A temporary and effective safety net to help struggling Americans during hard times undoubtedly makes sense. But government welfare was never intended to be a career opportunity.

Still, certain politicians continue to push the “war on poverty,” endorsing the expansion of government programs that were originally intended to provide a temporary hand-up.

Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee (D-TX) is one of those politicians. During a speech on the House for this Wednesday, Jackson said we should change the rhetoric surrounding welfare and that “a safety net has to be something for all of us.” She said, “Maybe the word ‘welfare’ should be changed to something of, ‘a transitional living fund.’ For that is what it is — for people to be able to live.”

Jackson Lee was referring to all welfare, including food stamps, unemployment, Medicaid, and Medicare.

She continued, “Quite frankly, of all the wealthy nations, we have the lowest safety net and the highest poverty, because we’re not willing to accept the fact that sometimes an American needs help. Even a veteran — even a soldier. So today, I honor the 50th anniversary of the war on poverty, Mr. Speaker, and I ask us  not to give up the fight because the American people are looking to us to win the war.”

Give me a break.

Government welfare has become completely out-of-hand — nearly half of Americans now depend on checks from the fed. Welfare is well intended, but it can make poor people comfortable remaining in poverty and often discourages work. When a recipient starts making too much income, they lose most government benefits. The incentive to find a job is gone.

Instead of expanding government dependency and welfare, politicians like Jackson Lee would do a better service to the unemployed by allowing the private sector to flourish. Getting rid of red tape and invasive laws lets businesses expand and hire more employees.

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Kristin Tate is a multi-media reporter for Breitbart News and BenSwann.com.Dedicated to fearless journalism, she regularly works on undercover stings with James O'Keefe to reveal government waste, abuse, and fraud.Tate was a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter President and Founder. She will continue to fight tirelessly for individual liberty and free markets through new media. Visit Kristin's website at www.TheLibertarianChick.com.

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  • Jesse Farmer

    So deregulation of business creates jobs, except for the last 30 year trend of deregulation and destruction of the social safety net (there isn’t even such a thing as welfare anymore), which has destroyed millions of good jobs and the American economy in general.

    To quote the most air-headed line ever put in an editorial: “Give me a break.”

    • Two Cents Inbound

      “there isn’t even such a thing as welfare anymore”

      You’re accusing Tate of air-headedness? Give me a break, indeed.

      • Jesse Farmer

        Long-term cash benefits have been gone since 1995. How is it you hateful, racist Libertarians never know that?

        Now it’s only foodstamps and very short term TANF. Foodstamps are like .70 a meal, and most recipients are children? You and Tate want to take that too? Will that improve the economy?

        Libertarian, fascist scum.

        • john

          Fascism is what YOU are advocating. Taking other people’s earned money and giving it to somebody else. All you liberals like to argue with emotion and intent. These social welfare programs do not produce the results you think it “should” and then decide that even more money needs to be put into it, that the government needs to take care of us because these select few individuals know what’s best for us.

          You’re a disgusting thief, and if you care so much about the poor people, why don’t you just donate a majority of your income to charity or to hospitals? Let me be an asshole and keep my money and you can be a selfless patron saint of society.

        • Qari

          What foodstamps? My sister gets them, and she lived a lot better than I ever did working off a meager minimum wage job while going to college. I don’t think you are valuing welfare appropriately.

          But in terms of fascism, it is you who loves the state and wants it to replace genuine community that exists when the state isn’t trying to solve the problem of poverty. Libertarians want people to help other people, voluntarily, and we are the most charitable nation in the world still, so it’s not impossible.

        • Tom223

          Where is your evidence for the accusation of “racist”? What is needed is a government that is not in bed with the Federal Reserve and the world bank. They constantly devalue our currency which is a form of taxation or stealing. They print 85 Billion dollars in a month and spend it on 85 Billion dollars worth of stuff. Now everyone else including the poor has to pay more for what they need. It is the government that is the problem. they are not the solution. They keep the poor poor to control them. Look at the Af.Am.voters as a block of voters. They throw their votes away every election. The Democrats know that the will get about 90percent of their votes no matter what they do. What has Obama done for them in his two terms. Pretty much nothing. The Democrats are the Racists. They never treat African Americans as just American citizens. They constantly talk to them as if they are a second class group that can’t make it on their own, they need their saviors like, Pelosi or Reid to champion their cause. The war on poverty started back in the 60’s and Trillions have been spent on the poor. Well guess what there are more poor now than when they started. Your liberal saviors are the true enslavers of poor African Americans – them and other severely misguided people such as yourself.

        • Tom223

          It is not “hateful” to love one’s country and speak out against political action that harms it.

