Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, has never been embraced, or even accepted, by the American people.  Indeed Obama spent the majority of his first two years in office – years in which he was backed by a Democrat majority in the House and Senate – pushing the program, with the methods fueling the first scandal of Obama’s presidential career, the flag@whitehouse.gov scandal.

After it passed, the program grew less and less popular.  Dozens of lawsuits – at least one of which will probably get to the Supreme Court – sought to modify the law on religious grounds.  Multiple companies have cited its provisions as the reason for cutting jobs and hours, and the implementation of the employer mandate has even been delayed because of the strain it would place on small businesses.  Insurance premiums have already risen for individuals, and studies have shown that young people would be financially better off paying the fines for having no coverage than purchasing coverage.


Even Union leaders have spoken against the law, saying it would “destroy the foundation of the 40 hour work week that is the backbone of the American middle class.”  Meanwhile, its backers, like Harry Reid, have said that it would necessarily lead to the creation of a Canada, UK or France-style single payer system, an idea the American people opposes even more strongly.

The government’s response to this opposition and skepticism, however, has not been to reconsider, modify or eliminate the program.  Instead, the writers of Obamacare included Section 4002.  Section 4002, according to Kent Masterson Brown, creates a fund used for promoting Obamacare.  Between 2010 and 2015, the money appropriated increases from $500 million to $2 billion per year.

The “Prevention and Public Health Fund” will “Provide for expanded and sustained national investment in prevention and public health programs to improve health and help restrain the rate of growth in private and public sector health care costs.”  It almost admits in this wording that its purpose is to promote the program, though it doesn’t reveal the extent to which this is the case.

According to Brown, this funding has gone to symposiums for journalists, and it’s also gone to media companies like the Washington Post, NBC, Reuters and CBS.  In addition, it’s gone to putting promotions of Obamacare on Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy and other primetime TV shows.  It’s also helped to fund non-profit organizations committed to promoting Obamacare.

More traditional uses of promotional funds have also been paid for.  $8 million, for instance, has gone to a public relations contract to help increase public support of the program, or in other words, “to convince skeptical – or simply confused – Americans that the ACA is good for them and convince them to enroll in a plan.”

Using taxpayer money to convince citizens to support a partisan agenda is unconscionable and a very dangerous policy.  Creating a government program with such funds built into its very structure is insane.  Government is meant to represent the people, not lead them at an expense of $2 billion per year.

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Joshua Cook

Joshua Cook is a writer and reporter for Truth In Media. He has interviewed many politicians including Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Walter Jones, Bob Graham, Trey Gowdy and thought leaders who shape U.S. policy. He is a host of 'Beer and Politcs' on Truth In Media. If you have any tips please email him at joshua@truthinmedia.com. Find him on Twitter @RealJoshuaCook

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  • Kevin Merck

    They do everything with our money Josh. The government has no money that it doesn’t extort from citizens with the illegal income tax. We pay for everything they do. They are enslaving us with our own money.

    We paid for the 2 billion hollow-point bullets they intend to use on the American people too.

    Why hasn’t someone done an article on that? I don’t remember seeing one anyway.

    • Ron Childress

      Yes, Kevin, they are coming to take you away, ha ha. They have been coming for 5 or 6 years now, when will they actually get here? I heard they paid extra to put your name on one of those bullets, so watch out!

      • charles ranalli


    • defyentropy

      There is no doubt we have completely lost control of the federal gov, and due to our elected congressional members getting into bed with “the fed”, all of us refusing to pay income taxes will have no effect as they will just print more fiat money. Inflation is the tax against which we have no redress.

      • Kevin Merck

        I hear what you’re saying but don’t let it stop you from not paying.
        By paying the tax you condone an illegal practice and in the minds of these criminals, that gives them permission.

        • defyentropy

          Trust me (difficult to do under any circumstances today) when I say I haven’t paid into IRS since 2000. I’ve heard stats that say there are now over 3 million Americans now refusing to support this illegal practice, but unfortunately many of us are still more fearful of the IRS than the “men in black” knocking at their door – or are they the same people!

          • Kevin Merck

            At the end of this clip Sherry Jackson says that 67,000,000 people don’t file a 1040.

            I know the number was 34,000,000 in 1976 when I started.

            I don’t know where you heard 3,000,000 but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


          • defyentropy

            Thanks your numbers are reassuring – obviously the last reports I noticed are out of date.

  • Daniel Olson

    “It almost admits in this wording that its purpose is to promote the program…” That’s hardly an objective statement. And to base an entire article on supposition… well that shoots down your credibility in my eyes. .

    • Tim

      The article is clear & you’re a shill.

      • Daniel Olson

        Character assassination noted (shill, attacking, socialist… seriously?) Thanks for the references. True: There is plenty of evidence of promotion for Obamacare. While several of these examples are voluntary efforts such as Rite Aide’s (no mention of Gov’t $) I dont doubt that a significant amount is being spent on advertising and getting the word out. People need to be able to get the facts to counter the misinformation (aka LIES) people are spreading. But you are only interested in sharing information that makes Obamacare look bad (am I mistaken?)… which aren’t hard to find. There’s plenty that could be better
        I would like to see Obamacare replaced (Bet you didnt expect to hear THAT from a socialist shill). But notice I said REPLACED, not repealed and no one seems to be interested in crafting a suitable replacement, only bitching about the current model. I the mean time I’m trying to make the best of yet another imperfect situation instead of running around screaming “The sky is falling”.. I’m looking for the GOOD.
        So…Thanks for your reply, but my assessment of Mr. Cooks article stands. The writer fails to make a reasonable connection between the actual wording of the provision and his accusation, and the article is only fit… No: *INTENDED* to stoke the fires of irrational panic which make responsible discourse more difficult. I hope someday your objectivity and finesse match your passion.

