If al Qaeda had support from foreign governments during 9/11, should the public know about it? Many Americans are demanding it, especially those who lost loved ones. Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) and Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.)  said they were “absolutely shocked” at the level of foreign state involvement in the attacks after reading the classified section of the 9/11 report.

Rep. Jones and Rep Lynch introduced H. Res. 428 this month that asks President Obama to declassify the entire 2002 report, “Joint Inquiry Into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001.”

Piers Morgan from CNN asked Rep. Lynch about his resolution in the video below.

The New York Post published an article this week stating that some information from this report already has leaked from the classified section, which is based on both CIA and FBI documents, and points back to Saudi Arabia, a presumed ally.

Paul Sperry states, “The Saudis deny any role in 9/11, but the CIA in one memo reportedly found “incontrovertible evidence” that Saudi government officials — not just wealthy Saudi hardliners, but high-level diplomats and intelligence officers employed by the kingdom — helped the hijackers both financially and logistically. The intelligence files cited in the report directly implicate the Saudi embassy in Washington and consulate in Los Angeles in the attacks, making 9/11 not just an act of terrorism, but an act of war.”

Currently the resolution to declassify the 28 pages of the report was referred to the House Committee on Intelligence on Dec. 2nd, but will it gain support from other members in the House?

Benswann.com asked Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-SC): “Will you support H. Res. 428 that declassifies the 28 pages in the 9/11 report?”

“There are a lot of classified documents in our government regarding war and those things should remain classified” said Duncan.

Many Americans, however, want to know what the government knows regarding 9/11. One mother on Facebook writes, “I’ve been fighting for 12 years to get these pages and both Congressman have told us they were “just shocked” to see what was in those pages. I want to see those pages. My son was murdered and I want to know what happened and what the government knows.”

Joan, one of the members of the 9/11 families told Benswann.com’s Joshua Cook, “We need these 28 pages to help us pass Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (S. 1535), which was introduced in the Senate on Sep 19, 2013. We believe these 28 pages will say what we have been saying all along.”

“9/11 families are not going away no matter what Congress thinks or what people think. My son’s death certificate says homicide on it, they all do. This was definitely funded. These hijackers were sponsored,” said Joan.

“My son was a fireman who died in the towers. He was only 32 years old and my only son. He left behind a 2 year old daughter and a 21 day old son. And I miss him every day. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss him. Not an hour goes by that I don’t think about him.”

Rep. Jones states, “Twelve years after the United States suffered a horrendous attack on our own soil, the families of the victims deserve to know all the facts concerning that tragic day,” said Congressman Jones.  “Furthermore, the information contained in the redacted pages is critical to our foreign policy moving forward and should thus be available to the American public.  If the 9/11 hijackers had outside help – particularly from one or more foreign governments – the press and the public have a right to know what our government has or has not done to bring justice to all of the perpetrators.”


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Joshua Cook

Joshua Cook is a writer and reporter for Truth In Media. He has interviewed many politicians including Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Walter Jones, Bob Graham, Trey Gowdy and thought leaders who shape U.S. policy. He is a host of 'Beer and Politcs' on Truth In Media. If you have any tips please email him at joshua@truthinmedia.com. Find him on Twitter @RealJoshuaCook

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  • George

    This sounds like a smokescreen. The culprits are most likely the Israeli Mossad and rogue agencies of the US government.

    • moose

      The Saudis and Israelis regularly work together. The animosity they show towards each other is an act, they don’t want their citizens to interact with each other because the house of cards the Sauds and Zionists have built would come crashing down. They’re even planning to attack Iran together.

      • Czar Casim


        • geo1671

          More like Tango –USA with Israel operatives. Get this fat heads–Saudis hi jokers had nothing to do with flying planes on Sept 11/01. All four planes were commandeered to hangers and replaced with decoys. Passengers and staff were all gassed and sent to a Quebec rendering plant (dog food processor) . One major mistake-4th plane was supposed to have hit WTC 7 and never made it. Stupid americans believed that the plane was made out to have been ditched in Shacksville– just a hole and some smoke– no plane or body parts and stupids believed it. Bunch of saps :^( Good By

          • beijingyank

            It is without question the planes were drones. I’m not sure what happened to the passengers…I was in hopes they were in a witness protection program someplace like Barry Jennings.

    • Jesse Farmer

      It’s definitely a smoke screen. It could be worse. It could be an attempt to use 9/11 to start another war. Right? Leak or declassify hand-selected ‘facts.’ Obama goes on TV talking about harboring ‘ter-wrists’ (to quote the last guy).

      I could see that.

    • NOYB

      It maybe just a handy tool to get the Saudi Oil now that the US is producing larger amounts itself – they need oil from somewhere new, fracking is now becoming so cost ineffective only Halliburton and the like seem to gain anything from the adventure. Russia has Iran, the US wants Saudi Arabia.

  • Drew R

    Smoke and mirrors.

    Never forget that there were Israelis caught by the NYPD operating a truck packed with explosives on the George Washington Bridge on the day of 9/11.

    Never forget the “dancing Israelis/mossad” caught filming the attack and celebrating after.

    Saudis may have been useful pawns/patsies, but 9/11 has the marks of US military industrial complex insiders and Israel all over it.

    • Jesse Farmer

      Wall Street.

  • Jesse Farmer

    I thought you people were supposed to be ‘awake.’ Are we going to pretend like we don’t know who orchestrated 9/11 so we can blame the Saudis? Aren’t you all supposed to know better? Or has the Libertarian sub-culture even lost that one redeeming quality?

    • Randy

      I was agreeing with you, and you were right on the money…until you started throwing political labels into the mix.

      The less division we promote, the better we will be.

      • Jesse Farmer

        I’m not sure about that. There is such a thing as bad/evil political phenomena.

    • sharonhansen209

      I think you have some misinformation about Libertarians. Anyone who thinks Libertarian philosophy is not so hot should read Dr. Ruwart’s book. “Healing Our World” by Dr. Mary Ruwart. Her website is: http://www.ruwart.com. The book will make you so well informed, you won’t believe it. She is an outstanding Libertarian speaker and author. She is a scientist and the most compassionate and intelligent person I have ever met. I promise, you will simply love the book. I think she has a special on that book and “Short Answers to the Tough Questions” right now. It’s really good too. Many times when I read a book from someone smarter than I am, I frequently don’t understand much of it. Dr. Ruwart writes in a way that everyone can understand it and she doesn’t talk down to anyone to be able to do that. An amazing person.

