95-year-old WWII vet John Wrana was killed by police after he resisted medical care in his nursing home last month.

According to the Chicago Tribune, nursing home staff said Wrana was being “combative” as he resisted involuntary medical treatment. Apparently, he was so opposed to receiving the care that he was threatening to harm employees with his cane and shoehorn. A police press release states that the elderly man went so far as to pick up a large knife as well.

Eventually police were called and showed up on the scene to try and calm the old man down. After repeated attempts to calm Wrana down failed, officers used a Taser on him. They then proceeded to shoot him with bean bags.

It was then that Wrana fell on the ground. He was taken to the hospital almost immediately, where he died the next morning. His death was a direct result of the police abuse. Specifically, he died from the bean bags that were shot at him from a 12-gauge shotgun.

Nicholas Grapsas is an attorney who represents Wrana’s family. He said, “This was a literal war hero. It’s outright insulting when you have such lack of respect for someone who served our country to the extent he did.”

There are several key aspects in this case that point to the policemen’s actions being unwarranted.

For one, witnesses who were present during the incident did not see Wrana holding a knife at anytime, despite the police press release stating the fact. Secondly, the old man was sitting in a chair during the entire incident. It is hard to believe that seasoned police officers would not be able to handle an elderly man who used a walker.

Once the police came on the scene, staff members were not allowed in the room with Wrana any longer. Several employees asked to try and calm Wrana down again, but were refused. Grapas said, “At some point, I’m told there were between five and seven police officers, they went back to the room with a riot shield in hand, entered the door and shot him with a shotgun that contained bean-bag rounds.”

Given the information available, it seems likely that unnecessary force was used against Wrana.

Although the old man was described as “independent,” no one knew him to be dangerous.

Still, it is important not to make judgements since we do not know exactly what made the officers decide to carry out their actions.

Do you think this is a clear case of police power abuse? Or is more clarity needed to make a judgement? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  • Ga Liberty

    We need more “Adam-12” and “Andy Griffith” type public servants instead of our new crop of militarized cops.

    trigger-happy cops could learn a lot from the guys on Adam-12. This is
    how you handle an elderly person with a weapon (start around the 6:00
    minute mark)…

    no, today the new breed of cops have little or no (appropriate)
    sensitivity training for emotional or elderly situations. They just rush
    in with trigger-happy attitudes as if they were going in after a gang
    of young militants.

  • John Leo

    I don’t know what to say. This needs to be publicized and the family needs to demand, not only money, but for the officers to be JAILED. They cannot be above the law. What kind of POS hurts an elderly man? I have worked in a nursing home and have seen the good and the bad, These old folks are people just like us, and it WILL be us someday. We need to turn the country around!

  • Chad Miller

    Of course it’s police abusing their power and authority. He was a 95 year old war veteran. What kind of damned animal shoots a 95 year old man armed , at worse, with a damn table knife. You have 7 officers in a room with him, if you can’t disarm the man without resorting to beanbags and pepperspray then call up another war veteran and we’ll show you how.

  • JC08

    This is PATHETIC! Seriously, several police with shields couldn’t protect themselves from a 95 yr old vet that couldn’t walk without the help of a walker?!?! Those officers need to be fired without pay, jailed and sued for all they have as an example! We are reading way too many articles these days about police abusing their powers; shooting kids’ dogs, Sunday school teachers, old ladies and old vets! When are they those that are placed over us for our ‘security’ (now a joke) going to be taken off their pedestool and made responsible for their actions? It’s ignorant and childish to abuse such powers given them. I say we take it away from them.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a case of straight up MURDER! It is also a hate crime against the disabled. The popo need to pay for this.

  • Matt

    You really can’t trust a pig.

  • conspiracygirl

    I think it is a clear case of police stupidity. We know that a court upheld the “right” of police departments to discriminate against smart people. Apparently they only want to hire dumb cops because they think smart people get bored with the job too easily. So basically we have dumb armed thugs running around wearing badges, which is why this sort of lunacy happens all the freakin’ time.

  • Jack

    I wonder if there was a video feed in the room?

