Nashville, TN–

The Tennessee Firearms Association, Inc. has called for Tennessee legislators to stop or at a minimum delay implementation of the Common Core standards in Tennessee due to concerns about the teaching materials and testing concerning the Constitution, specifically as regards the Second Amendment.

“We are already seeing textbooks and teaching assignments that are a part of Common Core intentionally or recklessly misrepresenting the Second Amendment in schools across the country,” noted John Harris, Executive Director of the TFA, “and we want to insure that the liberal anti-gun agenda is not allowed to invade Tennessee schools.”

Harris cites examples of Common Core textbooks and teaching assignments that have misrepresented the Second Amendment right to bear arms as limited to a “member of a militia of citizen soldiers.” “That is NOT what the Second Amendment says, nor is it what our Founders intended,” Harris pointed out in releasing a letter to legislators calling for them to support stopping or at a minimum delaying implementation of Common Core in Tennessee schools. Other Common Core lessons have instructed sixth graders to eliminate provisions of the Bill of Rights and have taught that police have the right to confiscate guns in violation of the Constitution.

It is now beyond dispute that Common Core supporters are advancing propaganda as historical fact and doing so in instances where the United States and Tennessee Supreme Courts have made clear that the facts and law are simply not what Common Core claims. For example, one AP History book written in furtherance of Common Core makes false representations concerning the 2nd Amendment that are directly in conflict with both US and Tennessee Supreme Court decisions.  Those misrepresentations falsely claim that the 2nd Amendment is a collective right, if at all, and not a pre-existing individual right that those constitutions recognize and protect.  It omits the Constitutionally enumerated right to “keep” arms and it disregards the state constitutional provision guaranteeing the right of citizens to “wear” arms (See, Art I, Sec. 26, Tenn. Const.)

“We are certain to see more examples of attacks on fundamental constitutional principles as the liberal agenda that is at the core of Common Core is revealed in more assignments and testing materials,” Harris stated. “If it makes sense for Republicans to oppose the immediate implementation of ObamaCare in Washington with promises of repealing it, it makes sense for conservatives in Tennessee to stop or delay implementation of ObamaCore in our schools until we are sure it is right for us.”

Tennessee adopted the common core standards in 2010, which are expected to become fully implemented during the 2014-2015 school year.

Harris' Email To TN State Legislators
Harris’ Email To TN State Legislators

Well funded forces oppose Harris and others who are against common core. In fact, those forces are lobbying the Tennessee legislature just as hard, but with an added cash bonus. A couple months ago we reported on how the founders of the Ayers Foundation are lobbying legislators in Tennessee to push through common core. The foundation has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Obama administration to advance common core in Tennessee. The founders have also donated tens of thousands of dollars to Tennessee GOP legislators for their re-election campaigns.

You can read that story HERE.

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Michael Lotfi

CEO, Political Director at BrandFire Consulting LLC
Michael Lotfi is a Persian-American political analyst and adviser living in Nashville, Tennessee. Lotfi is the founder and CEO of BrandFire Consulting LLC. The firm specializes in public and private technology centered brand development, lead generation, data aggregation, online fundraising, social media, advertising, content generation, public relations, constituency management systems, print and more. Lotfi is the former executive state director for the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, a think-tank focused on restraining federal overreach.Lotfi graduated with top honors from Belmont University, a private Christian university located in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  • Jerry Coker

    Well, if nothing else parents can teach their children the real truth at home, and ascertain in their own way that federal arseholes who propagate such non sense don’t come onto private property with their trash and if they do, make sure there is a place in the back yard for the carcass.

  • Cap

    Common Core only applies to Mathematics and Language Arts/English. Anyone who says an AP History textbook was written to conform to Common Core Standards is either misinformed or lying. Have any of you actually read the standards or taken the time to actually research this? You are dirtying Ben Swann’s good name by posting misinformed garbage like this. This sight is slowing devolving into the Blaze and InfoWars.

    • Michael Lotfi

      Common Core does indeed include History. At least according to the Common Core website.”The Standards set requirements not only for English language arts (ELA) but also for literacy in history/social studies, science, and technical subjects.”


      • Cap

        yes, they apply to “literacy”, not specific topics. Please go read the standards themselves and tell me how “Cite specific textual evidence to support analysis of primary and secondary sources.” or any of the other Literacy standards (which are included as part of the Language Arts standards as a subset to define skills students should have when reading Social Studies texts) would define how a History textbook should include/exclude/rewrite specific topics.

        • B

          It’s the “dunce” Cap for you I suppose instead of the “thinking” Cap. Your ineffectual, skin-deep attempt to mortally wound the force of this article is pathetic. Just stop.

