Lindsey Graham

On Aug. 5, 2013, in Greenville, S.C. a resolution supporting the replacement of Senator Lindsey Graham was presented at the county GOP executive committee meeting which resulted in spontaneous  applause. More than 200 republican leaders attended.

According to the, the resolution lists 29 actions by Sen. Graham that the resolution states are “fundamentally inconsistent with the principles of the South Carolina Republican Party.” The actions include voting with Democrats to appoint radicals Elena Kagan and Sandra Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, and consistently supporting amnesty for illegal aliens.

One republican attending the meeting said, “it is the responsibility of all republicans to defend the platform, and speak out, and then take action to replace any republican who consistently votes contrary their party platform.”

On Tuesday, South Carolina state senator and Tea Party favorite Lee Bright launched his campaign website sending a warning shot across the bow for Lindsey Graham. This makes Bright the third candidate seeking to replace Sen. Graham.

The campaign website states, “As a South Carolina state senator, Lee Bright has earned the reputation for being the most conservative leader in the legislature. His impeccable voting record reveals a strong belief in Second Amendment freedoms, pro-life values, the advancement of civil liberties and fiscal responsibility.”

“It’s time to take this proven track record to the U.S. Senate so South Carolina can lead the charge against the Washington establishment,” the site declares.

Last Sunday, Graham said on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley, “I am going to keep being a social and fiscal conservative that focuses on our national security, takes care of our interests at home, like the Port of Charleston, working with my state officials, and be a conservative like Ronald Reagan who will sit down with a Tip O’Neill to solve America’s problems … I will continue to be Lindsey Graham a solid fiscal and social conservative who wants to solve problems I think that’s the future of the Republican Party.”

A well known liberty activist, Chris Lawton who presented the resolution told Full Disclosure, “We are the largest republican county in SC (13% of the entire state) and we fired the first shot in the retirement of Lindsey Graham tonight. We anticipate other County Executive Committees across the state to join this movement to bring our senator home to pasture.”

Resolution to Replace Lindsey Graham

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Joshua Cook

Joshua Cook is a writer and reporter for Truth In Media. He has interviewed many politicians including Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Walter Jones, Bob Graham, Trey Gowdy and thought leaders who shape U.S. policy. He is a host of 'Beer and Politcs' on Truth In Media. If you have any tips please email him at Find him on Twitter @RealJoshuaCook

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  • BenH_76

    Excellent news. Next we must get McCain on the chopping block too.

    • Dora flores

      Sorry, that was to be a thumbs up x100

  • Mitchell Plyler

    Sonia Sotomayor

  • Joltin Joe

    They forgot to mention the fact he’s gay. Republican’s hate gays

    • Cheri

      That’s a lie I’m a Republican, and I DO NOT hate gays. You have to be a liberal all they know how to do is lie, so F*** off.

      • Joltin Joe

        haha, calm down sweet tits! No not a liberal, not against gays either, I could care less what people do. Graham is a traitor and pretends to be something he is not. Use your brain, don’t vote a party line

        • Cheri

          Graham, Rubio, Mc Cain, all the ones that said one day No to amnesty and the next voted for it. I’m so tired of the lies on both sides.

          • Joltin Joe

            exactly, why do you even label yourself as a republican? They don’t stand by any principles. They just do what they are told to by their handlers

    • David

      I would have rather voted for Bruce Carroll, who is gay, than for Lindsey Graham.

      What does that make me?

      • Joltin Joe

        Smart, Lindsey is a traitor

      • Cheri

        I would have rather voted for Bruce Campbell, ha ha

    • Dora flores


      • Joltin Joe


        • JohnSmith

          hell spawn

          • Joltin Joe

            Ass clown

    • Rework Oh Ryan


      • Joltin Joe

        Grammar nazi I see

        • Bear-Ninja

          If you aren’t smart enough to know the difference between a plural and possessive pronoun why should we consider your opinion informed?

          • JohnSmith


          • Joltin Joe

            Typical Liberal Douche, I don’t agree with what you said and I have no retort, I’ll just attack your grammar. That’s cute, grow the fcuk up

          • Rework Oh Ryan


        • Rework Oh Ryan

          I’m not from Germany, but I am educated, if that’s what you are inferring.

