California’s Senate Bill 1 is what the founding fathers fought against.  Straight from the U.N. Agenda 21’s playbook, SB1 will give power to a county to form a “Sustainable Communities Investment Authority” (SCIA). These Authorities have the power of eminent domain and can confiscate private property to build “sustainable communities.” The bill essentially paves the way for the loss of any true private property in California, resulting in the loss of freedom and driving down home values. If the Senate passes the modified bill, only Governor Jerry Brown (D – CA) will stand in its way of becoming law.

This means that city and county governments can create unelected bureaucracies with the power to do what’s necessary to create “sustainable communities.”  It also means that the definition of “blight” will change from the original definition of abandoned and decaying buildings on residential lots to a much wider definition including anything the bureaucracies need to create sustainable communities.

Not only would the government be able to use eminent domain to procure land for public transportation, it could take private homes within half a mile of that public transportation in the name of creating a sustainable community.  A private home is not really private if it could be taken at any time to create low income, low energy housing.

According to Lawrence J. McQuillan, “each Authority will be granted powers to build “Sustainable Communities” means jamming people into dense, urban centers using high-density residential housing and high-intensity retail and commercial buildings near mass transit corridors. To that end, SB 1 will grant each Authority unprecedented powers.”

Eminent domain has gradually grown to be one of the most oppressive government policies.  Since the SCOTUS’ decision in Kelo v. City of New London, eminent domain continues to be the enemy of property owners. Homeowners have lost their homes to private development projects.  People have been paid less for their land than they originally paid for it.  Businesses have even been forced to sell their buildings to corporations.  It has become perhaps the most clearly identifiable example of crony capitalism and corruption in the country. The government has failed to protect citizen’s natural rights: protecting life, liberty, and property.

In 2011, citizens voiced outrage over the ideas presented by activists, environmentalists and private developers. Property owners are worried that Senate Bill 1 will pass and the threat of increased taxes and possible property confiscation will become a reality in California. Read the full analysis of Senate Bill 1.


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Joshua Cook

Joshua Cook is a writer and reporter for Truth In Media. He has interviewed many politicians including Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Walter Jones, Bob Graham, Trey Gowdy and thought leaders who shape U.S. policy. He is a host of 'Beer and Politcs' on Truth In Media. If you have any tips please email him at Find him on Twitter @RealJoshuaCook

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  • SickOfTheStupid

    Remember folks when things get to be too much, A dead bureaucrat can not steal property …………………………………

    stand and fight or die slaves the choice is ours………………..

    • Ryan

      Sadly this is what it will come too. I wonder what the future will hold. I honestly think the gov wants us to rise up. After all what better way to justify marshal law and take away all freedoms at once.

      • SickOfTheStupid

        close but the reality is our government is doing every thing it can to instigate a civil or race war to justify martial law , those are the only two options that will allow our governments co-conspirators ( the UK most of the EU and Poland) to send in troops and aid for the government if they fail and we achieve a revolution the rest of the world can and will do nothing but sit back and watch

        you are correct in thinking their goal is martial law and in fact with the patriot act and NDAA’s they have already achieved a soft martial law at this point troops in the street would be little more than window dressing we are already living in a full on police state.

        • Karolyn

          And how we would have a fair fight against our government with all the bullets, drones, tanks, etc., that they now have to use against the people that would revolt against this tyranny? We are no longer free and the dictator in the W.H. is going to keep pushing everything that is bad for America/Americans.

          • SickOfTheStupid

            have no fear there is still a large number of patriots and oath keepers with their hands on the controls of the drones tanks and ect ………………………..we must fear our law enforcement , they are hand picked sociopaths but they are no match for our military active and veteran

            do not let fear deprive you of your birthright to freedom ……………………….

          • Karolyn

            That’s true and I’ve thought allot about this problem. I read where Obama has “relieved of duty almost 200 top military officers because they wouldn’t answer “yes” to turning their guns on Americans. Just the idea that we are going through all this is pretty sad for America and disappointing that we don’t have politicians that will stand up forcefully for their constituents.

