UPDATE: Click here to watch Truth in Media: CDC, Vaccines and Autism

The story of Dr. William Thompson has been making headlines across the internet over the past few days, even as mainstream media has completely ignored the story. Thompson is a senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and has been with the CDC since 1998.

A statement released on August 27th by Dr. Thompson in response to media coverage is that he and co-authors from a 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics did in fact omit important information from a study on the link between vaccines and autism. Below is an excerpt from Thompson’s statement.

thompson 1

While Thompson goes on to explain that he believes that vaccines have saved and continue to save lives, he clearly admits that the CDC did in fact intentionally omit data that demonstrated a connection between an increased risk of autism in African American males who were giving the MMR vaccine before 36 months of age.

Thompson goes on to say that his reason for coming forward was because of conversations with Dr. Brian Hooker over the course of 10 months. Those conversations were about whether or not there is a connection between vaccines and neurodevelopmental outcomes including autism spectrum disorders. Thompson clearly states that his hand was forced by Hooker who secretly recorded the conversations.

thompson excerpt 2

According to Thompson, who remains at the CDC, documents have been turned over to the office of Congressman William Posey for review. I contacted Posey’s office directly about whether documents have been turned over to the Congressman for review. A spokesman for the Congressman tells me that the office can neither confirm nor deny whether any documents have been turned over by Dr. Thompson for review. Sources however tell Benswann.com that thousands of pages of documents are now in possession of the Congressman’s staff and will be reviewed over the next few weeks.

Last year our Truth in Media Project took on a similar issue regarding vaccine court and autism. At the time we pointed out that a review of compensated cases of Vaccine-Induced Brain Injury finds that The VICP has compensated approximately 2,500 claims of vaccine injury since the inception of the program in 1986.

Since that time, despite the official ruling that there is no link between vaccines and autism, there have been at least 83 cases of autism among those compensated for vaccine-induced brain damage. You can watch that Truth in Media Episode here:

Dr. Thompson is being represented by the law firm Morgan Verkamp, LLC which is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rick Morgan, Thompson’s attorney has not responded to our requests for an interview. Meanwhile, the Canary Party, an organization dedicated to revealing truth in this matter tells Benswann.com,

“The Canary Party and her sister organizations would like to thank Dr. William Thompson for acting on his conscience and reporting that the CDC has been withholding vital vaccine safety information from the public. It is our understanding that Dr. Thompson has turned over tens of thousands of documents to Congressman Bill Posey, who is currently investigating the disclosures. We call on the members of the public to contact their representatives in Congress and let them know that a senior vaccine safety scientist at CDC has turned whistleblower, that you want their office to contact Congressman Posey’s office to join his investigation, and that you want Congressional hearings into the alleged malfeasance at the CDC to hide from public view the links between vaccines and autism.”

As a course of action the Canary Party is requesting that you please contact your members of Congress TODAY (http://whoismyrepresentative.com/), and tell them that:

– A senior scientist at the CDC has turned whistleblower and has turned over documents showing that CDC has been hiding links between vaccines in autism that they have found during their research.

– That Congressman Bill Posey is currently investigating the fraud.

– That you want your Representative join Congressman Posey in holding hearings on the malfeasance that Dr. Thompson has brought to light.

You can also share this story via Twitter and use the hashtag #CDCwhistleblower

You can read Thompson’s full statement below:


  • tyrannynewsadmin

    I’m pleased with the outcome thus far. However, it shouldn’t be missed that this CDC employee admits to the info being “forced” out of him resulting from recorded phone conversations with a vaccine-autism proponent.

    The whistle-blower continues working at the CDC, BTW. So, in other words this guy is just a jerk who let his guard down not knowing his words would come back to haunt him. It’s certain that he has been involved in strategy discussions with more senior managers at CDC. If he was privy to those discussions and still feels fine working for the CDC then he is a selfish criminal as responsible for the plague of autism as any of them.


      Well there is no surprise from the “whistleblower”.
      Many Americans have know for years that US govt is injecting Americans with poisonous vaccines that contain mercury (new code word is thimersol), formaldehyde, and all sorts of monkey, pig, cow, and human baby PUSS.

      CDC is a military operation that experiments on Americans. Notice, they wear military uniforms?

      Govt’s have always been corrupt, even before Jesus was killed by them.
      Fact is we can only blame the taxpayers for funding these medical experiments with their income taxes. Enough already, you can’t serve both God and govt (i.e. mammon, the god and creator of money).

      Search tax regs for “exempt income means any income”, ecfr gov …and read the legal definition of “Exempt income”. Since law is codified, there’s only ONE definition. Read both (ii) and (iii). When enough Americans know the actual US income tax law, it will be obeyed, even by govt. Then ask your tax expert why he or she has never bothered to search for the legal definition of “Exempt income”, or told you about it.

      Computer scientist data mines tax code.
      what is taxed DOT com

  • Shane Lewthwaite

    This is a critical first step to unearthing the cause(s) behind the terrifyingly rapid increase of autism in the United States and much of the world. It would be foolish to exclusively blame the increase in autism on vaccinations, or to stop vaccinating children in general, but there is undoubtedly information being withheld from the public about the risks associated with vaccinations. It is the CDC’s duty to report the truth to the public and it is encouraging to see certain scientists finally coming forward with this sort of information.

  • Anononymous

    You know, this just angers me. After the government and medical-establishment-sponsored-media have pretty much called all of these parents of autistic children “kooks” over the years, while these parents struggle to care for permanently damaged human beings for the rest of their lives. Parents have FOR YEARS blamed vaccines due to the correlation between increased vaccination panels and a virtual outbreak of autism in children from healthy/strong parents with no explanation on just how it’s possible this many children today could disproportionate be autistic compared to 30-40 years ago.

