Exclusive: Government Program to Control Religious Thought?

Truth in Media: Government Program to Control Religious Thought?

Is the U.S. Government working on a program to…well…program the way you view religion?

A whistleblower who has worked on that program says yes and he wants you to know exactly what has been going on.

The first step towards truth is to be informed.

If I told you that the Defense Department was using taxpayer dollars to learn how to influence people with religious beliefs in order to control those beliefs, would it really surprise you?

Would you think that I am a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist?

Would you care if I told you that the program was aimed at controlling fundamentalist Muslims?

How about fundamentalist Christians?

Here’s the backstory. In 2012, Arizona State Universityʼs Center for Strategic Communication or CSC was awarded a $6.1 million dollar research grant by DARPA or the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

The goal of the project according to ASUʼs website is to “study the neurobiology of narrative comprehension, validate narrative theories and explore the connection between narrative and persuasion.”

A lot of technical talk there, so lets dig into the details.

The CSC program is actually about creating narratives. Using effective communication, largely video, to control the thought process of groups of people. And ultimately to be able to trigger narratives through magnetic stimulation. At its core, the program is focused on how to win the narrative against Muslim extremism. It’s a fairly interesting concept.

According to documents leaked to us, this project integrates insights from three mutually-informing theoretical terrains.
In short, the goal of the program is to combat and change religious narratives because of their role in “extremist behavior.” The whistleblower who revealed this program to us, worked for several years on the program. They asked not to be identified.

Ben: What were you told about the proposal as you began working through it?

Whistleblower: Yeah, I thought that it was benign. They told me it was about trying to figure outwhat parts of the brain are affected by narrative persuasion. Just to figure it out just for academic reasons. So we looked at narrative transportation which is basically how an individual is transported into a narrative, how they understand it…kind of like when you read a good book you get really enthralled with it.

At its core, the program attempts to map the brain to determine which portions of the brain allow you to accept a narrative presented to you. It’s called narrative theory.

Mapping this network will lead to a fuller understanding of the influence narrative has on memory, emotion, theory of mind, identity and persuasion, which in turn influence the decision to engage in political violence or join violent groups or support groups ideologically or financially.

You see, the project is focused on the belief that the reason Muslims in the Middle East are swayed to religious violence is not because of the reality of what is going on around them per se, but because they are believing a local or a regional narrative.

Ben: The local and regional narrative then is that the brain automatically assumes things because of a narrative we’ve been taught since our childhood, is that it?

Whistleblower: Right yeah that’s true. We call those master narratives. So in America we have this “rags to riches” master narrative where if you work really hard you can become successful and make a ton of money. So in the Middle East, they always use the example of the Pharaoh. That’s the master narrative that’s in the Qur’an, where there’s this corrupt leader that, you know, is really bad for society. And they use the example of Sadat who was assassinated. When
the assassin killed him, he said, “I have killed the Pharaoh, I have killed the Pharaoh.” So they assume that he was relying upon this Islamic master narrative to fuel his actions.

So how does the program change this? Again a lot of technical speak here so stay with me. But it’s broken into three phases.

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Ben Swann is an investigative journalist working tirelessly to dissolve the left/right paradigm prevalent in most mainstream media narratives. As a news reporter and anchor in the earlier days of his career, he has gained a wealth of experience while earning two Emmy Awards and two Edward R. Murrow awards. In addition to heading the Truth In Media Project, Ben is the prime anchor at WGCL-TV in Atlanta, GA. He can be seen anchoring live at 4 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 6 p.m., and 11 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. A stream is available at cbs46.com.

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  • Bryon

    With research like this where they can (intend to) reverse religious extremism where does it end. If it can be controlled what is to stop these controllers from doing the opposite and instigating “uprisings” and then stepping in to crush the uprising(after the public demands they do something of course) while instituting draconian laws to exert even more police state controls. George Orwell you were only scratching the surface.

  • Guest

    The government’s job should be simple and small lol this, just like the robot men, is ridiculous. Such a waste of money.

  • dktne

    The government’s job should be simple and small lol no concentrated power is good remem? This, like the robot men, is disastrous and just a horrible use of money and effort

  • Truth

    This may work for some that aren’t strong in their faith, but it will fail on all fronts for people that are.

