overweight lesbians

$2,202,873 tax dollars were spent to study why many lesbians are obese.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded the money to study the biological and social factors that cause a large number of lesbians to be obese. According to NIH three-quarters of lesbians are obese even though gay males are not — they call it an issue of “high public-health significance.”

overweight lesbians

A hospital in Boston, Brigham and Women’s, received grants to carry out the study. The overall goal is to study the relationship between sexual orientation and obesity.

Part of the grant reads, “Obesity is one of the most critical public health issues affecting the U.S. today. Racial and socioeconomic disparities in the determinants, distribution, and consequences of obesity are receiving increasing attention.”

“However, one area that is only beginning to be recognized is the striking interplay of gender and sexual orientation in obesity disparities,” it continues, “is now well-established that women of minority sexual orientation are disproportionately affected by the obesity epidemic. In stark contrast, among men, heterosexual males have nearly double the risk of obesity compared to gay males.”

The Washington Free Beacon reports, “The project has survived budget cuts due to sequestration, which the NIH warned would ‘delay progress in medical breakthroughs.'”

Despite the NIH claiming that the cuts are “delaying progress” in the development of cancer drugs, the lesbian study continues to receive funding.

The NIH said, “NIH research addresses the full spectrum of human health across all populations of Americans. Research into unhealthy human behaviors that are estimated to be the proximal cause of more than half of the disease burden in the U.S. will continue to be an important area of research supported by NIH.”

Is this study worth of $2 million, or is it a waste of tax dollars? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  • chris

    Just…. wow.

  • nick

    are you kidding… first, study the overall obesity epidemic – correlation does not equal cause. People in general are obese because the majority of our society is predicated off of consumption, services, and leisure. We also have giant food corporations market the cheapest food to produce, which happens to be the most unhealthy (processed) food for the human body. Second, this should be funded by private organizations and sponsors, NOT the federal government. I guess this was too important to fit into the minimal cuts from the sequestration. Government favoritism/cronyism

    • Mae Blue

      Big Food, sugar, all that crap, yes you are right.

  • JoJo58

    Let’s see….could it be that men are superficial and tend to NOT be monogamous…so…in order to look good for all of those “hook ups” ya gotta stay in shape. Women tend to go for “soul mates” and obviously once they find it, they no longer give a crap

    • Mae Blue

      I don’t think that is true, I know lots of gay women who struggle with their weight and would love to be fit. A big problem is the crappy non food food that is being pushed by Big food. People are becoming more and more vulnerable to the processed, additive empty simple carbs that rule the market.

      • JoJo58

        So Big Food is forcing people to stuff their faces? I’m simply omosexual men tend to be on the prowl more than women. So many of them hang out in gyms and steam rooms. There are very few women that are wired that way.

        • Mae Blue

          It is not a matter of force, it is a matter of education. It took my my whole life to realise, for me, sugar is addictive to many, like drugs. No one is forcing anyone to do anything, It is much more sublte than that…

          Belive me, you do not know how lesbians are wired:)))

          • JoJo58

            Lesbians are still women…right? If so, then I think I know how they’re “wired”.

      • terry_freeman

        How do poor gay guys manage to stay slim, and poor lesbians can’t? I think it’s a simple matter: to appeal to a man, look good. To appeal to a women, make her feel good. Note that hetero men in a relationship (who are often well-off) tend to gain weight, while gay men are less likely to do so. Lesbians behave like hetero men (in that regard) for the same reason; their mates (women in both cases) are not likely to dump them for carrying a younger model who is half as old and weighs 40 lbs less.

        • Mae Blue

          I guess you did not read what I said – I know plenty of heavy gay men and slim lesbains. People have different reactions to food and many are allergic to sugar. I know if I do not eat sugar I am fine. If I do the urge to continue is drug like. Has nothing to do with sexuality.

  • WingedWolfPsion

    There’s no such thing as a scientific study that is a ‘waste’. If more money is needed, take it out of the freaking overbloated military budget, and stop trying to fool us into thinking it’s a choice between studying cancer and studying obesity. It’s not. It’s a choice between useless bomb-dropping airplanes, and studying EVERYTHING.

    • Coaster

      You have to draw a line somewhere. I could perform a study to determine why people get fat and ask for $2 million dollars. After spending most of it on food and getting fat, what was discovered scientifically?

      We don’t know the details about this lesbian study, but that’s NOT a reason to just say, “ok go for it; it’s science!” Many studies are in fact a waste of money and some people make a living scamming the government.

      Politicians are too easily fooled and are the last people that should be in charge of making any scientific decisions. If there is valuable demand for knowledge there will be incentive to determine a way to supply it.

      • WingedWolfPsion

        We need knowledge that there is no current demand for, too. (This isn’t one of those cases – obesity is a major medical issue). We need pure science. We don’t need more airplanes that drop bombs.

        • Coaster

          “We need knowledge that there is no current demand for, too.” Re-read that sentence.

          • WingedWolfPsion

            It makes absolute, perfect sense. If you know anything about the history of science.

          • Coaster

            If we need it, then why don’t we demand it?