          • Cap

            skin deep? I’m supplying everyone with direct access to the text of these “Social Studies” standards. As Ben would do, I actually did the research. Your inability (or unwillingness) to actually look at and understand the facts behind this is astounding. I get people’s distrust of the federal government (which I share), but truth does not change whether it fits into your agenda or not. The original point of Ben’s Reality Checks and this website were to find the UNBIASED facts behind things by doing research and using critical thinking, which I see less and less of every time a new article is posted.

          • Gregg Braddoch

            For someone who distrusts the federal government, they do a lot of accepting the harmless words that are used to disguise more nefarious teaching concepts.

            An Example of this is some of the Common Core “Language Arts” or “Literature” books centering around teaching children how to manipulate with emotional language. Just because they slapped a “Mathematics, Literature, or Language Arts” label on the topics does not mean that they are in fact teaching these subjects within.

          • Cap

            I think a lot of you are missing my original point. The article states that a pro gun rights group says Common Core standards are bad because its anti 2nd amendment. Their statement is based on an AP History textbook that rewords the 2nd amendment. This textbook and other cited materials supposedly support Common Core standards, which in the case of Social Studies, only deal with how to cite sources, identify main ideas, differentiate between fact and opinion, etc….. Somehow they end up at the conclusion that Common Core is anti 2nd amendment. The logic here is flawed. That’s the only point I’m trying to make. I’m sorry it doesn’t fit into the Common Core witch hunt. I’d like to think something using Ben Swann’s name and likeness would at least try to validate the claims its reporting on before reposting it.

          • stlgretchen

            If the AP History textbook from which it came is stamped with CCSS alignment, then I would think it would be a next step to believe this has something to do with CCSS, no?

            That’s the danger with all this as I explained above. If it has CCSS stamped on it, then it aligns to a standard and the standard itself becomes a target.

            If the schools want to state “we can use this because it’s CCSS aligned” then they have to be able to defend why such curriculum is being used in their schools.

          • Cap

            I agree with you, but the fact still remains that calling the Common Core standards anti 2nd amendment based on a textbook stamped “CCSS Aligned” is just bad logic and intellectually lazy. All I’m asking is that if people are going speak out against something, then have a reason based in evidence, not anecdotes and hearsay.

            If John Doe make statements that are racist, and John identifies himself as part of the Tea Party, its bad reasoning for me to think that the Tea Party is racist, even if I had a previous bias against the Tea Party. The same kind of reasoning is being used here.

          • stlgretchen

            Tell me how the average citizen is to react to such text. If taxpayers are told their districts can still adopt its own curriculum, BUT, the curriculum must be aligned to CCSS, then what is the average citizen to think?

            I understand your argument but this is something for the CCSSO to defend. This private organization (funded by the Federal Government) certainly must have the resources to inform the public of its “misinformation” and misunderstanding. I would think this educational transformation should be easy to understand and the Federally-funded CCSSO would be eager to answer taxpayer/legislators’ questions. The fact that it was under the radar for most people (and teachers) for about 3 years shouldn’t raise concerns with folks, right? (That’s a bit of sarcasm.)

            This “reform” is educational theory disguised as fact. CCSSO and proponents can’t base their reforms on fact and research…because there isn’t any. IMO it is up to the well funded Bill Gates organizations to explain to the taxpayers WHY these standards have nothing to do with the curriculum used in their schools. I think they will have a hard time with that one. If you run across anything Fordham Institute, Jeb Bush’s FEE, the NEA, PTA, etc produces explaining how the standards and curriculum do not have to be aligned, let me know.


            Pay attention to the Bill Gates speech embedded in the post. Note this is well before the implementation of CCSS.

          • B

            Cap, once again, you’re wearing the “dunce” instead of the “thinking”. You call on logic, but your rhetorical use of it is once again pathetic. Lotfi is not attacking Common Core using argumentum ad hominem as you suppose. If he were, then that would be a problem.

            To address your example. You are correct in saying that is logically fallacious to say that the Tea Party is a racist organization because one of its members is a racist. However, for your example to be truly parallel to Common Core’s position towards the AP history book, the Tea Party would have had to put their own stamp of approval on the racist comments of John Doe. As opposed to John Doe merely approving the Tea Party (as is the case in your example). Here’s the parallel. The AP history book itself is not approving of Common Core. Rather, it is Common Core that is approving of the AP history book. If Common Core approves the book, then they approve what it says. Trying to say that Common Core does not approve what a book says, but only the book, is stupid (a truly illogical stance). If they approve the book, then they approve the contents of that book, including the anti-second amendment content.

            Now, if this mistake is publicly rescinded and the book removed and replaced with a book that correctly describes the second amendment, then we’ll be getting somewhere. Then you might be able to make comments defending Common Cores stance on the second amendment. As of now, they are proven guilty, and they must now prove otherwise.

