Eric Holder

Attorney General Eric Holder has asked a federal judge to give his Department of Justice (DOJ) supervision of the Apple App Store and iTunes.

The DOJ’s demand is a disgusting attempted government power-grab into private business.

Holder’s request follows a decision by Denise Cote, a New York Federal District Judge. Cote ruled that Apple violates the US Anti-Trust Laws, which are designed to prevent monopolies and fixed prices.

Eric Holder

Apple plans to fight the federal ruling tooth and nail, and will almost certainly appeal.

The mega company currently gets 30 percent commission for any e-books sold on an Apple Store App. According to the Wall Street Journal, the DOJ is pushing for to be able to sell e-books on Apple Apps without the 30 percent commission.

Apple objects to government attempting to control the marketplace. Commission on App stores currently makes up for 10 percent of the company’s revenue. It would be a huge blow to Apple if Holder’s request is granted.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the DOJ is also “seeking a five-year prohibition on new e-book distribution contracts that would restrain Apple from competing on price.”

Good grief. Government has no place sticking its nose into the private marketplace. But it continues to do so, over and over, each time expecting better results. (Solyndra, anyone?)

Apple is an innovative, highly successful American business. The company provides thousands of jobs for citizens at a time when unemployment remains high.

Still, the DOJ insists that the company be restrained. Eric Holder, in all his wisdom, asserts that he is trying to protect customers from high prices and mega corporations.

But after further examination, the request seems a bit more partisan in nature. gave over $100,000 to Obama’s presidential campaigns and donated thousands in equipment during his inaugurations.

But that’s just a coincidence… Right?

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Kristin Tate is a multi-media reporter for Breitbart News and to fearless journalism, she regularly works on undercover stings with James O'Keefe to reveal government waste, abuse, and fraud.Tate was a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter President and Founder. She will continue to fight tirelessly for individual liberty and free markets through new media. Visit Kristin's website at

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  • Morino Ginrikuzuma

    And then they wonder why businesses go overseas. Dumbasses I hope the federal judge says no.

    • Lucky Leisuresuit Larry

      I’m guessing there will be a lot of pressure applied to said federal judge to keep the sh*tball rolling downhill. Though oftentimes it isn’t even necessary…just a bit of cash or some appointment in the future.

  • Sally_Oh

    Wow. This borders on unbelievable… then I wake up and remember where I am.

  • SlimJim

    Employees of Apple Inc gave 94,543. That’s just what the FEC reports. You can bet Amazon and Apple are probably neck and neck. You are coming off as a person with an agenda; the precise reason I stopped watching TV.

    FWIW, Holder aught be careful who’s face he puts his finger like that.

    • StopShreddingMyConstitution

      If they’re neck in neck, you seem to be assuming that Amazon employees didn’t give anything. You’re comparing apples to oranges. Maybe try again with complete numbers? Because if your methodology is flawed (i.e. omitting contributions from employees of Amazon) then your math is going to produce an inaccurate conclusion.

  • john_hurd

    Pretty soon the Mexicans will be tunin each other to death……..

  • StopShreddingMyConstitution

    Maybe Holder will have more respect for their business model and will trust their ethics more if Apple starts giving high powered assault weapons to criminal drug cartels who then kill Americans with those guns.

    • Kevin Genteman

      So what you are saying is Apple should invest in development of the iGun?

      A technological weapon that can track and kill only Americans; yet at the same time lose all tracking capiblities when in the hands of felons andor mexican drug cartel?

      If so that would get them almostas far as if they created a virtual concentration camp for all political oposition.

  • RandomJerk

    When/Where is that Holder photo from? Would be nice if you included the source and/or put it in context.

  • Ward Damon Hubbard

    This stain, the stain called Eric Holder, has marked the DOJ in a manner that will not soon be forgotten, he is and continue to run the DOJ straight into the ground!

  • DE Fresh

    Why does he still have a job as DOJ? He’s a criminal himself…. .

  • Jabneh

    The real monopoly is the government! It’s time we create a new one to end it’s power.

  • calico_kitty

    Governmental control over a private corporation…there is a name for that sort of tyranny: fascism.

    • Michael Langley


  • Ross

    AT&T anti-trust 2.0… Apple is making too much money and doesn’t need to run to the banksters for finance. This is pure fascism.

  • John Leo

    It’s called Communism and that is the political affiliation of the current administration. This proves it.