      • JohnSmith

        Perhaps “gays” was used as a verb here. Either way, “Republican’s hate” is their downfall.

    • moi2u

      Not so, Conservatives only hate RINOS…and lemming progressive Kookaid drinking sheeple.

    • Montgomery Scott

      There was this little scandal in the Reagan White House, that involved pedophilia and ‘man-boy’ love AND SEX-SLAVERY RINGS,, which was quickly and quietly terminated WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE by the up-and-coming ‘F.E.C. leadership of the RNC/DNC’, back in the Shady ’80’s.
      There are still mirror sites which have the original MSM reports (that are trying to be quashed by GookleTube), which talk about this UP FRONT.
      Of course, Hillary’s preference for Tipper was a good source of humor, as well as Bill’s preference for Al, back in the ’90’s (a decade later).
      In fact, several scandals regarding the homosexual preferences of all of our ‘lawmakers’ have been displayed, over the past 40 years. Who is ‘Barney Frank’, for example?
      Well, perhaps, it isn’t.
      Who is fornicating WHOM?
      LINDSAY GRAHAM prefers to achieve a climax by FORNICATING the CONSTITUTION.
      I suppose that YOU, sir, prefer to do this with an empty roll of Charmin.
      It is a simple matter of degrees.
      The Constitution is about 12 inches long, when rolled up, but the cardboard roll that holds the Charmin is, what, 5 inches?
      Is there something that you wish to confess. Joltin Joe?
      ‘GAY’? ‘GAYS’? ‘FIVE INCHES’?
      OF COURSE, you will post the factual evidence that ‘he’ (whoever this is supposed to be) is ‘gay’. When you DO, I beg the question:
      SO THE &uCK WHAT?
      Do you feel somehow ‘guilty’, because you have not come out of the closet, ‘Joltin Joe’?
      Have you heard of your King’s gay lover, Larry Sinclair?
      ‘R’ equals ‘GAY’. ‘D’ equals ‘GAY’.
      Your comment is a non-sequitor.

      • Joltin Joe

        I have no problems with gays, I could give a shite what people do. Lindsay is gay and hides it from his republican “friends” why? Because most Republicans pretend to hate gays, it’s the Christian thing to do after all. He should be be honest about who he is, I would respect that, but instead he pretends to be something he’s not. The man is a Traitor to this nation and I can’t wait to vote against him.

  • deepereyes

    Another Tea Party favorite, Nancy Mace, is challenging Graham. Either of these are preferred over Graham.

  • Rework Oh Ryan


  • charlestonvoice

    BIG Tip ‘o the Hat to Chris Lawton – net pal and philosophical kindred!

  • charlestonvoice
  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    The problem that’s emerging in South Carolina is there are multiple liberTEA candidates who would be MUCH better than Lindsey Graham. They will split the liberty and TEA Party vote in the primary, and Lindsey Graham will win the primary based on the votes of mindless voters who pick the name they recognize, and the Two Parties That Are One establishment Republicans who like Graham’s GOP version of big government.

    Pick ONE good candidate to run against Graham and he can be replaced. Pick multiple candidates and the primary process will result in all of us suffering six more years of Lindsey Graham.

    Here in Kentucky, we’ve settled on Matt Bevin, and only Matt Bevin, as the liberTEA candidate to replace Mitch McConnell.

    And yes, Arizona needs to retire McCain… yesterday.

    • Justin

      South Carolina has a runoff in the primary if no candidate gets more than 50% of the vote. Ideally, 2 candidates would be Graham, and there would be a runoff without Graham in the picture at all.

  • Mr. Rogers

    Yes… let’s start with him being replaced, then move on to McCain, and all the other neo-con war mongers ! Republican, and Democrats alike… all need to be removed if their not doing the people in this nations will… not that of Israel’s.

    • dejavu2222


  • Ezra Pound

    That applause sounded more so tepid than “thunderous.” Ben: you will not win converts by using the same sensationalist tactics the J-stream media uses. Tisk, tisk.