          • SickOfTheStupid

            the litmus test you speak of is indeed a fact ,I have a former high ranking family member that has confirmed it in private …………..the thing to remember is it has primarily been officers and not the enlisted that have been purged and the enlisted are the ones with their hands on the triggers……………. The politicians sold out long ago you can not make it into federal politics without selling your soul and increasingly the same is true in local politics…………………………they have actively sold us out with bipartisan support for things like the NDAA…………

          • Karolyn

            So true but I believe the Patriot Act was a big one in denying our rights and then came the NDAA. But I also agree that much of this has been going on for a very long time. I just had such a hard time understanding why our politicians have become so callous and greedy for money and power. You can’t take it with you and I think they will one day get their due.

          • SickOfTheStupid

            it all started with the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank from that point on it has been a direct and steadfast march to the point we are now , the Patriot act was originally written in the ’80s and they tried to pass it in ’95 but failed………………..

            Power and greed is part of the equation for politicians but primarily it is survival a seat in congress is a guaranteed space in the bunker when SHTF………….

          • Karolyn

            I agree with you also about the Federal Reserve. Everyone should read G. Edward Griffin’s “The Creature From Jekyll Island” or watch the video. They tell the whole store about the creation of the Federal Reserve and much that has happened in the years between the creation of it and what is happening now. I write my Rep and Senators often and my Rep thinks Congress created the Fed or that’s what he said. The Federal Reserve and all of the Central Banks are a major problem in many countries and they should be abolished.

          • basspig

            Ever notice how the US has been almost constantly at war since the creation of the Federal Reserve?

          • dlmullan

            it’s being going on longer than we have been a country believe it or not…

      • rivahmitch

        Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees. Just make sure you take one or two government droids with you. Semper Fi!

  • Jacob Messer

    It won’t drive down home values… the banks will never take that loss and won’t allow it.

    • SickOfTheStupid

      don’t be silly the banks will lose nothing , any losses they claim our government vermin will happily replace from tax payer funds……….just like they did with the mortgage meltdown………….the banks walked away from that winners only the people suffered.

  • TheWholeTruth

    That group was Delfyed (Sp.) They had something for the people to vote on (there was no way to change any of it,) They could vote for ‘this’ or ‘this,’ or, don’t vote. When too many questions (real questions) were being asked, and when the woman brought up that she didn’t agree with ANY of it and if she didn’t vote then her voice wasn’t going to be heard, they immediately took the initiative to close the ‘meeting’ down and move it another time.

    THIS is how they do it. I’m reading Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21 by Rosa Koire and I saw EVERYTHING that she pointed out in her book, here in this meeting.

    I did like the reaction of the one young woman when asking about ‘democracy voting’ in that if there were more people who wanted these types of houses as opposed to another woman’s then would the other woman just be out? And they said ‘yes.’ and her look was priceless “Really?”

    Yes, democracy is just as bad and any other form or government because the majority can trample the rights of the individual even down to what kind of home they can live in and where.

    • bugs07734

      The Whole Truth?! (the hole truth): Your reason/points here regarding Govts FOUNDED in/as True Democracy IS EXACTLY the reasons our founding Fathers made sure that these United States of America IS NOT A TRUE DEMOCRACY–the U.S.A. is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. As you have realized what Benjamin Franklin warned about with a True Dem. Govt.: “What happens when you have two (2) Wolves and one (1) sheep VOTING ON WHAT”S FOR DINNER?” You ARM the Sheep (2nd Amend in Constitution).Our Fathers were ingenious, BUT you NEED an informed citizenry regarding this FACT! e.g. Even IF 99.99% of the people were against owning guns, the CONSTITUTION overrides NOT ONLY a tyrannical Govt, but a tyrranical MAJORITY as well. That .01% has the RIGHT to own a GUN PERIOD. An UNconstitutional LAW is not interpreted by the majority creating it, but by the “other” judicial branch whose rulings can be made without repercussion of getting fired or being bribed w/ elected/lobbied moneys. HELLO everyone…THE Constitution gives you the right–even if just one person–to protect them from allowing such WOLVES crying at the door to be let in…It is YOUR RIGHT NOT TO OPEN THE DOOR! That’s why we have the 2nd amendment to allow individuals to protect themselves from such evils–if it really came down to the “nut-cutting” reality.

