When the Ben Swann team has conference calls we certainly do not discuss pop culture. However, after watching the Miley Cyrus video pop up in my Facebook news-feed multiple times I said to myself, “What the hell, watch it.” After regaining composure from the visceral reaction- I thought, “What is wrong with this country?” This video has popped up at least 50 times in my feed, but hardly anyone is talking about Syria.Cyrus 2

So, I ran some analytics on Google just to see how the two compared. The results were shocking. On August 25th after Miley’s VMA performance her Google peak rating went from 67 to 100 in less than 24 hours. Meanwhile, during the same period of time the US military moved cruise missiles into position to strike Syria. The reason for doing so is because the Obama administration claims that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against the Syrian people. However, this is extremely debatable and has not been proven. In fact, multiple sources claim that the Syrian rebels are actually the ones who used the chemical weapons- not the Assad regime. Other sources claim the opposite. Should it not be necessary to at least first verify where the chemical weapons came from? Should Congress not be yelling at the top of their lungs for the unconstitutional move by President Obama? Ben has been reporting on this developing situation for days.


Google Analytics Miley Cyrus VS Syria
Google Analytics Miley Cyrus VS Chemical Attack Syria

The world is now positioning itself for what could possibly be the beginning of the next world war. France, Great Britain and the USA are now aligning against China, Syria, Russia and Iran. With such massive military force beginning to mobilize dependent upon the supposed use of chemical weapons one would assume that the peak search value for chemical attacks in Syria would skyrocket. On August 25th the peak search value for chemical attacks in Syria actually fell to a value of 3, which is down from a value of 4 only 24 hours earlier. The term “Syria” is valued at 56- averaging flat over the past few days (Update 1).

Miley Cyrus: 100

Syria: 3/56

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below-

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Michael Lotfi

CEO, Political Director at BrandFire Consulting LLC
Michael Lotfi is a Persian-American political analyst and adviser living in Nashville, Tennessee. Lotfi is the founder and CEO of BrandFire Consulting LLC. The firm specializes in public and private technology centered brand development, lead generation, data aggregation, online fundraising, social media, advertising, content generation, public relations, constituency management systems, print and more. Lotfi is the former executive state director for the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, a think-tank focused on restraining federal overreach.Lotfi graduated with top honors from Belmont University, a private Christian university located in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  • Sassin

    Albert Pike said there would be three, and the modes of build up are very much in place. We owe China more than we could ever pay back, Russia takes in Snowden, Syria destabilized, verbal threats over Iran, Israel etc. As far as I am concerned the leaders of these countries somehow are in it together, I noticed how much the leaders, the elite, the bankers just use territory and cannon fodder cultures/peoples to test out new weapons, exploit the people, rally up patriotism and pro government pro nationalism. Syria is in the wrong place at the wrong time, Russia leaders begged America to not destroy Iran and we excepted this and helped to begin the process of civil war in Syria as pretext for war. With Russia saying they have to get in if… and UK etc saying they have to get involved if. Scary how so few determine the fates of so many. I know in my heart that these things shall pass and we will live in times of greater prosperity and community, spirituality etc. But the old guard the elitist mentality will die hard and it will be ugly for years in the near term.

    • ReyR

      If a rabid dog strays into your street, sometimes you have to team up with your neighbors to catch and destroy it. It’s not that you have much in common with your neighbors, you can even hate them. But the mad dogs is there, threatening the families, so yes… “they are in it together”.

  • Chris White

    Um, try using Syria in your analytics, you will get a much more realistic view. Sure Miley is still trending more but it isn’t nearly as one sided as yours skews it.

    • Michael Lotfi

      The focus of this article is the chemical weapons in question, which is the supposed catalyst. Not Syria itself as an independent variable.

      • Alex

        Mr. Lofti,
        I think you would benefit from reading the book How to Lie with Statistics by Darrell Huff. Then again, you are using these tactics to get more readers. As Chris White points out, your search terms are presenting false information.
        The headline to your article reads “Miley Cyrus vs. Syria.” Your search term, however, does not fit with your title. You also state in your comment above that the article is about chemical weapons. However, this is not brought up until the third sentence of paragraph two. Thus, “chemical weapons Syria” is not your independent variable: just the word “Syria” is. This is English 101 and Statistics 101, and unacceptable journalism on all accounts.
        I am not familiar with Ben Swann and this is my first visit. But if this is the quality of journalism here, I will make sure to avoid it at all costs in the future.

        • Johnny

          Agreed, Alex. The author needs to compare apples to apples instead of apples to oranges. Changing the search terms to “miley cyrus, syria” reduces the disparity from 100-3 to 100-62. If the author wants to be keep the specificity of “chemical attack syria,” then “miley cyrus” must have a similar type of descriptor, such as “twerk.” According to Google Trends, “twerk miley cyrus, chemical attack syria” is 43-53, keeping all other parameters unchanged. Speaking of other parameters, titling an article, “How America Reacted: Miley Cyrus VS Syria,” then using worldwide data as evidence to support your claim is irresponsible journalism. Also, Syria has different names in other languages, such as Siria in Spanish. Aprroximately 1/5 of US residents speak Spanish. To get a more accurate picture of “How America Reacted: Miley Cyrus VS Syria,” search terms in multiple languages should be included, especially when the comparison is the name of a person (likely to have very little variance across different languages). Furthermore, Google Trends measures how internet users react, not the population as a whole. As a group, young people use the internet more robustly than older people.

  • Chris White
    • Bananahanacana

      Your link was reassuring, as it does seem ‘Syria’ is trending at a somewhat competitive rate. It’s a shame we have to compare the Syrian situation to some pop star’s performance, though!

      Great news is only 9% of Americans support intervention there. It really seems like people are waking up to the same ol U.S. Gov tricks.

      • Jeromi Birtikidis

        And when Obama uses the “I had faulty intelligence information” and attacks anyway, 91% of the countries opinion will be thrown in the garbage.

  • ANarrowView

    This is semi-deceiving. I ran a google trend search between Syria and Miley Cyrus and found that as of Saturday Syria was trending higher, but after such coverage over a widely watched event the MC trend went much higher. My thoughts is not to blame the general public, blame the MSM that spent hours today replaying her acts over and over again and barely touching on Syria.
    Follow me @ ANarrowView on twitter here: https://twitter.com/ANarrowView

    • settheline

      Media outlets are just playing to what their audiences want to hear and see. It is a market after all, right? So the most successful coverage will be the coverage that most meets the markets preferences. In this case, that was Miley Cyrus. The general public definitely deserves “the blame”. You can’t change the msm from the inside out. You have to figure out ways to show people that paying attention to Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and Chris Brown is a complete waste of time.

      • JustoneGuy

        i feel that our culture is more like the idea behind the movie Branded, where brands tell us what we want now instead of us telling brands what we want. Psychology is used against the masses through advertising.

  • Joseph C. Carbone III

    Inappropriate image…

  • Abdata

    The problem is that you did it for “chemical attack” instead of “syria”. I’m pretty sure it would be as high if not more than miley cyrus.

  • Guest
  • FunnyFaceKing
    • Chordsman

      I appreciate both the article and this post showing what people in the news section are looking for.

  • eieio
  • Had_Enough2010

    Yes, definitely Miley has been used as a distraction hopefully not enough to let this immoral and unconstitutional act obama is contemplating take hold.