        • Tim

          Obamacare is a big-brother govt control program that is about FAR more than just “healthcare”. It’s about government control.

          Have you not noticed the ever-accelerating work that our “elected” (more like ‘chosen’ by elites) government which is “quietly” undoing our most sacred rights?

          Here, explain this:



          Why is the government so interested in repealing a law which prevented them from creating “propaganda” news and then also currently trying to “define what a journalist is”??????

          Our free speech is under direct assault, just like our other rights in recent years. Our government is becoming authoritarian right in front of our eyes and Obamacare is much, much more than “healthcare”. It’s about control.

          • Daniel Olson

            I agree our government is out of control. Program after program to limit our freedoms and dismantle the Constitution. But the AHA is hardly worth mentioning in this class. With over 30 developed World countries (including Canada, most of Europe, England, Scandinavia, and much of SE Asia) offering Universal healthcare via Single Payer, Two Tier, or Insurance Mandate, would we claim that these programs are ALL “completely ineffective”?
            To observe the comparative success rate of UHC in these (mostly) flourishing nations, and still have such a contemptibly dim view on the future of the AHA is illogical… and childish.

  • Ron Childress

    This is just an editorial, there was never any credibility to begin with.

    • Howard West Tipton

      soo the blood on the guys boots is just beets get real its a blood civil war .. just like are civil war bloody

  • Mark Robert

    Please call your Congressman and Senators and tell them to stand with, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Justin Amash and Rand Paul, In DE-FUNDING OBAMACARE

    Tell them. “We don’t want, Mass immigration, NSA spying on us, UN Small Arms Treaty Gun Grubbing Schemes, SOPA, CISPA, PIPA or any other anti-Constitutional anti-American crap shove down our throats.”


    Please sign the petition @: Don’t fund it .com

    Or call in your petition@: 1-(800) 506-2118

  • Carol Jean Goodwin

    The Senate and the House should merely cut Obozo off! NO MORE $$!

  • JustAnotherJoe10

    What really gets me, is that for all this hoopla, American voters were dumb enough to re-elect the same man responsible for ObamaCare in the first place. Which will do nothing positive for the economy. So what if Americans hate ObamaCare. So what if it will destroy jobs. People were okay with getting up off the couch long enough to re-elect Obama for another four years. Oh, wait a minute, half the country is out of work, which means that half was okay with my shelling out more of my hard-earned so that they could get ”something for nothing”. Only know, people are figuring out just how much that ”nothing” is going to cost.

    • joe

      it was fraud, there’s overwhelming evidence

    • Tim

      It wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Whether it was Romney or Obama. The reason it wouldn’t have mattered? These candidates for the last 20+ years have been CHOSEN FOR US by elites, NOT by “the people”.
      The ONLY Presidential Candidate who was truly “grass roots” and had support from the bottom-up in 2008 & 2012 was Ron Paul. And look at how Ron Paul was railroaded by the Republican Party loyalists? He was cheated at every single caucus where he had a shot to win it around the country.

  • Macc Mosley

    My hours were cut in half so my employer wouldnt have to offer me healthcare I have to work 3 part time jobs just to make ends meet and I still cant afford healthcare I have to get Healthcare from the state for my kids and Im not the only one every restaurant employee is going through the same thing thanx Obama for making my life twice as hard and taking me away from my children your not helping anyone but the companies that can afford to give their employees healthcare so your only helping the rich and destroying the poor

  • Cynthia Allaire

    It’s false to say the American people oppose a single payer system. It’s a majority that want single payer of expanded Medicare for ll.

    Support for Obamacare has fallen below 40%. It was designed primarily as a rescue for health insurance companies that have a decades long track record of bilking their customers, and with the economic downturn, were losing customers steadily. Obamacare will leave 30 million uninsured, and provides no safeguard against medical bankruptcy. It doesn’t prevent health insurance companies from stalling access to specialists while patients suffer and conditions worsen. It doesn’t halt the practice of falsely calling a procedure “experimental” when it has a record of success elsewhere. The program was written by industry lobbyists and continues to put profits ahead of people.

    Consider, when you’ve paid your premiums up front, the health insurance companies motivation is to see how little they can do for you, in order to maximize their take. They answer to their shareholders, not their policy holders.

    The only cure for what ails the US health care “system” is to take the profits out of it.

    • Waldetto

      The only cure for what ails the US health care “system” is to take the government out of it.

  • Revelation Knight

    2 billion dollars… really… 2 BILLION dollars to “promote” this garbage?

    • jwhitehawke

      Hey. You voted for this undocumented asshole, TWICE! Imagine having McCain or Romney. Essentially nothing would change. The ONLY way to stop tyranny is vote for someone with the integrity and mission of Ron Paul…. There are but a few Constitutionalist- Conservatives that apply at that level, yet out of fear or losing subsidies people just stay with losing their freedom for handouts.

      • Revelation Knight

        I am a registered Democrat from before I converted and the last guy I voted for was Gore :p

  • Frank Koza

    Quick! Name one government program that DOESN’T force taxpayers to pay to promote it.

  • U-Know

    Unconstitutional Garbage Care