            One more comment though. We must keep in mind that the AP history book is meant to prepare students for college. Well, unfortunately, in the vast majority of colleges (particularly all public colleges), the second amendment is forsaken. Hence we get events like VA Tech. Beyond that, it is well known that the philosophy of these college campuses is highly against the right to bear arms. The institutions disallow it, and many of the professors seek to besmirch the idea of it. This is a shame. But my point is that since colleges are against the second amendment, and it is the focus of this AP history book to prepare them for college, well, then, clearly, the AP history book must be against the second amendment in order to acheive its goal. So, mission accomplished.

          • Gregg Braddoch

            Your original point is irrelevant – The history textbook, and other textbooks in question in this article are approved for use with Common Core – Without this approval, the books would not be able to be used. That is the point of Common Core – change the methods of teaching kids so that new textbooks with leftist propaganda are the only textbooks that can be used with the Common Core standards. The reason for this, instead of just including the propaganda in Common Core, is so idiots like yourself will say “But that textbook isn’t part of the Common Core” and “intellectually lazy” people will accept that explanation without considering the further implications.

          • stlgretchen

            Social Studies and Science will be taught via the ELA standards.


            English Language Arts Standards » History/Social Studies » Introduction

            “The standards below begin at grade 6; standards for K–5 reading in history/social studies, science, and technical subjects are integrated into the K–5 Reading standards. The CCR anchor standards and high school standards in literacy work in tandem to define college and career readiness expectations—the former providing broad standards, the latter providing additional specificity.”

            From the CCSSO official site, it clearly states that social studies and history are to be integrated into ELA standards. There is no need for social studies/science “standards” as the material will be integrated into the 70% informational text. That is the reason you’ve read that fiction work is reduced with Common Core. It’s because the social studies/science will be taught under the Common Core ELA under the non-fiction category.

            You can also read here about The National Council for the Social Studies and the ALIGNMENT to Common Core standards.


            From the NCSS site about the conference:

            “With the theme Gateway to the Core of Learning, the conference will feature more than 100 sessions addressing the Common Core ELA Standards for History/Social Studies,providing classroom-ready resources to help you meet the Common Core
            Standards, and provide great content across all social studies subjects:
            history, geography, economics, civics, social science, and behavioral science. The conference will also feature the new C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards. Join C3 writers, reviewers, contributors and others to explore this landmark document and get practical tips on how to use it.

            For every social studies educator working with Common Core, literacy, and social studies standards, and for everyone looking for social studies content to transform and invigorate their teaching, the
            2013 NCSS Annual Conference is the place to be!”

            Some of us who have been following CCSS for the last 3-4 years believed the upshot of the initiative is that ANYTHING can now have the “CCSS stamp” on it and be acceptable. It can be (and has been experienced in some schools implementing CCSS) that mediocre and questionable text/curriculum can be used because it has the CCSS designation. Just about anything can be aligned to the standards and since it has CCSS on it, it’s deemed acceptable. That’s the issue IMO. As long as it “fits” the standards and is labeled as such, it’s appropriate. Teacher prepared curriculum is a relic from the past and it is being prepared by those not connected to the local districts. But hey,it’s got the CCSS seal so it must be okay, right?

            When you take away the power of the state to determine its own standards, the standards are copyrighted and held by a private organization held unaccountable to taxpayers, the standards cannot be modified/changed, the textbooks are monopolized by Pearson, the curriculum will need to align itself to the assessments that the teachers will be evaluated on so the teachers must teach to those assessments to keep their jobs… have this trainwreck we call public education.

            But even that’s a misnomer. CCSS has ensured the public has been taken out of the equation. All we do is pay for it and supply our children. We are not allowed to figure out what we want our local schools we support with our tax dollars to teach. Public education is nothing more than a public/private partnership.

    • Clark

      Well, it would appear you’re the misinformed one, because it does include History as well as all the other topics in school. *slow clap*

      • Karin

        Well this is what is being TOLD to you. You are not in the classroom so you can’t say for sure what is going on there. If the teachers are not allowed to discuss it with each other or the parents, what makes you think you know what is really going on. Keep sleeping.

        • Clark

          …..sigh, I can’t believe I have to point this out to you. Look, this website:
          Is the common core website, straight from common core, may I direct your eyes to the left side, please note you will see each subject on the left of what it intails and includes, if you can’t take 2 minutes to even open the page and look around, then there is no need to continue this discussion. Also, please note that you do not know me personally, and therefore cannot tell me I have no ties or connection to any school using common core. I do have family and friends with children and I do take an interest with what they are being taught in school. Especially my nephew and niece. My own child will not attend public schooling when he reaches the age group to go…*thumbs up*

          • Karin

            Again, you are believing what the website says…NOT SEEING IT FOR YOURSELF. I bet you believe all the news media too huh? I feel sorry for ya. Also, I dont know where you are reading where I said you have any TIES or CONNECTIONS….did you just pull that out of thin air?