  • anitsutsa2

    1. Nursing homes are not allowed to force medical treatment. This sounds more like a mental institution and he was committed type care.

    2. Residents/patients have a Bill of Rights unto themselves. Every state has an ombudsman who is there to protect their rights.
    3. The police should have never been called. They are not trained to deal with dementia/Alzheimer’s. They are trained to control situations and to use force. Dementia residents need to be talked to, dealt with family and their MPOA, and the nursing staff who are trained to deal with this and understand their medications.,

    4. Sometimes the medications that people are put on have detrimental side effects that make their behavior worse. They are often subjected to numerous medication changes to find what works for them along with behavior modifications techniques.
    5. Their is fault on everyone’s side as I see it.

  • clocker1

    I think something needs to be done about our police ‘forces’. They need to be turned back into police ‘departments’. Since when is it ok to kill an old man? How on earth was he a threat to that many police when all he had was a shoehorn. Even if he did have a knife there was no need to kill him.

  • Joseph

    Sounds to me like he got Obamacared.

    • Kathleen Mink

      Oh man, and I thought I couldn’t get any more pissed after reading the story of this abuse of police crap power.

      • Joseph

        Getting angry isn’t enough. We need to NULLIFY, NULLIFY, NULLIFY. And not just this. Can’t fix the federal government until we fix our counties and states.

        IMO, the only way to do that is to absolutely terrify our legislature. Here in Oregon, I think a million people in Salem on a work day ought to do it. It’d mean shutting down the state for a day and lots of lost income to do it, but it’d do it. Multiply that by similar proportions in all 50 states on the same day (so the arrogant politicians KNOW we’re not just bussing people in) and they’ll get the message.

        Make it clear that their jobs are on the line and we’re prepared to make them a household name of universal anger and see how fast they find ways to untangle us from the feds.

        • constitutionalconnie

          Probably the best idea yet to wake up the politicians to the fact that we know they are not serving their constituents; rather they are serving themselves by profiting from their offices and selling U.S. out. So pick a date and everyone should publicize it any way they can. Then on election day, vote OUT the pieces of garbage who are violating our constitutional rights, poisoning us with GMO food, fluoride, and harming/killing infants/children by combining a half dozen vaccines in a couple shots on one visit. Then do the most important thing… PRAY. Pray that somehow our votes are not flipped, lost, or corrupted in any way.
          By the way, my husband was a police officer for 27 years and his father was in a nursing home. He said that the officers’ behavior was outrageous and is typical of the types of individuals the police departments are hiring now.

          • Joseph

            A few thoughts:

            1. You don’t have to necessarily wait to vote them out. Recalls and impeachment can happen at any time. Locals especially feel they are safe because they’re not really famous. Ohh can we change that for them!

            2. Although the guy running it is tea party, True The Vote honestly and truly does not care about the GOP or partisanship and really does just want honest elections. Said Matt Armstrong: If the elections are free, fair, and honest and the GOP (or any candidate) can’t win, they’re not running a good enough campaign. That’s especially true of one run on liberty-based principles which sell themselves. I personally agree with this last point. If you want to make sure the vote isn’t tampered with, get involved and help find the 4000 people registered at an empty lot, or the poll worker who is “correcting” ballots… That kind of thing. And if you see a Republicans cheating, bust them first. (They do it, you know. Not as often, but they do it.)

            3. If we do as I suggest and instill true fear in the hearts of the politicians—not for their physical security but for their gravy train lifestyles—all we need is protection of our civil and natural rights. That’s it. Anything else? We’ll vote on it, and we’ll make it clear to the politicians that they’d better not try to undermine our will when we do. GMO? Referendum. If it’s important, WE will decide. And if we decide we want a socialist utopia, God help us—but that is OUR call, not theirs.

            Honest and fair elections and ending the broken federales’ interference. The people willing to do that we keep. The ones who aren’t, we throw them out. D/R/L/C/whatever, I don’t care anymore. We clean up our counties and our states. Once that’s done, we have a force that the federal government cannot quash or silence and must yield to. Only then can we clean up the Congress and the rest. And once we’ve done that, we can sit down and think about exactly how much control we’ll give back to them. Some we’d have to if the country is going to function long-term.