    • Montgomery Scott

      There was this one movie scene, from the film ‘The Aviator’, where Kathryn Hepburn takes Howard Hughes ‘home’ to meet her family, and she tells him, ‘we’re all Socialists here’. So it goes, I guess, with ‘Ezra Pound’ (the REAL one). An early-20th-century author and poet, I seem to remember his elitist stance, and the way he looked down his nose when using such ‘big’ words (like ‘tepid’, which means ‘caliente’, or ‘luke-warm’). A post-modern Colonialist with ties to the Empire, he flaunted his ‘superior knowledge of language’, in some strange way (as I recall when reading him, as a child).
      The proper usage of the last two mis-spelled words in your comment is put to a mental vision of a grandmother, waving her index finger side to side at a ‘youngin’, and hissing, “TSK! TSK!’.
      What does the ‘J’ mean, in ‘J-stream’?
      Should NOT this letter be changed to ‘Z’?
      Don’t get angry with me. I am simply a messenger, like my namesake, and a Chief Engineer.

  • JohnSmith

    Who ever rises to the top for the competition against Lindsey Graham, expect a BIG check from me. Max contribution. He _HAS_ to go.

  • LocalHero

    Is this referring to Lindsey Graham from the great state of Israel?

  • docdave1

    The word at Politico is that Pansy is being called a “Nancy Boy”

  • heretickle

    Can you say US Senator Joe Lieberman Independent from Connecticut.

    When voters choose a candidate that the OLIGARCHY does not want, money moves to make sure the CHOSEN candidate wins.

    The public needs to realize that the American people no longer control their elections. The fix has been in for decades.

    Bill Clinton in the 1992 Democratic Primaries .
    Barak Obama in the 2008 Democratic Primaries
    Patrick Buchanan (vs George H. Bush) in the 1988 Republican Primaries
    Ron Paul (vs everyone) in the 2008 and 2012 Republican Primaries?

    Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic Primaries ???

    Its a sham from beginning to end.

    All Americans need to wake up and fight back.

    • hirize

      Could not agree with you more. The so called “Dems” and “Repubs” are two wings of the same bird. People can vote all they want but the flight plan never changes. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing multiple times and expecting a different result, as a country, we are all insane. Until a majority break the matrix and think out side of the left/right paradygm, we will continue to “run the wheel” to no where.

      • heretickle

        May I suggest that Democrats and Republicans are merely Two Heads of the Same Snake.

  • David Light

    Unless we get behind one Conservative candidate for the primary, the vote will be split and Graham will win. We need one strong opponent.

    • dnhook

      Looks like Lindsay was here and voted your comment down. :)

    • Marlajean

      Trey Gowdy

      • David Light

        I like it.

  • LimeyCanuck

    What?! Less than a week ago you guys said it was Nancy Mace? Are TWO
    (2) Tea Party Favorites running against Graham? Dilute the votes much?

  • wallpent

    I support firing Lindsey across the aisle ,Graham. Bring him home. I file a recall petition or that that be amended to the south carolina constitution. Graham does not support the interests of South Carolina or any senator or congressman that they be recalled.

  • Jeb

    Lisa (murkywater) Murkowski next! Come on Alaska dump her!

    • Montgomery Scott

      I seem to see a TotSoc slant in your comment, Jeb.
      I THINK she might have a ‘D’ after her name.
      OH, ‘D’s are BAD, and ‘R’s are GOOD!
      Let me tell you a little story ’bout a man named Jed. There was this BANKSTER named ‘Mr. Drysdale’, who really messed his mind up, after he struck OIL:
      JEB, JED. Whatever.
      Check the advertisement out at the end of the Communist Broadcasting System original video link, Jeb! ‘Winston’ cigarettes!
      You couldn’t ‘dis her because of her last name (which happens to be POLISH), so you came up with this ‘murkywater’ thing ALL on your own.
      C’MON! At LEAST provide some links, or opinions, as to WHY you wish to recall Lisa Murkowski, Jed (oops, Jeb).

  • defyapathy

    Like kids on a playground – it’s likely that your peers will turn on you first. I’m tired of all this bi-partisan s..t! Neither party acts in the best interests of the public. Doesn’t anyone believe in cooperation over coercion anymore? The “top2” initiative being adopted now by many states is a travesty against our election process, and if we don’t address this – we deserve the crappy elected officials we get!