    • Tom223

      What country are you living in?
      Taken literally or figuratively her “Give me a break” is a legitimate and appropriate comment. Taking money from a working person and giving it to one who does not work at all is criminal and an example of involuntary servitude. There is a difference between giving someone a hand and providing a free life for generations. In California a 14 year old girl went into the health department and complained that she couldn’t get pregnant. When asked why she wanted to get pregnant she said her grandmother was pushing her to have a baby so the grandmother could take the baby as a foster child and get money for it. We’ve had enough of this sort of nonsense in this country and enough of criminal minded people like you. A criminal takes without giving. Something for nothing. Generations of people in the same family continually on welfare are just the same except that it has been made legal by sleazy politicians who prey on the poor, keep them poor, and count on their votes.

  • Andy

    Can’t solve a problem? Rename it

    • Tom223

      People don’t like the problem government created? Rename it. People don’t like paying more taxes – call them investments.

  • Sonya Elizabeth DC

    With the de-industrialization of America we’ll all need welfare soon.

    • Tom223

      We need more industry to survive. Our greatest strength as a nation has been our ability to innovate. More inventions of new technology come from America than anywhere else. That’s because we as a people have been freer to act and live than anywhere else on earth. The liberals/socialists/communists/progressives in government have been busily taking away that ability just to strengthen their political and financial position to the detriment of the average person – that’s whether they are rich or poor.

  • Brian Hawkins

    Renaming something doesn’t change what it is, but this is a remarkably appropriate new name. It is a FUND carefully designed to TRANSITION American society from INDEPENDENCE to DEPENDENCE–from FREEDOM to SLAVERY. It is a deplorable scheme to buy off our hard-fought liberty, USING OUR OWN MONEY.

    • Rikian319

      There is nothing wrong with a safety net. America is crazy.

      • Brian Hawkins

        This so-called “safety net” is something that over HALF of Americans are depending on. To talk about a few in unfortunately circumstances who need help is to talk about a different problem entirely. These programs are not about helping people up, they are about keeping people down by keeping them dependent on government.

      • Tom223

        It’s not a safety net if half of Americans are in the net -I’m including the banks and corporations receiving welfare in that- There shouldn’t need to be more than about 10% or fewer on government assistance. If the politicians and the federal reserve weren’t constantly devaluing our money the poor wouldn’t be so poor and they wouldn’t need free money from the government. It all comes down to someone wanting to live for free off of others money. This holds true for welfare for individuals or for corporations or banks.

  • http://pbjlounge.tumblr.com Shane Michael Coffey

    If she was smart she would call it TLC (Temporary Living Care or Temporary Living Cash). I can see it now. “Yeah, man I’m out of work and I went to get me some TLC until I’m back on my feet.”

  • honor

    Changing a name that has become dishonorable due to its holders will not bring honor to the holders, but dishonor to the new name. It’s just a temporary scam to try and fool everyone.

  • crjjetjock

    — nearly half of Americans now depend on checks from the fed. When Mitt Romney used 47% all hell broke loose.

    Read more: http://truthinmedia.com/democrat-rep-insists-the-word-welfare-be-changed-to-transitional-living-fund/#ixzz2pvZGflHo
    Follow us: @BenSwann_ on Twitter

    • Tom223

      It’s a sign of a sick electorate when the truth hurts a campaign.

  • Sovereign Mary

    Oh yes – transition into complete dependence on Big Brother government while destroying all the fruits of those who do labor.

  • Ron

    I say we change it to: GOYA – (Get Off Your Ass) and go find a job!!!
    How about you give them a hand Shelia?

    • Rikian319

      I know some people on “welfare” that are the hardest working people I’ve ever seen. The people who abuse the system are statistically rare.

      • Tom223

        Where does the datum “statistically rare” come from?

    • Tom223

      Shelia will never “give them a hand” because they will keep voting for her if she doesn’t.

  • Joshua Barnard

    Typical politician, change words but not policy. Work to confuse the issue rather than fix it. Get all federal welfare and tax programs over. Go back to the originally intended low/no tax and low service government that our founders designed. These programs are all smoke and mirrors to cloud just how much the federal government is ripping us off for in taxes anyway.

    The iota of taxes that pay for things like welfare pale in comparison to the amount spent on military and who knows what else since there is no accountability or audit of any of it. Tiny government and low to no taxes will be the only way to ensure Americans are first keeping and secondly directing the expenditure of their money in the manner they find best, not the current system of filtering our wealth through big government to spend how they see fit.

    • Tom223

      Changing the meaning of words is the easiest way for a politician or government to take away the citizens liberty.

  • PaxMentis

    “Jackson Lee was referring to all welfare, including food stamps, unemployment, Medicaid, and Medicare.”