  • Marcus Walker

    The 95 year old man was obviously way more man than the pussie cops. They probably sensed his power and pissed down their legs. Being the pussies they are they were left without any choice except to use a force greater than any they could have mustered even combined. A group of officers when confronted by overwhelming power did the only thing they could have done and used what ever force was necessary to overcome the real threat. I think they did what they had to do and no action should be taken besides clean underwear and and a bed time story to sooth them.

  • Tina Wilkerson Knight

    I have worked with the elderly and this whole thing is just stupid. The elderly have the right to refuse care if they so desire. I have been hit, punched,slapped, kicked, and thrown across a hallway and chased down a hall by an elderly man with a really big cain. I have been threatened by an elderly man when I was pregnant with my son that he was going to beat me half to death and kill the baby I was caring for waking him up. Not once in 26 years did I ever lay a hand on an elderly resident in anger. So do I think the police were wrong in what they did? YES, Damn right I do. If I was part of this man’s family I would be demanding someones head on a pike for there actions. None of this had to happen, they should have let him calm down and maybe later he would have let whom ever give him medical care. When your in the nursing field you know and accept that your going to get hit and or threatened, honestly if I was them and all my rights were taken away and I was told when to eat when to sleep and when I could have my meds I would be the same way. Just saying.

    • Linda Colwell

      Totally agree with everything you said. Esp. the right to refuse care. Everyone has that right and when you are old there comes a time when you say “enough” Having worked in a nursing home and as a private nurse and caring for family members at the end of their lifes I totally understand that. They get tired and don’t want to be poked and proded anymore. They need that dignity since so many others are taken from them. BTW the police could have easily grabbed an arm each and restrained him with little to no injury to themselves. Then you take ant weapons he might have and talk to him calmly. Then LEAVE HIM THE HELL ALONE!!

  • Sheeps Digest

    Another find example of people in a position of power and taking it too far. I’m talking about the Police and the employees of the care facility who wouldn’t stop when he said no to the treatment/medicine. Help me build my facebook page please. I’m trying to get more people involved in the alternative media (like Ben Swann). Please like my page at Thanks everyone!

  • Kathleen Mink

    Rest in Peace, dear Veteran. I am so sorry for you and your loss to your family. These f’ers need to pay, dearly.

  • John

    “For one, witnesses who were present during the incident did not see Wrana holding a knife at anytime.” You can’t take that at face value when it comes from emotionally biased people. Why would the police flat out lie over this? They gain nothing from it.

    He pulled a knife on them, and they didn’t even kill him, they simply did what they were supposed to do in that scenario. The guy being old is what separates him from most, but they can’t discriminate for age when their safety is at stake.

    Were they supposed to stand there for hours hoping he chose not to lunge at them? The man went crazy; I have a feeling he was ready to die over this.

    Ask yourself this on an unbiased, honest level: If you were the officers, would you seriously wait around until this guy lunged at you from his chair? He may have used a walker but it’s not like he couldn’t attack them if he really wanted to. A knife wound can kill no matter how old and crazy the person delivering it is.

    In my opinion, this was either suicide by cop or some sort of severe dementia episode. I don’t think it was murder, though.

    • awkiwts

      Hogwash. A 95-year-old man?? 7 police officers?? A riot shield and every other advantage to them and they TAZE the man?? And when that wasn’t enough they SHOOT him?? Jesus, John, what the hell are you even talking about? They could’ve bashed him with the shield if they had to be excessive, but for crissake, John–really, you think you have a point here because the old-timer carried a knife?? ugh..

      • John

        “A riot shield and every other advantage to them and they TAZE the man?? ”

        According to the article he showed no willingness to put down his weapon, so it’s standard procedure. They’re trained to act that way. If anything, blame the system they’re trained in for that.

        “And when that wasn’t enough they SHOOT him??”

