The MLB announced last Tuesday that the Braves will soon be moving from downtown Atlanta in Fulton County to an area close to Marietta in Cobb County. The announcement came shortly after the Cobb County Commission voted 4-1 to approve the Memorandum of Understanding that called for approximately $300 million in taxpayer funds to be used to construct the $672 million stadium. Not only will taxpayers be on the hook for constructing the stadium but they will also be on the hook for covering half of the stadium’s capital maintenance expenses.

So why should anyone be upset, especially if the the development is going to support more than 5,200 jobs with a payroll of over $235 million?

In an article written by Georgia State Representative Charles Gregory titled “Move would be ‘legal plunder’ of taxpayers”, he says that everyone is ignoring one problem and that problem is theft.

“Sadly, I’ve come to realize that not everyone readily makes this connection. Far too many of us have become desensitized and accustomed to, or are simply OK with stealing (or having government steal on our behalf) from others as long as it’s for something we like or benefits us.” Gregory goes on to say, “Classical political theorist and free-market economist Frederic Bastiat refers to the phenomenon as “legal plunder” — when a group of politically connected individuals use the force of government to commit theft from the masses in the name of the so-called “greater good,” or what he calls “false philanthropy.””

Gregory finishes his article by stating that he is ok with private development of Braves’ stadium in Cobb County as long as taxpayer money is not used. “If private developers want to risk their own money and resources seeking greater profits, fantastic! If individuals chip-in voluntarily, that’s great too! But, if this venture won’t stand on its own in a free market, it’s immoral and a violation of the public trust and of natural law to force taxpayers to pay for it.”

Georgia State Rep. Charles Gregory lives in Marietta and his website can be found here.

To read a free version of Frederic Bastiat’s famous book “The Law”, click here.

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Evan Mulch currently lives in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He received his Bachelors in Business Administration from Washburn University and he currently owns and operates the Mulch Tank Business & Leadership Center in Spartanburg. Evan is a liberty activist, business consultant, and serial entrepreneur. If you have any story tips please e-mail him at

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  • Drew R

    I’d be especially pissed if the government stole my money to build a baseball stadium. Baseball is nothing but a boring display of a bunch of over-weight overpaid “athletes” scratchin’ their asses.. Would probably be less pissed if it was a football stadium!

  • Mark V

    It is an amazing scam because the fleecing of the public doesn’t end here. The reality is that most people can no longer afford to go to sporting events because they are so expensive, and they are so expensive because corporations buy the seats and the boxes and use them as business write offs (corporations are paying with pre-tax dollars here)… So the public is paying for a stadium that will make the owners much richer, the players much richer and will be for the entertainment of the corporations, all with the hope that they will get invited to a game or two by a business contact…

  • rwright1188

    I was born and raised in Cobb and I’m shocked that it’s citizens are not outraged about the county spending so much taxpayer money on this stadium!

    • Robert

      Cobb County residents are outraged but the Statist Pigs and their Corporate Thugs could give a shit less and have approved it anyway, without their consent.

      I hope the Atlanta Braves franchise goes Belly-Up and the Statist Pigs and Corporate Thugs who went against the will of the people are tarred and feathered and tossed into the Chattahoochee River — wait scratch that, no need to pollute the river, just hang them and call it REAL justice.

  • Scott

    Go Braves!

  • Not a Fan

    Ask the taxpayers in Hamilton County, Ohio how they feel about being “volunteered” to support the Bengal’s Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati. Every year the Bengal’s organization finds a way to rape the coffers, and therefore the citizens, of Hamilton County. And it seems that nothing is put back.

  • whhi

    BTW, ALL of these “sports stadiums” are our internment camps, when the sh*t hits the fan! These are expressed goals in MANY different government white papers, and is publicly available information. NEVER support these corporate monsters with OUR hard-earned $$$. FIGHT the establishment further reaching into your pocket to fund THEIR enslavement of Us!!

  • Johnny Ringo

    It’s so true. We feature real (competitive and sexy) female wrestling at the Female Wrestling Channel. So, here we are picking winners and losers. I can bet that no county commissioners are going to be voting to give us any money anytime soon. And that’s the way it should be. For everyone. :)

  • Bill Goode

    Just last year the City of Detroit approved spending $444 million on new arena for the Redwings hockey team. Even two years ago we knew the financial condition of Detroit was on the ropes. These sports stadiums are really out of hand. If the team wants to pay for them fine. Else they can play in the sand lot across the street if the current stadium doesn’t suit them.