El Paso, TX- Tony Stiles, a radio personality and popular figure in the liberty movement, has spoken exclusively with Benswann.com about his encounter with the Department Of Homeland Security in Texas. Stiles and two members of his tour team were arrested and detained for over seven hours on Thursday after he was stopped by DHS. Stiles was able to capture a portion of the incident on video. tony-stiles

Stiles is currently on a national “Truth, Liberty, & Solutions” speaking tour. On Thursday, he was in California preparing for his next speaking arrangement in Tampa, Florida. Stiles and his accompanying team members, Eric Goodrich and Nathan Styles, had checked out of their hotel. Goodrich and Styles headed to Tampa in Stile’s vehicle, a GMC Yukon, while Stiles stayed behind.

Stiles soon learned that Goodrich and Styles had been pulled over by police in El Paso, Texas. According to Goodrich and Styles, the police told them that Stiles’ vehicle had been reported stolen. Stiles had not reported his car stolen, but the vehicle was impounded anyway and Goodrich and Styles were detained. Stiles immediately left California and drove a rental car to meet Goodrich and Styles in El Paso to straighten out the situation. Stiles’ vehicle was eventually released and the three resumed their trip to Florida.

Outside of El Paso, Stiles, Goodrich and Styles were pulled over again, this time by DHS. The men were told by the agents that it was a “routine stop” but their K-9 unit smelled  something, even though Stiles stated the dog was nowhere near his car. Between 6 and 10 agents surrounded the vehicle with their hands on their sidearms and ordered Stiles, Goodrich and Styles to get out. They all refused. Stiles told Benswann.com that the agents informed him that if they did not get out of the vehicle they would be removed. Stiles, Goodrich and Styles got out of the car after the agents opened the doors.

One of the agents attempted to take Stiles’ phone from him. The agent claimed that he was unsure if it was a weapon, but Stiles refused to surrender it. Stiles was able to take video of their forced exit from the vehicle and the following search.

After exiting the vehicle, the three men watched as the DHS agents began searching the vehicle without consent. Stiles said the video shows one of the agents taking his hand out of his pocket suspiciously while a red bag was being searched. After the search, the agents told the men that marijuana had been found in the vehicle. Stiles affirmed to Benswann.com that neither he, Goodrich or Styles had any marijuana in their possession. The three were arrested and brought to the Sierra Blanca holding facility, where they were held in separate cells for over seven hours.

The men were released after Goodrich eventually took the marijuana possession charge. While the men maintain their innocence, Stiles told Benswann.com that if none of them took the charge they would have all been held for days while waiting for a judge. The decision was made after gathering legal advice from multiple sources.

The men were taken aback by Thursday’s events and Stiles is puzzled as to why his team was stopped twice. He is concerned that there’s an underlying motive behind what looks to him to be a concentrated effort to put him in jail. He’s unconvinced that another incident similar to this one will not occur again.

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  • Individual Sovereignty

    Hey these things will continue to happen as long as people choose to be un armed and allow these gross violations of rights to take place…Talk is cheap

    • billhook

      But bullets are expensive and hard to find with intentional govt. meddling in the supply chain.

  • Mike

    I think two states have been given the green light by their respective State Courts to search cars without a warrant so, this is not a surprise

  • Chuck Robey

    they should have just kept moving

    • http://www.joshuascottmccullough.com/ Josh McCullough

      They’d be dead now, if they had. (Unfortunately.)

  • 3am

    The Patriot Act in Full Swing.

  • http://swiftfoxmark2.blogspot.com/ Mark Fox

    This like what happened to Adam Kokesh. They planted drugs on him and then arrested him for it.

  • Rook King

    Violation of the Fourth Amendment

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers,
    and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be
    violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause,
    supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place
    to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

  • TheSecularConservative

    the new texas.

  • R.Young

    Chalk up another one for the DHS!

  • Navy Corpseman

    Border Patrol stops in border cities have been upheld by the supreme court, but that doesn’t mean that they are constitutional. We need congress to overturn this!