    When you’re called a ‘kook’ for something that you’re right about, that’s one thing, but to be called a ‘kook’ when you have a permanently impaired child is CRIMINAL. This cover-up by the CDC should be looked at as a type of FRAUD on the public and we should be able to JAIL these people who have conspired to protect the vaccine industry and drug companies from responsibility.

    • Chris Sky

      the CDC is the mouth piece for BIg Pharma… how many CDC workers end up with jobs at the big drug firms? You really think the CDC cares about your health? The CDC cares about PROTECTING PROFITS for the big business that greases their palms. They are much happier making BILLIONS off giving children over 40 vaccines… then they are even MORE happy when your child ends up with life long “side effects” which they can blame on anythign BUT the vaccines, but will STILL have the parents paying ridiculous medical bills for the entire duration of their child’s life… and that’s what “healthcare” in the USA is ALL about… getting you on “medication” or some other type of “condition” that requires DAILY MONEY SPENT and TIME SPENT.

      The USA spends exponentially more on “healthcare” than any other country in the world.. yet has the most fat, unhealthy citizens in the world. (highest rate of cancer, heart disease, diabetes.) etc etc ec… maybe people should wake up to the fact that CHEMICAL MEDICATIONS are NOT GOOD for you.. meanwhile 9 out 10 Americans are on daily meds… 7 out of 10 are on 3 or MORE per day!

      lol and the way people try to get “healthier” is to flood their body with MORE chemicals! Have you ever seen a commercial for any of the “miracle drugs” it takes them a full 60 seconds to list the side effects! “This will help your arthiritis pain! Side effects include : dizzyness, trouble breathing, headache, nauesa, diahrreah, inhibits your ability to fight infection, trouble with sleep, depression, bleeding, ulcers.. and in certain serious cases death” … lol it’s a frigging sick joke to anybody with two brain cells left to actually THINK about it.

      • Don’tYouGetItYet?

        And they see that as ok, but God forbid we legalize Marijuana- a natural plant that can help so many people with so many different ailments. We need to find a way to stop money from controlling the people who are supposed to be representing WE THE PEOPLE, so the laws they pass affect us in positive ways. Suppressing research on Marijuana has done NOTHING but help big pharma keep a stranglehold over doctors and patients lives. In the end, we pay in more ways than one. Also, every time they pass a law they should repeal two laws. THAT’S the way to keep the right balance of freedom.

        • Chris Sky

          Marijuana CANNOT be PATENTED. and it would replace dozens of money making chemical “medications” and furthermore it has no side effects, which would actually lead to healthier people , and not increasing amounts of “treatments” (more money) and more “medications” (even more money) as is the standard practice…

          here take this pill for this…. oh that pill gave you this side effect, take this other pill with the first pill and you shoudl be ok… but in a few months you’ll have to take this pill with those other two pills or you’ll start feeling sick. Got it?

          • Don’tYouGetItYet?

            Agree 100%

        • Except that it is being investigated, and so far, none of those claims is backed up. Trust me, if marijuana had any actual health benefits, “Big Pharma” would rip it apart, find out precisely what was helpful, and manufacture the pure form before you could say, “Roll me a fatty.”

          • MJ for life

            Big Pharma has “ripped apart” THC, CDC, and CDB’s. They have synthetic versions patented. They know all the good Mary Jane is. Everything from CDC has anti cancer properties, CDB helps the body produce insulin, and is being considered a preventative measure for diabetes, and THC gets ya nice and high.

          • Right. That’s why they’re being prescribed in the cancer wards, right?

          • Don’tYouGetItYet?

            They would be if they would reschedule it. People are already using it at home for cancer and plenty of other serious ailments. I thought you were up on things? Mr. Science.

          • Citation needed.

          • Don’tYouGetItYet?

            Is by who? All of what claims? You really are out there. Your whole statement is false, keep believing whatever it is you believe. Marijuana will prove to be one of the best medications out there in due time, and you will eat your words. Believe that.

          • I don’t think so. I have science on my side. You have… what, again?

          • suz norkan

            It just passed legislature for a medical treatment in yet another state in the u.s. after being rigorously solicited by parents of children with severe seizure disorder. Studies show that the marijuana greatly reduces the seizures, and comes in a different than that of our 60’s. Also, in the form used by these type patients, it does NOT alter one’s state of mind.

            We already know of some of the other great benefits. Foster’s wrong about the vax AND the m.j., and someday, maybe he’ll open his mind to accept both.

            I’d say we have UNTAINTED science on our side dygiy. THAT’S what WE got! 😉

    • Andrei Bilderburger

      You are right. This has always been a crime problem. It has never been a science problem. The CDC, FDA and AAP are criminal organizations just as IG Farben and the SS were under Hitler. The only real solution is to destroy the organizations, prohibit their members from associating, and put their leadership in prison for the rest of their lives.

      This is a much darker version of tobacco science where the pretense of ongoing scientific controversy was used to avoid appropriate regulation for half a century.

  • Maurinemeleck

    This is only the beginning of e end of lies and fraud committed by the CDC in regards to vaccines and autism. The autism community is so grateful to Dr. Thompson for finally telling the truth and also to Dr Hooker for his efforts on behalf of all of our vaccine damaged children. And thanks to Ben Swann for this article.

  • Kyle Brown

    As I dare invite the wrath of a very vocal community, I must say I have some doubts about this article.
    In treating this article with the same kind of scrutiny that I treat anything online, there are some things that just don’t pass the test. Not to say that it is certainly false, but that it does raise some valid questions.

    This article offers no corroborating sources, and the “press” release on this page says it is from a law firm, but is not on the law firm’s letterhead? I have had a few legal documents drafted and even a legal press release. and there was more than a one line blurb at the end identifying the law firm.

    Personally, I have not decided my position on this issue, however, I think that everyone should agree that allowing false statements to be published even in favor of a cause, hurts that cause.

    again I am not saying that this is article is lying, nor am I an expert, only that more astute journalism could have banished all doubt.

    • Monkeyfling

      It’s easy to source this one out. Just follow the links and you will be directed to the law firm. It’s the top whistleblower firm in the country and it’s posted on their website.

