House Floor Vote

The issue is pretty simple.  The Congress of the United States has to determine whether or not to support U.S. strikes on Syria.  It is called a declaration of war and it is the job of Congress to either approve or deny military action.

Today, the National Review Online is reporting that Congressional aides are saying that the House may not even vote on action in Syria if House leadership believes the vote will fail.

“Two new whip counts of House members by ABC News and the liberal Firedoglake web site show a majority of House members firmly or leaning against intervention. The Washington Post’s more conservative count stands at 204 “no” votes, only 13 short of the majority needed to kill the president’s request. “

Really? That is the position of the House leadership?

Speaker of the House John Boehner, (R) Ohio has come out in support of military action in Syria and Democratic leadership like Rep. Nancy Pelosi have thrown their support behind strikes against Syria as well.  But much of Congress is not convinced and neither are the American people.  Polls indicate that as many as 91% of Americans do not want the U.S. to go to war with Syria, despite claims by Secretary of State John Kerry that intervention is not only needed but morally the right thing to do.

Of course, the fallout of voting for strikes on Syria are anything but simple.  Lawmakers are telling us that these would be limited military strikes.  That U.S. forces would not be in harms way and most lawmakers are claiming there would not be “boots on the ground”.

The problem with that scenario however is that Congress merely assumes that strikes on Syria would consist of firing cruise missiles from the Mediterranean Sea.  Of course, the assumption being sold to the American people is that Syria won’t be in a position to retaliate against the United States.

The issue we face today is different than any war the United States has faced in several generations.  Consider for a moment that unlike when the U.S. helped in the overthrow of Gaddafi or went into Afghanistan or Iraq, we did not have other nations around the world directly opposing our action.  Some nations indicated they weren’t happy about it but none threatened the U.S. over that action.

That is not the case with Syria.  The Syrians have promised to retaliate against U.S. and Israeli interests and they are not alone.  In addition, Iran is making clear it will strike U.S. interests as well.  The Wall Street Journal is reporting

“The U.S. military has also readied Marines and other assets to aid evacuation of diplomatic compounds if needed, and the State Department began making preparations last week for potential retaliation against U.S. embassies and other interests in the Middle East and North Africa.”

Much of this positioning is in response to increased rhetoric from Irans Supreme Military Leader  Ayatollah Khamenei is threatening coordinated terror attacks against the U.S. if the country launches strikes against Syria.  The International Business Times UK is reporting that Khamenei says:

“In the case of Syria, the chemical attack is a pretext. The Americans try to play with words and pretend that they’ve become involved in this case for humanitarian aims.  The Americans are making mistakes in Syria and they have felt the impact and will certainly suffer loss”

Russia too is making noise about not standing by while the U.S. launches these strikes.  Russian President Valdimir Putin says that Russia will aid Syria and there is speculation that any Syrian assets destroyed by the U.S. will be replaced by Russia. All in all, this means the U.S. will not be able to strike Syria without being drawn into a larger war.

This may be the biggest reason that informed Americans are standing up and saying “NO” to war with Syria.  The idea that the U.S. can conduct a “drive-by” attack on Syria is just not true.

The voice of the people in the United States is supposed to be represented by members of Congress.  The House of Representatives is after all “the people’s house”.  By not allowing Congress to vote on Syria simply because House leadership fears the outcome of that vote is not only cowardly but another example of how our “representative” form of government represents only special interests.

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Ben Swann is an investigative journalist working tirelessly to dissolve the left/right paradigm prevalent in most mainstream media narratives. As a news reporter and anchor in the earlier days of his career, he has gained a wealth of experience while earning two Emmy Awards and two Edward R. Murrow awards. In addition to heading the Truth In Media Project, Ben is the prime anchor at WGCL-TV in Atlanta, GA. He can be seen anchoring live at 4 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 6 p.m., and 11 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. A stream is available at

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  • Tyler

    Saying page not found.

  • Bluto

    I don’t remember the world being behind us when GWB decided to bomb Iraq.