    • Herp

      But…Saudi citizens DID commit 9/11. That’s indisputable. The 19 men who did it were all Sauds, and now we have reason to believe that the Saudi government, or at least several members, helped the hijackers to these ends.

      • Jesse Farmer

        No. We know who did it: the CIA and Wall Street did it. Obviously. I am sure some of their contacts in the Saudi government or intelligence helped.

        But if you’re still stuck on the silly, made-for-children 19 hijackers myth, then you’ve fallen way behind.

  • tick tack

    Fix your video player Ben. The video wont play for me, and I know there is nothing wrong with my computer.

    • Chris


    • TeMpTeK

      your pc/browser/flashplayer/internet connection is the problem…. I can view it fine

  • Czar Casim

    Wow! Shocking! Alex Jones knew this a month before it even happened! Not specifically Saudi’s but 911 was orchestrated by our shadow government and the faster people get out of their slumber the faster we can get back to restoring our Republic. God Bless America!

    • Drew R

      AJ is ok with some stuff, but he’s afraid to admit the obvious fact that there were Israelis involved.

      • Czar Casim

        Israelis are just as much responsible as Americans are for our F-d up govt. There’s a difference between Jew’s and Zionists, I believe…

        • Drew R

          Of course there’s a difference. There are heroic Jews fighting for truth and justice as well.

  • TeMpTeK

    If anyone wants to know who or what caused or allowed 9/11 to happen,…. just look at who benefited most….

    • Kyle

      Who benefited most?

      • Qari

        Was it Afghani’s? No. Was it Europeans? No. Was it the people of the US? No.

        Was it Saudi Arabia? Well, it lead to the overthrow of Saddam, one of their biggest enemies, and popped the price of oil right up to the sky..

        Was it Israel? Well, we’ve been involved in Middle Eastern affairs with a new vigor, especially against their neighbors.

        Was it our government? Well, we have the TSA, the NSA spying on us, and indefinite detention.

        • Jesse Farmer

          It was Wall Street and the CIA. Everyone knows that.

      • JGlaze

        Dick Cheney?

      • Terry Fidler

        Bush, he and his croneys had certain securities coming up for review on 9/12 which had to go before the security and exchange commission to cash them out. The financial company was located on the floor the first jet crashed into. So since the computer system was destroyed the records were gone and all business was suspended. Bldg 7 was investigating the theft of 2.3 trillion dollars from the pentagon which was also being investigated in the area of the pentagon that was hit by the missile. So was all about the money. Our nations leaders are thieves of unbelievable proportions.



          • Terry Fidler

            Why do you think bush said on national TV, If the American people only knew what I had done, they would chase me down and hang me. I guess you are a bushtard! And you come across like an obombyatard by calling people names you don’t agree with. Both parties are corrupt as hell. Explain the controlled demolition of bldg. 7? Both bush & obombya are NWO puppets bushs grandfather was a Nazi and NWO is the fourth riech. Wake up to the reality of America. Both presidents are buddy buddy with the arabs doesn’t that tell you something? Oh and your wording really speaks a lot for your intelligence or rather lack thereof.

          • PORKFORESKIN

            my wording, is appropriate for the less capable, whom I despise, YOU will not live long enough to meet another person with an I.Q. as high as mine! THANK YOU.

          • PORKFORESKIN

            MY intelligence would shame YOU ! SO,DON’T EVEN TRY THAT SHITE ! if all that was true how did YOU find out ? and why are YOU still alive ? dumbshit ! have fun living in fear PUSSY !!

          • Terry Fidler

            PS when I want your opinion I’ll tell you what it is.

        • sisterlauren

          So do you think maybe that was why he was placed in office?

          The 2000 election was obviously stolen by a dishonest Republican political machine, maybe so as to be able to do 9/11.

          That still does not answer why the Democrats go along with it.

          • Terry Fidler

            Go to youtube see G. Edward Griffin, collectivism. Youll come away with a clear understanding of exactly what is taking place in our once proud country before the nations leaders became totally corrupt. Also see TPP act giving all power to international corporations.

      • Jesse Farmer

        WALL STREET! The go their wars. They white washed their crimes. Destroyed the evidence. It was exactly what they wanted.

      • sisterlauren

        The Bush family, Cheney and Rummy, followed by the entire industry they lead.

      • TeMpTeK

        Lets start with the military & Surveillance industrial complex…Since 9/11 we’ve been in a endless war and even when Americans tired of war voted in the “Anti War, Hopey Changey, Bring the Troops home ” President… guess what? Were still at war!!! What about the newly created Billion dollar behemoths known as the DHS and TSA?… what you cant smell the money? Govt never lets a good crisis go to waste.. just another reason for them to say.. “See…We’re the govt and You need us…ALOT!”

  • Jay Jefferson

    May Congressman Jeff Duncan’s political career eternally RIP!
    Who’s next?

  • mary rohn

    This is crazy… our own government and so called elite has done this themselves and yes it is terrorism .. but from with in sadly

    • beijingyank

      The inventors of “Operation Gladio” were not content to keep it in Europe. There is too much power to obtain and money to fleece from the sheeple.

  • dan

    PATRIOT ACT and NDAA….that is all anyone needs to know about 911….the winners of this attack…the US Government ( many are still in office ) and those that control it……inho

  • Willy Around

    Except all the attacks were perpetrated by Mossad. This is all misinformation.

  • Mqira

    Suudi had help from one foreign govt in particular…..the US govt!

  • Truthhurts

    The timing of this is suspect. The Saudi’s have been speaking poorly of their relationship with the US since we wouldn’t invade Syria. Obviously, Saudi’s were involved in 9/11, anyone with half a brain figured this out years ago…This however, seems like a Psyop to place all blame on them when clearly members of our own elite were also involved. This may be a way to completely flip our relationship to hostile in order to convince the sheeple an invasion is necessary to finally punish those responsible.

    • Jesse Farmer

      Exactly. They are trying to recycle and old excuse to sell a new war. That’s exactly what this is.

    • geo1671

      U spewed: ” Obviously, Saudi’s were involved in 9/11, anyone with half a brain figured this out years ago.”
      What is so obvious? Seems one half of your brain is lost in looking for the other half.

      Obviously, you been hooked/had by the all Jewish media B.S.

    • sisterlauren

      A lot of Jewish people were also involved, do you think we are going to attack Israel?

      Who in our military would want that to happen? It is not like our military is full of End Times Christians or anything. Oh wait, it is.

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    Shocked .. I tell you .. Shocked!

