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A few of the leading names in the political realm came together in Nashville, Tennessee over the weekend to discuss the Federal Reserve. They called it, A Night of Clarity. The conference boasted a room of more than 500, packed wall to wall with a surprisingly wide range of audience demographics. Typically, at such events where former congressman, Dr. Ron Paul is featured the crowd is young and energetic. This crowd was unique. The median age was approximately 40 years old. Many attendees were former business, economic & marketing majors who are now leaders in their chosen industry. Attendees came from all over the country to hear the six man team make their case against the Federal Reserve.

Dr. Paul Speaks In Nashville, TN
Dr. Paul Speaks In Nashville, TN

The night featured speeches and book signings by:

-L. Carlos Laura, CEO of United Services & Trust Corporation & co-creator of the Infinite Banking Practitioner’s Program ™

-Lawrence Reed, founder of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)

-R. Nelson Nash, bestselling author of Becoming Your Own Banker & creator of the Infinite Banking Concept

-Robert R. Murphy, PhD in economics from New York University, president of Consulting by RPM & co-creator of the Infinite Banking Practitioner’s Program

-Thomas E. Woods, Jr. PhD Columbia University, senior fellow in history at the Mises Institute & author of award winning The Church and The Market

-Former Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul (R-TX)

Each man took their turn throwing jabs at the Federal Reserve and America’s fiat monetary system. Multiple jabs were also thrown at Ben Bernanke, republicans and democrats. Each man, a champion of Austrian economics, criticized the embrace of the Keynesian school.

Dr. Murphy tells us, “The Federal Reserve obviously has a horrible record. However, we are only asking- Who should replace Ben Bernanke?  When we need to be asking- How do we replace the Federal Reserve?”

When asked about the unique audience demographics Dr. Murphy said,

We are trying to do something different with these conferences. If we can bring in the business and finance industry to show them how the Federal Reserve’s policies have a direct, negative effect on their business and career then hopefully we can get the industry motivated to seek change.

According to Dr. Woods, “Every panic in the past has been caused by the over-issuing of paper money and too much regulation.“

Woods says that there is so little difference between the two new Federal Reserve nominees that you literally couldn’t slide a credit card between the two of them, and yet the media is portraying it as a “raging debate in Washington”.  “The raging debate would be about whether or not there should even be a Federal Reserve,” says Dr. Woods.

Dr. Paul says, “Austrian economics and the Federal Reserve is a favorite subject of mine.”  According to Dr. Paul, he gets a lot of phone calls from the media asking him who he would choose as the next Federal Reserve chair. Dr. Paul says he responds, “Mr. NOTA” (none of the above).  According to Dr. Paul,

There is a massive crash coming. The seeds have been sown for decades now. This crash will dwarf any crash seen in the history of the world. It is inevitable. The coming bubble is gigantic and it is already leaking. To my understanding of the market and the global economy the bond bubble is so big because of the world wide fiat currency and rampant inflation. Even though I encourage people to run for Congress and encourage champions such as my son and Congressman Amash to speak truth- I do not see a time in the near future where we will be able to end the Federal Reserve through Congress. They may tinker with policy, but ending quantitative easing and such will not occur. The bubble will continue to grow and become so big that they simply will not know how to handle it. It is an addiction. The country and the world are addicted to this type of spending.

Paul gives a dire warning, but says he is also optimistic.

“The youth makes me optimistic. People call me disillusioned because of all the support I receive from college students. They say the kids only support me because they want to smoke pot. I don’t believe that.  The young people I have met are incredibly decent, educated and wonderful people. They want the truth,” says Dr. Paul.

Paul says that we are running out of time, and that we must hurry to educate and inspire others.

The event promoted the newly found Infinite Banking Institute, which is an educational program that focuses on Austrian economic implementation in the financial industry.


Let us know what you think in the comments below-

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Michael Lotfi

CEO, Political Director at BrandFire Consulting LLC
Michael Lotfi is a Persian-American political analyst and adviser living in Nashville, Tennessee. Lotfi is the founder and CEO of BrandFire Consulting LLC. The firm specializes in public and private technology centered brand development, lead generation, data aggregation, online fundraising, social media, advertising, content generation, public relations, constituency management systems, print and more. Lotfi is the former executive state director for the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, a think-tank focused on restraining federal overreach.Lotfi graduated with top honors from Belmont University, a private Christian university located in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  • Bryan Compo

    I’d like to see some of the actual content from this. Stats, solutions, imminent problems, etc….. Where can I find a more in depth summary of the event?