    • jesus

      thats because the world was asleep, now it has awaken

    • RageFury

      The world was not, but there was no mention of retaliation and it had the support of the people initially.
      Now there are threats of of retaliation in some manner and the people are overwhelmingly against it. Further you have Iran whom retaliates on Syria’s behalf because of their Mutual Defense Pact and we will respond in kind. That by itself threatens to bring China into the picture, not just Russia. Any action in Syria will snowball to into a complete catastrophe of epic proportions.

  • ax123man

    The emperor, rhetorically speaking, has no clothes. Privately they are all “crap, we really screwed up this time . What are we going to do?”. The answer is they will either back down or up the ante (more false flags, more “it won’t cost a thing”, more “even a 5 year old can see” nonsense).

    By the way… all those congressmen/women who are undecided? They’re the ones who know that someone might have dirt on them. Or they’re waiting for their bribe money. Lot’s of backdoor backstabbing and politics going on right now.

    • supersajin

      Maybe Obama called his NSA goons?

  • GaryL

    Well done, Ben. Another question looms off-stage: If the Congress votes and approves a use of military force, which results follow the very likely scenario that you describe, exactly what are the People prepared to do in response?


      Ask everyone to resign their position & have a new election to put people in thses seats who will actually do their jobs & have them push for the impeachment of Obama & his administration!!!

  • poptoy1949

    The Congressional leadership should not by-pass the vote simply because it will not go the way they want it to go. What they should do is have the vote and let the Voice of the People be heard. Is that not the true intention given by our Constitution? Sorry for the next few words and pardon my French and Yes I am French from South Louisiana but anything else is just plain ole Chickenshit.

    • Not Bob

      All that would be great of we lived in a democracy or even a republic but alas we don’t/ We live in a fascist corpratocracy where the peoples opinions only matters if it fits with the premade plans.

      • poptoy1949

        Lately, that has been the way it is. Well Said.

  • supersajin

    Which is worse being a coward or a traitor?
    I believe a coward in the face of adversity.

    A traitor has commitment, and purpose.
    A coward only thinks of themselves.

  • madisontruth

    A President’s bruised ego is less costly than a single life of any nationality.

  • settheline

    They aren’t going to vote?! I don’t understand, how can they just decline to hold a vote? So basically the president de facto gets his authorization because a few people decided it wasn’t a good idea to hear the people on this issue?

    • RonWillison

      The committee chairs or Career politicians decide what get to the floors in both houses. Like for instance Ron Paul’s attempts over two decades on TERM LIMITS were never allowed to see the light of day by vote. You think maybe he was right in retrospect? I know I do.

  • apeman2502

    All of that mewling finally turned out to be perceived helplessness at the right time for once. Even vermin are God’s creatures and we only need time to discover their true place on this Good Earth. If, by chance, congress were to finally find its spine and cerebrum, we may be able to save the dream of a positive future here on earth. Until then, it is self-indulgence in compulsive outlets that maintains congressional focus. If the neocons or The City of London come up with a 757 full of virgin ten year-olds as a bribe, this temporary respite may crash and burn.

    • flintlock1949

      Virgin 10 year old’s? Good luck!

  • Not Bob

    The results of limited cruise missile strikes will be Russian made anti-ship missiles sinking one of our destroyers. Then its world war 3 which is exactly what Obama and McCain want!

    • flintlock1949

      Good for jobs in the Military industrial area at least: But I’d be willing to bet the bombs would be falling on US cities, too, this time! Of course, that might be a good thing!

  • Carlos Hathcock

    With the exception of a few, all of Congress needs to be tried by the people, and if found guilty, lined up and shot by firing squad. What a bunch of pathetic worthless reprobates!

    • Steven Dawson

      Nice work back in the day ! !

    • Barrington_Hyde

      I’ve thought the same many times, and have even written as much to the White House, though not excepting the Executive and Judiciary branches. We should have the satisfaction of seeing this materialize on Washington Mall.

