Tennessee recently made national headlines for a single city spending $5.2 million to align with the standards of Common Core.

“The new Common Core standards being implemented in states around the country are bringing unforeseen expenses to local districts, like a Tennessee city that had to borrow $5.2 million to buy iPads and laptops for kids as young as kindergarten,” reports Fox News.

The Murfreesboro, TN city council just recently approved the bond issuance last Thursday with a unanimous vote.

So, who exactly is pushing Common Core in the state of Tennessee? Perhaps one of the largest groups lobbying for Common Core in the state is the Ayers Foundation. Jim and Janet Ayers, founders of the organization, are extremely active in Tennessee politics. The Ayers Foundation is in many ways a political think tank. In 2012 the foundation was given a $1.2 million grant to push Common Core standards into the state of Tennessee. If Common Core is successfully implemented in Tennessee, the Ayers foundation is sure to prosper even more.

Emails were recently discovered that show Janet Ayers lobbying the Tennessee state legislature to accept and institute Common Core in the state of Tennessee (pictured below).

Ayers Email










The above addressees are an entire list of the Tennessee state legislature.  Mrs. Ayers urges the entire legislature to side with the few unpopular, establishment GOP politicians in the state of Tennessee who are pushing Common Core. You will notice in the addressee list state senator Jim Tracy (R). Tracy is running for US Congress in Tennessee’s 4th congressional district where he lives. This is the same district that is home to the above referenced city of Murfreesboro, TN, which just spent $5.2 million of money that they did not have to push common core standards.

As it turns out, Jim and Janet Ayers are some of senator Tracy’s largest donors. They both donated the maximum legal amount to Tracy’s campaign just 2 months before this email went out.

Senator Tracy's FEC Filings Showing Donations From Ayers Family.
Senator Tracy’s FEC Filings Showing Donations From Ayers Family

There seems to be a clear lobbying effort in the state of Tennessee from those who seek to benefit from federal dollars, which would funnel in behind a full implementation of Common Core standards being implemented in the sate.

Tracy has attended a meeting in the past, which was geared towards “stopping Common Core” in the state of Tennessee. The meeting was also attended by the very legislators now pushing the standards. Chairman Gresham (who supports Common Core as noted in Ayers’ email above) was also at the meeting, but is pushing hard for the state to implement Common Core regardless of citizens lobbying against it.

The recent lobbying effort and $10,400 donation have raised many eyebrows in a state that is consistently fighting to maintain its conservative identity.

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  • Kevin Merck

    “There seems to be a clear lobbying effort in the state of Tennessee from those who seek to benefit from federal dollars, which would funnel in behind a full implementation of Common Core standards being implemented in the sate.”

    Tax revenues once generated by manufacturing jobs is a thing of the past. State governments going bankrupt are increasingly dependent on federal dollars awarded states for implementing federal policies. The following is a statement from a former Michigan child support collection officer about the corrupting influence of “matching federal dollars”.

    Carol Rhodes says:

    January 29, 2007 at 1:04 pm

    It’s all about the money. It’s not about the kids, or the family, the constitution or even about law and order.

    The primary function of the Circuit Court’s Family Court System, is getting more kids on the roles so more money can be claimed from the Federal Tax prize.

    Every dollar that we Enforcement Officers collected was matched by $50+ dollars of tax benefits for our county Court System..Custody and parenting time issues don’t bring in Federal dollars. My director told us that pursuing these complaints were a “waste of our time.” I was ordered-under penalty of punishment-”to stop getting involved” in what I thought was best for the children or their parents. We were brainwashed to avoid having personal knowledge or concern about the parties of cases.

    We were told to call and leave response messages when we thought it least likely that the inquiring party would be home [and then, of course, we couldn’t leave any substantive information]. The system smiled on us when we sent people to jail by issuing bench warrants for failure to appear in hearings we scheduled. Everything about office policy and procedure was designed to keep the parties to cases in the dark as to what they should or could do to protect themselves financially. It is a power game.

    The Court can change the rules at any time. There is no one who will ever question when the constitution or the laws are violated or misapplied by the Court. The only question asked in the FOC is whether all the options have been tried for increased child-support collections. People can be sentenced to jail illegally by the Court officers, and the Court will find a way to justify or spread the blame so thinly that no one is accountable. But if an officer of the Court is caught HELPING a party to a case understand his or her rights to petition the Court for a REDUCTION of support, that sin is punishable by firing and cover-up legal manuvering. [I was written up for merely giving both parties a list of office policy rules for what is or is not acceptable reasons to deny parenting time.] I was chastised on record that office policy was NEVER to be given out to parties of cases, or to any individuals outside the FOC office personnel. Our 37th Circuit Court FOC was a model to other counties all across Michigan. We trained other officers from other states and counties. We weren’t the exception, we were the ideal of efficient FOC operation.

    Young parents need to know that signing the form to consent to have the Friend of the Court [or any Title IV D “service”] become involved IS OPTIONAL. You do NOT HAVE to allow the Friend of the Court to take over your children as Wards of the Court unless one of the parents fills out and signs the form. Your attorney and your FOC will never tell you that, but smart attorneys ALWAYS opt out of the FOC services. Most people don’t know what they are getting into before it is too late.