  • Michael Lopez

    Add and Like

    This is what Treason, Unconstitutionality and a failed government look, sound and think like. We may need a new revolution against our own government if things keep going this way. Even the founding fathers said we may need to protect ourselves from domestic threats who would try and subvert us with unconstitutional laws. At ALL times I have a copy of the declaration of independence and the constitution on my desk next to me including the first 27 amendments and the 4th amendment states “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated…”
    This law they are trying to pass CLEARLY violates this amendment.and goes against the constitution.

    • European American

      “and goes against the Constitution.”

      What is left of the Constitution.

  • Lord Mannyrossa

    Kelo already allowed a private corporation to effect takings so long as they were for ‘public use’ and the ‘public good’ which was a ludicrous assertion in that case. (for those wondering the land taken in Kelo is now an empty desolate lot as the intended project was never completed) This move by CA is no surprise. They crave power. The right to your home is secondary. They will give you ‘fair market value’ which doesn’t always cover what it is worth and certainly doesn’t compensate for lost sentimental value. This is really just a bad move by CA to expedite takings which will lead to thoughtless destruction of communities to put ‘green technology’ in place that will further line the pockets of the politicians there who have invested so heavily in it. Bend over and take is Californians.

  • Herbert Napp

    Do all of these lunatics that used to talk about how awesome Cali is and scream about “West Coast!” “SOCAL!!” “NORCAL!!” still have the same attitude?

  • Steven Higgins

    If this gets passed I will walk away from my home and leave the state of California .I will never look back and they can also eat my mortgage payment. Enough is enough

    • Herbert Napp

      If you read, there is literally no logical reason for you to be in California unless you have a bedridden relative about to die that you’re spending time with before you move. No excuses.

    • Johhney Appleseed

      You should be leaving California anyways – the rich and people in the know are quietly leaving right now. And I think you know why…

      • tomw

        Could it be that the beaches are starting to glow?

  • Robo

    Traitorous, criminal scum deserving of a firing squad.

    • Robert

      They deserve to die a slow and painful death, the likes a hanging would produce or colon cancer on an deserted island with no medical attention available.

  • Jordan

    What ever happened to that country uh I think it was called America? Yeah, what ever happened to that place?

    • Dan Balfour

      Consolidated government happened where the elites are elected to represent the people and the people go about their lives disinterested in how those representatives are representing. All we need are good people to once again become active at the local level and percolates leadership up the chain and take away all the fiat power our federal and state governments have usurped. That takes education and devotion and the Jersey Shore Reality TV generation has no desire to step up and become leaders. One generation of laziness which we are experiencing right now will be the reason the government will be able to steal more and more power from the people.

      • SickOfTheStupid

        The time for your solution was the 1960s when it was first championed , and it likely would have worked if those from the 60s had not also sold out………………………..we are at the end game now , it is do or die and the longer we ignore reality and wait or waste time the bloodier it will be , if we wait to long , we will not win…………………………………………..

        • Dan Balfour

          Mount up. Talk is cheap and that seems to be the most people are willing to put forth. If blood has to be spilled, let’s spill it only as a last resort. When they come in armies to take the guns, that will be the time. Until then get involved in your community.

          • SickOfTheStupid

            there are lots of indications the people are moving past the talk and foreword to action the 2 biggest indications of this are the gun and ammo sales numbers and pace along with our governments increased paranoia and citizens are suspects propaganda ……….