  • CriticalThinking101

    There is absolutely NO reason to hide who was behind the attacks in the name of classified documents… Oh wait, we spent tons of money, killed tons of civilians, and sent thousands of troop to die for 9/11 before the investigation was even over…

    • beijingyank

      What investigation are you talking about? The 911 Omission Report? There wasn’t a criminal investigation into the crime of the century. Oh, gee whiz, I wonder why that happened?
      “This (9/11) was all planned. This was a government-ordered
      operation. Bush personally signed the order. He personally authorized the
      attacks. He is guilty of treason and mass murder.” –Stanley Hilton

  • Klaatu Fabrice Aquinas

    Ben Swan needs to interview Gordon Duff, Jim W. Dean, Mike Harris, and/or Lee Wanta on this matter. All at Veterans Today. The Saudi’s definitely had their hands in 9/11, as did Mossad, and did our own JSOC. If we all want the truth here, then America is going to have to decide if it wishes to continue to be children, or grow up and become adults.

    Go to Veterans Today, and look up “Directive 166.” That will definitely get you started. Give special attention to the PressTV article written by Gordon Duff, sourced from Lee Wanta. Make note of a Col. Tim Osman.

    The American people can turn the United States of America upside down in a matter of 24 hours if they so choose to do. [1] It only takes the will. Screw the elites. Screw the bureaucrats. We The People are supposed to be in charge. Call out the Provost Marshal — NOW!

    [1] 24 hours (or less) for real action. May be up to 3 banking days for actual results.

  • Daniel Latrimurti

    There are so many unanswered questions regarding 9/11. None of the hijackers we’re on any passenger manifests. At least that was what I read. And of course not to mention “Free Fall” speed by which the buildings came down and of course (thanks to Richard Gage of AE911 Truth) lets not forget building 7 which came down at free fall speed and was never hit by a plane. There is no evidence that the buildings came down just by being hit by planes regardless of who was at the controls, be it a robot or an Alien Grey! The whole narrative needs to be exposed for the giant mind control exercise it really was. When is someone in DC going to get some “Huevos”, some “Chingaderas” and begin to question the entire fairy tale. Ok…enuf said. Back to work.

    • MrGuy

      Without the fairytale, you lose justification. Not gonna happen.

  • John62

    An incredible documentary “September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor”

  • HE3

    This is such a small part of the picture as to almost constitute misdirection.

    The bigger picture indicates it’s more likely that 9/11 was more an inside job than anything else.

    Anyone watching this 5 min overview would be hard put to see it any other way.


  • alien99

    This article is barking up the wrong tree. Look no further than Israel for who did or was partly responsible for 9/11. Can you say Mossad?

    • Logic

      The only link to Mossad I’ve ever heard was the arrested Israelis, only a couple of which I believe were actually Mossad.

      But that only means Mossad knew of the attack…not that they had a hand in it. To say anything else we veer into territory that we have no business claiming as fact.

      • alien99

        You are smoking some serious skunk bud. The Israeli’s have their hands all over it from top to bottom, not to mention they have and have had the most to gain. Jews were involved from Larry Silverstein the owner of the buildings lease, building 7 which was pulled for no reason, not to mention there was no mention of the building 7 collapse in the 9/11 commission report, which was also headed by dual citizen israeli jews(Robert Zoelick). They originally wanted the war criminal Henry Kissinger to lead the 9/11 Commission. What a coincidence? All the wars PNAC documents state just prior to 9/11 that we need a new pearl harbor to trigger action to get into wars with 7 or 8 different nations have all happened. You better seriously wake up my friend. Almost 99.9% of the Project For a New American Century members/writers are dual citizen Israeli Jews. Arabs had nothing to do with this at all. Bin Laden didn’t even know it happened until after the fact. This is a Mossad operation. The moving companies who all ran back to Israel, which had explosives all over there trucks is another smoking gun it just goes on and on.

        • Logic

          > Jews were involved from Larry Silverstein the owner of the buildings lease,
          > Presence of Jews =/= Israeli Mossad Operation

          You will never hear me say questions shouldn’t be asked about 9/11. You will never hear me say elements of the Israeli government absolutely did not play a role. You won’t hear me say Israel doesn’t have anything to gain by the US eliminating their regional enemies. (Edit: Israel always has the policy of promoting US intervention in the Mid East)

          But you’re speaking about tenuous connections and coincidences here rather than facts. Yes, let’s investigate, but until then let’s not throw around accusations that only serve to detract credibility from the investigative process.

          Edit: My main problem with you’re assessment is that it automatically shifts blame to the Israeli government. It suggests that Israel has some incredible influence not on, but within, the US government. It’s really just as likely, if not more so, that Israel is a US pawn, a scapegoat for MidEast conflict.

          • alien99

            You sound like the people who said the same thing about the 9/11 commission and then they proceeded to hand pick a kangaroo commission led by Dual Citizen Israeli’s. This produced the sham document called the 9/11 Report, which is a complete lie and everyone knows it.

            “My main problem with you’re assessment is that it automatically shifts blame to the Israeli government.nIt suggests that Israel has some incredible influence not on, but within, the US government.”

            Hmmm, where to start? Have you ever heard of AIPAC the Israeli Foreign lobby group which has such a GRIP and influence over every single Congress member and the White Elections is laughable. Before the last Presidential Election every President to be had to speak there and suck there arse’s. This is all verifiable information. we should literally be called the United States of Israel.

            The US Foreign policy is DOMINATED by dual citizen Israeli’s think tanks. The only one right now who are screaming bomb Iran is Israel or did you miss that one?

            Look at who is running the state department. Look at this site to see who controls just about everything in America and you will realize just how much influence they have over your everyday life. Sorry to burst your bubble. http://thezog.wordpress.com/

          • Logic

            You haven’t told me anything I don’t know still and you still don’t have any actual real evidence to support your claim that Israel did 9/11.

            You’re so intent on proving your argument correct that your not realizing I’m on the same side and feel the same way about a lot things as you do.

            What I’m trying to point out is you don’t have REAL proof or evidence. And when you make wild claims like “Israel did 9/11” without any real proof or evidence you detract credibility from the idea that Israel very well may have had something to do with 9/11.

          • alien99

            If you do your due diligence and connect the dots, you will get the same answer. The information is already out there. When Americans(Not Jews) decide to do another official report it will be revealed. Check out this…..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8L07__pFqI&feature=c4-overview&list=UUtBqVgzL_cDv_t9o2hFiXXg

          • Logic

            Jews are Americans. Jews can independently arrive at the same conclusion you have if presented if given adequate evidence.