  • Willy Gazina

    What about Apple’s price-fixing? Apple is evil to the core. While I feel Holder and Obama should be in prison for multiple crimes that are tantamount to treason, defending Apple in any way based on the last 10 years of unfair anti-consumer business practices makes you lose credibility full stop. You’re young, and new to the game, and your credibility should be the main thing you’re trying to grow at this time. Don’t defend Apple. Holder and Obama have a ton of worse things they’ve been up to, attempting to protect the consumer from a monster like Apple is the least of their crimes. Remember too, that Obama just vetoed a huge filing against Apple that Samsung should have won. You want to talk about unfair? Obama basically gave Apple 2 billion dollars with a pen stroke veto. It’s all over the tech websites, I’d think you may have heard about it.

    Regardless, Apple and all the megacorporations ARE the problem. These corrupt politicians are just a symptom of that problem. As independent media you should be going after the corporations even harder than you’re going after the politicians (not that you should stop doing that also!).

    We have the technology now for a truly free (p2p wifi), truly private (encrypted onion routing), truly secure (p2p hardware, fully encrypted onion routed software stack) network infrastructure that would guarantee the first amendment rights of every citizen of the planet. But we’re not implementing it. In fact with all the Snowden revelations, it’s clear we’re implementing the exact opposite. THAT is a much bigger and more important issue than any of these evil corporations and their dealings and back stabbings with the corrupt politicians they own.

    • JB

      So what about Apple “price-fixing” They don’t force you to buy their hardware or buy from their app stores. It’s quite simple, if you don’t want to support them, don’t buy from them. That’s how the freemarket is supposed to work. Government regulating private markets leads to disaster.

  • nonposto

    Anti-trust laws need to be upheld more in this county. Economic law dictates that the price is lowest where there are the most sellers. Monopolies only open doors for the current fascist regime.

  • Brendan Smith

    Yes, because there aren’t android phones and google music and tons of other ways to get Ebooks, Apps, and Music. Oh wait, there is. Bugger off Mr. Holder. Stay out of the free market. The DoJ doesn’t belong there.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t that picture with Holdher pointing his finger just say it all, “I am gonna teach you (sheeple) a lesson.”

    • Erik Swenson


  • Erik Swenson

    “HOLD THIS!”

  • sammscript

    This isn’t journalism. it’s an opinion piece.

    • Rod Martin, Jr.

      SammScript, I have to agree with you. The tone is entirely “against,” rather than neutral. You can still raise the ire of the reader by simply relating the facts of an injustice.

      “The DOJ’s demand is a disgusting attempted government power-grab” could easily have been reworded to remove “disgusting” and possibly even “power-grab.” Such verbiage is all “tell” and not enough “show.” Perhaps even more powerful is “implication,” but that takes intelligent writing to pull it off.

      Holder is being a jerk, but we merely need to be shown that he is (not “told” that he is).

      • sammscript

        I agree with you, Rod. I respect Ben Swann’s journalistic integrity; I am not impressed with Ms.Tate’s contributions. She has every right to blog her opinion – but her amateurship commentary doesn’t measure up to the mark required of this website.

    • Chordsman

      Agreed. We already have a tone of opinion pieces in the media. What we need it #TruthInMedia

  • blast0id

    I really wish people would stop validating these a-holes peerless (aside from the slime they cohabitate with in D.C.) existences… aren’t we better than this?

  • Rod Martin, Jr.

    Apple has a monopoly on its own product. Wow! What a novel idea.

    I wish I had the freedom in the United States to create a product and own the rights to it. I guess Holder doesn’t like that kind of freedom.

  • Hyun Suh
  • Sandy Simms

    That guy should have bit Holders finger off for sticking it in his face like that.

    • Footprints of a Contemporary

      Bear up! This valiant country has more than enough grit to survive Negritude 101. It’s a subject that won’t be offered again – ever.

      • American

        Really, this is what you come up with. Negritude, are you in the 5th grade? Racist fool

  • Christopher

    I’d much prefer straight objective journalism without the opinion. You guys are better than to use “disgusting” and “good grief” in your articles.

    • Tim

      This was a blog article and an opinion piece. The practices of the government continue to show over-reach after over-reach, grabbing at more and more power in every area that leviathan can put it’s tentacles. I think the words ‘disgusting’ and ‘good grief’ are quite subtle compared to the alarm bells that should be ringing in the media lately about big government going too far.

  • Lucky Leisuresuit Larry

    So let me get this straight…

    The guy who started Amazon buys Washington Post.

    DOJ wants to prevent Amazon from having to pay Apple 30% of ebook sales.

    It would seem the Obama Administration just bought a newspaper…or at the very least some favor; wouldn’t it?

