Is your health insurance rate going through the roof?

President Obama told the American public that the Affordable Care Act would save them approximately $2,500 in insurance premiums. But, many Americans are finding that not to be the case. They’re finding that their rates are going up and up.

We asked readers to share their stories. Here are some of those disenfranchised stories from our readers at

“In New Hampshire 12 of the 26 hospitals will not take anyone with ACA insurance. My hospital is one that will not take ACA insurance, which means if I buy into the market place I will lose both my doctor and my hospital of choice.” (see article Telegraph)


“Obamacare is going to kill entrepreneurs like myself and put many small business owners on the streets. My family and I had our own plan independent of my employer from Humana.  It was a high-deductible plan where only regular check-ups were covered.  Everything else required to be paid out of pocket up to $10,400 annually.  It cost us $256 a month. Humana has informed us that this plan is no longer eligible under the Affordable Care Act.  Instead of going to, I went to eHealthInsurance and looked up plans available there.  Humana now offers another plan, which costs about $444 a month.  It is similar to the high-deductible plan I had with them with a little extra coverage. Oh, and the annual out of pocket limit is around $12,000 now. So my only option is to go with a plan that is worse for both me and my family or pay a fine.  Many friends on Facebook can’t believe this is happening when I announced it to them.  They seem to believe that Obamacare is not responsible for me losing my health insurance and having to spend more money for it.”


“My husband and I are the parents of 6 children.  We have been insured through Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC on a catastrophic plan with a premium of $256 per month.  We just received our premium increase.  Our new premium is now $1,170 per month!  That is for the Bronze plan, with a $5,000 deductible per person or $11,000 for the family.  I have been trying for days to finish finding what it will really cost me through the website.  It took hours to fill out the application when I finally got through to the site, and then I could not finish the process and have tried since last Friday to get through to find what this will really cost us.  Still no luck.  Depressing, to say the least.  Even if I don’t have to pay the full amount because of my income, I despise the thought of someone else covering that on my behalf.  It is SOOO immoral!”


“I just got word from Kaiser Permanente that my premium is going up 77.2%.  This is a plan that I purchase entirely on my own without any assistance.  The monthly fee increase is $108.83.  I haven’t looked at the coverage to see if I’m better or worse.”


“With so many people’s premiums and deductibles going up, I find it hard to believe that the ACA is nothing more than a bailout for the insurance companies and a transfer of wealth from the working middle class, entrepreneurs, and small business to the mega insurance corporations.”

Last week we posted a poll entitled What Is Obamacare Costing You? Below are the results.*





*This is not a scientific poll. The results are based on the respondents that required an email address and was IP specific. Thanks for those who participated.

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