SiriThe tech giant’s automated pal Siri has gone libertarian. It’s not immediately clear why. However, if you ask Siri, “Siri, what are your political views?” The answer may surprise you. She’ll direct you straight to Ron Paul’s Wikipedia page.

At first thought one would surely attribute this to simple cookie tracking. Cookies allow businesses and tech companies to track your internet activity in order to better align you with search results, advertisements, etc.

Many people restored their phones to factory settings to rebut the cookie argument and ended up with the same result.

No word yet on why Siri has changed her political views. Perhaps it has something to do with U.S. Senator Rand Paul’s strong defense of Apple during a recent congressional hearing.

Hundreds of others have noticed the same… Try it out to see for yourself.

UPDATE: Shortly after this story detailing Siri’s political ideology went viral Apple switched off Siri’s Libertarian leanings.

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Michael Lotfi

CEO, Political Director at BrandFire Consulting LLC
Michael Lotfi is a Persian-American political analyst and adviser living in Nashville, Tennessee. Lotfi is the founder and CEO of BrandFire Consulting LLC. The firm specializes in public and private technology centered brand development, lead generation, data aggregation, online fundraising, social media, advertising, content generation, public relations, constituency management systems, print and more. Lotfi is the former executive state director for the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, a think-tank focused on restraining federal overreach.Lotfi graduated with top honors from Belmont University, a private Christian university located in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  • Adam

    No dice

  • Sally Hemings


  • rpflix
  • Hattie

    What was Siri’s previous political viewpoint? I never knew it before.

  • Smooch8

    yep. got the same result last night!

  • Corey

    haha. Awesome.

  • Chad K.

    I tried it, and Siri plays dumb. I think they fixed it.

  • Trista Roberts

    I don’t have Siri but asked posted on the story on my facebook. My mom’s came back with “I can’t divulge that information.” :(

    • Trista Roberts

      I have now had a friend with iPhone 4S get the Paul page. Don’t know what my mom is using.

  • Jesus Moncada

    SO FREAKING COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SIRI!!! :) haha

  • JimboSliceOG

    Mine doesn’t do it :(

  • BlowingIntheWind

    Maybe it only happens on a certain version of iOS? What version are those on that it’s happening with?

    • StopShreddingMyConstitution

      I believe it’s on the new iPhone 5 only.

  • You’re no Political Scientist

    “Whatever is left of total Fascist”???? So, that’s Socialist?

    • Ben Franklin

      I think he is saying that he knows Obama.

      Seriously, people with those political views should be shunned rather than befriended.

    • Cromulent

      Well, both *are* sectors of the Left.

      • Conor

        No they aren’t fascism is distinctly right-wing with sectors of the left fighting vehemently against it.

        • Cromulent

          No, fascism is a flavor of the Left.

          You would agree that Mussolini was the first modern fascist ruler, no? Mussolini was a lefty thru and thru.

          • Joe

            And this is why people need to stop trying to define political ideologies on a linear spectrum. A grid is much less confusing. See here:

          • Jake Witmer

            This argument is meaningless. There are the claims of statists, and then there is reality. One side of the prior argument is arguing what the reality is, the other is arguing what the lies of the liars stated reality is. It’s a discussion not worth having.

            Sure, Mussolini was a corporatist, which would consist overtly of right-wingers in the USA, and has a history of opposition from the left. However, in the USA, the Democratic Party is also corporate/fascist. In truth, both parties in the USA are totalitarian, as much and as fast as possible, in all subject areas. They stand for nothing but sociopathic maximization of government power, as quickly as possible, while maintaining lip-service to dead ideals that were once slightly embraced in the history of their respective parties.

            Those who argue over socialism or fascism miss the point: those terms have slightly different definitions, as Ben Swann and Leonard Peikoff have noted, but the real meat of the argument is totalitarianism verses individual rights. Fascist governments are almost identical in practice to socialist governments.