    Would you people get it through your heads that Medicare is an insurance (albeit mandatory) program for which those who receive it paid throughout their working career in the form of FICA taxes and premiums once one is 65 (or totally disabled for 2 years+) and enrolled in Part B…it is NOT an unearned entitlement like the others list.

    • Tom223

      People paid into it for years and years. Then isn’t it basically theft if the government now takes billions out of it to help fund obamacare?

      • PaxMentis


    • Karolyn

      PaxMentis: I agree with you since I am one of the people that have paid into Medicare and Social Security for years while working. But, I also understand the problem that people are living much longer than they were when Social Security/Medicare began. I don’t know the answer to the problem but I can see both sides.

      BTW, I live in Texas and Sheila Jackson Lee is just another government slug and she is all for “big government. I don’t know how or why these horrible representatives keep getting back into office but anyone like her needs to go! All I can figure is uninformed, low-informed or people not interested in knowing what these people are really doing to them and our country.

  • Rikian319

    “Welfare” is a symptom of something else. There wouldn’t be a need for it if corporations didn’t worship the dollar and the government actually gave a crap. These politicians – All of them – Are scum.

  • 1Conservative1
  • Tom223

    Shelia is probably applying the term “transitional” to the transition from living to death. So it starts whenever the person applies and ends when they make the transition to death.

  • Tom223

    What it should be called is the keep the poor in poverty so they will keep voting for Shelia and her ilk.

  • oldman67

    There is a huge difference between a hand up and a hand out. Obama may not be a socialist but like his father who was a socialist, he carried out his father,Barack Hussein Obama Sr’s proposals which can be found in his 1965 paper(Problems Facing Our Socialism) East African Journal. Remember when Obama said, ” i believe when you spread the wealth it is good for everybody. ” Michell Obama said,” Some people are going to have to give up a piece of their pie so others can have more.” It is people like Sheila Lee Jackson, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who are keeping African Americans on the government plantation. Entitlement programs are socialist in nature.

    • Tom223

      The trouble with labels is they are not clearly defined by society. Of course Obama is a socialist. However that leaves the door open to a huge distraction. The people who like socialism/communism/progressiveism will argue about whether or not he is a socialist and that becomes a distraction from the actual issue at hand. The more important question to ask or point out is whether the particular legislation promotes survival or harms it, whether it promotes production or penalizes production or promotes good behavior or penalizes it. At one time in this country people had pride in their own worth and would only as a very last resort accept welfare or even charity. They saw it as a point of shame that they couldn’t make it on their own. Now it’s like some badge of courage to be on welfare. That’s why they teach kids in school to have “good self esteem” without accomplishing anything. They get the idea that they are entitled to praise and a free life without having to do anything for it. They are owed survival based on someone else’s efforts not their own.

  • Scott Garland

    crackhead,,,,, changing the word doesn’t change the definition, or the action being taken. that’s just a politicians smoke and mirror game to save her own job.
    its like changing the “kkk” too “white dudes in a dress”. there still jerks, just more easily made fun of. or lets change the “black panther party” too “colored kitty huger”. again, they are still stupid too.
    listening to politicians proclaiming that government is providing help to the people is about the same. i never had a government agent come to my house to help me plow or plant my garden. they never show up when there is work to be done. only around tax time do we ever hear from them.
    y’all blame those who actually create jobs, and tax them out of business, or regulate them out of business, then claim to be the cure for the problem you created in the first place. meanwhile creating programs on taxpayers backs to support those who you put out of work in the first place.
    i know, you need your poor people to believe that you are helping them, so you can get reelected. after all, that is all politics has become in the last 20 years.

  • r3VOLution IS NOT republican

    ZZZZING!!!!!! Another SPECTACULAR, REPUBLICAN “report” by REPUBLICAN Tate. Omitting that UNCONSTITUTIONALITY of the “programs.” Omitting the fact that REPUBLICANS HAVE BEEN THERE, SIDE-BY-SIDE to expand/create them.

    This new media… feels a lot… like the OLD media… the MS(republican)M, like Breitbart, Townhall, Hotair, Blaze, WND, etc, etc.

    Luring the REPUBLICANS with IDIOTIC, FINGER-POINTING, GOSSIPY “stories” like this (while sacrificing JOURNALISM), is a GREAT IDEA. Sure the “big umbrella” strategy has CRIPPLED the now LEFTIST, FASCIST republican party… but it’ll SURELY work for alt-media… right?

  • r3VOLution IS NOT republican

    “A temporary and effective safety net to help struggling Americans during hard times undoubtedly makes sense.”

    What does this mean?

    Does this mean American VOLUNTARY, INDIVIDUAL “help?” Family? Church? Friends? Neighbors? Charity?