  • FedUp

    Lindsey LOVES Mace AND Bright!!!

  • Montgomery Scott

    The one mistake, and the greatest one, of Ron Paul (and the majority of the American people), is that he held faith that he could work WITHIN the false left/right paradigm of ‘RNC/DNC’. Those within these political control groups are NOT elected, and THEY decide who gets the attention, funding, and positive/negative press. THEY, these unelected minions of the so-called ‘party leaderships’ write ALL the talking points, debate points, and media ‘releases’.
    Many commenters have spoken of the fact that the party challengers WILL split the vote, and the Zionist Totalitarian Nazi Bankster front-man Graham WILL get a plurality of the ‘party vote’ (and, hence, be promoted and given the funding of the donations from S.C. Republicans). The S.C. republicans NEED to settle on ONE challenger, or all will be lost in this effort.

    HOWEVER, i applaud your effort, and wish you the best of luck, S.C..

    • Chuck Guilliams

      Just keep in mind, the RNC/DNC seems to limit all of the debates to two parties. In 2012 we had many more viable candidates that were not invited to any debates. They even asked and were turned down. They were all from other parties I.E. Peace & freedom, Libertarian, Constitution, to name a few.

      Remember, the MEDIA (no-matter which ‘alphabet’ station it is) are the groups that control and decide who is invited and decides who moderates the fiasco.

      • Montgomery Scott

        Those who know what is happening are well-versed in the various deviations.
        Those who don’t know will take your comment with a grain of ‘conspiracy theory’, and’ thus, discount it outright.
        Ask THIS question: WHO (or, WHAT) controls ‘THE MEDIA’?
        Endless pablum about ‘A-ROD’; ‘Jay-Zee’, the ‘BABY’ of the ‘ROYALS’, and OBAMA declaring that the NSA does ‘NOT, COLLECT’ INFORMATION’ ON, AMERICANS’;, and the ‘FACT’ that Ed Snowden is a ‘LEAKER’, and BRADLEY MANNING is a ‘TRAITOR’, and MICHEAL HASTINGS ‘does not exist’ (ANY MORE), and Andrew Breitbart’ ‘died of natural causes’….?

        “Controlled demolition.”

        “No doubt?”

        “No doubt.”

        A ‘one-car accident’, back in 2009, took care of THIS non-doubter.
        Your comment, Chuck, moves me to post a link to an old video. Some do not understand this, but some will understand.

      • johndubose

        There is such a thing as approval voting. If we can just get a few places to try it, it will bring the whole 2 party sham machine crashing to the ground.

  • Montgomery Scott

    It looks like Mr. Swann is making a difference in the political discourse.
    Donation forthcoming.
    I am not akin to Patrick Henry. i am more akin to John Paul Jones, Mr. Swann.
    Don’t fire, until you see the whites of their eyes!

    Thanks for what you do.

  • PepperdotNet

    They need to pick ONE candidate to back. This always seems to happen, multiple conservatives run, splitting the vote amomgst themselves, the incumbent wins.

    • Justin

      South Carolina has a runoff if no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote.

  • Kathy1

    Would love to read more but my eyes are killing me. White on black, gray on black and solid black background are not eye-friendly.

    • RonWillison

      I agree. We old folks all have a tough time with the color scheme.

  • Brandon Pinkston

    Way past time to put that lame horse down. This is the first in a long line that need to exit government.

  • jojo david

    Similar movement need’s to be started in Arizona to get rid of John “dementia” McCain !

    • Tim Jitsu

      similar movements need to be started all over the country.

      • Randy Rasmussen

        It’s called The Tea Party.

