The US National Park Service (NPS) gave a permit to Muslims to march on the National Mall on September 11th.

The Muslim group originally called the event the “Million Muslim March,” but later changed the name to “Million American March Against Fear” after receiving criticism. On the group’s website, it claims the mission of the rally was to establish “Humanity and Justice through a Civil Rights Movement.”


Many Americans were outraged that a large group of Muslims would hold a seemingly self-righteous rally on a day like September 11.

But this is America, and we all have the right to free speech… Right?

Well, apparently it is not that simple.

NPS denied a permit request from a  group of bikers who wanted to ride through Washington, DC on September 11th. They wanted to do this to honor all of the victims killed during the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Why would the Muslims be granted a permit, but not the bikers?

NPS claimed they denied the bikers’ permit request for technical reasons.

A spokeswoman for the NPS, Carol Johnson, said, “They looked at [the permit application] and decided it would cause a severe service disruption of traffic both inside and outside the area around the mall. The size of the event, we can’t manage. We couldn’t provide adequate park police services and park police escorts and it would require a lot of road closures so it was denied.”

She jokingly said, “[I] wish the bikers would leave me alone.”

Although the NPS denied the bikers a permit, they roared into DC anyway. The group wrote on their Facebook page, “We have our constitutional rights and we shall ride!”

Still, the bikers made it clear they had no intentions of confronting the Muslims (and they didn’t). “We’re here for 9-11. We are going to have a peaceful ride,” said Belinda Bee, the national ride coordinator.

And that’s exactly what they did.

Here are some photos from the event:

2-million-bikers-parked-with-flag-600 bikers-to-dc2 2-million-hogs

2801526_G 2801523_G 2801518_G 2801517_G 2801516_G 2801515_G

While the NPS was not explicitly denying the bikers’ a right to free speech in this case, their reason for denying the group a permit is certainly suspicious. The federal government seems to make it more difficult for non-liberal groups. Mere months ago, it was revealed that the IRS purposefully targeted conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status.

Do you think the Muslim group was given favoritism by the NPS?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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Kristin Tate is a multi-media reporter for Breitbart News and to fearless journalism, she regularly works on undercover stings with James O'Keefe to reveal government waste, abuse, and fraud.Tate was a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter President and Founder. She will continue to fight tirelessly for individual liberty and free markets through new media. Visit Kristin's website at

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  • Ken

    As we seen who cares about the favoritism. These bikers are patriots. We don’t need permission to assemble.

    • Gary

      Most of them were not patriots but a sham of Fox News put together at the last minute to subvert a peace and brotherhood rally WITH a permit. They made the mistake of appearing on Sean Hannity and thus garnering a backlash of racism and hatred.

  • asiliveandbreathe

    No, one was a small march in the mall lawn, the biker rally was tens of thousands of bikers that would clog the streets for hours. The bikers were also wanting to have park police to let them ride through traffic signals during this time. Hell with that!

    • Meagan Elizabeth Rodriguez

      That clears things up for me, I just kept searching and reading, and all I was reading was about how they are going against the Muslims and what not, and I just got so outrages! I thought they were supposed to be riding for the victims of 9/11, and SO many people were being SO unbelievably hateful towards Muslims, but I really hope that those Bikers were riding purely to pay tribute.

      • L G

        I found the same thing all day yesterday. I thought these bikers were riding for hate because all the memes and comments and stuff on my Facebook and everywhere else said that. I was furious. One person and classmate was so upset at me for pointing out her hate, she unfriended me and we never argued before!

        What I hate is how hateful Americans are becoming on so many things now. Sad, because a country divided will never do well. History shows that there are no exceptions to that. This is NOT what our founding fathers wanted for us. They would be ashamed and so would Jesus, because most of these hateful Americans claim to be Christian. They most certainly are not practicing it and that includes our leaders!!

    • L G

      As I said in one of my posts here it was news to me this was simply a tribute ride. NO ONE on my own Facebook and anywhere on the internet I went said this. It was totally about hating the Muslims. I argued the hate and lost a FB classmate and “friend” over this even though we never argued before on anything. Her hate and me remarks on it caused her to unfriend me. I was astonished by all the intense memes on this and hateful comments. Most of these people on my FB do not even know one single Muslim but they hate them ALL. Sad, very sad what America is becoming.

  • Mike D

    Kristin, good article. I had heard on FB from one biker involved in the ride that a lot of these bikers are so-called “truthers.” This is not in your article and I wonder if there was any substance to that.
    Also, not all your pics are from the ride itself, and your article says they are. I suggest an edit is in order.

  • Brandon Pinkston

    Yes they show favoritism. As in this case also.

    You can burn the bible and the flag – but not the Quran. Showing patriotism is frowned upon, as in the bikers case. Having to ask permission to assemble is complete tyranny. They use any tactic they can to squelch our freedoms. I’m sure the words “for your safety” were in there also. Typical rhetoric from this regime.