  • GaryTruth

    Michael, I like your work but “Syria” against “Miley Cyrus” is the more applicable comparison. Your explanation in these comments is, shall I say, weak.

    • Michael Lotfi

      Again, the catalyst (most important variable in this whole situation) being the chemical attack in my opinion is the most important comparison. I’d expect Ameircans to seek the truth about what is going on in Syria Instead of simply searching Syria, which will only produce mainstream, broad headlines. Only my opinion though. The article has been updated to reflect “Syria” as well.
      -With Liberty

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000054703526 Christine Burns-Ottens

        Not an American so I wouldn’t form part of your results. But I’m waiting to see the outcome of the investigation myself. Stories abound on both sides of this – was it the rebels, was it the govt? But for myself. I spent a couple of mins seeing what Miley had been up to and over 6 hours the other day reading about the situation in Syria – most particularly about the chemical attack.

  • average us citizen

    miley cyrus in bra and panties rubbing herself on a guy in a striped suit VS something about chemicals in syria (where is that again? ah, no matter, its far away… losing interest. i wanna see more pics of miley cyrus. she’s hot!)

    need i say more?

  • Ory Browne

    World governments are out of control and everyone knows it. Thousands of protest around the world and government turns a blind eye. All there is to do is to put one’s head down and think of a happy place. The Miley video is not a happy place but it does serve as a major distraction from all the pain and shame we feel concerning our out of control, war mongering, power hungry governments. Time to put my head down again because the pain is coming again.

    • christopher

      put your head down and find a happy place is certainly one thing to do, but the most effective thing to do is to put your head down… and FOCUS on making your life as independent from all governments the world over as possible. the day shall pass when MOST of the population of the world will be so rebelliously independent that it becomes clear that this primitive, tribal thing we call government is obsolete. only then will the world experience true freedom, and true peace.

      “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” – albert camus

      • Jeromi Birtikidis

        Sooo bury your head in the sand until it goes away. Excellent advice.

        • Ory Browne

          That wasn’t advice. The world is protesting and no changes. What do you suggest.

          • 1Finngal

            We didn’t get to where we are today overnight. Change is coming, but, yes, it’s slow. Don’t give up.

  • linda smith

    The solution is– Send Miley Cyrus to Syria, wearing the same thing, including the hand-finger dildo. Make her do her dance. They may be distracted too or they may gas her. Either way, problem solved.

    • Victoria Lynch

      Wisdom speaketh! Thanks

  • Peezy

    I definitely agree that America’s fascination with Miley over what’s going on in Syria is disturbing….

    ….but did you just claim it was an unconstitutional move by Obama, that it was “seriously debatable” that the Syrian government had done such a thing…..and then link back to your OWN article as a source for that? C’mon man…

    • Natalie

      It is unconstitutional. War is supposed to be only granted by an act of Congress. However, many presidents have gone around this little fact. There is nothing wrong with Mr. Swann linking to his own article as he’s establishing credit and a pattern of talking about Syria and the fact that the government launched chemical weapon allegation is not proven. He then goes on to state that multiple sources are debunking the theory and he links to another one at CNN. Linking to CNN shows a complete un-biased credit on Mr Swann’s part. CNN is typically known for complete support of Obama, no matter what he’s doing. Thus, by showing a source known for 100% rose colored glass support of Obama, providing both theories of the attack, it shows Ben Swann to be a fair reporter. Your comments have little bearing on the truth and are really no better than America’s fascination with Miley Cyrus’ dance a thon… So really C’mon man…

      • John

        I don’t normally get involved with these types of things, but I just cannot stand ignorance. It actually is constitutional for the president to send troops wherever he wants for 60 days. It’s defined under the “War Powers Resolution” passed by congress in 1941, 1942, and revised in 1973, where it states that the president needs to consult with congress before any serious armed conflict expected to last more than a week — hence his ability to attack Osama Bin Laden without congress’ approval (this was also covered by Public Law 107-40). He also is required to send reports within the 60 days of attack, but he can move troops around however he pleases for 60 days (see 50 USC § 1544). The 1973 resolution calls for congress to vote up or down within 30 days of the initiation of the war. If his mission is incomplete within the allotted time and congress did not approve of the president’s actions, then the president would have to remove the troops from the war immediately. I would consider consulting the Library of Congress’ website for further information about the president’s rights to act — http://www.loc.gov/law/help/war-powers.php. Another valuable source is http://millercenter.org/policy/commissions/warpowers.

        • settheline

          No, it’s actually not constitutional. I’d be careful about throwing around the word “ignorant”. The 60 days is accounted for by 50 USC 1541. Here’s what it says regarding the presidents executive power:

          “(c) Presidential executive power as Commander-in-Chief; limitation
          The constitutional powers of the President as Commander-in-Chief to introduce United States Armed Forces into hostilities, or into situations where imminent involvement in hostilities is clearly indicated by the circumstances, are exercised only pursuant to
          (1) a declaration of war,
          (2) specific statutory authorization, or
          (3) a national emergency created by attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions, or its armed forces.”

          I haven’t heard that any of the three conditions have been met in order for the president to involve our nation in another war, have you?

          • John

            You’re right, I shouldn’t have thrown around the word, “Ignorant.” My deepest apologies.

            How about I argue that he does have every right to do so under previously mentioned Public Law 107-40. TIME Magazine wrote, “For better or worse, there’s also very little doubt that President Obama—should he choose to do so—can retaliate against Syrian targets for their use without approval from the American people, or their elected representatives in Congress.

            “Just like he did in Libya two years ago.

            “For Americans brought up to believe only Congress can declare—and pay for—war, it’s worth noting that such legal niceties have loopholes big enough to fly cruise missiles through.”

            Read more: http://swampland.time.com/2013/08/26/obama-can-strike-syria-unilaterally/#ixzz2dBhhhLpU

            Public Law 107-40 states:

            “Whereas, in light of the threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States posed by these grave acts of violence; and

            “Whereas, such acts continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States; and

            “Whereas, the President has authority under the Constitution to take action to deter and prevent acts of international terrorism against the United States …”

            Though it does continue to say that the law does not supersede the War Powers Resolution act, but it does allow for a further clarification (and, in a way, authorization) of the President’s role during “an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.”

            Though it seems like Obama will, it is also worth noting that he hasn’t declared war on Syria yet. This could just be a move to deter continued use of chemical weapons. I honestly don’t know until he does something.

          • Scott

            Not that I am arguing with someone so very well-versed, but did you really just cite Time Magazine as a source for the law?

          • settheline

            You beat me to it, Scott. The law is not subject to the interpretations of Time Magazine, thank goodness. And John, just because he did it in Libya, doesn’t mean he had the legal authority to do it, only that he got away with it because congress is mostly spineless. It should be fairly obvious from the section of the law that I showed you that military action by Obama would be a clear violation of the law in these circumstances.

          • ann onymouse


    • ab

      The article Lotfi linked to was written by Ben, not himself, and the linked article contains other sources.

      • Peezy

        Regardless, the same site. And the only source it links to is a link to the Washington Post which doesn’t verify any of what’s being said in the article. The rest of it is “so and so says this” with no actual links to what’s allegedly being said.