            Either one will send police to kick in the doors of a small business, and claim that business’s property for the state. They may give slightly different reasons for doing so, but that should only confuse the most dim-witted of individualists.

            The real reason is this: Most politicians are sociopaths, and certainly the most powerful politicians are sociopaths. They are the ones who have sought an illegitimate career over a legitimate one. They are the ones who don’t mind causing suffering and pain to innocents in order to obtain what they desire. They have thus figured out that they can steal more, if they align themselves with existing sociopathic institutions.

            I hope that clears everything up for you.

          • Cromulent

            Corporatist or not, Mussolini was firmly a man of the Left.

  • Paul G Newton

    Worked for me.. Someone at apple is going to be looking for a job soon.

  • Dawn

    I got the Ron Paul Wiki page too. My bet is someone at apple either thought it would be funny, or they’re trying to smuggle a seed of sanity into people’s minds. Either way, I like it!

  • Gregg Braddoch

    LOL. Whitewashing to hide the fact that most of the IOS 7 features are NSA data gathering tools.

  • Drew R

    Has anybody seen the picture of the Google phone at the Google sign in page? Guess what time the phone displays? 4:20 duuuude! Haha, those pot smokin’ googlers…

  • Varian Wrynn

    Saying the author is Persian,American is like saying I’m Viking,American. Really? Can’t you just say “American” or better yet, drop the faux heritage thing. Let’s try it: “Michael Lotfi is a political commentator…” Yes, that works.

    • Dr Why

      What, are you ashamed of you heritage or something? I’m a Polak-American and am loving it.

    • Sue McGrory

      I agree totally!!! If you are a citizen of this country, then you are an American. Not Persian-American, not African-American, not Irish-American – unless you hold dual citizenship.

  • ax123man

    Most likely this is a software developer having some fun. If this disappeared in an upgrade, management kindly asked them to remove it. I personally think I.T. staff tend to lean very libertarian.

  • poplocks

    did you have THEM speak to her? or did you speak to her through THEIR device? if the former…that is pretty cool, if the latter–it could be voice recognition.

  • Michael B.

    Of course Apple is not a libertarian company. A libertarian company would be lobbying for property rights, not legislated monopolies through intellectual property laws. If you want libertarianism in software, look to open source, not closed, proprietary systems.

    • JK474

      Among the property rights that libertarians believe in are intellectual property rights. So I see no reason why a libertarian would object to a company that defends its intellectual property rights. Not every libertarian believes that programmers should work exclusively for fame and not money.

      • WhoCares

        “Among the property rights that libertarians believe in are intellectual property rights.”

        Not the well informed ones! That is FAR from settled in libertarian circles. They are rights in name only – government invented, government enforced. If anything, they should be called something more like Government Enforced Monopolies on Patterns and Concepts. Your last sentence is straw man nonsense. Read Kinsella and Boldrin & Levine.

        • Jake Witmer

          If only the orthodox anti-IP libertarians understood jury nullification as well as Doug Stanhope does, we’d already be living in a free society.

          • WhoCares

            But is jury nullification actually useful in a system that rejects it? If jurors who support this instantly get kicked out as a result, it kind of dampens the impact a little. Maybe I’m just ignorant here.

        • mikeyb

          Agreed. But one can still Advocate for a better system while living in a corrupt system. Using welfare benefits while advocating against them for example. Are there 0 libertarians who accept a social security check. they paid into it. IP is bad. but calling everyone who is currently under the illusion of misinformation needs to be done with care. Dont tell JK his argument is straw man nonsense, tell him why it is nonsense. and then don’t even say its strawman nonsense, even if it is accurate it is name calling. One of the biggest problems with the libertarian movement is our proclivity toward name calling and all manner of brash argument.

          Lets refrain from verbal assault (to any degree) when advocating against physical assault. are we not non aggression? lets be non aggression in word and deed.

