Food stamps are typically a measure of household economic stability.

Thus, is unsettling that enrollment in the program jumped up by 211,708 people in the second-quarter, despite household wealth increasing $1.3 trillion within the same time period.

As reported by Breitbart News, “Roughly half of the $1.3 trillion increase ($525 billion) was due to residential real estate values improving, and roughly $300 billion of the gains were attributable to corporate equities and mutual funds.”

Even as the economy improves, food stamp enrollment continues to hit record highs.

The Obama Administration, set on expanding food stamps, spent $43.3 million tax dollars to advertise the subsidies in 2011 alone. Government-produced, colorful commercials enthusiastically encourage people to sign up for the subsidies.

Moreover, the commercials portray food stamps in a wholly positive light. To be sure, government efforts to distribute food stamps should not demean recipients. But there is a better balance to be struck between safeguarding the dignity of recipients and making them feel that food stamps are an admirable, unqualified entitlement.

The commercials show up frequently on various television and radio stations. Here is a radio ad produced by Obama’s US Department Of Agriculture (USDA), telling listeners that food stamps will make them “look amazing.”

There are even food stamp ads targeted at illegal immigrants.

Documents obtained by Judicial Watch revealed that the USDA works with the Mexican government to promote participation by illegal immigrants.

As Judicial Watch reported, “The promotion of [food stamps] includes a Spanish-language flyer provided to the Mexican Embassy by the USDA with a statement advising Mexicans in the U.S. that they do not need to declare their immigration status in order to receive financial assistance.  Emphasized in bold and underlined, the statement reads, ‘You need not divulge information regarding your immigration status in seeking this benefit for your children.'”

Amazingly, almost one out of six Americans are now on food stamps.

Despite spending $80 billion on food stamps last year, the Obama administration is now pushing to spend more. A new government study argues that the ballooned welfare program needs increased tax dollar funding to help “food insecure” homes.

Where does it all end?

A temporary and effective safety net to help those in need is absolutely necessary. But when one sixth of the American population is receiving food subsidies, there is clearly something wrong with the system. Instead of making poverty more comfortable with government subsidies, incentives should be created to encourage hard work and self-sufficiency.

Your thoughts on these statistics? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Kristin Tate is a multi-media reporter for Breitbart News and to fearless journalism, she regularly works on undercover stings with James O'Keefe to reveal government waste, abuse, and fraud.Tate was a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter President and Founder. She will continue to fight tirelessly for individual liberty and free markets through new media. Visit Kristin's website at

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  • Angry

    It simply destroys the middle class further by making them fund it. THEY WANT US TO BE POOR. Teach these people to grow a community garden or simply something that will get them off of government dependence. Empower them with (intelligent and practical) libertarian rhetoric. How one would go about this I haven’t a clue, but I’m sure when the government decides it’s time to start throwing away political activists (haven’t they already?), they’re placing their bets on the poor, lowly illegal immigrants and other complicit recipients of the welfare state to turn their heads.

    Oh well, I guess those people can enjoy driving past a FEMA camp on the way to backbreaking hard labor that pays cheap, hyper-inflated wages.

    • the wise girl

      National parks have signs that read
      ” Please don’t feed the animals it encourages dependence and leaves them unable to survive in colder months by discouraging self sufficiency”
      Yet Obama makes food stamp commercials to encourage just such dependence by American citizens.. UTTERLY RIDICULOUS !!!!!!!!!!

  • Allan Elliott

    As Josh Tolley has pointed out we’ve moved from an entrepreneurship based society to an employee based society. We need to encourage more people to become self employed and start businesses. If just 2% of working age adults started a business that would help out our economy tremendously.

    Of course strong business and marketing training is essential in this being successful. So, instead of the government advocating jobs they should be advocating business training.