  • jac

    This lawsuit reeks for many reasons, but none more than the fact that the gov. long ago picked Apple to monopolize the market, and is now using it to shove the Common Core testing program down the throats of students and teachers through pre-loaded apps on ipads to be used in the schools across the country Never mind that California is broke and laid off some 4,600 teachers in the last 5 years as a result, yet they still have a $1.25 billion budget for Common Core school materials, training and testing. Some thing doesn’t add up about this lawsuit, b/c the gov. and Apple have already long been in business partners on a number of issues and are interdependent upon one another. Apple needs favorable legislation and the gov needs technology and access to their customers for data mining.

  • Josh Geary

    And to know I buy from Amazon all the time.. Any real business would not support Obama or any of his cronies if they did not make deals with them. They are all part of the very obvious corruption.

  • Reid Barnes

    Truly disgusting, as was the decision by the judge.

  • Luke

    I wouldn’t doubt it if Amazon was pressured into supporting Obama’s campaign.

  • farang

    Worked with John Stossel, the Fox news propagandist? Wow, who can argue with anything she says……or believe. Holder is a nitwit full of himself, sure to be imprisoned soon. His boss? Worse than Dubya, if that is possible…..

  • Eileen Kuch

    Holder isn’t even qualified to hold the post of the nation’s top prosecutor. He has the emotional maturity of a 5-year-old, demanding this and that, just as a spoiled 5-year-old brat would. He’s also a criminal; his handling of the Fast & Furious fiasco is an excellent example of his lawlessness. His boss, President Obama, is no better. They’re simply hoodlums in politician’s clothing.

    • William Crews

      Agreed. Caveat: “They’re simply hoodlums in politician’s clothing.” But, I repeat myself; hoodlums=politicians.

      • Eileen Kuch


  • Tosheba

    Screw all communists.

  • JRC

    So Holder is going to pull down Goldman-Sachs right after this… “Apple pickin”
    They ( Goldman-Sachs) absolutely have a monopoly position in Derivatives…400 or 600 Trillion $ of exposure…WOW !!!! So Blankfein (Blank-soul) should actually be in prison in Gitmo for conspiracy against the USA…. NAH !!! they’re too big to fail….but Apple must stop being the best company in the USA and they must not invent any devices that cause NSA to fail world wide !!!!!! Shame on Apple for observing the 4th and 5th amendment. Perhaps some day Eric Holder might even read the Constitution….when he does he’ll have to sanction Sotomayor, Kagan and Roberts or even prosecute them and make Americans proud of Atty. Holder….Nah !!!!!! He’s got other plans…..

  • JRC

    Calico-Kitty thinks Government control over Corporations is known as Fascism….He needs to ask for a refund from his College or University. Fascism is when the Corporations control the Military and therefor the Government, Which is our current mess. However Apple doesn’t favor Government Contracts that would be Microsoft ( Mr Vaccine Pusher-B. Gates- the son of Global Depopulation Agenda). Now for Fascism think Halliburton, KGB-XE, Blackwater. Raytheon, Boeing, MacDonald -Douglass and the hidden companies in Black-OPs…..I hope this helps you Calico- Kitty. Education System in USA is cropped to prevent you from knowing real world history (Dept of Education= a Communist Organization within a window dressing Government Body ) to fool ya. and many others …so, don’t feel bad …just read more books…especially books from the 1900’s to find out what really happened in WW2 and WW2, since the demise of the USA is based on all those bad choices and then the Neo-con slam-dunks of recent decades. Yes we are both communist and Fascist…the “Democratic REPUBLIC” started its death spiral in 1913….

  • constitutionalconnie

    “Who is John Galt?” This sounds exactly like Ayn Rand’s book ATLAS SHRUGGED written in 1957!!

  • Joe AnnonUSA

    With all that is ongoing in the USA, this is what the DOJ is worried about.

  • nygrump

    Jeez, is this Atlas Shrugged or what? I’m not an Apple fan, but they there is no monopoly, just their success.

  • engineereagan

    Apple is FAR from having a monopoly, especially with Google around. If you do not like Apple like myself, well Android offers a viable solution. In some ways Android is superior, and in others Apple comes out of top. I think Google would be on the hit list if most of it’s stuff wasn’t free.

    Want to talk about monopoly and price fixing? Amazon currently has control of the e-book pricing sectors, so much that no one can compete. They are the face of price fixing.

    • Joseph C. Carbone III

      “A monopoly implies an exclusive possession of a market by a supplier of a product or a service for which there is no substitute” (Encyclopaedia Britannica).

      There is no question that Apple has been and is a monopoly but, not merely a monopoly a clear tragedy of what monopoly brings, a startling human rights violator as it and others control its Chinese partner Foxconn, demanding products at unreasonable prices.