    • Here’s something that can help you suss it out: http://tinyurl.com/l4dj665

  • Monkeyfling

    I’m so glad to see your thorough coverage on the issue. It’s gaining the momentum it deserves so thank you for contributing to that. It makes me sick to think of how many young men and families have been destroyed because of this lie.

    • notation

      Does it? Can you produce any evidence that any “young men and families have been destroyed” at all? Where is it?

      • Andrei Bilderburger

        In Dr. Thompson’s work – the bit he left out about MMR turning black boys autistic. What’s the matter, don’t you think black people are human and have families?

        • notation

          You have great difficulty with reading comprehension, don’t you?

      • Kerry Kolsch

        Obviously you have been over vaccinated. Your mind is gone. Poor thing!

        • notation

          So you can’t produce any evidence, then? Thanks for playing.

    • notation

      Ooh, can you kiss ass some more?

  • Chris Sky

    It’s funny.. the same people who “believe in vaccines” “believe” the “official version” of 911… think GMOs are “no different”… and believe virtually every other lie spoon fed to them by the mainstream media, which is simply a mouthpiece for their lying government. If only Americans hadn’t been so dumbed down over the past few decades, maybe the gov couldnt’ get away with this type of shit… but as long as the people are gullibe sheep, lining up to have poison injected directly into their blood stream… I’m wiling to bet they will believe pretty much ANY lie fed to them. It’s must easier to live on “autopilot” and do everything your told, than sit down and actually THINK things through for your self.. ahhh America… land of ignorant, gullibe, sheep… where the people are nothing but litttle cash cows for the medical industry and big business in general.

    • Don’tYouGetItYet?

      The mainstream media has been complicit in keeping people completely brainwashed with propaganda for a long time now. Once you see it, and understand it, it becomes really hard to even watch. Crafting public opinion with state sponsored agendas. Fake journalism.

      They have played a larger role in duping the public than many realize. This is the type of story that should be all over every news channel, because it shows a huge cover up that affected MANY CHILDREN.

      This guy, in my opinion, didn’t have much of a conscience- just covering his behind. Let’s hope more people at the CDC “find their conscience” and come clean about the real cause of the huge spike in Alzheimer’s disease, and the other neurological and respiratory diseases that are caused by unnaturally high levels of aluminum, barium, and strontium in the air, water, and soil- and how THAT affects the public’s health. Do a story about how these levels became so high over the last decade. Let’s see the state sponsored mainstream media cover THAT story. Then, I’ll be a *little* impressed.

      • This guy says it better than I can: http://youtu.be/WrjwaqZfjIY

        • Don’tYouGetItYet?

          Well, thanks- that was a cute 12 second video from a sitcom (entertainment television) just repeating the word “wrong”.

          Care to explain exactly what I am wrong about? Am I wrong about fake propaganda mainstream media?

          Am I wrong about this doctor covering his own behind because he found out he was recorded by another doctor in a conversation?

          Am I wrong about the huge spike in Alzheimer’s disease (200% rise) and am I wrong about my opinion on what’s causing this rise?

          Come on Mr. Foster, explain to me what I’m so wrong about. Enlighten me.

          • Everything.

          • suz norkan

            Wrong wrong wrong wrong….wrong wrong wrong wrong…you’re WRONG!

            And now readers don’t have to bother with your obnoxious link to scrubs. 😉

          • Don’tYouGetItYet?

            Thanks for enlightening me. I should have known you couldn’t, because you thought “this guy says it better than I can”……and all the fictional doctor said was the word “wrong”. Someone says “wrong” better than you can………..LOL Don’t forget your flu shot.

        • suz norkan

          Why should we believe you when you need to rely on a comic tv character to relay what you feel is wrong?

          Waste of space, OUR valuable ‘child saving’ time, and NOT a funny game Foster!

          • You’re right: It isn’t funny. It’s sickening how many scared parents are taken in by scam artists, bulls**t slingers, and liars pushing their own agendas. The poor parents are lied to about science, medicine, and doctors, all so they can peddle their worthless “remedies” at exorbitant costs that do nothing, except make you feel like sh** 99.999% of the time.

            It’s fu***ng disgusting that sites like this continue to push sh** that is blatantly untrue, and scum tout cruel torture like bleach enemas to supposedly “cure” autism, which they say is caused by vaccines.

            Garbage like that make me want to inflict the same tortures on these a$$hole$ as they inflict on children. Yes, I mock, and ridicule those that clearly do not wish to learn because otherwise, fighting the same battles over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, would drive me insane.

            I loathe those scum, the scum on websites like this, and everyone that harms their children deliberately by not vaccinating. I’m not talking about those who question, and start to buy in, I’m talking about those who evangelize, and preach things that. Just. Are. Not. True.

          • Don’tYouGetItYet?

            Dude, you seriously need help. I’ve never in my life even heard of a “bleach enema”. You want to inflict tortures on people because they don’t trust vaccines? Whoa. Please seek treatment, seriously.

          • suz norkan

            Unfortunate, but true dygy… perhaps a very slight population; but I’ve heard of it… and would certainly NEVER endorse.

            But just because a parent follows all the vax schedules, doesn’t mean they don’t go home and abuse/neglect their child either.

            Foster’s ad hom is a big FAIL!

          • Try again: An ad hominem (Latin for “to the man” or “to the person”), short for argumentum ad hominem, is a general category of fallacies in which a claim or argument is rejected on the basis of some irrelevant fact about the author of or the person presenting the claim or argument.

            Bleach enema “cures” for autism are hardly irrelevant regardless of whether you agree with them or not. They are something your heroes had advised, recommended, and vouched for.

          • suz norkan

            I took latin as a pre req for college, and certainly don’t need schooled by you Foster. You deviated away from the topic with a slam against what you perceive to be a regular anti vax method, in your FAILED attempt to have such debasement promote your pov… A quite valid definition of ad hom darlin’!