  • phxguy

    How about you leave the “Conspiracy” out of it, and present the REAL facts! I go to school here working on my PHD. http://humancommunication.clas.asu.edu/research/CSC-research-projects

    • Patriot from the nanny state

      go back to msm and drink your gmo kool-aid

    • Chuck Yager

      Are you on the project? Because the person interviewed was working on the project. Are you surprised that your schools website does not tell the same story? The person interviewed was also lied to by the researchers in charge. The story here is that what you and I are being told are not the REAL facts as you put it. Wake up my friend.

    • LocalHero

      Grow up.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ourbravenewworld Ex Military

      “Conspiracy”? The website you point to confirms the intent of the program. This IS DARPA we are talking about, here. The “defese” in DARPA is a euphemism. It is double-speak meant to mask the true intent. The “Department of Defense” used to be called the “War Department”. DARPA should more appropriately be called WARPA. This research WILL be used as an offensive weapon against those that don’t agree with the “War Department’s” narrative.

      To sterilize the discussion by ignoring the context may be PHD-like, but is sheer foolishness in light of documented history.

  • Kyle Kendall

    Thanks Ben. Once again insightful and intelligent.

  • blissnsmiles

    A clockwork orange

  • jules

    Yea but it would be a stretch to think that it would be used on a massive scale. TMS only inhibits certain brain functions for a limited amount of time, the effects diminishing fairly quickly after the initial procedure.

    • wiseowl

      They wouldn’t need to use it on a massive scale. Immagine being able to hand pick your tool with an already established useful history and then just program them to do the evil deeds needed to motivate the masses to accept what ever government program you have in mind.

    • ZacharyBendickson

      While I’m no expert on the subject think what could be done long term. If you could shut down you should also be able to turn on. So you shut down what you dont like and then over time with repeated treatments turn on what you want. With enough treatments you could conceivably brainwash someone. Not exactly something I would trust the government with.

  • Connor

    “Because the project is based on the idea that despite the good work of
    the U.S. in the Middle East, the message of the work is not being

    Good work?? We are the ones who screwed up that region in the first place, you know when the US and Europe won WWI and split the ottoman empire into countries to be exploited individually? When we killed their leaders and put in charge “American Friendly” leaders, basically our puppets? Then after 9/11, (which I’m not saying wasn’t a horrible thing but was definitely something that we brought upon ourselves) we invade two sovereign nations that had nothing to do with the attacks and start a war that killed millions of people on both sides, many of which who were innocent? Its not good work, its just adding more pain and suffering into a land that is already filled with hatred and contempt for the US and Europe. If we want to help them we should get up and leave, like so many Middle Easterners want us to do.

  • Bermudaguy

    Religions are the cancer in our society….all of em, not just the one you don’t agree with!
    They keep people from questioning reality, they divide people and are not necessary for happy productive lives. In about 10 years, religion will be irrelevant in my opinion. That remains to be seen, but atheism is the fastest growing segment of the population.

    • Joseph Larrew

      Hey Bermudaguy, Islam is actually the fastest growing segment of the population… (Christian here) Now, they only reason that’s true is because it is forced on them, but that is neither here nor there because you can only judge by what you have. You can’t guess at what people really are. As long as there are people, there will always be religion. Your statement that it keeps people from questioning reality is simply not true. If that were the case, that means all we’d have to do is let the scientists tell us what is real instead of deciding for ourselves.

      Now to the main point of my comment, this story has nothing to do with religion. It’s main focus is the ability for the government to control thoughts. So let’s keep religion out of it, shall we?

      • Bermudaguy

        No it is not. Islam is the fastest growing religion only!

      • Bermudaguy

        And let me just add, Christianity has blood on it’s hands. Religion keeps many ignorant and in darkness, so I don’t care what you BELEIVE, thems are facts my friend.

        • Think

          Last time I checked, non-religious people have blood on their hands too. So does America. So does China. No matter what group you want to put people in they have blood on their hands. People are not perfect. Including the little bubble of perfection you think you’re in.

          • Bermudaguy

            Bull shit sonny!