    Or does it mean ANTI-American, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, COMPULSORY COLLECTIVIST “help?”… as long as it’s… “done responsibly.”

    If a republican/democrat (same thing) said it, I’ll wager the later.

  • Kyle reese

    The left right paradigm Blah blah blah. We still have to deal with criminal Obama and crew, as they need to be tried for treason. And these democrats (and a few of the rino leadership) also need to face charges. Once someone in power grows a pair and makes an arrest or 2 happen, they will start happening in droves and the revolution will begin. These Obamanuaghts will be trying to roll on their superiors. And so it will go, all the way up the globalist ladder. The top leadership will try to “buy” there way out of things (as usual), and they may pull this off for a time. Unfortunately for them it will not work and there is really nowhere in the word they can hide from a people that will extract justice. We will also have to apparently clean up Fukushima ourselves too. you got the rich on the west coast quietly moving away right now- or going on “Extended vacations” while the mainstream media is not saying what the rich and people in power already know. And when these guys try to run to their bunkers out by the Denver airport, and all the other places we know about, we flush them out and make them stand trial. Trust me that’s a merciful thing to do before a more radical element seals them in (everyone knows where these big bunkers are now anyway)

    • r3VOLution IS NOT republican

      Denying the left right paradigm Blah blah blah.

  • norhymenoreason

    Wars end. This one is not.

  • https://twitter.com/JordanDJohnson Jordan

    I’m all for making a name change if the definition changes along with it. If you’re going to call it something new, it must do something new. Unfortunately welfare is a necessary evil. I don’t know if we’ll ever decipher a way to separate those that truly need help from those that are content milking the system.

  • Sally_Oh

    “A temporary and effective safety net to help struggling Americans during hard times undoubtedly makes sense.” No, it doesn’t. This is what private charity is for.

  • g.johnon

    this is one of the biggest red herring arguments ever produced in a land of many red herring arguments.

    perusing the comment section makes one pause at the extreme ignorance on both sides of this “argument”.

    but it is easier to take out frustrations on the defenseless poor than to take that anger in the direction that it needs to go.

    here is an opportunity for anyone who actually cares to know what they are talking about before they speak, to actually get some proper numbers, players and cause and effect information.


    I know several people who are caught in the welfare trap. believe me. not many folks would “play the system” to end up where they are.
    as for social security, it is insurance that most of us have paid into all our working lives. and it works well (it actually does take in more than is paid out to its legitimate enrollees), or would if the gov did not keep stealing from it to keep us at war.
    as for turning the poor over to churches and “private charity”. I cannot begin to explain the intrinsic insanity of such ideas without waxing long and indelicate.
    but hey, let’s take the lifelines away and put up with some tens of millions of hungry desperados roaming the streets. and lets not try to think about how they are spending billions and billions into an economy that would immediately crash and burn without them.
    it is really time we all starting thinking in terms of where did all the jobs go instead of persecuting those who have lost theirs.

    • BubblesinGriffinGA

      I gotta tell ya… The line that got me the most was “believe me. not many folks would play “play the system” to end up where they are.” Obviously, you don’t get to the ghetto much. There are people who truly need the help, but there are plenty that do not. They make their real money under the table, cleaning houses, working for private parties, selling drugs or their welfare-paid-for medications, and continue to collect a check while they are driving around in a new Hummer or Lincoln, paying for their groceries with an EBT card. And before you tell me I don’t know what it’s like, I have been homeless, and have been on food stamps. I had a full time job then, and was STILL eligible for over 300 dollars a month in food stamps, and I am still eligible now with my family to get them, but I chose to stop taking benefits so that I could stand on my own, and it made me tighten the belt and make better choices. People who are on unemployment have to submit the information of interviews and jobs they have applied for, why not require people on welfare to do the same thing? So many have forgotten how good it feels to support themselves because the government is propping them up everywhere they go.They have crossed the line between helping and enabling.



  • tick tack

    Can’t change the name of it. Most people on it intend to stay on it. Ergo, there is no transition about it.

    • Rinzler


  • Robert

    More proof, not that we needed any, that these people (Statist Pigs) are redefining the Constitution to push through their statist agenda.

    The Welfare Clause has nothing to do with feeding people, paying their rent, paying their cell phone bill, paying their car payment, paying their electric bill, paying their water bill and paying their gas bill.

    “How strangely will the Tools of Tyrants pervert the plain meaning of words!” ~ Samuel Adams.

  • jake

    ben swann needs to win: http://shortyawards.com/BenSwann_

  • blacknblue2

    Sheila……Doth thou think we are all fools! I’ve never heard any intelligent thought come out of the mouth of this women. If this person is representative of the people who elected her…………we are doomed!