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the >>>republic<<< for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."


    "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them." -Galileo

    This explains the INDOCTRINATION of democracy.

    Reflections And Warnings – An Interview With Aaron Russo {Full Film}

    • Draken

      Yes the pledge of allegiance which was written by a socialist in 1892, holds the secret truth behind our nation’s founding in 1776 and subsequent adoption of the US Constitution in 1787…

      • J. Nev

        There are two constitutions the original and the incorporated one

  • Zionistout

    Take that US and Jew overlords. Now will the Jews push for war with Russia? Will the dumb goys in the US ever wake up and demand an end to these Jew wars and get these Jews out of power? 50 years of Cold War and the US never went to war with Russia. I doubt they will now. But we should have absolutely no involvement in the Ukraine. If Israhell wants to fight Russia so bad let them go and do it.

    • Jeff

      So you suggest we break the promise of the Budapest Memorandum?

      • Zionistout

        Yes. The US had no business signing any alliances of agreements with any nation offering military protection.

  • Chaz

    The UN and US believe this referendum is illegal? What about that new Ukraine prime minister ,that Jew Central Banker, wasn’t even voted into power. Who appointed him?

    • Jeff

      The people. And now that they have a functioning impeachment law, they can impeach him at any moment. It was only after parliament took control of the country that a legitimate impeachment law was implemented and the ruler was deposed. Something that the Russian rulers still don’t recognize. They don’t recognize the legitimacy of the impeachment process, because the person that was going to be impeached didn’t authorize it. A little funny isn’t it.

      • Chaz

        Oh yeah Jeff, I guess you also don’t believe that the US had a hand in the coup just so this situation can happen?

        • Jeff

          Not at first, and far less than the Ukrainian people had wished for. It started as a relatively small student protest, then after they got beat by the cops it grew. US is just capitalizing on a favorable situation, like they do in every crisis, because every crisis offers opportunity to expand one’s powers. Look at what Russia is trying to pull out of this crisis, a freaking peninsula, lol.

          Also US and EU already had their deal, they were pleased, the people weren’t. So an emotional 26 year-old, understandably after loosing friends, got on stage and made a speech about how they should all be ashamed for negotiating with a murderer and they want him out. Makes the heavyweight champion boxer, who represents western interests, standing behind him look like a big ol’ pussy.

    • billy mebolix

      Rothschilds appointed him.

  • Vance

    Just a distraction focuse on the usurper in the White House! Remember our for fathers words. America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own.
    John Quincy Adams
    US diplomat & politician (1767 – 1848)

    • Jeff

      So you suggest we break the promise of the Budapest Memorandum?

      • Gregg Braddoch
        • Jeff

          Well then I’m glad we put in enough fuzzy language in there that we can weasel our way out it with a clean conscious. “It is binding in international law, but that doesn’t mean it has any means of enforcement.” We pulled one over on the Ukrainians, haha, those suckers. The “commitment” means nothing if we’re only “committed” to ourselves. Need to get me a marriage license like that, lol. Guess Ukraine should point out this referendum to Russia, and I’m sure they’ll honor the “commitment”.

          God I feel bad for Ukraine. It’s like they got swindled by a bunch of assholes saying “yeah we’re committed to your territorial integrity, and by committed we mean we won’t do jack shit when one of us breaks this commitment, unless it turns nuclear that is. Then we might do something, but our weaselly lawyer powers of interpretation are pretty high, so I’m sure we’ll find a reason to stay out even then”.

          I guess they better start building nukes. Maybe the US could give or sell them a few, they don’t need a whole 1,000 like they had, a few should keep Russia at bay.

          • Gregg Braddoch

            Actually, you’re forgetting that the US didn’t have the proper authority put into the document: All treaties must be ratified by Congress, and since this was not a treaty, it was not approved by Congress, and it is not something that the United States ever said, but rather what those liars that signed it said.

          • Jeff

            So Ukraine got swindled by our leaders it sounds like, wonderful. As if we weren’t making enemies around the world fast enough. As I doubt they gave up the nukes thinking, this non-binding worthless piece of paper will protect us, thanks US and the rest.

            I also think you’re oversimplifying things with ” It merely says that the US agrees they are a sovereign nation, and will not try to cause trouble for said nation.” Because if such was the case, why waste time on a meaningless memorandum, we don’t need one with the rest of the countries we recognize.

          • Gregg Braddoch

            Easy: the Politicians who “wasted their time” signing the memorandum were playing to the people that support Ukraine being a sovereign nation, such as yourself, it would seem. This is to be expected: All politicians make promises they cannot or do not intend to keep (sometimes both). For the record, the only reason this is being brought up now, is for political leverage to garner support for war in Ukraine, and to push Congress to military action that it never was given the chance to deliberate on. (In other words, more totalitarian power grabs by the president, and more support for the president going to war with whomever he pleases without Congressional approval).

            “So Ukraine got swindled by our leaders it sounds like, wonderful. As if we weren’t making enemies around the world fast enough. ”

            Not all of our leaders, just the ones making promises without congressional approval.

          • Qari

            Clinton violated his constitutional authority. He knew he had to get it ratified. This isn’t the first time an international flop happened because a president assumed the nation would just do what he puts his name on. The League of Nations was a flop for that reason. The simple reason is because congress has the authority to declare wars, not the president, and this would be an easy way to circumvent congress if he had the power to make treaties on his own.

      • Vance

        We are loosing our freedoms and your suggesting we worry about others first? Yes I have an issue with that.

    • Zionistout

      Tell that to Hitler. The US is under Jew control now.

      • Vance

        To compair this to hitlers compaign is absurd. This is not negotiable for Russia nor is this our fight if you want to go to war fly yourself over and do it. This has been part of Russia many times and a war with Russia would end life as you know it. Further more this is simply a fools fight with no winner. This is their revolution we have no dog in the fight. Try staying focused on our problems here we are loosing any chance for the freedom of our children.

        • Zionistout

          No it is not absurd. WW2 was a war we had no business in, just like this one.

        • Zionistout

          Your children lost freedom the day the Germans lost their battle against the Bolshevik Jew globalists. They then took over the world. Your children haven’t been free since 1945.

  • William

    Congratulations to the people of Crimea and Russia. Good to see the American people waking up to the manipulative machinations of the west. Disgusting to see and hear the US media and government propaganda on this isuue. If you don’t think the CIA had anything to do with fomenting the violent coup in Ukraine you need to read the Church Commitee Report to better understand the tactics they use, also the old BBC documentary about Operation Gladio, this is the way our corrupt, lying governments and NATO operate.