          • jo blo

            No, it’s not. You might read about some atheists named Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao…

          • jo blo

            Wow, Bermudaguy, that sure is a substantive rebuttal. Yeah, anyone with a brain (that would exclude you) understands that the lack of a moral compass makes it possible for someone to do anything. Sorry you’re butthurt because history completely refutes your idiotic ‘thesis’, but that’s your problem, not mine. Buzz off, moron.

    • Rusty

      Yes, but the last thing we need is for government manipulation in order to reduce or eliminate religion. That is a power that is scary and one that can then place other “narratives” in the minds of us or our children as citizens. Religion should be expelled through education and a better understanding of our world, not by an authoritative figure/state.

      • Bermudaguy

        I would agree. My point was that religions should be suspect to start with. No manipulation can occur then.

  • LocalHero

    I’m no fan of religions in general but this only reinforces the fact that DARPA needs to be permanently shut down. Forever. And the Department of “Defense” next.

  • Joseph

    Religion or no religion, controlling extremists, or whatever. Just the idea of the
    the government being able to control and change your thoughts is terrifying.
    It’s funny what they’re doing. Isn’t the media doing a great work already?

  • Shelly Dawson-Henderson

    Wowzers Ben, this was a really interesting (and thought provoking) read- thanks for it!

  • Daniel Latrimurti

    This is just too bizarre and when I think I’ve heard it all I realize I haven’t. We need to get these folks a real job. Planting crops, picking up the garbage in the gutters or something but this is just wrong.

  • g.johnon

    wow, magnetic brain manipulation! maybe tin hats are not such a bad idea afterall.

  • wiseowl

    What I find fascinating is that no one even discusses what the government my try to program these people to believe or do. We all have just accepted as stated that they are going to try to program the “extremists” to be more pacifist and accepting or the “good US guys.” Really? Do you believe the government wouldn’t program some to cause trouble there by creating further demand for big government controls and more wars?

  • Gregory Alan of Johnson

    Folk ought to do a search on Project Monarch, MK-Ultra, Delta, and Naomi. One or more of these have been going on even before the Dulles brothers started the OSS/CIA. “Secret Weapons” by the Hersha sisters will provide a great start.

  • Jay Jefferson

    As an ASU undergrad, somehow I’m not surprised. Now that I find myself halfway through a public institution I’ve been compelled practically from birth to waste too much time, money (my parents’ actually), and energy in, I’m struggling to see the net return. After wasting two years of my life and tens of thousands of dollars towards Michael Crow’s “modern” architecture, “renewable” energy panels, and his “new” American university – all for a piece of paper saying I meet proper academic standards of bureaucrats – I now see the broken American university system as the backwards reality it is.

    See, I guess I’m what a lot of people are starting to call a millenial, or one who came of age after Y2K. I used a Windows 98 and Google for the first time at age six, saw my first cell phone at age 11, and grew up with social media tools that are now bringing down tyrants. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pirate Bay have revolutionized the world. Why hasn’t college education advanced any? Because government won’t let the stale industry compete with the 21st Century. In fact, it wouldn’t let schooling compete with the 20th either.

    In 1971, a late veteran educator, John Holt, proposed a novel idea in Reason magazine that schooling, especially children’s, shouldn’t be confined to walled off buildings, with barbed wire fences and a security apparatus rivaling San Quentin, that somehow still can’t stop cold blooded killers. Did I mention children are forced to attend, scores haven’t improved across the board since, and we’re all forced to pay for it? Allegedly, these mandatory five 8 hour days a week are designed to “prepare children for the real world;” despite the fact most adults in the workforce are never required to ask permission to use the bathroom and aren’t made criminals for showing up late or skipping. Instead, they’re usually fired. In the real world, consuming alcohol at a football game, despite health and safety risks, is also considered a pastime; not a misdemeanor. We’re also told that we must make our kids compete academically with those around the world, and that government is the only mechanism to achieve that. But whenever spoiled unionized faculty raise this point, they seem to ignore the sorry state of countries the rest of us allegedly need to make our kids compete against. Does the free world need an education czar, or much less one who envies China’s or Cuba’s education systems?

    I could go on all day on the fallacies of higher education, or any compulsory mass memorization models for that matter. Forty years ago, John Holt’s concerns were that public high schools would become the new grammar schools. Today, it is clear colleges have become the new high schools since. The President of the United States wants every 18 year old to attend, while his government (not ours) monopolizes the student loan industry. What he doesn’t want us to remember is that the internet was invented 14 years ago. Once this is realized, billion dollar university fat cats won’t deliver.

