Citizens in counties around the country have taken their cases to court when it comes to red light cameras. More often than not, the cameras are found to be unconstitutional. When a driver currently gets a ticket from a red light camera in the city of Murfreesboro, TN, the tickets warn that if payment is not received then the driver registered to that vehicle will lose their license, be reported to the credit bureau, which will negatively impact their credit, and have points issued against their insurance.

However, according to the most recent city council hearing, none of that is true. Tennessee state law, as well as city ordinances, prohibit such action being taken against motorists. The tickets that motorists receive in the mail are essentially making false threats in an attempt to bully them into paying fines that they actually do not have to pay.

According to a group called Citizens Against Photo Enforcement (CAPE) it’s time for the cameras to go, and this new evidence proves the point. A CAPE co-founder provided us with the following statement:

“Despite the fact that the city council decided to continue the automated camera system for one more year, we consider yesterday’s council meeting a tremendous success. One year ago when we originally discussed organizing opposition to the cameras, it was almost certain they were going to double the amount of cameras in our city as well as possibly add speed enforcement cameras. In this current decision, they have decided to only maintain the existing camera infrastructure and not expand the system. There was also healthy questioning to Police Chief Chrisman about the effectiveness of the system that was not present in the past. Most important, the council acknowledged publicly that despite the tickets directly threatening the loss of one’s license and reflecting negatively on one’s credit report, they cannot take any substantial action against those who choose not to pay and simply ignore the ticket. This is because under Tennessee State Law, automated traffic cameras which issue tickets cannot issue moving violations. Because of this, they cannot reflect this on your driving history nor report this charge to a credit agency. In the words of Murfreesboro City Councilman Eddie Smotherman whom was the only one who voted no to continue the contract, paying a ticket in the current system is little more than a complimentary payment.”

The group plans to continue their fight to stop the red light cameras, and say that the new evidence from the council hearing has state-wide implications.

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Michael Lotfi

CEO, Political Director at BrandFire Consulting LLC
Michael Lotfi is a Persian-American political analyst and adviser living in Nashville, Tennessee. Lotfi is the founder and CEO of BrandFire Consulting LLC. The firm specializes in public and private technology centered brand development, lead generation, data aggregation, online fundraising, social media, advertising, content generation, public relations, constituency management systems, print and more. Lotfi is the former executive state director for the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, a think-tank focused on restraining federal overreach.Lotfi graduated with top honors from Belmont University, a private Christian university located in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  • UncommonStats™

    Mr Swann, I’m waiting for a formal response to my question. You don’t like it when Mr. Soetoro dodges your questions.. please don’t do so to me. I am a big fan of yours however I recently discovered you are involved with WeAreChange. The co-founder is a 32nd degree mason. Why would you align yourself with such people?

    • Michael Lotfi

      I’ve been a mason for years. So are all the men in my family. What’s wrong with that?

      • lastresort09

        Masons are involved in many sinister dealings within our government. Not all freemasons are aware of this and it is more of a secret kept by the leaders and not shared with a regular mason members.

        • dsf

          Above comment was meant forlastresort09

          • Ryan P. Grace

            Prove yourself lastresort09.

          • Tilghman Lesher

            He cannot. As we all know, lastresort09 is a member of the Illuminati, and UncommonStats works for the Rothschild empire, so both would like to smear the Masons with the details of their own malfeasance.

            Am I wrong? Prove it beyond the doubt of your fellow conspiracy nuts.

          • UncommonStats™

            You’re actually Spiderman after you finish your minimum wage job. Prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt you aren’t Spiderman. lol, jeez man, c’mon now

          • UncommonStats™

            Here’s some background to answer the passive aggressive questioning. Cognitive dissonance tends to do that. Overwhelms the subject into a defensive stance. Enjoy this little video though.. funded by the “Rothschilds” as Lesher would have you believe.



          • UncommonStats™

            Nice video.. guaranteed NONE of the masons in here watched that. Fuckin’ creepy interview with that ex member.. and what’s with the 2nd degree ceremony they performed.. could it be any more homoerotic?

        • Michael

          Watch out for the lizard people.

      • dsf

        Except, somehow, you know all about the “plot”? Get real.

        • UncommonStats™

          There are millions upon millions of masons.. they don’t all have access to the same information. Degrees exist for a reason.. hierarchy exists within masonry.. to think you should “know everything” because you’re a member is unintelligible.

      • UncommonStats™

        My grandfather, great grandfather and my father were all Masons. They were kept on a need to know basis. No lower level members understand the corruption and darkness which exists atop your structure. You and your family aren’t the enemies.. it’s the top masons who seek such evil.

      • UncommonStats™

        Where to begin.. maybe Google?

    • Collateral Damage

      Who in WeAreChange is a 32nd degree Mason?

      • lastresort09

        From a quick Google search, I think they are talking about Craig Fitzgerald.

    • Kane


    • Coolstorybro

      Still a cool story bro.
      Pics or it didn’t happen. Looks like you trolled a few before I got here

      • UncommonStats™

        If you google it there are tons of links.. perhaps you’re trolling here.. everything I said is factual and online in multiple credible sources. Check it out. WeAreChange has a 32nd mason in their ranks. Kinda sad.