  • Mike Denton

    Lazy tabloid journalism strikes again, ruining Ben Swann’s brand.

    1) Not all of these pictures are from the rally, so that’s misleading.

    2) And can we have a little more back story on this “Muslim” group? Who are they? When were they formed and by which individuals? Why did they say they were rallying initially and how many showed up? Lazy, lazy, lazy.

    3) NPS denied the bikers a permit they didn’t have to request because of the traffic and potential for major disruptions in the city’s order. Approving the permit would put their (NPS’) neck on the line to cull the traffic, which is understandable. The bikers didn’t need a permit to begin with, but requested one. Did you request a copy of the permit? Did you call NPS and get a quote, or just regurgitate what other outlets published?

    4) Why did the patriots rally? To counter protests? No. They didn’t drive all those miles, waste all the gas and take all that energy to counter a small protest of insignificant Muslims that don’t even represent most Muslim Americans because they’re virtually unknown. They rode because they’re patriots and it’s 9/11.

    The real story is what the media chose to report about this, and this article is no better. It’s not investigative journalism. It’s tabloid nonsense. Disappointing.

    • Gary

      You don’t have the real story either. A group,of peace and brotherhood Muslims wished to bring all together in a rally to show solidarity among all religions and beliefs, which is the real Patriot way. They made a mistake of appearing on Sean Hannity, Fox News as they hoped to garner wide support from all Americans ( as they are Americans, too).
      But instead the FOX News subversives decided they could punch this little group down and out by forming at the last minute a Patriots Biker Rally. Many who heard about it and joined it may have been real patriots with altruistic motives, but the main organizers and Fox News racists were not true patriots in their motives. American Muslims are tired and sick of being labelled with the terrorists brush. They are human beings beloved by our Christian God. We are wrong to condemn the innocent.

  • Ryan Morse

    I love the fact that they peacefully rebelled and rode for the victims anyway. That is American freedom at its best and there has been too much of our fellow patriots and ancestors blood spilled not to practice those rights. Just make sure that you don’t give into the propaganda behind 9/11. Americans were not the only ones victimized on 9/11, Muslims were as well (which is why they are marching on the capitol – to voice their distrust of the American GOVERNMENT which has labeled them ALL as terrorists – through the forming of the TSA, DHS, and the countless other Nazi-like departments that have come into existence since 9/11). 9/11 was not perpetrated and carried out by Osama Bin Laden. He was a scapegoat for a much more nefarious plot that was carried out by the Zionists that wish to have a Christian/Muslim war. Do the research, the facts are there if you search for them, and SHARE them with everyone you know and love. We can have peace if we want it but we need to wake up our brothers and sisters and get them to understand that it’s not a person’s religion that makes them an enemy to freedom… it’s how they treat their fellow man… and our current government is the greatest terrorist threat to the world. Peace be with you!

  • Mike

    Kristin’s “reporting” is ruining the credibility of this site. Ben, you should really have her report facts and state the whole truth in her articles or not have her post on your site. It shows up under your name on Facebook and it will garner you less credibility, especially with the misleading titles she always uses. The titles are used to bait a false emotional response.

    I’m not the only one who thinks this or who has said this.

    • Jordan Ambra

      I’d rather you not speak for other people, such as myself. Just state your case and be done with it. If it is valid, then it should stand on its own.

      What exactly is your grievance about this story and Kristin’s reporting in general?

      • Mike Denton

        It’s lazy and sensational. See below for a detailed explanation.

        • Jordan Ambra

          Thanks for the info.

    • Mike Denton

      She wrote for Mr. Conservative which is a tabloid rag that thrives on sensationalism and creating crazed responses to otherwise ordinary events. That’s now been brought to Swann.

  • Joe Hollinger

    Very good article about a whole lot of people that did a good thing. We need more positive articles like this as often as possible. One problem I have with the way the media covered 9-11 is that the way it was covered was morbid and repetitious. I think the coverage format was mandated to keep the fear of terrorism alive in the souls of Americans. People that are afraid do things that would not do otherwise. Keeping people afraid is an old ploy used by subversive forms of politics for a long time. The practice appears live and well in the U.S. True a lot of brave people helped and some died in their attempts, but, we do not have to relive the whole thing every September. The deed was done, people died, it is a terrible shame it happened, the events cannot be undone, and as if we lost a loved one in the family, life must go on. Today is a new day and we must find better and more constructive things to do and think about. Lets move on. Lets think about today and tomorrow and use the knowledge gained from yesterday to make them better than yesterday.

  • RC

    This report could have been so much had it focused on a few key points:
    – Over 880,000 bikers were counted by the DC police. Some reports are saying they reached 1,000,000.
    – They rode to commemorate the fallen and the soldiers who gave their lives.