    • Jay Jefferson

      I had the privilege to have once known someone by the name of John Putnam in Connecticut politics. Prior to his untimely death back in December, he had known just about every post-war American political figure from Barry Goldwater to John F. Kennedy. He also happened to know John McCain both before and after Vietnam. A firm belief of Putnam’s he took to his grave was recent events seem to confirm; that the war had made McCain not right in the head.
      A McCain intern once shared with me some disturbing truths about the senile senator that are protected by powerful people. They involved sex scandals beyond lobbyists like Vicki Iseman, brothels, intimate extra-marital relationships with staffers 40 years his junior, and Sarah Palin’s refusal to fly on the Country First campaign jet in 2008 over its not so socially conservative reputation.
      A former aide of his (for his own sake, I won’t say who) has plans not to write a novel exposing corruption of John McCain until the senator dies. It reportedly would expose everything, including the purely political marriage with Cindy Hensley that brought McCain ties to the mafia and drug trafficking. Don’t believe me? Google the 1977 murder of journalist Don Bolles in Phoenix. He was investigating ties between AZ politicians, big business, and organized crime before he was mortally wounded by a car bomb.

  • KD

    Good. This is an aside. Do not forget 9/11. No one else has. We count on this source to keep up with that important story. Only liars say it’s passee or of no significance. Let’s not lose focus… it’s all the same thing. If you don’t tie it all together, no one will get it. The trouble with MSM is isolated news stories that do not relate to the whole, and serve as a distraction. Do not let that happen with this site. Do not be too fragmented. Be focused on 9/11 and the aftermath and overcoming the coup.

  • BrotherPatriot

    This is some great news as we must weed out the wolves in sheep clothing amongst us who are secretly in line following the same Agenda with the Freemasons. We must be aware consciously and perhaps have a screening to reveal if a candidate for a public servant position is a mason or not. We can not keep electing these people into positions of power and then expect things to change. These people are linked. No matter of what nationality it comes right down to the very death oaths that they have sworn together. Any of them elected has a direct conflict with their oath to serve the Constitution of the United States. The oaths to the secret order of the Freemasons is where their primary loyalty is. As a student of History and listening to the works of James Wardner & Jim Marrs…it is Historically found that the cabinets of our President’s are infused with members of this secret order & religion. All you have to do is go back and see it. By swearing layers upon layers of Oaths as they proceed through the degree’s of the secret order, they become more and more owned by the very order itself. The Oaths are death oaths and this gives implicit loyalty to this Order so that it’s secrets will not be revealed upon pain of some horrible form of death. By them all being in different aspects of the government, entertainment, news media, money creation, legal enforcement, and military of the majority of the Nations on this earth…well, this gives them a great deal of influence over what happens in the world itself.

    Now…my brothers & sisters I ask of you, do you want these people who are secretly linked behind closed doors through a dark, secret religion…making the decisions and signing into law, giving themselves complete control over your lives as we descend into the New World Order one world government?

    Evidence shows us that their great architect of the universe is non other that Bael, Baphomet, a host of other pagan gods & sun worshiping from different times with various names but who all in the end serve…Lucifer.

    History proves this. All you have to do is take the time to look. Here’s a 40 min long video of knowledge that was presented by James Wardner.

    God Bless us all & the Truth that can lead us as a species, back to Godly living.

  • PJ McFlur

    I will donate to whoever runs against Lindsey. I personally despise the man. He is a chickenhawk.

    Rand Paul 2016

  • MCA

    Cash, Mace, and now Bright (oh, and Culler too … perhaps we will see as many as 6 or 7 on the ballot) are making this into a replay of the Ted Cruz strategy. Get enough votes so Graham has fewer than 50% and we go into a run off with the motivated voters united behind one challenger. We just need to be sure to GOTV to make certain that cross-over Dems (and I’m sure there will be a bunch of them) don’t sabotage our primary.

  • justapatriot

    Good luck to the SC GOP in replacing this man. I like many others will donate to his competition.

  • Preston Steger

    NANCY MACE!!!!! She’s the best person to challenge Graham.

  • gene1357

    Too bad the 17th amendment took the power of the SC legislature to recall him.
    Repeal the 17th and restore States’ Rights!

  • Covington13

    Lindsey Graham = blackmailed homosexual
    Let’s get rid of the traitor!

  • Joe Eckstein

    Doesn’t he have a lot of people wanting to primary him now?