          • Dan Balfour

            Lots of talk on Facebook has created the paranoia. Guns and ammo are more people are afraid they will ban guns and the government is hoarding ammo. I hope preparations are happening. People don’t understand the magnitude of what is going on right now because re runs of housewives of Atlanta are 24 seven and that is important yo.

        • Dan Balfour

          Clearly nothing of the sort was championed in the 60’s. If it had been, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

        • PCTon80

          Are you going to fire the first shot, tough guy? Seriously – I’m tired of advocating violent rebellion. Maybe you think you’re the next great General who is going to be giving the orders to your fellow countrymen to go out and slaughter their fellow countrymen? How would you even know who to go and target? Do you have any concept how ugly war is? It ain’t some sort of flipping video game you play in your undershorts in mommy’s basement. IF it comes to that, it will be a decision made by millions, not by some wannabe George Washington with an internet hard-on.

          • Johnney Appleseed

            Yea war is ugly. Let’s hope we can avoid it – more than likely not. The “targets” have already been selected though bud, and they probably know who they are. The fist phase of the war will be a bunch of seemingly unrelated “disappearances” though they will figure it out quick by who’s disappearing.

  • Bill Goode

    I would wager that this law would be primarily directed at rural areas, farmland & rangeland, where there are few people to object and more conservative / libertarian people are likely to be. Trying to pull something like this in a highly populated area would really not go over well. But in a remote forest or farm area, it could easily be accomplished.

    • Dan Balfour

      happens ALL the time in larger populated areas. Use the words sustainable and local governments have to clean their undies prior to ramming the project down the people’s throats while they pad the pockets of the developers with grants and tax free handouts.

  • David

    What has power over the legislative branch? If there is none, we were fools. While everyone was sleeping, they changed all the laws to represent themselves at the cost of their constituents. “Thank you for your taxes. But we think we’ll also take your house, tell you how to think, how to pray, how to eat, how to love, when to die keep feeding me and entertaining me and just tell me where to go and when to do it. I am assimilated, I am assimilated.

  • David Silva

    Let’s appropriate the Governor’s Mansion. It’s not sustainable.

  • Lee Ames

    Hope they wear body armor and have enough life insurance…. Now excuse me while I go buy more ammo….

    • gmo sickness

      good Luck fool. You gonna go up against particle beam weapons. invisibility cloaks and heavy armor, not to mention armed drones?
      Madness…your best bet is educate the sheeple, the more people know the harder control gets for them…

  • NewWorldDisorder

    You idiots in CA get what you deserve. Keep it up morons!

    • billmill2008

      I have friends in California. Your intellectual intelligence shows deeply in the fact that you group every single California resident together. Did you not see many are opposed to this?

      • Robert

        “Many” do not represent the majority.

        Besides, if everyone in CA that doesn’t hold a government position or hold a governemnt job were against this, the whole premise to the UN’s Agenda 21 is, it makes no difference because the statists pay them no mind.

      • NewWorldDisorder

        I said “You idiots in CA”. Your reading and comprehension skills are lacking. I was addressing only the idiots in CA (which is the vast majority of people in CA). Do your friends even know what Agenda 21 is? Probably not. If they do know what it is then they should be smart enough to plan on leaving that hell hole of a state.

  • basspig

    There is no such thing as private property in America. As long as you pay rent to the government (called taxes), you own nothing.
    The only stuff that is yours is what you can defend by standing in front of it with a machine gun.

  • LoneWiseMan

    What a shocker this stupidity is being discussed in CA.

  • Serf

    THIS IS FOR REAL AMERICA!!! In Dayton, Oh they’re using eminent domain to put a bike path five feet off the front wall of our pre-civil war farm house…..July 31,2013, My mother had a fatal heart attack when crews began sawing trees in what was once our front yard….

  • Karolyn

    Ok good people. I wanted to email this article to a friend but when I clicked on email absolutely nothing happened or came up. Any suggestions?