      Personally, I’m convinced that the beast behind the degeneration of this country is the Rockefeller family. It began with the Federal anti-trust suit in 1911, which broke up the Standard Oil monopoly. This annoying setback to Rockefeller ambition was countered by The Federal Reserve Act in 1913, plotted and ramrodded through Congress by Senator Nelson Aldrich, son-in-law of David Rockefeller, Sr. This vindication by the Rockefeller machine effectively reversed roles, making government the lackey for a blood-sucking, unscrupulous brood. In rapid succession we saw the institution of The Internal Revenue Service, also in 1913, and the establishment of AIPAC in 1913.

      In 1914 WWI erupted, primarily as a function of the Balfour Declaration, activating the cogs for creation of the State of Israel. So emboldened were the bankers now that the Wall Street-financed-Bolshevik “Revolution” followed unabashed in 1917 as a means of imposing central banking on Russia. WWII was easily triggered to prevent Japan’s competition with the Rockefeller ambition for China’s resources and market. Because of its lucrative nature, oil has become one with international banking. Likewise, steel, transport, defense materiel have been rolled together with these into one unstoppable force which finds in war a motherlode.

      Iraq and Syria, of course, represent more of the same. Using militaristic imperialism to tighten his grip around the globe, David Rockefeller has now undertaken to remove the greater part of humanity to improve efficiency among his enterprises. He considers Mao’s genocidal regime to be a great success story, and in the same way David Rockefeller removed sheep ranchers from the Grand Tetons for his pleasure, he now undertakes to reduce world population by all means possible to exercise his lust for power. Having financed both NATO and United Nations, and implemented CFR, Trilateral and Bilderberg, he has ample contingents to assist in realizing his egocentric schemes. Perhaps his most telling commitment has been Bohemian Grove, which, I think, defines his origin and leaves his madness beyond dispute.

      As infuriating and depressing as this narrative may be, it simplifies the task before us. This entire rush to insanity can be halted with the removal of one man. There are legal means for doing this, I am sure, just as the anti-trust suit was successfully executed. Equally culpable are his cohorts, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger and George Soros. Rockefeller, Brzezinski and Kissinger have all written candidly and copiously of their project. Their own words can be used against them for a legal case of sedition. All our efforts should be directed to getting these three men behind bars immediately.

  • Kevin Merck

    If they don’t vote it’s because they know it won’t pass. The whole idea of a vote was to make Obama look like he’s playing by the rules. The fact that it will be voted down forces Obama to say that he didn’t need the vote anyway. That’s not really what he wanted, but his supporters will just blame the lack of support on racism. Obama didn’t get his way because he’s a black guy. (who’s half white)

    It looks to me like they are going to strike no matter what.

    They have bunkers and assurances that they’ll survive whatever takes place. They’ve been acting like people who have nothing to lose for a long time now. There’s an arrogance about them that tells me they think that they’ll never be held accountable for what ever actions they take.

    • Barrington_Hyde

      Well said. Wish I had summed it up so succinctly. The driving pace of outrages during this administration suggests that, from the beginning, Barry Soetero’s assignment was to preside over America’s decapitation. He has moved with the confidence of one who knew the way would be opened by his puppet-masters.

      Interesting to see that Hilary Clinton has been eyed as successor in the event of obstacles. This choice, by those who know her best, pretty much confirms the treachery of this shallow, incompetent saboteur. Those of us who have recognized the demonic reality behind her parade of cosmetics and costumes are hardly surprised.

      It’s worth noting the weakness and lack of substance of those drafted to implement the Destroyers’ blueprint. It speaks volumes on the inherent degeneracy of the schemers.

    • flintlock1949

      You said a mouthful!

  • Sean

    So if we strike Syria it will be like what japan did to us in Pearl harbor and then the shit hits the fan. No on war period.


    It’s official, the Obama-bots are all stuck in high school bully mode. Could these people behave in a more childish manner? Every time they don’t get their way they start with the name calling and childish bully tactics. It’s tiresome to say the least, I now know why so many kids commit suicide to get away from these people in school, they are relentless.

    • Almost Anonymous

      I’m not quite sure what “Obama-bots” have to do with the house’s unwillingness to vote on this measure.

  • Republic Of America

    By not allowing Congress to vote on Syria simply because House leadership fears the outcome of that vote is not only cowardly but another example of how our “representative” form of government represents only special interests.
    Now thats the Fn truth in one sentence!