    • Ray Perkins

      Buahahahaha… Congress INSISTED on it. Maybe you were just trolling

      • Navy Corpseman

        Well then we need to vote out those shills

        • billhook

          That sounds like trolling too, but I do believe that you’re sincere, if in error in your thinking.

  • Guest

    I see a police department getting sued in the future.

  • tick tack

    Hope he got that on camera and can be seen in court. A dirty cop will be in prison with his butt hole starched.

  • Draken

    I would like to see this video unedited… Something is amiss here.

  • Tim Osmond

    Hmm weird. Stopped by El Paso PD on a fake stolen auto charge, then a controlled substance is found at a check point in your car. It’s plain as day, El Paso set you up, knowing you were going to hit check points. Nice car with California plates, they were hoping to seize it. Bet you $100.00 you guys talked to El Paso PD AND told them you were going to FLORIDA. I’d look into El Pasos PDs past, I bet this happened before.

  • Tim Osmond

    Oh and the red bag the K9 handler had, is the reward toy for the dog. Focus on El Paso.

  • Tim Osmond

    Why was my first post deleted?

  • JACK Jackson

    I live in El Paso & have to deal with these jackwads every time I want to leave the city to go camping, travelling, etc…Probably due to my truck being adorned with Magpul, Sig Sauer, Gadsen flag, etc.. stickers or my “Combat Wounded Veteran” plates??

  • Bill Bradsky

    Well, at least we know that if these guys get a good lawyer, they’ll be acquitted due to the lack of probable cause for the search by the cops. It just sucks that they can do these sorts of things with impunity.

    • asdf

      42 usc 1983, 18 usc 241, 242

      • Vlad Vondoom

        That is what convinced me to go to law school:)

        • YoOleMe

          What did they teach you about 18 USC 241 242?

  • Phillip Cloustanski

    The important question here is: Did Eric get his pot back from the cops?

    • theallseeingmaster .

      Better question, was the pot his or was it placed there by the cops?

      • Tippy

        I would also like to know if it was placed there… very possible!

      • Jimmy Hitchcock

        It was probably planted, years ago, just before I went to work for a Sheriff’s Dept. here in Oklahoma, I was stopped by a city marshall because I went off on the shoulder to avoid a deep pothole. He asked if I had been drinking and I told him no, because I hadn’t. He then told me he was going to search my truck, which I didn’t mind because I had nothing to hide. He put his hand in his right pants pocket and started to crawl in my truck, I told him that as soon as he took his hand out and showed me it was empty, he could look. He refused, so I told him I wanted an S.O. supervisor out there before he searched so there would be a witness. He refused, so I told him I was leaving, he let me go.Funny thing is he ended up a few weeks later being busted by ATF for having illegal explosives and such,then went to prison. So yeh, I would almost guarantee that the pot was planted, I’ve seen it happen too many times.

  • CaptainUSA

    They never enforce FMCSA law 391.11b2

  • jaxholley

    As a former LEO this disgusts me. Why is DHS searching for pot? Is the dog a qualified drug dog, is he current on his qualifications? Why does DHS even have a drug K9. What was the reason for pulling him over? Get a lawyer and sue them or this will continue to happen.

    • Drutch

      A better question is how did the DHS, a federal agency, get jurisdiction to pull anyone over anywhere outside of DC?? Texas is a sovereign entity, they have their own state LEOs, Rangers, County Sheriffs. Under no circumstances does the DHS have the right to pull over or enforce any laws outside of federal land. DHS should be treated as any other car-jacker in this situation. Lead to the face.

    • http://foehammer.com Foehammer

      It’s been well-established that drug dogs can be trained to give false positives on command. It’s an old trick to break the 4th Amendment in a snap.

      • Vlad Vondoom

        The war on drugs was really just a circumvention of the Fourth Amendment.

    • Vlad Vondoom

      In the 60s the government created 42 USC Sec. 1983 to punish state actors for violating Constitutional Rights under color of state law. Not sure how well this works anymore. Courts have become fairly corrupt and may no longer award the statutory attorneys fees that made these suits so desirable to attorneys.

  • pemaddin

    Disgusting, should just tell them you are illegal and they would have gone away

  • Joao

    What? Texas? Again?