            I cringe every time you’re anti-Semetic leanings show. You’re destroying any credibility you have and you don’t see that’s what every comment I’ve made is actually about.

            You can’t convince anyone to believe you’re on the right track when you go about the argument how you do. It’s a shame.

            Edit: It’s the same problem most people on this site (most people ever, really) have. You’re so contained by you’re world view that you can’t see the flaws of it. You’re so convinced everyone else is a sheep that hasn’t “woken up” to the reality you have that you can’t acknowledge anything they have to say.

          • alien99

            It is okay one day you will. The evidence is all around you. I’m not anti any people. Your brain washing and conditioning is on full display. You can fathom how deeply controlled you are. Who is the New Fed Chairman? Janet Yellen a jew, who is the second in charge imported from the Central Bank of Israel Fisher. See it is all around you in your face. It is just an logical observation if you run the company or head these industries and you are Jewish it is a problem. It takes a little looking outside of the box. Sorry you have trouble doing that.

          • Logic

            I wish you could see the irony.

          • alien99

            you are right…is that what you want to hear? Good luck:)

          • beijingyank

            This is not a jew thing. This is about a quisling group of infiltrators from a foreign political party known as Zionism. These traitors, these monsters, will and have murdered jews to achieve their political agenda in the past. (“One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland.”) This is not about Antisemitism, although the Zionists want you to think it is.

          • Logic

            I’m well aware it’s not a Jew thing.

            Alien99 however, has made it very clear that for him it IS a in fact a Jew thing. And given that the alleged favorite tactic of pro-Israeli propaganda puppets is to discredit people by claiming anti-Semeitism I was merely pointing out it’s in his best interest to veil his views or risk his entire argument being discredited. After all, anyone harboring illogical hatred or stereotypes towards a group of people obviously aren’t very credible.

          • beijingyank

            You sound like NIST. “No one reported hearing explosions or molten metal in the debris.” Google “Odigo”

          • sisterlauren

            You are ignoring an important FACT, the way our congress votes and acts.

            How many standing ovations for Nazi-yahoo? What was the vote count on that last bill for more support for Israel?

            Zero votes against tripling their military support funding. Zero? Yeah. 100% support, no votes against it at all.

            To me that says Israel owns congress. There is no other way to explain it. What is the evidence that Israel is a pawn of the US?

          • Logic

            Do you really need me to explain the political and strategic advantages of having a heavily militarized ally in a region like the Middle East?

            An ally whose military you essentially fund, therefore putting their security at the mercy of your generosity.

            An ally that offers a convenient political scapegoat for engaging in armed conflict in the region (“We need to protect Israel”) when it really benefits entities within the US?

            edit: don’t get me wrong, it’s not like the Israeli government would necessarily appreciate this sort of arrangement, I’m just suggesting its an extremely complex multisided issue.

          • beijingyank

            Lauren you are correct. The country has been conquered and under zionist occupation since November 22, 1963.

        • sisterlauren

          So did they end up with the gold?

        • Harald Meling

          Not to mention how the moving company coincidentally happen to be located where the saudi hijackerpatsies had their bases in NJ, Florida and Las Vegas.
          Rememeber too, this is an extremely advanced form of warfare.
          Old, but very efficient.
          Let someone else fight our wars through blaming a common enemy.
          Its old school in a new slick version.

      • Harald Meling

        So if we have KNOWING, but no SHARING; what does that implicate in your view?

        • Logic

          For all we know Israeli Mossad DID share with American intelligence.

          You and I don’t know.

          • Harald Meling

            Well that would be sweet.
            But we know they share everything else on global intelligence.
            Then suddenly after having followed 19 hijacker patsies for over a year they suddenly did not share?
            On the most spectacular attack the world has seen?

            Or for the sake of your argument; they did share this time too, but just to late for interaction.
            That is called plausible deniability.
            Yes, I know this.
            Do you?

          • Logic

            >Then suddenly after having followed 19 hijacker patsies for over a year they suddenly did not share?

            The point you’re missing is that you have NO idea if they did share more information. It’s just as likely they did share more information and malevolent entities within the American government purposely did not act on it, or perhaps well intentioned entities failed to act on it and the knowledge of the warning was squashed after the fact to cover up incompetence.

            So let’s stop throwing around “facts” when they’re not really facts. That’s what my original comment was directed at.

          • Harald Meling

            You cannot throw around the incompetence ball anymore.
            Out of selfrespect.
            Hours after the attack we had the names of 19 hijackers. 10 are still alive.
            So suddenly after the attack the level of competence suddenly skyrocketed?
            I KNOW it did not.
            The competence was always there.
            The same with the response protocol for the airforce; a month or so before 9/11 the quick protocol was taken away, and only the slow protocol now had effect.
            You guessed they changed that Sept. 12th.
            So the FACTS we have is that israeli intelligence were sitting on the “Saudi terror cells” and sharing (or not sharing) info with us intelligence.
            They were doing this for more than a year without any countermeasures.
            Yes, countermeasures came the days after 9/11; flying out over 200 Israelis that otherwise would be interrogated.
            Also convenient.
            Please ask me to support these facts that I “am throwing around”.

  • RonWillison

    This is smoke and mirrors coming out of DC. Anyone that has really looked into the prolem and events of that day know that thise was a joint venture with no less than 4 govts. involved. The US, Israel Saudui and Pakistan.

    • geo1671

      B.S Ron

      try The US, Israel and Canada. Why Canada U say?
      i) NORAD
      ii) NY/Quebec border-night before 911–blocked border passage by hundreds of heavy earth moving equipment trucks
      ii) two Quebec brothers just happened to have their cameras pointing at WTC1 and 2
      III) That guy in a baseball cap–an actor from Quebec–He saw the planes hit and said both towers came down due to fires…. Still the JewsNews keeps this guys identity secret :^(

      • Harald Meling

        I am very interested in ii).
        Any info?

      • beijingyank

        The baseball cap tribe member you are referring to, I remember being identified as a American lawyer.

  • Steve

    Who is Piers Morgan, and what is CNN?

    • MrGuy

      Sounds like some fly-by-night yellow journalism outlet.

    • beijingyank

      This Piers Morgan and CNN kind of scares me bringing this to the front. CNN is base line government propaganda tool. What’s their angle? What’s the agenda? If you are thinking about following the money, they have already picked your pocket.

  • Jerry Harlan


  • Johnny Cirucci

    This is news?!




