Jesse Ventura, the former Governor of Minnesota, is seriously considering running for president in 2016 with Howard Stern as his VP.

Ventura spoke to InfoWar’s Alex Jones about the possibility, making it obvious that he is likely to move forward with a Ventura-Stern ticket.

Jones said, “If this does happen, strap yourselves in. This will be the biggest political shakeup since Ross Perot ran for president in 1992.”

Stern will be asked to join Ventura as his VP on Wednesday, when Ventura appears as a guest on the radio star’s show.

The duo could work perfectly together; Ventura refuses to take money from special interest groups, but Stern’s Sirius XM radio show pulls in around $100 million each year. Naturally, Stern would be a major asset in terms of raising funds.

Stern would also be a media treasure for the campaign, since he could potentially continue his XM show during the presidential run. The FCC has restrictions on candidates broadcasting during campaigns, but these rules do not apply to satellite radio.


Although Stern’s background is in media, he does have some experience with political campaigns. He ran for Governor of New York in 1994 as a libertarian.

A Ventura-Stern ticket would likely be very liberty-friendly. Ventura typically does not fit neatly inside one political party’s box, and has described his views as being “fiscally conservative and socially liberal.”

*Nov 09 - 00:10*

In fact, the duo could very well take the official Libertarian Party nomination.

Would you vote for Jesse Ventura in the next presidential election?

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Kristin Tate is a multi-media reporter for Breitbart News and to fearless journalism, she regularly works on undercover stings with James O'Keefe to reveal government waste, abuse, and fraud.Tate was a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter President and Founder. She will continue to fight tirelessly for individual liberty and free markets through new media. Visit Kristin's website at

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  • Dana Brown

    At this moment, Yes.
    If they run then interesting things will develop. Talking points will change. Some more folks might even become shocked enough to wake up and taste a bit of relief. I’m eagerly awaiting an official announcement.

  • Iz Henthorn

    I’de vote for Jesse… but would the vote be counted? :)

  • Stryker

    The problem is, as always, it will pull people away from the republican ticket, but not from the democrats. Seems that anytime a popular third-party candidate runs, Democrats win.

    • Brother Jonathan

      Dude, the president has been hand picked by The Pilgrims since the times of Teddy Roosevelt. Their pick for 2016 is one of their own. Hillary Clinton.
      Are you a member? I’m not. Former Secretary of State James Baker is and so is Henry Kissinger. I am convinced Hillary Clinton is a Pilgrim as well. And I would bet a Morgan silver dollar that John Kerry is a member too.
      I am not a libertarian but I would vote for Jesse Ventura because he comes as close to the Ludwig von Mises philosophy of Classical Liberalism as Ron Paul. Perhaps liberty minded people could overwhelm the warmongering Pilgrims by 2016.

    • g.johnon

      well now, there’s a gosh darn sterling reason to stay trapped in the two party system.

  • Kevin Merck

    No one knows what will happen at this point, but it’s possible that by 2016 people will be climbing over each other at the polls to elect someone who really cares about what happens to America.

    A third party candidate creates a whole new dynamic. Theoretically, you only need 34% of the vote to win. Ventura has already pulled it off and he could very easily do it again, but it’d take everyone with a brain and a conscience to show up and vote.

    He’ll be under attack by the two criminal mafia families who have been ripping off the people for decades on end. They will pull out all the stops in a frantic effort to hang on to their criminal empire.

    They won’t take votes from either side. That is a childish way to look at it. They will be filling a need we’ve had for change, and both factions of this criminal government will lose supporters, because the American people are tired of being lied to.

    • Brad

      34% is simply not true if one party holds strong. It could go 43-34-23, for example. More than likely, the dems will be unaffected. UNLESS, perhaps, a black candidate comes forward and speaks against both parties. That could cause a huge shift.

      • Kevin Merck

        Note the word “theoretically” was used.
        I’m not here to argue. Why don’t you just post your own comment and leave me alone?
        I’m tired of being harassed by simple minded people who can’t think of an intelligent comment and want to badger others over nonsensical BS.

