“If you like your insurance plan, you can keep it” is becoming the most notorious political lie since “Read my lips, no new taxes.”  Millions of Americans nationwide – and about 250,000 in Colorado alone – are losing their health coverage as a result of Obamacare.  In some cases, this has extended to the very people who championed the program hardest.

One of these people is Kathy Wagner.  A now-retired nurse of 35 years, Wagner and her husband are fairly healthy, and strongly supported Obamacare when it was being passed.  When it was implemented, however, their insurance company dropped their coverage.  To buy a similar plan, the Wagners must now pay over $1000/month – 35% more – and their deductible is still higher.

Saying her “hopes were dashed,” Wagner sent a letter to President Obama.  She spent five years arguing against people who told her costs weren’t actually going to go down, and that people would actually lose their coverage, and that Obamacare was “moving us back instead of moving us forward,” in her own words.  Now she finds herself in the position of those whose concerns she was trivializing just two months ago, and for the first time in her life, is considering just going without health insurance.

Her Representative, Diana DeGette, who sits on the committee which oversees Obamacare, simply responded to her concerns by saying that “a year from now people overall are going to be very, very happy with the way the Affordable Care Act is working.”

Wagner is far from unique, even among people who supported the ACA.  Jared Polis, who represents Colorado’s Second Congressional District, recently tried to lower the healthcare exchange rates for one of the most affluent and liberal counties in his district because people there were simply walking out the door after looking at the coverage rates, which significantly exceeded $500/month per person.  Polis helped write Obamacare.

Harry Reid has said Obamacare would and should lead to a single payer system, similar to those found in France and the UK.  The left has begun to say that Obamacare was a right-wing idea, and that Democrats only pursued it as an attempt to compromise, though their plan would have been cheaper and more effective.  Through these statements, it’s clear that the problems of Obamacare will only be used as a justification for increased government intervention, when it has been government intervention which caused problems with healthcare every step of the way.

Both Parties have failed to implement free market solutions to fix the challenge of healthcare affordability. While the left seeks a complete single payer system, Republicans continue to block outside competition in many states giving unfair advantages to big companies. In South Carolina for example,  BlueCross BlueShield gave a total $1,448,488 from 2004-2012 to lobby SC legislators according to followthemoney.org. This partnership of lobbyist and business prevents the competition needed to lower prices for the consumer.  South Carolina Republican senators also had the opportunity to nullify Obamacare, but chose to let it die in the senate.

Sen. Tom Davis (R-SC) is fighting to get a bill passed next session that will nullify Obamacare. Recently Ron Paul suggested that states should nullify Obamacare as well.

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Joshua Cook

Joshua Cook is a writer and a political activist. He has interviewed many politicians including Rand Paul, Walter Jones, Bob Graham, Trey Gowdy and thought leaders who shape U.S. policy. He is a host of 'Beer and Politcs' on Truth In Media. If you have any tips please email him at joshua@truthinmedia.com. Find him on Twitter @RealJoshuaCook

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  • CaptainUSA

    People are starting to detach from this Topic. To many unanswered questions about details and now that the Fox network is pushing for delay instead of Repeal. Many will be brainwashed and not notice Faux Knewz is in the gang that will profit off of this.

    • akatom3565

      Never mind the fact that the other news agencies are talking about it! Funniest part is when both sides talk about the other side being the only ones brainwashed.

      • CaptainUSA

        Yeah “They” are all shocked. Breaking new’s all the Obamacure providers stocks have doubled. I am with the “Side” that will not be forced. This is a OJ Simpson style distraction. Wait maybe Clinton did inhale. or Bonesman Kerry Breaking Lee Harvey didnt act alone. 5 Globalist Corps own both “Wings” of the media. Yesterday Riots caused a 100 Garment factories to close. How Dare the people demand more than $38 a month paycheck. The New’s “Programs” will never talk about that. They should be praising the Communist Chinese for paying those Slaves $1.38 per hour. ~~They ever “Talk” like that I will plug my TV back in and watch a Knews Program.

  • akatom3565

    Nothing funnier in the world than a sheep finding out the Shepard left them hanging.

  • Sam

    Screw Kathy Wagner. These people lack any ounce of understanding of economics. They prefer fantasy worlds where money grows on trees. I think every Obama voter should get an extra “Obamacare tax” and everyone who didn’t vote for Obama gets a health insurance subsidy. Maybe then the ignorant and uneducated will stop believing in fairy tales and start listening a little better.

  • Tim Tonole


  • ax123man

    I think it’s funny. I have little sympathy for people who behave like children, have little knowledge of economics and who put their trust in strangers, and then are shocked that it didn’t work out. And all because they believed other strangers who told them it would all work out (without taking the time to understand the motivation behind that propaganda)

    I will pay my increased taxes and increased health care costs, but I absorbed the emotional aspects of this a long time ago. It was dead obvious what was going to happen. Additionally, as time goes by you will see either more increases in costs or rationing. There is no way around it.

  • Patriot1

    Did she really think she was going to get something for free? Nothing is free in this world, you can’t get something for nothing.

  • Ae Wehr

    You do realize this is a common and predatory practice initiated unilaterally by insurance companies using “obamacare” as a clever scapegoat. The new plans are NOT exchange-approved — It’s plain-old mass fraud our fine politicians refuse to prosecute.

  • Blake Helgoth

    Well,maybe this is the point where they begin to understand what is going on. I use to be a two party system thinker who actually believed the conservative politicians were looking out for liberty. I now realize that the two party system is a ruse. It took until this last presidential election and seeing how the Republican party manipulated the primaries to completely wake me up. Now, looking back I can see how gullible I was for all those years. Let’s pray this opens their eyes as well.

  • Leaping Raven

    There are other issues with Obama care. I just got a letter from the insurance company that said that they tried to work with the doctor and have failed so now “I” owe 2300 dollars on a legitimate claim. This is in addition to the deductible of 3k and the monthly premiums of over 400 dollars. They are not even going to apply the 2300 against the deductible. So there is more than just the rising healthcare costs, lack of available website sign up, changed plans, inadequate coverage, . . . now there is failure to cover.

  • baldwanus

    Diana DeGette is the same woman who couldn’t even comprehend the fact that gun magazines aren’t “one time use”, when she said if you ban all high capacity magazines, they’ll eventually all be gone because people had already shot them.

    I sure hope Mrs. Wagner isn’t expecting much from DeGette.