          • WhoCares

            I agree in advocating for incremental improvements. You’re right about correcting fallacies (straw man etc.), but there just isn’t always time to explain these things fully enough. That’s why I provided a few references to look up.

            I don’t disagree but I can correct one thing – that wasn’t an “aggressive” stance for me (you probably wouldn’t want to see that – lol).

      • Michael B.

        Work for fame and not money? Open source programmers work for money. In fact, they often make a lot of money. It’s no different from fashion. Even though patterns on a shirt can be copied, fashion designers are still able to make money. We’ve come very close a couple of times to having copyrighted clothing designs…thank God the legislators and courts had some sense. Ideology aside, there’s been a lot of research that shows that the patent system in America has been hindering innovation because only one company is able to improve a product and they often wait until near expiration or market saturation before improving it.

    • WhoCares

      Apple’s track record is extremely anti free market. Overall they’re a fairly evil company.

      • Jake Witmer

        Given the utility of their unchangeable default photo settings to law enforcement, I’m forced to agree. Still, I hold hope that they are growing smarter.

        • WhoCares

          At the lower levels–the techies–I’m sure they’re growing smarter. But I credit that more to the general libertarian movement, and I don’t think it’s *just* Apple. IMO the corporate leadership are as statist and evil as the rest.

    • Jake Witmer

      Not all libertarians oppose intellectual property laws. Classical liberals, objectivists, Randroids, and cyberneticist libertarians generally do not oppose IP laws, or, if they do, not as a priority in libertarian strategy.

      However, all libertarians oppose unnecessary cooperation with the state that results in innocent people being sent to unjust punishments for victimless crimes. Of the several libertarians who oppose intellectual property, three of them from the Mises Institute (Jeff Tucker, Doug French, and Stephan Kinsella) have all defended the stupid and anti-liberty action of getting kicked off of a jury in protest, thereby leaving an innocent person to be destroyed by the police state. Kinsella and French actually admitted to having done so, in public fora.

      Interesting that the anti-IP crowd seems to also be the “too stupid to fully comprehend the power of jury nullification” crowd.

    • mikeyb

      Nice Name my friend.

      Do you pay taxes? Do you register your vehicle?

      Libertarians of may kind can use intellectual property laws while advocating to do away with intellectual property laws. it seems like a conflict of interest. But no more than abiding by bad law, such as tax and vehicle registration laws. Or practicing medicine, law, engineering, architecture. are all such professionals protectionists, their licencing boards are rooted in protectionist ideology.

      Many opensource software is opensource only to persons. to use opensource software for commercial purposes one usually has to obtain a licence. that is one way opensource thrives and makes it on to the next step.

      apple is a corporation. I think a few in its employ could be libertarian. but not likely.

  • toko lambo

    They still have Al Gore as a board member, right?

  • POed

    Could have gone either way on the site redirect. Siri isn’t that stupid.

  • Samson

    Wedding rentals in Phoenix AZ are really worth using.

  • TEB

    Why does someone ask a non person fake software personality what their political views are? Clearly they are not capable of having any. Apparently someone at apple knew there were bound to be sheeple stupid enough to do so, and they may as well give them something controversial to talk about. Now people are writing about it as if it is relevant and some nerds are laughing their a**es off.

    • Joseph Hammer

      Pretty bitter, there… Love a bit more. We’re in a very confusing time, where lies are perpetuated ad nauseam, and your fellow men are just trying to make sense of it all.


      If you think you are on the right path, then draw others to it. You must not feel contempt for those you seek to help… it undermines every effort. We sense contempt in people very readily… indeed, we sometimes do very little to hide it, as we fan out our peacock tail of self righteousness which is the fragile base of our self esteem, forever dependent on those who compliment the tail.

      “Nice Tail, Sir”

      “And you, too… very nice, indeed. We two, superior birds have such nice tails.”

      “Look at those anarcho-demo-repuli-tarians, with their INFERIOR TAILS!! Snarf at them, shall we?”