    • rite

      Anyone with a mere brain-cell can follow the headlines and begin to wonder wth is going on. Here follow this (f you don’t like these news sources merely google them and find your own, there are plenty out there):

      Before the last election, Obama’s hot mic gaffe of taking care of Putin after the election, http://content.usatoday.com/communities/theoval/post/2012/03/obama-now-in-hot-mic-hall-of-fame/1#.UhzDHn_NnWx

      Within the past five years Fully armed nuke subs have gone undiscovered on our west, east and gulf shores–you must google that one cuz these all happened on separate occasions and there are too many to paste here. https://www.google.com/search?q=russian+nuclear+subs+off+us+coast&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

      The UK reporting that Benghazi was actually an “Obama Oct Surprise” including the cover-up of Stevens being the US arms dealer to the rebels. Where we, the US, had already shipped tons of arms by the time the consulate was hit on 9/11. Again, you can google this, there are many articles on it.

      Obama signs contract with Putin. In which, among other things, Obama requests 15k Russian troops to assist FEMA in the DC area during crisis. http://www.examiner.com/article/obama-orders-russian-troops-for-disaster-relief

      Recent headlines that Russia was inspecting warheads in CA, http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/08/23/russians-inspect-missile-defense-base-in-california/

      Recent headlines stating the proof of chem weapons may have already been destroyed by asaad. WTH? How could that happen? Weren’t thousand or so hurt, hundreds dead? Did they all disappear? http://endthelie.com/2013/08/26/us-accuses-syrian-government-of-using-chemical-weapons-and-destroying-evidence/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+EndTheLie+%28End+the+Lie%29#axzz2dBa5Dfsq

      And really, are we to trust the US govt on who dropped those weapons, if indeed they were dropped? Especially given the recent repeal of the propaganda bill? Did we learn nothing from our involvement in Egypt? Why was McCain in the middle east requesting they release known terrorists? wth is our govt doing and why aren’t more of us asking these questions? Cuz we would rather watch Miley?

      I say, stock up on tp. If things keep heading in this direction, in silence and ignorance, we are surely going to need it.

      • ann onymouse

        Are you sure it was Putin, and not Medvedev?

  • Doug Schlitte

    I believe the war profiteers are doing everything w/in their powers to start another world war, as they’ve done with all of the other world wars. Consider baby Bush’s grandfather Prescot Bush’s proping up the Nazi regime of the 1930’s.

    • Scott

      did you really just go to “Bush’s fault” here? really?

      • Samantha Johnson

        No, he cited that as a example.

  • James Sutterfield

    obama is a donkey ass, what ever he does, I hope he gets the same at the white house.

  • Leandro

    The use of chemical weeapons in Syria is NOT “supposed”. It’s a fact backed by Medicines sans Frontieres, the US and British governments, etc. Agree, we still aren’t 100% sure if it comes from the Syrian government, but all the independent sources point to that direction

    • OneWatchmen

      Actually that isn’t totally true, there are independent sources that have declared it was a group of rebels backed by the West, Remember all the searches by Bush and the UN that declared they couldn’t find weapons of Mass destruction? And now here they are? This very well be a false flag.

    • ann onymouse

      You’ve got a LOT to learn Leandro… a LOT.

  • ItsLeeOwen

    please stop talking about inane celebrities

  • Bill

    In a revolutionary society women would not have to degrade themselves and spend so much time trying to impress men, and men would not be disrespecting their sisters, and men and women would be changing the world making revolution so everyone can be happy and respected.

  • gbarnold1

    References to a “World War” are just sensationalism. Russia didn’t come to the defense of their ally Iraq, or Serbia, and they have no military interest in Syria. Selling weapons, yes. Military, no. What’s gonna happen is Syria will become another Yemen or Pakistan, with the US conducting target practice every day, fading even further into the back pages.

  • Duzio

    FALSE – Why use the term “Syria” in the headline and in the story when the actual search term used was “Chemical attack Syria” Here are the real results using just “Syria” that shows almost an identical jump in interest.


    • Sawyer

      FALSE – Did you even read the article?

      “On August 25th the peak search value for chemical attacks in Syria actually fell to a value of 3, which is down from a value of 4 only 24 hours earlier. The term “Syria” is valued at 55, which is also down 1 point in the same 24 hour period (Update 1).”

      • Duzio

        The term “SYRIA” was not the term that was searched and used in the graphic. Its inaccurate and misleading.

  • LibertyMama

    PLEASE look through the “leaked documents” (link given in the comment’s section) and see if they indeed prove the Syrian govt. innocent. If true, getting the word out could mean the difference between life and death for thousands. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbfcceEkn_M&feature=share

  • akcita

    False flag events, voter intimidation, voter fraud, huge social programs, and rampant corruption and payola…I think The PResident has the Lyndon Johnson playbook down pat…..

  • poof

    Proof that the media is doing exactly what the elite want.Keep minds occupied on anything other than what is real.

  • Randy

    There probably wasn’t a decent photo available from the VMA’s, but I wish you’d either left it out or chosen something different. I know it has shock value for getting people’s attention, but it makes the article unsharable for me. I reposted the text and analytics chart on their own, with credit given.

  • wayne

    If you take Face Book as an example…unless you have friends that are involved or are involved yourself and connected to what is truly going on around the world, (true Patriots trying to make a difference)…you will NOT see anything about Syria on their walls… Most Americans are disconnected to the real problems we face!!! Trust me when I say this is all about oil!! However, most Americans are falling for the lye’s and deception!! This has nothing to do about chemical weapons or terrorists attacks!! Our dollar is no longer backed by gold..since Nixon made sure of that on Aug. 25th 1971…its been backed by oil ever since..that is why they call it the petro-dollar now.. The fact that Russia, Iran, China and Syria have negotiated the buying and selling of oil to be done so without the dollar..another currency..this is a direct threat to the value of the dollar and they will not allow this to happen..The criminal banking cartel has the run of the world as the dollar is the reserve currency for the world..and they are printing the hell out of the dollar as they keep creating more and more of this fiat currency. The world is starting to realize that the dollar is continuing to loose its value and are getting worried to even use it anymore. The dollar will be no longer if other nations drop the dollar…and all your savings will be worthless..This is one of the reasons why Ron Paul wanted to go back to the gold standard!!

  • Eric Anthony Crew

    Pay attention to what is happening around the world right now; and I am not talking about the intentionally overtly sexualized media slaves such as Miley Sirus or Lady Gaga. The long-time hijacked media would much rather have us discuss the same old meaningless distractions with their “audacious” shock values meant to obfuscate public awareness from the real issues of today rather than to have real discussions about what is really going on around us; the preparation and ground work for another world war.

    World War III was written and planned out long ago by members of the Council on Foreign Relations and other compartmentalized groups that fit together like cogs in a wheel. Henry Kissinger wrote in his infamous “National Security Study Memorandum 200” where he explicitly claimed depopulation should be the world’s greatest concern in this new century. Mirroring the sociopathic and outright psychotic rhetoric as Kissinger, Zebigniew Brzeznski wrote in his book, “The Grand Chessboard” we must have a “Pearl Harbor” type event happen on our soil (9/11) so that Americans would once again accept the inevitability of war. Both internationalist elitists claim we must incite a holy war against the muslims and jews so that the world would be sick of religion by the time another world war was over. To get us into WWIII, as with all things dealing with the public, it must be done incrementally. Brzeznski stated that we must first enter Basra (in Iraq), then Afghanistan, then Iran, followed by the critical positioning of Syria. This is exactly what has happened, these men do not waver from their plans once they have been written. I highly suggest to read their cold hearted words if you would like a literal blue print for the Agenda (21) that is unfolding around us at an alarming rate.

