Kiss My Lingerie in Louisiana has been accepting Electronic Benefits Transfer cards as payment, according to a video report by KSLA-TV. Recipients of the “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)” receive Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards. The cards, which are the contemporary version of “food stamps,” look and function like a debit card but are only supposed to be used to purchase food.

The Louisiana lingerie store has reportedly been accepting EBT cards for over eight months, suggesting misuse of welfare benefits that is potentially significant in scope.

KSLA-TV reported that the store owner accepts food stamps as payment so that he “does not discriminate against customers.”

One unidentified woman told the station, “We were told anything could be purchased there, with the food stamp card. No child I know eats edible underwear… It’s still the taxpayers dollars that are being used in a store like that and that really upsets me.”

In some states, EBT cards may be used to purchase items necessary to “family needs,” in addition to food. It is nearly impossible to make the argument that lingerie fits into that category.

After several national media outlets picked up the story, Kiss My Lingerie’s owners attempted to vehemently insist that they never accepted EBT cards as payment. One employee from Kiss My Lingerie said, “We don’t accept that for adult toys. No, no way.”

The extreme, left-leaning “news site” called “Americans Against the Tea Party” (AATTP) accused several outlets, including the libertarian magazine “Reason,” of publishing a story “based on lies… [it] seems like an obvious attempt to turn Louisiana residents against the food stamp program.” AATTP reported that Reason “didn’t really fact check too well before they published this piece.”

But it is AATTP that didn’t fact check. The picture below shows Kiss My Lingerie’s front door with an “EBT Accepted Here” sign on it. KSLA-TV’s full video report can be viewed here.

Screenshot 2014-03-15 at 1.37.18 AM

This story signifies a serious problem in the food stamp program. While many may blame Kiss My Lingerie for welfare abuse in this instance, the blame should be instead placed on the federal Department of Agriculture, where the root of the problem lies. SNAP has become so mammoth in size that EBT cards have become a common, acceptable form of payment in many situations. What was once meant to be a small-scale program to help struggling families put food on the table has become a way for the federal government to subsidize various wants and needs for one-sixth of the U.S. population.

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Kristin Tate is a multi-media reporter for Breitbart News and to fearless journalism, she regularly works on undercover stings with James O'Keefe to reveal government waste, abuse, and fraud.Tate was a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter President and Founder. She will continue to fight tirelessly for individual liberty and free markets through new media. Visit Kristin's website at

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  • J.N. Ashby

    It’s totally necessary to “family needs.” You use it to produce more children and get even more benefits.

  • David

    Work clothes…

    • Sunshine1011

      Hey, strippers need clothes too.

  • Enema Of The State

    And how will the government respond to this problem? A new Department of Panties will be created, supplying government thongs and camisoles to the underprivileged. Because if there is anything the poor need more of it is crotchless underwear.

  • Bill

    ….and just add this to the list the reasons on “Why welfare cannot be reformed and must be abolished”

    • kathy

      let them all go hungry and starve to death, because I don’t need help and I don’t give a crap about anyone else. Hey why don’t we put all the poor people in prison, that way we can watch them!

  • DeepShock88

    Rather misleading article as it is not “food stamps” being used at this store but rather TANF Cash aid assistance which uses the same card. It is still a waste of money on non-essential items, however if you are going to stir the hornets nest at least do it with some level of accuracy. You cannot purchase any non-food item with “food stamps” the machine automatically rejects this in every state. the only way you can purchase a non-food item is with TANF a cash assistance program that uses the same EBT card as food stamps.

  • Shin Chan

    The sad thing is that even this doesn’t really matter. Just the fact that a lazy bum can get free food (freeing up any other money they earned, perhaps even under the table) means that they can take THAT money and use it for anything, including stuff like this.

    • kathy

      why don’t you walk down the street and talk to those lazy bums, you might be surprised and if you have any kind of compassion, you might find these people aren’t lazy bums, just people who can’t find jobs or people because of the law change saying 30 hours is full time, now these people only get to work 25 hours a week for minimum wage. So please learn your facts and not just repeat what you heard.

      • Shin Chan

        “Learn your facts”

        Oh for crying out loud. I’m already well informed. You’re generalizing (and no, I was not) but worse than that, if you don’t recognize that there is a huge portion of lazy bums out there surviving off of handouts you must be living under a rock.

        I’m talking about the type you see in cities (yes, I do personally, since you’ll probably insist I’m ignorant otherwise) and the types you see in those “Obama bucks” videos online. They do exist, they are not imaginary, and there are a ton of these fools. The bad economy is not the only force pushing down the labor force participation rate, all the damned handouts are doing it too.

  • pissedatthesystem

    Poor reporting, cash assistance is different than food stamps. The state often goes after the non-responsible parent to remit payment for this type of assistance. In fact I was taken to court by the state of AZ to pay for the cash assistance my ex was receiving even though my son lived with me. She claimed that he was living with her. I was forced to meet with a DES agent before being allowed to speak to a judge. The agent refused to look at any of my supporting documentation e.g. health benefits taken out of my paycheck, receipts for childcare, clothes, etc. She continuously told me I just needed to pay the state back for this, but I refused and she finally allowed me to take it to the court room where I laid out all my supporting documentation across the table. The judge asked me why I was there today and then stopped me halfway through my story to ask the same lady who was trying to coerce me to pay the state what the states position was on the case, at which point she said ‘The state would like to drop all charges’. I still missed a day of work and they didn’t even validate my parking. So I absolutely hate this system and believe it needs to be revamped but let’s do some accurate non-misleading reporting eh?

  • Monique Gubser Strucke

    What’s really sad is that there ARE families out there in need of help because of job loss, divorce cutting the income, etc. They are the ones being made to feel ashamed of asking for temporary help. They are the ones that have families that will suffer because of issues like this. Not everyone that has been or will be on food stamps is a bum. But the abusers of the system and the ones that do things like buy sex toys, are the ones that will ruin it for everyone. They are the ones that should be reprimanded. This was put in place to help families get back on their feet, NOT be a long term way of life. Maybe start imposing limits of how long one CAN continue to receive assistance.

  • americangrossness

    I rather 1 black american misuse food stamps for a dildo than 1000 white families & white kids go without food and starve. i thunk my point here tackles the disgustung root of the reason this disgusting hate inciting article was written. when did america become more backwards than a 4th world? stop embarrassing yourself. shame on every single one of you.

    • reb

      Who said it was a black woman that made the purchase? Why do you think the person is black? Or are you saying you are disgusted at the hate towards whites using gov assistance? Or maybe this just isn’t a race issue & simply the disgusting fact of a store willing to accept tax-dollars for unnecessary goods?

    • Robert

      You = Pot; Us = Kettle. You say we are black…I say you are a racist pos Barry Sotero loving butt muncher…now the record is straight!

  • kathy

    I think you are a bunch of idiots, unless that lingerie store has listed those items as food stamp eligible food. You can only buy food with a food stamp card, maybe what you saw was someone using their unemployment benefits at the store, they use the same card for several types of benefits. And duh maybe that ebt sign was already on the door they just never took it off. Please stop attacking the poor you are making the rich very happy. Why don’t you question why our senators and representative get to enjoy a lifetime of perks all on our dime. Why don’t you question why the restaurant association does not have to follow federal guide concerning waitress pay, suppose to be 70% of minimum wage since when is $2,13 seventy percent of $7.25 we could save a lot of food stamp money by making big businesses pay their employees. WAKE-UP AMERICA!