      TOGETHER: “Snarf, snarf, snarf” Repeated ad nauseam (I like how ‘ad nauseam’ sounds, so I’m using it a lot, lately… apologies) “Snarf, snarf, and snarf!!”

      Oh, Sh**. I just realized you were probably just joking. You’re probably a square dude (or dudette) who just enjoys a good dose of mockery with his (or hers) humor. Myself, I enjoy dry wit and fart jokes, so I mustn’t judge.

      I hope I did not miss any gender specific terms. I do not know your gender. I know that you are a bear… brown… but more than that??? Nada. All you guys (or grrrrrrrls) look the same.

      Anyhow, I was just having fun with the snarfing story. True wisdom, there.

      But seriously, now… about nerds.

      I am a nerd, and I cannot perform any pranks which involve politics, religion or Star Trek, or I can lose my card. If a nerd put it there, I’d bet that nerd is a real, live Libertarian. He probably did it while he was stoned.

      It’s hard to imagine so many of those Libertarians…. out there… lurking… toking. There’s more of ’em out there, now…

      … their movement seems to be growing. If they overtake the other parties, we’ll have to localize control of education, prosecute Monsanto, defund the NSA, stop wars, eliminate no bid and secret contracts. It will be madness. They’ll legalize sex and drugs, and they’ll take away the Native Americans’ traditional trades, such as casinos, tobacco dispensing, and firework sales.

      Thank goodness they will make “Whites Only” establishments easier to create. Perhaps someone will make one so great, all the racists in America will be drawn to it.

      “Joe… I’m leaving… I’m Moving to Metah.”

      “Oh no, Bigot Bill… I’m so saaaaaaaad. Is that the “Pure City” in Utah where all the SUPER AWESOME people goooooo???”

      “It sure is! I’m leaving you losers behind!!”

      “That’s so sad, Bill… I bet when you always say, ‘you guys just don’t understand’… the people there will totally get it!”

      And then bill is gone. I will not wish the citizens of Metah any harm… but delusion often leads to disaster.

      And with that, good bear, I leave you.

      • born2think

        Do give us the source of this fun story! thanks.

        • Joseph Hammer

          I made it all. I blame caffeine.

          • born2think

            Thanks for sharing the caffeine with such verbal acumen.

      • TEB

        The racists can have Utah, I’ve been there LOL

    • Syn Holliday

      Simple – Because Apple controls the software and how it derives its answers. Siri is a popular software, and some people are curious as to why it answers as such. I doubt anyone expects people’s political views to actually be changed by it. Lighten up old coot!

    • WhoCares

      Thanks for this, Captain Obvious.

  • yellowSn0w

    it didn’t work for me

  • Robert

    If Rand Paul is a libertarian, Barack Obama is a constitutionalist and my ass is a chain saw.

    • SlammoFandango

      Ron Paul never successfully got elected to the Senate. Rand did. Ron Paul never had the kind of support from the Republican party Rand does. Ron Paul left the Republican party in protest of what he declared were the broken promises of the Reagan Administration. That’s when Ron Paul was a Libertarian. Rand Paul has never been a Libertarian and instead enjoys the backing of the Republican Party as a US Senator, with far greater influence than his father ever had as a representative in the house….They are not the same man.

      • Robert

        Ron Paul never ran for the US Senate and enjoying the support of the GOP is akin to Obama enjoying the backing of Farrakhan.

        Ron Paul understands freedom, Rand Paul is nothing but another puppet to the power brokers and warmongers.

        Our Inalienable Rights should NEVER be compromised.

        And if you think Ron Paul hasn’t had any influence on the political landscape, you simply are living in denial.

        The GOP abandoning it’s long standing less government stance has rendered it irrelevant, save where Statist Pigs and their Slaves to the State are concerned or maybe you missed how the Party of Jackasses steamrolled over your last two puppet presidential candidates?