    – LEOs from DC voluntarily assisted the bikers on their own accord without direction from the department heads.
    – MSMs had a total media blackout on this monumental event – such a disgrace and dishonor to those who perished on 9/11 and those who gave their lives under that pretense.
    – The bikers who rode plan to do this again next year.

  • Kirk Powers

    This Biker Rally made me so proud to be an American. I actually found tears of joy in my eye when i saw the photos.. And i a “former” Liberal from NY… Great job Bikers Great Service and voice !

  • Meagan Elizabeth Rodriguez

    Honestly I can understand while the Muslims wanted to come together and rally, I don’t understand why they picked that day of all days, but I digress. The thing that I don’t like AT ALL about this whole Biker Ride thing is that some people are being EXTREMELY hateful to Muslims, I don’t want people to forget that A lot of new information has come out about 9/11 and that it was an inside job, and if you do your research there is no way you can deny this to be true, so why in the world are we still being hateful to these Muslims?!? it’s just so ignorant to me, not all Muslims come from the middle east, and not all of them are terrorists, in fact our own American government, and our sorry excuse for a president are the real terrorists here. It just makes me sad that these Muslim people just want a chance to be normal people again and not be blamed for 9/11 anymore. New truth has come out people… don’t be so hateful all the time, we are all one, we all came from the same source, we are all humans. I appreciate what the Bikers tried to do, but a lot of people turned it into a hate Muslim kind of deal and I just don’t respect that.

    • DMan

      Because of what they are doing today all over the world…NEWS FLASH…Christians are being beheaded daily in Syria and Egypt with the demand that they convert “or else”. A young teenage Christian girl was just dismembered ALIVE in Syria. Regardless of whether they were responsible for 911, they are despicable and attempt to force tolerance while they provide none!

      • DMR

        Isn’t that generalizing too much?

        • J


        • L G

          Note, no real explanation for him saying he isn’t generalizing too much.When you can’t explain yourself it is usually a sign your words have no substance or you could back them with real knowledge and information.

          People do this all the time. It is usually because they parrot what others think and say or what they read or heard and just accept that, then make it their own without knowing why. Just like the reason people believe their religion in most cases.

          That is also how hate spreads.


          One should be able to defend ones position. One should also be willing to hear other sides of the argument and change ones mind with new substantial knowledge. Most people, I find, believe what they believe just “because” once you challenge their thinking.

          • Guest

            FLASH<< When was the last time a "Christian" beheaded anyone? Oh I
            see, you are referencing the "Dark Ages" where yet another cult called
            the Catholic Church, (which is not much better than the religion of
            Islam you are defending) lead by the Pope mass murdered people….yeah,
            in the broadest sense of the word they are not "Christian" as defined by
            the Bible they claim to hold to. In fact, their practices are not only
            blasphemous, but paganistic! In fact, if you actually studied history
            you would find that a good majority of those they murdered were actually
            Christians, who refused to ignore Biblical instruction to follow their
            paganistic rules! You see, calling oneself a "Christian" does not make
            it anymore so than standing in a garage makes one a car.

            Fact and reality is not on your side, the Bible passages that you
            reference of "Christians" wiping out their national ENEMIES in war were
            not actually "Christian", it was the nation of Israel and that was wars
            of nation against nation. Try reading the New Testament that actually
            references "Christians", when the movement first began and review
            exactly how they were instructed to act towards others, so you won't
            sound so ignorant in your arguments… Sooo, actually the point you are
            trying to make is moot as well as ignorant of reality.

        • DMan

          No, not at all…have you read their religious book of instruction called the “Quaran” lately? Perhaps you should because it mandates that they do exactly what is being done, regardless of whether some are practicing it! When Muslims hold a majority, they act much different and in accordance with their instructions!

      • L G

        NEW FLASH! Christians have beheaded and mass murdered for generations upon generations. They do not seek peace either and have not done so since Christ
        died. They demand even today that others must convert or will not be saved. Most today do not kill over it though. Other religions kill too besides Muslims and Christians.

        Historically, Christians are murders. Biblically, the Bible is one of the bloodiest books in History.

        Christians have beheaded for centuries!! That was what the Crusades were about; killing, beheading, mass murders of whole villages, men, women and children dead if they didn’t convert to save their lives.

        In WWII and even WWI Christians killed other Christians!!

        So, now, what was your point? With your thinking we should hate and kill all Christians too.

        Do you even KNOW any Muslims? Have you see the photos of the MUSLIMS gathering around CHRISTIANS in their country to protect the CHRISTIANS from haters? Have you ever gone to Mosque or researched their faith? Have you ever asked any Muslims what they believe and how their religion wants them to live? Have you ever walked through a Muslim neighborhood?

        You condemn all Muslims because of what some do. Yet, you have said nothing about condemning what some Christians do to Muslims without cause or to condemn all Christians for what horrible deeds Christianity has done to others. .

