A meme the was shown by CNN on the internet recently came under fire when Florida Libertarian Governor Adrian Wyllie supporters voiced their opinion about its content.

As BenSwann.com reported a few days ago, Wyllie recently polled 13 percent which may be a big reason why he was not asked to participate in CNN’s upcoming Florida Governor’s Race debate on Tuesday, October 21st.

In the video podcast at the top of this article, Wyllie said that CNN took down the first meme they posted about the debate and then they posted another meme that was once again taken down.

“Each time they keep putting the meme back up to clear the comments and I haven’t really had time to watch it. I’ve been doing media interviews, been all over the place today but I’m sure that supporters are at it again just attacking that meme on the CNN politics Facebook page.”

To view CNN’s latest meme on Facebook click HERE.

When asked about his thoughts about the situation, Wyllie said:

“I don’t think there’s any excuse whatsoever for CNN to exclude me from this debate. We proved beyond any reasonable doubt that I am a viable candidate. This is a viable campaign, we are out there working as hard or harder than the other two candidates. Really the only difference is they’re raising hundreds of millions of dollars because they’re for sale to the special interests and we’ve only raised a little over a hundred and ten, probably a hundred and twenty thousand dollars as of today.”

At the end of the video podcast, Wyllie sounded off on the childish behavior of his two opponents Rick Scott and Charlie Crist.

“I have to say it feels like I’m the only adult in this race and my two opponents are acting like children.”

The top comments from CNN’s latest meme are posted below:

Adrian Wyllie Supports Voice Opinion on CNN Meme

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