As states continue to nullify federal laws against marijuana and hemp, the federal government has been faced with an important question. It’s been more than 75 years, and marijuana and hemp  still remain illegal. Never mind the total lack of reasoning  behind the federal government’s ban. Is it time to end the law?

Less than 24 hours ago, it all came crashing down. According to the Associated Press, the justice department said that states can allow citizens to use the drug, license people to grow it and allow them to purchase it in stores. As long as the drug is kept away from the black market, children and federal property– It’s a go!

According to Mike Maharrey, national communications director for the Tenth Amendment Center:

The genie is out of the bottle and she won’t ever go back in. The feds have lost and they know it. No matter how Holder and the DEA couch their words in an attempt to maintain an illusion of control, state actions continue to effectively nullify these unconstitutional marijuana laws.

When asked if the federal government just essentially legalized marijuana Maharrey responded:

The announcement makes it clear the feds have no will to fight the states on weed. They can call it an “illegal drug” all they want, but if they can’t, or won’t, stop people from using marijuana, their “law” means nothing.

The recent surge in nullification has sent states fighting against the federal government on pot use. It would seem that the federal government just gave up. A major victory for the states- no doubt.

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Michael Lotfi

CEO, Political Director at BrandFire Consulting LLC
Michael Lotfi is a Persian-American political analyst and adviser living in Nashville, Tennessee. Lotfi is the founder and CEO of BrandFire Consulting LLC. The firm specializes in public and private technology centered brand development, lead generation, data aggregation, online fundraising, social media, advertising, content generation, public relations, constituency management systems, print and more. Lotfi is the former executive state director for the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, a think-tank focused on restraining federal overreach.Lotfi graduated with top honors from Belmont University, a private Christian university located in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  • kelley davis

    I knew it when I saw it on the web yesterday. Just like that, it ended in a whimper.

  • ObamaBinLyin

    Now what about the other drugs?

  • Erik Bays

    It hasn’t been legalized until they change the law. Simply stating it won’t be their policy to prosecute doesn’t make it legalized. And haven’t we heard this before?

    • Slipmatwax

      They continually raid legal dispensaries based on the Federal prohibition even when the States have decriminalized it. How is that Constitutional?

    • Tommy

      The States don’t get their power from the federal Government, the federal Governments gets it’s power from the States. Ultimately it’s the States who have the power to decide. As more and more States become marijuana and hemp friendly the feds really have no choice but to comply.

      • Erik Bays

        I agree with your post. I agree that the U.S. government doesn’t have authority to regulate commerce within a state. When I say, “It hasn’t been legalized until they change the law” I was referring to the title of this article, which refers to U.S. code. Maybe the U.S. government will stop pot raids in certain states, but they might always restart them based on the laws they have on the books which they feel are perfectly legal.

        • Stephanie Snyder Staker

          Well, he did state a fact in the headline but rather asked a question. You are right though. The U.S. Code must be changed for me to feel safe using/smoking marijuana. I never have cuz I am chicken. :)

  • janneMelin

    Con Grats USA!! Wish i lived there

  • William J Wilson

    This was one of the sentiments of “the great obama” (gag) first election campaign.

  • Justme

    Bwahahahahaha! Just gave up… a 75 year fight… just gave up… Bwahahahahahaaaa! Wait, what’s their plannnn?

    • jason12321

      Their plan is to get everyone’s guard down so they can build a new list of names, intercept shipments, cripple business owners and keep filling the prisons with peaceful people.

  • Mark Caldwell

    Weed has been popularized by the US television industry for years, desensitizing the last three generations gradually. The movement towards socialism and authoritarian despotism is bad PR, so, by allowing weed to be used freely it begs the question: “How bad can a nation with SWAT teams dressed like soldiers and constant NSA surveillance be if you can freely smoke herb all day and night?”

    Maybe the 4th Reich won’t be so bad if we’re all stoned 24/7. “Go ahead, shoot my dog, search my penthouse, burn my books, taze my girlfriend, just don’t knock my bong over dudes….”

    • Nelson

      This statement isn’t backed up by any real world experience then. The ones I know are very much politically involved. If they weren’t, how did they get these state laws passed? I guess they failed.

    • jason12321

      Question: If marijuana was legal up until prohibition of it started in the 1920s, how have three generations been “desensitized” by seeing it on TV, since TV was not widespread until the ’40s to ’50s? The first generation you claim was desensitized by exposure on TV was, in fact, able to use it legally.

    • intrepid demise

      “Begs the question” has a real meaning, and that meaning is not “raising the question”. “Begs the question” is an informal type of logical fallacy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Begging_the_question).

    • LC

      No one I know that smokes weed “stands by” and “lets” anything happen. They’re all very much politically informed and involved. It’s the people I know that are still like, “Drugs are bad, mmmkay. The Kardashians are goooood.” who are idiotic, know nothing, and do nothing. Weed enlightens you to the world around you.

    • Open minded

      LOL, after it was first criminalized by the very same pundits. Truth eventually finds a way out to those seeking for it.

    • Joel Amaro

      Quite possibly the dumbest thing I have read n months.

  • josh

    so…. is weed legal now?

    If your state allows it?

    • Mark Caldwell

      It’s whatever the cops and your local courts decide to do. That’s the precedent we’re seeing more and more “Yeah the new law is controversial, so we’re going to delay half of it for a while…” Or, “we have laws against this but we’re going to let you slide since you were on tv and the public seems to like you..” Or, “yeah, it’s still illegal but if your local police say it’s okay, then what does it matter anymore really?…”

      • Kimberly

        Honestly, states should be making most of their own decisions anyway. Not the federal government!

  • Kyle

    Did they not know this was coming? It is truly a victory? What are they really trying to get past us while they give us the illusion we are winning here? I could be wrong, I’m just theorizing.

    • Not Bob

      They did this with Cali a few years ago, same statements then they came in and busted growers and sellers using federal law. It is a lie and they will reverse their position next year.

      • Sho Rembo

        Say one thing, do something different…

  • Jeff Long

    Its a distraction from Syria and ww3, we need a non-violent revolution, nothing will ever really change until the Federal Reserve is gone

    • Zach


    • Joel Amaro

      the vast majority of Americans dont know anything about this and wont be seen as any more than a blip on any media site of significance.

  • Chris Moschini

    Man, whoever wrote this article just cannot see past their own bias. The Obama Administration has made numerous public statements towards relaxing the federal government’s stance on marijuana for a long time, and this is just a further step in that direction by the Administration. They didn’t fight and lose – if you’re on the side of decriminalization, you’re on the same side as the Administration.

    It just doesn’t change overnight, because there are a lot of people out there who lose their minds when things change quickly, which bodes poorly in elections. Even this small amount of decriminalization is a risky political move. But Obama himself doesn’t have to worry about getting re-elected, so the only risk on the table is a political backlash that gets these policies reversed by the next president. Small steps reduce that risk. It sounds like in your favor. See past your bias.

    • Not Bob

      Its a lie like everything else in DC lately, they said they wouldn’t prosecute in Cali then waiting 1 year and went in guns blazing. This administration is not to be trusted, they will go back on their word every single time.

    • jason12321

      What bias do you claim in this article? It seems very fairly written, as I would expect from anything attached to Ben Swann’s good name.

      This regime has said one thing and done another thousands of times. It will be selectively enforced, and businesses that do well selling it legally will, without a doubt, be targeted by Obams’a DEA again. Remember all those legal dispensaries they raided in California just a few years ago? People stopped getting prescriptions because they felt as if they would be targeted like the dispensaries were. This is just to get everyone’s guard down, then the DEA will come in again and steal more of their property.

      • L0lwut

        Its biased because he didn’t say enough nice things about Obama.

      • Chris Moschini

        The bias is that it’s clear that the author:

        1. Is on the side of marijuana decriminalization

        2. Thinks everything Obama or the government does is either acting against what they want, or if it’s for what they want, it’s some kind of weakness/failure.

        The author and Obama are on the same side of this issue, but the author is too biased to see it. It just takes a long time to change direction, in part because public policy is slow to change, and in part because Obama is slow to act.

    • Joel Amaro

      The Obama administration has been tougher on marijuana dispenseries than any previous administration by a wide margin.

    • Sho Rembo

      Still thinking Obama’s going to pay your rent, eh….

  • Not Bob

    Its a bait and switch scheme just like they are playing in California, they are saying go ahead with your plans and we wont enforce, 12 months from now they will reverse their position and attack

    • Baiambo

      Also known as “hundred flowers” campaign, like they do in many White countries.

  • the dude

    As long as it stays away from children. Yea fat chance.

    • Val

      Not gunna make any difference. the ppl who smoke will smoke and the people who don’t still wont.

      • Cheech

        Totally not true. I don’t smoke because I respect the law. As soon as it’s legal, I’m gettin baked.

        • lastresort09

          So you go by the laws to tell you what is right from wrong? That doesn’t seem smart.

          • Anonamouse

            It has nothing to do with right or wrong. Some things are just not worth the consequences. When the consequences are removed, the problem disappears.

          • Mary Jane

            people that never smoked before but have been wanting to but couldn’t because of fear of persecution may begin to. and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If everyone tokes up life will be good. Less potential for stronger drugs or Gateway drugs because marijuana is a safe alternative and will be the drug of choice. Less drunk drivers because again marijuana will be the drug of choice driving high is safer than drunk your less aggressive and have a more passive attitude towards driving. Also most smokers don’t go places while high… they usually do it at home. I.e “Lazy Stoners” but if you still don’t agree just don’t smoke don’t kill it for the rest of us…

          • Mary Jane

            consequences differ with the amount and if you have a small amount there’s nearly no consequence

          • Love Everyone

            exactly. not worth losing your kids over. But soon as it’s legal, it will be in our medicine cabinet along with our other herbs for medicinal use.

    • Barbara Brown

      The way the current situation is makes it easier for kids to get marijuana than alcohol or tobacco. If it is legal and regulated it will make it more DIFFICULT for kids to acquire; just like alcohol or tobacco.

    • Joel Amaro

      Hey, junior. The countries that have already decriminalized marijuana have a lower percentage of school age kids using than here in the US where it is illegal. Run along now, kid.

    • Sho Rembo

      Like it is now. Good grief. What is wrong with people….the ignorance is astounding.

  • anthony

    Rand paul legalized hemp in kentucky and was asking for a waiver from the feds to restart the industry , paul also wrote the bill s.619 which eric holder highjacked in his mandatory minimum speech a few weeks ago . Like him or not rand has power and forces change the president otherwise would only just talk about doing

  • Val

    Charlie Lynch.

  • Cheech

    Fire it up!

  • rob

    Until they actually repeal the laws against it. It is still illegal. Eventually another administration will use it to prosecute someone.

  • Bobby O’Dell

    America has lost…marijuana is witchcraft, sorcery and an instrument of darkness.

    • yo momma

      stfu dumbass

    • luchia

      Sorry Bobby, immature statement. Weed is not witchcraft, it’s a weed, and it’s certainly not witchcraft. Answer me this, how can I put a spell on someone with weed? It should be called medicine…it helps lots of people with several aliments. Getting a peaceful, loving high is not witchcraft. Have you ever tried some…well you should, you’ll love the peacefulness you get.

    • Bob Bailey

      what a moron

    • Educated Herbalist

      LOL. This is the most ignorant and dogmatic statement I’ve heard yet about a plant

      • Sexynred

        LOL IKR

    • jason1776

      Created by your “god” … worship that … pick and choose what your “good book” even means …

    • Sexynred

      o.O what planet are u from …R u serious…… daqfuk did i just really read this….

    • Scott Petersen

      Genesis 1:29

      29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the
      fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

      • Houston Retrievers

        Not sure of the context you are trying to place this in but the verse is about eating seeds as meat, which makes sense because a single seed has more protein in it then a hamburger does.

        • Scott Petersen

          Not even close to true. But a 1/4 lb of hemp seed is definitely better for you than a 1/4 lb beef patty.

          The term meat here is a reference for something consumable, in the most general sense. Food, medicine, cloth fiber…

          • Houston Retrievers

            Says who…. I do not think that they, the writers of the bible would waste their time using generalities. Meat was forbidden before the flood, and it makes sense. Why would the creator be interested in suggesting you eat meat when it takes so long to digest, thus leaving it to rot in your guts and being a root cause to medicinal problems. You will say says who… Do you think that the industry that makes a fortune and sustains 100’s of thousands of employees would actually come out and say meat is bad for you…… Saying not even close does equate to substance because it does not include an articulate argument, just your wrong cause I said so does not mean squat.

          • Sho Rembo

            Yea. Meat. Been eaten for millions of years. That’s why we aren’t here now.

          • Houston Retrievers

            Yeah cause you cant breed faster than you die.. Arguing just for the sake of hearing yourself does not provide and value add.

          • Scott Petersen

            Meat was forbidden before the flood? What are you talking about? I’ve NEVER heard that before.

            And frankly, I don’t care, I’m an atheist.

          • Houston Retrievers

            Thats okay we dont believe in you either.

    • Leighsa

      1 Timothy 4:4 For everything God created is good

    • 2BME

      If marijuana is a God given green herb ( known for many years to have medicinal properties) has no side effects ( except maybe the munchies) no one has EVER died from using it. the please help me understand how it is witchcraft,sorcery, or even an instrument of darkness.

    • Eric Kent

      OH BOY you are a real nut job Marijuana is a plant that has psychoactive pproperties it has been around for THOUANDS of years go educate yourself. Please.

  • Joshua Jacob Grillot

    Its becoming clear now that marijuana is not the bad drug it was portrayed in the propaganda movie Refer madness. The tobacco and alcohol industries do not want marijuana to become legal because it will hurt their profits. To My knowledge marijuana is far more safer than alcohol or tobacco. Cant OD on weed and with all the new medical studies, it is showing that marijuana has medical uses and well as other uses that can be used from hemp. Sooner or later Marijuana will be legalized.

    • Joshua Jacob Grillot

      this is a good video to watch about Cannabis


    • Barbara Brown

      It’s not exactly accurate about alcohol and tobacco companies, they just want in on the action. The tobacco industry already has prepped packaging and trademarked strain names in hopes that one day they can get in on the profits.

      • Joshua Jacob Grillot

        Not many marijuana users will be buying Marlboro Royales, especially when You can just grow your own or get it from dispensaries where the product is more potent. Its not only the alcohol and tobacco industries that do not want Marijuana to become legalized.

        • Joshua Jacob Grillot

          I smoke marijuana so I know the effects it has. It relieves stress for one and You can smoke all you want and there are no bad side effects like withdrawal. And this cliche of “its a gateway drug” is totally BS. If anything alcohol is more of a gateway drug.

          • Houston Retrievers

            That’s not exactly true. There are side effects and withdrawals. It should be regulated and controlled like anything else that is addictive that can destroy lives if let unchecked.

          • Twitch

            What side effects? Getting the munchies? oh no cheesecake, you better watch out… And there really isn’t any withdrawing from pot, and it’s NOT addictive, not physically anyway.

          • Houston Retrievers

            Hey just cause you know I eat cheesecake does not mean I smoke pot. However, I am aware that if you stop smoking it after your body has adjusted to it, you go through withdrawals. Anyone who suggest otherwise is not being honest because it might negate their argument.

          • Scott Petersen

            Common effects from heavy Cannabis use withdrawal are insomnia and lack of appetite.

          • Kev K

            Just about anything can destroy one’s life if they use it in an unbalanced way- junk food, tv, internet, alcohol, etc…

          • Houston Retrievers

            I agree. Im not against it being legalized, I favor it actually. I just want all the nonsense about it to stop. People need to be honest about it in order to have an honest debate and be able to establish a rule of law over its use so retards dont take it away from everyone else.

