A cop in Illinois was recently caught soliciting “sexy pics” from a 12-year-old.

During the summer of 2012, Woodstock police Sgt. Chip Amati was dating a woman with two daughters, ages 12 and 10. One day the 12-year-old told her mother that Amati gave her a gold necklace that said “Princess.”

The mother thought this was odd, so she went to Amati’s home to ask him about it. This caused a fight which resulted in the couple breaking up.

The following day, the mother told her daughters to avoid Amati and ignore any contact from the man. This prompted her 12-year-old to come forward with some disturbing text messages previously sent to her from Amati. The first one, sent on August 16, said “Hi beautiful.” The subsequent message said, “Feel free to send me a pic anytime ;).” Then another text, sent three days later, said, “Send me some sexy pics! <3.”

The 12-year-old’s mother immediately turned the text messages over to officials. While investigating the situation, officials made another discovery: Amati had collected information on the mother through a police database funded by tax money — all without the mother’s consent.

Although using police databases for personal reasons is a felony, Amati has been charged with nothing at this time.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, “Officers who use the database for personal reasons can be charged with official misconduct, a felony, state police said. But McHenry County State’s Attorney Louis Bianchi has not charged Amati. After a departmental inquiry, Amati, a 24-year veteran and one of the city’s highest-paid employees, was suspended without pay for 30 days, though he can take them one at a time at the department’s discretion within a year, police Chief Robert Lowen said.”

According to authorities, Amati broke no law by sending the suggestive texts.

The parents of the 12-year-old are furious that no serious disciplinary action has been taken against Amati. Her father said, “He’s no better than who he’s arrested.”

What are your thoughts on this situation? Tell us below.


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  • CaptainUSA

    “Mistakes were made”

    • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

      Yea, hiring the turd.

      • FU Amati

        Not turd, Satan’s last Saturday’s meal.

  • Tommyguns90

    Pedophile with a badge, why not? We’ve already got murders with badges.

    • tzakrajsek

      If only we gave a badge to every American could we truly be free to do what we pleased.

  • Jesus

    If I were the father, I may end up taking the law into my own hands.

    • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

      From about 100 yards, when least expected and my alibi would be a sound one.

  • Rajaat99 .

    It’s a sad state of affairs when police are not held accountable for their actions.

  • Ward Damon Hubbard

    As if the beating to death , or tazer a teenage until he is brain damaged isn’t enough, corruption in law enforcement across this nation seems to be getting worse, and the cover up by the department is blatant and it appears the a grown man making sexual advances to a 12 year old girl, by a police sergeant using department computers, is doing nothing illegal, Where is the head of the dept. of justice now? Mr. Holder had no problem sounding off on what happen in FL. this behavior to me is beyond criminal is mental illness, why are the commanders just letting this slide? Hopefully a law suite large enough will make the impact so that it will never happen again, and WHY hasn’t mainstream media reported on this? the entire police department of Woodstock New York should be ashamed of themselves.

  • JGlaze

    What I don’t understand is how his inferiors don’t rise up and voice their opinions on the subject. This has to disgust his fellow employees and it should be their job to hold each other accountable. If I were taking orders from Sgt. Amati, I would rally my other fellow officers and show my displeasure if this story is true.

    • Qari

      Most gangs cover for each other no matter what.

  • born2think

    Double standard, folks. What if I, a 47 year old male, texted your 12 year old daughter for some sexy pics? First, when all my coworkers found out, I’d be majorly shamed.Not the case here. Even his commander gives him a pass. Second, I would make the news mainstream with my pic too (and not a sexy one)! Don’t think that is happening with this cop ever. We have here a double standard. And we know, no one is above the law….except the law enforcers….Just ask any cop.

  • alarmer33

    He’s obviously not the only pedophile in the Woodstock IL PD.

  • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

    So, apparently the Woodstock Illinois PD is manned by pedophiles? APPARENTLY they are sticking up for this scum bag oinker.

  • FU Amati

    Here is their contact info, do write their Chief:
    Woodstock Police Department
    656 Lake Avenue
    OffenderWatchIllinois 60098
    24 Hour Emergency Telephone Dial 911
    24 Hour Non-Emergency Telephone – (815) 338-2131

  • Collect-Liberty

    I’m going to say this calls for a Grand Jury investigation. This is too scandalous to be real, does the Illisnois Eastern Police Department have no shame at all!?

