As previously reported, South Carolina’s bill H3101 will essentially gut Obamacare. State senator Tom Davis (R) believes that not only will the bill pass, it will become model legislation for other states to eliminate Obamacare.

Davis introduced stronger language to the House version of the bill. The bill rejects the federal grants, imposes a thousand dollar penalty for any violation of the act, and applies anti-commandeering to all of Obamacare.

The historic bill has received national attention. Fox News contributor, Judge Andrew Napolitano said South Carolina has the Constitutional right to pass a bill that would essentially gut or eliminate Obamacare.


Despite pressure from lobbyist and special interest groups, South Carolina is leading to way to stop Obamacare through a bill, H3101, entitled “South Carolina Freedom of Health Care Protection Act.” It was passed in the state House of Representatives last April. Now, it’s in the Republican-controlled state Senate. If passed, it could quickly be signed into law by South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

The Chamber of Commerce, however, is fighting tooth and nail to make sure Obamacare stays alive.

State senator Shane Martin (R), sent this message out via Facebook:

The State Chamber of Commerce now supports Obamacare! H.3101 is the bill to stop Obamacare in SC. This is terrible as they are supposed to represent those same businesses that are being harmed by Obamacare! Call the State Chamber and tell them how you feel. Here is the email they just sent all Senators:

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 4:01 PM
Subject: Key Business Vote – H.3101 ~ Website email from South Carolina Chamber of Commerce to ALL Senate Members


Please oppose the potential compromise amendment drafted by Sen. Tom Davis as well as the full nullification bill. It negatively impacts the business community and will hinder economic development.

South Carolina Chamber of Commerce
1301 Gervais Street
Suite 1100
Columbia, SC 29201


Sources told Joshua Cook that there will be protests next Tuesday in front of the Chambers of Commerce in Columbia.

Conservative groups are asking their supporters to call the Chamber today as well as state senators to support the Davis amendment.


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  • Currencytrader

    I wonder what kinda sweet deal the chamber of commerce has been promised.

  • LTE2

    The Chamber of Commerce wants cheap healthcare for it’s cheap formerly illegal labor?

  • Liberty or Death

    The SC Chamber of Commerce has sold out. Another criminal organization that chooses to enslave The People. Time for the SC CofC to be disbanded.

    • John Smith

      Do you own a business?

  • First Amendment


  • Paul

    What did the chamber of commerse get some bribe money from Obama? Sure sounds like it!

  • jeff

    Businesses that give their hard earned money to the Chamber need to make a phone call and let them know how they feel. The chamber is supposed to help busnesses. Not hurt them.

  • Danny Collins

    every state has its traitors, we found ours
    really who has read Obammacare all the way through?
    you want this to be healthcare bible? if it was so
    good every one would have it. is it not illegal to
    pass a law that does not affect everyone. if its
    so good i want to see all of congress get it.

  • MadPunter1963

    I’m wondering how nullifying Obamacare “negatively impacts the business community and will hinder economic development.”

    • Time2panic

      Easy, it subsidies low wage workers with tax dollars to buy healthcare; thus, the business owners have no incentive to offer healthcare compensation or higher wages that would allow those workers to purchase their own insurance. Anyone that ever believed the chamber of commerce is a conservative group is either blind or stupid!

      • MadPunter1963

        That may be true right now since the employer mandate was illegally delayed by the illegal president. But once it kicks in and businesses are made to provide insurance for full time workers, it will cause a huge contraction — either through increased costs for the employers who provide insurance or increased under-employment when workers have their hours cut or are let go entirely to stay below the law’s thresholds.

  • Zer

    All I got to say is, I don’t like Obamacare since it’s literally forcing every American to pay for health insurance that they might not be able to afford. The cheap ones aren’t worth getting either so you look towards the other ones that are good enough but they’re still too much to pay for even after the subsidies apply. The Chamber of Commerce in SC, I think, is compromised. I know there job is to keep businesses open and working, etc. BUT to keep Obamacare doesn’t make any sense to how it would really SAVE businesses or the economy.

  • Karolyn

    How sweet it would be if every state followed them in nullifying Obamacare!

  • Jeff Murray

    before you gut it. torture it…. that’s the Amerikan way.

  • Evony Master

    How exactly does a bill which guts a job killer like Obamacare do more harm to business then it prevents?

    • alvin691

      When you run a crony business that depends on government handouts, contracts, and blocks their opponents… it’s fascism.