        • Kev K

          Maybe so but I bet the tobacco companies will offer a cheaper alternative. Like choosing between eating at Macdonald’s or going shopping at whole foods.

        • seriously?

          yeah, because EVERYONE grows their own tobacco right?

        • Gramma

          The drug companies don’t want it legalized. They would lose money on their sedatives, pain pills, etc.

      • thepuppypack

        Can you imagine how that would be bad on many levels. Need organic farmers who sell to stores or sellers in small business, farmers market. Id rather have a local farmer grow for me than a corporation. Quality, strains can differ from different farmers like it is now for veggies Having the tobacco industry would mess it up like they grow strains of tobacco that produced more nicotine,

    • Sexynred

      :( i can imagine all states BUT Washington DC and NORTH DAKOTA the two that have their heads up their asses………

  • wewonyoulosthaha

    Either way I’m smoking it..?

    • Sexynred

      LOL IKR

    • Gramma

      Just don’t smoke it at my house. I can’t stand the smell. I don’t know how anyone can smoke it. I’d eat it but I wouldn’t smoke it.

  • NFL Madness

    Woohoo, fire it up boyz

  • Amy Salsbury Fields

    LOL! I think I must be the only one more excited that we’ll be able to grow hemp! I’m a spinner, and prefer to produce my own fiber. This will give me the ability to grow my own. I guess since William Randolph Hurst has passed there aren’t any wealthy paper barons around anymore to protest.

    • LC

      Who or where says that you can do that legally?

      • HaRLeY

        I belive hemp cultivation is at least Legal in Kansas & they are pushing for it in Tenn & a couple of more states because currently we IMPORT 1/2 of canada’s hemp for production of hemp products in the states, these products include, food, health & beauty products & non food or beauty products

        • HaRLeY

          Matter of fact 2 articles are listed in the other stories section directly under this article before the comments section… pays to read

          • Gramma

            I currently have 2 hemp items in my house. Hemp powder which is a nutty flavor you can put into smoothies. I put it in granola once and once in my oatmeal. I didn’t care for it in the oatmeal but it was edible. I think I put it in an omelet once too. Then I have 2 body lotions with hemp in it. Nice lotion. I don’t know why it’s illegal. It is not a drug. No different than flax seeds

      • James Hale

        Who cares…it’s only illegal if you get caught.

    • Arod

      Amy Salsbury Fields would you mind sending me some info on producing hemp fiber?

  • LC

    Uhh, what? Is it just me, or is this an idiotic article? Eric Holder specifically addressed my home state and Colorado, he wasn’t talking about the rest of the states. And he still said they reserve the right to file preemption lawsuits, which effectively changes absolutely nothing. To me, it seems they put this out there just because they don’t have time to deal with pot right now anyway, and they may come back and deal with it when they’re no longer dealing with Syria.

    • Bob Loblaw

      Yeah and even if they adopted this policy nationwide, it’s NOT “legalizing” it. They want you to have a license to grow or sell, which alone creates an opening for a possible black market and other oppressive regulations such as limiting specific strains, quantities etc.

      If they legalized it, you would need no license. You could buy it at a store, or grow it at home, like tomatoes or salad, or asparagus.

      You don’t need a license to grow tomatoes, and you should be able to grow and sell them to your neighbor without a license and without it being called a “black market” tomato. Nobody gets hassled for growing ten pounds of potatoes in their back yard and and they don’t need a license. Nobody should need a permit to grow anything. That’s ridiculous as every other hair-brained excuse to keep paying the DEAlers to smuggle it in and lock people up for it.

  • Kevin Merck

    No more mandatory seatbelt use, no more mandatory auto insurance, no more Obama care, no more infringement on the Bill of Rights, no more Patriot Act, no more NDAA, no more requiring a driver’s license to drive a car, no more drug screening to get a job, no more TSA with their *sick freak hands down our pants*, no more check points on the highway, no more CPS murdering and raping our children for profit, no more career politicians, no more passing laws that are unconstitutional on their face and very lengthy prison sentences for those who violate that tenet, no more, no more, no more, NO MORE.

    I’m sick and tired of these fu-king freaks treating us like criminals when we all know who the real fu-king criminals are.

    Backing off of marijuana is a step in the right direction, but it’s only a tiny baby step in what needs to happen.

    • ur mum

      wear your seatbelt dumbass

      • Kevin Merck

        Did you say that with aborted baby running down your legs?
        Sane people know that mandatory seatbelt use is unconstitutional, and so is murdering an unborn child.
        The same people who brought you one, brought you the other.
        If you want a tyrannical, nanny state, where it’s legal to “choose” to murder children, but illegal to choose not to wear a seatbelt, go live somewhere else.
        Sane people will be glad to see you go.

        • matt

          I agree with a lot of what you say but how is abortion unconstitutional??? wouldn’t not having the choice to do so be?? your reply seemed a little radical and seems like you might be a little biased about that subject. I think its better to have it aborted then have a 14 year old girl try and raise a child in todays society, and within the first month its safer to have it aborted than having the baby in the first place. Also I think its the woman’s body so it should be her decision.

          • matt

            saying “murdering a child” is a little radical also

          • Kevin Merck

            Look t the link I posted in the comment above and tell me that’s not murder.
            Come on Matt, shake off the feminist brainwashing.

          • KUSHeDTRADAMUS

            so its my body i don’t wanna wear a seat belt

          • Riggers

            I agree that it is a woman’s body and if she doesn’t want to have a child it should be her decision. The only time I draw the line is if she wants to KILL that child if it is born alive. If you wait til the 3rd trimester and that baby is viable then you gave the baby up when you aborted it and other people get to decide it’s life/death.

          • Kevin Merck

            Abortion is murder.
            Sex is a “choice”.
            It’s not her body she’s murdering. It belongs to another human being.

          • Riggers

            We’ll agree to disagree.

          • Kevin Merck

            Abortion is murder, Matt. I don’t know what could be more criminal and unconstitutional than that.

        • matt

          and Im pretty sure who ever said wear your seat belt dumb ass was just saying that for your safety not because they cared if it was unconstitutional or not, your reply was the least bit sane and pretty irrational and offensive.

          • Kevin Merck

            I know what the person meant, but it still aggravates the hell out of me to have someone talk to me like that. Why is this person concerned about my safety when this person probably doesn’t care about 1,300,000 children being murdered every year.

            I don’t care what you’ve been taught about abortion. You sound like a kid raised by feminist school teachers who teach that it’s a woman’s choice.

            I was about 15 years old when Row v Wade passed and the only reason it did pass, is because it allowed an abortion in the case of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother. It was never intended to be the mother’s “choice”. It was meant to be a last resort. Now it’s turned into wholesale murder.

            Abortion is the root cause behind what’s happening in America. If it’s okay to murder an unborn child then what is it not okay to do?

            I want you to look at this link and tell me what you feel when you see this murdered child. If you can honestly tell me that you think this is okay, then you are a lost cause.


          • John

            When your dumb ass gets in an accident not wearing a seat belt, and you have to go to the hospital with no insurance who do you think foots the bill? Taxpayers. I’d rather have seat belt laws then pay your bills because you’re too stupid to use something that saves lives. Its not even the same ballpark as abortion, it’s not even the same sport man. Go rant your insane issues elsewhere.

          • Kevin Merck

            What about saving the lives of over 55,000,000 children since 1973. Who do you think has been footing the bill for all those murders?
            Taxpayers not only pay for the abortions, then they have to pay for all the resulting consequences, too many to go into here.
            All of this murder is paid for by taxpayers, when all Ignorant pigs like you have to do is use birth control.
            Go be an ignorant abortion fanatic somewhere else.

        • Rob C

          Crying about forcing seatbelt use and then trying to force no abortions is pretty hypocritical. Its people like you who overstep and wonder why people don’t listen to anything the right has to say. Its why the right will probably lose again next election.

          • Kevin Merck

            I’m not on the right, Rob.
            Abortion is murder.
            Sex is a “choice”.
            That’s reality, Rob, nothing hypocritical about that.

          • kevin, your stupid.

            what about being raped?

          • Kevin Merck

            That’s less than 1% of abortions.

          • Rob C

            Saying abortion is murder is like saying not wearing seat belts is suicide. How you manage to ignore your hypocritical views is beyond me. Look, you don’t ban things, you educate in order to have people make better choices. I am anti abortion but pro choice and things like forcing one into giving birth from a rape just makes things worse. And until we fix our society, abortions need to be allowed because the last thing i want are psycho kids running around killing due to boredom because of bad parenting.

            And as we have learned through history, ban something and people will still manage to do it. You will end up with alley abortions, higher death rates and infections, and women being shoved in prisons.

            Does any of this sound familiar yet?

          • Kevin Merck

            “Saying abortion is murder is like saying not wearing seat belts is suicide.”

            I should know better than to respond to someone who thinks that comment makes sense. Your wires are severely crossed if you think that makes any sense whatsoever.

            “I am anti-abortion but pro-choice”

            That’s a perfect example of “double think” and a very good indication that you are completely insane.

            Less than 1% of abortions are attributable to rape. Trying to justify abortion on the basis of rape is also insane.

            So, by your argument, we should legalize murder because it will happen anyway, whether it’s legal or not.

            You, Rob, are insane by every definition of the word.

        • obadiahorthodox

          idiot seat belts save lives

          • Kevin Merck

            So do laws prohibiting the murder of innocent children.

          • obadiahorthodox

            Just because Im liberal does not mean I am for abortion.

          • Kevin Merck

            I don’t care how you see yourself politically. Most people who think of themselves as liberal in this country are nothing but authoritarian trash.

          • obadiahorthodox

            The united states is a country based on the rule of law, if you dont like it then vote the ones you dont like out and vote the ones you do like in and then change the law, otherwise stop crying like a spoiled brat because you didnt get your way.

          • Kevin Merck

            The only one doing any crying is you.
            Buzz off.

          • obadiahorthodox

            you neo conservatives are all alike. when you dont have a rational answer you just go back to your little holes.

    • americanvirtues

      Best response ever! +1

    • James Hale

      I agree with most of what you said but liability insurance as a minimum would be nice–there aren’t many folks who could actually afford to pay for the other person’s car that they just smashed to bits. Do you have $12K in your bank account?

      • Kevin Merck

        Forced insurance drives up the cost for everyone. It’s like forced Obama care. I was around when insurance was not mandatory and it was never a big problem. Insurance companies fought for these laws to make money.
        If you want to live in a free society people need to be able to make decisions like that for themselves. If you and me are in an accident and you don’t have insurance then my insurance covers it. Then it’s up to my insurance company to go after you for the money. It may have been a good idea for you to have insurance, but it should not be mandatory.

      • Kim Bartlett

        dont drink it wont happen

        • James Hale

          Of course…because all traffic accidents are alcohol related. How ignorant of me.

      • Kevin Merck

        I forgot to mention that before mandatory insurance and before “no fault” insurance, people who were not at fault in an accident didn’t need insurance. If the accident wasn’t your fault, you were not liable for any injuries or damages and could sue the hell out of the person at fault or his/her insurance company.

        That teaches people how to drive responsibly. Now that everyone has insurance they drive like maniacs.

        But the bottom line is that insurance, whether for health, life, auto, or anything else under the sun, should not be mandatory. Just wait till you see what Obama care does to health insurance rates.

        • James Hale

          When the insurance companies aren’t able to be reimbursed by all of the broke/irresponsible people out there the rates for the rest of us go up simply because of the added risk that they may not be able to subrogate another insurance company or receive any significant reimbursement by the guilty party. People are going to drive like idiots no matter what, it has nothing to do with insurance. Nobody learns to drive better through not having an insurance policy either. Your argument is asinine, our planet doesn’t run according to laboratory conditions or wishful thinking. Mandatory auto insurance is the least of my worries–it’s a minor infraction at best, the gross abuse of power currently being perpetrated on the American people by its government is of much greater concern to me.

          • Kevin Merck

            What will it take for “asinine morons” like you, to understand that the very worst encroachments on our freedom begin with smaller ones under the pretense of safety and security?
            Insurance rates skyrocketed after it was made mandatory and I really don’t care what the least of your worries are.
            You are the type of sick freak who is directly responsible for our loss of liberties.

  • HaRLeY

    This simply means the US government is not going to mess with states that have legalized it , weather it is medical only or like washington & colorado where recreational is also legal. but they did not legalize maryjane it’s self

  • Russ L. Smith

    So if that’s what this administration is saying, there likely massing for an assault. Who can believe anything they say?

  • TedVothJr

    Hurrah– I think… 😀 😉

  • Martin S Herrera

    If you don’t believe , then you should stop , open your eyes .. say some prayers.. Then roll another one just like the last thousand … They didn’t want to legalize alcohol , and pot won’t ruin life like alcohol , You should think about it..

  • Don Juan

    Well! One has to ask why Hemp Farming was not legalized first. 2nd, you have to ask what is their agenda for legalization. I think now they will be putting people in jail for DUI for the revenue 10 at a time. Think about it. They would not be doing this unless something wasn’t there for them. That is the way Feds operate.

    • CC

      It was made illegal due to money and the paper/logging industry. Hemp was taking it’s toll on it and law makers were in the pocket of big business.

  • Stacey

    I believe pot is still categorized as a schedule one drug, ranking right up there with heroin. C’mon, this is more baloney.

    • Jay

      It is not a drug. It is a plant. But if you should happen to set it on fire…….there are some effects – Katt Williams

      • Eric Kent

        It is a drug Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol is the Scientific name for the drug, but it comes from a plant, Cannabis Sativa,Cannabis Indica or Cannabis Ruderalis.

        • thepuppypack

          But a plant that flowered with higher cbd’s and less THC (the stoney part, } That cbd’s are what was stopping those kids siezures, Dr Sanjay Gupta on CNN, reported that a child having 300 seizures a day and then treated with cbd;s with no thc. stopped the siezure. stopped the seizure to 1to3 /month

          • Eric Kent

            It is still a drug and it is still a Psychoactive drug.

    • wildabean22

      You’re joking right Stacey?

      • Stacey

        No. What I am saying is, until they remove it from the list of schedule one drugs it is still illegal, no matter what the President says. It’s just more lip service.

    • Eric Kent

      You are 100% correct Stacey until I see the actual Bill that shows that the Marijuana Law has been overturned I will continue to be underground and never admit to anything.The Government is NOT your friends and they are never to be trusted.

  • RonWillison

    They will do anything to keep Syria off the front page. There is a question rthat needs answered. While many of you folks will be OK with this bit of nonsense. I hate to have to tell you this but. This must be FOUGHT tooth and NAIL.Since When does the JUSTICE DEPT. get to OVERTURN the LAW of the LAND. I want that war on drugs ended too. But allowing this to go unchecked sets PRECEDENT!. There is a way to do it. Congress writes a bill to Nullify or END IT. Not just a proclamation from the Justice Dept. WAKE UP, THINK!

    • Eric Kent

      Yep you are right but congress can do this at the snap of a finger but it has to follow precedent and procedure you are correct this is just BS and speculation at this point.

      • RonWillison

        The fact that the Admin. Has decided to just look the other and not enforce the laws of the land. What does that say to the world. And what does that say to our children? We need a whole lot of better role models in government. If done properly.This could have been a bell weather moment for whatever Admin or lawmaking body that brought it about within the confines of our constitutional rules and procedures. The rest of the world would have maybe even looked upon it as the day the US government started its own 12 step program. How sad. This way it will turn out as just another dividing issue. TinHat on, propeller spinning.. Is it intentional?
        C.C.Myfiles 08-30-2013 Ron Willison

  • Anonymous

    I jus dont understand how something like marijuana could be made illegal when it is proven that it was never the leading cause in anyones death and it has helped and is helping so many people worldwide. It is a NATURAL thing grown on this god given earth but yet its illegal. God wouldnt have put it there if it was going to harm or kill us. Its just a plant!!!!!!! No extra crazy harsh chemicals its not harmful. I have a full time job and a part time job, I work 60 + hours a week, I have my own house, 3 dogs, 2 cars and have no wheree to go but up and yet on my own time I smoke marijuana and it honestly is my medicine to every day life. With how crazy this world s now and everything in it I DO NOT think marijuana should be there point of interest. The government shouldnt have a say in it regardless but ya know its the government, they can do as they please while innocent americans get punished and incarcerated for something god grew on this earth himself. Absolutely pathetic.