    • Genkboy

      Agreed… Knowledge is power

      • songman727

        i agree genk, and ron paul has so, so much knowledge in the realm of economics. i wanted to vote for him as prez, but romney and his cronies in the repugnant party stole dr pauls chance for that, so my protest vote went to gary johnson, since i saw romney and ahl-bomb-ya as one and the same corrupt critters.
        peeps better wake up FAST and learn about what can be done if we really want to save our republic- for our kids and grandkids…

  • cbob9999

    I became a Libertarian in 1980, not because of pot, because I want smaller government! That idea continues to grow. Ask yourself, What does government well?

  • Thomas Cole

    It is rare that I question anything Ron Paul says. The housing bubble was the turning point for me. I could see it coming as plain as day, you can not loan people money who can not afford to pay it back.

  • Jodi Scott-Trevizo

    If he says disaster is coming, then disaster will come. I want to know how we as regular joes should prepare. Some of us can’t afford gold.

    • AJW

      ammo. gold ain’t worth a damn if you don’t have the food to eat or means to protect your gold. If you have gold, and I have water/food/guns… I’ll wait you out, pick up the gold from your carcass in a week.

      • weeman


      • Sassin

        This shit does not help, at worst we have a more tight control grid, unitary monetary policy, One World Government etc. We are not going back to the wild wild west, and you can afford silver, which is undervalued because of the naked shorts at JP Morgan, once they cannot afford to keep silver artificially low it will go back to 100 -1 instead of where it is now, that is more than 5 times your current physical dollar. So exchange now and you will be better able to afford to pay for things while they create the next currency etc. Do not get me wrong I do not think what I say has to be just feel strongly that with the amount of people still not awake to how crazy it really is, we will see major change in the next 5 years.

        • AJW

          The real problem is world over population. That’s the reason you can’t base currency off physical gold or silver. Nuke India and you immediately solve world over population.

          • Brando

            Lol. Malthusian bull**** at its finest. The more people there are that want a product, the higher the demand. That means the value goes up which also means smaller denominations are used to buy things. So that one ounce coin you hold will buy more things in the future….which also means that breaking it into smaller pieces will buy you the same things it buys now. You don’t need to currency inflation to bring us to the land of skittle shitting unicorns.

          • Serenity

            NO. The problem is NOT over population.”Nuke India”????

      • Sparky

        Hey jerk off. Almost EVERYONE I know who buys gold and silver for the coming collapse ALSO stocks up on food, water and guns. So they’ll be able to shoot criminal lowlife scum like yourself in the face when you come to try to rob others.

      • Ben

        Or someone can find you shoot you and take your food. That simple. But this discussion is pointless. Instead of taking pot shots why not just give better advice. You say you would wait it out how so? What do you have prepared?

    • SharpndPensel

      Silver man. Next best thing.

    • Recil Robinson

      The main support of this conference was the Infinite Banking Concept which is based entirely on Austrian economic principles. For those of us that practice this concept we believe that enough people catch on to the concept principles it can be an answer to surviving the monetary change from the US dollar to what ever comes next.

    • The Retro Housewife

      Silver and supplies. Be able to do something useful. People like me, who are highly educated and almost completely incompetent in the real world will be 100% dependent on the folks who can change a tire, fix a generator, build stuff, make stuff etc. Our imports will dry up and become unaffordable. Stock up now while they are cheap. Anything that is made in China and is a necessity. Stock up on Aspirin. Enough to trade for what you need. Salt, sugar, coffee, nails, seeds, bullets, safety pins, tampons – the things you buy without thinking about because you buy them so often – because you really need them.

  • Ephraim

    I love the website, however please do a little more work in the editing department. Simple things like punctuation and capitalizing can undermine your credibility. Just a thought.

    • Duh

      It’s not any less factual because of errors. The guy is Persian. I’m sure that has an effect on it.

  • Recil Robinson

    to the reporter …. I hope you can cover the Defending the american dream conference in orlando FL this weekend

  • Steven Vincent

    We need to stop fearmongering about “Crashes”. Everyone thought it was coming at a similar juncture in the late 1970’s-early 80’s. It has been predicted over and over again for many decades. It is very unlikely to happen at this juncture. There is no evidence at all that that is the case. And I am a HUGE RON PAUL SUPPORTER. Fearmongering does not advance our cause. Let’s cut it out.

    • LetsTryLibertyAgain

      There is great inertia in the huge worldwide economy, and most of the financial power brokers are very invested in not crashing the economy, but their short term greed is nevertheless destroying the economy in several ways. The math seems obvious. There was a time when we could fix the economy, but that time was probably 15 years ago. Now, nobody seriously talks of balancing the budget or paying off the national debt. Without the unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare, Americans are currently more than twice as broke as Detroit residents were when it recently declared bankruptcy. Go to US Debt Clock for the numbers. The national debt per tax payer is over $148,000. I don’t have that. Do you? Add in the unfunded liabilities and the average taxpayer is on the hook for almost $1.1 MILLION. Do you think we’ll have a bake sale or list some stuff on eBay to pay that off?

      That which is unsustainable will not be sustained. Certainly you don’t believe that this economic insanity can continue forever. If you believe this won’t end in a huge crash, then I can only assume you believe in some miraculous religious intervention and salvation.

      • The Retro Housewife

        We owe/have promised something like 5 – 10 times our GDP. Some have estimated that our liabilities are more than the world’s entire production. Use your head and think. The Fed is printing (monetizing) our entire deficit. According to Keynesian economic theory their next move would be to increase interest rates once the economy is growing again. HOWEVER, once they do this, the Federal government is bankrupt as interest payments eat up the entire tax base. They have backed themselves into a corner. They could take every last penny everybody makes, and we are still screwed. It is over, done, finito. accept it.

        • trumpsahead

          Yes, people are losing confidence in this so-called quantitative easing. Without confidence, we’ll crash that much sooner.

          I can’t see three more years without a crash. How it comes about is something else – could be economic, bond market crash (already starting), or false flag catastrophe (we’re hearing possibilities of nuclear false flags in America coming up soon), even God forbid Fukishima meltdown sending Japan to the bottom of the ocean would do it (Edgar Cayce predicted it 80 years ago & if he’s right the time is Now). The possibilities are limitless for the elite whose agenda is a takeover of America and a one world govt.
          I can’t believe I lived to see a day when the President of the United States turned out to be an Imposter of the highest order, a tyrant, dictator on the order of a Mao Tse Tung, and is beginning to look like he’s actually the President of Al Quaeda/Muslim Brotherhood of the entire World.

          Most people I speak with are actually optimistic that the next Pres elections will change everything, but I argue that as much as I pray I’m wrong I cannot see three years without a total collapse, and when it comes there will be blood everywhere, then we’ll know that 500 rounds of ammo is nothing when you’re fighting plunderers in broad daylight, no food in the stores, forget about gasoline if you didn’t store any, and it won’t be safe on the road anyway.
          It’s a time you need family or good friends and honker down real good with provisions and guns and people you trust.
          I’m ranting, damn, I gotta get outta here.

    • bugs07734

      There WAS a crash in the late 70’s-early 80’s and I point out the FEDERAL GOVT took over all state’s rights to govern their own resources within the state–took over changing the oil pricing at the well head. TEXAS realestate was devalued (1st time since the Spaniards’ owned it), and the small independent oilmen were WIPE OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH by the federal govt. And all the Tx citizenry were left sitting for hours in long gas station lines, and according to whether your license plate was even or odd was whether you got gas or NOT. I and my siblings in Richardson (Dallas) TX had to get up about 5a.m. to get in line, and when the station ran out of gas…THAT WAS IT! The only oil company’s left were the few merged BIG CORPORATIONS (Getty/Texaco/Gulf=Chevron; Exxon-Mobile, etc..)
      With the little guys gone, so went the farmers’ extra royalty checks that were keeping THEM affloat, and when that was gone… the banks pulled their NOTES at the banks—they wanted ALL their money back…NOW–even if you’ve never missed a payment in your life!

    • The Retro Housewife

      No, NO and No. There is going to be a very bad crash and we need to do whatever we can to get people to take some sort of precaution. I agree there have been people fear-mongering forever, but NOW the underlying circumstances are such that it is most certainly, unequivocally, going to happen – sooner rather than later. I was in the 1989 SF earthquake – I had a six-pack of beer in the fridge – nothing more. Never was a prepper. I do however, understand cause and effect. This is going to be a once in a century occurrence. Don’t kid yourself.

