On the Senate floor, Senator Ted Cruz from Texas gave a 21-hour anti-Obamacare speech. Cruz started the marathon speech on Tuesday, and continued into Wednesday.

But not all Republicans appreciated Cruz’s words. Senator John McCain from Arizona took issue with Cruz’s “filibuster,” specifically his reference to Nazi Germany.

One talking point that bothered McCain was when Cruz said, “If you go to the 1940s, Nazi Germany, look, we saw in Britain, Neville Chamberlain, who told the British people, ‘Accept the Nazis. Yes, they’ll dominate the continent of Europe but that’s not our problem. Let’s appease them. Why? Because it can’t be done. We can’t possibly stand against them.’”

McCain vehemently said, “I do not agree with that comparison. I think it’s wrong.”

The senator then went on to argue that the public does indeed support Obamacare, since they reelected Obama. “The people spoke,” he said. “Elections have consequences.”

Although McCain opposed Cruz’s message, he did say that Republicans should not “give up our efforts to repair Obamacare.” It is unclear exactly what he means by “repair,” however.

McCain continued, “We fought as hard as we could in a fair and honest manner and we lost. One of the reasons was because we were in the minority, and in democracies, almost always the majority governs and passes legislation.”

John McCain has been long been losing popularity among Republicans for his big-government tendencies.

Do you think McCain is right about Obamacare, or do you side with Cruz? Let us know your thoughts below.

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Kristin Tate is a multi-media reporter for Breitbart News and BenSwann.com.Dedicated to fearless journalism, she regularly works on undercover stings with James O'Keefe to reveal government waste, abuse, and fraud.Tate was a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter President and Founder. She will continue to fight tirelessly for individual liberty and free markets through new media. Visit Kristin's website at www.TheLibertarianChick.com.

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  • Bulldog0629

    Hopefully McCain has a gun…. and he forgets which end it fires from….. :O

  • Justin Hemp

    The man needs to be recalled immediately.

    • Justin Hemp

      They call him “Songbird” McCain for a reason.. Look it up. He has a history of against the country.

  • Redheaded Stepchild

    At some juncture, the people of AZ are going to have to recognize that the venerable Senator John McCain is not who he claims to be, and is of little service to the people of AZ who elected him. He is, however, the servant of warmongering corporatists, Banksters, and special interest PACs. We need to recognize that failing in him. As for Obamacare? There’s got to be a buck in it for John, or else he wouldn’t be supporting it. 😉

  • http://christiancitizenshipforum.blogspot.com/ OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

    “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” –Socrates

    Today the Establishment RINOs and Progressives think that they made Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) pay a price for his courage to stand up against Obamacare in one of the longest floor speeches in the Senate history (21+ hours)…to fight for the average TAXPAYER. They were wrong.

    Instead, we saw the battle lines drawn before our eyes and now we all know who is on each side of those lines…those who are truly with American taxpayers, and those who support and defend the big government establishment.

    Mr. Cruz went to Washington…to help America. He made promises to us here in Texas. Just like his career serving Texas as state Attorney General…he has been true to his word, honoring his promises to us even when it was hard and unpopular with his peers. Senator Cruz showed the nation he was serious, sincere, and more than competent.

    God have mercy upon the souls of those who face him in the next elections! We shall seriously fight to keep him in Washington for a while. He’d be great as Majority Leader (hint, hint) but also as President and/or a Supreme Court Justice.

    When he was running for senator his most frequent statement was…just check my record… We, here in Texas now invite the nation to do the same!


    “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” – Martin Luther King

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

    For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” Marcus Tullius Cicero

    • Albert

      Freedom lives on thanks to Cruz’s beautiful reading of Green Eggs and Ham.

  • Chris

    Songbird mccain needs to be arrested and walked out of Washington.

  • Jason

    Arizona would be better off with a formerly murderous kgb agent representing them than John Warmongering McCain. He should just go hide before he is indefinitely detained for violating sec. 1021 & 1022 of NDAA; treason.

  • TruthSeeker

    McCain if you think is so great….Sign on the dotted line! It’s wrong that this is forced down our throats but you are exempt….! It is totally unconstitutional you idiots passed a bill before reading it…You call yourself a Congressman? Not to mention one minute you can’t stand your mentor now he is the greatest thing since slice bread. Your a joke..!! A bad Joke

  • toma kay

    Should of left him in Hanoi…here’s some info for ya Johnny:http://www.welcomeasia.jp/oap/detail.html

    • yumadlh

      Hero worship is over.

  • clocker1

    He’s been a senator for how long and he thinks America is a democracy?

  • Da_Kid

    “One of the reasons (Republicans lost) was because we were in the minority, and in democracies, almost always the majority governs and passes legislation.”

    ‘Do you think McCain is right about Obamacare, or do you side with Cruz?’

    How could I possibly think that McCain is right about a massive bill the size of the Affordable Care Act, when he doesn’t even know that we live in a republic and not a democracy?

  • ciscokid16

    This ancient artifact has to go!

  • LibertadGazzete

    Is it just me or is McCain speaking gibberish?

    • Cheryl Newcomb

      As usual. Senile, old RINO.

  • ledbetta

    John McCain letting it all hang out. Time to change that (R) back to a (D).

  • Chris Harkins

    YES ELECTIONS DO HAVE CONSEQUENCES!!! Bye bye McCain…enjoy your retirement and take the rest of the RINO’s with you as well as more than a few way left liberals too!!