        With bean bag rounds. They’re non-lethal but this guy was very old. I don’t know why they used bean bag rounds after the tazer, though. Optimistically speaking, perhaps an accidental fire from a nervous rookie? Though I’m not entirely ruling out the possibility of excessive force, I think we need to question the vagueness of the reporting tactics here, as well. The sensational, shock title doesn’t help.

        • followiceland

          With bean bag rounds. They’re non-lethal but this guy was very old. I don’t know why they used bean bag rounds after the tazer, though……coz theyre animals bro, see it now sock-man!?!?though

    • gringo_1

      jesus john have a good look around you ..the police are getting more brutal in their actions every day there are reports all over the place documenting the rise in police brutality all over the states? 7 cops against a 96 year old man??? no contest!!!

      • John

        “the police are getting more brutal in their actions every day”

        No, people are just paying more attention.

        Regardless, place yourself in the situation, where your safety is at risk; I’m not saying they acted perfectly but for a fairly average group of people they did their best. They didn’t WANT to kill the guy, I guarantee that.

        I’m so sick of people acting like it’s always the fault of the cops or that they’re some kind of demon spawn. They’re average people. If this guy pulled a knife on you – even near you – you’d be wishing someone were there to protect you. Demonize those who truly abuse their power.

        • gringo_1

          are you a cop john?? look here’s another ”brave” cop..

          • John

            This was a high pressure situation, though. People do make mistakes. And I have to guess that all the man had to do to not be tased or drilled with bean bag rounds was to put down his weapon. Take the age aspect out of it, and you’ll see that he was at fault. They were probably telling him that over and over, to which he must have refused. If that’s true – and I’m not absolutely sure it is, of course – then (attempted) suicide by cop sure sounds logical to me. Having to deal with war flashbacks in a retirement home at age 95 seems reason enough.

            I wish the author would clarify on that point, though. Vagueness is the true scourge of journalism.

            And no, I’m not a cop; I’m just a person who tries to consider all the angles, maybe sometimes even having faith in my fellow man in the process. Emotionally detached critical thinking can be of great use in these trying times.

          • John is sad

            “Why would the police flat out lie over this? They gain nothing from it.”‘
            Are you kidding me? As a person who says they are trying to consider all angles, you certainly don’t do that very well. You keep talking about about putting yourself in the officer’s shoes, do you not think that the police would lie to protect a mistake? There’s not much to gain from lying, but there’s a ton to lose if they don’t.

          • John

            I mean from the higher ups. Obviously the officers wouldn’t benefit from admitting a mistake, but there is pressure to admit it so that higher ups don’t have to eat shit, because what’s more outraging than a poor old man who was killed for no reason? Believe it or not, the police actually do have to work somewhat legitimately. Look on a site that’s not and you’ll see that people still get fired over excessive force (sometimes), and this is a particularly sympathetic case.

          • followiceland

            CLEARLY a pentegon sock-puppet!! listen to what your saying bro!!!!this is outragous in the extreme, a cane and fing shoe-horn while sitting down, the tazer prob done its job then a few blasts for good measure!!!!! tazers should defo have an age-limit to say retirement age 65! these were brutal brutal PEOPLE, not just police!!!

          • Tdawg

            If it were my grandfather I would not tolerate that kind of wide contradictions for justification of deadly force (intentional or not, it is a no brainer that the elderly are much more fragile). If we expect legitimacy out of our police force then we should expect accountability. If they cost a man his life for their own security that they gave up for their position then they should expect the same consequences a murderer should expect. With great power comes great scrutiny.

          • Daryl

            High pressure? A 95 year-old man, who I’ll bet couldn’t even stand up by himself was that serious a threat? I’m an RN and work in a hospital. This response was way over the line.

          • Roderick Reilly

            “Take the age aspect out of it, and you’ll see that he was at fault”
            It is very likely that he was suffering from dementia, so how much “at fault” he was is open to question.
            Also, what happened to big, burly orderlies in these “assisted living” facilities? A thing of the past? As a college student I worked in a psych ward where we had, on two occasions, to subdue violent patients. We ganged up on him, using a mattress as a shield, and a means to “smother” him to the ground. He was then given a sedative while restrained. It was no fun, and we didn’t like having to do that to someone, but it was better than any alternatives. Oh, and by the way, neither of these guys were 95-year-old men.

