Senator Lidsey Graham

Jan Helfeld questions Senator Lindsey Graham on foreign policy and foreign aid. Sen. Graham claims that foreign aid is not redistribution of wealth. See more videos by Jan at his website

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  • beadstallcup

    Lindsey Graham is a two-bit liar!

  • Chris

    Lindsey Graham is full of crap!

  • MWH

    If your were so against re-distribution of wealth, then why are you for sending foreign aid? And more than likely dumping billions down those rat holes Iraq and Afhganistain.

    • jan helfeld


  • Diana Stokes

    Dear Military Personal, Before you go back to Iraq, It is against the law for obama to send any of our military into combat with out first declaring war, it is unconstitutional. On July 17th Joe Arpiao, sheriff from Arizona will be going public with his investigation findings on obama, It might turn out obama is illegitimate as commander and chief. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who gives weapons to our enemy can NOT be the commander and chief; he’s already declared himself illegitimate. Don’t think for a minute those surface to air missiles won’t find their way to Iraq; thanks to obama.