          • WingedWolfPsion

            Science isn’t about markets. Science leads to the invention of new markets. People don’t demand it, because they don’t understand. They don’t understand how pure research can reveal things we never knew we needed, and open doors we had no idea existed. It’s because the education system is floundering, that we’ve stopped investing adequately in pure research, and it’s one of the reasons the US is falling behind, globally.

          • Coaster

            Everything people do is ruled by economics. Resources are limited. Opportunity costs exist. It’s real. You can’t just overlook it because you don’t understand it.

            If you believe strongly in something, such as “pure research”, keep explaining to people why it’s so important. I don’t think you actually believe politicians are the best at deciding where the country’s resources should go. Instead of allowing them to tax and spend on why lesbians are fat, you should educate people on why such a study is important for us to spend our limited resources on it. Help them understand.

            To clarify, in economic terms, if we need something then we do in fact have demand it, whether we know it or not.

          • WingedWolfPsion

            Well, I sort of just did explain why we need it. As for campaigning for it, that’s not my job. I vote, and sign petitions, and chat, and that’s the best I can do. Resources are not as limited as we’re being led to believe, though. It’s a matter of choices, not resources.

          • Coaster

            It’s not your job? So you don’t get paid for it therefor it’s not worth your time? Maybe you’re right then. It’s a matter of choices, not resources.

            Keep voting. It’s easier to steal the resources rather than educate people.

          • WingedWolfPsion

            Right. See, I’m struggling to stay afloat in this bombed out economy, and since I’m not independently wealthy, making a career out of educating stupid people just isn’t something I have the luxury of doing. Plus, it sounds like an unpleasant job. I’m sad for the world, but I’m not a superhero, and I admit to more than a bit of contempt for those who choose not to educate themselves, and allowed themselves to be swayed by propaganda and the media. I realize it’s just ‘human nature,’ but still… So, I’ll have to let those who will be more effective take up the task, and just give a little push when the topic comes up. Because we’ve all only got one lifetime, and we have to pick and choose our battles.

          • Coaster

            Fair enough. Contrary to what you said, resources are even MORE limited than we’re being led to believe. You’re witnessing it. Yes some people still have quite a lot, and maybe aren’t doing what they could, but the solution of government hasn’t ever fixed that. Government has always been and, I believe, always will be a tool to protect the rich from the poor despite it’s rhetoric. Even if you tax only the rich, that will be passed down to the poor through higher costs and lower wages (if any wage at all).

            I’m not really saying you need to go out and change the world. That’s impossible. What I’m suggesting is that you should recognize that politicians are not going to make good decisions. As you know, too often their solution involves bombs. We don’t move forward by going from side to side between parties. I’m also suggesting that maybe you’ve fallen prey to some propaganda yourself if you believe there is no such thing as a study that is waste.

            It might be possible, just maybe, sometime in some galaxy, a politician or a bureaucrat might be involved in something that gives them a little side benefit. I would imagine they would want people to believe it’s good for them or society. Then again, I think more so than that, they are just fooled themselves.

          • WingedWolfPsion

            Historically, fairly taxing the rich has never led to decreased wages for the poor. Particularly since minimum wage laws remain in effect (though they need to be updated). However, as you’ve pretty much pointed out, there’s really very little that can be done about these issues without some serious overhauls of the political system. Fortunately, there are some people working on that, and the best we can do is vote on their side.
            And do a lot of hoping.
            No, I don’t believe there is such a thing as a new scientific study which is a waste. Adding to the sum total of human knowledge is never a waste, and even negative results are important and have tremendous value. Value that matters, not just monetary worth.
            You may think of this as idealistic if you wish, but it is sincere, and I am not the only one to feel this way. So, for myself and those like me, the value of knowledge is knowledge itself, and we are wiling to fund it. Which… you know, means it has value. 😉

  • James

    It’s a waste for a number of reasons, but mainly because I think that this may be an open and shut case.

    In a nutshell, anyone seeking the love of a man (straight woman or gay male) will fall under his scrutiny. Plain and simple, physical-attractiveness tends to matter much more to males than it does women. There will be more motivation to remain attractive in their eyes; male or female.

    Physicality (usually) being less critically important to women means there will be less motivation to be trim/fit.

  • Gil Lopez

    Waste of Public Money. Not surprised at all. :(

  • terry_freeman

    Gay men seek to appeal to other men, and we all know that men tend to prefer slim and fit to fat. Lesbians seek to appeal to women, who are less concerned with the exterior and more concerned with behavior and that great bugaboo of hetero males: “Honey, we need to talk about our relationship.”

    There, saved a lot of hassle. Send me a $2 million check.

    • Mae Blue

      not true, i want my woman fit….

  • Johhny Cake

    1. I don’t care; most would agree.
    2. Definitely a waste of taxpayer money, considering that it doesn’t help anyone but lesbians.
    3. Why not focus on NOT gay and lesbian relations as their outcomes are directly related to their choices. (sorry, but there’s a lot more pressing issues )

  • Kelly

    The vast majority of men are not attracted to obese women, even if they themselves are obese. Thus, an obese woman encounters limited opportunity for relationships. Therefore, it is not surprising that many obese women would choose to expand their relationship potential by seeking out other women, especially other obese women. The long story short is that obese women are more likely to become lesbian than non-obese women. Being lesbian doesn’t make you fat.