    • Eric Kent

      I am not going to try and rip your argument apart because i agree with you and MOST of your points are valid.But you say because it is a plant put here by GOD that therefore makes it harmless. This is incorrect there are plants that are put here on Earth by GOD that are VERY HARMFUL in fact so harmful that the plant can kill you without any processing at all.Raw opium can kill you if you are opiate naive and smoke or eat too much opium it can cause you to stop breathing and die the very first time you use it..I agree with your argument but come up with some VALID points to argue from. Take care Eric Kent.

      • tdmc01

        That actually strengthens the argument; considering there are so many plants out there that are at the least not good for us, this one has a history of not only being non toxic and virtually impossible to overdose on, it is actually medicinal. The fact that it is natural and from God is icing on the cake.

  • Anonymous

    Alcohol has killed billions of people but yet thats never questioned on being illegal?

    • Not A Pot Head

      Never been questioned on being illegal? umm prohibition…? Lay off the weed b4 u make a valid point

      • chooch

        Way to get that last rip in before the slosh fest begins… bet the brain cells you used to make it will be gone long before you wake to remember you made it. Cheers!!

        • Kim Bartlett

          are you that goofy

      • Guest

        “Lay off the weed b4 u make a valid point”? Thanks for the laugh. I love when people who attempt to correct others look stupid.

    • Gramma

      I often accidentally leave out a word and I have never smoked pot in my life but I have a lot of pain and I would try eating it if it would relieve my pain without making me sick like pain pills do.

      • Eric Kent

        Gramma I have found pots only effect on me is it allows me to sleep well and it increases my appetite. It might help you though give it a try it might help you. I certainly wont hurt you.

      • Kim Bartlett

        it will

    • Eric Kent

      Yes it has have you never heard of Prohibition!!! DUH!!! What a stupid comment that was. They only enacted an Amendment to the US Constitution to make Alcohol Illegal, they lost that war, and they have almost lost this one on Marijuana,as well.

  • http://StacyYoungArt.com/ Stacy Young

    While all the stoners are praising the joys of the administration coming just short of totally legalizing cannabis, the same administration is trying really hard to start WWIII. Just an observation…

    If you are against the US going to war with Syria…please get involved…PROTEST! There are rallies planned across the country for tomorrow!

    • chooch

      I was already on your side about the war… you had to go and make a retarded comment like that. Now I hope they send you.

      • http://StacyYoungArt.com/ Stacy Young

        My point is that they are using the pot news as a distraction from the war.

    • Kim Bartlett

      We know this he is also trying to steal more rights from us by taking our guns yes we all noticed and we are all fighting it except the Obamanuts

  • billy joe

    It’s made illegal because it has a similar effect that alcohol has, but again, then alcohol should be illegal? I honestly don’t understand that either.. Alcohol kills the liver, Marijuana kills the brain cells. Both do damage in some sort of way. Yet in time the brain cells will replenish, but liver damage is pretty much there for life. My old neighbor (apartment) died in December from liver damage from drinking, now this new tenet same apartment is the same exact way, and I see him falling in the same path. I am not a smoker, but am an ex-smoker, I do believe Marijuana is healthier than alcohol, but yet both are still doing some sort of damage.

    • chooch

      What makes you think marijuana kills brain cells; a single military test done decades ago, on apes, forced to inhale more than any one human has in three months in a single sitting before dying from oxygen deprivation to the brain… in turn killing brain cccceeellls?

    • Bryce Reimer

      have you ever smoked weed? it does not have alcohol like effects. it is illegal because hemp would have put out the paper industry long ago, lobbyist did their thing and got it banned. Plus it cures hundreds of ailments but you cannot patent a naturally occurring thing so big pharma can’t make a profit,

    • Kim Bartlett

      marijuana does not kill brain cells scientific studies has proven it repairs damaged cells you really need to know what your talking about before you make yourself look stupid try Google and research before you flap your gum’s

      • Keninmo

        Of course it does. That’s why Spicoli was the rocket scientist! That’s why Cheech and Chong invented the internet. LOL — another stoner telling us pot makes him smart.

        • Randy

          I’m reading what Kim wrote and I do not see where she is telling anyone that “pot makes him smart.”

          • Keninmo

            Clearly it does — Jumbotron is “obviously” a medical scientist versed in the proper protocols for experimentation. BTW — I agree it is a topic that should have been reserved for the states to regulate, not the Federal government. But Good Lord, cut the Cheech and Chong routine. It’s a narcotic that alters the brain chemistry. It’s not Diet Coke.

          • Stoner Scientist

            I believe you are just an ignorant individual with nothing better to do than what you’re doing now. You say people are trying to be Stoner Scientists? Just who might you be to put your two cents into this issue? People who do not use marijuana on a regular basis do not understand the effects. It isn’t for the weak minded, overcome the ignorance and someday you shall learn.

          • Keninmo

            Gadzooks, there’s the quote of the day! “It isn’t for the weak minded”!!! LOL. I couldn’t have written anything more stupid. The juxtaposition of the Snoop Dogg disciple telling the world the ganga isn’t for the “weak minded”! Too funny!

          • Prof. Thoth

            I have an organic chemistry major & I have never smoked pot nor watched Cheech and Chong. But Keninmo… Your arguments are literally so illogical & full of reasoning fallacies that I am contemplating to try it out now that it is more accepted by the law. I was able to find sites backed up with independent research that show delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol has positive effects on brain neurons and cell tissue.

          • Keninmo

            Gadzooks, “Professor Thoth”, you found crap on the Internet that claims to prove stuff you want to believe? Really? Egads! And seriously, if you are going to make up a background resume for yourself, try to do something more creative than rehashing an Egyptian God — what are you, some neo-Pagan-Wiccan-Rastafarian? And a vague appeal to “illogical and full of reasoning fallacies”, without, oh what, references? Examples? Pretty much anything of substance? Well, I guess that’s just more of that amazing Pot Logic at work.

          • Prof. Thoth

            I am not trying to prove anything. However, you are & I am simply saying that you are not bringing one valid argument to the discussion. Do you really want to start the whole “What are you?” shpeel based off username? Irrelevant, You have done the impossible & somehow managed to make yourself sound even less credible. Having to explain any more to you is a waste of time… Have you ever heard the idiom about the cooking pot calling the kettle black? I understand if you have to have to toss it around in your simple minded head for a few weeks to understand what I mean by that. I would slow down on the diet coke too if I were you.

          • BraDolMag1

            I can’t believe you all let this guy troll you this long…

          • Keninmo

            I know! It’s hilarious, isn’t it? F-ing with stoners is a gas. They take a puff, get all pseudo-metaphysical-scientisty in their mushy noggins, and start spouting inane crap. I’m going to copy all this down and publish it — “Pot Thoughts — the Incoherent Ramblings of the Pseudo-Intellectual Pothead”. It’s gold, baby, gold! Ron the Felon will have his own chapter. I’m putting the Houston Handjob’s avatar photo on the cover.

          • Prof. Thoth

            But seriously I want to be proven wrong. Please impress me. For every credible article you can cite that concludes marijuana killing brain cells (I have never found one); I will counter with two that contradict that.

          • Keninmo

            http://www.drugabuse.gov/about-nida/directors-page/messages-director/2013/03/marijuanas-lasting-effects-brain How about the National Institute on Drug Abuse? But seriously, you idiots like the Texas wannabe, Ronbo, & et. al. want to smoke your worthless lives away. Fine. But don’t try to justify it as some sort of healthy, worthy thing — it isn’t. And don’t try to sell it as some sort of all-natural granola bar — it isn’t. It’s a psychotropic drug. Period. Known fact.

          • Prof. Thoth

            Funny that you think everyone on here is “leftist”; I happen to vote for freedom both economic and social issues as a Libertarian. That was the most laughable link… It’s from the government! It MUST be true! They would NEVER lie to the American people! Doesn’t surprise me coming from a baby boomer trucker from Missouri. Not even going to waste my time. The world will be a better place when all you close minded old fools start croaking.

          • Keninmo

            Oh My God, you bongheads are too funny. Ron the Felon provides his “evidence” of pot’s wonderful benefits by linking to….cancer.gov, and that is supposed to be the clinching proof. I give an opposite conclusion from…another .gov site, and the Egyptian Deity wannabe says it’s crap because….oh, it’s from a .gov site. You retarded smokeskulls cite government studies to “prove” your points, and then declare that the mere fact of it being “government” invalidates it when it doesn’t suit your agenda. I couldn’t make this idiocy up if I tried. And according to Charles Darwin, it’s way more likely that nature will cull you stupid twits from the gene pool long before it gets me. Put that in your bong and smoke it, community college chemistry major! LOL — it’s like fishing in a stocked pond around here.

          • Prof. Thoth

            So I guess you should get a doctors prescription for caffeine, alcohol, or nicotine then? (All psychotropic drugs). I never used a government site to prove anything. You did, and that other guy did. Your government lies to you and everyone else every day, so you are both wrong. I am basically just getting on here at this point to laugh at your retardation. I recommend seeing your doctor for a prescription of piracetam and galantamine (which by the way is totally unnecessary with the advent of the internet). Maybe then you will be up to speed. Please humour me more. It was especially hilarious when the other guy said something about give you (the troll) the time of day and you thought he was complementing you! A troll is someone who gets on the internet to yell at people with circular invalid arguments and does not listen to logic or reasoning. The more you resort to name calling the more idiotic you make yourself out to be. If you want people to see your way, you are going to have to articulate a little bit better of an argument than “You are stoopid, you smoke pot, the goverrment sed so!” But please don’t listen to me, I want to hear you say more dumb shit. I live for this.

          • Keninmo

            Oh here we go, community college boy at it with his conspiracy theories. Let’s see — you go to a community college that is government sponsored, using student loans that are government sponsored, taught by professors whose salaries are paid for by the government, taking classes in a field whose majority research is sponsored and funded by the government, and you still wear the tinfoil hat of government conspiracy theories. Let me guess — nobody ever actually landed on the Moon either — it was all filmed in Arizona. But they are hiding aliens in Area 51. As for your poser act as a knowledgeable person on psychotropic drugs, I used the National Alliance on Mental Illness as the basis for my statements http://www.nami.org/Template.cfm?Section=Policymakers_Toolkit&Template=/ContentManagement/HTMLDisplay.cfm&ContentID=18971 Certainly you can quibble about a few exceptions like caffeine, alcohol and nicotine — which, by the way, all 3 are also known to be detrimental to your health, and 2 of which have legal restrictions on them — cigarettes and alcohol ARE regulated by the government. And caffeine is not exactly health food. But hey, don’t let facts get in the way of a good pot thought! Doobie on, mushhead, doobie on! And given that pot causes paranoia, it’s no wonder you got such a weird conspiracy theory obsession. Watch out, Shaggy, the government probably has microphones planted in your Scooby Snacks! Better check them out……

          • Keninmo

            Oh here we go, community college boy at it with his conspiracy theories. Let’s see — you go to a community college that is government sponsored, using student loans that are government sponsored, taught by professors whose salaries are paid for by the government, taking classes in a field whose majority research is sponsored and funded by the
            government, and you still wear the tinfoil hat of government conspiracy theories. Let me guess — nobody ever actually landed on the Moon either — it was all filmed in Arizona. But they are hiding aliens in
            Area 51. As for your poser act as a knowledgeable person on psychotropic drugs, I used the National Alliance on Mental Illness as the basis for my statements http://www.nami.org/Template.c
            Certainly you can quibble about a few exceptions like caffeine, alcohol and nicotine — which, by the way, all 3 are also known to be detrimental to your health, and 2 of which have legal restrictions on them — cigarettes and alcohol ARE regulated by the government. And caffeine is not exactly health food. But hey, don’t let facts get in the way of a good pot thought! Doobie on, mushhead, doobie on! And
            given that pot causes paranoia, it’s no wonder you got such a weird conspiracy theory obsession. Watch out, Shaggy, the government probably has microphones planted in your Scooby Snacks! Better check them
            out…… But the funniest part…you actually read the other comment, so you know what’s going on, but you STILL chew on the hook! HILARIOUS! That’s epic, seriously epic stupidity. You got hold of some righteous weed there, Scoobs, you are definitely freewheeling into uncontrollable pseudo intellectual pot thoughts!

          • Prof. Thoth

            This comment is even better than I thought it would be. You are absolutely right; I take back everything I said about you, I have no idea what I am talking about. You CLEARLY schooled me. You must be the second coming of Jesus Christ himself, lord have mercy. Since you can never be wrong, and everyone around you is a dope head or a moron; maybe you should run for President of the United States. My “community college” education is just enough for me to see you would OBVIOUSLY be the best choice for making decisions for everyone else. You know what is best for everyone. PS. I love your choice to double post your last comment, helps it really sink in for anyone that might have doubted your VAST array of knowledge. Oh, don’t forget to get your flu shot! 😉

          • Keninmo

            LOL =- when your entire reclama is “ohhhhh, gummit lies, I know better, I’ve had hours and hours of community college classes”, you are an epic failure. And now, like a good little Progressive, you go all rageboy. So predictable. Totally devoid of any logic. Yes, you were schooled. Nope, only delusions of Jesus around here are in your paranoid stoner skull. And seriously, you were gibbering more pot thoughts when you wrote this, weren’t you? “get your flu shot”??? I’m sure in that smoked noggin of yours, you think there is really some sort of obvious, enlightened, and very witty retort there. But, let’s face it, you have to be doped up for any of your inane crap to make “sense”.

          • Prof. Thoth

            Please. Tell me what I am you think I am arguing. I just figured out what you were arguing for based off a response you made to someone else. I never once said pot was healthy, I said it contains an alkaloid that is proven to kill cancer cells; pooft! so does a neurotoxin found in scorpion venom… It turns out you and me actually want the same goddamned thing, but you REALLY need to work on your communication skills. You have a real knack for putting words into other peoples mouths. Don’t have many friends huh?

          • Keninmo

            “Please. Tell me what I am you think I am arguing.” And I’M the one
            that is communications challenged? Seriously, go back and read your own
            posts. ” I was able to find sites backed up with independent research
            that show
            delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol has positive effects on brain neurons and
            cell tissue.” “It is easy to demonize drugs when you don’t know jack
            shit about it” I don’t put these words in your mouth, you did. Now, IF
            you are willing to concede, as you imply you do, that
            know pot is bad for my health. I know it may have some specific benefits
            certain individuals with particular medical conditions, but the general,
            widespread, casual use of pot has no redeeming value to speak of. That
            said, if I am over 21, just like alcohol and tobacco, I think pot should
            be allowed. If I want to destroy my body, family, career and life, so be
            it —
            alcoholics do the same, smokers do the same. Treat me the same way. Tax
            living heck out my vice, but let me pay the price and do it.”, THEN you have finally admitted to the truth of my position. But NOTHING in your posts to this
            point has even come close to you conceding the above. I can’t help it
            if you hipster pot lovers can’t carry on a logical conversation.

          • Prof. Thoth

            Hahahahahaahahahaaha. You copy and paste, then don’t even know what the words you are reading mean. This is golden. I am sorry, there is no hope for you.