  • Gayle Walls Hellums

    Good to see that people are waking up. Linsey its time to go along with Paul Ryan to and John McCain, Flake, Kevin McCarthy of Ca, Daniel Webster of Florida, Aaron Schock of Illinois and of course Rubio of Florida. All these guys want Amnesty for criminals. I say Enforce the laws we have. Obama is not going to enforce the old laws much less any new. Why are we letting Obama/Holder get away with breaking the laws of this country and our Constitution? Why arent you standing up to Boehner and throwing his ass out to. WE need you guys to stand strong and save our Republic. And do not fund Obama Care. and no raising our debt limit. Remember you guys have the power of the purse. Good luck and thank you for your hard work. It time to clean house.

    • leslymill

      Don’t forget Dean Heller of Nevada…He and Reid slipped some thing into the amnesty bill for the Casinos…TRAITOR…TOTAL TRAITOR

  • Wayne Washburn

    This slobs gotta go , him and all of his two faced breed .

  • CaptainUSA

    Good news. After he is reaplaced he should be tried for Treason.

  • vonnise

    I so hope Lindsey is reading these comments!! PN554 – Confirming communist Samantha Power, of Massachusetts, to be the Representative of the United States of America to the United Nations!!
    He voted ‘yes’ on amnesty for illegals. S. 744 (Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act )Measure Title: A bill to provide for comprehensive immigration reform and for other purposes.
    On these two votes alone, this man has just got to gooooo!!

  • SilentRanger

    Lindsey doesn’t lose a single minute of sleep with what you think about him. He knows he’ll be taken care of … he has been a good soldier and a reliable obfuscator in the battle of Evil against Good. His voting record proves this as fact … sad, but, true.

    • hearmetalking

      Lindsey is going to find out Obama will leave him, as fast as He leaves the truth.Obama is full of Promises and lies

  • dan cooper

    EVEN THE VOTERS OF CALIFORNIA WERE AGAINST ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. California Proposition 187 (also known as the Save Our State (SOS) initiative) was a 1994 ballot initiative to establish a state-run citizenship screening system and prohibit illegal aliens from using health care, public education, and other social services in the U.S. State of California.
    Voters passed the proposed law as a referendum in November 1994; it was
    the first time that a state had passed legislation related to immigration, customarily an issue for federal policies and programs.[1] The law was challenged in a legal suit and found unconstitutional by a federal court. In 1999, Governor Gray Davis halted state appeals against the ruling.

    Governor Pete Wilson, a Republican,
    was a prominent supporter of Proposition 187, which ultimately became a
    key issue during his 1994 re-election campaign against Democratic opponent Kathleen Brown.
    After facing record low approval ratings during his first term, Wilson
    trailed Brown in opinion polls by more than 20% early during the
    gubernatorial campaign. Commentators considered his aggressive support
    of the Proposition 187 as crucial to his re-election.[7]

    During the United States Senate election in California, 1994 campaign, the incumbent Senator Diane Feinstein and Republican challenger Michael Huffington both adopted tough policies against illegal immigration. The candidates each revealed that they had previously hired illegal immigrants for
    housekeeping and childcare. Unlike Feinstein, Huffington had hired an
    illegal housekeeper after the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, which made it illegal to knowingly hire illegal immigrants. Feinstein was narrowly re-elected.

    • Randy

      That’s one reason why I argue that nothing can be a one-size-fits-all in a national sense. Different regions have different problems and different needs. That is only one reason why the federal government needs to be reined in. Education is another example, different people in different parts of the country need to know about different things – it should be operated locally. From what I see in Ohio, we don’t have a huge illegal immigration problem. But I imagine people in places like California, Texas and Arizona would not agree with me from their viewpoint.

  • Cheryl Newcomb

    Time to retire this RINO. He does everything in his power to work against the American People and for the Establishment. Get all the RINOS like Graham, McShame and traitor Rubio out!! And the Repubs wavering like Ayotte need to be reminded that they’ll be booted too if they keep siding with the corrupt Democrats. I will do everything to support Constitutional and Liberty minded individuals all the way!! Time to rid ourselves of these total sellouts who are willing to sacrifice our rights and freedoms to appease their overlords.

  • Jay Jefferson

    Wow, some Liberty candidate Lee-not-so-Brights is. We can’t afford another Reagan who will “reach across the aisle” to a Tip O’Neill. How’s “compromise” any better than what Graham’s doing now?