    • geo1671

      Sorry John Come Lately–what you read was barnyard waste. DIVERSION
      Did you know that over 200 Israelies art students were flown out from NY airport, the same day of attacks? That was hidden from the public. Just like the van at Washington bridge stopped and arrested two FKN MOSSAD pukes who were dressed as Arabs and the van had explosives. That has been reported but wait–not much was on the radar screen of importance–these animals had painted the sides of the van–with a plane smashing into WTC towers. Being arrested for two months–GW Bush’it released them back to Israel. Now get this–the NYPD files are sealed for ever. Rudy Jewalanie you piece of humansh!t

      • Johnny Cirucci

        Here’s the difference between what I wrote and what you wrote:

        1. you picked a total stranger and were immediately offensive for no reason because you’re a weenie whacking off in your mommy’s basement to porn.

        2. I cited a source for my FACT, you bloviated with your racist diarrhea.

        3. I’ve found that a surprising number of retard Jew-hating racists poisoning the freedom movement are, in fact, being paid to do so.

        …or did you just get a Junior G-Man badge to show to your pimple-faced friends…???

  • Robert Zraick

    Considering that the decisions to start several wars, send thousand of U.S. troops into lethal combat, and to kill perhaps millions of people are all based on this event, and because the American people pay for this with money and blood, don’t we think it is a good idea to know the truth?

    Or perhaps you agree with the government which believes that we are too stupid to know the truth, and that we are somehow safer by being kept in the dark. Or perhaps their actions will not stand the light of day.

    Personally I believe that this was a false flag and one of the biggest lies in all of history.

    • geo1671

      Saudis involvement is purposely recycled to put a distance from Israel operatives. That missing $2.25 trillion from the PentyGone budget ,was actually the payoff to MOSSAD 911 operation and some of it hush money to JewsNews. Why do you think since 911 Israelies are going rough shot at Palestinians with out a care / They got the goods on GW Bush and Slick Willy Clinton. Note: Clinton had alot to do with Sept 11/01 attacks–don’t kid yourselves

  • Kevin Matthew Kilch

    Why am I having trouble watching the video? It wont even load or start.

    • Fight Family

      #NSA ?

    • EveryonesCrazy

      This sight doesn’t like ad block. Have to disable to watch any non youtube videos.

      • Cordell_D

        I have adblock, video works just fine. My realtime indicator shows four blocked ads on this site.

  • Rich Burdette

    Bush and Saudis are best friends. What they should look for is the bush saudi connection bc we already know there is a bush bin laden family connection. And the Bin Ladens are wealthy Saudis in certain parts of the family who all did business with the bushes IN Saudia Arabia.

    • geo1671

      Rich B.S.–I got a real deal for you at my used car dealership– A Lada 12 cylinder engine ,fully loaded and that gives 200 miles per a gallon and no nonsense10 year warranty at any Moscow G.M dealership.
      Wake up fool–Saudis are USi Patsy-go along and taking the hits or Uncle Scam will put the boots to them at UN or worse tie up their US trillion$ in US

  • Wayne D.

    I’m hoping we’re reaching some kind of tipping point. In reading the other comments i see most believe it was an inside job of some kind. So do I.
    No steel structured highrise has ever collapsed due to fire until 9/11 when 3 fell on the same day, 2 within an hour of the strike.
    Those buildings were designed specifically to withstand aircraft collisions. They all fell at near free fall speed, no contortion, no resistance or delays.
    Building 7 had very little fire damage yet you can see the center of the roof collapse first while explosions burst out 1/3 of the way in from the corners all the way from the top to the bottom, it then falls perfectly in on itself.
    Anybody who has worked on one of these buildings knows this is impossible.
    It would be virtually impossible for there to be simultaneous failures of such symmetrical patterns instantaneously without pre-planted explosives.
    The reason this will not be investigated is because of the damage to our foreign relations and the economic backlash. Watch 9/11: the missing links, and you will see that the same people who tried to destroy the U.S.S. Liberty planned this attack for their own selfish reasons and used Saudi Arabia as the pawn. Mossad.
    A clue for you, Michael Chertoff, dual Israeli/American citizen, former Head of The Department of Homeland Security.
    There are many dual Israeli/American citizens in our State Dept.

    • Richard

      The problem is, many uur still fooled by mas media, and think we are all insane. That’s still a good 40 percent of Americans still think that way.

    • sisterlauren

      Congress ought to be engaging in a full investigation.

      Why do they go along with the 9/11 criminal cover up official story? Are really they all that stupid? Or is something else behind it?

      • beijingyank

        Wake up to the 6% approval rated Congress. They are for the most part co-opted traitors and are the real terrorist, psychopaths. The government is rogue. You got to get that through your head.

    • Harald Meling

      The tipping point of the truth about 9/11 is what it all will come down to.
      However, The Planners of 9/11 are well aware of this, and will do WHATEVER to keep that from happening including a 2nd straightout attack on America or its allies.
      This is something we need to be very concerned about.

    • beijingyank

      Dual nationals, dual loyaltys, are on their face a danger to National Security. We need a law making it illegal for anyone with two passports from holding any government job; especially, in the judiciary.

  • Richard

    Ever notice the people who argue most vehemently against 9/11 being an inside job are the people who know the least about that day?

    • geo1671

      Sorry Richard you have it aass backwards-
      try this instead -Ever notice the Israel Firsters who argue most vehemently against 9/11 being an
      inside job are the people who know the most real culprits about that day?

      • Janky

        Write much?


      TWAT ! WIND IT IN !

  • Age of Access

    Just pass the resolution and lets open the whole thing wide, how about that?

    Pass the resolution without delay, and co-sponsor right now. Then we can see what Saudi Arabia was up to…and resolve other questions about what Dov Zakhiem was up to. And what Bandar Bush was up to during that very attack.

  • The Shame of it all…

    What gets me is we all told the 19 hijackers were form Saudi Arabia, to then learn some of which are still alive. Yet nothing has been done about investigating this ! Not to mention all the other numerous things that still should be. Face it… It was a False Flag Hoax done to allow this government along with others the opportunity to expand their global hegemony.

  • James Z

    You can bet your bippy that any material tying Israel to the events of 911 will never see the light of day

    • Drew R

      It’s already out in the open my friend

  • charles medlock

    International relations are a shell game. If Saudi Arabia was involved, it was at the instructions of US fascists and Israel. The fascists gain power, Israel gains security. Our government must believe confused people are easier to lead than informed people. The US government is in constant psychological warfare against its people.

    • sisterlauren

      There was a group of them that were using psychological warfare on congress.