      Furthermore,, Incorporated “has built its empire on the legitimate advantages it has over retail shopping” and used that empire to subvert legitimate political transparency.

      As the imperialistically minded individuals running were expected to do, they did not disappoint. When our misguided government’s actions were seeing the light of day, in a big way, Incorporated stifled an organization dedicated to that truth; which is, they helped stop concerned citizens from funding WikiLeaks, no doubt buying executive and legislative favors, and that is what I believe we are seeing in this article, executive favors purchased.

      Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 12 August 2013

  • jac

    Apple truly is an amazing company founded by a genius who has advanced
    technology and helped make life better for billions, but they are not
    fully the American success story we would like to believe. Most here
    don’t understand how government picks which companies to favor by doling
    out unfair legislative advantage to and tax-free incentives to upon those who it can benefit from. Apple is one of those companies which provides such benefits to the government, for a price… in exchange for government
    legislation and tax incentives, Apple provides data mining services on
    its customer base to the feds, along with other services. Last quarter,
    Apple paid no taxes on $75 Billion in revenues, that’s one way the gov
    pays them. However, it all partnerships, there are disputes, as this law suit with the DOJ demonstrates.

    • Gabriel Thompson

      You think the gov’t accepts Apple’s limited domestic taxes as a price for so-called metadata on its customers? Easy on the conspiracy juice buddy. Wrong on both counts

  • Ignorant Beaner

    when are they going t finally depose of these traitors ?

  • Badger Badgerism


    • anna

      Badger, Watch out they will come for you, seriously.

  • Abinico Warez

    Apple is a monopoly, and their stuff is overpriced crap.

    • anna

      Apple is a business. As long as they are not doing anything wrong, they can charge whatever they want. I have discovered that Steve Jobs had so much more integrity than Bill Gates will ever have, and that means a lot to me. I support good people.

      • Gabriel Thompson

        I wouldn’t say Jobs has so much more integrity than Gates as his bio shows; nevertheless, I highly respect his entrepreneurial spirit, laser focus & discipline and marketing genius

    • Shin Chan

      I wouldn’t say they’re a monopoly, but they do have a monopoly on hype marketing which Americans so readily fall for. Agreed on the other point.

  • Jack Johnson

    the background of this one is interesting . Apple has spent millions on complying with US Govt requests to be able to turn off I phones remotely but then the US Govt changed its story that it would only do so with a court order, to one that they could do any time without a court order , they want folks to not be able to video police operations at will , not through the courts as was first explained to apple . apple fearing backlash like google is getting from the public and the now NSA spying and data monitoring scandal baulked , and this is why Holder and crew are doing this, its black mail pure and simple and as a apple insider explained to me , they’ll keep the app store going but want to “infect” ( his term) all the app’s so even older phones could be turned off and made unusable at the US govts will , and for this the US govt would only charge the app a small fee (how low can you go ??? )

  • Joseph C. Carbone III

    Should Atty. Gen. Holder go to jail? Yes!

    This administration and hopefully the previous administration, under Mr. Bush, will both find their smug faces in prison.

    Right now, I believe they think they have nothing to concern themselves with regarding their crimes against our nation and the people of this world, but I hope and pray the people of our grand country demand accountability, that we vote in responsible legislators who in turn prosecute their predecessors and drive this country correctly.

    Correctly starts with imprisoning people like United States Attorney General Eric Holder, Richard Bruce Cheney, George Walker Bush, Pres. Obama and all the rest. Tragically and responsibly, their crimes of treason and murder should see them facing the death penalty.

    These are harsh words, and I do not stomach them well. But, they are sobering words, and they are possible if we harness the integrity this human race is capable of owning under God our Savior.

    Joseph C. Carbone III; 12 August 2013

  • Anna

    I am not going to buy from Amazon anymore, just like I don’t buy Chinese products because their government is so cruel to their people. I will buy from any country but China. Amazon obviously supports crony Capitalism (Communism…) the people and their purse have tremendous power!

    • Shin Chan

      You think Apple doesn’t do this too? They are one of the worst special interest whores out there. Look at the massive benefits the government enforced patent & IP monopoly gives them. (They aren’t innovative either, they’re more about marketing hype, but that’s a different topic.) Also, is extremely controlling and unfriendly to competing IT technologies, damaging the ability of free, open software to compete with proprietary “IP” – consumers are the losers there too.

      The most evil part of crony cap is that even if you don’t support it, you’re forced into it just to stay competitive. Who knows if Amazon is one of those cases, but obviously like all big companies, they figured that out a long time ago. It’s just like playing office politics–if you don’t play, you tend to end up with the short stick automatically.