        Do you know that the vast majority of Islam is about peace and they actually believe in the same ONE God Christians do? Their differences come with how you gain everlasting life and cultural customs.

        And we all have HUGE doubts about our government and 9/11, with many people wondering if Muslims have not been set up with 9/11 and even the Boston bombing to increase hatred for them so our government can justify killing them in the Middle East.

        Our government is mostly Christian and our country is mostly Christian, but we are the most hateful people you will ever meet. We hate other Christians out of the 41,000 denominations of Christianity, because each denomination claims to be the right one. We say the ones other than our own denominations are all going to some hell that not all Christians even agree there is.

        We say all good Christians, again only of the way we personally believe is the right path, are going to Heaven. Yet not all believers believe that either and believe the Earth will be restored to paradise and only a few co-rulers with
        Christ will be there. Others believe like some Mormons say you will go to another planet and begin like Adam and Eve. Christians cannot even agree with what they believe unitedly, but our American Christians sure know how to hate, not only fellow Christians but any other faith different.

        Our countries people hate other races, other religions, the poor and needy, other countries, our neighbors, and the list goes on and on.

        On the beheading thing; beheading is how they kill over there, Christian or not. It is like us using the electric chair or hanging when we did that up to recent history in some states.

        Oh, and your point on the girl being dismembered alive. Christians as leaders and in authority in the world, like the Pope and other countries kings, queens and presidents, even in our own country, have done that. It was normal one time. I
        am pretty sure you have heard of the horrible way Christians, even in our own times past, used to draw and quarter people. It’s the same type of thing. In some third world countries, Christians still do these things.

        So, the arguments you were trying to make? Well, they are all moot!!

        • DMan

          LG..>>NEWS FLASH<< When was the last time a "Christian" beheaded anyone? Oh I see, you are referencing the "Dark Ages" where yet another cult called the Catholic Church, lead by the Pope mass murdered people….yeah, in the broadest sense of the word they are not "Christian" as defined by the Bible they claim to hold to. In fact, their practices are not only blasphemous, but paganistic! You see, calling oneself a "Christian" does not make it anymore so than standing in a garage makes one a car.

          Fact and reality is not on your side, the Bible passages that you reference of "Christians" wiping out their national ENEMIES in war were not actually "Christian", it was the nation of Israel and that was wars of nation against nation. Try reading the New Testament that actually references "Christians", when the movement first began and review exactly how they were instructed to act towards others, so you won't sound so ignorant in your arguments… Sooo, actually the point you are trying to make is moot as well as ignorant of reality.

      • Meagan Elizabeth Rodriguez

        But that still doesn’t speak for the other Muslims in this world, just because those Muslims are beheading Christians doesn’t mean all Muslims are bad people. That’s the thing, I know plenty of Muslim people who would NEVER do anything like that to anybody, BUT I also know a lot of Christians who are very judgmental and hateful people, but that doesn’t mean all Christians are like that.

        • DMan

          Have you read their religious book of instruction called the “Quaran”
          lately? Perhaps you should because it mandates that they do exactly
          what is being done, regardless of whether some are practicing it! In fact, those that are not practicing it are not acting in accordance with their own laws. When
          Muslims hold a majority, they act much different and in accordance with
          their instructions, that is a fact.

        • ZacharyBendickson

          Agreed Meagan, not all Muslims follow the Quaran explicitly. Just like all Christians don’t follow everything the bible says. They simply use either book as a general guide while not following it word for word. Not every follower of Islam is a fundamentalist. Watch this video, you’ll see we aren’t the only ones that feel this way. The U.S. soldier part is the best.

          • DMan

            The difference is Zach, the Bible does not instruct Christians to kill others as that book does; moreover, Christians are not going to torture and be-head others who claim to be Christians for not following the Bible, whereas, Muslims will in fact torture and be-head anyone including other Muslims for not following their books instructions. As I said, when there is a Muslims majority they act differently and when there is a majority they ALL WILL follow those instructions just to save their own hide!

          • ZacharyBendickson

            Hmm… really? The bible – For cursing or blaspheming

            And he that blasphemeth the name of the LORD, he shall surely be put to death, and all the congregation shall certainly stone him. Leviticus 24:16

            Beating children- Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die. Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell. Proverbs 23:13-14

            Slavery and torture- If a man beats his male or female slave with a rod and the slave dies as a direct result, he must be punished, but he is not to be punished if the slave gets up after a day or two, since the slave is his property. Exodus 21:20-21

            3 samples of many, the bible is no better and promotes violence. As for your absurd and ignorant claim that all muslims will try to save themselves… here is just one of the best examples that is a lie.