          • Keninmo

            Well, your posts are inane and chock full of stupidity, sooo….. But you completely dodge the question (no shocker there)….do you, or do you not, concede the point? If not, then your previous post is bull. If you do, then your whole chain of posts are bull. Either way, you are just spouting bull. Well, pot thoughts, same thing.

          • Prof. Thoth

            Me concede? No thanks. I am not the one who’s arguments are all just name calling & pretentious bullshit. Just because you are on the right track with your political views does not mean anything you said was correct nor that you show the least bit of intelligence. In layman’s terms; you are just a prick that probably has no friends because you believe everyone else’s opinion is inferior to your own, demand a whole lot out of everyone else, but have very little to show for yourself. Anyways.. It’s been fun. There are too many pages to flip through for me to keep up with this conversation at this point. You get the final word if you choose to use it.

          • Keninmo

            So, in other words, no, “you and me [DON’T] actually want the same goddamned thing”. You are, in layman’s terms, a dumbshit who can’t process a logical thought or form a basic premise. Go figure. And your obsession with my friend status is as paranoid as your obsession with government conspiracy theories and lying. You must be stoned all the time. And if you actually are, as you claim, not a stoner…well, that’s even sadder, because that means all the stupid you’ve been spouting is naturally produced, not the side-effect of mind-altering drugs.

          • Prof. Thoth

            PS. There are hundreds of psychotropic drugs available known as nootropic smart drugs that enhance the cognition, mental clarity, memory, intelligence, and attention threshold of users. I am sure you were unaware. It is easy to demonize drugs when you don’t know jack shit about it. You need to work on your word choices.

          • Keninmo

            All prescribed by doctors, for specific conditions, to treat diagnoses illnesses, and dispensed under controlled dosages and regimes. Try again, dummy.

          • dusman

            Gadzooks! Look at this guy Keninmo. He doesn’t know how to make a coherent argument and is beginning to fall apart. He’d like us to believe he is smarter than everyone else here, yet he resorts to crushing the poor little dreams of pot smokers and their absurd claims that marijuana isn’t the pagan-wiccan devil itself, but merely a mellow past time that will turn us into Einsteins. How dare he insinuate that we won’t instantly understand and be able to hypothesize on general relativity after we take our bong hits.

            F*** you Keninmo and your straight-edged hollow soul. Who is with me, let’s hang Keninmo… by his toes! Let’s roll him up into a big ole sloppy blunt and say funny words like Gadzooks and Egads as we smoke his brain cells to perfection as we meet our Egyptian gods and chill out with Thoth (no offense there Prof. Thoth).

          • Keninmo

            Ah yes, the final stage of Leftist defeat — go all Leftist Rageboy. LOL — so predictable. Okay, duffman, F*** You right back! Let’s hang you by your tiny little balls! LOL^2. And here I thought pot was suppose to make you mellow — guess you are mixing some meth in with yours.

          • dusman

            I was actually mimicking your idiotic rants, lamer.

          • Keninmo

            “I was mimicking”. And I’m the “lamer” here? LOL!

          • RONonymous

            Like these ones that show that cannabis shrinks tumors on the federal governments website? Keep this link around to use when you meet people like this Keninmo fool: http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/cam/cannabis/healthprofessional/page4

          • Sophia

            Actually Diet Coke does alter the brain chemistry…it contains an excitotoxin called aspartame that kills brain cells and makes people stupid. Looks like there might be a few diet coke drinkers here so they better start smoking pot to gett’m back :) Marijuana does regenerate brain cells but the most effective way is by ingestion of the oil and it loses pretty much all medicinal value when it’s smoked.

          • Keninmo

            Soooo…..all you need to do is smoke enough weed, and Presto — You are Einstein! Well, Latrelle Einstein, maybe. But, wait, that’s why Snoop Dogg is the genius of our generation!!! Of course.

          • RONonymous

            Everything alters the brain chemistry. The fact that you said that and I heard it altered my brain chemistry. I will remember your statement on my deathbed and so it has altered my brain chemistry permanently. The difference between you an me is our opinions and mine is that it is a positive alteration of my brain chemistry. Anyone else’s view is still just an opinion.

          • Keninmo

            You are high right now, aren’t you? This post reads like pot thoughts. If you aren’t, then pot won’t do anything to your brain — it’s already fried.

          • RONonymous

            All thoughts are chemical reactions in the brain. Clearly you don’t understand that.

          • Houston Retrievers

            exactly, cause its a bad thing I could give a crap less about your fear mongering (the governments)

          • Houston Retrievers

            Right cause you would rather be drinking aspartame which is manufactured from poooo… Get a brain and dump the Stockholm syndrome already.

        • Jumbo Jeremy Nelson

          The test’s that were performed on monkeys during the Reagan admimistration were idiotic. They strapped face masks to them so all they could breathe was the smoke. So obviously it was marijuana and not the lack of oxygen to the brain. You sir or maddam are ignortant.

          • Keninmo

            Ah yes, Stoner Scientist who is more informed on test protocol than, well, the people running the tests. So well informed that Stoner Scientist’s conclusions are “obvious”. And Stoner sez I’m the ignorant one….LOL.

          • Someone who does research

            Ahh yes! Just jump up on your high horse, and completely disregard everyone else’s opinion, and just call them a stoner! Maybe if you actually did some research instead of ignorantly disregarding what others say, just because its not what you blindly believe, you’d find out that they are actually quite right! Marijuana aids the production of new brain cells! And the tests that said it kills brain cells, was preformed of monkeys, which they SUFFOCATED with marijuana smoke! It makes you sound reallllly dumb, when you speak against a subject you OBVIOUSLY know NOTHING about. :) You ignorant, blind, self righteous, douche bag.

          • Keninmo

            You watched too many Cheech & Chong movies. Stoner Researcher extolling the wonders of doobies. LOL.

          • RONonymous

            Read what the federal government has to say on their website: http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/cam/cannabis/healthprofessional/page4

            You sir are gullible and mistake poor propaganda for fact.

          • RONonymous

            No matter what your opinion is of his ability to understand scientific protocol all of those studies that said that pot kills brain cells were debunked by the scientific community and didn’t pass peer review. Don’t believe what I have to say either but you might be interested in what the federal government has to say on their website that supports our claims: http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/cam/cannabis/healthprofessional/page4

          • Keninmo

            So, you have cancer? Or are you claiming that the reference therefore concludes recreational use, and not only that, but large daily use, of said product is not only good, but must be encouraged to save our planet and produce a next generation of super geniuses? Opium is an effective analgesic — does that mean we need to have widespread recreational use of it? LOL — you Snoop Doggs are all the same — you think a medical application for a select percentage of the population under specific conditions, for which the treatment’s negative side effects are assessed as acceptable given the nature of the disease, therefore means that general recreational use of the same is a wonderful thing.

          • Houston Retrievers

            Yet you pop prescription pills… Right, your opinion is worth its weight in dirt and Im buying.. Not!

          • RONonymous

            I didn’t say any of those things that you just rambled on about or make any such claim. You have an extremely active imagination and strongly opinionated and not interested in any actual facts.

          • Houston Retrievers

            Not your fault. You were raised by ignoramus who were taught by ignoramus…

        • Ty

          Carl Sagan was a regular user of cannabis. It’s why he was so dumb, poor at communicating complex ideas to the masses, and lacked creative talent.

          • Keninmo

            So let me get this straight — you claim Carl Sagan was what he was because of the blunts? As opposed to…well, what, being able to muddle through the psychotropic effects of weed? Gadzooks, Man, you just did it! We should all smoke as much weed as possible, why even drop LSD like Timothy Leary, because we’ll all be geniuses! LOL — you loons never run out of stupid.

          • Houston Retrievers

            I would say the same about you mommas boys….

          • Keninmo

            Oh priceless, Texas pothead with the big talk. LOL. Wannabe beatnik hipster. You couldn’t make up stuff this funny.

          • Houston Retrievers

            I’m not a pothead but that isn’t really the point. The point is who the hell are u or anyone else to tell me what I can and cant ingest. You are right about one thing, you people are very comical with your I need to control your lives ideology. Does it make you feel safe or big and bad to tell others what they can and cant do? Specially when it does not involve you…………………..Hippies, always living on a double edge sword.

            You people are the kind that tell everyone else not to do what you are already doing. I guess it makes you feel special, a job perk perhaps? Nothing like being able to arrest and jail others for the same thing you get to do without concern, and can legally lie about.. I bet you really get off on that dont you….

            The only reason you tards dont want people smoking is because it will have negative effects on your bottom lines as people will be less inclined to give a crap what you think or your talking heads have to say.

            Kind of hard to feel special when you cant get anyone to agree with the low brow idea of yourself while they are laughing at you.

            As for big talk. Im not the one who hides on the internet trying to drive consciousness of others. Im not the one who hides behind guns and orders other people what to do. Your kind are the cowards who think what they do is heroic. And everything I have to say I will say to anyone directly. None of you bottom feeding leeches concern me.

          • Keninmo

            Good Lord, 50 Cent, get your head out of your butt. I made it very clear I think the pot laws should be at the state level, not the federal. Keep up you moron. This thread is about the claim by the doobie brothers that pot is healthy for you. And no, I’m not surprised I “can’t get anyone to agree” given that…well, one is a convicted grower with a felony rap sheet and the rest are puffing and shoving Scooby Snacks down their throats. As for the rest of your toke-filled rants, well going all rageboy on the internet is typical leftist crapola. Nothing new.

          • Houston Retrievers

            I’m far from a liberal old man. And today’s conservative are not conservative at all, more like hypocrites and control freaks who can only identify with causing others pain. Sorry your daddy was so mean to you and your mommy growing up.. Get over it.

          • Keninmo

            Ahhhh, it just gets better. Now Pothead Jones is trying to be an armchair psychiatrist. Too funny. Wanna take another toke and try again, wannabe wankster?

          • Ty

            Carl Sagan himself, in his writings as Mr. X, claims he was who he was due to cannabis.

          • Keninmo

            Mr. X is a pro wrestler. But seriously, Carl Sagan attributed his mental faculties to pot. Well, there you have it, folks. I’m sold! Ty giving vague references to mysterious Mr. X who self-determined he owed everything to pot. What more evidence could we ask for? Forget any sort of actual evidence that Sagan’s mind was, in fact, the result of weed. Just take somebody’s word for it. That’s always enought for leftists to declare they have “scientific” proof.

        • Brian Pickell

          The stupidness people get from Marijuana is only while there is active metabolites in the blood system. Once it wears off there is no stupidness.

          And I cannot believe that you are basing your entire argument on fictional characters that were created for comedic entertainment.

          • Keninmo

            Oh, sorry Pickles, but as you can see from the posts by idiots like the God Thoth, the freaky-ass Ronny, and the dipshit from Texas, the stupidness of their brains started well before the toke, and continues permently thereafter.

          • Brian Pickell

            I would much rather deal with someone who is acting stupid and giddy from being constantly stoned, than an alcohol induced rage, you get from drunks.

          • Keninmo

            On that, we are in complete agreement. And if all the doobie brothers on this thread made the following defense, I could buy it, vis: “I know pot is bad for my health. I know it may have some specific benefits for certain individuals with particular medical conditions, but the general, widespread, casual use of pot has no redeeming value to speak of. That being said, if I am over 21, just like alcohol and tobacco, I think pot should also be allowed. If I want to destroy my body, family, career and life, so be it — alcoholics do the same, smokers do the same. Treat me the same way. Tax the living heck out my vice, but let me pay the price and do it.” Okay — fine. There has to be some point where you draw the line — making that same statement for meth, heroin, cocaine, etc. etc. is a stretch because of the degree of severity of impacts, but…it’s at least intellectually defensible. The assine crapola spread feet thick on this thread, though, is not.

    • negotiatoR

      you can’t compare Mary Jane to Alcohol – not even close – Alcohol makes people violent most of the time – and wrecks the liver

  • Someone who does research

    It’s too bad that none of you know what you are talking about. I would really like to know where you are all getting the “fact” that marijuana kills brain cells. If any of you actually researched the other side of the argument, instead of getting on your high horse, and bashing a subject you obviously know nothing about, besides what you’ve heard on tv, or from your parents, or god knows where. You would know that all recent studies show that marijuana actually aids in the growth of brain cells. Please, do your research before you go and look like an ignorant foil on the Internet. Jesus Christ

    • joe smith 420

      Canabis dose kill brain cells, it kills dying/defective ones so new ones can take there place

      • Manhattanmami


      • Dan


      • Brian Pickell

        That’s worded very poorly. Defective brain cells would be cancer. And smoked Marijuana wouldn’t kill the cancer cells. It requires an extreme amount of Cannabis to kill cancer cells. Which is where the concentrations come into play.

        I’m not sure where you got that it kills dying cells from.. I can’t find that anywhere.

    • herbsuperb

      this is very true the federal government has done studies that prove it to be a fact that the use of marijuania does not and i repeat DOES NOT KILL BRAIN CELLS

  • RNSherrod .

    Cures all forms http://www.phoenixtears.ca/ of cancer just take a look at this website and do your research. Does not kill brain cells or even cause lung cancer even in heavy smokers. It cures lung cancer. Should have never been illegal. It’s one of mankinds greatest mistakes to make it illegal. Was only made illegal in the name of profit through lobbying by big alcohol, big tobacco, big oil, and big pharmaceutical companies…..plus a few other idiots.

    • Houston Retrievers

      I agree. It actually assist in getting rid of tar in your lungs.

  • supersajin

    There is a reason EVERY ancient culture 3,000+ years ago across the PLANET smoked cannabis! Just wait until we can do medical research on oil, juicing leaves, pill form as medication. Next is legalization of Hemp!!

    • RONonymous

      This is not true. Cannabis was unknown in the western hemisphere until the white man brought it here. You gotta have your facts straight if you want your argument to be taken seriously. I agree that it should be legal but it was not used by EVERY ancient culture 3000+ years ago.

      • D

        Because what native Americas were smoking is not worth noting because it was not known to the white his storians???!!??? Please!!!. The sativa plant grew naturally in north and South America and was being smoked by natives. The indica plants grow naturally all over India and other parts of Asia. We are to believe that nasty deadly tobacco was the only thing being smoked?

        • RONonymous

          No, I am a serious student of Native American cultures, North and South America as well as plants and their indigenous uses and it was not a part of their culture and the plant did not exist here until the white man brought it here. There are glyphs and artwork on pottery and such of every plant that they used to be found but zero depictions of cannabis. This statue of Xochipilli has depictions of sacred and psychoactive plants including mushrooms (Psilocybe aztecorum), tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum), Ololiúqui (Turbina corymbosa), sinicuichi(Heimia salicifolia), possibly cacahuaxochitl but no cannabis. There is incredible evidence that they white man who was documenting plants in america never encountered hemp here until the white man had already been coming here for 100 years and it was only found where the white man had settled and the natives didn’t have a cultural history of it when asked. Xochipilli statue: http://www.mexicolore.co.uk/images-3/395_09_2.jpg

          • Elusivehigh

            How about giving us an origins story of cannabis instead of generalizing where it came from by saying “white man”

          • RONonymous

            Cannabis comes from Central and South Asia originally and was most likely brought to the Western Hemisphere by the Spanish in the early 16th Century.

          • RONonymous

            If anyone is seriously interested in Native American Cultures (North and South America) and their contributions to the world today including Agriculture and Drugs you might start by reading “Indian Givers” by Jack Mclver Weatherford. This is the link to read it online for free: http://tinyurl.com/IndianGivers

            There were very advanced cultures in the Western Hemisphere and they documented everything and there is absolutely no way that they had the cannabis plant in their environment and have used it in any way for spiritual practices or for food or fiber that they did not document it. Anyone that thinks otherwise is the one in this conversation that is (to use the words I have been accused of) being “arrogant” in their beliefs that the indigenous cultures were not advanced enough to document everything.