      When we look at 9/11 as an act of psychological warfare, it has a lot of interesting aspects. The hijackings were faked, the NORAD response was deliberately misdirected, it took a while in which time both the congress and even the supreme court were suggested as targets. The Pentagon was bombed. A lot of people were terrorized by just watching it live on TV. Imagine what it was like to be there.

      I remember seeing the congress women running barefoot. I’m sure it had an impact on their psyche, just as expected. Quickly followed up by military grade anthrax. Who is going to go against that?

  • charles medlock

    I hope New Yorkers live up to their tough image and force the US government to come clean about 911.

    • Drew R

      A fearless band of New York City truthers gathered over 80,000 petition signatures a few years back to enact a real investigation wielding subpoena power. That’s a crazy huge number of signatures! It was called the “9/11 Ballot Initiative”, which would’ve put the issue on the then upcoming election ballot for NYC voters, but the city council wouldn’t allow it (even though it was a legit, legal, and democratic process). Why this wasn’t headline news at the time (or still…), beats me..

      • Lori Nielsen

        Because Jews own and control the media. Any new, honest investigation will reveal Israel’s, and traitorous dual Israeli-American citizens’, huge involvement, hence, collusion with the Saudis, in the 9/11 attacks. This is why the media blacklisted the story. Also, is it any wonder why the initiative was struck down by the city council? How many Jews, and their shabbos goy lackeys, sit on the council?

      • Harald Meling

        Doesnt beat me.

      • beijingyank

        The friendly New York Zionist judge committed a state crime against democracy and threw the petition out. Who would have thunk it.

  • http://plainsofexistance.blogspot.ca/ GIANFRANCO FRONZI

    Hey hold it , I thought the 911 attacks were done by a guy hiding in a cave in Afghanistan , with a laptop , and a box of fresh box cutters ?

    • Harald Meling

      Well, we just got news……………

  • steffen

    Saudis + Israel then, just like there is Saudis + Israel now. Both of them share a common enemy, Iran and Hezbollah. Best way to deal with Iran and Hezbollah is to send their attack dog, the US on them.

  • Jack Perry

    Declassify the entire document… and in fact just publish it without redacting any of it.

  • Vincent Dow

    This whole edifice of 9/11 as a ragtag band of jihadists was meant to crumble. K.S.A. is the perfect, willing fall-guy. It’s not even a real nation – just a mafia-family. The wahhabi jihad loops all the way back to U.S. intelligence. We’re seeing growing revealtions of Saudi complicity in 9/11, the Iraq war… Lots of clues were left that the events of 9/11 were suspect. It’s called a red herring.
    Sheihk Imran Al Hoseini posits that the revelation of U.S. state involvement in the attacks will be used to bring down the US government – and the constitution in the process. Timing this collapse with the breakup of the US backed Gulf monarchies will be the real trick.

  • Aniga Kaliya

    This seems like a warning to the Saudis not to get too comfy with the Chinese. “You WILL comply or DIE”

  • Steven Dawson

    What are we waiting for ? Investigate the 3rd building collapse & the real story will be revealed ! !

  • Sam Johnson

    Their were NOT any hijackers. Get real people.

    We cannot address what took place on 9-11 until we understand that the governments version is full of BS! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bunnyswanson

      Thank you. I was relieved to realize this unsolved travesty of justice was still alive in the heads of a few politicians. There is no statute of limitations on murder. When I look at the money trail, I see more than one country/entity/person at the end of it. This club of men won’t be hard to uncover, but Saudi Arabia is just part of the benefactors from the theft of the wealth of the USA’s wealth, that of her country and of her citizens (not to mention the future taxes to be paid due to their relentless free-for-all spending spree, all in the name of fighting terror and globalization, shysters and grifters are making the lawsl

  • Harald Meling

    All there was to hijackers is that they were patsies led by Israeli intelligence, and they never boarded any planes.
    They just left tracks in NJ, Florida and Las Vegas in the months up to 9/11 that conveniently were found afterwards.
    Literally only hours after the attack.
    What are the chances?

  • 1question

    Does Ben Swann endorse the comments on this video? I don’t see disclimer, so I would assume so, but I would like to clarify this. The reason for my question is I would like to repost it, but I try not to post videos like this because there likely to be ignored or called conspiracy wacko propaganda by people who may be ready to actually investigate 911 further.

    • 1question

      I guess I don’t mean endorse, but hopefully you know what I meean. On second thought I’ll keep looking for the original footage. Thanks anyway.

  • falcon500
  • MostInterestingManInTheCosmos

    Look at a chart showing the price of crude pre-911 versus post-911, and consider the Saudis sell 8-9 MILLION barrels of crude per day. Saddam Hussein was undermining the petro-dollar (as Iran is now). Trillions of dollars had been stolen and computers, records and people needed to go away to cover the trail. The Twin Towers were white elephants but too big for any conventional demolition. Connect the dots, there were lots of winners. 911 was the feast of feasts, and we were (and still are) the roasted pig. The upper tiers of government and finance have been in the grip of a criminal cartel for a century.

    But hey, we have circus and cake, an educational system which is anything but, and a media machine which sticks Miley Cyrus in our face. The criminal class has lost almost all fear of righteous retribution because it thinks we are brainless twits, but it’s up-arming local Rambo cops just in case.

    If you’re old like me and nearly at the end of the road, be thankful you probably won’t have to see what’s coming. If you’re young, God help you.

    • Jeff

      If you’re old like you, this is all your fault. You suck.

      • MostInterestingManInTheCosmos

        You have a right to be pissed. But this has been going on for a century or more so I was born in the midst of it just as you were. I’m not THAT old,

    • Harald Meling

      You are absolutely right!
      However, we are all into this, and we will have to stay together young and old.
      The Planners want us to resignate and watch Cyrus.
      Now that is not going to happen, is it?

  • Bystander4Truth

    I sincerely hope Ben’s crew reads these comments. America is no dummy. But, with the state of mind we’re in, our government may be worried about a run on the Saudi embassy here in the states. They should realize that we speak up, we protest, we DON’T storm embassies in mindless hatred as seen in Benghazi. Our illustrious administration believes us to be idiots at best. Hence, the push to control every aspect of our lives from education to medicine to war. They don’t want us to be well informed. They just don’t realize that most of us already know the end of the story.

  • Jeff

    Anyone who has been paying attention, should know that the Saudis were involved, government-wise, from the first reports of the hijackers nationalities. All but two, TWO, of the hijackers were from the “Kingdom”. S.A. also has some of the most radicalized Muslims as their citizenry. Anyone who did not think the Saudi government was not involved, is an obtuse moron.