    • flintlock1949

      The problem is that the speakers have way more power than they ought! Their jobs ought to be simply to preside over things and convey the House/Senate’s desires to the President. Where does Harry Reid get the power to stonewall bills he doesn’t like? Where does Boehner?

  • Jack Cole

    It’s easy to establish who the NWO puppets are – Pelosi, Boehner, etc. “whips” are 3rd in rank in the house – and both are not even in favor of issue. Yet it’s really easy to see who is bought and sold by how they vote on this issue.

    It’s so easy to see.

  • mizhenrietta

    Send that NeoCon idiot Boehner back to Ohio’s Political Boneyard for politicians who are not worth a plugged nickle!

    • Christopher Tutt

      Hell we here in Ohio don’t want him either. The american people have said what they want and our government is not representing us.

      Two rules just two. Two laws to implement just two.
      1: All media goes to the hands of the people. It can be “owned” by someone but they get NO say in what is reported. The coverage needs to be HONEST and informed (such as Ben Swann). The media needs to get out of the bias towards doing exactly what “they” (the government or whoever “they” may be but it is not the people) want.

      2: Instill a law that the representative has to vote for what the people want. If their approval gets below 49% then that representative is IMMEDIATELY thrown out of office. Then once that one is replace and he doesn’t get the approval then he is out also.

      These two changes would change this country in months. We would get the truth about GMO’s, War interventions, police state moves, and all the other political lies that are being pushed as truth.

      • Carol Jean Goodwin

        We need a place to deport “politicians gone rogue”! We give them our support and then they turn on us!

        • guillotines4liberty

          All we need to do is have a public beheading like 18th century France, on the steps of the Capitol in Washington DC where we lop off the heads of a few of the most treasonous ones in Washington and let the blood run down the capitol steps… be a few generations before anyone got brazen enough to try it again,

          • flintlock1949

            A little bit harsh, there. How about a nice tar and feathering – and then being stripped of all rights of a citizen? Doubt if there is anywhere we could ship them off to that would have them!

        • guillotines4liberty

          All we need to do is have a public beheading like 18th century France, on the steps of the Capitol in Washington DC where we lop off the heads of a few of the most treasonous ones in Washington and let the blood run down the capitol steps… be a few generations before anyone got brazen enough to try it again,

      • flintlock1949

        I’d add another: Caught in a lie, out of office immediately and permanently – and the opposition party fills the spot!

      • TDAY

        Christopher, we don’t live in a democracy. Democracies have always failed. Your idea can not work in a Representative Republic.

  • srmmedia

    Syria has some very advanced anti ship missiles that they bought from Russia. They are called “Carrier Killers” and they have Ram Jets on them and can travel Super Sonic speeds making them impossible to shoot down. They also approach their target at no more than 50 feet above sea level so that radar can not get a lock on them as well. If ANYBODY thinks that they are incapable of destroying one or more of our ships they are delusional.

  • jac

    It’s been reported in The Guardian and elsewhere that the Syrian crisis is a dispute over a natural gas pipeline, where Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the US want a build the pipeline across Syria to supply Europe, and Al Assad, at Russia’s insistence, won’t allow it, b/c it cuts into Russia’s primary market. If the reports are accurate, this is just another age-old clash of nations jockeying for geopolitical and economic power. Are we surprised? Of course not.

    • RonWillison

      That is part of the big picture and used by those in government not necessarily aware of or onboard with the broader picture. The people in our government by and large are not bad guys. Most in fact are caring and believe what they are doing is right. The problem is “COMPARTMENTALIZATION’. Trying to gain control of remaining crude supply’s because you can see the repercussions that running out would bring about paints a pretty dire picture. Where the rub comes in is. The use of force to do it is no longer a viable choice. Was the wrong approach to begin with and to continue on that course now does nothing but add insult to injury which is a journey straight into a brick wall.
      C.C. Myfiles 09-06-2013.

  • MootsaGootsa

    Makes you wonder if our politicians are are being blackmailed We already know they were spied upon thanks to Sonwdon.