      • Jay Hanig

        In Wisconsin, they sent out a 13 man SWAT team to kill a baby deer in an animal shelter. Apparently it’s against the law in that state to harbor wildlife, presumably to protect it, so the jackboots went in , grabbed the baby deer, took it out and shot it. It’s safe now from the horrors of the shelter.

        Obviously, the Chicago cops were only protecting Wrana. He’s safe now, too.

    • Donkey Kong

      You don’t think the taser was enough?!

    • M

      The police do gain something, they have an excuse for the use of force, which would most certainly be excessive if they didn’t say it, that would definitely get them federal charges & their city a lawsuit & even if it were true what nursing homes have anything but plastic silverware or butter knives available when they have patients with dementia? I agree it was not murder, but use of excessive force that caused death!

    • Emcee escee

      Wow you’re stupid how fast are the 95 year olds you hang out with??? Fast enough to sneak up on a cop in his mid 30s wow john you truly are an idiot. Watch out for those old guys

    • Roderick Reilly

      “but they can’t discriminate for age when their safety is at stake”
      Maybe that should change, considering the socio-political atmosphere we live in now, and the concerns about the accellerating militarization and callousness of police forces. It had to have been blatantly obvious that this old man did not present the level of risk of, say, a Rodney King. As to “safety,” remember that the cops at Columbine refused to move in and stop the carnage until they felt it was “safer” to do so. That was a bad move that was criticized by veteran cops everywhere. It’s as if cops are starting to consider their personal safety as paramount. It’s not supposd to be that way.

    • Muriel Katz

      I’ve worked with the elderly as a nurse for over 30 years, and know that these facilities use plasticware for their patients to eat with. Much more cost- and time-efficient. Also, any cognitively-impaired patient would be able to grab a metal fork or knife from the patient next to him/her and try to do bodily harm to Self or to others. Plasticware helps to solve this problem.

      So where did this “dangerous knife” come from? Did he grab it from the facility’s kitchen? I would have to disagree with this ‘option’ because in order for this gentleman to have gotten his hands on a kitchen knife would mean that he had to have gained entrance into the facility’s kitchen area where a lot of very busy cooks and servers were bustling about. He would never have been able to even walk around in there, never mind get close to a knife. When a patient even tries to enter an area like this, there’s many kitchen employees as well as ‘dining room-assigned’ medical employees watching and redirecting their charges constantly. Why? Because many of these patients are on medications that can confuse them or they have Alzheimer’s and other cognitive issues.

      Also, could a visitor have given him a metal knife along with, say, a cake or a meal from home? While it’s possible, this is also unlikely. These treats have to be visually inspected and cleared by the Charge Nurse prior to being given to a patient in case the patient has had any medication/dietary changes made…or his/her medical status has changed. (Knives are noticed!) Staff members also have to ask how a cake or piece of meat is going to be cut, especially in the case of a confused or Alzheimer patient. Most of the time family members and friends depend on us to provide the necessary cutlery (which will be plastic). IF a metal knife DID make it to that patient’s room, it would still be shortly discovered by staff members going in and out of that room with medications, bedding, water pitchers, incontinent changes, etc.

      I’m not saying it’s impossible for this man to have gotten hold of a metal knife but it’s HIGHLY improbable. A much more realistic and reasonable scenario would be that this elderly patient did NOT have a knife.

      Seems to me that the cops would be much more “emotionally biased” than the employees since it would be THEIR butts on the line for using excessive force. Cops who use excessive force are much more apt to lie for one another than employees who are understandably upset at seeing the use of unnecessary force being applied to an elderly person.

      Let’s face it…bullies lie.

  • Ashley Miller

    Definitely a case of cops abusing their power…I see this all the time and its getting worse by the day. Look around people!

  • jac

    We should be asking the questions of why did a 95 year old man sitting in a chair with a cane not have the right to refuse medical attention, and by his refusal why did it warrant such overwhelming police force? It’s doubtful the man threatened anyone with a knife as police claim, but even so, there was doubtful just cause for shooting the elderly man with bean bags. And to John below, cops make phony weapons claims all the time to support their actions and avoid suspensions, firings, bad publicity, law suits, criminal charges.