  • RichardMayson

    The Saudis are up to their eyeballs in 9/11 and its no coincidence that the only two planes that left American banned air space within the 48 hours after 9/11 carried USA members of the Bin laden family, Saudi accomplices within or known to the Washington Saudi embassy and another plane with Mossad agents ironically arrested by the FBI for strategic photo taking, but released within hours to get out to Israel by the only other plane.
    Princes Bandar and Turki al Faisal are the two key House of Saud operatives and Bandar had closer ongoing personal access to Bush and Cheney, more than any other foreign national bar Blair from Britain.
    Talk to competent Washington authors on this including Peter Bergen, Steve Colls, Robert Baer, even Bruce Reidel or Pakistani Ahmed Rashid and they’ll give you insights.Unfortunately two whistle blowers have paid with their lives in Michael Hastings and Asia Times Syed Saleem Shahzad but have left their literature and both the Pakistan ISI and American intelligence know something on the deaths of both of these courageous men that has not seen the light of day.
    But as in Syria now these two named Saudis of Bandar and Turki al Faisa lare right in the thick of it again with direct funding and military logistics..Were it not for oil and Sunni backing for the USA in its mIddle East escapades, they would long have been dealt with.Ironcaily they’re now also in bed with the other collaborators, Israel, whoalso knew in advance of the 9/11 attacks.

  • rolltide

    Yes, these 28 pages and then some should be de-classified. But this also brings up ANTHER important question; why is AIPAC (Israel) fighting and spending $ to make sure they are not???????????? Why would they care unless blood is also on their hands!!! Think about it!

    • JohnS

      AIPAC is not the same as Israel. Anti-Semites like yourself wouldn’t know the truth if it was right in front of you.

      • rolltide

        @john, I know who AIPAC is……do you??? Apparently not! AIPAC is one of the biggest Jewish lobbies in the US. If they don’t represent Israel, who do they represent??!!!

        And I AM NOT anti-semetic, I don’t hate anyone, but I damn sure don’t like the fact that American troops shed their blood to fight Israel’s wars FOR THEM! They won’t send their own.

        You need to check out some “quotes” from Israeli Prime Ministers….past and present. You’ll see how they consider us “useful idiots” and “when we have squeezed all we can out of the American’s, they can dry up and blow away”!!! (Netanyahu)

        You need to do YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE you go putting someone else down WHO HAS!!!

  • Richard

    In the year leading up to 9/11/01 NORAD was 67 for 67 in intercepting planes for whatever reason. On 9/11/01, they were 0-4. I’m no aviation expert, but that sounds about like the New England Patriots becoming a high school team over the course of 24 hours to me.

    Take into account the fact that our beloved government had started the war on terror and signed off on Th Patriot Act in 8 weeks, but took 14 months to start the investigation.

    Then add in that Bush/Cheney only agreed to testify unless they were together, in a secret location, not on the record or under oath.

    That’s a good place to start. Then just let physics explain the rest.

    It will come to you. Think critically, and most of all, WAKE UP!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Liberty-Above-All/152353438273739 LibertyAboveAll

      How many domestic passenger jets on a routine flight path suddenly gone into “weapons mode” were among those 67, Dick? So much for thinking critically, eh?

      • Richard

        I know, it’s even more ridiculous when they try to convince us planes flew over the Pentagon for over an hour, huh?

        Especially after the two towers were hit, the plane flying for the Pentagon most certainly would have been shot down…

        But nope, nothing was done. Amazing isn’t it?

        • http://plainsofexistance.blogspot.ca/ GIANFRANCO FRONZI

          Richard , this isn’t a subject to be handled like JFK , This is something we owe the dead ,And other victims of 911 , basically all of America . It’s our duty to expose and flush this type of behavior , or continuously live a lie . And live in fear of our own Employees . Does that make sense ?

        • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Liberty-Above-All/152353438273739 LibertyAboveAll

          It wasn’t originally destined for the Pentagon, Dick. Things all happened pretty quickly. And you can’t just shoot down an airplane over civilian airspace on a whim. Your argument is flimsy, and discredits those of us who have legitimate reasons to be wary of government.

          And you never answered my question – how many?

          • Richard

            Umm, not sure where the plane was headed has anything to do with why they were allowed to fly over the DC for over an hour.

            And I can’t answer your question because most flights were intercepted within minutes and were allowed to become “weapons.” None were allowed to fly over DC for so long, which makes that more strange, not less strange

            BTW, when did I say anything about “shooting a pane down.”? When Payne Stewart died in his plane, there were 2 fighter jets looking intro his windows within minutes to see what was going on. Nobody shot the plane down.

            And my name is not Dick. Thank you.

          • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Liberty-Above-All/152353438273739 LibertyAboveAll

            Your name is Richard, and Dick is short for Richard. But I’ll call you Ricky if it makes you happy. So, Ricky, can you explain to me how a plane can spend an hour flying over a city that is only about 10 miles square at 500 mph? Where are you even getting this information?

            Before 9/11 there WERE no planes used as weapons. So do you think that even if they DID have fighter jets go after the planes in the mere minutes they had after realizing something was awry, that they could have done anything to stop the inevitable?

          • Dwayne

            Look up the video “Intercepted” and learn more about restricted airspace and the impossible task of beating those rules without inside help. The airspace around the P-gon is the most protected space in the world. You cannot get a plane into that space without full and direct communication about your flight path/intentions/id. Orders are to shoot down any plane violating that code. An hour after the towers were hit, this would be doubly impossible to pull off. ‘Pilots for 9/11 Truth’ have a lot of things for you to consider instead of bashing Richard.

          • Richard

            Dwayne, he knows this. We all know this.

      • LocalHero

        It doesn’t matter one iota. There were no planes on 9/11. You were watching a movie. Do you actually believe what you see on TV? If so, you’re beyond hope and you’re living in la-la land.

        • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Liberty-Above-All/152353438273739 LibertyAboveAll

          Riiighht. So the friend of mine who was on the ground in NYC and watched a passenger jet slam into the tower is just blowing smoke up my arse, right? I’m not the one living in la-la land, toolbox.

  • Jeff

    Just more smokes screens to take away the blame from our own government slugs and the banker elites. I don’t care what is in that report, I know what happened and its time we open up a real investigation and arrest all involved. These are traitors in our own government.

    • elbuggo .

      You better start looking into medias involvement in this operation. The gang who control the media have total control on the election process, too, and will always get their controllable puppet in the White House.
      A new investigation will be just another whitewash or cover-up — useless.