    • LocalHero

      Good catch. Check out ‘jimstonefreelance(dot)com’ for just that.

  • BruceB

    O-chickenhawk is making all kinds of noise about the 1400 people and 400 of them being children. Over 100,000 have died in Syria since the beginning of this continual fight between Muslims. Who cares, not me. If the loons want to kill themselves with tire irons, flamming bags of crap, or gas, have at it. We will have to deal with radical Islam at some time, but with only a few between 10 and 50 the job will be much easier. No one in the region gives a damn about Syria, except little “O”, so just stop and wait. If the Arab League wants Assad out, he would have been gone a long time ago.

  • Cole

    I think they are well aware of how the American people feel about this drive-by gangsta style retaliatory red line show down… Without even knowing who is really at fault ….It`s hard to get support when your own hands are dirty ( Benghazi) …. One might do better to connect all the dots before huffing and puffing and blowing the house down …Will The Muslims still be marching on the same day of this missile strike ? if I heard correctly …. 9/11….

  • Joseph L Parker

    Kerry and Obama have been telling us that there will be no boots on the ground, why then is the resolution passed by the FRC so opened ended. In 2012, Panetta said that 75,000 troops would be needed to secure Syrian chemical weapons should Assad be deposed. They are basically lying to us when they say boots on the ground will not be needed, YES they will be needed. If any of those chemical or biological weapons fall into the hands of al-Qaeda there will be many deaths because of it. Therefore our leaders will use the excuse that we need boots on the ground to secure the chemical weapons, when Assad is taken down.

    • flintlock1949


  • Steven Dawson

    House members too mesmerized by the OBAMANATION or fosilized to push the NO on SYRIA button ? ? ?

  • Cronos

    This whole debacle is probably just for the simple purpose of opening Syrian air space up to Non Syrian aircraft…Iran’s oil supplies would be much easier to take then…

  • Pam Wolfe

    Let’s see, wasn’t Pearl Harbor just a preemptive airstrike with no boots on the ground? Hmmmmmm

    • Gregory Alan of Johnson

      Pearl Harbor was FDR’s bait for the Japanese so that he could bring the US into WWII and help his fellow Masonic brother Churchill. WWII was an Illuminati war, and so is this effort.

    • MTR

      Pearl Harbor got America into WWII.

  • Paul Revere

    These colwns are trying to evade the fact that any member of the house that votes in favor of military action WLL be voted out of office in the next election cycle, and they KNOW this. Thank God for people in office like Rand Paul, Kerry is a joke and when he brought up “Israel” during his exchange with Paul it was clearly an evasion of the issue. The old trick of bringing up Israel during a debate about the middle east on a topic that is NOT about Israel just does not wash with the American people and Rand should have called him on it. This is NOT about Israel, it’s about the US and OUR involvement in it, and will of the American People. Any action by the US military in Syria against the clear will of the American People is paramount to treason and there will be repercussions for those acts. There are no more “tricks” that can be used to evade that fact.

    • Hugo

      Actually, this is all about Israel. We are fighting their wars for them. Who do you think has control of our foreign policy? Who benefits? Who has the house and senate by the cajoles? Israel…..

      • C4LCNCPLS

        This is being fought for Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Israel. Iran is the end game here. Russia and China will not let this happen. They too have drawn a line in the sand and if the U.S. crosses it, it will get real bad real quick!