    • DarthTrader

      Jay I believe you misread that . . . that quote was attributed to Lindsey Graham not Bright . . . see . . . . Last Sunday, Graham said on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley,
      “I am going to keep being a social and fiscal conservative that focuses
      on our national security, takes care of our interests at home, like the
      Port of Charleston, working with my state officials, and be a
      conservative like Ronald Reagan who will sit down with a Tip O’Neill to
      solve America’s problems … I will continue to be Lindsey Graham a solid
      fiscal and social conservative who wants to solve problems I think
      that’s the future of the Republican Party.”

      • Jay Jefferson

        Ok, my mistake. Must have been Lindsey talking in the third person that threw me off. Who is he, Bob Dole?

  • Tudo

    Hahaha silly people, you don’t get what you want you get what you deserve.

  • zeestan

    Lynette Graham is just another Zionist owned domestic enemy and lap dog. This filth could care less about anything that would be good for our country or her people.

  • brian

    i would have stood up and applauded for that one.

  • zeestan

    Lynette Graham is just as treasonous as McShame just not as manly .So do us a favor Lynny drop out and go lock yourself in the closet for good.

  • insidiom

    I thought that Politics was not about two parties vying for control of the country, but working together for the benefit of everyone? Sounds like these folks are wanting to get rid of their old timers for the wrong reasons. If that’s the case, then your replacement will only end up following suit. And you get what you deserve.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      I guess that you never truly listened to the “ONE!” You want one party dealing, look no further than the dems! P.O.S.that they are!

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    Lindsey Grahm is in the pocket of the RINO McCain! Both are traitoers to the republican party!

  • StopShreddingMyConstitution

    Repeal all the police state surveillance mongering war hawks!!! YES!!!

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    He can’t even see that he is NOT wanted and is considered a “RINO!” Bye Bye Mccain/ oblowhole lover. You are gone!

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    I’m sorry to put it this way, but, to all of you idiots out there, Lindsey Graham is a man! Not to much of one, but still, a man!

  • EndCorruptCorporatocracy

    Somebody should “SWAT” Lindsey Graham, the Great Fighter of Terrorism… maybe we’d get a peek at him/her/it in his/her/its nightgown as he’s dragged out of his house at 2AM by thug cops too stupid to know who he is. LOL! Seriously though, what a traitorous POS vermin he is. Good riddance, and hats off to SC Republicans! (Watch out, though: he’d likely try to run in a future election as a Democrat… and those idiots would probably elect him.)

  • Paul Berger

    Hes a wimp. One reason obama is getting away with his shitting on us.

  • willy

    I agree with most of this article. But replace “pasture” with “prison”. That would make it 100% accurate.

  • terlet

    Did the democrats just help him make the right love connection is why he’s doing their bidding? Come on, Lindsey, there are plenty of conservative men, too; look at the Log Cabin Republicans.

  • donholmes1

    Just remember, when you vote , you are voting for me too in the great 1/2 conservative state of Wash.
    Always watch for the loudest barkers in committees then how they vote. Lindsey always barks just what you want to hear, showing that he knows exactly what the problem is then votes with and for the left , progressive, communist ,Muslim democrats ( he calls this compromise). Please get this venomous snake out of office and write all of your friends to vote for you too in their states.

  • Jeannette Riviera

    Senator Grahman needs to be put out to pasture. I hope there is some legislation to limit terms for congress. We have presidential terms why not other elected officials?

  • Reason

    It funny to see all the the ignorant, knee jerk, racist, religious zealots coming out of the wood work to spew their venomous hate speech without a grain of actual facts when something seems remotely liberal to them. Then they have to throw in the Obama references. Where were you guys when George Bush was giving government money to his friends and family for bogus oil speculation and letting Cheney take jobs away from hard working soldiers and re-assigning them to his company Halliburton so he could directly profit from the war in Iraq while he was still in office ( ). A republican president robs the country blind right in front of your eyes and that’s okay but you think Obama is the devil because he wants to give people health care. What kind of kool aid have you guys been drinking? By the way Jesus was a liberal

    • Quintrell

      please go upstairs. your Mommy is calling. your mac and cheese is getting cold and it’s bath night. now turn off that computer.