    Obama (or rather the internationalists that control his presidency, and all presidents that would follow) know that the only way to get troops in Syria would be if the President of Syria was charged with using chemical weapons on his own people (which would garner enough support both home and abroad to authorize the use of force).

    The truth is; we will go to war with Syria, this has been the plan for many decades. The chemical weapons have already been reported to have originated from the West and were land based missiles that were tracked from the very “rebels” that we claim are fighting for the people. It is not by coincidence that the leader of Syria denies allegations of his involvement, nor that snipers were purportedly firing at inspectors in the area. All of this is meant to obscure the consciousness and public awareness of the fact that we are militarized in more foreign lands than ever before and once we are in Syria there likely will be no turning back until the fruition of their “Grand Work”. This is a VERY important time to start paying attention, to start listening with the intention of reading through the lies of the media and politicians, and lastly (but most importantly) to start having very real, very pointed discussions with your community about your observations and concerns. We are STILL allowed to voice our opinions and concerns, please do so before even that becomes yet another liberty that is confiscated by the government as a means of protection.

    Eric Anthony Crew


  • Joe

    It’s all about terms and timeframe. Miley Cyrus vs. Syria in US over the last 30 days shows a different story: http://www.google.com/trends/explore?q=miley+cyrus%2C+syria#q=miley%20cyrus%2C%20syria&geo=US&date=today%201-m&cmpt=q

  • Undecider

    All by design.

    • TotallyRandomName

      By design of what? Humans are more interested in scantily clad women than war stories. It’s ALWAYS been that way. That’s why even the author of this story chose a picture of Miley instead of any photos from Syria at all.

      • Undecider

        ‘By design’ from the people who have psycho-analyzed our behavior and put this crap on television strategically to purposefully distract us.

        • TotallyRandomName

          You’re a tin-foil-hat wearing moron. Media has figured out what people want to see, and they deliver. Same way this story led with a photo of Miley. No big conspiracy, it’s just giving the masses what they want to drive traffic to your site, your tv channel, your newspaper.

  • TotallyRandomName

    Hypocrite. You led with a photo of Miley, not Syria, as you knew that would get you more hits. You’re as guilty of promoting Miley over Syria as anyone else. What showed up in my facebook feed when someone linked to this article? Not Syria. It was a big picture of Miley. Congrats, you are part of the problem, not the solution.

    • Shigei

      Could it be your FB friends chose that thumbnail? There’s options. The default for me was the Google chart.

      • TotallyRandomName

        I’m looking at the image the AUTHOR chose to lead with. It’s a pic of Miley. He knows that will generate more clicks.

        • http://www.facebook.com/basswebb94 Royal_Pezant

          And? It’s not like you’re any less of a hypocrite. You’re ignoring the subject matter of the article and ranting about Miley. Get over yourself, bub

          • TotallyRandomName

            I haven’t ranted about Miley herself, not even ONCE. Maybe you’re imagining things. Please, feel free to quote me about what I’ve said about Miley. All I’ve said is about this article’s use of her to draw attention.

    • DagothUR

      you still proved his point

      • TotallyRandomName

        In what way? Your response is nonsensical.

      • TotallyRandomName

        If the point was that everyone knows sex sells, including this author, and abuses that fact to get web traffic, then yes.

    • Wellletssee

      I wouldn’t call this hypocrisy. He’s rather being extremely smart about how to diffuse an important topic to the world and making his case. He’s not talking about his opinion on Miley Cyrus nor about what happened at the VMA’s.

      • TotallyRandomName

        Still using her celebrity to get hits. Lame.

    • Bob

      Of course he led with a photo of Miley to get more hits. He wants more people to see it and get the message. He’s giving them what they want to see to draw them in to hear the real message so that they can get the point. If he led with a photo of Syria, the very people who need to see this would probably have continued to ignore it and his article would essentially be preaching to the choir. Leading with a photo of Miley for the reason of drawing people into a lesson is not hypocritical or supportive of her, it’s just smart.

      • TotallyRandomName

        Just like it’s smart for all the media that uses Miley over Syria. He’s no different than the media he criticizes: using the Miley story to get hits to his site. He’s just doing it in a “holier than thou” way to make himself look good. He’s still just drawing more attention to a celebrity.

      • TotallyRandomName

        So, showing photos of Miley, talking about her, and leading with her isn’t bad, it’s smart. You mean, like the media he’s criticizing. Riiiight.

  • Guest

    That’s crazy. That’s exactly what I was going to say. “All by design.”

  • Undecider

    People who think Miley Cyrus is more important will be the same ones asking why they got drafted to fight in a war they know nothing about.

    • fuckkevinmerck

      the draft will never come back you misinformed tool.

      • Ben Steinke

        Oh, don’t be too sure it won’t.

      • TEB

        Over the last 10-15 years both the draft and involuntary service of 3 years for all who turn 18 have hit congress, but have not passed more than once. There are multiple prewritten bills on this with different implementation. When the time comes all they need to do is pick one and pass it quick. If you look at history a big war is the the government’s favorite answer to unemployment issues.

      • Daniel D.

        The draft in reality never ended. Why do you think we all sign up for the Selective Service? It can be brought back at any time by a simple vote in Congress, the infrastructure is already set up. Damn man, no need to attack someone’s intelligence for no apparent reason.

  • Samadams

    youre so cute. But those search terms arent all inclusive ya prick.

  • Charlie

    I Perhaps many of our countries citizens have similar viewing habits to mine. I do not trust much of the news posted on the internet so I get my news from daily newspapers, local news broadcasts, and magazines. I use Google searches to kill time viewing lite topics such as entertainment or Miley Cirus. Also, on the occasions I use the internet for news, I would input a specific site that I trust rather than do a broad internet search on Google. For example, if I was going to search for news about the chemical weapons used in Syria I would enter CNN.com or The New York Times.com to get that information. Your article has taken the wrong approach in interpreting this Google search data.

    • TEB

      then why are you on this site?

  • Kevin Merck
  • JJHoser

    This is incredibly dumb. Every single day we, as Americans, see murder, rape, war, threats, and disasters playing out. Why would we search for Syria and just add more bad news to our list of things happening? That is why we have the entertainment industry. When the men went to war in the 40’s to fight WWII, women started playing baseball, because back then baseball was America’s biggest source for entertainment. That way, the people back in the homeland had a way to keep their minds off the war and the sadness and the bad things. Life is worthless if you spend every minute in fear and depressed. So, people searching for Miley Cyrus are simply trying to maintain a stress free entertained life. I personally would rather have laughed at her pathetic attempt at twerking than read about Syria and spend my night scared about a war breaking out. What is the point of the American Dream if we as Americans are supposed to focus on every bad thing happening in the world instead of focusing on the good things here??

    • Mike

      Yup, and your answer is exactly why “The Bush Administration and now “The Obama Administration” are taking the lives of hundreds of thousands in your name. You are too busy and to afraid to look at the reality of life. Awww, war is scary. Get off your A$$ and write your Congress telling them to back off Syria immediately.

      Seriously if this leads to WW III, I will place blame on the likes of you as well as the monster that lead us to war.

      As I re-read your posting it is clear you work for the co-govt and only posted to make the effort to inform look bad. Just wait for your Karma you co-intelpro jerk.