  • RonWillison

    People. Time to scream at the top of your lungs for all to hear. If Congress and the Senate authorise this insanity against the will of the American citizens. That act alone spells RECALLS, LOCAL, STATE, and FEDERAL RALLY’S with every “AMERICAN” citizen or wannabee putting their daily lives on hold in an effort to remove the vermin that are betraying those of us that are “AMERICANS” Not Republicans. Not democrats, Not Libertarians etc. But as “AMERICANS” Who want our country set back on the course that the authors of our constitution envisioned. Any parent, grand parent, nationality, faith, immigrant, both legal or not in status must understand that the simple notion of having to answer to my grand daughter when she comes in the door in tears wanting to know how I could have let her future come down to a choice between working for the state bakery for the rest of her life or operating a sewing machine in one of the state textile factories is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!. Everything taking place in the middle east, here in the states, and around the world for that matter. Was scripted and set in motion long before the 911 WTC attacks by a group of ruthless megalomaniacs and their ancestors who in some cases have deluded themselves into thinking that playing the same scratched record over and over again as has been done for thousands of years is ok. It is not! it is insanity!. Especially in this day and age when we finally have the tools to break that cycle of almost extinct to over population that seems to on average be around 12 thousand years. Planetary husbandry, greed, power, personal gain etc have all been used as reasons to justify SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, and TYRANNY time and again. And always ended badly and failure. As long as the MONEY CHANGERS and MANIPULATORS are running the show as they have been for no less than three thousand years. Humanity is doomed, and the bulk of us will wind up bulldozed into huge pits that will be the crude oil that powers their children’s, children’s, children’s machinery after our planet repairs itself. The really sick part of all of this is. The biggest weapon used to perpetuate the madness over time is the MANY GOD”S we have been sold as the ONE TRUE GOD. END THE GOD DAMNED FED! We can GROW UP! It is within our reach. All we have to do is want it. See Iceland and Hungary and how they are flourishing since throwing out the money changers and their banks for guidance.
    C.C. Myfiles 09-06-2013

    • Sharon Hansen

      If I could give you 100 thumbs up, I would.

    • Ray

      Well-said sir. It’s high time we stop letting others who think they can run the world from dividing us.

  • sandollar_man

    This article automatically used the word “terror” to describe what the Iranian response might be. I doubt if their leader described his possible reaction as terror. Folks this is how the subtle propaganda seeps in. The Iranians have a defense pact with Syria and any Iranian response could no longer be considered a terrorist attack than if WE were to come to Israel’s aid if they we attacked.

    See how that one sided propaganda works —

    • RonWillison

      Sandollar_man You touch directly on rant I did a few days ago. When the Iranians elected a moderate not too long ago. The man tried to reach out. While he didn’t jump up and down wave around a white flag. His olive branch should have at least been given a modicum of respect and an open mindset by our government could have gone a long way to ending all the nuke concerns that Netanyahu and clan make a full time job of worrying about. What did the man and indeed the Iranian people get for the effort? Netanyhu’s response. There is nothing genuine there. America response/ Arbitrary disregard and so now that both the US have basically Slapped the entire Iranian people in the face and embarrassed Irans new President. Where in hell does that leave the world? And it is that very attitude that now has the American people realizing that the tinHats are not crazy after all. And that kind of behaviour is exactly why We The people are demanding absolute proof that Assad is the one that is the mass murderer. Just Government Officials running around saying We have HIGH CONFIDENCE That Assad Did it will not cut it. We the people want real indisputable facts. Where they came from and who can we hold accountable if they are false. Passing the buck to another alphabet soup lettered agency is a non starter. If you recall that was how nobody was held accountable after 911 and we threw tons of money at that INTER AGENCY COMMUNICATION problem only to have JOE LIEBERMAN come out of hiding after the Boston Marathon Bombing and start spewing the same bullshit. We are not stupid Joe. We are on to you and your pals nonsense. Between Lieberman wanting his kill the Internet button, sopa, pipa NSA/CSS, and Bloomberg with his maniacal gun grabbing campaign. I wouldn’t be surprised if some combination of those two will be who is really shoved down America’s throats next election cycle..

  • Tom Usher

    It’s a decent post, but Vladimir Putin’s name is misspelled.

    • SlimJim

      Президент Владимир Путин

  • Carol Jean Goodwin

    Syria has NOT attacked anyone or anything in the U S. We have no reason to strike Syria! We do not even have a “dog in this fight”. By what everyone else is observing, Assad is NOT the bad guy here. On the other hand the Al Qaeda are the bad guys; beheading, hanging, shooting massive numbers of Syrian citizens who support Assad! I’d like to know where MccCain gets his idea that Assad is a “butcher”!

    • emasee

      The al nursa fron is beheading, gassing, and eating people organs, idk how anyone could support that type of savage behavior.