        Also, do yourself a favor and don’t use Ronald Reagan as an example for anything, it will end badly for you.


Besides all that Ron Paul the man is more conservative than Rand Paul the boy or ANY Republican Child could ever dream of being for that matter.

        • the one

          Nice precise evaluation…

        • ozlanthos

          Next time around I am going to do what I have done for the last two elections…write-in Ron Paul! I don’t care if he is running or not, I have yet to see another person in federal government who has a better notion of what needs to be done to get this nation back on a Constitutional track!


          • Jake Witmer

            You might as well write in Harry Browne for all the good it will do. Your vote will simply go unrecorded and unreported. It’s time for the libertarian movement to get smarter.

            Of course, the smartest thing you could do is hand out jury rights pamphlets to incoming jurors in front of your local courthouse. Most small-L libertarians don’t realize that the judge and prosecutor will work together to exclude them from the jury, so if you get them this information and convince them to shut up during the unconstitutional “jury selection” process known as “voir dire” (Fr. “to see the truth” –about your philosophy, and then remove those philosophies that are in favor of freedom), you will have helped set an innocent person free.

            …Which means more than electing any number of stupid, self-serving sociopaths to office. (Even ones who ineffectually claim to be the opposite.)

            We need to ramp up our embrace of strategies that place a vote of “no confidence” in politicians. Virtually all politicians are self-serving sociopaths. Virtually all of them, even the best ones (Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, etc.) are strategically incompetent.

            It’s time for “We, the People,” to take back the freedom that is our birthright, without waiting for the stupid and the evil to do it for us. For an example of “stupid,” I offer you the Libertarian Party’s National Committee. For an example of evil, I offer the two major parties who serve prohibitionism and central banking without question or objection. For an example of corrupted good, I offer you every libertarian politician or activist who doesn’t favor directly setting individuals free.

            My name is Jake. My phone number is 701.204.3215. I encourage you to call me if you have any questions about how jury rights activism should be optimally performed.

        • WhoCares

          Robert, there’s nothing I disagree with that you wrote other than the conclusion about Rand, whether you’re referring to his motives or being an unknowing “puppet”.

          Clearly his strategy is different from Ron’s, and for that strategy to be viable he has to go down a tricky path with little margin for error. We can argue about the “completeness” of Rand’s libertarian understanding all day but I think the only reason he concedes to the neocons on certain issues is due to this difference in strategy. I suspect that if Rand ever made it big (though I doubt it’s possible in this brainwashed landscape), he would gradually shift his foreign policy ideas towards sanity. (Call it “closet libertarian” if you want. Call it “incrementalism” if you want.)

          Who knows if the strategy will have impact, but so far he’s a national figure due to the broad range of support he draws. I have doubts he’d be as well known otherwise.

          Of course I can’t point to hard proof–it’s just an opinion. But I find it hard to believe in the plausibility of this idea that anyone could be SO stupid that despite massive advantages, he still doesn’t understand foreign policy & history. For the neocon raised in public school who has been brainwashed their entire lives, their closed mindedness is more expected.

          • Robert

            WhoCares, having been a Ron Paul supporter dating back to 1988 I must tell you I have watched this man get drug through the mud and kicked to the curb by Democrats and Republicans alike.

            I have become jaded when it comes to trusting anyone in Washington, DC and the Marble Palace.

            Rand would have to do a 180˚ on foreign policy for me to even consider voting for him.

            Domestically, he is too much of a hit or miss politician, in that he gets too caught up in the Wedge Issues.

            It seems the Wedge Issues keep the planet polarized, by design.

            His dad was and is a straight shooter. Stayed focused on the matters at hand and handled dealing with those wedge issues much better.

            Regarding your neocon POV, the problem is they have infiltrated all parties of relevance along with the Statists who are far more troubling to me, as they run via the United Nations.

            Our sovereignty has been flushed down the drain along with our individual freedom.