          • James Majors


      • supersajin


        The 10,00- Year history!! And How arrogant and typical “western” view of the world you have!! The only thing the white man introduced to natives of the “New World” was death by a gun! And he did this by the 10’s of MILLIONS!! South Americans STILL have an understanding of plant life and healing properties that science today still can not repeat. And you believe with you “white man” view of the universe they didn’t harvest a plant humans had been using for 10K years……OK

        • RONonymous

          The Cannabis plant was used by every culture that had the plant for 10,000 years yes but the natives of the Western Hemisphere did not have the plant. If you have evidence that they did then I and many others would love to see it. There is no evidence in their artwork, glyphs, or writing systems of any knowledge of the cannabis plant prior to Columbus. Every plant that they did use is documented in their own work. You mistake your wishful thinking for my arrogance.

        • RONonymous

          I just read your 10,000 year history you linked to and I don’t see one mention of Cannabis Hemp in the Americas prior to 1492. The reason is because it did not exist in the Americas prior to the 16th Century.

    • Connie Alsip

      Proven to be an exellent anti-convulsant. Has virtually eliminated seizures in a 9 year old epilepsy patient. Up to 300 seizures to maybe 3/day. But the POTUS dithers AGAIN.

  • T.Henderson

    I haven’t smoke for more than 5 years, and I Won’t until I finish my 20 and retire. But I honestly think that legalizing marijuana would help our country in its entirety. It would put responsibility to its name, would you want your kid going to a shady dealer or someone with a card to a dispensary. We spent around 40 billion on the war on drugs last year as well, if we took that money saved from marijuana related arrests it could significantly reduce our debt deficit (or have more money for the government to spend) or if we took the money and put it toward public schools we could raise teachers salary or get our future generation better school facilities. Either way people are smoking it illegally and I’m not understanding the reasoning behind the government not trying to get some sort of profit off of it, since they try to for everything else.

    • Sho Rembo

      The main thing of stopping the drug war is stopping the violence. The rest comes later

      • T.Henderson

        I completely agree. But I was talking about profitability for our government, which would be the main reason behind the government legalizing it.

        • Sho Rembo

          True, as that is all they are worried about….money. But with it illegal they get to confiscate property, make folks criminals, and deal it themselves under the radar.

          Need to make it about stopping the violence, not about the money. Way too much money for the gov while illegal.

          • Connie Alsip

            Way too many people in jail for a “victimless crime”, while the POTUS dithers some more. Although he admits to smoking it, he’s not ready to legalize it. Duplicitous piece of KAKA!

        • James Majors

          its been real profitable for the government courts ,lawyers,prison employees,ect ect.

    • trumpsahead

      Either way, govt still wants to control it. People are making noise so it’s probably time to “legalize” it, but not really, they will control it.
      As far as I’m concerned it would still be illegal because We the People will still be fined or incarcerated if we go outside govt’s cannabis “regulations”.

      Govt’s controlling marijuana will always be against the law of the U.S.Constitution; and that goes double for Hemp.

      It was exciting to read Vermont not only Nullified govt’s position as 8 or 9 other states had done, but intend to not wait for permission to legalize it. Finally, a state with balls. It’s like 40 states said they are seceding from the Union, but are awaiting permission from the federal govt. What a laugh. Hooray for Vermont!
      Think I’ll go smoke a j in celebration, ciao.

      • BraDolMag1

        One question for you… Where the HELL are you getting an O for $5.00?!?!

        • RONonymous

          You grow it. It costs no more to produce than tobacco or lettuce. The expense is all in the risks involved and the distribution.

        • trumpsahead

          Ha, I’m not, that’s my point. lf it were really legal, you might grow an entire backyard full and give some to your neighbors for maybe $5 an oz, like tomatoes.
          So as far as I’m concerned, if prohibition is unConstitutional then we should disobey the law. We must learn to keep in mind our soverignty, we are free human beings, and any Unconstitutional law impinges on our freedom and should be struck down or at least ignored.
          Of course, I won’t blow smoke in a bull cop’s face just yet.

    • Jay Jefferson

      Law enforcement agencies top-to-bottom already cut an insane profit off the drug war though. Uncle Sam rakes in billions in tax dollars AND drug dealing every year, making more off prohibition than taxation and regulation ever would. Just because the DEA sees the writing on the wall of their own impending demise and irrelevance doesn’t make Obama’s drug czar anymore willing to give up her job. ICE and the DEA will hold on against the tide for as long as possible.

    • Riggers

      40 billion? Maybe YOUR state. Texas spent 75 billion ALONE on MARIJUANA crime.

  • negotiatoR

    I like to teach the world to toke in perfect harmony 😉

  • Tyler Young

    If tobacco and alcohol were illegal it was also make sense for cannabis to be illegal also. The fact that the government allows big tobacco to produce an addictive product that has been proven to shorten life span and literally slowly kill someone is an atrocity just for the sake of high profits. Change takes time and it looks like that time is finally upon us. The United States government will look back years from now and wonder how and why they wasted billions when they could have been profiting from cannabis sales and also providing a safer alternative for their citizens than alcohol.

    • Houston Retrievers

      No they wont. They had to waste billions perpetuating a war against the American people because they were fu%Kin told too. How to keep a debt based system going unless you keep creating more of it.

      • The Alchemist

        Houston, I like the cut of your jib.

  • onebrownmouse

    If they wanted to legalize–they would have changed the law (by removing cannabis from the Drug Schedule altogether) — this is a worthless memo reminding everyone the feds will bust whomever they want whenever…..especially people in CO now that the DoR MMJ audit was an F, the CDPHE MMJ audit was an F and the Denver audit was an F.

  • Ernest Paul Toth


    • Dan

      Try again when you learn English and actually have something to add to the conversation.

      • nostro

        I’m sure you’re intelligent enough to be able to figure it out, and they did actually add something to the conversation though it wasn’t articulately written. You’re just another comment board grammar troll.

        • James Majors


    • trumpsahead

      Maybe they think it would be good diversion while they attack Syria. Whaddaya think? ciao.

    • sica

      ummm you need to buy a dictionary i had to read that 5 times before i could understand what it said….

  • colram

    “The justice department said that states can allow citizens to use the drug…”.

    Yes, they can, but not because the feds say so…because the Constitution says so. If you don’t believe it, read the Constitution, and pay special attention the the 10th amendment.

    • Houston Retrievers

      Exactly and last time I checked the people of the states has never gotten together and begged the legislatures to take their right to ingest what they will, away.

    • Lloyd Anderson

      or don’t look to close to the fact that it is written on hemp paper :)

    • Awakening

      You’re half right. You’re right that it’s not because the feds say so. But it’s not because the Constitution says so either.

      We don’t get our rights from the Constitution, we inherently have rights. The Constitution just spells it out. If the government repealed the Constitution, would we not have the right to free speech and the right to assemble and the right to keep and bear arms? Of course we would still have those rights. =)

      We also have the right to eat, drink, and smoke whatever we want. That’s not in the Constitution, but it’s an inherent right. It shouldn’t matter what laws or bills or statutes are passed, we still have rights including we can smoke whatever we want even if it’s poison ivy leaves. That would be idiotic, but you have the right to be idiotic!

  • Baja Artists

    About time.

  • as

    Who gives a shit? Anyone with a brain knows that legalese, acts & statutes are all man’s laws and are only enforcable by consent. Really free people know not to sell their REAL FREEDOMS under God, natural Law for the crappy “benefits and rights” offered by the USA Inc. corporation. Why would anyone take those when they basically limit and control everything you do!? Haha

    • Be Free

      I agree. We don’t need a law to legalize pot or un-illegalize it or decriminalize it or un-ban it. It’s all just games. Leave us alone, right? You can’t pass laws telling us what to do and what not to do. As long as you don’t hurt anyone else or take anything from them, do whatever the hell you want!

  • stu

    OR: the day the federal government just decided to order a pizza and watch Adventure Time all night.

  • mr hurt

    ok lets get the ball rolling send that good stuff to the tax man or uncle sam let let him put on that stamp so we can get buzzed

  • laura91

    I don’t think so, this is just
    more deception from the master of deception himself, he may say he will
    not interfere with states legalization of marijuana but what he does
    not say is the key, He does not say that he will prevent further illegal
    raids on the growers or dispensaries
    by the FBI, so be prepared there will be swat raids. obamanation is
    actually challenging the States to a muscle flexing competition and
    people are not getting this evil b$st@rd yet.

    • Connie Alsip

      It’s another tactic in Obozo’s attempt to take the citizenry’s guns. After all, it’s so dangerous. I remember Reefer Madness! One of the most hysterically funny propaganda films of all time. AAAhhahaa… But I don’t trust either Holder or Obama. It’ll come back to bite someone in the buttox, Howsomever, if their goal is to reduce the black populace imprisonment for pot offences should go far toward assuring at least one goal of the administration will be met.

  • Brian Pickell

    I don’t recall them creating an executive order, or signing anything into law stating as such. I’m pretty sure he just gave his word that they would be left alone, and we all know his word isn’t worth a hill of beans.

    I seem to remember back in 2009 the Obama administration said that they were not going to go after legal medical Marijuana operations, and yet here we are the administration that has had more Medical Marijuana raids than any previous administration.

    So forgive me if I don’t believe a word of this.

  • Jay Jefferson

    Forget states, individual nullification is where it’s at!

  • Kevin Merck

    They are throwing you a bone because they know the natives are restless.
    People should be outraged that these criminals have the audacity to make it illegal in the first place.
    Hundreds of thousands of people have had their lives ruined because of draconian pot laws.
    Remember little, Alex, the little girl down in Texas who was murdered by CPS because her dad smoked pot?
    The blood of that little girl is on all our hands for allowing these criminals to treat us like animals incapable of making decisions for ourselves.

  • robot999

    Um, no. I’m sure the SWAT teams will continue unabated. The Fed and local pigs still want the money and power that comes from the black market.

  • Glenda Shaw

    did florida list its law

  • NOPE

    Um Source?

    • Nick


  • Sly Rogers


    Yes, it is true. Holder just announced as much. You can find several articles just by doing a Google search.

  • Sly Rogers


    Just in case you don’t trust the Huff Post, here is an article from the NY Times. Does this mean this a a “forever” decision by the Feds? Probably not, but it is a “for now” decision.

  • JBeez

    it still under schedule 1…so no matter what this says…if you get caught your gonna be locked up…untill its off schedule 1 or they flat out announce full legalization throughout all states im not plating shit lol

  • charlesmealy

    Is. Pennsylvania legalize marijuana yet

  • Mj

    that is some delicious looking weed!
    Click my link :)

  • Drug Possession Laws

    It’s a step toward turning around the monstrous battleship that is the Federal goverment’s war on drugs.
    There are tens of thousands of DEA and other federal employee who have dedicated their careers to this insanity. Not easy to just switch that off.
    But it might just be the turning point. We will see.

    • Kevin Merck

      No, it’s not easy to switch that off, and there are new Frankenstein monsters that have been created that will be even harder to get rid of, like “Fatherland Security” and the TSA.
      People need to wake up and stop listening to pathetic soccer moms and dads who want to be safe from the boogerman.

      • http://www.drugpossessionlaws.com/ Drug Possession Laws

        Here is a drug policy expert who calls this “Bigger than Colorado and Washington legalizing marijuana.” and “The Berlin Wall of federal marijuana prohibition coming down.”
        Optimistic, perhaps, but he’s been working on legalization advocacy for over 10 years.

  • Wanda M Bross

    Transfer the DEA and Federal employees to border patrol, immigration and welfare fraud. It’s a win, win.

    • Kevin Merck

      I’ve got a better idea.

      Let’s put people in office who will bring the jobs home so that people cut loose from the federal payroll can get jobs in the private sector. That’s how America is supposed to operate. Over 50% of the jobs in America are for the government and it needs to be less than 2%.

  • Anthony

    Someone please find out if this is legit please. I understand it might not be but maybe someone can contact Michael Lotfi.

  • vanyam

    This is a start. Nullification on pot is the tip of the iceberg. Washington’s long arms have reached out over the entire country in eliminating the freedoms of individuals doing business, caring for their kids, growing food, making everyday decisions. The monarchs sitting in the House and Senate have become abusive to the population as they legislate blindly, thinking they are doing us favors by curtailing our ability to decide what’s proper, right or wrong in the way we live. In the meantime, they reach into our pockets in every way possible to feed this monstrous insane political smorgasboard in the Beltway. It’s like a mental disease which infects most who enter.

    Now we have a president who’s ego and dislike for the American Way are both much bigger than his sense of duty to the population. It’s time to starve this destructive process of its lifeblood… it feeds off OUR energy, sweat, labor and support. Now is the time for a national strike on abusive government power. Party does not matter anymore. Blind government power being enforced from a distance cannot be faced and scrutinized by real people who can’t see it, touch it or hold it accountable. Our legislators need to be dragged back home to face their constituents state-by-state. THAT is a government which can be held accountable.

    Maybe we can house our corrupt leaders in our state capitols 95% of the time, where we can control their whereabouts, do some surveilling of our own and keep a safe distance between the lobbyists and the greedy little palms of senators and congressmen. Washington’s too big, too seedy, too dirty for our lowly leaders to stay honest.

  • Kevin Merck

    Here is a prime example of why the feds need to stop this illegal “war on drugs” that does nothing but make a slave trade whose victims are US citizens. Anyone with a brain knows that the CIA brings in most of the drugs and any “war” is only against any competition from other sources.

    The American people who get caught up in this racket are used as slave labor in our *out of control* prison system. Look at the picture of the police in Texas who swat-teamed a law abiding farmer and terrorized his family for 10 hours at gunpoint. There was no marijuana so they confiscated blackberry bushes and tomato plants.

    Look at the picture of these **sick freaks** and tell me this is how you want to live.


  • jon

    damn and i wasted 50 bucks on my rec

  • Bobby O’Dell

    Marijuana is indeed witchcraft and sorcery. You people who advocate it are hurling curses at me now…under the spell of drugs. Study the word “pharmakeia” and it’s biblical context. The Lord will continue to judge America for her disobedience and harlotry. Soon we will be occupied by foreign forces, because we have refused to repent…refused to turn to the Living Christ!

    • Camilo Pockett

      Did you know that before the son of YOUR “god” was anointed with hemp oil on the last super? Plus it says in your “holy book” that man can use all the HERBS, PLANTS, trees, and fruits to his benifit except the tree of forbidden knowledge. Your “god” says nothing about being a sinner for smoking cannabis

      • mike

        it actually says time and time again to be sober.

        • JackSchitt

          pot does not get you drunk

        • PerfectlyFlawed

          Actually, there are many definitions of sober and not all of them have to do with intoxicants. See definitions 3-6 below.

          Sober – 1. Habitually abstemious in the use of alcoholic liquors or drugs; temperate.
          2. Not intoxicated or affected by the use of drugs.
          3. Plain or subdued: sober attire.
          4. Devoid of frivolity, excess, exaggeration, or speculative imagination; straightforward: gave a sober assessment of the situation.
          5. Marked by seriousness, gravity, or solemnity of conduct or character. See Synonyms at serious.
          6. Marked by circumspection and self-restraint.

          Perhaps the bible was telling Christians to be serious, straightforward or devoid of excess.

          • BrentSquared

            Yeah, I wonder about that myself. Because the Bible does talk about drunks who go chasing after alcohol, and that’s all that they live for. Is there such a thing as not smoking too much cannabis ans still remaining sober?