    • hawaiisb

      DHS is federal, & border patrol are dicks from Texas to New Mexico to Arizona to California.

  • Joao

    If they didn’t have pot, they should never go along with it.

    • billhook

      Same as prosecutors and cops use to bully innocent people into accepting plea deals for things they didn’t do. You can choose to go broke fighting it and still get convicted in kangaroo court by 12 people too stupid to get out of jury duty, or play ball and get a record that will follow you forever.

  • X Kendrick

    Dear loyal Americans, this is a great story measuring tape of all things being as they are, and more to come. Think about it. The open-for-all-to-read plans describe giving security officers incentives for finding contraband or other illegal things in the transportation industry. If you haven’t read this from their own sources, you can trust me – I have.

    So, there is no reason to be shocked by this practice that was announced right after 9-ll in documents from a consortium of military and government sources including the top of the ladder: Denver CFR. It reads poorly, if you’re an honest heart. This is a perfect example of the INCENTIVE-concept for security personnel to find things. Give them an incentive to find something during a search, and by golly something might show up.

    Don’t panic. Get used to it. There is much more to come before Jesus returns.

  • Daniel Patrick Hall

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  • TxDiablous

    Just a point of info. The vid shows them at a Border Patrol Check point. This is not the DHS. I have been through that checkpoint many times and everyone going east out of El Paso will pass through this check point. Truth in Media must mean total truth less they can dismiss this outrage. I can say that based on the way they work these checkpoints that they were pickout out and made to pay for something for some reason. Local LEOs get the Pot cases and Border Patrol dump these cases on local law. My point, They had a target on their backs.

  • Simple Simon Says

    Hey, if they would have been dressed in drag as white females, and had Obama bumper stickers on their car, this would have never happened.

    Hell, if they had been stopped, it would’ve just been a lonely cop looking for a date.

    You people just need to learn how to play the game.

    • Concerned_Citizen21

      Want to see DHS search a motorhome without knowing they were being taped? Watch the dog wag his tail and they still do a search. Dog found nothing and neither did the DHS. But make sure you watch the DHS chase the motorhome down the freeway at the end of the video!!!!


  • Nick Nadhob
  • TheThingsThatShouldNotBe

    The question everyone should be asking is, at what point to we stop this
    $$h!t? At what point do we do what our countries forefathers did? It’s
    coming people…they’re not arming with military hardware (MRAPS, M16’s
    etc…) for nothing. Checkpoints, unwarranted searches, and on and on.
    Doesn’t look like a free country anymore to me…well, you are free to
    go to work, free to pay them their taxes, free to do what the man with
    the gun says, but you’re not free to do what you want (if you’re not
    hurting anyone, thing, property, etc…) We are not going to be free
    again until we stand the phuu{c)(k] back up and take our freedom back.
    Destroy the camera’s we see EVERYWHERE!!! Take back your freedom,
    because they’re g(0)d d@m{n} sure not going to give it back to you!!!
    Wake the phuu{c)(k]- UP!!

  • ordinaryguy

    What a waste of our tax $$$

  • erik

    Regardless of the seriousness of the alleged evidence planting, I find this humorous. As a former employee of Tony, I think he got off easy.

    I worked full time for Tony for part of 2011. During that time, my paychecks were either delivered more than a week late, issued with insufficient funds, not delivered at all or a combination of those three. I also talked with others he did business with and they had similar stories.

    As the old saying goes, Karma’s a b-word. Again, planting evidence is a serious offense to which I do not condone, it’s just funny to see what else comes his way.

    • http://foehammer.com Foehammer

      I don’t find any of this amusing.

      • erik

        You would if he was your employer and every time you went to cash your paycheck, the teller would inform you there was not enough funds in his account to pay you.

        It sucks other people who associate with him get taken to jail with him though.