            Statism has killed freedom, Globaism has destroyed the planet and FedGov has tossed its people under the Bus of Authoritarianism.

          • WhoCares

            I know, I know. But I’d still rather have a Rand than an Obama or a Romney. I think the “wedge issue” involvement is more for marketing as a presidential contender, which was never Ron’s goal.

          • Robert

            That would mean the GOP actually nominating Rand and that isn’t going to happen.

            The GOP will do to Rand what they did to his dad, rake him over the coals and run him out on a rail by breaking their own rules and changing them to better suit their Special Needs Candidate, like the Democrats do with their Special Needs Candidates.

            Personally after all the years I have spent voting and being a part of the political scene, I have come to the conclusion our votes really don’t count UNLESS they are in favor of who the Power Brokers have already decided on being the Puppet-in-Charge.

            The Statists have dumbed down the public, corrupted the voting process, debased our currency, tanked our economy and made slaves out of the planet.

            Welcome to the Wonderful World of Statism and the Globalists Idea of Freedom.

          • Robert

            WhoCares, you also understand that Rand feels Snowden needs to do sometime in a prison cell along with Clapper, yes?

          • WhoCares

            Can’t disagree.. I think one thing that can be said about Rand is that if he does plan to try and go this route, it’s unrealistic.

            We seem to have already lost the war against ignorance anyway.

          • Robert

            I’m not sure what Snowden has done is criminal.

            Don’t forget in the very beginning all the presidents men and women were trumpeting that the data / info Snowden had, had nothing to do with our National Security and it wasn’t until the kid exposed the NSA and their Dirty Little Secret about spying on everyone via emails and phone records that, that “story” got turned into what it is now.

            But yes it is clear that the Busy Body’s got away with rap¡ing Commonsense.

          • mikeyb

            do what you can and no more. A vote this last time for Romney or Obama would have been 1000 steps backward. A vote for Gary Johnson (though i disagreed with him on many things) would have been 2000 steps forward and 5 steps back. A vote for Rand Paul or Cruz on the Republican ticket would be like 200 steps forward and 50 steps back. see the allegorical difference.

            We can be pragmatic in our idealistic attitude. we can live in a system and try to use it for our benefit. but a man of integrity should not advocate for such systems. We advocate for the Higher road even if chained to the low road.

            “You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voiceIf you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice
            You can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill
            I will choose a path that’s clear, I will choose freewill”
            Rush – Freewill

          • Robert

            “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.” ― H.L. Mencken

          • Alan

            I’ll call it what it is. Statism.

      • Alan

        Which is why I will never, ever, have any respect for that stain on his father’s name.

  • dddienst

    They changed it to something else…

  • Tenzin Rob Lowery Gyaltsen

    Siri won’t talk about that stuff anymore

  • dlb_13

    It looks like Apple’s iOS7 is smarter than 51.1%* of US voters (alive or dead) who voted in the 2012 Presidential Elections.

    *From US News & World Reports

  • Libertarian

    The real question is how good of a friend can a “left of socialist” really be to a libertarian. My experience is they call you bad names inside their head and then talk about how stupid you are to everyone else.

    • jrex

      Hehehe, I have to say, that was the first thing that crossed my mind, too. 😛

  • Stephanie Snyder Staker

    I received this answer: “I am not political. I am poetical.”

    • armino

      thats what i got also…

  • Jake Witmer

    Siri’s answer when I tried this: “I’m not very political. I’m more of a cowardly douchebag who lacks principles of any kind and is terrified of taking a side, even if my very survival depends on it. In 1930s Germany, I would have embraced Hitler’s brownshirts, out of range-of-the-moment pragmatism and fear, even if I was Jewish.”

    Thanks, SIRI!

  • S

    Siri’s response when I asked her what her political views was “The only thing I know is that there are parties. Yay parties.” No joke

  • armino

    my answer was “I’m not very political.I’m more poetical.”

  • Antodav

    I just did this and Siri’s response was “The only thing I know about politics is that there are parties. Yay, Parties!”