    • JTyler

      On average over the centuries I believe every fiat currency has a shelf life of about 40 years. We’re living on borrowed time. I actually just looked it up again and it’s only 27 years…

  • Kevin Merck

    “The young people I have met are incredibly decent, educated and wonderful people. They want the truth,”
    That says it all. People who want the truth are now, and always have been, the salt of the earth.
    Some people say the “Greatest Generation” was the WWII generation. My parents were from that generation. My father served in the European theater and my mother assembled field radios for the infantry.
    They were good people, no doubt, but the greatest generation will be the one that exposes 9/11 and this corrupt, criminal government, and restores the Constitution and the Republic to its former glory.
    I think both of my parents would agree.

    • Trev Tastic

      I agree with you, however most of that generation can’t grasp that their government would ever do anything to hurt their nation. Heck, my parents flat out lost it when I told them I believed Bush was involved in 9/11. Blows my mind…

      We’ll have our chance, I just hope it doesn’t have to resort to violence.

      • The Retro Housewife

        Show them architects and engineers…

        • Trev Tastic

          Have already done that. What’s funny is my grandparents believe me though… IDK what to make of it, as my father was the one who taught me to think critically and always get all sides of a story before forming an opinion.

          • The Retro Housewife

            Turn off their TVs. Limit them to an hour a day of programming that you approve of. That is how you raise children.

          • Trev Tastic

            Well… that won’t happen til I see them at Christmas. lol

            Their “Conservative Programming” via Fox News will be complete by then… a lost cause I’m afraid.

          • Laura Olson

            You think you have all sides?

          • Trev Tastic

            Please, provide me with the sides I may be missing, since you’re obviously in the know, and we aren’t. 😉

      • Laura Olson

        People like you are why Dr. Paul never had a chance. Please keep you craziness away from Rep. Amash and Senator Paul.

        • Kevin Merck

          Ron Paul didn’t stand a chance because establishment Republicans cheated him out of the nomination in the primaries.
          Everyone with a brain knows that.
          We may not stand a chance as a free country because of self-absorbed malefactors like you.
          If you cared about the truth you would be aligned with the family members who refuse to accept the official hogwash.

        • Trev Tastic

          Well, thank you for the most ignorant post of this thread.

      • Kevin Merck

        I hear you, my folks would have trouble grasping it for a while, but they would look at the evidence and eventually see the truth of what happened.

        My dad used to tell me about all the Nazis they brought over here after the war to work in our government. He knew the government was evil and spent a lot of time trying to educate me about it, without much success.

        This Mark Twain quote says it very well:

        “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”

        – Mark Twain

        • Jeffrey

          That is a great quote!

    • Jeffrey

      I hope its a restoration and not a rebuilding of the Republic. Unfortunately my own assessment of our monetary policy causes me to believe that Dr. Paul is correct. A collapse seems to be coming and the magnitude is massive. As in, currency destroying.

      • Kevin Merck

        We have the best foundation ever created by mankind. The house that sits on that foundation is rotten to the core with termites and must be rebuilt from the foundation up or we will never get rid of the termites.
        That’s not as bad as it sounds, if as many as possible help make it happen. Think of it as everyone in the community pitching in on a weekend to raise a neighbor’s barn.

        • Jeffrey

          Our founding principals are the best in the history of man, but I was referring to our foundation of our current economy. Fractional banking, monetary expansion, fiat money, broken tax code. When the US was the US we had a currency that was tied to a commodity that kept the government and bankers from manipulating the money supply. Now the monetary system is built upon manipulation. Our economy isn’t based on production, but monetary expansion. The stock market is up 250% since the crash but GDP is up only 10%. That’s where he inflation is at for the moment. When it moves to the other side of the economy we’ll have a major crash.

    • Laura Olson

      What do you mean by exposes 9/11? My MIL died on American flight 77. You “truthers” have accused my family of terrible things. Barbara Olson did call her husband and she was killed when her plane hit the Pentagon. Stop with your crazy accusations. This happened to real people who have real families.

      • Kevin Merck

        No victim, of any crime, is ever helped by not investigating the circumstances involved.
        Go to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth, and study the facts, if you care at all, about your mother in law.
        My guess is that you have no interest in the truth.

        • Laura Olson

          Are you saying that My father in law was complicit in Barbara’s death? Is that your “truth”?

          • Mark Whittington

            Um, maybe Barbara was just truthfully reporting what she believed, which may not have been the truth?

          • Laura Olson

            You mean she was strapped to a missile and wasn’t really on a commercial airliner? I think she would have known the difference. She did call Ted. The calls went through. You are being manipulated. I am tired of hearing the horrible things that “truthers” say about my family. I am a libertarian with distrust of big government but flight 77 did hit the Pentagon. I know people who were driving on 395 when it happened and they watched the plane hit in person. You people need to stop spreading lies about my family.