  • Leaping Raven

    Are there other cities and states for which the camera cannot be used against you or is TN a single event?

  • Joe

    In Plano Tx, they use the red light cameras to get people that don’t stop completely for a right on red. They tell you that if you don’t pay that it will cost $25 more on your registration but it didn’t happen this year. Even it it did it would be $25 or $75 for the ticket.

    • How to beat a ticket

      I recently paid a $75 ticket for not stopping completely to make a right turn on yellow/red. But in the video you can see a truck barreling behind me who absolutely would have hit me if I did not go. I wanted to fight it, but if I took off half a day then I would have lost more money from missing work. My answer to that was I stopped shopping in the city that gave me the ticket whenever I possibly can shop in another town.

      • Steven Giles

        Same thing here, no more shopping or dining in Ft. Worth TX. Enjoy your $75. You have already lost more money on Sales and Gas taxes than you gained from this shakedown. Losers.

  • Joe AnnonUSA

    Red light and speed cameras are nothing more than a road tax and money grab. Red light cameras have been shown time and time again to to offer Zero gain in safety, the fact used to justify them almost all the time, and many Municipalities have been found to reduce Yellow light times to bring in more “revenue”.
    There have been studies showing that a lengthening of Yellow light time by just 2 or 3 seconds would virtually eliminate Red light running. But that would not produce revenue.
    If you see red light cameras in use, you can be sure they are for profit and not for safety.

    • Guest

      The easiest way to observe this is to see how noticeable a
      red light camera is. If red light cameras were more about safety than revenue,
      they would be impossible to miss. Picture giant billboards “RED LIGHT CAMERA
      AHEAD”. In reality a lot of people aren’t
      even aware of a red light camera until they get a ticket in the mail.

    • Bruiser

      The easiest way to observe this is to see how noticeable a red light camera is. If red light cameras were more about safety than revenue, they would be impossible to miss. Picture giant billboards “RED LIGHT CAMERA AHEAD”. In reality lot of people aren’t even aware of a red light camera until they get a ticket in the mail.

  • LearnsMe

    What do the Illuminati or Freemasons REALLY do in our country/society that is so awful? Will someone please educate me and not make me feel like a retard..?

    • UncommonStats™

      Few things to Google.. Bohemien Grove, G20, Georgia Guidestones, New World Order, Skull & Bones, Bavarian Illuminati, Knights Templar, Aleister Crowley. Also if you are intaking any fluoride.. stop now. It’s collects in your pineal gland and calcifies it. The pineal gland is our “third eye”.. has a lens, retina and exists in the centre of our brain. Some call it the “all seeing eye”. It is rooted in egyptian occult, now freemasonry. Many don’t even know we have a third eye.. those same people tend to watch the NHL and Family Guy so that says something.

      • Michael Langley

        I was trained in neuoranatomy and gross anatomy in graduate school. I can tell you that the pineal is a gland that produces melatonin. It has no resemblance to an eye, at all! Lens and retina, LMAO. I looked directly at it when I dissected the brain for my class in the gross anatomy of the head! Calcification, of the pineal, does occur. But, I never heard there was a direct connection between it and fluoride, during medical school.

        • Moonshine

          No one said he had a lens or a retina. “Third Eye” is just a term used from the ancients. Many scientists and doctors believe that the gland produces DMT which is the strongest hallucinogen known to man. It is also the only organ in the brain that doesn’t not have a left/right counter part. As of yet, no one knows what its purpose is for.

          • Michael Langley

            It was edited out then, because my reply was addressed directly at the ridiculous comment! I do know it was called a third eye, especially since it is felt to be present in many species, including reptiles. (did I mention I had a major in Zoology, as well?) It might, also, be involved in controlling out “internal clocks”. But, again, it was written that it contained “a lens and retina”, by Uncommonsite, and that is why I directly addressed the comment about it having a those. People are allowed to edit their comments, here. It was likely edited out.

