The legal prostitutes at the Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada say they love Obamacare.

In interviews conducted by KRNV-TV, multiple prostitutes expressed full support the new healthcare law.”I’m really for Obamacare, I’m excited,” gushed “working girl” Taylor Lee.

Another prostitute, Caressa Kisses, said that her profession has caused her to be considered “high risk” for STDs by insurance companies. This makes her insurance rates very high, she claimed.

Kisses said, “They equate us to illegal working girls, who have very high STDs and AID rates. We have none of the above — we’re legal, licensed prostitutes. I see the doctor every week, it’s state mandatory. We’re tested weekly and monthly for blood.”

“We’re independent contractors, so we have to get our own insurance,” she continued. “[Obamacare] is really a blessing. We hope that the kinks are worked out and that affordable healthcare for all happens.”

But, like many Obamacare supporters, these girls might not know exactly how the healthcare bill will affect them.

These girls will be able to get insurance thanks to Obamacare. However, what they probably do not know is that healthcare will likely cost them a lot more under Obamacare than it does now. This is because most of the prostitutes at the Bunny Ranch make too much income to qualify for government subsidies, meaning they’ll have to pay the full price.

In most states, individuals may only receive subsidized healthcare if their income puts somewhere near the poverty level.

In other words, if you make around or more than the average American income (which is about $50,000), you receive no government help with healthcare costs. Subsidy eligibility may be determined using the Kaiser Calculator.

According to Dennis Hoff, the owner of Bunny Ranch, almost all of his “working girls” make much more than $50,00o per year — in fact, he has claimed that his most popular prostitutes can make that much in just one month.

This means that the prostitutes are far from qualified for any subsidy.

One can only wonder what these girls will be saying when they find out exactly how much Obamacare will actually cost them. There is little doubt they will experience sticker shock.


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