  • Robert

    Meanwhile the Slaves to the State’s Lame Stream Media completely condone the behavior by not reporting it and the Statist Pigs March On with their pro-government Mules in tow.

  • 1

    I imagine watching Dateline NBC, and one of the cops outside waiting to bust the pedo is just texting some little boy. Gross.

  • RonHyland

    SIMPLE! Do the crime do the time!

    • Harry Wookiee

      Uhh, what particular crime would that be?

  • Brian Hawkins

    The very thought makes my skin crawl and my stomach lurch. I want to throw this filthy beast in a hole and never let him out.

    Also, if this is the state of our “law enforcement,” (a.k.a. lawless thugs), then it is up to the citizenry to enforce the law. We can legally make the arrest, have a trial by jury, and we can put this pig in a pen, where he belongs. Make sure the felony goes on his record.


  • Ben Jammin


  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Liberty-Above-All/152353438273739 LibertyAboveAll

    Click, click, boom.

  • Abe

    If this is happening on the small local scale, it makes one wonder on the federal scale?

  • Abe

    To bad they didn’t set him up for a Chris Hansen “Dateline NBC” reports featuring him confronting would-be child sex predators”.

  • amommamust

    Just mad e a small donation. The Franklin Scandal was swept under the rug, not prosecuted. Since the 80’s, pedophilia has become rampant in all the seats of power. Thank you, Ben. Please keep digging deeper and fighting harder, you are awesome.

  • Alantar

    Using the database for personal reasons should be punished.

    A few text messages, one of which is mildly suggestive? What law would that break? Would we really want that to be punishable by law? Don’t most fathers and/or stepfathers call their daughters beautiful at times? Don’t we want to *encourage* that so girls know that they *are* beautiful? Don’t most parents joke around with their kids about being “sexy” on occasion?

    Looks like an overblown response to me – and revealing of a puritanical impulse that is often quite harmful.

    • BijouRomanKeuse

      I hope you’re not serious. You’re making yourself sound like a perv who is justifying this guy’s actions. It’s not appropriate at any time for an adult male, especially a father figure, to refer to any teenager as sexy. Decent men would never think of it and most indecent men still wouldn’t do it for fear of being reported. If there is evidence it came from his phone, then he should at least get a harassment charge or somehow flagged or removed from police interaction with children. The next thing you know, he’ll actually molest and rape a girl who comes to him as a safe authority figure. Normal people don’t behave like this.

      • Alantar

        What? Are you insane? I’ve seen even little old lady missionaries make comments like that (in jest of course) about young boys. It’s part of how normal, *healthy* people who aren’t in denial behave.

      • Harry Wookiee

        What law was being broken? You do know what harassment means, right?

      • 718

        dude i got a sister about that age and have never heard another male relative use those type of words. same goes for my young cousins. and if i ever heard an adult say that type of stuff to them i would be catching an assault charge for jumping one of these weird ass tree jumpers

    • Murphy J NY

      You are a sick and twisted piece of filth to think it is okay to ask a 12 year old girl for “sexy pics”. How many children have you molested?

      • Alantar

        Perhaps the person who presumes evil intent in playful banter is the one with a guilty conscience?

        • Murphy J NY

          No, you’re just pretty twisted. That’s all.

          • 718

            its funny how this weirdo alantar tried to turn it around on you. according to everyone who IS NOT a pedophile, asking a 12 year old girl for “sexy” pics inst normal. this guy wasnt even the girls parent, so that weak excuse alantar put up doesnt even apply. dude himself sounds like a predator to me and most people reading his comments.

  • hrdman2luv

    Asking for sexy pics, from any teen age girl isn’t acceptable. No matter what situation it is. This is more than just a “moms boyfriend being nice” thing. This is a pedophile thing
    Thanks Ben for bringing this out into the open….

  • Murphy J NY

    Amati needs to catch a few rounds in the head. He is a predator and a danger to children around him. By protecting him, the dept has clearly stated that they care only for themselves, and that it is their right to prey upon civilians as they choose.

    • Harry Wookiee

      They’re cops, that’s what cops do.