    • Terry Clayton

      Obese women have much to give. Many men are attracted to women who are obese. I envy the guy married to the forever skinny woman but my wife gained weight after having children. All of her is loved

      • Tim Peplinski

        Some would say they even have MORE to give…

      • Kelly

        That’s what a good husband does. However, if you found yourself suddenly single again, and you could imagine your perfect new woman, would she have an hourglass figure or an oval figure?

        • Terry Clayton

          My overweight wife has an hourglass figure. But if I was single again I don’t think I would remarry after 41 years of bliss. Besides who would put up with a disabled guy who had two heart attacks, AFIB, Blown Back not operable due to too many discs effected and ED. Who would take me? But if I was to meet someone who I fell in love with at my age it would probably be someone heavier. I ain’t wired for two twenty

    • Ash

      You don’t /become/ gay. Because you are overweight. And saying men only like skinny women is bulshit too. Shit son this whole article is full of stupid.

      • Annabelle

        Are you implying that some people don’t pretend? Much like all those congressmen who pretended to be straight but were constantly engaging in homosexual activities when in private?

        I’m not saying that all lesbians chose to be it, and that you simply become it. But you’re a goddamn fool if you think no person has ever lied about their sexuality.

      • Kelly

        I didn’t say men only like skinny women, just not obese women. Anyway, look at the Wikipedia article on Waist-to-Hip ratio. Furthermore, while I accept that some people are “born” gay, I also believe people can “go gay” for various reasons.

  • JustSayin

    First off, this is a huge waste of tax payer money. Secondly I think the question is backwards. It’s not “Why are lesbians over weight?” It should be “Why are over weight woman lesbian?” I’ve noticed this many years ago and I believe this is why……. We live in a very vein and narcissistic society where the media presents the perfect woman as skinny with big boobs. With that being said, if you are an over weight single woman chances are you’re not gonna get many dates. Humans need to have intimacy and touch as well as food and water to survive. After a while of going with out, people will look else where to fill that void. Woman turn to other woman in the same situation and become affectionate for each other and mutually fill that void. Turning Lesbian or at least bi-sexual. Similar to straight men in prison having sex with other men because they develop a void of intimacy. Self service only works for so long.

    • Ash

      People don’t just “turn gay” because they are sad or over weight or sad. Perhaps the gay people are? SHOCK! PEOPLE! Just because you are Gay / straight / bi doesn’t mean you know how to take care of your body. And not all people use eating to fill their void. Some use internet, NOT eating, and other things.

      The stupid thing about this whole study is that MOST of the lesbians I know. Are very thin or averaged weight. I my self am average weight, and my wife is underweight. And it’s not because she doesn’t eat. in fact she eats twice as much as me.

      This whole article is stupid. It just makes it seem that being GAY is unhealthy. It’s not. Gay / Straight / Bi has nothing to do is body. Why can’t this money go to better health education in schools?

      • Mae Blue

        The big food corps will never let us be educated about thier poisnous processed foods…

    • Mae Blue

      that is just not true, there are people of all gender preferances who are more affected by sugars and carbs and become addictived to processed foods.

  • Christina

    It’s a waste Ben! First off their sinners and of course their going to be obese! They have no convictions, it’s sin, sin, sin! I’m not perfect, nor do I protest to be, but I do ask God for forgiveness when I do sin. What a joke!!!!!

    • Clark

      Please use the correct form of “they’re” it’s a sin not to, it’s more of a sin than being gay…

      • Robert

        It’s also a sin to wear mixed fabric (ewww), shellfish, look and someone and say “yum”, or even defecate. 2 million isn’t a high number, but to single out a certain group of people, is like a study here about “racist cops singling out blacks during traffic stops”. It’s all wrong

    • Terry Clayton

      They’re not their.

  • Eric Erickson

    Intresting concept, but money better spent elsewhere

  • Joshua Barnard

    I’ll worry about 2 mill once we’ve done more about the 600 bill of tax given for our bloated military, anything else is a drop in the bucket, and that is what I call choking on gnats while swallowing an elephant.

  • Albert

    If this leads to a better understanding of behavioral patterns that lead to or prevent obesity, yes, it’s well worth it.

    Most are going to look at the $2 million dollar figure, shut their brain off, and yell about how it’s too much money. But think for just a moment how much money is lost to the epidemic of obesity. Heart attacks are the #1 killer of Americans; it is currently killing 600, 000 per year. Add an unfathomable amount of medical costs, lost productivity, medically related bankruptcy (#1 reason people get financially wiped out is catastrophic illness, and obesity-related illnesses are among the top causes of that), ect.

    Don’t be foolish and dismiss it because of the dollar amount or the fact that it involves sexuality. There’s a bigger picture to consider.

    • Nubby Mcquilicutty

      Agree. How does this correlate with other things. 2 million does sound high, but if you were comparing a similar study of overall women in america or just straight to see if there is a lifestyle component (not sex) involved in obesity.