      • BrentSquared

        Aye Camilio, but the Bible does talk about having a sober mind. The question is, can one smoke cannabis and still remain in a sober state of mind?

    • Hater

      wait tell you get cancer and are advised to smoke pot so you don’t feel the agony of your inevitable death.

      and if marijuana is witchcraft and sorcery then what would you call a man who transforms water to wine, and rises from the dead? now thats some witchcraft! I advise you to stop taking fairy tales so seriously.

    • JackSchitt

      Whoa Bobby, sit down and smoke a fat 1.

      • Kevin Merck

        I think he did just before he posted that comment. LOL!

        • WEED MAN

          WEED SMOKE!

      • WEED MAN


        • JackSchitt

          hey weed man do you smoke weed?

          • Wolfsbane

            weed man is definately NOT making a good case for weed, repeating the same general statement over and over indicates to the anti-weed folk that his brain is burned out. Which anyone who has ever smoked weed, knows is not nor ever will be the case.

          • JackSchitt

            I could not agree with YOU more.

    • FreeMindsThinkAlike

      Oh no! Not another religious bigot trying to impose their views on me and our country! This person must be right! I mean there’s no way a government could get rid of a draconian policy without sacrificing your religious innocence! We’re all going to burn in hell now!

      • WEED MAN


    • kim

      what disobedience…god put it here. Indians have used it for hundred of years and look how long they live and bother no one!!

      • Rothgarr

        Bobby O’Dell, one of the pillars of the teaching of Christ is “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” If you are a believer and truly follow the teachings of Christ, put down your sword and center yourself in the New Testament instead of the Old. Jesus himself loved and fellowshipped with people of all types be they upstanding citizens or harlots and thieves. Love all those around you. If you feel their souls are in jeopardy, pray for them. It is not for you to condemn anyone. It is not for you to decide who is damned and who is saved. You are not a vicious soldier in God’s army who must do unchristian things in the name of the greater Christian good. All such leanings are original sin, Pride, and nothing more. Satan undermines the Lord by twisting the minds and hearts of those who believe if he can, tricking them into doing his works under the guise of righteousness.

        • WEED MAN


      • WEED MAN


    • Gorak Gamer

      you sir, are simply insane n misled

      • WEED MAN


    • Marcus

      excuse me sir but marijuana is not a drug it is a natural growing plant just like nicotine and you dont crusify people for that do you?

      • WEED MAN


    • melina

      Bobby did you also know that people who practiced the use of herbs in the bible days were considered witches and killed?

      • WEED MAN


    • WEED MAN


    • Just me

      Dude your blind..lots of Christians smoke weed..it came from god and he gave it to us for a reason..it isn’t altered in any way..it’s even more natural than flour..is flour witchcraft?

    • FireitupKansas Legalize

      I have to say one thing. Some one, and I wont mention any names, (bobby) is completely delusional.
      Oh…one more thing … SMOKE WEED! LOL peace and pPp~~~

  • Joy Baley

    BOUT TIME!!!! This is a God Made, God Given plant with much benefits to it. Your body naturally holds on to it, and stores it for later use! Like a vitamin! Where as drugs are immediately rejected from our bodies… Its about time that we woke up and use these resources to fight cocaine, meth, heroin and crack like substances! Go get those skum bags and leave us live in PEACE!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! GOD BLESS US ALL!!! :)

    • hater

      agreed, most teens, once they get busted for smoking pot by either parents or law and put into rehab, will instead use many of the listed drugs to cope with their emotional discomforts, because, like you said they are rejected quickly so the weekly/random UA can easily be passed.
      people smoke pot for many different reasons, if you smoke to ease emotional discomfort, and end up in the situation i just described, you end up addicted to these harder drugs, wich will obviously add to your emotional discomfort

      • WEED MAN


    • WEED MAN


    • FireitupKansas Legalize

      calling people “skum” scum bags and saying “PEACE” in the same sentence doesn’t really work now does it? just sayin…lol
      peace and pPp~~~

  • Henry’s Grandma-Shenna Albert

    Before they made pot illegal they used to use the hemp to trade for food and other items for us to survive…. Why they made it illegal is beyond me…. Marijuana helps with aches and pains, nausea, its used for cancer patients, its used for people with glaucoma, aids patients, and other illnesses too so why is/was it illegal for us to use it?

    • Nickod777

      One of the many reasons is because it made things too cheap… food, paper, gas, oil, etc. Their are other reasons, this one is not a huge one, but it does count somewhat. Big corporations created lies to the public to inform them of effects that hemp/marijuana can do. Hemp was so easily made that so many things were made cheap, the big corporations didn’t like that, wanted it banned to increase prices. It all worked out for them.

      • WEED MAN


    • RandomGuy

      There are 3 main reasons marijuana became illegal:
      1.)Synthetic (patent protected) alternatives to Hemp (DOW -Nylon, William Randolph Hurst -pulp based paper)
      2.) The end of alcohol prohibition leaving a huge law enforcement apparatus without a purpose, and underground networks of bootleggers without a profit margin.
      3.) Racism. The marijuana tax act was sold to the american people through racial fears of stoned Black people (especially Jazz musicians) and Mexicans raping white women.

      • WEED MAN

        SMOKE weed!

      • Stahrweedsmoker

        Propaganda works, if you don’t believe me, check out Hitler and what Stalin had to say, and how they took CONTROL of their countries.

    • WEED MAN








    WAKE UP.

    • WEED MAN


      • FireitupKansas Legalize


    • Draco Blud

      Well, Back in “Christ’s time” wine was used almost exclusively because most of the well water was nasty and mostly unsafe to drink. It takes some pretty pure water to make wine and beer, so that made wine safer than most water at the time.

      I see your 25% Native American, and raise you French/Irish. 😛

    • v1nny

      A Native American Christian who is preaching to not believe what others tell them lol. The fact that marijuana and basil are both plants doesn’t mean anything. People are allowed to have dog’s as pets so why can’t everyone have bear’s, lions, and killer whales too. After all they are all mammals. Also, in “Christ’s Time” they hardly had time to allow their bread to rise, let alone always have strong wine as we know today.

      • NICK JESUS


    • FireitupKansas Legalize

      Here Here! well said

  • Chris Dougherty

    I really don’t care if “pot” is legal or illegal, because, if someone wants to smoke it, they will. What I do care about, is hemp, containing absolutely zero chemicals that are illegal, is illegal. Sorry Oil Mega Fucks, you jacked the gas prices and lost humanities respect trying to still pretend that oil is a fossil fuel.. no such thing as a fossil fuel lol.

    • WEED MAN


      • FireitupKansas Legalize

        WEED…we’re smokin it..lol

    • Anon

      Do you really say that there’s no such thing as fossil fuel? Lol

      • Draco Blud

        Yep! Another product of our wonderful education system in the US… I’m going to guess they dropped out in the 5th grade, before you learn how oil is made… lol

    • FireitupKansas Legalize

      actually hemp does contain 3% to 5% THC… just sayin..
      peace and pPp~~~

      • BrentSquared

        Not to be a wise acre Fireitup, but cannabis contains THCA and when the proper temperature in heat is applied to it; it turns into THC, heh.

  • james

    Thank God the feds backed off maybe me and my Ill mother can Ease our suffering now!!!James millikin

    • WEED MAN



      • stopspamming

        you’re not helping the cause with your capslocked spam. I’m as for it as you are, but you’re making us look bad.

    • FireitupKansas Legalize

      don’t let your guard down

  • Slim_Strontem

    It is a couched statement, and it was inevitable. Note that Colorado’s recreational use law is excluded from this consideration. (I haven’t looked at WA’s.)

    • WEED MAN

      WEED SMOKE!!

  • Richard Mason

    A load of people with big opinions and lofty quotes, but it don’t mean a hill of beans. A post doesn’t change the world. Try getting off your lard ass and donate to a cause that can make a difference. Lay off the Starbucks and the Hot Pockets and donate. Give of your time and get the crap out of that silly stupid sideline armchair, man!

    • WEED MAN


      • james

        Nice come back

    • Draco Blud

      You act as if you’re some how going to make a difference with your post… 😛

    • Brian Pickell

      I donate twice a year to MS, so what’s your point?

  • John Shoane

    I smoked for years. I really wish I hadnt. But i dont think it should be banned government has no right to tell people what to do with their own bodies.

    • WEED MAN


    • jbanana

      Dude, I’ve smoked for decades, more than three, and I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. Cannabis is NOT a drug, it’s an herb. Drugs are made from toxic sludge, petrochemical by products, and medical waste. Why do you wish you hadn’t?

      • FireitupKansas Legalize

        I would keep voting this one up but it wont let me. lol 29 yr toker and counting. I’ve smoked close to 100,000 times and guess what.. I work nearly every day, I pay my own bills, I have been self employed for a long time and I am damn good at what I do.
        peace and pPp~~~

      • http://www.multifamilyinsiders.com brentwilliams2

        I’m not sure that is the best argument to go with. I don’t know the legal definition of “drug”, but I think the layperson would consider it a drug since it has mind altering affects. I’m not saying it is bad, but I think most people would at least consider it a drug. So making that argument probably would result in some pointless discussion on whether it is a drug or not, rather than whether it should be legal.

        • jbanana

          If that’s the definition of a drug, than food fits into that catagory. Have you ever seen a kid on FDA food coloring #2 red, or too much sugar? What about food algeries? Have you ever eaten a big meal, and needed a nap afterward? Besides, there is nothing in the constitution granting power to outlaw a flower. If it’s not enumerated it’s not permitted.

          • http://www.multifamilyinsiders.com brentwilliams2

            I’m not saying you are wrong – I’m just saying that your argument probably will not win the battle. For example, talking to uninformed people about the real reasons why marijuana is outlawed, such as special interest groups, and how marijuana compares to other drugs, such as prescription drugs and alcohol, can lead to a change in thinking. I just don’t think that saying “Marijuana is not a drug” will achieve the goal of legalization. You’ll probably find that someone who would have otherwise agreed to the idea of legalization will suddenly be arguing about whether it is a “drug” or not. It’s all in framing the debate, and I think yours just adds unnecessary problems to that debate.

          • jbanana

            Lots of herbs have medicinal properties, but no drugs are herbs. A plant can’t be a “drug”. It may contain mind altering properties, and compounds naturally, but, they’re not synthesized from chemical components in a lab, ie. petro – pharmaceuticals.

          • jbanana

            It’s NOT a drug. Drugs are manufactured in labratories. We don’t “grow” drugs, we don’t manufacture plants, it’s that simple. It was given thal label by the idiots that say it has no medicinal properties, consider the source.

        • jbanana

          If that’s the definition of a drug, than food fits into that catagory. Have you ever seen a kid on FDA food coloring #2 red, or too much sugar? What about food algeries? Have you ever eaten a big meal, and needed a nap afterward? Besides, there is nothing in the constitution granting power to outlaw a flower. If it’s not enumerated it’s not permitted.

  • Sugar Daddy Kane

    Did anybody here actually read the release by the DoJ? Marijuana in the DoJ statement is still federally illegal and their release gives nobody any legal defense (in their own words). I think all of you should read this which also contains a link the the release by the Deputy Attorney General and cc’d to FBI, DEA, Attorney General’s Advisory Committee/Criminal division, and the Executive Office for US Attorneys http://seekingalpha.com/article/1665592-doj-guidance-paves-way-for-marijuana-stocks

  • will davis

    cannabis and hemp should both be legal because there are no bad affects the only thing i that if you have a past history of schizophrenia then you have a higher risk of getting it but hemp has so much opportunity to make and produce so much

    • qopel

      ANY smoke is bad for your lungs That’s a bad affect.

      • Apples1369

        I disagree. If ANY smoke was bad for your lungs then I would like to think the people who let big rigs, train, bus’s and all the other black smoke bogs that fly down the road would be put to a stop. Cig smoke and vehicle exhaust are just a couple of things that can kill you even if you dont smoke yourself or just so happen to work in a truck yard. Pot smoke is not AS bad for you. it kills off the little hairs like any other smoke would… HOWEVER by doing this Pot also has a healing part to it that makes the little hairs you killed off grow back faster I guess you could say. I say stop producing tabaco and start growing Pot. It grows faster, Tast better, helps your mind and body in ways [ills cant even dream of,. and we as a country could finaly pull out fo the red and be in full black because farmers and tree farmers are bringing BANK and making everything 100x faster then corn or tress would grow.

        Ok my point is there I just started ranting… my bad 😛

      • bob

        use a vaporizer or make food with it.

  • Soonsmoker

    Was the law past legal in the first place? After all it didn’t go thru the proper Chanel’s.
    Back then a private meeting was held and it was made law, should it not have been voted on to make it legal?

    • FireitupKansas Legalize

      Its not legal. Its a “shift” in policy. The next administration can shit can it. That’s why its important for everyone to know that now more than ever, we need to keep the heat on. We can’t let up.

    • grassy knoll

      kind of like the federal reserve?

  • VL123

    Ya….I can’t wait for EVEN MORE DEATHS from drugs!! WOOOHOOOO!!! 420!

    • Nemo

      There has not been ANY deaths from Marijuana us. ever.

      • Ryan

        Well that’s technically not true sine your’re putting it in such absolute terms. The United States Gov’t conducted a test on spider monkeys in which they forced so much smoke into the subjects’ gas masks so fast that they suffocated. This was in order to “prove” that excessive use of marijuana kills brain cells, although it was really the lack of oxygen that got that job done. Still, marijuana was the weapon of choice in killing those monkeys and it does bring up a decent point. Marijuana smoke is smoke. Smoke derivative of ANY substance at all is ALWAYS bad for your health to a degree because of the presence of carcinogens and to those who preach medical merit, its best to vape or use edibles.

        • FireitupKansas Legalize

          It is not even possible for any living being to smoke that much pot. Like you said, it was the deprivation of oxygen that killed those monkeys. That’s no different than murder. Also, that was the same test they used to make the claim that smoking pot kills brain cells. Again, deprivation of oxygen to the brain. The smoke itself, in no way, hurt those animals. Oxygen deprivation is oxygen deprivation, whether it was far to much smoke or a pillow over the face. Studies have indicated that even smoking pot, doesn’t hurt you. In fact, part of the study indicated that a heavy pot smoker who also smokes tobacco, the pot offers a protective effect from the tobacco. peace and pPp~~~

        • Brian Pickell

          the monkeys didn’t die from smoking too much weed. They died because they were denied oxygen. Where is the logic in this post?

    • AlbertCat

      I believe one must smoke more than it takes to pass out to OD….IOW, you pass out long before it’s lethal. In fact, they are hard pressed to find negative outcomes to moderate use. But too much of anything is bad for you, y’know.

      • Professor Green

        A person can actually die from drinking too much water. I think people should do a bit of research before they go entering conversations that are way over their heads. I’m just kidding… but seriously.

        • Brian Pickell

          LD50 is 1500LBS of Marijuana in 15 minutes. Yes Marijuana is in fact safer than water. So you should do a bit of research before entering in conversations above your head. :)

    • casey

      ur stuped

      • Daisy

        That coming from someone who spelled Stupid, stuped lmao!

        • pretty obv

          pretty obv that he means he is both stupid and has been “duped” by government/religious/etc. propaganda…

    • atrum

      lol wtf do some research. get back to me with your marijuana death toll, please

  • clesrock

    Death from weed? Wtfe

  • james

    the ld50 of tetrahydrocannabinol is 15,000 joints in 15 mins

    • james

      ie impossible
      i dare someone to try it youll fall asleep way b4 anything else lol and thc has no chemical addictions ever

      • racerx605

        if you’re packin I’m hackin…

      • Brian Pickell

        you could do it. Take 1500LBS of weed and turn it into hash. Now we are dealing with just a few pounds of material. Now bake some cookies.