        • Kevinmerckbleedsfromhisass

          No one is harassing you moron. Quit being a douchebag

        • Said2beTru

          Ouch. You afraid to be corrected or something? You’re no different then the cry baby liberals. Can’t handle a simple debate. Put your helmet back on.

    • Thomas Regan

      The Rebloodlicans and The Democrypts…Jesse pulled far ahead in Minnesota when He was able to participate in the Debates…

  • Kevin Merck

    Another aspect, I forgot to mention, is the fact that Jessie is a pro-abortion Libertarian, and he is pro-immigration. He is also a true fiscal conservative unlike any Republican in history. Ronald Ragan claimed to be a fiscal conservative and spent more money in the first three years of his Presidency than all past administrations combined in history.

    He will take equally impressive numbers from both sides. But, more importantly is the fact that he gives us a legitimate person to vote for, who really cares about the Constitution and our way of life.

    • Thomas Regan

      However, Jesse needs to be able to participate in the “Mainstream Media” Presidential Debates…How can We make this happen….?…I’ve left a few messages at “The Commission of Presidential Debates” with no response from them…

  • mothermayeye

    Stern? Really? A self proclaimed libertarian who more than called Ron Paul crazy on his radio show? No, no respect for that man.

  • Tim Brown

    Jesse won’t get a second thought with Stern by his side and I for one won’t support the “social liberal.”

  • RaynieDaze

    “seriously” ??? JV … King of Conspiracy Theories. How does one use the word “seriously” when mentioning JV? Pro-abortion. Pro-Immigration. Socially liberal. With the exception of “fiscally conservative” … what’s the difference between him & the current idiot in office?

    • Brother Jonathan

      Exposing conspiracy theories and proving them as conspiracy facts is honorable. Read his book. Oswald did not kill John F. Kennedy.

      • Derrick Yazwa

        If you still believe the official stories of JFK and 9/11, you are totally asleep. Look at the facts and remove your emotions from the equation.

        • Brother Jonathan

          I don’t believe the official stories.
          9/11 Official Story:
          19 cavemen from the Middle East came to America, hijacked four passenger airplanes with tiny knives, invaded the most protected air space in the world, flew two of them into tall buildings, which brought three concrete and steel buildings down in their own footprint by fire in freefall. One of the other airplanes attacked the headquarters of the most powerful military the world has ever known destroying valuable records of the $2.3 Trillion missing dollars Donald Rumsfeld was looking for. The other airplane and the people in it disintegrated when it crashed into the ground.
          None of that seems plausible to me.

    • Liberty Mike

      Not a JV fan, but at least with him we would not have a closet Muslim Brotherhood member with a foreign affairs agenda leading us to World War III.

      • TJRV

        Liberty – turn the dang tv on – even if it’s fox news get some perspective on what your wanting to state dude. Conservatives are done yelling about WWIII – they moved on to Obama is a coward because he didn’t go to war now.

    • Libertarian Shaman

      This is incredibly idiotic. First of all, exposing facts isn’t the same as being a conspiracy theorist, and even if he is one, who cares?
      In addition, what the hell is wrong with being pro-abortion or immigration? If we had no immigration, our replacement level would be -1 million people a year. Immigration keeps us on level as far as population goes. And to say he’s no different than Obama, I don’t even feel a need to address…

    • Yang Sun God

      it’s only a “theory” if you ignore the facts and the conspirators.
      Most sheople are programmed to spew the word and ridicule others without even looking at their own beliefs and definitions. Perception is not reality.

    • g.johnon

      one of the many many differences is that with jesse in the oval office, the American people would have a much better idea of what is going on in this country.

  • Kevin Merck

    Jessie Ventura is also the only one who might run who has the courage to face the facts about 9/11.

    He’s the only one who knows unequivocally that JFK was murdered by essentially the same criminals who are now calling the shots in Washington.

    He knows the truth about how our government uses false flag attacks against the American people, and people of the world, to further their psychopathic agenda.

    We will never begin to heel as a nation if we don’t deal with these realities. People who don’t understand that are not living in the real world.