    • poptoy1949

      I know just how you feel. 42 years ago I felt the very same way. But I stuck with it and completed my Degree and it has been a big help to me over the years. Having that Degree does open some doors that would have otherwise been closed. After all once you earn it they can never take it away from you. Does not mean you have to use it or will ever use it but as I said it does come in handy….best to you….PT.

  • yeah yeah

    Sorry Ben, whenever I see that shadow guy with the vocal device used I always thinking about those alien undercover vids back in the late 80’s? (early 90’s?) Besides, if anyone knows this guy, they would know him right away..it’s not like he’s really hiding….

    • jd

      Propaganda by the CIA? who knows what is really going on in the minds of psychopaths….

    • Chee

      The whole thing of being in the shadow and having the voice modified is probably more for legal purposes, since everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I suppose a lawyer would have a difficult time trying to prove the whistle blower was a certain someone unless you could be proved guilty just by matching the silhouette.

  • Leo

    News flash, Our US Federal Government see all religions outside of the religion of the state as “extremist”.

  • Daniel Lahner

    Why would they just use it to control religions? They would use it on everybody.Makes me think about that big magnetic pole shift we have been having… maybe its because of the mayan calendeer 2012 alignment with the stars thing but or maybe its some other jackery going on… But that shit is definitely fuckign with peoples consciousness.

  • palmer

    When one sees Terrorists cutting people’s Christians and secular people heads off , one might be inclined to support something like this , then you may realise that all these monkeys need is a basic education , a job of some sort and the ability to at least count to 10 , the. They probably wouldn’t be cutting people’s heads off . Understand ?

    • Jeremy Tiegs

      What they need is to not have their parents, children, and friend killed by Allied Forces indiscriminate bombing.

      • palmer

        Generally agreed , and then the salvageable ones need to be treated honestly told they are monkeys and offered support and a program back to humanity . This policy should go forward with the relevant parties that can achieve it.

        • Michael Nesmith

          Because telling people they are monkeys makes them uniquely receptive to anything you say after that.

          • Palmer Eldrich

            Yeah, I think they wouldnt have a problem , plus would appreciate the honesty, you hack someone’s head off, you exclusively get that honor. Dont forget the one time offer of a path back to humanity, that needs to be on the table. I think it would be a great policy.

    • g.johnon

      the “terrorists” are cutting heads off because they have already been subjected to “something like this”.

      • Palmer Eldrich

        Yeah I get mixed up with whos a terrorist and whos a rebel as welll .. remember terrorist = not fighting for western corporations, rebel = is killing for western corportaions . The rebels can become terrorists at any time , after the corporations objectives have been met .

    • Truthfollower

      Those are good things, but without a sense of being important to, or cared about by someone else, there cannot be much joy in life.

  • palmer

    Think about this . , if this program is a reality all it proves is the policy failures of the broader US foreign policy objectives. The fact that something like this could be funded is just aproof of that failure. If you think hard you will understand that . The US does not existin a vvacuum although this projec or ones like it assume they do .

  • http://kingdomcitizen.com/ Theo Morton

    Advertising controls your mind.

    • g.johnon

      not if you observe it critically.

      • Truthfollower

        Critical view or not, all communication has varying degrees(gradual or sudden) of influence on our thoughts. We must all choose what and who we allow to influence our hearts and minds, because what we focus on has an effect on us, whether we notice it right away or not.
        Advertising doesn’t quite control us, but it does influence us.

        • g.johnon

          you said it yourself. “we must all choose”.
          harder for some than others for sure. this goes to what happens to us at government run schools.
          just the fact that you understand what you said above indicates that you are very close to the point where resistance to such attempts at manipulation are probably not too difficult for you.
          others need help I agree. and that is indeed a major problem when it comes to resisting the forces that are destroying peaceful and vibrant societies world wide, because the conditioned can’t do much else but get in the way.
          so I agree with what you are saying, but stand by my statement that social conditioning can be overcome individually by learning to think critically which, itself, is not an easy task.

