Denver, CO- Two of the chief proponents of Amendment 64, the measure that brought legal recreational marijuana to the state of Colorado, launched a petition drive on Thursday to gather signatures in support of a ballot initiative legalizing marijuana consumption at places of business that wish to allow it.

Mason Tvert and Brian Vicente announced a push to gather signatures for a ballot measure that would give businesses in Denver the option to allow adults to consume marijuana in designated areas not visible to the rest of the public.

Private, members-only cannabis clubs exist in the city, but consumption of marijuana in commercial establishments like bars is prohibited. “Adults should have the right to consume it socially with other adults in commercial establishments that choose to allow it,” Tvert said. “We also need to ensure that adults who visit Denver and purchase marijuana legally have a place where they can consume it legally.”

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, the ballot initiative would allow businesses such as bars, restaurants, and cafes to provide a restricted area in their establishments for adults to 21 and older to consume marijuana. The measure would comply with Colorado’s Clean Indoor Air Act by restricting cannabis use to edible products or the use of vaporizers. Marijuana would not be available for sale in these establishments.

The ballot initiative’s language was approved by the city of Denver according to weekly paper Westword, and approximately 4,700 signatures are needed in order for the measure to be included on the November ballot.

“Voters have told us they want marijuana to be regulated like alcohol,” Tvert said according to Westword. “Obviously, if we were to treat marijuana exactly like alcohol, we wouldn’t need to go as far as we have. The city doesn’t have a problem with adults using alcohol in front of people who are under 21, for example. But we’re taking it a step further. Opponents say they’re worried about kids seeing adults using marijuana, but they don’t need to be, because that won’t be allowed.”


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