    • anonomega

      Haha I can’t help but agree with you. It’s good to be informed… but I have a conspiracy theory of my own. My theory is that there are those conspiring to make everything look like the end of the world. Their goal is to keep people in a perpetual state of fear and despair to be part of their own little revolution. Stay positive and enjoy life. Thats what is whole “Miley Cyrus vs Syra” is all about. They cant stand to see you enjoying life, especially this modern life.

  • Sion Cable

    I saw the same on my Facebook page. I posted some news showing heartbreaking news with videos and photos of the dead in Syria and no one made a comment or anything. I was horrified and thought social media help the world stand up and shout, but I think people would rather hide it away, pretend its not happening and continue with their little amusements – allowed in their secure and safe little bubbles.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-James-Rubadeau/1841753146 Jason James Rubadeau

      After being lied into war after war, people simply don’t believe it anymore…the boy who cried wolf.

  • wuonbi

    Our souls and the souls of our children are more important then anything else !

    Maybe because the moral down fall of America is more of a current winnable issue — than dealing with the middle east – which has been at war for centuries.

    And if we fall, we can not help anyone anyway.

  • Proud American

    We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.– William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting in 1981)

  • Proud American

    Explosive Article!!! The chemical weapons being used by the rebels originating from US labs in the region!!!


  • Dude

    What better time to blame assad. Large majority of the people are distracted by the vma and Miley.

  • http://www.huntingcows.com Ian Armstrong

    “chemical attack Syria” is a bit over specific to take on “Miley Cyrus”. Try just “Syria”, constrain to the US, and set it for the last 7 days.


  • http://guymanningham.com/ Guy Manningham

    Maybe if Kim Kardashian made a sex tape with Bashar al-Assad or Miley Cyrus twerked over the dead bodies of the kids he killed with chemical weaponry, the media would actually report on the fact that “Resident Obummer” is about to get lured into a trap and American soldiers will be stuck in the middle of WWIII.

    Be that as it may, search results on Google Trends for “Miley Cyrus” vs “Syria” paint a different story that Americans actually do care about what’s going on it Syria – we are just being misinformed or not informed at all by the liberal media.

    Here are my findings:

  • Christian LAmontagne

    You are absolutely right, pop bimbos, are trendy, War actually only kills people.
    They are in a hypnoses state, I guess that is what tv does to you. Please unplug and start viewing the world with your inner gut feeling, you know, the one the system has ban from our learning institutes. The deep down feeling of right / wrong. That inner feeling native people talk about, Maya’s indian’s, Asian, etc. That is the one to trust and listen to. Not the one from the TV set telling you what the new trend is all about.
    We, as a planet need to come together as a unit of peace and friendship, I would love to know you, open the door for you at the shopping mall, help you cross the street, little daily good deeds, that is what makes us happy, you know it, it’s nothing new.
    War has no part in it, so lets us stop this non sense, lets get read of those war criminals and give peace a true chance.

  • MadMax

    Bread and circuses to keep the sheep distracted and ignorant.

    • BobtheGrape

      Right on, Max!! When they are rounded up and shipped off to the Gulags they will wonder how it happened.

      • Paul Sullivan

        You mean when we’re rounded up the sleeping sheep will be just fine in this New World Re-ordering.We are the ones who are dissenting.We are the ones in danger .We need to grab any sympathetic souls in our lives and shake them from the Narcosis that has overwhelmed them and March and speak and not stop.
        The fact is this is by design, and part of the Neo Con playbook.
        We used Assad to torture prisoners we renditioned to Syria and then we turn the very same Al Qaeda operatives that we move from one conflict to the next ,arm them w/ weapons from Libya and direct the fighting through Israel and Turkey.DEPRAVITY!

  • BobtheGrape

    Gee, all this entertainment; NFL, NBA, NASCAR, MLB and the NHL. While the morons are glued to their TV’s, their HD TV’s, the country is being turned into an totalitarian state, jsut like the old Soviet Union. Pres. Oboingo is starting to look like Joe Stalin,

  • Stan

    It is amazing how little this generation cares about the real things happening in the world today. This “If it feels good, do it!” crowd is in for a rough time very shortly! Of course we as well will suffer.

  • justinbrock

    Actually, that graph is a bit misleading. You really need to back up and use shorter search phrases if you want a more accurate view of the data. Something like this: http://www.google.com/trends/explore?q=miley+cyrus%2C+syria#q=miley%20cyrus%2C%20syria%2C%20chemical%20weapons%2C%20chemical%20attack%2C%20miley&geo=US&date=today%201-m&cmpt=q

    That said, it is appalling that Syria is getting half the search traffic that Miley Cyrus is getting.

  • Burlap Stevens

    I’ve been saying for 5 years now. The clear and present danger to America is not that it elected the prince of fools as it’s president, but that the confederacy of fools that elected him continue to run around unchallenged.

  • ted

    What happened to planking?

  • Loki Luck III

    One dimensional!! Police State’s okay, as long I’ll have my MTV!!

  • carlos

    Give me the Kardashians, Miley’s the Jodi Aria’s of the world and I am happy as the world burns.

  • carlos

    It’s The Clueless Generation.

  • RonWillison

    Michael. You have dialed right in on the root cause of the problems the world faces today. Not to mention the sorry state our Country is in. The people of America have been so completely Psychologically conditioned, controlled and re-programed by the real biblical BEAST (ie the Hollywood / TV) infiltrators and are soul lacking tools used by our ruling elite that no longer even try to hide their existence. Mylie;s performance was ordered. The Intent to keep Middle eastern events out of the brainwashed masses view. And the sleepers are just fine with that. She was TOLD to be outrageous. The fact that she took it to such an extreme says she was not happy about it and wanted those of us that know what the underbelly of the beast really looks like. To understand she had no choice.. Its called paying your dues to the money masters that make or break stars on a whim. Throw a brick through your sleeping neighbours TV screen or cut their cable or something. They have got to be awakened.

  • Jacob

    What part of the military movements is unconstitutional?

    • vincebodie

      What part of killing a whole lot of innocent people and potentially starting wwwIII based on highly suspect information has anything to do with some GD piece of paper? Do we really need to refer to said piece of paper to judge what is moral? Can’t we see with our own eyes, or has the public schooling/media/political system been that successful in blinding the masses? Apparently so.

    • SuburbiaStopPushing

      The part where we have a standing army stationed overseas without Congressional approval? The part where we have a standing army at all? I think you need to brush up on your Constitutional law.

  • Niall

    It sounds like there’s an inverse relationship between America’s moral decline and its warmongering.

  • SociallyHoused

    Its not just the USA that is using this stealth “missdirection” Trick. Look at al, the terrible things the UK GOV did during the Olympics… No one saw it… The Olympics dominated the TV..
    This world is on the brink!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=734862248 Dan Hydar

      Soooooo…. you’re saying that the government PAID OFF Hanna Montana? Wow……………

  • cooperbry

    Incredible. This is the evidence of a society in complete moral decline or maybe moral bankruptcy. When the state takes over people’s sense of everything (public school brainwashing), this is the result. Sad. Our founders have rolled over several times and are now thinking, “we warned you, only a moral society could work with the system.”

  • Dwightmannn

    I am thoroughly disheartened by our societies lack of judgement.
    And then death came knocking at the door. . .