  • Muddstorm

    This was a ridiculous use of force. Beanbag rounds present a risk of death or serious physical injury at less than 10 feet, even if the suspect is young & healthy. Think they fired from the across the hall?
    Beanbag rounds are ~1.5oz of #9 lead shot moving at 300ft/sec. They can easily fracture skills, break necks, break ribs and send the broken ribs into the heart. A strike in the abdominal area can cause internal bleeding. A strike to the solar plexus can disrupt breathing or heartbeat or fracture same.
    There was NO way that this level of force was justified in this situation….this was reckless manslaughter and should be prosecuted as such.

    Then again, this IS Chicago…nearly bankrupt financially and already bankrupt in compassion.

    • Sherri Shepherd

      I agree 100%!

    • Roderick Reilly

      Correct. It’s like being punched by a first-class heavyweigh boxer, or worse. I am in favor of cops having these in their arsenals, as there are a number of violent situations in which they would be useful, but this was not one of those cases.

  • dutch

    If anyone is shocked or surprised by this then your living in a dream world. Nothing is going to happen to the cops. This is Chicago stupid. It all plays right into progressivism and the far left. Blacks killing blacks, cops killing innocents, unions running the politicians, let’s pump another 10 million into the city. Ummm, where have we seen this dog & pony show before?

    • deadhead

      Go to hell with your idiotic “progressive” comment. Police states are far right fascists, if anything. All this name calling (mine included) does is obfuscate the issue. The police are getting away with murder since 9/11, all in the name of “security”. Armored personnel carriers in Keen, NH . . . cops killing mentally disabled theater patrons in Frederick, MD . . . a crazy woman gunned down in a crowded Costco — when did the police go from peace officers to “ready, fire, aim!?” Really all because of the “terror” mentality that allows for nonsensical increased use of force and the blithe forgiveness of same , as I said, for “security”. Bullshit!

      • Freddy Di Guglielmo

        Yup, Your head is dead! Liberalism, leads to Progressivism, which leads to Socialism, which leads to fascism… see the route your headed along?? It ends eventually in totalitarianism!

      • Roderick Reilly

        I’m sorry “deadhead,” but you’ve been sold a bill of goods on what “fascism” is. Benito Mussolini, “Mr. Fascism” himself, declared himself a “Man of the LEFT,” when he founded his party. The term “Nazi” stands for National Socialist Workers Party. “National Socialist Workers Party” doesn’t sound very right-wing, now does it? Also, ever heard of the “National Bolsheviks?” Google it, and be prepared for a shock. But let’s be reasonable: virtually every poster here, right or left, has a problem with fascism.

  • dori

    Well, all I can say is how simply pathetic. How in the world can we not do anything about such a horrible act. To think that this 95 year old could stand against all these cops and cause any harm. Good thing ihe’s not my father . Shame on those cops. They need arrested. Our nursing homes need more education and training with elderly behavior.

  • Sagebrush

    No excuse for this, five to seven people who are supposed to be trained should not have to Taser and Beanbag a 95 year old man.

  • chris

    police are really unprofessional…to them if all else fails, shoot kill destroy…police are pathetic bully boy scumbags who wear their uniforms for all the wrong reasons.

    • Roderick Reilly

      Sweeping generalizations, anyone? Your anger is understandable, but the problem is much more like this: Cops ARE being “professional” by the new standards. It is these “standards” that stink. Just as the TSA treats all passengers as potential threats, cops are now being taught to treat all hostility the same way, whether from an armed gang, or a very old man with a cane (he was “armed,” you see) who may have been having a dementia attack.

      • Crimson Mask

        So the system dehumanizes? End result: they’re still inhuman.