    • glockstr

      Albert, your welcome to donate to have this study done but I will decide where my money is best spent. You and the federal government can stay out of my pocket.

      • Zachariah

        ” but I will decide where my money is best spent”

        How can you do that? Because I’d LOVE to have a say where my money goes too.

        “federal government can stay out of my pocket”

        How do you plan on stopping them? Because I’d LOVE to know how to do that too.

      • Albert

        I’m think the point flew far over your head to the point that I’m not sure this merits further conversation. $2 million is a pittance compared to the hundreds of billions or more lost to obesity and related illnesses. My argument is to save money from fighting obesity, not spending more. Obesity and the massive damage it does to the economy affect you far more than the small portion of the budget we spend on research.

  • jan

    I think it’s a waste. First of all, the comments I see on here are ridiculous. You don’t just “become a lesbian” because you’re fat and no man wants you!! Second of all, the reason I think lesbians are overweight is because there is so much stigma around their sexuality that it’s very stressful for them to live in our society. Stress causes overeating; therefore, they gain weight. I’m sure they were brought up believing that what they are doing is “wrong”, so they are more than likely to not be happy with themselves and most people use food as a comfort when they are unhappy. If we lived in a society where everyone was accepted, I don’t believe there would be an obesity problem…

    • Morgan Sokol

      I agree and you just saved the taxpayers 2 million dollars!

    • Liberty Lover

      No… the reason why so many lesbians are overweight (and alcoholics, and many other issues) is because (and I am dead serious when I post this…) if you have a room full of lesbians you have a room full of women with severe mental and emotional issues. Most of them are so self-loathing, confused, and unhappy all the time. I know this for a fact, not only from personal observation and dealing with them on a constant basis, but also from conversing with psycologists (and others) I know that deal with them. Think about this for a moment (and be objective) out of the lesbians you know, how many practice poor hygiene, smoke, drink excessively, have constantly revolving relationships, constantly troll the web for hookups (often while in a relationship), post images of “hot, sexy women” while (in reality) going out with the most fugly women you can scrounge up, and either initiate or suffer domestic violence? Per capita they rule in these areas. Yes, many of you are going to say I am being “mean” or “homophobic”, etc. The reality is… I am being honest. Politcal correctness may not like honesty, but there it is. If we would stop being politically correct and start being honest, we not only would have no need for stupid studies like these… we might actually be able to help those who suffer. The first step in recovery is admitting the root cause of the problem.

  • Robert

    To the people that support this, you need to check yourself. Not all lesbians are over-weight, and it really isn’t any of their business. Maybe they should re-evaluate why they’re doing these immoral and ridiculous studies that we tax payers are paying for. Why not start research on something more beneficial, like Cancer, HIV and AIDS, diseases, etc. And to compare gay men to straight men, gay men take care of their bodies, where as some heterosexual males do not. There is no study here, it’s merely persons of low income or health issues.

    • rachel

      I agree that there are better uses for this money, but this article never says that all lesbians are overweight. It clearly says in the beginning that 3/4 of lesbians are obese, which is a fact. I also don’t undrstand how it is immoral, but maybe you could enlighten me. I just don’t really see this as something to worry about though, as far as being a waste of taxpayers’ money. It may be dumb, but what about the trillions of dollars wasted on creating wars, and unnecessary weapons.

    • Jamal D

      I like how you say that not all lesbians are fat, but then assume that all gay men take care of their bodies. An assumption is still an assumption, no matter how nice you think you’re being.

  • kitkatt

    Albert, if YOU want to fund these studies, then YOU volunteer to pay for them yourself, and rally your friends together to do so, but keep others out of it because forcing others to fund your pet projects is LAME. Count me out, and the millions who could care less and would prefer to donate their hard-earned cash elsewhere. What a dumb@ss study.

    • Zachariah

      “donate their hard-earned cash”

      You say that like we have a choice where our money goes. I prefer it going to find out why lesbians are fat than building more bombs to drop on illiterate peasants in all honesty though.

  • Yale Cohn

    So much for the health benefits of a meat-free diet, I guess.

    • Mae Blue

      What we need is less sugar and carbs…that is the real poisen

      • Steve

        Missed the joke there….


    Can we just spend another $16 trillion on why the American public is so stupid by letting even more stupid people rise to the top of the command & control center?

  • Michael B.

    While I strongly disagree with this spending of money because medical research isn’t a function of government, I can’t help but think that this article was written to shamelessly tap into homophobia for a reaction.

    • BambiB

      Kee-rist. How many people do you think are actually AFRAID of lesbians? Your own use of the word, “HomoPHOBIC” is a dead giveaway that you have stopped thinking and started campaigning… Michelle.

      A better question is why are we spending $2 million to investigate obesity in a self-selecting minority, when the general population has the same problem?

      • Michael B.

        The problem isn’t that government spent millions of dollars researching something that afflicted a minority so much as that it paid for medical research at all. Considering the billions of dollars that the government wastes on medical research, this relatively inexpensive research seems like an odd choice to focus on. There are countless ones that cost much more money.

    • no

      next you will call him anti semitic.