    • Serf

      Reboot and try again….same thing happened to me…..

    • RockyMtn1776

      I tried that, still cannot email the article.

  • dlmullan

    I wish someone in the video would have stated what this really is: Treason, and dont you love how the facilitator’s are using the Delphi Technique to try and shut down opposition and rephrase questions? these people should be arrested for this type of unconstitutional activities…

  • Geoffreygf2

    In the Kelo case, the woman failed to assert the court’s lack of jurisdiction by placing herself under that jurisdiction by claiming/not rebutting her citizenship in the administrative construct which is outside of the Constitution but not forbidden by it. It is this administrative behemoth which is the plague of our times.

    • Robert

      It is only with the backing of the Useful Idiots does tyranny ever come o reside.

      it is time to start shipping the Useful Idiots out on rail along with their masters or taking them to the Gallows, any tree will do.

  • Steve Prewitt


  • European American

    Armed Citizens and a Fascist Police State cannot coexist.

  • Thomas Morosco

    Now is the time you arm yourselves and be ready to protect your rights, your family and your property. Now is the time to propagate private militias with other patriotic citizens who are prepared to sacrifice for their constitutional rights and protections originally guaranteed for their families and properties.

    • Justin

      Second Amendment void where prohibited, in places like HI, WA, OR, CA, IL, MI, OH, PA. NJ, DE, DC, MD, NY, ME, MA, CT, RI, and newly CO.

      • Adam Stevens

        Why is the second amendment void in MI?

  • Russell Smith

    When they come for your property, treat them as an intruder, and send them out in a bag. It is time that you people on the west coast stand up for your rights while you still have a semblance of them left. Your politicians work for you, they appear to have forgotten this, you need to remind them of this fact by getting into their faces and give them a wake up call that they will not forget. Remove them, one way or another, and their minions that they send to do their bidding for them.

    • Justin

      I love your thinking. However, Ob*ma is gearing up for this sentiment. The Ob*ma Regime has ordered heavy tanks and personnel carriers for local police departments around the country. His government is arming itself to the teeth with 2 billion rounds of 40 caliber hollow point ammo, thousands of full auto rifles, and they are setting up emergency management camps all over the country — for what end? We shall soon see.

      • Team Scream

        The people that they are arming, are for the most part, on OUR side. This is the ONE single mistake power hungry treasonous politicians make. They arm the police, but forget the police are (for the most part) patriots. Wait till the first order to fire on civilians is given, and see what actually happens. I think we will al be surprised. It will only take one police force to refuse, and turn their guns on the politicians that gave the order, and the true revolution will begin.

        • RW108

          Well, let’s hope so.

  • Robert

    We’ve gone from Washington to Obama.

    In evolutionary terms we’ll be voting for Brain Dead Monkeys in 2016.

    • bsmsnudge

      You’ve been doing that for decades.

      • Robert

        Pretty sure Ron Paul isn’t a Brain Dead Monkey.

        • bsmsnudge

          Ron Paul is no brain dead monkey, but his chances at being president are sadly zero.

          • Robert

            The country had a chance at him being president, sadly too many people are Brain Dead Monkeys.

            He has done his job and woken up millions of people.

            It is our job to finish waking up the rest.

            He voted for freedom one No Vote at a time.

          • bsmsnudge

            You’d better use a bat to distract the rest from their smart phones and ipad reality then.

          • Justin

            When Americans are forced, like the Brits and Aussies, to turn in their firearms, it’s over. Freedom will be snuffed out. 500 years of darkness will ensue.

          • bsmsnudge

            I could not agree more.

          • Team Scream

            I think politicians will start dying by the truckload if they try to impose that on Americans. over 160 MILLION firearms owners here, if just a fraction of them stand their ground, it’s game over for treasonous politicians… Just sayin.

          • LibertyDwells

            We won’t be forced to. Not saying we’ll have a nice, decisive Revolution again, but tens of millions will not “give up”. The country will simply fall apart. Which very well may be exactly what they want.