            My heroes are those who would ‘march into he!! for the heavenly cause’, brave enough to remove the blinders supplied by the ‘mainstream’, to save their own, AND ALL children.

          • You must have failed it. Just like you seem to have failed reading comprehension. Nowhere did I say it was regular. The point remains that it has been promoted, and that pisses me off. Don’t it make you angry?

            “March into hell for the heavenly cause?” Holy shit. You think you’re a religious martyr? You are nuts. The only Hell is in the Cayman Islands, and there’s no place called Heaven. Sorry.

          • suz norkan

            Nope! You seem to be the one left behind in the 5th grade Foster.

            Regular? Regular WHAT Foster? Regular latin vs. ‘pig latin? Regular pre reqs vs elective? Regular community college vs. harvard? It seems that you’re the one needing reading comprehension.

            I’ll take a wild guess and assume that you’re still talking about bleach enemas. To which I say ‘any form of child abuse makes me ill; but you are wrongfully assuming that only non vax would stoops to such abuse.

            To which I’ll also add that any such acts to medically heal a vax injury, is a desperate act, but done out of love.

            I’m sure there are plenty of vaxing parents that abuse and neglect in far more horrific acts, and WITHOUT the tentative noble cause.

            Not a martyr. We are more like super heroes, fighting for the generations already lost to vax injury, and preparing the future for upcoming generations. A world with childhood disease, perhaps, yes; but generations FREE from neurological impairment precluding individuals from their rightfully born quality of life, because of YOUR vax injuries.

            Foster, if you really want to save children, you’re on the wrong side.

          • Don’tYouGetItYet?

            Now you know he’s a troll, he just gave himself away with the “your heroes” remark. What a freaking douche. Bye bye idiot.

          • WatchingWaiting

            Using words like ‘scared parents’, ‘poor parents’ , f**ks, etc are ad hominem attacks and also fall into other fallacial categories. But you do yourself no favours by being rude…

            People who choose not to vaccinate do not belong to a category or group – despite the existence of some groups or categories (Age of Autism etc). They can span the full spectrum from super dumb to super smart – the same as the general population. However, you will tend to find a higher average IQ in non vaxers, partly due to being a subset of the population and partly due to research they ALL have done to arrive at their decision. (My own anecdotal evidence. Before you start – anecdotes ARE evidence – albeit pretty weak evidence)

            Bleach enemas certainly sound scary (first I’ve heard of them), but thank you – I will investigate them with vigor. (An open mind is not an empty mind)

            Not everyone falls into the neat baskets you want to frame them in – and the vastness of their sophistication may be threatening for you, but you need not be afraid or abusive.

          • Saying “scared parents,” or “poor parent” is not an ad hominem. They are expressions of sympathy.

            I don’t care if you’re a member of MENSA, if anyone chooses not to vaccinate for any reason other than a medical one, and continues to use the same debunked ideas over, and over, and over, and over, that makes them stupid. Or worse.

            Especially when you have folks like myself correcting the lies and bull in articles like this one.

            I started coming to sites like this to educate folks in the realities of VPDs after I had to tell a new mother she had to say her goodbyes to her 6 month old son. He came in with the measles. She felling in with the wrong crowd, who pointed her to crap like the article above. She bought into the lies of people like suz norkan.

            At his funeral, she vowed to make sure her kids were vaccinated in the future if she ever had anymore. It was a hard lesson for her to learn.

            It only cost her her first born.

          • WatchingWaiting

            You missed the reference to f**ks…That is abusive, perhaps not ad hominem but that is open to interpretation. You don’t sound at all empathetic to anti vaxers, so why should anyone believe you mean to be sympathetic. But I get your gist.

            Its sad that your friend lost her child. To measles? Is that what you meant? My sincere condolences.

            However, for the purposes of this website, which is not a site for epitaphs, the single case you bring up is an ‘Appeal to sympathy’ fallacy.

            There are also children who DIE after getting vaccines. Yes – not many – but if there is but ONE – it renders your pleas for understanding rather moot.

            This is not a completely black and white issue, but you seem happy with nothing less than complete polarization.

          • No. I won’t be happy until they vaccinate their children. Until the U.S is able to once again say “Measles is eradicated.” I want for all Vaccine Preventable Diseases to be gone. And guess what? There’s only one way to do that.

          • Don’tYouGetItYet?

            I certainly wouldn’t endorse something like that either, it sounds asinine-but R.w. is not making sense to me- the doctor is admitting that they covered up the fact that this vaccine was responsible for giving some children autism……..and he’s mad at commentors like me for being disgusted with it! He’s trying to direct people to another link when the doctors own admission statement is right there in the article!

          • suz norkan

            Foster seems to enjoy the company of some pro vax ‘bad girls and boys’ on many of the vax war playgrounds.

            I GET IT though, dygiy! 😉

          • Don’tYouGetItYet?

            They come out from under their rocks on any story that doesn’t shine a positive light on the gov. I didn’t realize they came out on stories like these though……….but I see them in the 9/11 stories……….that’s how I recognized him for what he was when he said “your heroes”. They’ve used that one on me more than once 😉

          • The old chlorine dioxide enema treatment to “cure” autism, marketed as the Miracle Mineral Solution by AutismO2 Clinica Hyperbarica, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


            That is why I want to torture those f**ks. Because that is what that does to those kids. I’m a firm believer in vengence.

          • suz norkan

            Then go after the CYA’s to punish the bullies who REALLY DO abuse their children.

            I’ve never heard of such methods in my 20 plus years of helping my daughter, until I read of it in these ‘vax wars’ blogs.

            You want vengeance for such heinous ‘healing’ facades, then go after the ones who cause our child’s diabolical disabilities in the first place.

            A vaccinating parent does not cause/correlate to being a good parent Foster!

          • True. However, not vaccinating does correlate to being a bad one.