          • DMan

            First and foremost, the verses that you reference was given to the nation of ISRAEL, in the OLD Testament; it was a part of codes and laws given SPECIFICALLY to them at time when things were much, much different! You know, when slavery was both practiced and accepted worldwide! Moreover, those sacrifices and rules that they were required to follow was a foreshadow of the fulfillment of Christ. Christ came thousands of years later and his sacrifice nullified all of those standards which is why they are not practiced or expected today by the Christian world. Do yourself a favor and read the New Testament where Chrisitanity began and see how we are instructed to act and treat others, so you will not sound so ignorant and biased in your argument. The “3 examples” you provided were not examples of Christianity, but rather a code of laws for the Nation of Israel that is no longer in effect! Buy a vowel please!

            Lastly, with respect to your failed single example of a grade school girl…that had nothing to do with the discussion at hand, the girl was shot because of her pursuit of an education. Again, buy a vowel!

          • ZacharyBendickson

            You said ALL muslims would act the same if threatened and that courageous girl proves you are ignorant and wrong.
            Old testament or new testament, both are said to be the word of god and to be followed. You don’t get to cherry pick. Also, even after Christ came we still had the Holy Crusades and the mass tortures by the Inquisition. Every time you open your mouth you just show how ignorant you are.

          • DMan

            It doesn’t prove anything, but that you are grasping at straws! You are talking apples while we are talking oranges. Your ignorance of the Bible is what makes you think you sound so intelligent in your failed argument, in fact, if you had a clue about the New Testament you would know that it specifically states more than once that the Old Testament rules and regulations were nailed to the cross of Christ and have become NULL AND VOID!

            Oh I see, you are referencing the “Dark Ages” where yet another cult called the Catholic Church, (which is not much better than the religion
            of Islam you are defending) lead by the Pope mass murdered people….yeah, in the broadest sense of the word they are not “Christian” as defined by the Bible they claim to hold to. In fact, their practices are not only blasphemous, but paganistic! In fact, if
            you actually studied history you would find that a good majority of those they murdered were actually Christians, who refused to ignore Biblical instruction to follow their paganistic rules!

            You see, callingoneself a “Christian” does not make it anymore so than standing in a garage makes you a car.

            Fact and reality is not on your side, the Bible passages that you reference of “Christians” wiping out their national ENEMIES in war were not actually “Christian”, it was the nation of Israel and that was wars of nation against nation.

            The fact is, you are so far below my level that it is laughable, the fact you are so below par to comprehend that is unfortunate!

    • Jeff

      Meagan, I appreciate your comments and agree with many, yet I still must ride in events like this, red white and blue flows in my veins. If it does come out that this is an inside job as 2000 architects and engineers attest to, this government must be dismantled and reassembled from the roots of the constitution not the bent version we live under today.

      • Meagan Elizabeth Rodriguez

        I appreciate the riders who are truly riding for the red, white and blue. I just don’t respect the people who turn it into a hate crime, that’s all :)

  • Nicholas Feeley

    Umm…D.C. can handle a “Million” Muslim March, but not a “2 Million” biker march?
    Yeah. The Muslim March was given preferential treatment.

    • Mike Denton

      There were 2 dozen people that showed up. This is why this crappy reporting is a problem.

      • Nicholas Feeley

        The permit, though, was expecting more.
        I’m aware that people didn’t make the march. But again, this is the pre-work done to set up the rally.
        Why can D.C. say that they can accommodate a cool mil Muslim individuals, but not 2 mil bikers?
        (In other words, why can they say they can fit a beach ball into a soda bottle, but not two beach balls?)

        • Nicholas Feeley

          And there weren’t 2 million bikers, either. That number was cut almost in half. (Still an impressive showing, however.)

        • Mike Denton

          If the original author bothered to get these details, ask these questions and inquire further instead of posting this sensational bullshit to get cheap hits, we might know the answers.

  • Shelia D. Hughey

    Notice not one word of this on mainstream media. If there isn’t a conspiracy between the government and media to keep us ignorant I don’t know what is. Oh, but they are all too happy to broadcast racial hate and division, which they orchestrate!

  • L G

    This is _my_ take on this. Does anyone else find it extremely ODD and a LOT suspicious that the government would deny the bikers a permit and yet turn around and give the Muslims a permit for their march for peace and no fear on such a hugely sensitive day? This was my first thought!!

    This article states these bikers simply wanted to do this as a memorial for 9/11. NOT what I read anywhere else yesterday!! If only. This is the FIRST time I saw this in print. That was not what people on Facebook said, all the memes passed around, peoples thoughts an words, and it is not what news was reporting. It was not what was spilling out in the minds of millions saying the Bikers were there to protest the Muslims. Hate for the Muslims was everywhere!! So, what did this accomplish?

    If you want hatred for the Muslims to grow in leaps and bounds, what a better way to do it!! And all these AMERICAN bikers hit the road and people thought it was to show hate and fear to the Muslims, and the exactly opposite of what the AMERICAN Muslims were marching for; peace and no more fear—you know, that stuff we ALL want!!