  • jd

    One of the main reasons for Muslim violence, they are under attack from USA imperialist…lets not forget that…..so now the USA wants to pacify the conquered…

  • Alby

    This is not Science Fiction. Scientists have found a surprising link between magnets and morality. A person’s moral judgments can be changed almost instantly by delivering a magnetic pulse to an area of the brain near the right ear, according to a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
    There are many videos about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

    • Guest

      Scary stuff, but, like I posted on the first youtube page you linked. I was limited to 500 characters, so I had to heavily summarize my thoughts there.

      Since you’ve watched the video, you understand what I’m specifically talking about.


      Here’s what I wrote in the comments of the youtube:
      “Just change the order and think about it:

      Small children, when given two broken teacups scenarios, only see what did happen, & intended harm didn’t succeed that time. Part of the kids brains aren’t developed enough to think about the possible future, when the intended harm may succeed.

      This magnetic FSM inhibits part of the adult brain that “evaluates character” (i.e. thinks on the future results of harmful intentions).

      It just briefly reduces specific useful adult thinking. Not so great.”

      What is called “morality” can be considered “very long-term thinking about the results of choices and behaviors”. It is very deep thinking about the consequences of human actions, compiled by many generations of people over centuries.

      This site is, and many of us posting here are, involved in trying to warn people of the long-term dangers of fiat monetary systems, wars of aggression, and prohibition of individual rights and liberties.

      I realize some people may immediately think of “morality” as some arbitrary thing “forced” on them from some authority figure. But if you really think about it, the most effective argument against that kind of so-called “morality” is to show that it is ultimately destructive in the long run, not just that it’s “wrong” based on feelings or momentary facts.

    • Cliff Hutchison

      Scary stuff, but, like I posted on the first youtube page you linked, it’s got a real flaw in it. I was limited to 500 characters, so I had to heavily summarize my thoughts there.

      Since you’ve watched the video, you understand what I’m specifically talking about.


      Here’s what I wrote in the comments of that youtube page:
      “Just change the order and think about it:

      Small children, when given two broken teacups scenarios, only see
      what did happen, & intended harm didn’t succeed that time. Part of
      the kids brains aren’t developed enough to think about the possible
      future, when the intended harm may succeed.

      This magnetic FSM inhibits part of the adult brain that “evaluates
      character” (i.e. thinks on the future results of harmful intentions).

      It just briefly reduces specific useful adult thinking. Not so great.”

      What is called “morality” can be considered “very long-term thinking
      about the results of choices and behaviors”. It is very deep thinking
      about the consequences of human actions, compiled by many generations of
      people over centuries.

      This site is, and many of us posting here are, involved in trying to
      warn people of the long-term dangers of fiat monetary systems, wars of
      aggression, and prohibition of individual rights and liberties.

      I realize some people may immediately think of “morality” as some
      arbitrary thing “forced” on them from some authority figure. But if you
      really think about it, the most effective argument against that kind of
      so-called “morality” is to show that it is ultimately destructive in the
      long run, not just that it’s “wrong” based on feelings or momentary

  • RogueR

    It’s a stupendous bit of authoritarian tactics that we would rather control people’s minds to change their perception of us, rather than altering our actions that validate their views of us.

    • poptoy1949

      So very well said with just a few words. I needed to hear that one. I Thank you.

  • Angelo S

    This is the donation page for Deidre Romine, who was charged with theft for taking $2.87 from a fountain. Come to find out, she was just hungry.
    You can read her story here: Coins in the courthouse fountain: One woman’s wish http://www.connecttohome.com/logancounty/blog/the-paper/coins-in-the-courthouse-fountain-one-womans-wish/
    We will take all of the donations we receive and give it to her case manager who will help her manage the donations. All funds will be given to Deidre.