  • nunya
  • Kurt Lance

    Get the Feds or who ever it was to describe to you how exactly the dog “Hit” on the car and alerted them, get it in writing. Then get ahold of the trainer that trained that dog, and get it in writing as to how he trained it to show the officers a “hit”. 9 times out of 10 they are flat out lying, the dog is normally trained to Sit at attention and point with its nose at the spot it suspected, not paw or scratch at the vehicle. If you can get them to admit exactly what the dog did to get a “Hit”, you might be able to take them to court for false arrest, illegal search and what ever else, which would lean twords something being planted, If they will lie about the dog, why wouldnt they plant some evidence.
    Looks like a good ol boy club to me, just out trying to cause as much trouble as they can.

  • YoOleMe

    In re: “Stiles is puzzled as to why his team was stopped twice. He is concerned
    that there’s an underlying motive behind what looks to him to be a
    concentrated effort to put him in jail.” … CAREFUL READING OF THE DEFACTO 13TH AMENDMENT should answer, a) Why TWO stops — the 1st to PLANT the MJ; b) the 2nd STOP to have FEDS FIND the MJ, and c) REFUSAL TO RELEASE ANYONE UNTIL ACCEPTANCE OF A CHARGE, all of which SHOULD CLEARLY CONFIRM Stiles’ SUSPENSIONS, to wit:

    “AMENDMENT XIII [1865]
    “Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, EXCEPT AS A PUNISHMENT FOR A CRIME WHEREOF THE PARTY SHALL HAVE BEEN DULY CONVICTED, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
    “Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.” [My CAP. EMPHASIS ADDED, as such is the crucial part of this NEFARIOUS SCAM!!!] PLEASE NOTE:
    Firstly. This qusi-13th amendment is THE FIRST TO ADD POWERS TO THE CONGRESS, WITHOUT Artl. I, Sec. 8 Cls 1 ~ 18;
    Secondly. The CORRECT TERM FOR LAWFUL LIBERATION OF A SLAVE, IS “MANUMISSION” (check your substantive etymological dictionary)!!!
    Thirdly. THIS defacto 1865 AMENDMENT XIII ISSUE, was in fact and Law the de jure, Article V valid, AMENDMENT XIV — albeit with military law APPOINTED legislative & congressional membership from the 10-Southern states — AND WITH subsequent ISSUE OF ITS COMPANION, 1868 DEFACTO — and in fact & Law pseudo-14th AMENDMENT; THIS NOW DEFACTO 13th, SO-CALLED “EMANCIPATION” AMENDMENT WAS USED TO OBFUSCATE THE ORIGINAL 1819 DE JURE 13th, ALBEIT: Fourthly. The act of “emancipation” IS NOT TO LIBERATE A SLAVE, RATHER IT IS TO “ATTORN” — i.e. TRANSFER ALLEGIANCE FROM ONE MASTER TO ANOTHER — ERGO; we have the 1868 CHATTEL TRANSFER OF all LEGITIMATE slaves, as well as ALL OTHER 10-SOUTHERN STATE POPULOUS, to the pseudo-14TH AMENDMENT, D.C. PLANTATION, AS “PRIZE of WAR” … But I digress. …


    CERTAINLY!!! … The New World Order thingee, DID NOT START YESTERDAY!!!!

    God SPEED, His only begotten Son’s return to CANCEL THIS LEASE, and RECONSTRUCT His Universe, WITHOUT THE LUCIFERIAN CURSE!!!

    YoOle Me
    Read more: http://truthinmedia.com/breaking-exclusive-radio-host-tony-stiles-arrested-and-detained-in-texas/#ixzz32I4G1GXv

    Follow us: @BenSwann_ on Twitter

  • Vlad Vondoom

    Soon it will be time to kill all these fucks. These videos will be a death sentence to all the corrupt pigs.

  • Vlad Vondoom

    Name of the pig that planted the drugs?

  • BeJebus

    i heard they were caught sodomizing an armadillo.

  • Ancient Illyria

    i’m sorry, but someone admits to a crime they didn’t commit ? Sounds like bullshit to me.

  • Freedom

    This article is misleading. The DHS doesn’t “pull” anyone over, they were stopped at a checkpoint. That being said these guys should have stood their ground and not consented to an unconstitutional search.
    With video evidence of an illegal, unconstitutional search they would have won a nice lawsuit/settlement in court. Always livestream or save to the cloud that way when they confiscate your phone/video camera and delete the footage you still have the evidence.