    Did anyone even think about this? Did the bikers even consider they were being manipulated by their own government? Obviously not! The government is not stupid enough to allow Muslims to march on 9/11 without good reason. There was no good reason that made any sense, right? Yet they did it!!
    There was a reason. No one is slamming and calling the government out and marching against them for this. Nope, just the Muslims were targets of all of America yesterday in their hatred!

    The Muslims thinking Americans would understand…which I myself thought this was foolish, were easily manipulated also. Any day would have been a better one for this. And nothing came of it anyway. More than likely they heard about the “hateful” bikers too and all stayed home. Success there
    too since all the hateful Americans now think they won, when there was really
    noting to win but more hate.

    If it was the agenda, the government greatly succeeded in spreading this hatred across the nation! An amazing manipulation on their part hardly anyone recognized as such and a great success. So now we can all hate the
    Muslims more and cause them more fear for their safety even though they are American citizens, fighting on our side in the military, paying taxes, and are not even a threat!

    These people, many of whom have been here for generations
    now must fear their fellow Americans even more. Is that what Americans are
    about now? Hate? Hate crimes will more than likely increase against them. Their children will grow up being hated. Good job Americans!

    Right on bikers people said! Ride on with more hate! Intended or not, they were successful in scaring all our Muslim Americans.

    So, now if we have another “Muslim” attack big or small…or if we “need” to go to war again in the Middle East, (Syria, Iran, etc.) that most Americans do not want, this has made it much easier to do now, right??

    How sheeple Americans are. How easily manipulated you are to

    Was this country not founded on freedom of religion? How easily Americans forgot that yesterday when spreading their Muslim hated all over Facebook and all over our country. Our forefathers are rolling in their graves. We sure do prove our “Christian” ways are loving, kind, generous, and forgiving like Christ taught people to be right? Not anymore!! Have so many of you forgotten where the word Christian came from? Jesus would vomit if he were here right now seeing all this hate!

    Our government wants its people divided. We, the people have
    become we, the government. People are much more easily manipulated and controlled divide up with each group thinking they are right. Do you not know this? Do you not know this makes it easier for the future the government has in store for us all? Keep hating…race, religions, countries, gays, and whoever else you are hating.

    Don’t be surprised when others turn on you for what you are,
    look like, think, and how you worship. Karma is a frigging bitch!! The Bible
    states that what you sow, you reap. Keep hating. Divide yourselves up into hating this person or that one. It doesn’t matter if you are right. In the long run, you, too will be hated by other haters created, and you will have fear since that is what you sow and produce
    and what you are teaching others to do.

    America the “beautiful” has turned into America the ugly,
    mean, and hateful.

    • Don

      Dude it’s time to be mean and hateful, that’s what is wrong with this country. Political correctness is bullshit

      • L G

        One, I am not a dude. What dude would chose a meme like I have? Well, guess I could be gay, but I’m not. Two, nothing I said has one single thing to do with “political correctness” which I despise.

        What is wrong with this country is being mean and hateful.

        Hate is never, ever a good thing! NEVER!! I stand by what I said.

        If you think hate will solve anything, look what hate has been doing to our land and world up to now. Yeah, anyone can see that those things are making everyone happy.

        Being greedy, self-centered, superior, judgmental, bigots, callous, inconsiderate, dishonest, are among our crimes too.

        There is never a time in anyone’s life to choose to be mean and hateful. If you are, you will without a doubt lead a very unhappy, miserable life.

      • L G

        One more thought on your hate. Wasn’t 9/11 supposedly caused by “hate”? Ah, that’s right! So we see how well hate worked for the some 3000 that died that day. I am sure their families and friend would be happy to hear all about how you think hate brings good things!

    • Pete Klein

      You are correct. Check out this which corroborates your take on the matter:

      • L G

        Thanks for the link. Very interesting indeed. How easily so many Americans are manipulated. I really wish for all the time they spend on the internet they would do some research on topics before they speak blindly from what someone simply told them or because of some meme passed around Facebook.

  • Chauncey Hall

    And this should be done frequently. There should be the sounds of 1,000,000 tailpipes roaring into DC the next time a President wants to have a state of the nation address.

  • Jed Taylor

    It feels like the Gov’t and Media are stirring up a racist incident, now suggesting that Muslims are responsible for the terror attacks rather than the purported “Islamic extremists” . Mr Obama should be given a Baton to conduct his Orchestra :'(

    • L G

      Oh, yeah. Read my comment. I think the government wanted this hate out there because from my own comment, to a few others here, you can see all that we saw and heard yesterday was about hating Muslims and even that was what the bikers were about.

      It worked really well too, because I never saw such hatred for Muslims online before. So, if our government soon decides to do more war in the Middle East these haters will help that along, and Obama and our dumb Congress will be able to justify it and people will be happy to believe more of what the government has already lied to them about, including 9/11 and a dozen other things since. I can hear the “baaing” now!

