Concord, NH- Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey plagued with multiple scandals, has made his choice for governor in the upcoming race in New Hampshire: former NSA contractor Walt Havenstein. Christie will be campaigning on behalf of Havenstein later this month.

Christie, a favorite of the GOP establishment, is now famous for “Bridgegate” in which he played a role jamming traffic to the George Washington Bridge in an act of political retribution towards his adversaries. He was involved in an additional scandal in which his administration withheld Hurricane Sandy relief funds and refused to release them until Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer would approve a real estate project from The Rockefeller Group, a real estate developer that has past ties with Christie’s administration.

Most recently it was discovered that one of Christie’s friends and biggest campaign backers, John Hanson, was awarded $106 million in NJ state funding for his nonprofit after Christie signed amendments to various state laws which conveniently made Hanson’s nonprofit qualified for subsidies.

These three examples make very clear that Christie indulges in a great deal of crony capitalism. It’s been speculated that Christie will make a run for President; in the meantime, Christie is lending his influence in New Hampshire by campaigning for Havenstein.

As previously reported, Walt Havenstein is challenging liberty Republican candidate Andrew Hemingway in the upcoming gubernatorial primary. Hemingway is favored in New Hampshire by liberty-minded residents and has publicly criticized the very subject that Havenstein knows quite well: the NSA.

Havenstein is the former CEO of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), a large tech company that has been awarded billions of dollars in government contracts. SAIC ranks #4 in companies that have received government contracts. Quite notable is the fact that SAIC was implicated in a spyware hack on security software that also pointed to the NSA.

New Hampshire faces two choices in the Republican gubernatorial primary: Hemingway, who offers an extensive policy to protect New Hampshire residents from the NSA and other forms of government overreach, and Havenstein, a Maryland resident who headed an NSA contracting company and has Governor Christie, a crony capitalist, at his side.

Most recently New Hampshire passed a bill restricting the NSA data collection of its citizens. The bill is waiting Democrat governor Maggie Hassan’s signature.

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