  • Jen Rockwell

    I still don’t understand what is SOOO wrong with Common Core. We are new to it this year. We just moved from California to Arizona. I’ve done some research online, read both positions, and have seen Common Core implemented in my daughter’s 3rd grade class. When we started school on August 5, 2013, she was barely performing at 2nd grade level in Math as she was entering 3rd grade. A little over a month into the school year, the Common Core methods have seemingly been the missing link for my daughter to understand what she is being taught in Math. She is now testing at 3rd grade level and doing so with ease. So please help me understand why my fellow Conservatives are so against Common Core. Or is it just the idea that the Feds are trying to control education?

    • Kristi Walker

      I’m glad your daughter is doing well in math. You mentioned you moved, but don’t mention any correlation with having new teachers being the factor in her improvement. California has had a version of Common Core for a long time, so Common Core isn’t the reason she’s improving, I would guess. My absolute disdain for Common Core comes in the form of dumbing down both science and history, but that isn’t my biggest complaint of this take-over. At the end of the day, who controls what is taught, also controls what is thought. Do the research on why Bill Gates would fund so massive a takeover of our educational system. Do the research on data mining, which is already started, so the naysayers that swore it wouldn’t happen are simply wrong. It IS happening. It is NOT OK for our government to data mine the youth of this country. It is a federal take-over of much more than education. What’s more alarming is the assumption that many have of the governments altruistic motives. While I don’t think Obama is the devil, as many seem to believe, I do believe that the opportunity is quite high that someone soon will take office that DOES want to rule with an iron fist. This take-over gives them the foothold they need to erase the very things that made us great: innovation, free-thinking, radical new inventions, etc… As a side note: If you know anything about Agenda 21, you’ll also know that this was presented by the UN and is the first step to a National standard and then a global one. It’s written out quite clearly and was rejected, but not forgotten. Common Core is NOT good and any parent who wants to maintain control over what, and how, their children learn will stand up and cry from the rooftops that our kids are NOT economic tools of the State.

      • denise0513

        You forgot to mention how it seems common core will try to make the children proficient in ebonics. http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/09/19/fourth-graders-taught-about-pimps-and-mobstaz-in-louisiana/

      • Kevin Merck

        “While I don’t think Obama is the devil, as many seem to believe, I do believe that the opportunity is quite high that someone soon will take office that DOES want to rule with an iron fist”

        We aren’t out of the woods with Obama yet, he still has time to make a believer out of us all.

        Great comment.

    • Michael Lotfi

      Jen, I believe peoples’ issue with common core is that it is simply unconstitutional. If conservatives call themselves constitutionalists then it’s far time they act like it.

    • John Reynolds


      As people said below, 100% of our outrage does not rest in the standards or curriculum (but it is a large part). It who’s behind it, what the ultimate goal is (and it’s NOT making smarter children), How it came into our state (illegally and nefariously), and WHY it’s being shoved down our throats by traitor politicians here in AZ. I’m glad your daughter is doing well too, but it decidedly is NOT *because* of common core.

    • Lindsay

      I don’t believe that it’s a Democrat-Republican issue, I feel that it’s about quality education for America’s children. When I studied the CCSS I was very upset at how developmentally inappropriate these standards are, completely opposing empirical research and the theories of Piaget, Gesell and others who spent years researching how children learn. I researched and discovered that these standards were created by people with no educational background, but with ties to those who stand to profit greatly from implementation. As I have dug deeper I see how local influence in education (parents, teachers) is being lost to federal control with untested standards. An increase in standardized testing is already happening. The American people have been lied to and these standards were implemented quietly, without anyone understanding what they were and by bribery from the current administration. Check out different sources such as Diane Ravitch and Drs. Milgrim and Stotski who were on the CCSS validation committee but refused to sign off on the standards.

  • Troy

    I cannot read the comments as the font is too dark compared to the background.

    • timmy

      You need to upgrade your computer…. even my box from 10 years ago works on this site

  • MadMamaBear

    Read this 5 part series of the DIRTY CC$$ money trail…
    Gates Audit http://deutsch29.wordpress.com/2013/08/27/a-brief-audit-of-bill-gates-common-core-spending/

  • MadMamaBear

    This is a thorough explanation of CC$$
    Common Core: A Scheme to Rewrite Education http://www.thenewamerican.com/culture/education/item/16192-common-core-a-scheme-to-rewrite-education

  • MadMamaBear
  • madgrandma

    fight the dirty bastards at every level… NO COMMON CORE!

  • Russ L. Smith

    Tennessee is run amok with self-righteous imbeciles, I live near the border in Kentucky (which may be the pot calling the kettle black).

    • Shane Kennedy

      the rich and righteous r trying to change us and our state but we r fighting it. sharia law was struck down here(thank god) but we know more is coming

  • Sunshine

    I would be tempted to dig and see if there is any connection to Bill Ayres and this Ayres foundation since Bill was with the weather underground and he’s also been connected with other education foundations in the past and education reform. I’ve a feeling there is a connection there.

  • Rob Lowery

    Hasnt the Governor of TN signed the bill that allows Shira law to be used as a defense in court?

    • Shane Kennedy

      no..it was struck down. we r fighting these morons as much as possible,but they continue to try

  • Cheryl Newcomb

    Stop Common Core. These states need to tell the Federal Government to shove their grants and bribe money. The States need to take back all revenue generated and cut ties with this corrupt excuse for a Government. If my kids were still school age I’d be home schooling them. Indoctrination is all public schools are good for anymore. Along with kids being sucked into the system.

  • jason

    Stop Common Core! Common Core = COMMUNISM.