      • lazarous1967

        So what if they were hating muslims? We have every reason to hate them. They kill their wives for stupid shit. They kill their kids for disobeying them and they are child rapists. They kill themselves more than we ever did. I say let them, and facilitate them killing each other.

  • Pete Klein

    It’s unfortunate you didn’t ask the park service about the Muslim group’s permit. From this report, there is no evidence of favoritism.
    Here’s a link to a very thorough article on the group and why it was a non-event that got lots of press:
    Headlines were all about the bikers protesting the Muslims and the permits denied or not. Simply media hype.

    • Mike Denton

      Evidence would be journalism and this is clearly not.

  • Austin

    Correction: The IRS did not purposefully target conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. This has been debunked. Also, the spokesperson’s reasons for denying a permit are very reasonable. Still, I guess according to the 1st amendment, anyone should have the right to free speech and assembly.

    • Andre’

      Correction : They did target them, it was evident then and it’s most certainly evident now given today’s news, of which there will be more soon to follow.

    • Ralyn Speerly Schraceo

      Debunked how? Last I saw they were admitting that Conservative groups were targeted…

    • Tim

      “Correction: The IRS did not purposefully target conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. This has been debunked.”

      Debunk it then please.

    • Austin

      Here is a general reply to everyone: Representative Cummings revealed in early June the full transcripts of the IRS congressional interviews, revealing that the Tea Party groups were not being targeted, but rather were grouped together for efficient processing. This video from The Young Turks explains it very well. If you still want to believe the “Fox News” narrative that claims this is still a scandal, that is your own problem. There are many more pressing matters that are actual scandals, such as the NSA’s infringement on Americans’ rights and the Benghazi mishap.

      • ZacharyBendickson

        That is not correct, here is the newest article on this issue as of yesterday.

        • Austin

          Thanks for the link, I wasn’t aware that investigations were still going on. I was confused for a while because my 9/11 edition of the WSJ does not have this Opinion piece, it is actually in the 9/12 WSJ. For now, I will stay with my stance as summarized in the video I posted, and though that piece was published in the WSJ, it is still an Opinion piece with no author listed who I can check for credibility. If sufficient, credible evidence shows up to change my mind, I will definitely do that.

          • ZacharyBendickson

            I appreciate that you are being open-minded and respect that. I doubt Obama had anything to do with this, in America you are innocent until proven guilty after all. On the other hand after watching your video I remain doubtful. They make it seem cut and dried but if what they say is true why did Democrats blame low level people for it if nothing was wrong? Why didn’t Schafer step forward before it got out of control? If it’s true why did Democrats fire high ranking IRS official Lois Lerner for incompetence when originally they said it was only low level people?


            Why did the Inspector General of the IRS say what happened was wrong after investigating this?


            Keep in mind that your video minimized what happened with “everything got approved”. What they ignore is the time frame it had taken for it to get approved, IE over a year. Yet in the video they didn’t even bother to mention that.

            Also keep in mind that IRS officials said there was “no targeting” going on yet the IG report states that “Internal Revenue Service officials knew that agents were targeting conservative groups for special scrutiny as early as 2011, nine months before the IRS commissioner assured Congress the targeting was not happening.”

            Also, here is the same article I posted before but from another news service.

            There is just too much evidence from e-mails, the IG, and others for me to take the simplistic explanation offered in the video you posted.

          • Austin

            Thanks for all the links, I’m always looking to stay informed on the facts of these issues.

      • Andre’

        Essentially you wrap up your 2nd attempt to debunk the targeting by admitting that they did target them but since there are bigger issues on the burner, this incident should be swept aside ? Denial is not just a river in Africa & we should sweep no incidents aside, especially when left in the ineffective hands of the Attorney General’s office.

        • Austin

          If you actually watch the video, which I doubt you did, my stance on this issue is summarized by that video. If you have a specific disagreement about what they talk about in the video, I will consider debating it with you.

    • peter

      Please provide a link to the debunking of the IRS targeting scandal.

      • Austin

        (see comment below)

  • Nate B

    I don’t exactly understand the sense of “journalism” on this site. Some articles are presented in a very standard journalistic tone. Others, while very informative, contain random bits of editorializing that just feel odd.
    Kristin, this article felt very professional until: “The federal government seems to make it more difficult for non-liberal groups.”
    We were all probably thinking that anyways, but when the writer of an article says it, it robs the reader of his or her opportunity to analyze the story’s content and draw a conclusion. It comes off as more of a sermon.
    Again, lots of good reporting, and good stories that I wouldn’t have otherwise known about.

    • Mike Denton

      The good reporting is from the other writers, Lofti and Cook. Tate is a tabloid writer peddling drama and sensationalism. That’s not journalism.

      • Marc

        A little catty aren’t we? A journalist can have a soul, passion, and a point of view. Her facts are correct, and her reporting is accurate. I have no problem drawing my own conclusions just because she drew one of her one.