  • Jonathan Schreiber

    I have known several police officers in my lifetime that were great people, doing the job for the right reasons. However it seems that unnecessary use of force by officers in many places in our country and around the world are becoming more and more prevalent. Treating a veteran and such an elderly one at that is more than disrespectful, it is down right disgusting. Furthermore, it’s incidents like this that make me less and less proud to acknowledge myself as an American. Too many of our rights are being taken away and trampled upon, and it’s occasions such as this that prove it. I don’t care how old or senile this man is/was, his rights as an American and a human being should have afforded him much more ethical treatment than he was given. Period.

    • Roderick Reilly

      Unfortunately the nation’s police forces are being infected with the same diesease of valuing process over results that has perverted all other bureaucracies. Routinely shooting large dogs during a SWAT raid, for instance. Granted, police work has hazards and dangers, but when “by the book” means egregious levels of force where it’s not warranted is the “new normal” for police work, then the police start to become a menace.

  • Freddy Di Guglielmo

    Post the names and Addresses of these cops.. maybe some bad people will do them just Harm!!
    Maybe even kill the scum!!

    • Roderick Reilly

      I’m certain you’re just being sarcastic. Cool heads need to prevail.

  • Anoneemouse

    Twice the word “judgment” was misspelled as “judgement.” There is no “e” in the correctly spelled word. I know some may see it as nitpicking, but I honestly believe a serious news site absolutely must ensure that there are no misspellings or grammatical errors of this type, as they give a poor impression, bespeaking illiteracy or downright laziness in proofreading. PLEASE take greater care to ensure there are no more of these.

    That said, this is an egregious display of abuse of power. Last I heard it is not illegal for an adult to refuse medical care, nor is an elderly man in a chair a credible threat to police or anyone else’s safety.

  • Ignatz

    That poor man. This is very like the story last week of the 13 storm troopers who invaded a no-kill animal shelter to kill a fawn. Even though the critter was supposed to go to a wildlife sanctuary the very next day, this SWAT team took her away and killed her. Because the sanctuary didn’t have a piece of paper from the government goons allowing them to shelter “wildlife.”

    Judgement IS properly spelled with that ‘e’; that is, if you believe the Editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, who said he “must protest against the unscholarly habit” of omitting the “e” after “g” in words such as “judgement” and “acknowledgement” — to do so, he declared, was “following the ignorant to do ill.”

  • b l

    Then these guys will retire at 50, and tell us they are heroes, serving the public selflessly, and that’s why deserve their life long golden pensions and health care while their town goes broke trying to pay for it.

    And “How dare we disrespect police officers!”.

    • Roderick Reilly

      You somehow missed the whole point of what happened here. Also, don’t like old folks who served their country?

      • sean

        Roderick..and you missed the point of “b’s” comment. He is being cynical about cops, their pensions, their unions, and how we are supposed to treat them. He is clearly in agreement with the author of this article’s sentiment.

        • b l


    • Crimson Mask

      I honestly believe the only people qualified to be civil police are ex-military. It’s too much trust and authority for anyone less.

      • whatgives?

        Military are trained to kill the enemy. I don’t think we need that mindset in the police force.

        • Crimson Mask

          You would be surprised.

          Much more time is spent on gun safety and situation assessment. Although the only thing that ever makes the news is civilian casualties when they do occur, the reality is that US servicemen are extraordinarily careful about who they target and when they fire.

          Even MPs operate differently; you don’t see six MPs jump on some 90lb woman, jamming their knees in her neck the way we so often see civilian police do. That’s because of situation assessment superseding “standard procedure.”

  • Anoneemouse

    The British editor’s opinion on the correct spelling of judgment is just that: his opinion. Furthermore, he’s British, which colors his opinion. In fact, the Oxford Dictionary states, “In British English the normal spelling in general contexts is judgement. However, the spelling judgment is conventional in legal contexts, and in North American English.” This is America, and therefore this American news site should follow conventions for correct American spelling, not British.

  • Rob Turk

    This is appalling. May the officers that killed this War Hero be eternally shamed and haunted by their crime. SHAME.