          • suz norkan

            False! It takes an intelligent and courageous parent to go against the mainstream, doing what is right for THEIR child, when learning that the coi science touted by big name media is often tainted in favor of the payors.

            NO VAX are LOVING ACTS!

          • suz norkan

            I loath the paranoid scum who are scared of every little cootie the cdc solicits to the myopic minded like you; while making OUR children the sacrificial lambs in your SELFISH, feeble and failed attempts to save your own a$ses!

            Novice, and ‘not ready for prime time’ yet, Foster. You’re too wet behind the ears and unsophisticated to understand TRUE truth!

          • Oohh! The “TRUE truth.” Is that better, or different than the regular old truth?

          • suz norkan

            TRUE ‘truth’ is that which the astigmatic can NOT see through their rose colored glasses Foster!

          • Is that a “yes,” or a “no?”

            I’m really confused as to what you’re supposed to be saying.

          • Don’tYouGetItYet?

            Get a life troll. You hate the truth. And, it’s more than clear you are confused.

          • Name calling! *applauds* Bravo. You’ve taken an online conversation to the 5th grade level.

          • suz norkan

            You need to take the blinders off before you can read true TRUTH. Come back to play after your vision and thinking are cleared Foster!

          • That is still not an answer.

            You don’t have one, do you?

          • suz norkan

            You asked. I answered! You won’t ‘get it’ until you’re logical and courageous enough to remove the blinders that hinder your ability to see, hear, read or THINK clearly!

            ‘Ya really wanna’ play the t.t. game with me Foster? Or do ‘ya think you could remain on the topic without your parroted and simulated replies?

          • Don’tYouGetItYet?

            Straight up!

    • Derrick

      It’s funny.. the same people who don’t believe in vaccines don’t believe the official version of 9/11… think GMOs are different… and can not source studies to support their arguments. It’s like they think their opinion is just as good as someone who has put enough time and research into the subject to be a dr. like all that time spent in medical school with books a foot thick was just as good as some website decrying vaccines for an unproven link to autism. funny that.

      • Chris Sky

        “websites decrying autism”
        really? what about COURT CASES (Italy and the USA) where millions have been paid out to victims of vaccine induced trauma.
        What about the USA’s “Vaccine Injury Compensation Program” which has paid out BILLIONS in “compensation” to families who’s loved ones have been damaged by vaccines in general.

        and this current CDC whistleblower which showed how the CDC covered up the study which showed a 300% increase in African American babies gives the MMR vaccine before their 3rd birthday. A CDC study. not “something on the internet”

        then there’s my nephew who became autistic after his mother was forced to give him his MMR vaccine even after adverse reactions in his older brother… and guess what after seeing doctors all over the world, the consensus of all the dr “who spent time in medical school with books a foot thick” was that he suffered damage from the MMR vaccines

        have you ever READ a vaccine insert?
        common ingredients you will find: Thimersol (mercury, preservative) Aluminum hydroxide, Squaline(chemical adjuvant), formaldehyde, chicken embryos, bovine cow serum, polysorbate 80, phenoxyethanol, and even MSG

        all these wonderfully toxic things are injected directly into your blood stream. and if you’re a child in the USA you will have a combination of these toxic chemicals shot into your blood stream over 40 times before your 5th birthday.

        But I bet you don’t know any of that. In fact you dont’ actually know any facts at all. All you know is what you’re told by your tv. “Vaccines are safe, and everybody who says different is crazy”.. In reality. . YOU are the one who has no knowledge, has done no research and has no clue what they are talking about.

        but it’s ok… smart people always seem crazy to stupid people.

        • Chris Sky

          as for “GMOS”… besides the fact that organic uses little to no pesticide versus enormous amounts of pesticde (which penetrate the food and can’t be “washed” off) even an idiot like you would rather eat food with no pesticide vs “roundup”… right?

          but how many countries actually BAN GMOS in favor of healthy citizens, over corporate profits? I’ll list SOME of the countries that are almost 100% GMO crops free. (eventhough the wonderful “Eu Treaty” made GMOS legal.. these countries took action to make them ILLEGAL!)

          Italy, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal, Greece, Spain, UK, Switzerland, Norway,
          Then there’s Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Phillippines, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Brazil, Paraguay…

          Ahhh… but what do they know! USA USA USA! It would never be about money, right? lol

          oh yea.. and there’s the Standford university “Strawberry Study” which showed that organic strawberries had more vitamins, and antioxidants (the two most important nutrients in fruits) making organic MORE HEALTHY….

          i’d ask you to “look it up” .. but that would require you doing some actual research and reading, and we both know you’re a brainwashed, tv watching, drooling, mouth breathing zombified low iq moron.. so that ain’t happening…so just read, listen, learn, and shut the F*ck up because you got nothin’

        • You could benefit from these: http://wonder.cdc.gov/wonder/help/vaers/VAERS_brochure.pdf



          Don’t buy into the scaremongering of those with stores on their websites, or blogs.

          • Don’tYouGetItYet?

            You could probably benefit from a clue. Informing people is not scaremongering, by the way. Scaremongering is what all of your mainstream media *news channels do.

            BOOO! ISIS is under your bed R.w., RUN!

          • You know why it is “mainstream?” Because it’s not on the lunatic fringe. Like, pretending that there is a vast conspiracy to harm everyone with ‘toxic” chemicals.

            Yet, whenever Bill Clinton’s affair, or the NSA spying on Americans is brought up, either the subject is changed, it is ignored, or the goalposts are moved…

          • Don’tYouGetItYet?

            OK troll, thanks for the insight. Don’t forget your flu shot.

          • I pity you. Your life must be horrible to find your special-ness in having “secret knowledge the government doesn’t want you to know.”

          • Don’tYouGetItYet?

            Thanks for the “pity” I guess? Wow, I have a profound effect on you- you pity me, you despise me, I sicken you. Do I really take up that much space in your head? That’s pretty weird.