      People have a right to an opinion, Obama opposed gay marriage 10 years ago, is he a homophone ???

      • Michael B.

        Yes. He was dragged into supporting social liberty kicking and screaming. If he wasn’t risking losing his base, he would never have done it. Liberal politicians don’t have a great track record with gay rights, anyway. At first, they say that gay people are mentally ill and want to mandate treatment. Once gay people became more accepted, they went the other direction and now want to oppress people with differing opinions and violate property/contract and free association rights. Gay rights from a libertarian perspective are ultimately about the right of free association and contract, which incidentally would benefit single people as much as gays, but single people don’t organize for their rights because they don’t intend to stay single.

        • no

          Well if Obama is homophonic then so are 60% of americans, that suggests its not americans that are outside the mainstream but the gays.

          Gay Rights have nothing to do with civil liberties but a legal and ethical issue. Just like Medical ethics .

          Obama still doesnt support Gay Rights and only did it after Biden slipped in a interview.

          Single People ? wtf no

  • Roddy Pfeiffer

    There was another government study to find out why so many lesbians are alcoholics.

    • adam Vergara

      Go to NARTH.com they have some really good answers on that it is mostly the same thing that made them gay but it works differently for males and females in some aspects but most people who aren’t straight had a bad environmental factors growing up like sexual abuse.

  • Waldetto

    Maybe they are not lesbians that become obese, but obese that become lesbians because their weight limit the number of available male partners? Just asking?

    • Michael B.

      I doubt it…at least I couldn’t imagine myself going gay if there weren’t enough women to go around or if I couldn’t attract any. Could you?

      • Biobiob

        You are not everyone.

    • no

      hah trueee

  • Rich Grise

    It’s because they’re trying to feed their emotional hunger with physical food.
    When everybody else finally figures that out, whom do I contact to get my 2.2 million?

    • Mae Blue

      That is just not true — if you can give up sugar and charbs the cravings go away–it is a physical disease, not an emotional one.

  • Elena Ortega

    stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid!!!!! all the professionals involved in this stupid study should go back to college to learn to do something productive with their knowledge and money!

  • Kat22

    Um…it is because Food today isn’t grown properly. It is grown with large amounts of chemicals …plus Americans eat so much processed food which contains more chemicals AND additives plus most are GMO …combine that FACT with Fluoride in the water supply and prescription drugs and you have loads of FAT people who are depressed ~ men turn into immature boys with infantile behaviors so some women turn to other women….it’s a consequence of what our society is doing…………People are emotionally upset because THEY SIMPLY ARE NOT LIVING HOW HUMANS are meant to live ~ Do your own research. :)

    • 032125

      “Meant” by whom? Site your source.

      The study also states that gay men are thinner on average than heterosexual men. It would seem then that what is actually fattening is sex with women.

  • Marino Mangone

    With all the studies on DNA and the millions (if not billions) of years of combined knowledge on the human body and the elements (older than homo-sapiens/humans themselves).
    And yet scientist’s can’t cure the common cold, let alone why one is fat.
    One would think by now that “scientists” would have found “gene of obesity”.
    As there would be a distinct pattern in obese human’s DNA compared to the DNA of humans who have less body fat content.
    I myself can eat, can sit around and do virtually nothing and lose weight, I have to physically workout to put on weight, as I assume there are others that are the same.
    So genetics must play a major role.
    Plus there a lot of studies that show that calorie intake versus calories burned has an effect in weight gain or loss.
    Studies have also shown that ephedrine and clenbuterol aid in weight loss, yet the PTB (powers that be) ban it or make it difficult to obtain.
    As mentioned earlier, millions upon millions of combined knowledge, and yet the same problems in the world in all areas of “expertise”, without solid solutions.

    • Mae Blue

      good comment, yes genes are a big part, especially in kids. The thing is sugar and processed foods are so addictive and hard to control. Personally I feel much better since I cut them out, but it took me getting really sick to make that step!

    • autolycus89

      Several genetic factors have been identified with respect to obesity and metabolic syndrome. Here are two of hundreds of articles written about the role of leptin and ghrelin with respect to food intake and obesity.



      Secondly, ephedrine, clenbuterol and other drugs are banned because the risks outweigh the benefits.

      Problems such as obesity usually are due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

  • hp b

    I’ll offer a free diagnosis.
    They were fat before they were lesbians.
    Follow the crumb trail and it likely leads to an offer they can’t refuse.
    Or if you prefer, a choice.
    You know, something like – you can have any gender you want, as long as it’s female..
    (and please, no remarks about my fat photo)

    • brando

      What a fat photo you have sir. Are you a lesbian?

      • hp b

        No brando, I’ve lost weight since the photo..

  • rob

    I dunno’. All the movies I watch and the lesbians are never obese. Just hot!!

    • adam Vergara

      That is how they get you the porn is different than reality.

  • Jonathan Winning

    The project is not a waste of money, but a waste of taxpayer money. If someone asked me to donate a dollar towards this research I would give $5 cause I am very interested in the results, but the government has no business funding research at all. This is a horrible waste of taxpayer money and in a way it is morally wrong. I do not believe the research to be, but there are taxpayers that are morally opposed to homosexuality and to take their money to use towards researching aspects of homosexuality is wrong. As Thomas Jefferson put it “To compel a man to furnish contributions of money
    for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful
    and tyrannical.”