    • hsmom2004

      Most of our founding fathers were Freemasons. As a matter of fact, so was Benedict Arnold. They are human and some of them make mistakes. Others who were Masons included all the men at the Alamo who died and Santa Ana. The fact that Santa Ana was a Mason was why he was not executed by the Texian forces when the tides turned.
      As for the Knights Templar, they were men who, during the Crusades, went to fight for Jerusalem. They were a sort of “special forces” for that time period authorized by the Pope. They did an excellent job of protecting people during their travels and helping people escape from imprisonment who were captured by the enemy. In gratitude, kings and princes would award the Knights Templar with land and money. The “church” meaning the Pope and those around him, became jealous of the wealth of the Knights Templar and changed his tune about them. He ultimately ordered their execution. They were killed on Friday, 13 October 1307, they were attacked, tortured to confess crimes they had not committed and burned at the stake. The church then twisted the truth to suit themselves so that people would think these heroic men were evil, when in fact, those in power in the church were the ones who were evil men. (Recall that this was the time that Wycliffe and Hus were working to reform the church.) Research Papal Bulls and the history of what they decreed and you will find for the authority given them, and taken away, as well as many other egregious things ordered by the popes of the time, including burning at the stake, the worsening treatment of Jews, the Spanish Inquisition – and previous inquisitions, and the encouragement of slavery, that was later redacted.
      As for Freemasons, they must all believe in a Creator God, whether Christian, Jew, Muslim, or other religion. They use the Old Testament Bible as the source for their teachings.
      There are various Masonic organizations which serve various purposes. The primary function of Masons, in addition to learning about Solomon’s Temple in detail, is to provide for widows, orphans, and the sick and injured. The Scottish Rite group provide hospitals that care for burn victims, primarily. The Shriners provide hospitals that care for children born with birth defects and other childhood needs. St. Jude’s Hospital was begun by Mason, Danny Thomas to care for children with cancer. They do their work “in secret” because Christ said to do good works in secret and not to be doing the works for show. They offer wonderful blessings of service in their communities and throughout the country and world in their service to God, which many congregations have failed to do. These men, working across denominations to fulfill the commandments of God to serve others are vastly honorable men. However, being men, not angels, occasionally, there will be a bad one in the bunch, sadly. The bad ones are the exception, not the rule.

  • Think_For_Yourself

    For those who are wondering what the big deal is with Freemasons, there is a book from the 1700’s called “Proofs of a Conspiracy” by John Roberson.

    • Think_For_Yourself

      Sorry, it is John Robison…not Roberson.

  • Michael Sievers

    Just knock the cameras down. Spray paint the lenses. Once it cost more to maintain the system than it generates, it will go away.

    • PCS

      They are a good target for a high powered rifle with a scope.

  • ProofsOfAConspiracy

    As a VICTIM of this fraud in Murfreesboro, TN I can assure you of a few things:

    1) Though it is not “legally” binding, they have Alternative measures in place(destruction of credit rating) for individuals who refuse to pay these “fines” (read extortion)

    2) After receiving a phone call from a Collections Agency filled with threats over payment of these tickets, I found out that the company awarded the contract, American Traffic Solutions (ATS), is based in another state and has operations in numerous others…and they are all tied together (see bullet 3).

    3) As a military veteran and prior resident in Scott AFB, Illinois, I can tell you that when I finally gave in and paid the “fine”, (I need good credit to get a loan for a Home, right?), not only did I find out they charge LATE FEES, but more importantly that a past ticket from Belleville, Illinois was also on record…so THESE THINGS FOLLOW YOU. I was forced to pay that as well…

    I tried to seek a lawyer to help me with the unconstitutionality of this, but was turned down by every lawyer I called…But I did make sure to ask the city workers I paid how Hitler, Lenin and Mow would have faired if they had complete access to the comings and goings of their citizens via the roadways–just like these cameras, coupled with phone GPS provide.

    Please share my experience with others as the numbered bullets are something I did not hear in this meeting of Half-Truths.

    • Ellen

      I’m thankful for the red light cameras. I can personally testify to the fact that less people are now running red lights, and the police have records that prove there have been less accidents. Thanks Murfreesboro officials!!!

      • Jim Jones


    • Chris


  • Lee G.

    What about Florida, is this of similar circumstance in the sunshine state?

  • Logic

    I have a question. The cameras are catching people doing something illegal.

    So is the backlash against camera enforcement a result of this sketchy third party scam or the because of the disadvantage it gives us drivers (even if it means being penalized for doing something wrong)

    • gmstanfield

      The main issue I have with it is that I am being ticketed and fined for something that it has not been proven I did. Twice now I have been ticketed and fined for instances when I was not even in the car, let alone driving it. Because it is titled and registered jointly someone has to be listed first and that just happens to be me. The pictures and video show the car, but in both instances here in Maryland they do not show the driver. How can you ticket someone for a moving violation if you cannot prove who was doing the moving? Or the violating?

      • dusman

        Hence why you always have a constitutionally-secured right to face your accuser. In this case a camera. Are we to cross-examine electronics in this technological age?

    • 7LibertyForAll

      Illegal? Unless it’s UNLAWFUL, it means nothing. No victim, no crime. Stop supporting the parasite class.

  • gmo2ashes

    I received a red light camera notice in the mail. It said on the material that payment of this fine constitutes guilt.

    The logo of our police department was used on this correspondence – from a company in Arizona – 5 states to the west of mine. To me, this seems illegal. They are NOT affiliated with our police department in any way.

    There letter demand is absurd. It implies that if I don’t pay the fine, I’m not guilty. I also called three different police officials here and all of them said NO – they do not issue warrants and do not enforce anything to do with the company in AZ.

    I didn’t pay the fine and I was harassed for months on end – at one point the AZ company threatened to confiscate my car.

    Finally the red light cameras were outlawed in our city – but the city mayor says she will still pursue unpaid fines – with more bogus threats which even the police and the county tax assessor both say are incorrect and untrue.

  • JohnG

    Time to BOOT Eddie out!