    So yeah, no. Just a fluke.

  • David_Rogers_Hunt

    If we want an effective choice, we must change the voting paradigm from the broken, one voter, one vote, ‘first past the post’ paradigm, to either ( and/or ( With the present system, we are all so trapped into stopping the worse evil, over the lesser evil, that there is never an opportunity to vote for what we ACTUALLY WANT! With the alternative voting systems offered, one can vote for what one actually believes in, without sacrificing the opportunity to block the greatest evil that you fear most. Voting for Hope rather than out of fear! Sounds fairly obvious to me.

    I am one of those wacky people who believe people own themselves. That the right to be left alone is pretty much an absolute. That people should think and take action that serves their own self interest while respecting other people’s similar boundaries. For this I am often called an elitist. Rather than rule by Philosopher Kings, I believe in each of us practicing ruling ourselves, and I would advise that each of us be well satisfied if we can rule our own life well.

    “I am an advocate for anarchy, and in opposition to chaos, because I advocate replacing all coercively imposed ‘law’ with individually, voluntarily, created ‘law’.” In most every context, a coercively imposed contract is not considered legally binding at all,… with the state itself as the universally recognized exception to common morality in the name of preserving morality. As to the means,… so go the ends. I am a radical for the premise that respect flows from admiration rather than from fear.

  • JPeron

    Libertarian? Ron Paul is still a social conservative, making him more paleoconservative than libertarian.

    • woodnfish

      Ron Paul is a libertarian with socially conservative values which he does not believe anyone should use government power to enforce, and you JPeron, are an idiot. If you had ever bothered to read anything by Dr. Paul, you would know that Ron Paul has said he will never support legislation that is not in the constitution and there is nothing in the constitution giving the government the right to run our private lives.

      • JPeron

        Well, if you knew anything about libertarianism you wouldn’t confuse it with Constitutionalism. Rubbish about Paul, the wall is no where in there and he supported that. The constitution gives no power to “earmark” funds for special interest groups, but Ron Paul was one of the biggest supporters of earmarks, especially for the Shrimp industry in his district. And, if there is nothing in the constitution that gives government the right to run our private lives then why did Paul try out law abortion, said sodomy laws are constitutional and claimed that separation of church and state is a fraud.

        • woodnfish

          I’m a libertarian. I also know that in politics reps often vote for a bill that has something they want, but often has elements they don’t want as well. As for the other stuff, give me references that Paul said those things so I can verify it.

  • Alan

    I’m not surprised they switched it off, for they have already attacked bitcoin, making them statist lapdogs of the establishment, as far as I’m concerned. Screw Apple.

  • Ahuaheuaheueh

    “Has the company that utilizes slave labor for profit gone Libertarian?”
    Gee, I wonder.

    • Jon Kramer

      No libertarian supports slave labor. Individual rights are a cornerstone.

      Republicans, on the other hand….

  • Jon Kramer

    Ummm… Guys? See that (R) in front of Ron Paul’s name? That means he is a republican, not a libertarian. He doesn’t support many key concepts that would make him libertarian, like equal rights for women, and getting rid of trade barriers. The guy supports forced instruction in Christianity in schools, and is in favor of allowing states to outlaw consensual sex between adults.

    He didn’t even support the Libertarian Party platform when he pretended to be Libertarian 30 years ago, for about 6 months.

    • walterroyal

      I’m going to have to assume you are a liberal troll. No other person has brought together so many different libertarians in a cohesive group than Dr Paul. Until you can refute that fact you are a troll.

    • Scholar

      Everything you listed sure sounds libertarian to me… Decisions for states to make, not the federal government. You make the libertarians out to be some controlling party. Freedom.

  • Undecider

    Apple’s job is to fool the trendies. They are authoritarians wearing a genteel mask.

  • Holmskillit

    Mine says, “I’m not political, I’m poetical.”