  • SJR

    It appears the basic premise is that a relationship with a woman results in obesity. Studying lesbians provides twice the subjects per contact.

  • Matt

    Look, I am a completely Libertarian individual, receiving a PhD in a scientific field, and am completely against the governments wasteful spending. However, citing studies such as these as a cause of waste is counterproductive and misdirected. It is very difficult to receive funding from the NIH and NSF and merit of grant applications are reviewed by those in your own field. If these studies didn’t have some kind of genuine reason for being funded, they wouldn’t be. Plain and simple. Grants are not awarded unless extensive background literature and specific plans going forward are shown. This isn’t my field so I don’t know the specifics of this case, but I do know the process the scientific field goes through. I’ve seen headlines criticizing the spending of x million of dollars on fruit fly research. That sounds crazy to someone not an expert in that field, genetics research is widely done using fruit flies because of their life cycle and reproduction rates. The point is leave the merit of scientific research to scientists.

    • Cliff Hutchison

      And leave funding of scientific research to people who willingly pay for it.

      I have a science degree, too and agree with “leaving the merit of scientific research to scientists”, but the funding determines what is studied regardless of whether it’s “public” or “private” funded.

      You call yourself a “completely Libertarian individual” but you make the assumption that “public funding” doesn’t affect what is studied. What is more likely to result in a wider array of worthwhile research: the majority decision of a few hundred people (218 + 51 in Congress) empowered by the majority vote of the general public OR individual decisions of people in the general public who fund things without needing a majority vote by anyone, especially if left with more of their own money to do so?

      There are thousands of foundations and individuals who give their own money for worthwhile research. That’s what funded the greatest discoveries and inventions we now take for granted. Compare that with the past five decades of government-funded/tax-credited corporation research and progressive taxation/regulation and see which accounts for more objective research.

      Don’t forget that corporations are government-empowered entities that wouldn’t even exist apart from government laws.

  • Ann Schmam

    I think the answer has nothing whatsoever to do with what sexuality you are, but what sex you are. Women tend to overeat more than men (and men tend to drink more than women). So, two women together might feed off (no pun intended 😉 each other’s craving for food. It fits all the different couple arrangements described in the article, too.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    1) The federal government studies obese lesbians and publishes its findings.

    2) CNN Dr. Ganja Supra tells lesbians how to cure their obesity.

    3) Real science completely disproves the $2.2M federal study.

    4) CNN Dr. Ganja Supra confesses that he was all wrong for all of those years, because he trusted the federal government (NIH)… just like he recently admitted that he was 100% dead wrong about the health risks of marijuana after trusting the federal government’s DEA “science”.

    Leave science to the professionals. When government funds science, regardless of whether it’s global warming or obese lesbians, they have an agenda and regardless of the peer reviewed pretend safeguards, they’re paying for their desired results more often than not, and that is not science.

    And as others have said, it’s immoral to steal tax dollars from us and use it to fund research we may or may not agree with or want to fund. This sort of big government discretionary spending is fundamentally wrong. The private sector should do that research, and if they hadn’t already been robbed by the IRS, they’d have the money to fund all types of research, feed the hungry, house the homeless, and every other manner of Great Society works that the government fails to do despite spending trillions of our grand kids’ tax dollars.

    • hp b

      “Leave science to the professionals.”

      Yeah, why be robbed by the crude government inepts when we can be robbed by the polished professional class!
      It feels so much more clean and comfy, somehow..

      The only time I don’t cringe when I hear the word professional, is when it’s applied to sexy women.
      (they really are professional)

      Oh, and let’s not confuse professional with expert. Um-kay?

  • http://www.facebook.com/carl.collicott Carl Collicott

    The source law for the National Institute of Health is the Animal Welfare Act,
    created in the Department of Agriculture, a/k as the Commodity Credit
    Corporation, this is the definition of” patient” in the Affordable Care and Patient
    Protection Act ( ObamaCare).


    CHAPTER 6A –


    Part A – National
    Institutes of Health


    The Animal
    Welfare Act, referred to in subsecs. (d)(2)(D), (3)(B)

    and (e)(3)(A)(ix),
    is Pub. L. 89-544, Aug. 24, 1966, 80 Stat. 350,

    as amended, which
    is classified generally to chapter 54 (Sec. 2131

    et seq.) of Title
    7, Agriculture. For complete classification of

    this Act to the
    Code, see Short Title note set out under section

    2131 of Title 7
    and Tables.

    Section 3 of the
    Chimpanzee Health Improvement, Maintenance, and

    Protection Act,
    referred to in subsec. (d)(4)(A), is section 3 of

    Pub. L. 106-551, which
    is set out as a note below.


    After years of lobbying Congress for mandatory mental health
    screening for gun ownership, and Congress refusal, the Corporation financed James
    Holmes, the Colorado Theater massacre.