          • Steve

            Whether the plane hit the pentagon or crashed somewhere else, that’s not even the main issue at hand here. The fact of the matter is, the corporate backed, mainstream media fairytale that comprises the “official” story of 9/11 is full of holes. CNN and Fox are nothing but fiction and lies, so research & discernment must be done elsewhere. Do you really believe that 14 or whatever Muslim radicals, armed with nothing but box cutters conspired with a caveman from Afghanistan to defeat the greatest secured nation on the planet? Please. And CNN magically “knew” it was “Al-Qaeda” within hours? Also, most of these guys were strung out on coke & heroine, hanging out at strip joints by night… yet somehow they’re supposed to know how to control a passenger jet.

            Meanwhile, the Bush family has a long history of business ventures with the wealthy Bin Laden family, going back to Bush Senior. This “terrorist” attack was nothing more than a staged event by the ‘elite’, meant to further their own sick agendas, take away more of our freedoms (see the Patriot Act), and serve as a gateway into a war with Iraq for, you guessed it, OIL!

            I know this stuff must not be easily to swallow for the ‘average’ American who is used to swallowing the propagated nonsense from CNN & Fox News, even more so for families who had victims in this atrocity. The fact the human lives are sacrificed as pawns for the benefit of these, sick, greedy bankers and corporatations is a reality too great for many to handle, so they just choose to ignore it.

          • Liberty6

            I think this laura olsen account could possibly be a paid disinfo agent.

          • Trev Tastic

            Possibly not even paid, just a shill. She seems to only attack with personal conviction and blindly refutes any factual evidence.

          • trumpsahead

            I think the same.
            12 yrs later she’s still whining about a “mother in law”? I ain’t buying it. For that alone I distrust her, but yeah, she’s more than obtuse, especially for someone who lost someone.

          • trumpsahead

            If you are actually sincere in your posts here, then let’s reason this out. You say “was she strapped to a missile…” If she was not on a commercial airliner why is “strapped to a missile” the only option remaining for you. Government kills people many different ways.
            You say “she did call Ted” but cannot PROVE they came from flight 77.
            You say “you are being manipulated”. We are all being manipulated. Most truthers know it and are fighting it. Obama says no more taxes but prints money every day — that’s a tax. We are being manipulated one and all. Wake up and fight.
            The hole in the Pentagon was no bigger than either 12 ft or 16 ft diameter; almost a perfectly shaped round hole. No other damage was done to the building. First, the nose of a plane is rather hollow so how in hell could it have penetrated so deeply into the Pentagon? Two, windows on either side of the hole were not even broken and no marks on the building but a airliner has at least 120 ft wing span so how can there NOT be any damage to the damn bldg? Also, on the wings are the only serious piece of heavy metal, the jet engines — each made of TITANIUM; they surely would do damage — nope, none there either.

            We never saw any airliner parts on the lawn, but there was a small 4 ft piece of aluminum and after the wall face collapsed – or maybe destroyed to hide a stupid little 12 ft drone hole – you could see a single 16-24 inch engine laying about.
            The people who said they actually saw the plane hit the Pentagon were govt shills, there is no question about that, because it was a drone.
            How come no videos were shown when there were over 80 cameras in operation?
            This was an enormous scam, can you not comprehend that the “big govt you distrust” can set up such a despicable act of treason against America in order to rally the masses to invade another country?
            I hear your yelling at the other posters, but we are angry too, but we did our home work, and some of us lost friends and loved ones also. You are not alone … but maybe you are, because most people who lost loved ones have spoken to so many people they have come to see the truth. Now I have to wonder why do you speak so bitterly toward Truthers? Are you genuinely naiive, or your mother in law’s passing or “unavailability” hurt so much that 12 years later you cannot investigate but rather accept what criminals told you.
            What if she is alive? If you have enough cash you can find her and be happy or because she never called you may want to just curse her out.
            After all this writing, I must tell you my belief: I distrust you as much as I distrust our govt – I think you are a shill and not someone who lost a loved one … but if I’m wrong, then oops, nevermind.

            Either way, life goes on. Trust no one — INVESTIGATE.

          • Kevin Merck

            It’s clear from your comment that you have much deeper issues than your MIL being a victim of the *false flag* 9/11 attacks.
            Get some help.

          • Laura Olson

            Oh really what comment? You must not be a very good conspiracy theorist if you don’t know the terrible accusations you types have levied against my father in law.