  • poptoy1949

    All of this is laughable. But at the same time enough to make you break down and cry. From this point on I am suppose to believe the NSA, CIA, or the Defense Dept.? These 3 groups have been telling me for some time that I am a terrorist because I am a Christian. As people today say…REALLY? This coming from the obama Administration and started under the Bush Administration. Then they spend an enormous amount of money with Arizona State to try and gather up some proof that we are what THEY say we are. What in GOD’s name (excuse the PUN) is really going on here? I am glad Mr. Swann has brought this to our attention. Never in all my many years have I seen or even heard of what is going on today. A dime Novel from the 1950’s has more body to it than the narrative the government is pushing today. All of this to gain a New World Order so that the “Chosen ones”, who chose themselves, can do to the World what the Nazi’s and Communist have already done to the world. Do you honestly think people will allow this in such great numbers? Ain’t gonna happen. A lot of people may die but true Evil has never ever won out completely. At this point I am going to actually have to conclude that this Government did kill President Kennedy and did bring down Three Towers on September 11, 2011. Well enough said. It seems it is time for me to say my Rosary. Mr. Swann, in conclusion, I want to say thank you for bringing this forward. If there is more…..please inform us. Again, thank YOU.

    • Pavel

      ..not all is lost I keep my hopes,that when GBUSH can not be elected again ,there is Hil.Clinton,Palin or at least Mc Carthy and they will do what is necessary to end US…provided that people will vote for them… My hopes are with economists ,this year 3 hard working of them got Nobel prize,next year could be 20,why not…My hope is with banksters too and their friends politicos ,that they make begars from majority of people and that produce a great reduction of population,keep good work …Wall Street, Armament industry is great to producing very expensive weapons and these coul not be eaten…Us Army top bras is very succesfull in losing taxpayers /not their own/ money ,2.3 trilions ,then hundred of bilions in Irak got lost,then some atomic bombs in Greenland and in Spain ,recently too some went missing,good work , terorist of all over the world must stop throwing bombs and shooting etc. It is stupid…Better is to fight for women to be elected as presidents,vice presidents ,under president ,into all powerfull positions , it is important and the only sure way to win your fights…still you do not understand ??….I give you hint…. In time around 9/11 , thera was the most powerfull person in US in charge of the USA security and the result was ….spectacular /the name C.R./ so stop frowninng towards women OK…

  • Drdetroitdanchap

    DUNE ……

  • Chrissy

    This was an amazing article. This is very, very scary stuff indeed. Great work Ben! I love your videos. They are very thought-provoking.

  • Rehmat

    And how about Jewish extremism?

    Professor Mark R. Cohen (Princeton University) is an ordained rabbi from the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. However, he claims he never lead a congregation at Synagogue. He is author of 1994 book, ‘Under Crescent and Cross: The Jews in the Middle Ages’.

    Mark penned an article, entitled ‘The new Muslim anti-Semitism‘, published by Israeli daily The Jerusalem Post on January 2, 2008. In the article, Mark debunked Zionist myth that Islam teaches hatred toward Jews and Christians. He stated that Muslim hatred toward Jews (Zionist Jews) was a recent development and not foundation of Islam.


    • David A. Laibow

      I don’t think that Islam teaches “hatred” toward Jews and Christians, but any religion teaches that its adherents have special advantages over non-believers. In many Islamic countries, non-Muslims are treated as second-class citizens. “Jim Crow” is a natural human impulse.
      In 1942, Heinrich Himmler proposed taking the island of Madagascar from the French, and turning it into a reservation for all the Jews under Nazi control. I’ve always liked that idea, and I’ve always been sorry that it wasn’t acted upon.
      I’m a Jew, and a discharged veteran from the Zionist movement. I’ve been to Israel twice, and while I believe ardently in the necessity of a Jewish homeland, I think Israel’s a dreadful piece of land in an impossible location. My own preference is the southern 3/4 of the Island of Madagascar, or some equally defensible and remote location. You may contact me at “davidlaibow[at]yahoo.com”.

  • Cloud Strife

    For those who want to read it where can we find it? I doubt the validity of any claim by ASU unless ASU has published said material. If they have published it, then where can I find it. If they haven’t published it, then can we get this to wikileaks or something? DARPA is publicly funded by U.S. taxpayer dollars. ASU’s research was funded by DARPA. As a taxpaying citizen of the U.S.A. I would like to read the documentation of research that my tax money funded.

    • Chrissy

      I was wondering the same thing, but if you do a little searching you can find it. Type in “toward narrative disruptors and inductors” in google, and look at the first link that pops up. I can understand why they didn’t publish it here, because it looks like other sites put it up and it was immediately shut down (hopefully the link I discussed above doesn’t get shut down as well).