    I’m as anti-abortion as they come, but abortion needs to be defeated at the grassroots level and in the courts. It’s not up to the President to stand in the way of the people, or the Constitution, on issues like abortion and Ventura knows that.

    If it were a run between any Dem and any Rep, against Ventura, sane people by the millions would be showing up to vote for Jessie. The rest of you idiots and criminals would be voting for the status quo.

  • Austin

    yes, i would.

  • Josh

    If ventura were smart he’d make stern his CAMPAIGN MANAGER. not vp.

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    Stern as VP is not gonna work.

  • TREP


  • disqus_kQJ5TTzPIo

    Look out for Stern, he never took his ’94 governor run seriously. It was big joke to him and he even admitted it on the air. He did not want to win, and when his poll numbers started climbing he dropped out of the race abandoned the Libertarian Party and endorsed the Republican candidate. I am a big Stern fan however… Bababooey, Bababoey, Bababooey.

  • brianmiddleton

    Not a chance in hell Howard Stern will run for anything…

    • Guest

      he ran for governor in NY, and got over 20% of the vote. Did you even read the article?

      • brianmiddleton

        WHat are you talking about? He didn’t get a single vote. He quit before they voted. He was POLLING at 20% but quit when they asked for his personal finances.

    • Eric

      Would he say no if he had millions of people asking him to do it, and Ventura really doing all the political stuff?

      • brianmiddleton

        No way Stern will run for anything/ Whatever he says about running is all for publicity, ratings and entertainment. Not gonna happen.. ANd Jesse is an idiot for asking him, because it actually makes him less credible and I am a Stern listener…

  • Niles Aronson

    I would not vote for them to be the candidates for the LP.

  • Stephanie Current


  • IC

    Best thing that could ever happen for your country US is to vote for this!!. Even if it sounds silly, who cares.. It’s pretty much a clown show now, I bet you’ll all be pleasantly surprised.

  • FormerCopChicago

    Jesse could potentially be a viable 3rd party candidate. However, if he hitches his wagon to Stern, he’d be committing political suicide!

  • g.johnon

    howard freeeking stern??!! what the hell are you thinking jesse???

    • Tim

      He’s thinking that he would get the ‘degenerate’ vote block and, well, he might. The only problem is, most self respecting and dignified “family values” type conservatives will be lost. Those types are still essential to winning over a big chunk of even the “Liberty” vote.

      • g.johnon

        actually, you have a point tim. for many years I have been trying to figure out how this talentless gasbag got so big. and it can only be because of the millions of dimbulbs out there who think he is hilarious. but, would the dimbulbs vote? and if so, (to the second part of your point) would there be enough of them to displace the lost fv types you spoke of. but wouldn’t those fv’s kinda be a lost cause in any event?
        so bring on the wanksters, lets get them involved in the process. if the country is doomed to be hopeless it might as well at least be colorful.

      • Eric

        While you lose the ‘family values’ people, you pick up the a lot of the anti corporate, anti war, occupy wall street liberals. it becomes establishment vs anti establishment when you put these two in the mix. There is no confusion, something you would get with a Paul/Cruz. I probably wont even vote if there is no attractive third party

  • mrsmurple

    I’m all for Jesse, but Howard Stern is kind of a fat joke.

  • jeff4justice

    Tyrel Ventura On His Dad Jesse Ventura Running For President

  • crankyquaker

    For all the pooh-poohing going on; maybe you don’t realize how truly fed up voters are with the staus quo. How little that is getting done, that is even close to what the voters want, there becomes no good reason to vote for the same old.
    This just might be crazy enough to work.

  • lmd

    Howard Stern is FOR GUN CONTROL!!!!!

    • L

      Is he? I was wondering about that. Ventura IS NOT and that’s what really matters

    • Egadsno

      A bit yes- certainly more then most libertarians, but that would change pretty fast considering he is NYC with a carry and conceal license. He would buckle quick on the heat he got for that if he took politics seriously. His ego would not allow him to be pointed out by the media as a hypocrite if he decided to seriously throw his hat in the ring. He sure as shit would not get rid of his gun either.