  • Gregory Alan of Johnson

    A vote not taken, because there’s not enough support for the “resolution” to attack, will be much worse than Congress voting against it. I suspect ultimately that Obama will order one anyway. It’s apparently time for more blood sacrifice to Lucifer.

  • Kent

    I doubt they are going to deny a vote because they are cowards. If the house votes no to an attack on Syria then any subsequent attack authorized by the President would clearly be grounds for impeachment. They are not going to vote so that the president can say “After Congress has failed to act it is my duty to make a decision.”
    Denying a vote will be used to ensure the attack on Syria proceeds as planned. Not cowardice, instead intentional treason.

    • flintlock1949

      What better proof is needed that Boehner is firmly with the Leftist war mongers?


    Obama, Kerry, McCain and Graham will go down in history as starting WWIII.
    And, with all the nukes that come into play. History won’t matter. There won’t be a future for anyone.

  • chickief

    We don’t want to support Al-Quieda supported rebels OR the Muslim Brotherhood! And we don’t want limited strikes or any kind of strikes.

    • Ray


  • jenlt

    What is moral about attacking a country that has not attacked us? What is moral about claiming the victims of the gas attack were the perpetrators? How can they claim that any of this is moral?
    Everything, absolutely everything anymore is upside-down & backwards. Stop & think about it for a minute, really.

  • Terry C

    The United States does not have an obligation to do anything in Syria. That is what the UN is supposed to be for. Thats what we give them so much money for. As for Kerry’s statement “we have a moral obligation” , When he and the rest of this administration get their morals straightened out, then we can tell other Countries about theirs.

    • flintlock1949

      what’s the difference if we act alone, or go in with UN badges showing – it’s still us doing the lions share of the work! We have little to fear though, the UN won’t do squat – unless the US is at the forefront of the action!

      • Sim Lash

        It’s actually illegal to invade a country without approval from the UN Security Council. The only time it is okay without approval is in an instance of self-defense.

        • bruno64

          This is not considered an invasion. Since we dont have access to intel reports, they will simply say there are WMDs and we need to attack to protect the US.

  • Darrell

    Besides, have they watched the beheading of Christians by the same people they are helping. Who knows who did the chemical killings in Syria. I am almost ashamed to call myself an american with the administration that we have, and I am a Veteren.

  • JustAnotherJoe10

    Sorry folks, but you Americans were stupid enough to re-elect a war monger like Obama for a second term, and after seeing what he was about the first four years. Obama is going to do whatever he wants, and to hell with you. Why is it you always manage to vote for pro-war presidents? And you wonder why you are hated so much around the world. My bets are on Russia. And if weakened America (and spineless Obama) think they can beat someone like Putin at the bargaining table-and on the front lines-I dare say Americans have some serious waking up to do.

    • Dmgdriver

      Honestly, I don’t think Obama has the stomach for military action. I think his mouth wrote a check that his ass can’t, or doesn’t want to cash. However he has to put up a good show for the world. I don’t think anything would please him more if Congress vote against him on this, or even refuses a vote. Then he can stand before the world, beat his chest, say I tried, but the evil Republicans and Congress said no.
      Warmonger? No. Incompetent, Spineless, Unqualified? You make the call.

      • Kevin Merck


        He’s as much a warmonger as George Bush. There is very little difference.

    • Kevin Merck

      Ron Paul would have brought the troops home and none of this would be happening right now.

      The American people didn’t cheat Ron Paul out of the nomination. It was establishment ***Republicans*** who committed criminal acts in about 20 states to rob him of the nomination. These are the same criminal Republicans who are now accomplices in these war crimes.

      This could have been turned around by the people, but it was too much to expect from people who are under constant attack by the MSM, GMO, fluoride and countless other methods of control by this insane government.

    • bruno64

      Its the ELECTORAL COLLEGE that elects him; your vote is pretty much worthless.

    • Cheryl Newcomb

      Two words why the fraud, usurper, dictator wannabe is squatting in our White House. Rigged elections.

      • Sevi99

        I guess Mittens would have kept us safe and secure for this four years of the weapon-makers’ growing passion for world war.