      • not a kook

        Thank you very much for this info, Chrissy! I just did the search exactly as you describe and yes, it’s still up, for all the world to see!

  • Marcella L. Alexander

    Sick bastards!

  • Brutus Lincoln Paine

    Idiotic waste of money; not surprising coming from the backwards, laughable, self-worshiping, sociopathic, theocratic cult of Big Brother government has become. You mean to tell me they haven’t thought of just strapping “Jesus loves you” pamphlets to drone bombs yet; as just an initial matter? The narcissism AND stupidity is unmitigated.

    • FreeMind USMC

      Waste of money reinventing the wheel, a scary wheel at that. They should just look at what the left/right paradigm media in this country has done, and how it uses propaganda through misinformation, disinformation, fear, and anger to make the public believe whatever the corporations want us to believe. They take and unbelievable complicated set of issues and life experiences and corral us into two distinct ideologies at war (left/right). When you are at war you dont pay attention much to the real workings, only the perceived threats. Couple that with the fact that those in office were put their by corporations, who is the true threat? I would suggest those holdnig the strings of the politicians and the corporate media. They have the lawmakers and the mindmakers in their pocket.

  • David A. Laibow

    This reminds me of the story I was once told about Dr. Josef Mengele at Auschwitz, by one of his Jewish inmate assistants. Dr. Mengele had his right hand burned so badly rescuing a soldier on the Russian front tha he couldn’t perform surgery, and he was determined not to be sent back to Russia for any reason. So he invented a scam — he told his superiors in Berlin that he thought he could cross-breed Jews and monkeys. But first he needed 100 Jews to be measured and tested, to have bone and blood samples taken, and all kinds of preliminary tests performed. That, he explained, would take from mid-1944 to mid-1946, and the first cross-breeding could take place in 1947 or 1948. They believed him, and he got his reprieve. Of course, in late 1944, he and the rest of the camp staff and prisoners had to be marched west into Germany to escape the Russians, but the scam worked for a while!
    Someone at ASU must have a both a friend at DARPA, and a desperate need to stay on the faculty. Landing a $6MM-plus contract from DARPA is a great job-saver. Go get ’em, ASU!

  • Cygnus22

    The CSC Program is not surprising. I wonder if Ben knows anything more about the Orion op cited by William Cooper in the 90`s. http://decryptedmatrix.com/live/william-coopers-behold-a-pale-horse-book-foretold-schoolyard-shootings/

  • FreeMind USMC

    Interesting and very scary article when you think about the next step they would take. Substitute left/right wherever it says Muslim though, and you have what corporate media has done to our country.

    “The goal of the project…..(subtitude here:Fox/MSNBC)………… to “study the neurobiology of narrative comprehension, validate narrative theories and explore the connection between narrative and persuasion.”

    “High tech and validated propaganda, yes. So if they’re able to turn off a part of the brain and get rid of that master narrative that will make you not believe in a particular statement, they would have validated this propaganda. So if they turn off portion X, they know that the propaganda is going to work and the individual is going to believe whatever is being told to them.” ……Sounds like our mainstream media and its herding of the bulls. They control us through anger and fear though. :(

  • Ceric Lasentri

    One of the few things that make me convinced about “media intel” is sources.
    When there are verifiable facts, legitimate sources. :sound proof:.
    I take an article seriously.

    I believe a lot of what has been written in the articles in the past, because I do my own research. However, if I was one of those who just read it, and believed it, I’d be considered a fool. Because these articles do not have enough substantial proof. To me these articles seem nothing more then elongated tweets, with out a foundation to stand on.

    Documents: photocopies of hand written testimonies, correspondence etc etc.

    I want proof. So does everyone else.
    Just reporting the news isn’t enough anymore. People of this world want Mountains of irrefutable proof.

  • Pavel

    ..a lot we hear about beliefs of God coming to the earth to produce the Last Judgment on us . If God exist , he should be aware of one thing: That we ,us ordinary people we will judge God for his deeds and it is better for him not to come but He had better not exist too …

  • Daisee

    Well, it’s obviously not working.

  • BobLarimer

    We have been financing a government-approved replacement religion for many decades: https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=473539445966

  • Lily Hofstra

    Obama’s IRS agents did request the content of applicants’ prayers, so the gov’t must be planning on doing something nefarious with that information.