        She worked for John Stossel, who is a valid journalist, but also has a point of view that he lets be known. A good role model.

        There is no writer whose point of view can’t be sussed out by the publication wherein their article appears, or by their use of words and choice of “facts.” All writers have an angle, and that angle determines which facts they use and how they use them.

        In fact, I could make a good argument that knowing the point of view of the journalist helps me determine whether I can believe their “facts.”

    • Tim

      “”The federal government seems to make it more difficult for non-liberal groups.””

      You’re right. She should have wrote that the govt DOES make it more difficult for conservative groups. Fixed. Because this is not an opinion anymore but a proven fact these days.

    • edwr

      yea, but a large number of viewers may not have the ability or time to figure it out, and I think these suggestions is for those who don’t get it right off and maybe the conclusion suggestions are for those people..

    • Iconic Freedom

      no need to lead a witness, he can find his own conclusions

  • Kevin Merck

    No one, no group, under any circumstances, needs a permit to peacefully assemble.
    If you want to live like animals, keep asking for permission to exercise your rights.
    The first amendment is a right, not a GD privilege, which needs a permit to be exercised.

  • Cheryl Newcomb

    The Million Muslim March was a total bust! God Bless all the bikers who rode. We will never forget.

  • Don

    I doubt very much some of these photos are from 9-11-13 but rather from the annual POW-MIA rally held on the Sunday before Memorial Day. Someone is embellishing this story. If they could not get a permit they never would have been able to have a Paramedic truck as shown in one photo.
    In addition the photo with the Marine saluting is done annually for the Memorial Day protest and you can clearly see the barricades that have been erected behind the Marine. Finally, the first photo is the Pentagon parking lot which is the staging area for the Memorial weekend protest run. That parking lot would not have been available on a work day in Arlington where the Pentagon is located.
    I find this misrepresentation very disconcerting and expect more from

  • yupok

    Not at all. The Muslims marching were in seek of the truth of 9/11 so I seriously doubt they were given them in favor of. The last thing the government wants is to be exposed.

  • RedBoot

    The First Amendment applies to all individuals. It should not be a matter of Muslim vs. Biker, but a matter of the people vs. a government who divides groups and denies rights.

  • Israel Boone

    Absolutely. No bout-a-doubt it. The BIKERS were NOT afforded the same RIGHTS as were the Muslim group. But hey, welcome to Obama’s HOPE & CHANGE. He sure has “Changed” the America I grew up in. And may I say… its been a “change” for the WORSE. Its time to VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBANTS IN CONGRESS… AND SEND NEW FOLKS TO WASHINGTON. Oh, and don’t send any lawyers either. Send housewives, plumbers, farmers and anyone else who ISN’T GONNA MAKE IT A CAREER. Serve ONE TERM and GO HOME so others can also serve one term and go home. TERM LIMITS is a must. Also, NO SPECIAL PERKS for having served i.e., let all House & Senate have the SAME Medical plans as the rest of us … and let all House & Senate abide by the SAME LAWS as the rest of us. Just b/cuz you serve in Congress doesn’t make you any better then any other American citizen. nuff said. (NOTE: I don’t have anything against lawyers, but it seems we have too many in Congress which is why we’re in the position we’re in. Oh, and let’s END THE FED and give the responsibility to oversee the ECONOMY back to Congress instead of a private banking cartel as the Constitution intended for. And, let’s repeal the 17th Amendment whereas Senators can’t be recalled. If a Senator doesn’t cast votes which represent the people of the state they represent… then recall them, as the Constitution intended before the BANKSTERS bought’n paid for the 17th Amendment which basically has allowed the Banksters to “buy” elections and foster legislation to be passed by the politicians they’ve paid for via campaign donations. We need a REAL REPUBLIC form of government whereas WE THE PEOPLE and not We The Corporation make the decisions… as per the Constitution’s original intentions. Can I get an “AMEN”?

    • Jack Leo

      %100 correct. We need REAL Americans in congress, not these self-righteous goons who don’t give a hoot about the constitution or freedom.

  • NoahFence,but…

    Sorry, but can’t read the comments. For whatever reason, they are hidden behind the black color….BUT, my question is to the NPS—Did the bikers who showed up cause ANY traffic problems?????

  • joe

    Any Law that violates the Constitution of the United States of America is null and void.

  • Jewelie Dee

    Maybe, maybe not. Not sure why you think the reasons for not giving the bikers a permit is suspicious. You say it’s suspicious and you cite one case, the IRS targeting (granted, an egregious instance), as evidence of favoritism for liberal causes. A pattern is more than one instance, though. You haven’t proved your theory. Sloppy logic and reporting does not help anyone’s cause. (This does not apply to all of your stories, though. I really enjoy Swann’s interviews on Coast to Coast.)