      • Andrei Bilderburger

        I see you don’t know anything and aren’t about to learn. All the people with legitimate scientific credentials who look into it find that the vaccine genocide is causing the epidemics of autism, ADHD, asthma, etc.

        All the liberal arts majors who went to medical school after cheating their way through three science courses aren’t able to do studies, so they make stuff up and publish prima facie incorrect material in their journal papers.

        The current vaccination program is a genocide, and people like you are accessories and enablers who should be punished along with the criminals.

        • Genocide, eh? Someone better go tell those kids to stop moving, playing, breathing, living, and just lie down already. Don’t they know they’re supposed to be dead?!

  • Will setag

    Gee who would of ever thought that people in the government would lie to us and the news media help cover those lies up.
    I would of never guess that could ever happen.
    Please tell me this is not so…does that also mean our president and leaders in congress may also lie …is that even possible?
    Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus!

  • Andrei Bilderburger

    Dr. Thompson believes that protecting white people from disease justifies a genocide against black males. I don’t. What do you think?

  • Kerry Kolsch

    Doctors should be charged with assault, battery and murder when they vaccine injure children. They should know by now just how much harm they cause.


    Ha, ha, oh come on, for Christ’s sake…

    There is no surprise from the “whistleblower”.
    Many Americans have know for years that US govt is injecting Americans with poisonous vaccines that contain mercury (new code word is thimersol), formaldehyde, and all sorts of monkey, pig, cow, and human baby PUSS.

    The vaccine makers have even admitted there are cancer viruses in some vaccines which they can’t get out. Watch video on Youtube, search for something like “vaccine maker admits cancer viruses in vaccine”.

    CDC is a military operation that experiments on Americans. Notice, they wear military uniforms? They readily admit to using experimental vaccines on US military.

    Govt’s have always been corrupt, even before Jesus was killed by them.
    Fact is we can only blame the taxpayers for funding these medical experiments with their income taxes. Enough already, you can’t serve both God and govt (i.e. mammon, the god and creator of money).

    Search tax regs for “exempt income means any income”, ecfr gov …and read the legal definition of “Exempt income”. Since law is codified, there’s only ONE definition. Read both (ii) and (iii). When enough Americans know the actual US income tax law, it will be obeyed, even by govt. Then ask your tax expert why he or she has never bothered to search for the legal definition of “Exempt income”, or told you about it.

    Computer scientist data mines tax code.
    what is taxed DOT com

    • PamelaHaley

      (i) In general. In the case of taxable years beginning after December 31, 1986, except to the extent otherwise permitted by § 1.861-13T, the following rules shall apply to take account of income that is exempt or excluded, or assets generating such income, with respect to allocation and apportionment of deductions.
      (A) Allocation of deductions. In allocating deductions that are definitely related to one or more classes of gross income, exempt income (as defined in paragraph (d)(2)(ii) of this section) shall be taken into account.
      (B) Apportionment of deductions. In apportioning deductions that are definitely related either to a class of gross income consisting of multiple groupings of income (whether statutory or residual) or to all gross income, exempt income and exempt assets (as defined in paragraph (d)(2)(ii) of this section) shall not be taken into account.
      For purposes of apportioning deductions which are not taken into account under § 1.1502-13 in determining gain or loss from intercompany transactions, as defined in § 1.1502-13, income from such transactions shall be taken into account in the year such income is ultimately included in gross income.
      (ii) Exempt income and exempt asset defined—
      (A) In general. For purposes of this section, the term exempt income means any income that is, in whole or in part, exempt, excluded, or eliminated for federal income tax purposes. The term exempt assetmeans any asset the income from which is, in whole or in part, exempt, excluded, or eliminated for federal tax purposes.
      (B) Certain stock and dividends. The term “exempt income” includes the portion of the dividends that are deductible under—
      (1) Section 243(a) (1) or (2) (relating to the dividends received deduction),
      (2) Section 245(a) (relating to the dividends received deduction for dividends from certain foreign corporations).
      Thus, for purposes of apportioning deductions using a gross income method, gross income would not include a dividend to the extent that it gives rise to a dividend received deduction under either section 243(a)(1), section 243(a)(2), or section 245(a). In the case of a life insurance company taxable under section 801, the amount of such stock that is treated as tax exempt shall not be reduced because a portion of the dividends received deduction is disallowed as attributable to the policyholder’s share of such dividends. See § 1.861-14T(h) for a special rule concerning the allocation of reserve expenses of a life insurance company. In addition, for purposes of apportioning deductions using an asset method, assets would not include that portion of stock equal to the portion of dividends paid thereon that would be deductible under either section 243(a)(1), section 243(a)(2), or section 245(a). In the case of stock which generates, has generated, or can reasonably be expected to generate qualifying dividends deductible under section 243(a)(3), such stock shall not constitute a tax exempt asset. Such stock and the dividends thereon will, however, be eliminated from consideration in the apportionment of interest expense under the consolidation rule set forth in § 1.861-10T(c), and in the apportionment of other expenses under the consolidation rules set forth in § 1.861-14T.
      (iii) Income that is not considered tax exempt. The following items are not considered to be exempt, eliminated, or excluded income and, thus, may have expenses, losses, or other deductions allocated and apportioned to them:
      (A) In the case of a foreign taxpayer (including a foreign sales corporation (FSC)) computing its effectively connected income, gross income (whether domestic or foreign source) which is not effectively connected to the conduct of a United States trade or business;
      (B) In computing the combined taxable income of a DISC or FSC and its related supplier, the gross income of a DISC or a FSC;
      (C) For all purposes under subchapter N of the Code, including the computation of combined taxable income of a possessions corporation and its affiliates under section 936(h), the gross income of a possessions corporation for which a credit is allowed under section 936(a); and
      (D) Foreign earned income as defined in section 911 and the regulations thereunder (however, the rules of § 1.911-6 do not require the allocation and apportionment of certain deductions, including home mortgage interest, to foreign earned income for purposes of determining the deductions disallowed under section 911(d)(6)).
      (iv) Prior years. For expense allocation and apportionment rules applicable to taxable years beginning before January 1, 1987, and for later years to the extent permitted by § 1.861-13T, see § 1.861-8(d)(2)(Revised as of April 1, 1986).