        If you could possibly eat all of the cookies in under 15 minutes, you could get them all down before the affects kicked in. It usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour for edibles to kick in.

    • Hazy

      Actually it’s 1,500 lbs in 15 minutes and you would probably die from Asphyxiation first.

  • Mark Robert

    Legalize Nature

    Legalize Cannabis now

    Big pharmaceutical companies are killing people with chemically derived compounds that often take two pages of ultra-fine print just to describe the harmful side effects of their drugs.

    Pharmaceutical companies would like you believe that cannabis is dangerous, however cannabis has NEVER been known to kill anyone.

    Can pharmaceutical companies make similar claims?

    We don’t need to buy it.

    We don’t need the Government.


  • lawlzy

    People die from smoking weeding and doing stupid things all the time. No one cares about a dumb pothead dying though unless it’s a millionaire. Dope heads always crashing into other peoples cars or being to slow to react to a vital moment, its better they are gone and no one cares.

    • FireitupKansas Legalize

      Nobody has ever died from smoking pot. And nobody ever will. And like it or not, millions of people care. peace and pPp~~~

      • viktorie

        Exactly… what a moron. People die from smoking pot never has happened. Before you comment lawlzy, you should inform yourself a whole lot better. Moron.

    • youaredumb

      Hey my best friend died from smoking weeding more power to you bro

      • dirediredocks

        would you like to provide the medical report that described in detail the way in which smoking “weed” killed your friend?

        • me

          weed does kill…ask the man from florida that was shot by police for eating a bums face….all they found was weed in his system was weed…..but it might have been grown by monsanto…hahahahahahaha

          • yes

            oh god that monsanto line wins.

      • sonicbphuct

        are you saying they were smoking WHILE weeding (perhaps in the garden or something), or, do you have an Elmer Fud speech impediment and meant to say that they were smoking reading (as in, what was assigned to him at school), or do you just mean that your best friend died while he was high? Because if you mean that smoking Cannabis caused your friend’s death, you should seriously call up some people; I believe NORML is offering a huge reward to anyone that can prove weed killed someone.

    • racerx605

      / you should get your head out of your arse before you suffocate… not even counting the plethora of other uses there are for that plant (which would include things like: cheap clean renewable fuel, cheap non-toxic energy efficient building materials, textiles, paper, non-toxic bio-degradable plastics [alternatives for virtually anything petroleum based… or would you rather be defrauded, poisoned and charged an arm & a leg for it as you have been?]) smoking it is a valid (all natural, non-toxic, non-addictive) treatment for things like: depression, lack of apatite, insomnia, ADD, chronic pain? (depends on the strain) and you can smoke it if you get cancer and have to go through chemo (as it’s commonly used for) but if you drink the seed oil you probly won’t need the chemo… but go on, believe what you’ve been programmed to believe… (being ignorant; also a right)

      • repealit1975

        agree, but it’s not seed oil (which is very good for you eaten raw), it is a distillation of the mature unfertilised flowers, buds! people are calling it Rick Simpson Oil now days :)

        • racerx605

          good info, tx!

    • http://www.multifamilyinsiders.com brentwilliams2

      Everybody, this person is either a troll or someone trying to push an agenda. Look at the reply from “youraredumb”, which uses the same “smoking weeding” phrase, which makes no sense. They are obviously the same person, so just ignore them.

      • BrentSquared

        heh, right on Brent

    • robert

      so you are saying alcohol should be illegal then?? after all people die from drinking and driving aswell all the time…

    • kyle

      ToolI Hope I See U On The Road Next Time I’m Smoking A Blunt….Maybe U Will B The One Who I Run Into And Kill, So Nobody Will Have To Here Or Read Your UN Educated And Ignorant Statements……..Fucking ToOl!!!

    • Byrysh

      as opposed to alcohol related fatalities… MJ use is far less dangerous. The only thin g I’m gonna beat up is a box of lucky-charms… 😛

    • grassy knoll

      your fulla shit

    • willfixit

      Wow. you’re an idiot.
      Find and cite any legitimate link for anything you claimed.
      Hint – YOU CAN’T.
      All you do is look foolish and uneducated.

    • Wyldhart

      Smoking may affect different people differently.However, not everyone is as you put it, slow to react. Actually I know several that have better hand eye coordination when they are high. You really need to educate yourself before going on a post and spouting nonsense. And anyone I ever knew or even know now that smoke don’t go out driving and crashing into anything. All they want to do is hang out at home playing video games, watching movies, hanging out with friends and feeding their faces. So lawlzy why don’t you go crawl back under your rock.

    • volleyballgirl

      Prove it. and actually a lot of people care. Stop being a government kiss ass, if the prohibition of alcohol can be repealed so can the prohibition of marijuana. I here of people dyeing from alcohol consumption everyday. but not one case of a death from cannabis use alone. learn your facts.

  • FireitupKansas Legalize
  • Daisy

    Ladies and gentlemen:

    You will NOT, I repeat YOU WILL NOT die from smoking weed.

    That is all. Thank you.

    • Joe Dirtee

      no you won’t, I just tried to.

    • Laura Olson

      Sometimes you might feel like you are dying though.


      • Brian Pickell

        While it is true, if you get too much. You will not only feel like you are dying, you will be wishing you were dying. But the fact of the matter is. Wait it out a couple hours and you will be fine.

        They have already proved that the LD50 of Marijuana is 1500 LBS in 15 minutes. I don’t think it is humanly possible to consume that much Marijuana in that short amount of time. Although I know some people that would want to try. LOL

  • racerx605

    better question: is everyone illiterate or just too damn lazy to bother reading the law? (prefer to be defrauded by ‘their’ govt)

    TITLE 21 U.S.C. Food and Drugs
    Section 822(2)(c) Persons Required to Register – Exceptions
    clearly states:
    “The following persons shall not be required to register and may lawfully possess any controlled substance or list I chemical under this subchapter: (3) An ultimate user who possesses such substance for a purpose specified in section 802(25)* of this title.”

    *Section 802(25) of this title, referred to in subsec.
    (c)(3), was redesignated section 802(26) of this title by Pub. L. 98–473, title
    II, § 507(a), Oct. 12, 1984, 98 Stat. 2071, and was further redesignated
    section 802(27) of this title by Pub. L. 99–570, title I, § 1003(b)(2), Oct.
    27, 1986, 100 Stat. 3207–6.

    TITLE 21 U.S.C. Food and
    Drugs Section 802 Definitions at (27):
    “The term ‘‘ultimate user’’ means a person who has lawfully obtained, and who possesses, a controlled substance for his own use or for the use of a member of his household or for an animal owned by him or by a member of his household.”

    It is an undisputable fact that Marijuana is listed as a Schedule I Controlled Substance at 21 U.S.C. 812(c) Schedule I (c)(10)

    so… is mj really “illegal” under federal law???

    • Concerned

      Codes and statutes are, with the utmost intention, written to be confusing and entrapping – this is completely unconstitutional (vague and ambiguous). Codes and statutes are a game in semantics and definitions, often, sadly, with life changing consequences.

      These things being said, the term “lawfully obtained” in TITLE 21 U.S.C. Food and Drugs Section 802 Definitions at (27) is where you will run into potential problems at the State and federal levels depending on the respective codes/statutes, with the exception of the States of Washington and Colorado within their respective State codes – mind you the feds may well still have a bone to pick with you, the individual, depending on your circumstances in WA and CO in regards to marijuana possession/use/distribution.

      I am not not criticizing you for your interpretation of this specific U.S.C., being most anyone would take away the same understanding if such was read “straight through.” Please, in the future, everyone be mindful of the level of deception and obfuscation involved in code/statute at the State and federal levels. Liberty depends upon us being informed of the machinations formed against us and the Constitution.

      -A concerned Peace Officer

      • racerx605

        well observed & stated, and nowhere is this legal trickery/sleight of hand more prevelant than in state motor vehicle codes, where they use terms like ‘motor vehicle’ (a specifically commercial term) in place of’ ‘automobile’ (something one would have the lawful right to travel in without permission/regulation from the state) and most people don’t realize the differences in these terms or the legal reprecussions for doing things like claiming/agreeing their automobile is a ‘motor vehicle’ on a dmv form (essentially waives any/all constitutional rights so the state can treat you as a commercial entity, which would have no constituional rights or protections!) but to stay on-topic, as it is a plant (a naturally occurring ‘thing’ not a manufactured substance) one *could* simply find it growing naturally somewhere [?] and if the ‘authorities’ (the ones who rubber stamp ‘fda approved’ on all kinds of things that *cause* cancer but will send armed ‘peace officers’ to shoot you for trying to acquire the cure? [for your own protection of course] yeah, those ‘auhorities’) didn’t actually see you obtain it, then the burden would be on *them* to prove it was obtained from an unlawful source yes? (people should be aware they do have a silver bullet they can use when dealing with these criminal ‘authorities’, in most cases I would assume anyone who presents such a defense would find the charges quietly dismissed)

  • Cyprus

    You can buy asprine. Take 15 of those and see what happens. There legal.

    • john

      what thinned blood? I have taken 25 aspirin at once in an attempt and yet i never had a problem.

      • Poppa

        Is that something to be proud of? Good luck finding a new liver soon you idiot

        • Doesntmatter

          It’s Tylenol that ruins your liver……look it up if you don’t believe me!!!!

          • Harry Cohen

            More than 4000 mg of Acetaminophen within 24 hours with some regularity to be exact.

      • Laura Olson

        Well, you are very lucky you didn’t sustain any kind of trauma in the days following ingestion of 25 aspirin.

    • therealdeal

      the only difference is you cannot over dose off marijuana…

  • Kelly Accola-Sager

    They should legalize it, weed is not dangerous, it is the drug dealers that are; besides that the government could tax it, lol,

  • robert

    It is physically impossible to die from smoking marijuana…discussion over


    • Science Guy

      FACT: Biochemist and Human Pathologist Dr. Paul Hornby, PhD said “I further you would have to smoke something like 15,000 joints in 20 minutes to get a toxic amount of THC…I challenge anybody to try it” Thats roughly 33 pounds give or take Lol

      • Robyn Jackson

        ……Challenge accepted.

      • Robyn Jackson

        ……Challenge accepted.

  • Solarcloud1




    re·peal [ri-peel] Show IPA
    verb (used with object)

    1. to revoke or withdraw formally or officially: to repeal a grant.
    2. to revoke or annul (a law, tax, duty, etc.) by express legislative enactment; abrogate.


    3. the act of repealing; revocation; abrogation.

    1275–1325; Middle English repelen < Anglo-French repeler, equivalent to re- re- + ( a ) peler to appeal


    A #repeal is the removal or reversal of a law.
    There are two basic types of repeal, a repeal with re-enactment (or
    replacement) of the repealed law, or a repeal without replacement. The
    motion to rescind, repeal, or annul is used in parliamentary procedure to cancel or countermand an action or order previously adopted by the assembly. Removal of secondary legislation is normally referred to as revocation rather than repeal in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Under the common law of England and Wales, the effect of repealing a statute was "to obliterate it completely from the records of Parliament as though it had never been passed."[1] This, however, is now subject to savings provisions within the Interpretation Act 1978.

    So now that you've FINALLY actually read the definition of the word that DOES represent what you "believe you were saying" since the 60's…NOW does it make a tiny bit more sense why ALL EFFORTS HAVE FAILED to restore our freedoms so far?

    It's time we REPEALED prohibition. For everyone. Everywhere.

    "More of the same" isn't working. It never did. It never will.

    IT CAN'T…because it was never DESIGNED to.

    Not "decriminalization." Not "legalization." Not "tax and regulate." Not "regulate like _______." Not "government controlled." Not "corporate monopoly controlled." Not even "for approved and specifically licensed medicinal use only."

    ALL of those are just different forms of "specifically delineated" PROHIBITION.

    If you want it over, you have to REPEAL it.

    Unless you really WANT "more of the same?"

  • Joe Rupert

    i had to write something just so it would have 420 comments

  • reedsh2

    This article is complete and utter bullshit. They are only saying that they aren’t going to fight Colorado or Washington anymore.

    • Ross

      Please shut up..

  • gnarlycarly

    Yeah and what they say is ALWAYS what they do, right? Doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to go after people, they will just do it in a different way, rather than looking like idiots suing their own states.
    As long as it doesn’t go on the black market? WTF hello? If its not on the ‘black market’ then it’s taxed. Don’t be fooled by these ass clowns, they are not just giving up.

  • freemeforlife

    I just smoked a joint. I feel great.

    • NoChip4Me

      Wish I had been sitting right next to you. I would even take second hand smoke. If memory serves me, grass smells so nice, so sweet.
      Good for you.

      My problem is I would like to be able to grow the stuff and not have to break the law (I’m a law abiding citizen now) and also not to have to get involved with drug dealers which some I met in my youth were scary individuals. I don’t deal with criminals. Usually people that sell pot also have to sell other stuff.

      Just a small patch of marijuana along with my zucchini, carrots, potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, squash, chives and tarragon.

      Marijuana cooked down can cure cancer, help with a whole host of other maladies. it is God’s miracle weed.

  • Kyle

    This Is Only GooD For The TWo States That Legalized Marijuana For Recreational Use. For The Rest Of Us In The Medical Community, WE Will Be Screwed For Ever Because Of Our Awesome Government Backed Prescription Drug program…….

    • dac

      You’re not a part of the medical community, you type like an asshole.

      • Jay

        Doctor’s have the handwriting of complete assholes :/

    • GrammarNazi

      Stop capitalizing every word, not only is it annoying but it does not help you appear smart.

    • Mark

      Why is that? so the “Medical Community” has less power of monopoly on a prescribed drug “Weed” in which anyone with knowledge can grow? sounds like a scam to me.

    • Jay

      That’s what those 2 states said 9 years ago. Shake and bake, no time to complain.

    • Eric Kent

      Yeah stop capitalizing every word. Please write as if you knew how to use this machine known as a typewriter keyboard. Thank you kindly.

  • Greenleaf

    IF you would like to RE-Educate yourself and family/friend this is the place MomsforMarijuana.org we would love for folk to come on over….It’s time to talk.

  • Patriot4America

    Love it!! About time… Now we don’t have to rely on posionous Pharmaceuticals to treat symptoms. We can actually cure ourselves with Cannabis!!

  • Wil

    hemp oil…the cure for cancer

  • Cockzillia

    Is this for real? Or is somebody trying to cover their ass for going to Syria?

  • Skye Fox

    This is a distraction from the current news about Syria, they want you to be excited about this and not worried about that. Also this might benefit the government as well. Remember that hemp was a huge moneymaker that funded previous wars, history repeats itself. Keep your eyes open and don’t get tunnel vision. Take a step back and try to watch the whole picture.

    • Jay

      Turns out, some are excited. No matter how much you reflexively cling to the Syria debate, other news is happening too. Pseudo-talking about Syria has become just as worthless as a Miley Cyrus reference (see what I did there?). The fact remains, that your posts (and my response) does dick for any situation but provoke comments as pointless as your post. Proud yet? Wait, there’s more! If you’re also clinging to “awareness,” get off the internet. If you feel I should explain that statement more, feel free to let me know.

      • Dick Cheese

        I agree with her… But Ive got to admit, that was a completely assholish reply… Nicely done….

      • Maryjane

        i love this.