        • Cheryl Newcomb

          Nope, have you forgotten his famous speech about how he’d make our Military so strong that no one would dare mess with us? Romney would have already started World War 3. The only one that would have averted all this is Ron Paul.

  • Dmgdriver

    Let’s take a deep breath here. Let’s say the UN inspectors find out that chemical weapons were used. WHO used them? Assad? The rebels? The Muslim Brotherhood, Hesbala, Al quida, any number of other Middle Eastern nations who feel they would benefit from further instability in Syria? All the UN can do is say yes or no they were used but… Let’s remember Pearl Harbor and 9/11/01 were both limited airstrikes with no boots on the ground.

    • PhilipM

      Let’s remember Pearl Harbor and 9/11/01 were both limited airstrikes with no boots on the ground. What’s your point?

      Are you saying since they were limited airstrikes, then we’re obligated to respond with the same level of force? I’m not sure what you’re getting at with that last comment.

      • Sevi99

        I think dmgdriver is saying that we should not be fooled by the “no boots on the ground” lies that were used in other false flag war starters.

        • bruno64

          Agreed Sevi99, even precision airstrikes will require some sort of groundwork.

  • TDAY

    The Obama administration knows absolutely nothing about foreign policy. Obama is the second coming of Hitler. He wants to get revenge on America for its many sins. Obama has apologized to every nation that will listen, believing that doing so will bring us honor. There are no right answers when the administration doesn’t even understand the question.

  • bruno64

    This is NOT a declaration of war; there is NO war. The last decalration of war was December 1941. Under the Constituiton, the President can authorize a strike WITHOUT congressional approval or even their knowledge if he feels there is a threat to US national security or this can be a policing action. Congress can eventualy challenge it under the War Powers Resolution.

    • Tray

      If Mexico lobbed a few missiles at us because during the midst of a civil war, we would call it an act of war. It’s no different when we are the ones using the missiles.

      • bruno64

        Calling it an ACT OF WAR is not the same as declaring war. Afghanistan attacked us and we attacked them back. There was NO declaration of war. Iran took hostages in the late 70s and still no decalration of war. Vietnam and Korea did not have decalration of wars. The author of this article states that congress must vote on a declaration of war for military action to occur against Syria and that is an incorrect statement.

    • Jeremy

      What exactly is the threat?

      • bruno64

        Threats are determined by the National Security Council of the US

  • Kevin Merck

    I bet all you people wish you had supported Ron Paul now.
    He may have been our only hope at averting disaster.
    That was the distinct feeling I had when the primaries where going on. My heart told me that he was our only hope of avoiding catastrophe.

    • Cheryl Newcomb

      Lovin the way you think Kevin.

    • tallpaul

      While I agree with the tragedy of all our current state of affairs. I hardly believe Ron Paul is the solution to any of our problems.

  • agcw86

    Why do we let perverts like John “Lurch” Kerry lecture us on morality? I seem to recall his initiation into Skull and Bones at Yale was to beat off in a coffin and tell of his sexual conquests to his fellow perverts. These psychopathic “island floaters” in congress are too stupid and perverse to represent We The People.

  • Kevin Merck

    Obama is subject to impeachment because?
    A. He has violated his oath
    B. He has committed treason
    C. He is ineligible under the Constitution
    D. All of the above
    Those students who chose anything besides answer D. will have to repeat the second grade.

    • bruno64

      be specific kevin. Please provide documented proof. Not copies of articles posted from the Tea Party or Fox.

  • Mike Knox

    Syria could be another false flag to divert attention away from the other dozen or so impeachable scandals. Wag the dog.

  • Diana Stokes

    I am so disgusted at most of congress,obama & his administration. I believe they should go to jail, for selling out America, for murdering our military men and women. I pray our military will surround Washington D.C. and arrest them. They should be put in the reeducation camps that they built for innocent Americans. Their liars, thieves, murderers, and every dime they have should go towards the debt, same with wall street and the bankers. Glass-Steagall should be implemented, Our soldiers from all over the world should be brought home & these criminals should be doing time.

  • Joe Dechert