  • WTFisThisCrap

    WTF is with this state? SR-15 looking like its going to come in handy!

    • Justin

      SO are AR-15s

  • NomDePlume16

    The Feds already have the power to confiscate the private property of Americans:

    • Daddio

      Man existed long before the creation of “government”, that which Man creates CAN and WILL NEVER have Jurisdiction or Authority over the Man. THAT IS A FACT!! And should be repeated until it soaks in the brain!!!

    • Justin

      Sure, we have eminent domain for road construction, but these are usually imposed by ELECTED officials, not commie committees made up of APPOINTED people whom we cannot vote out of office.

  • Ry of New Zealand

    Wow! Those Americans really stood up for their rights at that meeting. It was certainly a stitch up, to entice property owners to almost contort their perception of the actuality of the parameters of what the bill would entail exactly. in turn, it seems the SCIA will enact the bill based on it’s own skewed data, biased data.

  • Ry of New Zealand

    I’ve recently become increasingly interested in American issues (and the world) as I have seen first hand how American policy & changes in turn have a resulting affect on influencing change on Prime Minister of New Zealand & the current National Government.

    • Justin

      Exactly. As America loses its freedom, so goes the world. When we in the US are forced to walk around with a biometric national ID card like Singapore and other police states have, IT’S GAME OVER.

  • Ry of New Zealand

    A New Zealand judge granted an illegal search warrant to the Police to conduct a raid on Kim Dot Com’s residence on 20th January 2012 by the Elite Special Tactics Group here in New Zealand – straight out of Hollywood! Dot Com is not a terrorist but he was portrayed by the FBI as one….Then on Wednesday 21 August 2013 The GCSB spying bill was passed into law in New Zealand. Our rights completely lost.

    • Justin

      Agenda21 is a WORLD WIDE plan for communism.

  • jake

    Help Ben Swann win a Shorty Award!:

  • Horatio Bullwink


    • RW108

      Alexander Hamilton was right.

    • Native

      But those of us who have functioning brains and DIDN’T VOTE THESE IDIOTS INTO OFFICE, also have to live with it and WE DON’T DESERVE IT.

    • gramavegas2010

      Mmmmm, not completely true. I have lived in OC for about 4 years and believe me – I NEVER VOTED FOR THESE IDIOTS, thank you very much. My answer? Leave CA again. But this stuff is epidemic and spreading.

  • Michael Norton

    Call it what it really is; Private Property Sequestration for Agenda 21.

  • Justin

    And California has already begun confiscating your firearms, so how will you fight back?

    • RW108

      Have they really? I live on the other side of the country . . .

    • Aladinsane

      They have? When did that start? I still have all of mine!

      • gramavegas2010

        I’ve still got mine too!

  • Lars K Tennyson

    Private property died with property tax. This merely means they can terminate your “lease” of the land “for the greater good”.

  • zf

    Looks like another one of the BAY AREA ONE bills went statewide.

  • Rob Power

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. The government was wrong to use tax dollars, eminent domain, and other forms of force and coercion to cause suburban sprawl. Doing more things wrong like this won’t help. Want “sustainable communities” with high density housing near mass transit? End all highway funding. Stop giving people tax credits to commute in from the suburbs. And stop using eminent domain to widen highways and add highway interchanges. The suburbs will dry up in a single generation.

  • Andrew Vernon

    Welcome to Commiefornia…they should really change it from the ‘Golden State’ to the ‘Red Communist State’. Then they can secede and take their gang problems, gun control, high taxes and Communist laws to another country, most likely China because I think the Canadians have too much common sense to accept them. Oh, and take Feinstein with you, because the rest of America wants nothing to do with her! We’ll even give you guys Bloomberg in the bargain…he’ll probably fit right in!

  • Mark Meyers

    Whenever I have seen “sustainable”, it’s been another Agenda 21 land grab. Elites want ownership of all the land, from the top down, through these programs.