  • nyran125tk

    I actually think this was a plan all a long to distract people away from the Syrian war. This was planned by Disney higher ups and the military and the US government to distract the public from the Syrian situation. That’s my theory

  • rando

    Michael why don’t you go do something about it

  • Israel Boone

    It should be OBVIOUS to ALL Christians … as with numerous others in the music industry, this young Disney starlett has been DEMONIZED. There is no doubt about it, she is under Satanic influence. Youtube search both “Derek Prince”, and “Steve Quayle” to gain insight into Spiritual Warfare taking place and exactly how Satan, fallen angels and demons are involved.

  • chad

    Fear is strongest feeling. However, the longer we are exposed to any
    fear, even when the danger is very real, less fear is felt. For example, somebody ought to be afraid as hell to ride his motorcycle 65 mph on a curvy mountain road. Nevertheless, the more he rides, the less fear he is likely to feel. The comparison is valid for Middle-east fear.

    Violence and unrest in the Middle-east are so much a regular part of the world news, it has become a joke. The Daily Show segment “Mess O’
    Potamia/Crisis in Israfghyianonanaq” come to mind.

    What should bother Michael Lotfi most?

    The killing of 1,300 people by brutal gas attack


    Americans consider violence in the Mid-east so commonplace … so boring … that they are more interested in the stereotypical antics of an aging child star.

    The disturbing part for me is Michael Lotfi is not greatly troubled by any of the
    above. He admits he had a strong visceral reaction against the sex laden M.
    Cyrus number. He asks himself “What’s wrong with this country?” But, that’s not his point. What bothers him most is cruise missiles are poised to attack Syria and nobody seems to care. He asserts the accusation that the Syrian government used chemical weapons upon its own people is “extremely debatable and has not been proven.” He doubles down on that theme by repeating the Assad position that the rebels gassed themselves. As for the other side, all he has to say is “other sources claim the opposite.”

    I can continue with my analysis with this posting, but I’m having a strong visceral reaction. Michael Lotfi is worse than an idiot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1113222444 Christopher Dalton

    errr because more kids use the internet for searching for this kind of things when adults already know the news websites and sources that they will go to.

  • Geode

    The point is this: America is encouraged to occupy its attention to
    mundane pornography in lieu of attention to geopolitical war prospects.
    Popular opinion just gets in the way of chickenhawks sending our young
    would-be inheritors over to fulfill a NWO agenda, only to come home,
    broken and kicked to the curb by the prevailing bureaucracy. We need to
    break this ugly cycle!!

  • Vin

    If you really used the search term “Syria”, there would be quite a difference. Instead you used a longer term that doesn’t get too much exact hits.

  • beadstallcup

    What it says is that whores and staged whoremongering is a big profitable business for people who are trash, in the first place. People like Miley Cyrus. How stupid can the American people be to tolerate this kind of degrading trash. Yet millions of them want it. They want their daily dose of porno, drugs and cheap thrills. Millions of Americans now worship sex, drugs and lasciviousness as if it were a virtue. We have become a nation of shameful, self-absorbed fools. No wonder the United States is becoming the laughing-stock of the world. No wonder the United States is in its declining years. It won’t be long before this country will be invaded by foreign armies and destroyed in detail. You’ll be lucky if you wind up in a slave labor camp with one meal every third day, while our illustrious politicians in Washington DC sell the American people out to the highest bidder.

    • Kevin Merck

      The people in Washington think they’re safe by helping the *criminals that be* destroy America, but they have the biggest surprise of all in store.
      They will envy the people they helped murder.

  • doesntmatter

    The fact you headlined this article with an ass-bumping image of Miley instead of something significant related to Syria is just another example of going after mindless drone clicking to make the site more advertising money.

    • jess

      true.. but it’s also, sadly, the tactic of basically all media outlets that, at least, try to report real news. Mingling the vapid crap most people want to read with things that actually matters to keep their readership. So really, is it the fault of the media for trying to draw us in with garbage? or is it our fault for not bothering to look or care unless Miley’s ass is on the front page? People want journalistic integrity but few do much to support it :( Journalism as a whole is either in it’s final death rattle or on the verge of reinventing itself.

  • joseph

    worst career killing pop awful Miley Cyrus has come out of the closet with her evil side.. very low, even vulgar, beneath her and all her fans… i will never regard her as a serious artist, not that i did.. but rather and a false leader taking kids down with her.

  • Barrington_Hyde

    A number of ironies are present here. While the hedonism of the Cyrus video would not have been out of
    place in a Roman Coliseum, many folks probably see this enactment as vindication for Women’s Lib, which has prevented many fine young women from discovering their true roles in the scheme of nature. Today we know that Gloria Steinem began this crusade for her banking
    cronies who were crying for more taxes. Manipulation of Goy by the Kzars has produced odd developments –
    such as this video – and will continue until moderns realize that passivity and politesse are not invariably components of “civilization.”

    For instance, how many of the caring individuals opining here will actually go beyond comments as a way of defeating the enemy? I think plenty of people are “awake,” but are incapable of effective action due to false ideals of “reserve” and “discretion.” When every vile and dirty trick is being used against us, are we to believe that all available means should not be used to stop the
    subversion? This is really where the problem is. Not in ignorance, but in the castrating effects of religion, education and civility. There comes a time when “playing nice” is no longer an option. Who is ready to bring together a task force of TRUE and HONEST scholars, scientists and technicians who wish to rid the country of
    these destroyers and know they have the ability to do so? It doesn’t take militias, battleships, or aircraft carriers. All that is required is MANHOOD and ACTION. No amount of journalism and commentary will change anything. The task is not to bring down government, but to bring down that element which is corrupting government.

    There are no more than 5,000 people actively engaged in the globalist movement. The world population is estimated at 7,000,000,000. These numbers highlight the madness of the scheme. Seen abstractly, it is a laughable scenario. Through stealth and cold blooded manoeuvres it is their intention to bring humanity under the iron hand of World Order and decimate the biggest part of us. The cipher is: oil = gold = banking = mastery.

    Syria is the just the latest domino to fall, following Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. The pattern is not happenstance. It is just the current chapter in the West’s two-pronged initiative to destabilize the Middle East to
    grab its oil, while at the same time massaging the globalists’ wet dream of an Israeli occupation of the whole area as a seat for world government.

    • guest

      i really appreciate your clarifying a few issues. May I have your permission to copy the section on MANHOOD? There are so few definitons as to what it means…that is today in current society.

  • Kyle

    Just proves that mainstream tells us all the crap that’s going on but glosses over the important stuff. Sex sells, death doesn’t.

  • Joseph C. Carbone III

    Why cannot I thumb down this post?

    I did not know who Miley Cyrus was until this photograph, and what I discovered is a once very beautiful young woman turned into what looks like a drug addicted prostitute, who does not resemble her former beauty, a situation that is truly heartbreaking and the same time shameful.

    This is an inappropriate photograph: do people want to be addicted to drugs? This is not what people want; this pornographic photo is mental indoctrination: spiritual and psychological warfare posted and approved by a hardened heart and mind.

    This is the kind of behavior deprogrammers save people out of when they have been abducted by predators or brainwashed by cults.

    I blame the media companies for posting indiscreet photos like this and now Mr. Swann and the miseducated Michael Lotfi.

    If places like BenSwann.com did not post lurid and trashy photos like this, caring about values—not enticing human frailty—then people would need to go to dark corners to find ways to molest their minds, but, now, I realize that this site is not a safe place.

    BenSwann.com is contributing to her pain and the pain of those who will come after her.

    Why cannot I thumb down this post, which I will not read?

    Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 28 August 2013

    • Rutherford D

      You have completely missed the point! Or have you?
      This Miley trash is all over Facebook, probably as a distraction from what is happening in the world that is truly important.
      Think manipulation of LIBOR being drowned out in the news by Katie breaking up with Tom…
      Are you truly so naive as your comment would indicate?

      • Joseph C. Carbone III

        “Possibly a distraction” absolutely a tactical maneuver, and celebrity breakups are used the same. The question is how that is possible: ‘Naïve as your comment indicate?’

        You need to do some research and soul-searching. Remember Sodom and Gomorra and the surrounding cities’ sexual sins and realize the United States is drowning in debauchery; Jude verse 7. Likewise, Amos 3:6: “When disaster comes to the city has not the Lord caused it?”

        This photograph is so far removed from decency, it tells a woeful truth about where we are heading and this site’s contribution to the same. I certainly did not think I would see such a thing here.

        “Jonah’s proclamation: ‘display regret with sincerity and brokenness.’ “Let everyone call urgently on God. Let them give up their evil ways and their violence. Who knows? God may yet relent and with compassion turn from his fierce anger so that we will not perish” (Jonah: 3).

        “When God saw what they did and how they turned from their evil ways, he relented and did not bring on them the destruction he had threatened” (Jonah: 3).

        Fifty, forty-five, and God was not angry though Abraham persisted, thirty, twenty, ten, and we find that even for a small family, God removed them from the destruction he was bringing upon the city (Genesis 19).

        Therefore, the only action is to replace the photograph and apologize with obvious sincerity.

        Sincerely Joseph C. Carbone III; 29 August 2013

        • Drew

          I wish Miley would back up on me like that….

        • Felipe

          Man, you talk like if the purpose of Ben was also to distract people from important information; like if he was a “part of the conspiration” just by placing a picture to illustrate his argument.

          I really doubt that he was trying to instigate “promiscous thoughts” in our minds; Ben was exposing the ridiculous society of ours and criticizing the Mainstream Media with that article.

          I, as a brasillian man, share the same thoughts and opinions with the Americans here, mainly about politics and the misleading Corporate Media.

          I bet that 95% of the audience here wasn’t technically thinking of “it” when they clicked on the link to this page.

          Resuming, that’s a complete exaggeration of your part, sir.

          • Joseph C. Carbone III

            Personal moral character and social responsibility is obvious.

            If culture moved to copulation on stage for teenage entertainment, then, by these progressive attitudes, we would admit that even this photo would not gain satisfactory attention and show the lewd and nude without the sex; of relativism, are we uncertain of what morality is; have we grown that numb, that dumb? It does not take 15 seconds for a morally perceptive person to figure this out.

            The grossly inappropriate photograph and graphic actions it depicts needs no bureaucratic ethics committee to understand the difference between right and wrong, but I came here because I believe we are starting something new, that I may have fellowship and support the men and women of BenSwann .com.

            Is it only for kings the Scriptures say, “I will set no wicked thing before my eyes…”? (Psalm 101:3); how much more responsibility do we have to do the same for others—even our brothers, and was Charles Haddon Spurgeon correct indicating these are the words of a man after God’s heart; if Jesus said, “anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart,” would he approve of this method of communication?

            Does not 1 Corinthians 8:9 demonstrate the responsibility we have, not to cause others to stumble into sin though we are strong: “Be careful, however, that the exercise of your rights does not become a stumbling block to the weak.”

            “It is better not to eat meat or drink wine or to do anything else that will cause your brother or sister to fall. So whatever you believe about these things keep between yourself and God. Blessed is the one who does not condemn himself by what he approves” (Romans 14:21,22).

            “If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him. If he sins against you seven times in a day, and seven times comes back to you and says, ‘I repent,’ forgive him” (Luke 17:3,4).

            Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 1 September 2013

    • Jon

      What’s it like inside your cave?

    • Barrington_Hyde

      While Ben is relatively new on my radar, my instinct tells me that he is not only a man of intelligence and industry, but also of integrity. For the present I have the greatest respect for him and trust in his ability and willingness to make a contribution to change. My litmus test is objectivity. If a writer shows me he is not grouped under a covert agenda, is open to analysis which is free and non-restrictive, he commands my attention.

      Joseph, while the photo lacks moral or aesthetic merit, it does illustrate to the reader what is going on in the world. Even in monasteries monks whose minds are under discipline make a point of staying informed, so as to know the magnitude of the opposition.

      While my position is purely secular, I had never heard of Miley Cyrus nor of VMA and have to write all of it off as being ridiculous. But the image has given me a better idea of how low American entertainment has fallen. The surprise I have experienced in the past is moderate in comparison to my dismay at this new benchmark. At this rate, soon there will doubtless be no limits. Except for the article, I would not have had this measure. So in this respect airing the photo served a meaningful purpose for me.

      Too, the bold and exaggerated movements of the
      stage-piece, such as one might have witnessed in a Greek amphitheater, suggest that the whole thing may have been a satire of contemporary decadence. In fact, if you recall the puffed swagger of the male, and his persistent stalking of the hen, there is every indication that there is more here than meets the eye. It is possible that the choreographer’s view may have been exactly the same as yours. Joseph, could this be the
      reason you did not give a thumbs down?

      • Joseph C. Carbone III

        Dear Mr. Hyde,

        A thoughtful reply and I thank you for it kind sir.

        I too view Mr. Swann as a man of integrity and am hoping that he takes notice and redirects this image into the delete file as he should for righteousness sake.

        Of the things that can defile a man, discredit him, and take his effectiveness away, I believe there is little more potent than the cravings of our sexuality, even born out of our notable loneliness when we do lose focus of our intimacy with God.

        Because of the state of affairs, misperceived intimacy and very strong desires to connect, even at the expense of dragging Christ down, are ever present in our day. Therefore, we are easily misguided and tempted, and posting such an image disregards God’s command that true and undefiled religion before him is to care for widows and orphans in their distress and to keep oneself undefiled in this world.

        “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you” (Philippians 4:8).

        “Run from temptations that capture young people. Always do the right thing. Be faithful, loving, and easy to get along with. Worship with people whose hearts are pure. Stay away from stupid and senseless arguments. These only lead to trouble, and God’s servants must not be troublemakers. They must be kind to everyone, and they must be good teachers and very patient” (2 Timothy 2:22; CEV).

        “Jesus said to his disciples: ‘Things that cause people to stumble are bound to come, but woe to anyone through whom they come. It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble. So watch yourselves’” (Luke 17:3), not forgetting, there is great forgiveness with God with repentance.

        Blessings to you and yours brother, will be my prayer today and tonight, and when I remember this conversation.

        Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 29 August 2013

        • name

          Mr carbone, this was on prime time tv with CHILDREN watching. Mr swan is not promoting a lewd photo. He posted it to make us aware of how far our country has fallen. It is disgusting and would not even turn on a prepubescent boy.

          • Joseph C. Carbone III

            I understand and thank you for sharing.

            Several corporations have monopolized the media, they are trying to get a hold of the Internet, and young minds and children are their primary targets.

            I gave a more thorough answer today beginning with “Dear Cyndi” several comments above this one.

            If Mr. Swann is able and does not remove this photo, he is promoting it as an acceptable means of communication, which is unacceptably inappropriate.

            Forgive me, but I find your comment about boys inexperienced.

            Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 3 September 2013

          • yokosucks

            You are not forgiven. Go troll somewhere else. I hope you get banned because you offer nothing. Go read your bible and pray for us sinners and leave us to our debauchery.

