According to a report from Facebook, more than 70 countries are hitting the social giant up for its data on users. The report confirms what many have been worried about for years now. The US is responsible for approximately 1/2 of  the 26,000 requests reflecting facebook38,000 users. The report confirming the data handover does not specify the type of data released. It does show that the United States is at the very top of intrusion.

The US sent out 11,000-12,000 total requests on 20,000-21,000 users. The United States government got exactly what it wanted 79% of the time. Only India came close to America with 3,245 total requests on 4,144 users. This is only a 6 month report. Facebook is the most recent tech company to release such data. Twitter also releases a transparency report along with Google.

Are you concerned with the US government requesting so much data through Facebook?

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