    James Eagan

    In June 2011, Holmes enrolled as a Ph.D. student in
    neuroscience at the University of Colorado
    Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora.[26] He received a
    $21,600 grant from the National Institutes of
    Health according to agency records. The grant was from July
    2011 to June 2012. Holmes also received a $5,000 stipend from the University of Colorado,

  • George French

    Why are lesbians obese? They eat too much pie of course

    • Garnette

      lols and I’m sure they are very happy about that~

  • defyentropy

    What?…is this to promote big pharma developing yet another diet pill & socially define another group to discriminate against?

  • P

    According to Dr. William Davis, saying goodbye to all things wheat provides
    outsized and unexpected health benefits, from weight loss, to relief
    from acid reflux and bowel urgency, to reversal of diabetes, migraine
    headaches, and learning disabilities in children.
    Look for the You Tube, Wheat: The UNhealthy Whole Grain

    • Chia Chee

      Dropped wheat myself 2 months ago. 25lbs lost already. Low carb, real food, avoid sugar. It isn’t rocket science.

  • voice of reason

    This is so insane to waste money on such a thing when this country is so deep in debt. It’s pretty simple to figure out that one factor is… because they CAN… they will often have more money as they don’t USUALLY have kids to raise and feed and clothe, nor all the activities like after-school activities or daycare, PTA, etc. They have more TIME to socialize, eat out, etc. And since women are less focused on looks than men are (brains are just hardwired differently than men), and they look more at the heart of their mate than their love handles.

  • Tom

    They simply do not have controlling males in their lives and since women don’t put as much importance in to looks they have no pressure to stay fit. I’ll take $1M please, say thank you for the discount!

    • eccles11

      That’s not science.

  • JanuaryDove

    For YEARS now, I’ve been wondering why OUR tax dollars have to go to STUPID reasons for studies! Let the medical researchers pay for it!! That is NOT an interest in the majority of the American citizens concern. It really gets my goat beause that money could go to more important things, like, let’s see. . . . OH! Like anything worth doing studies on (maybe the legalization of Marijuana and NOT just for medical purposes) instead of How long does it takes for ketchup to drip out of it’s bottle!!! Really?? Who gives a crap! Let the ketchup industry pay for it if they want to know so badly!! This is no joke, people! MiILLIONS OF OUR TAX DOLLARS are paying for this stuff! WHY??!!??!

  • Chia Chee

    Oh for cryin’ out loud. This is so stupid. Ok, yes I am a lesbian, and yes– I am overweight. So friggin’ what? If I wanted to lose weight, which I am, it is my responsibility to make the change in my caloric/energy expending ratio.

    Simple fact, chicks are less hung up about looks than dudes, so chicks who like chicks don’t suffer the same emotional or sexual challenges body type can bring others where looks are über important.

    Dudes who like dudes, given that dudes are visual/sexual, well DUH they have to be ripped or they aren’t getting any– no matter how wonderful they are on the inside.

    Dudes who like chicks, and chicks who like dudes, probably are a balance of loving the person inside/lovin’ a hot bod and work out more/less in order to fulfill their emotional/sexual needs.

    Are these absolutes, no, but I suspect my generalizations about human nature are accurate and cost 2.2 million dollars less to discover.

    I swear to frick, we are close to some French Revolution stuff needing to happen in this country.

    • Pots

      I’m a straight woman, and if I did like women I’d want one as physically fit as me. But this is a stupid way to spend tax dollars.

  • Covington13

    Maybe they are full of self-loathing and eat to gain a temporary reprieve from those negative feelings, the eating causes them to become fat and instills more self-hatred. A vicious circle ensues.

  • jabba

    fat ugly fuckin freeks

    • Jeff See

      from jabba, the fattest, ugliest, meanest person in the known galaxy! Who let you off of Tatooine?

  • Eric

    Hey, I could have saved the government all this money in a few seconds to explain why. Society pushes the importance of women to be super thin and men don’t like to date larger women. It is more acceptable for a guy to be fat than a women. So they find people that understand them.

    Now I have a large question that needs to be researched. Why is the government spending so much on stupid studies that don’t benefit us?

    • eccles11

      Thats not science. That is conjecture.

      • Jeff See

        A decent hypothesis is the beginning of science.

        • eccles11

          Agreed, but that sounded like a conclusion.

    • http://matttriano.deviantart.com/ Matt Triano

      2 million dollars is a fraction of 1 percent of the yearly federal budget. Comparatively, it would be like giving someone a fraction of a penny.

      • Brian

        If you add the $2million for this study along with the 50 or probably more other stupid studies…that adds up quite fast.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frances-Chute-Quinn/100002220220146 Frances Chute Quinn

        it would pay the death benefit for 20 soldiers …right now we can’t even pay 4!!!! stop wasting taxpayers money on studies we don’t need.

  • CelticAngloPress

    Minority Rule: The Rise of Political Correctness – Documentary

  • William

    they wasn’t around enough black guys

    • CrackerJack

      Ya, because if they got aids they would lose weight super fast!

      • JakeR

        lol no.

        I think he was implying they couldn’t get the D,
        We all know black guys love the plus sized women,
        Hence no need to be gay.