    • yokosucks

      If you don’t like it, then go away and complain somewhere else. Ain’t nobody got time for your horse shit. A point was made. You didn’t get it. This is not the Moral Majority. If you are too sensitive for this photograph I don’t know how you manage to navigate the internet. Is this your first time, bro?

    • hipposelect

      You know, Mr. Carbone, you keep saying how disgusting all this is and you keep spouting the bible and so on and telling us all how you’re going to not come back here again, and yet here you are over and over again reading and posting and coming back and coming back. There must be something about this thread that is attracting you. Like so many people in this country, you just can’t stay away from a good Miley Cyrus discussion.

  • Kevin Merck

    All of the people who are interested in this type of entertainment are the exact same people who don’t see anything wrong with this.


  • Michael

    Honestly, not to discredit twerking, but I think we as Americans are sick and F******* tired of hearing about the middle east. let god sort them out.

    • Moch

      What!!!!! We have a president about ready to drop bombs on a country in the middle east. The innocent blood. Wait until it comes here on your lap. Its coming you spineless jelly fish. You are definitely not a warrior
      with compassion and empathy.

  • Connor Stafford

    I’ve seen a bunch of these conspiracy pages. But when I looked at this, the pieces just kind of fell together. It actually makes me kind of laugh a little. It’s obvious what’s going on here.

    Not even just this Miley incident. Everything with Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, etc. They were all just elaborate distractions. They gave America something to talk about, pop culture to talk about, so America doesn’t talk about what’s going on in the real culture…. genius. Purely, diabolically…. genius.

    • Joseph C. Carbone III

      Furthermore, America does not want to talk about what is going on so long as we have our widescreen TVs, new automobiles, and shopping malls.

    • Guest

      Spot on! That concept was first presented to me through the documentary ‘Psywar’ but then again controlling the media has never been anything new.

      If you like you can view the whole documentary on youtube

      I hope it provides you with some new angles to explore news and media.

  • Joseph C. Carbone III

    Dear Mr. Swann,

    You are self-proclaimed a Christian man. Please, respond: you and Mr. Lotfi.

    Why Mr. Swann allow lewd photography?

    Respond Mr. Lotfi’s for either using or disagreeing with the use of a lewd photograph?

    I am discouraged to come here any longer.

    Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 30 August 2013

    • Mr. Judice

      Mr. Swann can’t help it that this photograph turned you on. That’s your own problem. I see lewder pictures everyday on all the news networks. Do you watch the news Mr. Carbone. I would deduce from your posts that you do not.

      • Joseph C. Carbone III

        Does one need to lust in order to care, in order to have his or her eyes open and speak for what he or she hears and sees?

        I have not been “turned on,” as you put it, by the photo, but have had experience in the lives of many who are harmed by this type of carelessness, also understanding that the natural man has little to no defense and that we should not be cavalier toward the situation.

        Maybe you should follow the trail of destruction before supporting the posting of this photograph, you and so many others who have not noticed.

        Your statements would need to be inductive not deductive, and though I take them seriously, I see only weak logic, projecting false premises from evaluated thought rather than factual information, and therefore an unreliable claim, besides the fact that I pay close attention to the mainstream news.

        Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 30 August 2013

    • Joseph C. Carbone III

      ‘Nothing is me more than myself. […] Whether what I think and do is
      Christian, what do I care? Whether it is human, humane, liberal or
      inhuman, inhumane and illiberal, what do I care about that? If only it
      accomplishes what I want, if only I satisfy myself in it, then overlay
      it with predicates as you will; it is all alike to me’ (The Ego and Its
      Own, 1844).

    • cyndi

      Mr Carbone, this image may be lewd but is disgusting. It is a reminder of how far this country has fallen that more people in the US was either shocked or enjoyed this Prime time tv at 8 pm with families watching this vomit inducing show. Why did mr swan allow this image? Because over 15 million people shared this on their face books. It is a wake up call that more people were wagging their tongues in shock over this rather then tweeting or face booking about syria. I am a christian and this photo is disgusting, not sexy or thrilling. I am sure the staff on this site thought the same as I.

      • Joseph C. Carbone III

        Dear Cyndi,

        I appreciate your response, I am thankful for your thoughts, and will add you to prayers this evening.

        Regarding this discussion, ‘when Timothy was admonished to ‘appeal to men as fathers, younger men as brothers, older women as mothers, and younger women as sisters, in all purity’ (1), the Spirit conveys transparency of thought: “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things” (2), setting the manner for which we strive.

        Undoubtedly, we must communicate, but our means go by a different standard than this image, which brings the integrity of this operation in to question.

        Admittedly, in the past, it has taken Mr. Swann a week to get back with me, and, like Dr. Ron Paul’s newsletters, I am aware that not everything can be managed as efficiently as desired. Therefore, I am hopeful this is an oversight, and that in these fledgling months of this operation correction and apology will establish the honor we need.

        Additionally, if 94% of Americans allegedly believe a ban on Internet pornography should be legal, and, yet, pornography thrives (3); and we see nearly 3,000 unborn deaths here daily (4, 5), this photograph represents nothing new with regards to Syria and Miley Cyrus. Because, ‘since 2004, it has been known that pornography is the number one searched topic’ (3). Even, ‘thirty-four percent of churchgoing women confess pursuing it’ (3), but “82 percent of adult Americans surveyed in March 2004 said the Federal laws against Internet obscenity should be vigorously enforced” (3); but, are they?

        With the amount of resources used to get a hold of the mines of people, we truly need to be diligent and not contribute to the problem, and we need to understand “the pornographic industry is larger than the revenues of the top technology companies combined: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo!, Apple, Netflix, and EarthLink” (6), and we need to perceive the lobbying behind the industry.

        Part of the problem is “the most common ways people have accidentally reached pornographic content on the Web are pop-up windows (55%), misrepresented links (52%), misspelled URLs (48%) and auto links within emails (23%)” (3); therefore, coming to this website and being engaged unexpectedly is not dissimilar.

        And, some reasons pornography is destructive, and this photograph is sexually explicit material, is because, though disgusting, at first blush, it appeals to the natural curiosity of the uninformed; however, that curiosity turns into full-blown addiction for many, and we must look out for our weaker brothers and sisters in and out of the faith.

        So, why use it here when a decent photo of Miss Cyrus, the title, a warning about her behavior, as well as a sound article, and the chart would have been perfect.

        Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 3 September 2013

        1) http://www.blueletterbible.org/Bible.cfm?b=1Ti&c=5
        2) http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Philippians+4%3A4-9&version=NIV
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        4) http://www.lifematterstv.org/abortioncounters.html
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  • Maranatha

    Message concerning Damascus:

    “Watch this: Damascus undone as a
    city, a pile of dust and rubble! Her towns emptied of people.The sheep
    and goats will move in And take over the towns
    as if they owned them—which they will! Not a sign of a fort is left in Ephraim,
    not a trace of government left in Damascus. What’s left of Aram? The same
    as what’s left of Israel—not much.”
    Decree of God-of-the-Angel-Armies.

    Day is coming when people will notice The One Who Made Them, take a
    long hard look at The Holy of Israel. They’ll lose interest in all the
    stuff they’ve
    made—altars and monuments and rituals, their homemade, handmade religion—however impressive it is. (Isaiah 17).

  • the spirit of orwell

    farm out, man