  • FF FF

    It isn’t a piece of news and experts shown that the Saudis were one of the culprits. The experts also pointed their fingers toward the Neocons and Israel. The Saudis played the Human Resources role and they also allowed one of their best asset to be used as a boggy man. The other parties planned and executed the plan. Why are they only blaming one of vultures?

    • I am not anonymous blog.


  • Juan

    Of course they aren’t going to turn any of the evidence over. Would you expect a serial killer to confess at his own trial?

    • beijingyank

      The government is rogue. The terrorists are inside the Beltway. You got to get that through your head.

  • theominousparallels

    Welcome to the truth movement 😉



  • Christopher John Walters

    Why did they totally ignore the involvement of Israel in 911 ? You know when America awakens to the truth they will demand one of 2 things either declare War against Israel or demand an end to the 3 Billion Dollars the US taxpayer gifts the Jews in Israel who were behind 911.

    • JohnD

      You are one nasty, filthy, Jew-hating liar

      • Brian Geary

        Bullshit. Israel was behind it, like they were behind the Lavon Affair bombings, the USS Liberty terrorism, the king David Hotel bombings, the Semiramis Hotel bombing, the USS Patria bombing, the highjacking of a Syrian commercial airliner in 1954 and so on and so son. What You are is a nasty, filthy, America-hating liar b/c you are protecting the real perps. “9/11 was good for Israel”. 9/11 “benefitted Israel”. – Benjamin Netanyahu

      • LocalHero

        And you are one ignorant, Jew-sucking blind man.

  • Andy

    The truth of the matter is that it was suspected by the Saudi Government that Osama was planing something but no one knew what.

    • Larry Harrell

      so you have seen all the evidence and have come to the conclusion that Saudi Arabia wasn’t involved?

      • Larry Harrell

        why hasn’t any body else seen it?

      • http://plainsofexistance.blogspot.ca/ GIANFRANCO FRONZI

        Whomever was involved probably is international and interdenominational . It’s the failure of the authorities to protect , now I know this sound bizarre , the Pentagon . And skyscrapers in , now not jokingly , New York .

  • beijingyank

    “This (9/11) was all planned. This was a government-ordered
    operation. Bush personally signed the order. He personally authorized the
    attacks. He is guilty of treason and mass murder.” –Stanley Hilton

  • H.Johan

    If they are
    shocked by Saudi involvement what would they be about US government part of the
    attack? Investigate the Bin Laden family (brother) been transported out of USA
    by government just after the attacks. Look in to Bush (Bush SR) Saudi
    connection and meetings before and after attack.

  • NOYB

    No one seems to have mentioned the Pakistani pay master in all of this – the geography of the situation looks worrying

    • Undecider

      They likely laundered U.S. money.

  • NOYB

    Makes you wonder if the Mr Myers 9/11 film was the “just in case” scapegoat prefix – this is going to open a can of worms if it gets out. Anyone else foresee an end game where the world tries to demilitarize the US as retribution for it’s crimes against the world from Pearl Harbor to 9/11 & the Iraq invasion?

  • the p00dah

    Rep Duncan is a joke for saying ‘some things need to be classified.’ Oh , is that so? Yea, 3000 plus people killed in an obvious false flag from outside and inside factions, and yea, they dont have a right to know. Duncan just made it known he is now complicit, and an enemy/traitor to the country, all there is to it. ANY member of the congress/senate not supporting this action is a traitor, plain and simple. How anyone in their right mind could not support this is just beyond any understanding. So easy for him to say, but im sure if he lost family there, hed want answers too. Bunch of invertebrate and craven trash in this congress that need to be routed out once and for all. Just the fact it took this long and they were keeping stuff like this secret should tell you how much this stinks.

  • Iraqi

    http://www.alsdedollarvalt.com/Nieuwe%20Revu%2041%2017-10… this is a Interview with a Dutch man Willem Middelkoop, its about the financial crisis -BIS=the GOD in the bankingworld http://www.bis.org Bank For International Settlements the world bank and IMF fall under them- and Saddam Hussein being the first one who made a new Law, stating that as of 1999 , oil could no longer be bought with dollars- but only in Euro’s , all connected to 9/11 and the war in the Golfregions helas this is in Dutch so you must use a translator–I will translate one part– It concerns a rapport from 1999-comming from the Neoconservative Thinktank- present at this meeting where the likes of Wolfowitz-Jeb Bush [ yep brother of bush ] and Dick Cheney his wife. Its about the maintenance of the American Hegemony [ supreme leaderschip ] in the 21st Century. They describe the utmost importance to maintain entrance to the Oil regions in the Golf region. They emphasize the necessity of a Pre-Emptive WAR. And that for the Support of the masses, and this is wat is literal standing in this rapport, For the support of the masses.. that they needed a new Pearl Harbor- 2001 9/11 date we all know what happened. USA attacked Iraq- and nullified Saddams new law, and the dolar was in use again. When it comes to Gaddafi–he as well, refused the dollar, wanted payment in Euro’s called other countries up to do the same thing– READ this piece of info, translate the pdf file, its 2 magazine pages. note: due to the Dollar being worth nada , many head families in Europe, like the ducth royal house Lost a lot of money as well. So it was an attack, not only by the US, and the help from Dubai but also with the help of European countries, all who needed the Dollar to remain leading the world currency–note–the Netherlands royal house and the likes have most banks in the USA in their possesion–its theirs-AMN AMRO the bank of the royal family–has 84 different banks in the USA–when it comes to the 9/11 its better to expand ones mind and look globally when you want to find___> Who Did It?? Look at Dubai/Emirates-Look who from Europe with a lot of power Lives their as well, clue check embassy’s-who has economical Interest in the USA–ad the people waking up sphere of the masses which was also discussed- Check which country in europe is the strongest controlled and has the longest and closest ties to the USA and Bankingsystem– Helicopter vieuw this and Connect the dots–
    a few seconds ago · Like

  • Allen Kidwell

    The FBI has been collecting evidence since the early 1970’s of Saudi financial aid to terrorists . Between direct money transfers from wealthy Saudi family’s including members of the Royal Family. An from Saudi owned charities some directly controlled by members of the Royal Family.

  • Brian Geary

    “9/11 was good for Israel.” It “benefited Israel”. – Benjamin Netanyahu, September 2001.

  • LocalHero

    Oh brother. Al Qaeda had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 but Isra-hell sure as hell did.

  • Undecider

    Foreign state? How about domestic? That should be even more.. shocking!