      • blast0id

        still trying to discern whether I should laugh or cry after reading that…

    • Jesus 2.0

      I was like you once………..so proud in thinking that I “knew” something. That I was clever enough and resourceful enough to understand what THEY were doing. The truth is I didn’t know anything and all my knowledge was based on worldy lies. The truth I wanted was not available anywhere on the internet. I had to figure it all out basically by myself. With nothing but shills at every stop telling me how wrong or crazy I was. Now I have the truth…The illuminati know this and try to keep me as low profile as possible and not even shill or troll me so as to not cause any attention my way. Honey if you are worried about Syria you are NOT awake….THEY are all in on it together……this very internet you value so much is controlled and ran by them. Ever heard of the great deception? The strong delusion? You are on it right now……you watch it everyday……..those “people” on the internet? They are not people………..that caffeine you drink everyday? Illuminati mind control agent they keep us on from birth to death. We are born into bondage. “Take a step back and try to watch the whole picture” such arrogance from a daughter of Zion. Go read about what the bible says will happen to haughty daughters of zion. Might be an eye opening experience for you. I AM THE TRUTH

    • willfixit

      Our war on drugs is some 80 years old and more people have died because of it, than in Syria. This doesn’t “lessen” the Syria situation, but in fact this may be “step 1” to an issue easily as important.

  • mike

    Obama makes yet another conscious decision to make progress (by NOT suing the states) and still people find something to criticize. Be constructive instead :) Progress is happening, be part of it.

  • Jymmi

    score one for mari!! still has nothin to do with syria.. help american first!! the hell wit the rest of the world they have governments and kings and queen lol

  • Ryan

    Meth, Cocain, and all other hard drugs should carry a good prison sentence. But common pot should be totally legal!

    • willfixit

      Nope. Legalize and regulate all drugs; prohibition does not work, at all.

      • Surendra Madray

        Exactly, let people choose the poison they want in their bodies. All we can do is educate them to know the effects of using drugs, both short term and long term, as well as mentally and physically. If they still choose to do drugs by all means go ahead. Besides, there are way too many people on Earth (especially idiots and ignorant fools) that are just wasting the resources and space and most of our time. It would do some good for us to lose some of these fools to make better changes in the world. Some of them might be the perfect examples for why you shouldn’t do drugs, and discourage the newer generations from doing them.
        Furthermore if we want a decrease in drug use lets cut down the risk factors that lead to them, mainly stress. Work, school, money, life, love; these all are major contributors to mental/physical issues that leads many down the road to drugs and substance abuse. If we can find a way to alleviate the stress off of people, we will find less drug abuse and growing disinterest in them. The only abusers/uses left would be the ignorant fools, and who really needs them around…? (btw I don’t consider weed a drug)

    • NoChip4Me

      Totally agree. ^
      What Big Pharma doesn’t like is the stuff is so easy to grow.
      Once can not even have a green thumb and the stuff grows like a weed.
      “God’s miracle weed”.

  • YobOverTheTop

    The problem with the Executive branch having a change of heart and directing the AG and DOJ not to prosecute in states that ‘legalize’, is that the next President can do the exact opposite and use Federal funds and resources to challenge states, based on the Supremacy Clause in Article 6 of the US Constitution. We need Congress to be remove it from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act…otherwise state-level decisions will never be legal.

    • Nadz

      and a repeal will never happen and never has with federal laws. reformed yes but never removed.

  • hippiechick

    making life easier by legalizing it!!

    • bobfairlane

      re-legalize it

  • The Know

    I hope this is true but the fact of the matter is legalizing weed wont solve our major drug problem with pharma and there major hold on your doctors prescriptions going back to money saving natural vitamins and nutrients from ORGANIC produce will not only make this FAT nations belly smaller but will help fight off the deep depression and SUICIDAL mentality the YOUTH suffers from TODAY! thank you BEN for the info keep fighting the good fight!

    • loki

      I hate to be a grammar nazi… but that was hard to make sense of.

      • Andrew Daum

        Must live in one of the ‘legal’ states.

    • higgity bo bobson

      ah hah, but it would have a DRAMATIC effect on pharma! cut off your fingure? weed. Have glaucoma? weed, got depression? weed…. really, you can grow it YOURSELF then administer as needed…FUQ pharma. Just save seeds now before the get GM and marked as monsanto seeds…..

    • Frank Findley

      If you are sick hell with the law. The doctors and pharma are not out to save you, but to take all your money before you die.

  • NoChip4Me

    Then somebody with authority should inform the police and judicial system in Illinois because according to them, marijuana is not legal in Illinois.
    If you are caught with any – you will go to jail and have to face a judge.

    • Bomma

      It says that the federal government gave the states the option of letting marijuana be legal under the circumstances chosen by each individual state. Colorado, for instance, had the vote for recreational usage passed and are now following up with the regulations and all to keep it away from kids and whatever else. From what I’ve seen, it’ll end up like the alcohol prohibition. 21+ is fine, but minors will be fined.

      • NoChip4Me

        Thanks Bomma for clearing that up.

        I spoke with Sen. Durbin and he said he would never under any circumstance okay the use of marijuana in my state.

        Wonder if he plays with his iPhone like McCain does?

        I told Durbin, alcohol is far more dangerous than pot but he was adamant.

        You hear of people on Zoloft and all these other Big Pharma drugs going nuts, but never of someone doing pot.

        You can grow some in the woods in small little patches under trees but again than you risk (at least in IL) going to a gulag or paying a stiff fine.

        Free country my hind end.

    • cwswifey

      State rights vs. Federal. They can do that…

  • MetalTeK

    Even in CO., CA., and WA. you still lose your job for marijuana use on your own time. This is the real problem that needs to be addressed.

    • jbanana

      Consider this. The fifth amendment says you can’t be made to testify against yourself, Drug testing does just that. It’s unconstitutional, so, it’s illegal. It’s not just the government the constitution is supposed to protect us from, it’s anybody, and everybody, it applies to all.

      • Mike White

        You can refuse a drug test at any job, with the exception of the military, although you will likely be fired just for refusing.

    • the truth

      I know this is wrong, you should be able to use it on your off time. I mean it should be illegal to use it at work just like alcohol. If its legal to use then it should be illegal to lose a job unless you are under the influence on the job. People don’t go crazy on pot and do stupid things like some people that cant control their alcohol do. Some of us choose marijuana for that purpose, as alcohol use in excess it far worse than marijuana. I could get high all night long and drive better the next day than any DOT employee or school bus driver that legally sat at the bar till 2am and goes to work the next day legally. Think about that people!!!! Because its true and happens all the time.

    • Michael Filo

      If it is a private company, they have the right to limit who can work there. If they don’t want people who smoke marijuana, they limit their access to the labor market, but it is their right.

  • Rev_Rock

    Then why didn’t the administration order the FDA to remove it from being a Schedule 1 drug? Just because Obama’s Justice Dept. won’t (if you trust Eric Holder!) prosecute anyone for it, it doesn’t mean that future administrations won’t. Until it’s completely removed from the FDA’s drug schedules, the feds can always resurrect it later on, and start raiding homes and dispensaries again.

  • HRH

    And why would you have to get a license to grow it. I thought we lived in a free country. But as usual the government has to find another way to suck some more money out of us. They will tax it to death.

    • jbanana

      Taking a right and turning it into a privilege, then charging a fee, is illegal.

    • cwswifey

      You don’t need a license to grow it for your own consumption but you cannot grow it on public owned or federally owned property. That is my understanding.

      • jt

        where all are they legalizin it at??

    • Eric Kent

      Wake up we no longer live in a free country my man.At this time we are living in a country where the President just does want he wants and calls it Executive Order. Smells like Dictatorship but I hope I am wrong.

      • Stormtrooper

        You are too correct. Unfortunately…….

  • cwswifey

    They have to repeal the Marijuana Act of 1937 (yr ?) just like they did for alcohol when they repealed prohibition. Speed it up already.

  • handicapbydrunkdriver

    Government did a study to try & show how bad marijuana is. Backfired on them, they found that Marijuana cures several types of CANCERS! If further studies would have been done, could it be the cure for many cancers? TRUE FACTS in the early 70’s Gov. found weed cured cancer! No one has ever died from an overdose on it(can’t find one yet) The reason people kill each other today is because it is illegal!! It would have to be legal in all 50 states to find out that crime would be lowered!

  • BillyB1956

    I have read a lot of these posts. If people were really paying attention to the Cannabis law they would see for themselves that it was pretty much the work of ONE man afraid of losing his job after the repeal of Prohibition. Mr. Arnslinger, the man in charge of the office of Prohibition, feared that with the problems of the depression and repeal of Prohibition his office would be closed and he would be selling Apples on the corner with other POOR Americans. It was at that point he started his “Reefer Madness” campaign. Planting stories in Newspapers about how the “Psychotic effects” of Cannabis led to people losing their minds, going on rampages and killing People. This was not his only propaganda but WAS his most effective! He also felt that mainstream Americans would not care because it was mostly associated with Minorities and in that affect was also RACIALLY MOTIVATED! It is time that the Federal Government REMOVES Cannabis from the narcotic schedule altogether! I worked for MANY years as a “Doorman” at different clubs and I can tell you first hand I have seen the difference between someone in an ALCOHOLIC rage an a person “Stoned” on Cannabis! There is NO SUCH THING as Cannabis rage and no one ever died of Cannabis poisoning as they have of Alcohol poisoning! It is time we stop WASTING BILLIONS of dollars a year in the WAR ON WEED, put that money back into the Federal Reserve and take it out of the hands of DRUG CARTELS and put that money into OUR OWN coffers! People will say it is harmful to smoke it and we have enough problems with the smoking of Tobacco, BUT it does not HAVE to be smoked, it can be made into many different recipes and eaten! It is TIME to get rid of these antiquated ethics that ban a HARMLESS substance, Legalize it, put the same restrictions on it as Alcohol, Tax it with a REASONABLE tax and move on into the 21st Century! Let Cannabis HELP those with Cancer and on Medications that tear down the body at the cellular level and make them so sick they can’t eat. I have the UNFORTUNATE luck of knowing more than one person in this situation and it is something NO ONE should be made to deal with. The People I know were also told that if Cannabis was found in their system that they would lose their right to treatment! WHAT KIND OF COUNTRY HAVE WE BECOME!!!!!! There is NO LIBERTY OR JUSTICE for all!

  • Stormtrooper

    So lets do it with Obummercare to!!!

  • Mark Larry

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  • JimBob

    Free the Weed. Cultivation rights for everybody in the U.S. Drop the alcohol model and adapt the tomato model. Home grown tomatoes don’t kill the Big Tomato Business. No minors marijuana use without medical authorization or parental consent for medical treatment. No sales to minors. No max canopy laws, Or IF states legislated no more than X plants laws, violations would be taxed by exceeded plant # with tax going to state. Like a ticket.
    Free the Weed, END THE DEPRESSION!!!!

  • Hope

    Then why did they just confiscate millions of dollars worth of cannabis from LEGAL growers in Colorado?

  • gmo2ashes

    All government policies and statutes are designed to plunder the public’s wealth. Legalization of pot does not give you back your natural right to use it as you please – it’s only a privilege granted by the government and it can be yanked away at anytime.

    Not only does government seek to grab some of the revenue from pot sales via tax, legalization of pot is simply a trap set to ensnare those who indulge in the herb. Many more “laws” and regulations will follow; and if you don’t conform to the government’s regulations, you will suffer and pay.

    Fines, lawyers, court costs, probation fees, prison terms, arbitrary searches, loss of liberties and freedoms, assaults by police, justification for civil asset forfeiture, driving under the influence, etc. will all apply. The latter is especially troubling considering how pot stays in your system up to a month. A traffic stop with a pot test can easily lead to arrest for DUI – even if you’re not under the influence.

    And remember, the Feds are always in the background ready to arrest you at any moment for a federal crime.

    Wrapped in a plethora of new “laws” to police its usage, “legalization” of weed only candy coats and perpetuates the same persecution of the public over a natural, even beneficial plant, one that should have never been banned in the first place.

    For those with a religious slant, the government is essentially saying God made a big mistake when He created cannabis and the all-powerful government in it’s eternal wisdom must correct Him by banning God’s creation.

    Nothing has changed. Legalization is only a covert maneuver by the government to identify and prosecute pot smokers and to continue plundering the public’s wealth, depriving them of an inherent right.

  • http://www.infowars.com/ Kaivik

    Wow are all this guys articles so short?

    Is he in constantly in a hurry to get somewhere more important than his keyboard?

  • http://yahoo.com/ Dandi

    It USED to be that we Americans were excited about the future. This has done an about face; We are now afraid of the future.

    I work with the public everyday. One of the main opening statements as a greeting is, “This world is going crazy;” OR “We we’re heading for scary times”……on that order.

    There USED to be a government where at least we felt somewhat cared for; and protected. Not anymore.

    We know, and have the facts now that our government is evil from the president down to local government. It’s a farce.

    The president is a joke. CDC is a joke. Countries moving out of the country is a joke.

    Men..not all, but many, appear to be opportunists ready to take a child just because the child isn’t with an adult…and molest/rape/kill them.
    Women aren’t much better anymore as they are killing their own kids. Not to mention having “boyfriends” that beat/kill the children also….

    Children are killing children, children are killing their parents, parents/grandparents are killing off their entire families and then committing suicide.

    BOTH male and female “teachers” are screwing their students….

    Corruption on every level of government….if these people aren’t having affairs or spending our money on lavish vacations….they’re planning it.

    ALCOHOL is legal, BUT causes death and destruction on all levels.

    MARIJUANA is illegal, BUT causes miracles beyond belief on all levels.

    I could go on and on.
    But, WHY? It’s just too far gone.


  • Gov.Fed.Property

    Game of cat and mouse with the gov. And ITS “people” here have some chesee….snap… walks right into the trap…. wondering what the gov. Would do if everyone just got up and left…and emmigrated out of the country..i mean its not like U.S. soil is worth anything more than any other land or place..probably true that any other country has probly worse outcomes of fed. Or gov lawmaking itscall a trap to get you one way or another into the sytem and add your number to the charts, on way or another gov. And fed. Gov. At both levels work within thier rightful authority to posses legitimate power over the lesser of fortunates.., the way i see everyone needs a fed. Gov. Job to maintain stability of course the national fed. Gov. Would not look apealing if they themselves were cought up in the webs they set out for u the minority.. and no working for U.S. Military does not count you in as a fed. Gov. Official ..if you still have a higher authority outside the organization telling you what to do say ect. Not that i intend disrespectfull ways toward oue military men and women of our country.. facys show even they too get some kind of criminal mischief if seen or observed doing something wrong… fact is if we all woked together for fed. Goc. This would not be a problem.. how good would it look or sound that the fed. Gov. Has to outlaw somethings from them selves.. wouldent you think they.. fed gov. Would sound a bit… weak.. so underminding us of what we are able to obtain by removing any thought of liberty and freedom of choice ..though we arent realy promised any of this..and giving us
    The “Priveledge” of choosing to do so if we choose to do so after being warned of the posible outcome and consequence of choosing our.. “their”..fed gov. Path.. as of now we dont make our own choices.. we choose the options that are presented to us through fed. Gov. And if the fed. Gov. Really did not want to let us have this “privilege” they would have let it be known to you me and the rest of the population. The fact that the gov. Itself alows these things to accesible signifies some….some sort of just in our Peaceful state that yes we are here for the people.. whether or not this is or was the vision to be for our Counrty from our foundation at the start of our Nation and how are we to move forward ibto out present day future if ..past occurances are to be remembered and brought up as if to say we didnt know any better then… making some feel like we have not changed in over the decades and still havent changed to this day..is our gov. Even our fed. Gov not better then before you cannot say it hasent changed.. and do not insult the inteligence of our counrty if it wanted to it would erradicate any and every single trace of our given priviledge .. that is all there is to it eliminate the trouble and problem at its source.. thank you for your time believe that the Gov. Fed. Gov. Is doing all it does to prevent our future from being destructed..seek the trueth behind the masked or shut closed curtain before making a gudgment for yourself based on appearance