Gray State

Thanks to the team at Gray State for putting this video together. (Warning- graphic language)

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Ben Swann is an investigative journalist working tirelessly to dissolve the left/right paradigm prevalent in most mainstream media narratives. As a news reporter and anchor in the earlier days of his career, he has gained a wealth of experience while earning two Emmy Awards and two Edward R. Murrow awards. In addition to heading the Truth In Media Project, Ben is the prime anchor at WGCL-TV in Atlanta, GA. He can be seen anchoring live at 4 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 6 p.m., and 11 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. A stream is available at

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  • CHARMCITY187420

    That wasn’t too graphic. I actually thought it was good, quick and to the point

  • Niall_Bradley

    Uhm, Ben? This is part of the problem, not the solution:

    • Joseph C. Carbone III

      Unless there is divine intervention, the powers that control this country will send lethal force to attack any true reform, which means you need to be ready. Though, I agree; Gray State’s attitude needs adjustment.

      • Niall Bradley

        I’ve been looking further through the Gray State website and there are lots of pages with (apparently) fake ads encouraging people to accept RFID chips, recruit FEMA security personnel and to support Israel’s wars abroad… in fact, it’s so blatant that I’m thinking they might be spoofs? Here’s another one: I mean, there’s even a direct, live link in the top-right corner to the DHS’s ‘See something, Say something’ Gestappo program, where you can fill in a contact form to turn in your neighbour. Maybe Ben Swann or the Gray State producers could clear that up for us.

        • Joseph C. Carbone III

          Dear Niall Bradley, so good to hear from you,

          I think it is evident, given the research, that these links are meant as evidence that we are, indeed, in a Gray State.

          Danny August Mason actor and copartner of “Gray State:” “Is the Gray State real; absolutely, it’s real. We see it every day. We see it in the news, we see it on headlines, but people still don’t acknowledge it.”

          “When it comes down to it, “Gray State” is reality,” says Director and copartner of “Gray State,” David Crowley.

          Adam Kokesh: ““Gray State” portrays one potential future for American society.” “Were already halfway there.” “We are already at the Light-Gray State.”

          “Gray State” produced a documentary why the film is important, and it is expertly done. However, some of the behavior of our peace officers, in this documentary, is so violent it may make you sick with anger because some of them are outright criminals being protected by criminals, but we must keep our composure and do good work:

          “Gray State” press release PDF:

          Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 14 July 2013

          • Niall Bradley

            Hi Joseph. I don’t think it is in any way “evident” that those links constitute “evidence” that the US has entered the final phase of the totalitarian cycle. Left standing like that, without critical commentary, they are misleading if not dangerous. People are are in such a stressed out state that discerning reality from fantasy has become much harder for them, which means that those who take responsibility to lead must be extra careful when it comes to employing such ‘parody’. By the way, I wouldn’t welcome endorsement from Adam Kokesh: that ‘former Marine’ with his ‘let’s all storm the state capitols’ message just screams COINTELPRO.

          • Joseph C. Carbone III

            Dear Mr. Bradley, good morning, and I hope you are having a pleasant day. As evidence, we have a technically advanced group of intellectual people who have a link to the DHS, called themselves dangerous dissenters with a blacklist containing their photos and names, and have comments likened to Sen. or mad man McCain with “Let’s take it to Iran!”

            Markedly, satire is used on their site as evidence.

            “Did you get your RFID chip yet? Do your part to eliminate illegal cash flow in the US!” And, “If you spot these dangerous criminals: [David Crowley and Mitch Heil], contact your authorities immediately,” where contact authorities is a hyperlink to

            Lastly, pointing to criminal behavior should be recognizable. Linking to the DHS, a federal army operating in civilian space, which is a known threat to a free country and unconstitutional, is evidence. George Mason IV, co-father of the United States Bill of Rights was no stranger to our struggles today:

            “Forty years ago, when the resolution of enslaving America was formed in Great Britain, the British Parliament was advised by an artful man, [Sir William Keith], who was governor of Pennsylvania, to disarm the people. That it was the best and most effectual way to enslave them; but that they should not do it openly; but to weaken them and let them sink gradually, by totally disusing and neglecting the militia.”

            Because the country needs protection, this is accomplished with a military that has gone secret and given authority over civilian space, the Department of Homeland Security, DHS.

            Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 15 July 2013

          • Joseph C. Carbone III

            Dear Mr. Bradley, hello again; I am not sure you understand Adam Kokesh. I will try to upload a video for you and give you the link later today.

            We all must disagree to some degree. For instance, I served in the Marine Corps and will not, at this point, take aggressive action to stop the unlawful seizure of my property by the government. However, I have many friends, who will not tolerate such behavior. The difference is, I am Christian and have a stricter standard before going to war, understanding the just war doctrine.

            Adam Kokesh is understood to be a patriot, and, based on the foundation of this country, I am not sure how a thoughtful person would see him any other way. However, we are all developing understanding to enhance our wisdom, and, theologically speaking, Mr. Kokesh does not place his faith in the God of Daniel and Jeremiah from what I see, but again like the Apostle Peter he may be an overly zealous man.

            However, I support Adam Kokesh because I can see the difference. The difference is I believe Adam Kokesh and others like him are being used by God to secure the future of this country for goodness’ sake. Once again, however, like Jonah to Nineveh, we are being called to repent from our murderous ways, taking the lives of our children yet unborn and other grievous sins against humanity, and, I believe if we do not, this country will be no haven.

            Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 15 July 2013

          • Joseph C. Carbone III

            Concerning Adam Kokesh, I edited and uploaded this for you. I left a bit of Alex Jones’s pitch at the end, because it is humorous and candid when he says, unbelievable.

            I know how critical we can be, but hopefully with our criticism and skepticism we recognize, no one is perfect, and certainly Alex Jones is a part of that equation. However, we all are:

            Mr. Bradley from Joseph C. Carbone III; 15 July 2013

          • Niall Bradley

            Gray State, Adam Kokesh, Alex Jones… interesting. Anyone else behind this?

        • Chris Barton

          Are you kidding me? The website is a portrayal of the synopsis of the movie. Its supposed to have those things. Their website isn’t setup as a information/media outlet. Its a representation of the material the script discus’s.

          • Niall Bradley

            Oh. I see. I guess then it appeals to a sense of humor I don’t have.

    • Stig

      Good point, reality check Ben?

  • Joseph C. Carbone III

    Cussing does not make you cool; it makes you comprised. -JCCIII

  • Danny Froberg

    Gray State will be an excellent movie when it’s completed 😉

  • Rake Maker

    I think this guy is just shooting to be the next Glenn Beck or Alex Jones, preferably Beck because he’s worth more. Really Ben take up arms and who are we going to shoot our neighbors, or are we going to shoot our troops? I don’t get it. I think this scare tactic is pathetic and you know it engages nut jobs and all of this will be on your hands bub.

    • Joseph C. Carbone III

      This is the scenario: our troops will be forced to stand-down until there is a break with and in higher command, and during times of need our police will be misdirected, but, eventually, more specialized help will come online with the resistance, military, police, etc., which is already happening with the constitutional sheriff’s program.

      However, there will be an unaware esprit de corps within our own borders, remembering the Boston Marathon bombing and the unconstitutional 10,000 troops forcefully taking over part of the city with highly illegal actions. Our fight is not with them, they are only a symptom, and need to be protected from themselves.

      However, there is an antagonism going on that is trying to get us to attack our own countrymen. But, I sincerely thank God we have had enough sanity, in this country, to stand-down while more people like Ben Swann stand up.

      Even though the abuses carried on by our misguided public servants, during the Wall Street occupation, called our hearts to mobilize. We saw physically attacking each other as the wrong choice and the self-destructive one. This falls within the category of the simple principle that a house divided cannot stand. And they are losing that battle because they want us divided into Civil War. This is one of the reasons why the educational system has been attacked so thoroughly over the last 50 years. They are trying to breed a people so dumb downed they become completely self-destructive.

      This is why we need to be very careful, those who have the ability to use lethal force. It is not a game, and it is not cool. There has always been an ignorant few, which is why children, the naive, and young minds are pursued, but certainly the goal is not to kill Americans; actually, it is not to kill anybody unless it is absolutely unavoidably necessary to save lives in immediate danger, but they will bring that to us. Historically their murderous behavior has been individualized and surgical. This will grow in scale as the resistance grows.

      During this time, if reorganizing really happens, mercenary forces will be sent from offshore to surgically strike any reform that is making inroads to take down the Federal Reserve, IRS, and the banking corporatocracy overwhelming our nearly lost but still beloved country.

      Taking back state-by-state all that has been stolen means formal proceedings to nullify their power and wealth, but, before this can happen, they will attack. When their surgical attacks are not enough to quell the liberation movement by means of intimidation, recently likely Michael Hastings, they will scale.

      History is noteworthy of peculiar deaths and assassinations that have paralyzed free minds into apathy and defeated states of existence. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is understanding.

      Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 13 July 2013

  • les carroll

    oh dear oh dear, when i read the comments i had that sinking feeling because people just dont get it that people are angry about losing their freedoms. if you wanna see the future just got to any town in the uk and see cctv on residential streets! Liberty!!!!!!!!! go ben!



  • Kyle Dincler

    Folks, can’t it just be a cool video? Can we just let it help the Kickstarter project? Ben knows his target audience.

    • Joseph C. Carbone III

      David Crowley, Mitch Heil, and Danny Mason, “Gray State Supports Ben Swann,” are communicating a sense of distress, urgency, and strength but come off a touch superficial, which I guess gives the impression it is not meant to be taken seriously—entertainment. “Gray State,” like “Gray State Supports Ben Swann,” carries an urgent message of danger and oppression, the cost of liberty and its value.

      I just like the song because of the beat, and I do not pay attention to the words, is not possible. Words and behaviors are interlaced into our minds so that we would either reject or accept their meanings. Anything less is unreasonable, and we are inherently reasonable creatures.
      However, as you are suggesting, we are able to transgress and become numb, unprincipled, and apathetic, but I know this is not what you want.

      A quote from Oath Keepers from gray states website:

      “We know this is a story that must not be contaminated by big-dollar corporate interests, so it is our intention to keep it an independent project. However, we likewise will not compromise the necessary scope of the story by restricting it to a minimal budget. This is why we need your help to tell the GRAY STATE story on a level that meets and exceeds all Hollywood standards.”

      Its director, David Crowley said in the project’s press kit, “Gray State is both a film and a warning.”

      Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 14 July 2013

  • Joseph C. Carbone III

    Dear David Crowley, Mitch Heil, and Danny Mason,

    Thank you for the “Gray State Supports Ben Swann,” the resources it took away from your project is truly a gift that will hopefully bring returns.

    Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 14 July 2013

  • aserabus

    Ben I have a question. If your all about covering the important issues
    & talking about what none of the MSM is talking about. Why is it
    that you haven’t even once mentioned anything about the validity of the
    presidents BC?? You only cover what can be proven right .there is a TON
    of PROVEN factual credible information that proves that this is not a
    theory but a fact. Not that the President wasn’t born in this country
    but for the fact the he and his administration have produced the forged