  • Judie

    Absolutely NOT!!!

  • Gary

    Yes I would, VP has little political power unless the president is impeached or dies in office. I like the move because It’s for PR which is the name of the game today in politics.

    • g.johnon

      far and away the best ticket so far.

  • TJRV

    Yes Jesse your resume clearly qualifies you to manage a super power and be the leader of the free world…. NOT!

    • g.johnon

      well tjrv if we have learned anything over the past hundred years it is that those who are “qualified” to do it, really suck at it.

    • inopungbish

      And he wouldn’t be any better than a community organizer with no experience? Hmm. Interesting.

    • Tom223

      He has a better resume that Obama had by miles.

    • Eric

      He was a governor. That makes him no different than Romney’s qualifications. How about he’s a vet? Not something anyone else likely to run can say, and part of the job description is Commander in Chief. Look past the image and actually listen to his (and stern’s) views on the issues.

      • Pete Wichert

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  • StopShreddingMyConstitution

    I would vote for those two.

  • Jazz OZ Hamilton

    Let’s see…an establishment machine candidate beholden to the same old same old or Ventura/Stern. Uh; erm…. Bring it on, fellas!

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    Be very careful Jesse with your VP pick
    as you know
    the wrong choice can mean life or death

  • Jordan

    I really support Ventura and while financially this choice makes sense, it does not when it comes to garnering credibility. He should choose a more reputable running mate in my opinion. If people see Stern on the ticket, thats all some folks need to laugh and keep it moving.

  • Ken Pruitt

    I hate both of them, so this entire story fails to me.

    • Eric

      ok forget the person, what about their views on the issues?

  • Chuck Yager

    The reason why this kind of thing drives me nuts is he picks a guy to run with who can’t be taken seriously and when guys like him do things like this it draws attention away from people who would have the chops to really pull off the election and pull off the job like Rand Paul or Gary Johnson or anybody else with similar believes who are remotely competent. Jesse, maybe I guess, but adding Howard, I don’t think we has the seriousness or the temperament to hold an office of this kind.

  • nomark

    The problem is Stern. 60% of the county I think would find him completely unacceptable for anything other than what he is: a shock jock. I watched his movie and used to listen, and I understand his position on the 1st Amendment, but he seems to have no respect for decency. Just because you have the right to say something, doesn’t mean it’s right to say it. Stern says whatever pops into his head and has no self control over it. Being one heart beat way from arguably the most powerful position on the planet is not where you want someone with no self control. Yes, he’d be a darling of the libertarians, but that’s only 15% of the voting population. Ventura could be a serious candidate. But I think the future is with Cruz, Lee, Paul, Amash, Chaffetz. et al.

    • Eric

      Ive asked around, and some (democrat leaning people) would give their vote to stern but dont like ventura, but still give the vote vs D/R. What most people have in common is that the system itself is broken, picking sides does us no good. Rand and Cruz are liberty minded, but are trying to win over the establishment, but keeping the establishment in place. Ventura/Stern makes it clear that its establishment/corporations vs the law/people. I wont vote R/D even if its Rand or Cruz (lesser of two evils, I dont vote like that). 3rd parties are okay with me if I like them.

      • nomark

        The system is not broken. The people are. Our country has lost it’s way. It’s become a nation of takers. A nation of dependents. A nation of followers and a nation of wimps. Don’t dare say the truth for fear of offending some ones feelings. Don’t dare stand on principle, for fear of going to jail or getting sued.

        Stern is a mockery of our great nation. He is the perfect example of tolerating everyone’s opinions, even the disguising ones. But where are Stern’ values? They are in the gutter. I support his right to his choices. I’m happy to let him be as vile as he wants so I can retain my freedoms, but I do not want him to represent this nation. It would like taking the runt of the litter to a dog show.

  • Jack Leo

    I think Rand & Jesse (different party’s, I know) or Jesse & Gary J. or something like that would work. Howard Stern could get serious, but that doesn’t mean he would be taken seriously.

  • aarrgghh

    I can’t get over the fact that Ventura is suing a dead man’s (Chris Kyle) wife. He has no honor.