  • Oppie

    Kill the cops

  • Donald Kugler

    Whatever became of DIPLOMACY, have not learned our lessons about violence? This appalling, especially for a veteran in his 90s. Having that many officers in the room apparently keyed his rise in temperament. Not being there of course I do not know what transpired, but, if the facts as stated are true and exact, the officers AND nursing staff should be held accountable. To me if the veteran did refuse treatment then why not let him be. I do not get it. As a veteran myself and 75 years of age, is this the treatment I can expect in the future?

    • Crimson Mask

      You’re darn tootin’ it’s what you can expect.

  • Melissa Canchola

    Sad. Clear case of excessive force.

  • tango

    shit go to the so called cops homes and shot them with bean bags then taz them, then if your on the news say it’s becuase the where uncooperative.

  • adam

    love the stories but please provide links to original stories for further credibility…not that i dont believe it but…you know

    • adam

      actually hate the stories but you know what i mean!! great reporting

      • Paul

        Ben Swann is a great reporter. Dinosaur media should link to “his” articles. Can’t trust nothing from them these days.

  • Katherine

    Mr. Wrana had legal right to refuse treatment. The fact that he was being forced treatment in its self is a legal issue, and that the police were called and what ensued after is outrageous. Not only the police acted illegally, but so did the facility, and both should be investigated.

    • YoOleMe


  • Taylor Ward


  • Fedup

    The police have now turned into a paramilitary organization.

  • H.G.

    The lack of citations is troubling to me. Where was it reported that the witnesses disputed the police press release? I know I’ve read another one of your posts, Kristin, where you had great links. What gives?

  • Slim_Strontem

    Prima facie, abuse and homicide. Any extenuating circumstances to the contrary would need very strong evidence. The public is shifting from their automatic trust of police judgement in actions, so they will have to do their jobs better or work harder on their cover-ups. So far, their “WE are the police” attitude has made them lazy in this regard (and more useless in their duties).

  • Steve

    This is nothing more then murder by a gang. Except this gang are members of the shield. Each member of this gang broke their Oath of Office and therefore are considered traitors to the United States of American. They should be dealt with swiftly.

  • Steve

    Dear Honorable Wrana, thank you for your service to our country. I am sorry your country has failed you. Please forgive them. May you rest in peace while the lord watches over your loved ones.

  • isBubba

    “Still, it is important not to make judgements since we do not know
    exactly what made the officers decide to carry out their actions.”

    OH PLEASE! Give me a BREAK!

    • justathought

      Seriously????? He was a 95 year old man in a wheelchair for crying out loud….Not ISIS or even a man loaded up with ammo…Not all cops are bad but some of these power hungry jerks should never be allowed to serve in that capacity. We need to do a better job of personality/psychological testing before hiring police officers. I think the bit about the “large” knife is probably a lie to cover up the inappropriate actions of the officers. This is a nursing home….they don’t leave large knives or sharp objects lying around in rooms of their tenants. There is NO excuse good enough for the actions of 5-7 officers against one poor 95 year old man who for some reason was upset that he was being forced to take medication he did NOT want to take! I don’t care if they were shooting him with cotton balls….he was 95!!!!

  • Darlene Larmore

    I would never forget that he was a hero, shot by his own country by police for what??? His right to choose his own treatment??? Whats wrong with this picture???

  • wiseoldsnail

    another murder by cop

  • Roger in Austin

    Good to see the neanderthals in Chicago still killing their employers with immunity.

  • dumanhieu

    In memory of Mr. John Wrana I wish to thank you Sir for your military service to this degenerate of a country in which we currently survive in under a tyrannical and maniacal police state. 95 year old war veteran treated like a criminal and these cops had to use that kind of force Seems to me they are poorly trained in less lethal tactics on the elderly. But then they feared his awesome training and were afraid for their lives .These Nazi geriatric police should be tar and feathered naked tasrd and shot with bean bags..
    Stay low, move fast, shoot first, die last, one shot, one kill, no luck, pure skill.

    God Bless and help us protect our Republic, The Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment.

    “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.”
    Chinese philosopher & reformer (551 BC – 479 BC)

    Tea Party Vietnam Vet
    Oath Keeper, NRA, GOA, ACU, NAGR and JPFO member
    Freedom lover & fighter