    • PamelaHaley

      (ii) Exempt income and exempt asset defined—
      (A) In general. For purposes of this section, the term exempt income means any income that is, in whole or in part, exempt, excluded, or eliminated for federal income tax purposes. The term exempt assetmeans any asset the income from which is, in whole or in part, exempt, excluded, or eliminated for federal tax purposes.
      (B) Certain stock and dividends. The term “exempt income” includes the portion of the dividends that are deductible under—

    • PamelaHaley

      I’m no lawyer… are you? Kinds sounds like you misinterpreted something somewhere along the way… Basically, you need to legally be a corporation for anything you think this says to matter.

  • Say! About this article: http://youtu.be/WrjwaqZfjIY

    What the “whistleblower” REALLY said: http://tinyurl.com/l4dj665.

    • Don’tYouGetItYet?

      What the whistleblower “really said”? Uh, the full statement released (and dated) is right above in the article? Did you miss that?

      • No, that’s Hooker’s edited version. My link is straight from the horse’s mouth.

        • Don’tYouGetItYet?

          “Hooker’s edited version” starts off with “My name is William Thompson.” Did you even read the article? Never mind, enjoy your vaccines. Don’t forget your flu shot.

          • You disgust me. You, and everyone like you who get sick thrills out of terrorizing new parents into thinking something that is safe, and will protect them into thinking the opposite.

            How can you bear to live with yourself? Is your precocious conspiracy worth the death of children?

          • Don’tYouGetItYet?

            I disgust you huh. Sick thrills? You seem a bit crazy if you ask me. I get no thrill out of any of it. Terrorizing parents? Listen fool, the way I see it is that this is a cover up of a vaccine that has harmed children. This article should make parents concerned. This article should HELP parents make informed decisions, you know, something to talk to their children’s doctors about.

            You seem to be trying to lead people away from this article, like you have an agenda……..maybe you work for the CDC LOL.

            You sound like a nutcase, in my opinion.

          • Oh, I must work for the CDC, huh? A variation of the Monsanto Shill Gambit: The CDC Shill Gambit. It’s not like someone who knows a bit of actual science would be interested in correcting BS. No, it’s gotta be someone with a financial interest.

            You know what’s sad, though? Even if I did work for the CDC, I’d still make less than the Heroes of the anti-vax movement. But, they’re only in it to help people, right?

          • Don’tYouGetItYet?

            “anti-vax movement” ,,,,,,,,,,,everything is a “movement” to you trolls, huh? Not just a few people with opinions, just “movements”. You need help R.w.

          • I need help? That’s rich. It’s not “just a few people with opinions.”

            Not when it’s a multi-billion dollar campaign. Not when the primary proponents make millions a year off of the crap.

            Oh, and just an fyi: A troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

            Since all of my commentary has been about the crazed beliefs of the anti-vax crowd, and I started with civil discourse, that means I’m not a troll. However, since you sought to piss me off, that makes you the troll by definition.

          • suz norkan

            PfffT! I don’t know of any ‘crazed beliefs’ of any ‘anti-vax crowd’, do YOU dygiy?

            And pharma isn’t a multi-billion dollar money maker, merely GIVING their product away for the sheer philanthropy of it all! 😉

          • Don’tYouGetItYet?

            The only one who sounds crazy to me is R.w.. He thinks I “sought to piss him off”. He might hear voices and stuff too, I don’t know.

          • Paul Lynch

            So, the money is all on the side of the anti-vaccine side? That statement ruined any credibility you had. People have always made money by serving power, not by going against it. There are very few corporate interests with the power of the pharms.

          • hey R.w how much do you get paid to say crap? And I have not been vaccinated EVER! I’m still healthy and this new thing going around is just crap if you can’t see the pattern of pushing vaccines and then when the counter push they change the focus of the illness and severity of the illness and vaccine needed to quell the so called epidemics. You are a disgusting person and shouldn’t live with yourself and because of the lies and people like you I have decided to become pure evil…If I ever meet you I will not be friendly, you tell your vaccination to cure that. The reason is because you mentioned children and my child was affected and according to them there is nothing wrong they have no clue what caused his brain deformities however my requests to look into the vaccine my wife received while pregnant is yet to be looked into, I either get a blank stare or the lie that its ok to inject foreign matter into a newly growing fetus during the first tri and most doctors I asked looking for the truth were stunned that a doctor would risk giving the vaccine to a pregnant woman. The answer should be more like “your wife’s DNA composition after being tested with the contents of the vaccine still haven’t shown any negative affects but we will continue checking for anomalies until the 30th test.” Not IDK or we are confident there is nothing wrong with the vaccination I must have just been unlucky enough to get a 1% disable case right? that is what you seem to be saying to me as well, just trust you right? NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND WELL GUESS ITS BACUASE THE ARMY IS WEARING SANDALS it is a desert after all and no boots are on the ground, just another 500 soldiers that should be at home with their families. If you lie R.w I believe their will be a day they bring the affects to your doorstep and then leave you unsure about what caused the affects. If you have any real medical knowledge take the flu shot it only has a 60% chance to help counter the effects, you R.w. obviously never listen to the whole story you pick your side and run with it or get told idk for sure but an honest person for the people you are not and all your words written on this page attest to that…you are a loser and I would rather work with you walking into the CDC to look at and argue the evidence instead of bickering on this forum but we will never get that chance will we and you don’t even care I bet that you a supporter for them can’t go see the truth for yourself until after its reviewed. Then at that point the stuff we have both written in hatred towards each other can have some justification. Please for the sake of humanity be a human being not a puppet or a troll.