    • Ciwis

      He is suing the estate. Chris Kyle is a fraud and Jesse deserves to have his name cleared

    • Jjamerb

      Jesse won that lawsuit so there must’ve been merit. He sued the estate and the publisher.

  • Oppelganger

    Ventura as an independent candidate for prez is a good idea. Stern as the running mate is not. Make Stern the campaign manager and find someone a little more credible- i.e. who has more than zero experience serving in public office.

    • Eric

      Stern had 20% of the vote in NY for gov, is what the story says. Thats not nothing. Stern may have the ability to get the grassroots and non voters to DO something to challenge the establishment. That and the funding (no corporate sponsors), are great assets.

      • Oppelganger

        I agree his platform is great but if his calls for action are seen as self-serving then it will not be as effective. “Join me” is more motivating than “elect me”. Also 20% in his home state, while admirable, is not a ringing endorsement- not like he’s ever won an election like Ventura. I think the problems are so systemic that we need to attack the root first- the corruption inherent in our political system and its means of funding elections and providing media coverage of public issues.

  • Stormwarrior

    You will be throwing away your vote and giving it to the Democrats. The media will push for Killery. And you Don’t Want that to happen do you? Ted Cruz can Restore this country and bring us out of this insanity. IMHO

    • Eric

      youre stuck in the left/right paradigm. Take a stand and refuse both, at least you would voice your conscience, not the lesser of two evils. I take Ventura over Rand and Cruz all day.

    • scooby35

      I agree. Sadly it will never happen. We would be lucky to even get Rand Paul. America will vote for its entitlements until theres nothing left.

  • tannerps2004

    A anti-Semtic Jesuit CIA Navy Seal Jesuit Co-Adjutor Bait and Switcher with a Jew. Howard! Wake Up!

  • Egadsno

    “show pulls in around $100 million each year.” That is around the cost of the show, their internal numbers consider 12 million of their some 20 million subscribers listen primarily or solely to him on the service. The show is infact pulling in many billions per year, and with a steady audience of 12 million is larger then every single tv talk show combined on an average night.

    Stern is a fiscal conservative but a bit naive about politics, at least he is the first to admit it. He has a conceal and carry license in NYC, ran under a libertarian ticket for NY gov and was polling very well.

    Does he say dumb things? Yes, but he also admits to being naive and ignorant by choice, make no mistake if he took politics more serious under even the tutelage of Jesse would catch on quick and tend to grow towards the liberty movement. We would be stupid not to embrace anyone who is vaguely likeminded, particularly someone with his sway. Its hard to find a show on tv that does not have a Howard Stern fan writing or on air. It would be a nightmare for the corporate media with their out of control useful idiots.

  • Egadsno

    Just remember people most people do not vote, maybe because we only have baby kissing corporatist clowns. He would swing in the polls quick from his initial reception as always.

  • Ciwis

    I’d rather see Jesse Ventura/Penn Gillette. Ppl aren’t going to take Stern too seriously.

  • george david morris

    I have J.V. bumber sticker on my Chev.SUV.On my Dodge P.U.Keep Stern on as running mate,They will come off.I wont vote for a pervert.Stern for V.P. all the ladies will be topless.If not more.And thell all have to be X-prostatutes.The first a topic for state of the union will be(VAGINAS).Put in Ron Paul.Bet of respect.Or i will vote HILLARY.C.

    • jdog1982

      Don’t mistake the ‘shock jock’ persona of Howard Stern on his radio show for how he would actually behave as VP. Actually listen to his ideas and platform. Also, before you vote, you should learn to become literate. Hit the space bar after a period.

  • Doctor D

    I personally don’t like Stern but do acknowledge he has the “it” factor – he can quickly assume the persona that is needed to be a Veep. Ventura has made a career out of doing the impossible and knows how to deal with the public. Considering the choices the two major parties gives us and how they have destroyed America, my vote will be given to Ventura/Stern.

  • Pete Wichert
  • Pete Wichert
  • scooby35

    As entertaining as that may be, Ill pass. However, both are a million times more competent than B Huessien Obama.