          • Clark


            All I have to say is: “wow”. you really are something else. I’m not going to indulge you with your claim and belief that I believe all media news. Again, you don’t know me. So, I’m curious, if an official website, says: “all national parks and monuments are closed” you’re not going to believe it because you’re not physically there? Seriously, how did you confirm it? Probably through ties and connections….a little more thought into your logic please.

          • Karin

            The “website” may say parks are closed…but the Veterans showed OTHERWISE. Wake up…your sleeping pills are too strong.

          • Clark

            ……what?! Bahahahahahaha *gasp* hahahahahahaha! Oooooh you crack me up. look, you’re grasping at straws. Shut down, vets/citizens (including myself) responded. Common core, citizens responded. I don’t think you’re fully grasping this, rather just lashing out saying everyone is asleep. Yet, if that were true, I wouldn’t be reading Ben Swan. I’d be sitting on the couch like my dad watching fox news, msnbc CNN or whatever other crap media they choose to watch. Clearly you need to stop throwing around that people are sleeping when you don’t understand the view point. Use it sparringly…you’ll sound less of a mindless individual who actually tried to connect dots and think for themselves.

          • Karin

            Hey moron…..Just go flog yourself

          • Clark

            When all else fails, go for name calling. Classic. That’ll show me!

    • James Hale

      3 of my cousins and two of their wives are teachers…here is a pic they posted of some Common Core material they were asked to look over and give feedback to the school system… here is the much maligned page:

    • g.johnon

      what the hell you got against infowars?

  • roncastle

    We are learning first hand here in Tennessee about Common Core with our 9 year old granddaughter. It’s disgusting. Teachers are instructed to not discuss Common Core with parents, or among themselves. The teacher becomes a robot script reader.

  • B

    I live in TN. I have two young children, and I can’t put them in the very public schools that I attended growing up. Williamson County schools are purportedly among the best public schools in the country, yet while I was there and as I have become enlightened with the Truth, I see that these institutions are severely lacking. But it’s more than mere lack, it’s purposeful wrong. It’s a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same object evincing a design to reduce us under absolute despotism… I cannot willingly plug my children into this system, knowing that it will fry their brain with a tremendous voltage of putrid propaganda. I refuse to allow my children to be fed lies exchanged for truths. I am enraged!

  • jason

    Common Core = COMMUNISM

  • anthony lc

    This Common Core program is more and more disasterous as we hear more and more about it, just like the Affordable Health Care law.

  • troy

    I don’t know about other states, but in Indiana the constitution is very clear on what constitutes a militia. Basically any one over the age of 17 is considered militia.

  • budzy1911

    Common Core is the nail in the coffin for America. Sold to the average person as a way of bringing up the standards when it is quite the opposite. Common core dumbs down the standards while brain washing kids to be loyal members of the collective.

    The average dolt in suberbia that pays more attention to soccer that to what is being taught in school isn’t going to help fix this – why shoild they the union teacher told them it is good.

    Once the feds get in full swing they will rewrite history and that is the end of America.

  • Nsp Nsp

    We have anti American , anti constitutional , anti personal rights cult designing the future of America . They are so extreme Adolph Hitler banned them from Nazi Germany .Now their legacy lives on . They came to America as political refugees . It is not that these people were stupid or a facade of intellect . Just the opposite , they became professors in our colleges and have willfully undermined the foundation of American solidarity . Study history and you will recognize more of where you stand in the present . Thus allowing you the insight into a very dim future . Keep thinking these implements of tyranny and destruction are a passing hoax or fad . These institutions are dedicated to their goal . I hope the America I grew up in is equally dedicated to protect everything our forefathers set in place to prepare for these harbingers of internal malignancy .

  • Matthew Parks

    Wait a minute… you just referenced an article that references a Ben Swann article about that quiz that, after an update, turned out the girl was lying?! What?! What kind of “Truth In Media” is that?! ARGH!

    I dislike common core just fine, but, ARGH! What part of “TRUTH IN MEDIA” do you NOT understand?! Why are you lowering yourselves to the level of blatant media bias that you are claiming to avoid and, in the process, completely discrediting yourselves!! If you’re going to stand for truth in media, STAND FOR IT! And don’t stand for ANYTHING less!

  • PSC1974

    Although Common Core is aligned with certain subjects, it is expected to be implemented (more and more) across all curricula. Even Physical Education is being urged toward adopting standards to use CC methodologies.
    Here’s an example of Language Arts indoctrination overreach:

  • jwhitehawke

    CC is not an ‘education’. It is criteria to dumb down our children to know only what is necessary to be subservient ……


    Here’s the question – you decide what it means: