Edward Snowden is at it again. The latest leaked documents provided to the Guardian, New York Times and ProPublica show that many NSA agents have the dreams job of many 20-year-old college men. According to the documents, NSA agents have created actual characters in World of Warcraft and Second Life and are using them to spy on players.

The documents detail that the NSA has mass data collection capabilities through the Xbox Live console online network. The network boasts more than 48 million individuals from all over the world. The documents even show that the NSA has been attempting to recruit tech savvy users as informants through the gaming network.

The documents do not detail any terrorist activity ever being detected on the network, or the capture of potential threats.

The NSA denied to comment on surveillance of the gaming network. GCHQ, a parallel British spy agency, works in coordination with the NSA through the gaming network. GCHQ would not confirm or deny the gaming surveillance.

The Tenth Amendment Center, a national think-tank, has started a campaign to end the NSA through state nullification. To learn more, visit the campaign HERE.

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Michael Lotfi

CEO, Political Director at BrandFire Consulting LLC
Michael Lotfi is a Persian-American political analyst and adviser living in Nashville, Tennessee. Lotfi is the founder and CEO of BrandFire Consulting LLC. The firm specializes in public and private technology centered brand development, lead generation, data aggregation, online fundraising, social media, advertising, content generation, public relations, constituency management systems, print and more. Lotfi is the former executive state director for the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, a think-tank focused on restraining federal overreach.Lotfi graduated with top honors from Belmont University, a private Christian university located in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  • Peter Kelly

    To be fair, being paid to play WoW would be a great job.

    • Scum Bag

      it’s not a job, it’s welfare when the government “pays” it’s employees. Jobs are by definition, only those who are engaged in production of goods or services.

      • Herbert Napp

        Slippery slope on what you define as goods and services when it comes to an MMO with microtransactions

        • Kim Leino

          Are you suggesting MMOs are not a service?

          • Herbert Napp


        • Scum Bag

          it’s a private transaction not influenced by the government, so yes it’s legitimate.

          • asiliveandbreathe

            OMG. then it’s gone full circle.

      • Acewild25

        It is still a job. No matter how you try to justify it, your selling your labor to company. It is true that you can have your own opinion of what you consider to be work, but nonetheless in the real world it would be considered a legitimate job.

    • Sprax

      You’re being paid to spy on WoW players and listen to their conversations. ..Torture!

  • John

    Average gamer age is 30 btw

    • iStackSilver

      Average gamer is actually a 37 year old married male.

  • Acewild25

    What’s new? lol They been doing this same stuff with your cell phones for YEARS! Of course the Xbox is no different. Same as your computer. They will track some people anyway they can………..this is old news. Nothing a little electrical tape wouldn’t take care of. lol

    Also, we Americans have no one but ourselves to blame. We sit idly by while they do their little midnight meetings to approve this crap. Then when people hear about it, they still say and do nothing, except, “My one voice means nothing”.

    The day after Hal Rogers in Kentucky signed the document to extend the allowance of the NSA to wiretap, I called and wrote a letter with my disapproval. Sure it didn’t do much, but if everyone did it, it would.

    • Hadenough

      You said it my friend. If everyone were to start writing letters and be willing to take the next step things would really start to change.

      • Trista Roberts

        I don’t think willingness to call or write letters is the issue. I started paying attention to politics during the bail out back in the days of Bush. There was a congresswomen from CA who spoke about having thousands of emails and calls telling her to vote no and a few dozen saying yes. She then proceeded to say that while her constituents clearly don’t want this, she know what is best for them and will be voting yes.

        How many people hollered and screamed at their reps not to do the bailout? How many of them turned around and then voted that rep back into office because, hey, it’s better then letting the other party win? That is the problem. We are unwilling to FIRE our reps because we are so scared that the other side might get in and do more damage. (Please note this is a picture of the majority of voters as I realize there are those of us who work our tail ends off trying to get better options on the ballot and then trying to help them win.)

        • http://www.mises.org/ Core

          I did the same… and my rep was like “nah its gotta be done” that was the gist of his response.. without a why.. or even a counter to my argument. Although my argument was vague.. (I’m no pro at economics).. but it was to the point. *sighs* and I made a point not to vote for my rep after that. Piss on him and his sorry ass.

          • Trista Roberts

            At least he responded to the issue, when I wrote my congressman about the bailouts, I got a pat response on oil drilling. I didn’t vote for him but he is still in office.

  • Justin Craft

    Microsoft…. need you say more?

  • Concerned Citizen

    These NSA employees should be terminated.

  • anon

    What a clever advertisement by Sony this is.

    • Klaatu Fabrice Aquinas

      Sony doesn’t need to lift a finger. M$ is destroying itself just fine. The Xb1 with its “Max Headroom” feature, and Windows 8. I’m an MCSE (among other certs), so I think I know what I’m talking about. If Sony could only repeal its decision on Linux, then Sony would be vindicated, and the all-time champ without a contest.

      What both Sony and M$ should really be paying attention to, is the upcoming Steam Box (and its “clones”). The PS3/PS4 will already incorporate “Steam,” so Sony is already ahead of M$ here. What I like about Sony is they offer multiple ways to “skin a cat.” That will always put you ahead of the pack.

      Now on the security front. Sony took away the Linux option for so-called security reasons. So, at least they are security conscious and apparently not in bed with the NSA, as M$ is clearly advertising. Still, I think that Sony could have left the Linux option available on their consoles, without compromising security.

      I think the real reason Sony took away the Linux option, was because they were against (in the final analysis) an open framework, which Linux was primarily designed to be. Why the Steam Box (conceived by former M$ employees), will probably become the king of game machines in the end.

      • Gregg Braddoch

        ^ For the record, the PS4 still has open source software in it – they took away the “linux boot” option from the PS3, but they are using the freeBSD kernel (which has a slightly more favorable open source license for corporations – the BSD license does not require modifications of the source code to be released back to the community) – So it is possible to get the GNU toolchain and other open source software on the PS4, provided they didn’t re-write the entire freeBSD kernel (and then why would they use it?)


        The article says it’s “not official” due to the fact it’s just a screenshot of the PS4 from reddit, however I have verified this is on the real ps4, and is from one of the system menus.

      • olaler

        Sony seems to make the same mistake through the years- back in the 1970s, Sony Betamax was so much better than VHS, but they wouldn’t license it out- hence, VHS took over. Linux would probably take over if more techs got in and made a secure, user friendly model.

        • Acewild25

          They have one, I just don’t remember the name off the top of my head. Runs as easily as windows, it is pretty sweet program.

          This spelling is probably wrong but its something like, uboontoo? Type that in google with Linux behind it and it should find it

          • Tom

            It’s Ubuntu, it’s free, and it works great. It is quite a bit different than Windows but it is so easy to look up how to do whatever online. It actually has more functionality than Windows.

          • Tim

            I’d love it if it could use my hardware correctly. Every time I try installing Linux I get similar driver issues, either on the sound, or the graphics card. ;(

    • Dude

      Sony doesn’t do advertising like this. They already have a lower price tag and a service that offers more.

      • Shawn

        lolwut. 7 years since the last console, and all PS4 can do is update its specs? At least Microsoft is innovative.

        • Gen

          Innovative how? By updating a useless gimmick such as the kinect? Even though it failed terribly last gen?

  • dddienst

    I should have NSA Approved stickers made and go around to the stores… LOL

  • Rachael L. McIntosh

    Oh McDonald’s fortuitously has a gigantic contest GIVEAWAY of XBoxes RIGHT NOW. 😀

  • Iamx Legion

    Hopefully they play call of duty so I can kill the bastards

    • http://www.mises.org/ Core

      Unless you have Fiber internet to the home… I’m guessing they’d have you beat in that area which would give them a greater chance of winning.. Actually wasn’t this how Kim Dotcom figure out something was wrong with his connection? because it started lagging..and he found out that the police or whatever was hacking his direct connection.. which he used apparently for gaming?

  • droberg442

    Ben, have you ever heard of REMOTE VIEWING? Research this government program and then worry about this technological advancement!

    • droberg442

      The Occult shall ask your children for their souls and through these so called games they will give them access for more power to move a fictional character around the Imaginary world! Be aware and let the Lord keep you and yours safe from the evil world. We can only serve one master!

  • Swivelgames

    Couple this with the fact that the new Xbox must always have the Kinect plugged in.

    For those that do not know, the Kinect is a camera for the Xbox consoles. The Kinect is equipped with laser sensors which create a 3D representation of whatever it is pointed at, thus giving anyone a live 3D representation of your living room or bedroom.

    • Swivelgames

      Microsoft originally also had a requirement that the console had to be constantly connected to the Internet in order for someone to use it. They got enough heat that they scaled that requirement back, and now only require it to be actively connected to the Internet every 24-hours in order to be able to use it.

      However, they still require the Kinect to be plugged in at all times… giving them a live 3D stream of over 40 million family rooms or bedrooms while the console is connected to the Internet. If that is not a TRUE surveillance state, I don’t know what is.

      A partnership with Microsoft ensures the NSA’s access to this incredibly invasive ability.

      In related news, if you haven’t heard already, the preliminary injunction on NSA’s phone surveillance program was removed and they’re back in business. A judge stated that the NSA program *must* collect all phone records in order for it to work properly, completely ignoring the questions surrounding its constitutionality.

      • Darkness Dragon

        The nice thing is anyone can just cover the Kinect’s lens up with tape. Problem solved.