        Reasonable explanation IMO. Now give the man his $2 mil

  • Alan

    I don’t see what their sexual orientation has to do with it. Even if there turned out to be a correlation, the solution to weighing more is, in 99% of cases, eating less.

    • Michael Langley

      Although you are right, most of the time. There have been cases where low metabolism is responsible. Thing is, if famine occurs, some of us will live longer, on less food, than others!

  • Kitty

    Dumb study! I personally know a handful of lesbian including myself and none of us are obese!!!

    • Cory Randall

      lol you sure about that? when determining whether or not someone is obese its probably a bad idea to ask them directly, almost no one thinks they’re obese. I deal with this all day trying to underwrite insurance, everyone thinks they’re in GREAT health but are sitting at 5’2″ 190 lbs… No bitch, you are fat and are clearly going to die before the rest of us.

      • Michael Langley

        What a crass reply! We are all going to die, so live every day like it may be your last. NO REGRETS! My son’s aunt was a health nut who died at the age of twenty-two, driving her dodge Stealth at 120mph on the Interstate. My dad has eaten whatever he wanted. But the smoking is likely going to shorten his life. He is only seventy-nine!

  • Thomas Loman

    Horrible use of tax dollars; the reason is females generally prefer domestics (cooking and sewing and that sort of thing), men generally prefer high activity stuff outside the house (Sports, hunting, etc.), and so generally gay men eat in healthier amounts than lesbian women. This isn’t simple conjecture, I’ve read many studies on this topic and I’m just stringing them together…. So where’s my 2.2 million to “research my hypothesis.”

    • Cory Randall

      Your comment doesn’t even make sense.. The reasons you give for the lack of obesity are things gay men would never do, only straight men.. Which are apparently twice as fat as gay men. You just sound like a dumb ass who doesn’t realize that he is indeed a dumb ass. Good job at failing to even begin to form an intelligent comment, then asking for 2 mil lol

      • Michael Langley

        Isn’t that what the government does?!

      • http://archive.org/details/antifederalist_0707_librivox The Federal Farmer

        “Things gay men would never do” So now all gay men do only certain things and would never do others? Next you’ll list those things that black men would never do, or that Jewish men would never do.

  • Fat Fighters

    More important question. Are they fat because they’re lesbians or a lesbians because they’re fat?

    • Derek Michael Smith

      I think we should spend another 2.2 Million on a committee whose sole purpose is answering this question.

  • crappinrocks

    Perhaps these women became lesbians because no self respecting man wanted to have a serious relationship with someone the size of a sea cow.

    • http://archive.org/details/antifederalist_0707_librivox The Federal Farmer

      Many self-respecting men have serious relationships with women not based upon the women’s dress size. And no self-respecting women want relationships with men who judge others based upon their girth.

  • Rick Patrilla

    it’s just the feds using a lame excuse to go party and say after the study: it’s all the partying that does it. Show America the itemized receipts !

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frances-Chute-Quinn/100002220220146 Frances Chute Quinn

    I don’t see any value in this study at all and I doubt gays are in favor of your calling them obese because of their sexuaility!

    • Michael Langley

      It has been stated by medical professionals that women that have been abused, as children, tend to be heavy as a defense against further abuse from men. One might surmise that gay women might be the same way to avoid the unwanted advances of men. Heterosexuals may tend to remain heavy to avoid men, who mostly have one thing on their mind. Most of the time it is not a stable relationship, either! Then again, they may be like me, a heterosexual male who cannot keep his weight down, even when trying to eat healthy! Obesity is genetic, too, you know! I agree that the study was just one of millions of ways the federal government has of wasting money. Something they are very well accustomed to!

  • matt

    obese women turn lesbian because they are lonely. not many dudes want obese women. men in general are very shallow.

    • Bre

      You are just an asshole. I know plenty of obese straight women in happy relationships. And plenty of thin lesbians happily in relationships. No relationship between gay and obesity. People like you are ignorant and will never find true happiness.

  • Steve

    You can’t determine the worth of the study until you know what the results are and implications. If we determine that certain levels of hormones can substantially impact weight gain and obesity, then yes, the study is worth it. If we find out that it’s just attitude and how people view themselves like Chia Chee pointed out, then it is a waste of money and we could have figured that out for a lot less money.

  • forRP

    Is this a veiled attempt to figure out why there are not more lipstick lesbians?

  • Bre

    How about this first of all women don’t “turn” gay because of being obese! Let me turn back straight after I lose the weight! No if you are gay you are gay! I know plenty of women who are gay that are not obese! Second lets take this time to realize that the government is spending your tax dollars on stupid useless shit!! Lastly stop being so goddamn stupid America!!!

  • Conrad

    Here’s an idea. Since this Kenyan / Communist / Homosexual / Muslim regime has spent us billions into debt, while at the same time cutting the military to the bone, why don’t we do this?

    Homosexuals are darlings of the Hollywood rich and other deep pocket (America-hating) Leftists.

    Let THEM pay for studies about deviants, and let THEM pay for the treatment of their costly, inevitable and nearly 100 percent avoidable diseases, and let the taxpayer dollars be frugally spent on such things as infrastructure and national defense?