          • I’d wager I get paid to say this “crap” as you call it, about half of what you got paid to write whatever that was you “wrote.”

          • nice sounds like you confirm your a troll with the lack of reading. R.w. I prey I get to meet you face to face someday cause I’m a drag you to the CDC and the truth will be known. I guess what I am really not understanding sir troll is that this type of incident has already come about several times in different variations yet you don’t acknowledge any of the confirmed prior incidents, if you don’t know what they are then you may wanna pipe down a bit when the masses walk past you. I would “hate” to point you out in a crowd on your lies, but I believe in freedom of speech even when its the crap that comes from you sir R.w. Troll. I hope and prey you have a happy full filed life and even with all this stupid banter between us I believe you deserve to be happy. Goodbye sir R.w. troll Foster. Thank you for reading that is if you even read it…

          • PamelaHaley

            Probably would not need so many vaccines if more children were born naturally, their mothers ate well and breast fed. Such is the life in the medical world. Deny children the necessary natural biology to survive, replace it with vaccinations and then, wonder why kids can no longer trade lunches over peanuts and gluten…

  • dannyboy

    Any updates on this or is it just being swept under the rug?

  • punxie89

    So they only found a link between specific vaccines and autism in African American males? What about links to autism in other races? I’m a mixed person of quite a few different ethnicities, but if there is a link I’d want to know. I do have Autism, and have been dealing with it my whole life. I sometimes wonder what caused it; if it was just something that happened during my development in the womb, was it inherited, etc like how does it happen in general.

    • quicksterdnb

      I’m 10% black. I laugh in the face of autism.

    • Jenny

      so does Asian too..Vaccination applied to all race and My son turn into autistic around 4 years old after massive vaccination before 36 months. Dr. said he is not vaccine injury and born with it. Now my 2nd son delayed all the vaccine schedule one shot at a time for a long time period, and he is doing great. However, I am afraid in the future no more shots…

  • Andy Walsh

    I represent the vast minority of opinion on vaccines. (I feel that the pro vaccine people have more science yet are a little conservative and can’t see that large corporations could ever prioritise profit over well being – I feel the anti vaccine people are a little too conspiratorial minded. Both are extremely passionate about nor harming babies).

    But THIS line from the above guy sums up my opinion: “There have always been recognized risks for vaccination and I believe it is the responsibility of the CDC to properly convey the risks associated with receipt of those vaccines.”

    And we have the Vaccine Injury Compensation program whereby liability for vaccine injury is taken AWAY from the manufacturers and passed ON to the taxpayer.

    But the pro vaccine people don’t want to acknowledge that, small as the numbers may be, some folk are getting extremely sick or dying from vaccination. The rest are likely ok. But let’s take care of the few that are reacting badly and not gloss over it. But the pro vaccine folk can’t afford to do that because it would create a vaccine scare. I personally feel this is the bottom line of the issue.

    • aleksthegreat

      Shut up.

      • Chelsea Dennis-Green

        Nice rebuttal. For a nine year old :p

        • Median Member

          9? You give alexsthesmallpenis too much credit!

  • Justice for the harmed

    The best thing about comment troll/shills like RW Foster is that their message of acquiescence to the pharmaceutical industry and it’s pathetically twisted paradigm of harm, profit before people and lack of care is becoming–in a widespread manner–seen for what it is. The emperor of ‘modern’ medicine is appearing naked to more and more people, no matter what drivel the shills squeak out.

    The idea that you can accuse anti-vaccinationists of profiteering from their dissident dialogues is simply ridiculous. For a start, that flies in the face of the ever-expanding $30 billion per annum vaccine industry, and the monetary motivation it has to continue and expand the promulgation of the harm it causes. Then there is all of the evidence of vaccine adverse reactions and lack of efficacy in the scientific literature, and the suppression of such science, and special cases like Simpsonwood and the CDC Whistleblower which clearly depict the corruption and deceit that mainstream medicine is guilty of. Not to mention the legacy of damaged bodies, all of the harm done, with just the tip of the iceberg being evidenced in movements like #hearthiswell or the now heavily skewed and corrupted NVICP.

    In fact, just about everything the pharma shills say is ridiculous. They claim they have the right “science” when they are not part of any group that actually respects the scientific method–their methodology is the Church of Scientism that has a fundamental(ist) religious tenet of the need to simply deny anything that goes outside of the support of mainstream thought and profit. And they take all of the criticism of orthodox medicine, twist it, and try to use it against dissent: witness the ridiculous “dissidents are making money out of this” form of argument (above) as a classic example. So when you argue with a shill, take note that most of what they say is the twisted regurgitation of real truths, into their own brand of lies, made to obfuscate the truth. This despicable act is engaged in mainly so that they can continue their mortgage and SUV payments–they don’t care about, and even thrive upon the negative energy that your child that now needs a lifetime of special needs care. Do any of them actually believe the manure they shovel? Not if they have an ounce of intellect to them.

    The old Goebbels / Bernays formula of “repeat a lie long enough and the masses will all believe it” is way past its use by date, as the internet and it’s freedom of speech is destroying your cognitive trance of medical tyranny, and your pathetic attempts to police the boundaries of permissible thought. As the world starts to awaken and see through the lies that we have been force fed since birth, the ambient background of dissent is rising up and will swallow all of your lies in a blinding white light of truth. One day the heads will roll at all of the malfeasant institutes and pharmacos, and regrettably it will be but a small nod in the direction of restitution for all of the families and lives that have been devastated because of their selfish, greedy, debased and sickening subconscious modus operandi.

    And I hope that those like RWF, who man the desks that are employed and empowered to do this dirty obfuscational work of the vaccine cover up–I hope that they too are caught in the light of truth and that all of their scurrying from the light only serves to entrap them further in the forthcoming real justice. You cannot avoid what is coming to you. It is a universal law that you will get served back what you helped dish out.

  • Eric Korbly

    Why on Earth people believe a word that comes from big business or government is beyond me.