WASHINGTON, February 4, 2014– US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D- N.H.) said in an interview last Friday that the millions of people who have lost their doctors due to Obamacare may be able to get their doctors back. However, there’s a catch. “They have to be willing to pay more,” she said.

Wasn’t the point of the “Affordable Care Act” to cut the costs of medical care? On average, premiums have skyrocketed 44% due to Obamacare. In many cases, premiums have even tripled. According to Shaheen, the solution is to simply pay even more for healthcare.

“At least for people who are willing to pay more, that they have that option of going to their doctor and hospital no matter what their insurer does,” Shaheen stated.

Here, Shaheen attempts to shift blame on the insurance companies. However, the healthcare law prohibits insurers from offering many plans. As a result, millions lost their health insurance and doctors respectively.

“Welcome to New Hampshire’s shiny new two-tier healthcare system. You can keep your doctor and access the best hospital for you, but only if you are willing to pay more –much more. Does Senator Shaheen really think she’s off the hook because she voted for Obamare, but did not write it,” said Republican challenger Jim Rubens.

Shaheen told supporters at a private event that Obamacare was having a positive impact. In contrast to Shaheen’s claims, major insurance providers have dropped at least ten hospitals in New Hampshire, and now tens of thousands of women in the state are without care providers due to Obamacare.

In the interview, Shaheen even admits that there is a serious lack of doctors and hospitals accepting the new healthcare plans under Obamacare. However, she refused to answer whether or not she’d vote for it again if given the chance.

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