          • Kevin Merck

            Don’t know, don’t care.
            I couldn’t care less about someone like you

          • trumpsahead

            Have you at least viewed the videos about Barbara Olson/Olsen on youtube? After 9/11 there was alive and well a commentator doing her job by the name of Cindy Bachmann, and she sure as hell is a dead ringer (no pun intended) for Barbara Olson.
            Was you father in law complicit you ask? He worked under GW and remained alive after 9/11 and if Cindy Bachman who became Ms Booth (I believe) then a resounding YES, he was complicit, because if he hated Bush then his wife would most certainly have been killed or he himself would have, just like FBI John O’Neil.

            Theodore Olson took orders like everyone else, and most knew they were doing wrong; I’m certain most were well indoctrinated and actually believed they were doing a good thing for America. Not everyone is an Obama criminal type, some are patsies, others are duped, and some don’t give a crap one way or the other.

          • The Retro Housewife

            No – they are saying there are serious problems with the official story. Real people with real expertise are calling into question many key points of the government story of what happened on 9/11. If somebody had killed my family member, I would want to know who. Start with Architects and Engineers for 911 truth. We owe it to the dead and to the living – because if the truthers are right – in any part of their story – these people who did this are still out there and can do this again. Get it?

      • trumpsahead

        You did not investigate. Her plane did NOT hit the Pentagon because a missile or drone hit the Pentagon. Most of the flight numbers had duplicates that went back to their takeoff points and had passengers disembark. Those passengers from what I had read were brought into another temporary holding area. I don’t want to say what I believe happened to them.
        But the three Manhattan bldgs were brought down by DEMOLITION, and Pentagon was most likely a drone missile.
        Best websites: 911docsdotnet and topdocumentaryfilmsdotcom are two excellent free sites.
        It is the Truthers who are the most embittered and angry by what happened on 9/11, angry enough to DEMAND THE TRUTH.
        How often do you speak of 9/11? I still speak about it very often; it is also a way of discovering who is a genuine American Patriot and who just likes to make noise.
        Investigate the truth. The Government is not your friend but We Truthers are.

  • The Retro Housewife

    Pot has nothing to do with it. I don’t care about pot. I care about getting rid of the Federal Reserve and the criminal bankers. Americans love being raped and taken advantage of, then making stupid excuses for their cowardice. Stop the wars, stop the enslavement of the world’s population. This is not starry eyed, pie in the sky dreaming, it is entirely possible to end this given the very small number of people who are doing this to us. We need to root them out one by one.

    • Guest

      “We need to root them out one by one.”

      In my opinion I think we need to root them all out at once; a quick, decisive elimination.

    • JCSMcKenna

      “We need to root them out one by one.”

      In my opinion I think we need to root them all out at once; a quick, decisive elimination. Other than that, I agree with what you said completely.

  • JG

    This is exactly what WWIII is gonna be the distraction for…….economic collapse is eminent….

  • joeschmo

    great article

  • VeryFast

    Understanding truth, in it’s full cycle, is a learning process lasting a lifetime. An opportunity to work out our faults and failings. An opportunity to enjoy the fruits of our labour. An opportunity to choose that which is life enhancing. People like Ron Paul encourage us to re-look at our values, to stop and re-look at our ridiculous hunger for Government to intervene in areas that should be of no concern to Government. Our demands for action from Government to protect us from our responsibility to look after ourselves make them stronger.
    Too many of us want to gain advantage over others and only feel well-off when there are others about them have less. Too many want to rise above others rather than rise above themselves, to find fault in others rather than to try and better themselves.
    Unfortunately there are powerful people about us with selfish and excluding agendas but their power is enhanced by us choosing to deal with them.
    Learning the practical skills of how to be free without blaming others for our enslavement is a wonderful, exciting and life enhancing way of life. How we treat our fellow ‘Commenters’ here on this website and other sites can be beginning to a new way of dealing with ourselves.
    Choosing to carry the pain for the mistakes or thoughtlessness of others without always needing redress, life enhancing. Choosing to learn to live within one’s means, life enhancing. Choosing to vote for somebody that promises and delivers less Government, life enhancing. Choosing to choose awareness, life enhancing.

  • Joseph

    “Who should replace Ben Bernanke? When we need to be asking- How do we replace the Federal Reserve?”

    The answer is the Fair Tax.

  • Kevin Clark

    The answer is secession form the union and forming a new federation, leaving DC and the sucker states that follow them to answer to the debt holders.