  • Cheryl Newcomb

    Yes McShame elections do have consequences. Flush all these RINOS and corrupt Democrats in 2014!!

  • Farah Ferguson

    I’m thinking it’s time to get rid of ANY Senator that has served more than 2 terms!! These gray haired career politicians are why NOTHING gets done in DC. I’m sick of the back room deals, the phony votes on bills, the lack of respect they show the voters after getting elected. Things need to change or we’ll soon see major rioting in the streets like we see in the middle east. It’s going to happen the American public is growing more and more angry by the minute.

    • Eric Gerz

      That same type of thinking would have gotten rid of Ron Paul decades ago. You can’t lump them all into the same group. Some are good people trying to make a difference.

      • Farah Ferguson

        Eric, you are very right! I know there are some good ones trying hard. I’m just frustrated as hell with the McCain, Reid, McConnel bunch.

        • Eric Gerz

          I agree completely with the three you just named there. Could we also include Speaker John Boehner?

  • Cheryl Newcomb
  • Paulie

    Time for the “old dog” warmongers to be excised by “new blood” peacemakers.

  • ckc

    McCain will disagree with the liberty movement in any way he can. He’s just a senile old man who needs to be forbidden from making any important decisions.

  • Stacey

    First of all… The USA is not a democracy. He of all people should know this…

    • Veritas et iustitia

      A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible
      members of a state, typically through elected representatives.
      A state governed in such a way.

  • HCSmooth66

    I heard Republicans say the exact same thing to Democrats here in Wisconsin when they passed their union busting bill, implemented strict voter ID requirements, abortion restrictions and the redistricting gerrymandering. So, I guess if it’s good for the goose it’s good for the gander. I hate the line, myself, and think it is an awful attitude for those who are supposed to be governing. Symptom of a bigger problem


    Uh, Mr. McCain? Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding who’s for dinner. We live in a representative republic (or at least we used to). Your job is to protect our INDIVIDUAL rights and to uphold and defend the Constitution. You have forgotten your oath and your place.

  • Scott Sourile

    This is the first time I’ve ever agreed with the old man. I disagree with him on all stances, and whether this is his ‘crazy’ talking he has a point. Obama was re elected. Yes, I know there were many discrepancies in the primaries and elections over the last decade (I’m a Ron Paul/Gary Johnson supporter). The people chose Obama though. Mostly out of ignorance of other parties. The problem comes from being stuck in this two-party system. Until the ignorance subsides and people start to stand up, McCain is right. The people have spoken, and hopefully at the very least the republicans and democrats can start working on “fixing” where its most damaging and most ineffective. And to those of you who say its completely damaging and ineffective, I’d like to see your stats, because the bill hasn’t even started yet. People can’t even start taking advantage of the bill until October first, so all these “problems” are just speculatory for the moment.

    • cmsk

      Are you not aware of all of the voter fraud exposed during this past election along? Even Rachael Madcow from that liberal cesspool MSNBC covered it… http://youtu.be/QApII_DbDik

      I wholeheartedly agree about the stagnation of the ONE beast posing as two different entities.

    • Clarity-jane Seer


    • Grace Clifton

      I just wanted to reply by reposting my entire comment on this article. Just some things to consider in it and I wonder what you think:

      Yes, there are consequences and I hope our country learns from this.
      But just because Obama was reelected (with the help of a lot of
      democratic cheaters), doesn’t mean he has totalitarian power (he’s a servant to the constitution and the People, not dictator). Obamacare
      is unconstitutional, for one, so that alone should make it null and
      void. Second, no one knew what was in the bill when it passed! So the
      people could not have been voting Obama into office explicitly for
      Obamacare. And how can McCain use the past to prove his point for the
      present? Just because people DID reelect Obama does not mean that the
      People continue to support his policies. Afterall, the president’s
      approval rating is dropping like a rock and an increasing number of
      people are joining the fight against his policies. Why? Because Obama
      is not keeping the promises he made during his campaigning. Obviously
      he currently lacks a wide range of support, so McCain’s statement is
      And as another commenter pointed out, our country is not a
      democracy where the majority (mob) get their way, but instead a
      republic, governed by representatives of the People under constitutional
      —-The senator then went on to argue that the public does indeed
      support Obamacare, since they reelected Obama. “The people spoke,” he
      said. “Elections have consequences.”

      • Scott Sourile

        Obama isn’t the first, nor the last politician to throw stuff in legistlation without people knowing. Congress doesn’t know half the shit they sign. NO ONE reads it, which is one of many failings. I think it should be a US law that requires a complete reading of every bill by EVERY member who has a vote.

        • Grace Clifton

          I agree. And many are now saying that bill proposals should be no longer than 10 pages long. Obamacare was some thousands – of course no one would want to read all that. and plus, so much can be snuck in that has nothing to do with health insurance that no one would know about it until some years later – which is pretty much what Pelosi said.

  • Jeff White

    I believe that McCain is exactly like one of those people Cruz was talking about.. He’s spent millions to become a senator a job that pays under $200k. he’s on the take…

  • http://www.larryfarlow.com/ Larry Farlow

    McCain is part of the problem and needs to retire. He’s right though that elections have consequences, as Arizona having returned him to office is bearing fruit right now – rotten fruit.

  • Daniel Olson

    Its slightly encouraging to note that the negative comments about McCain are all derogatory, name calling, disrespectful, and lacking objectivity. This displays the maturity level of those in opposition. Their message: “we dont have anything constructive or productive to say, so we will bash McCain and Obamacare, even if we have to make things up”.

    While I’m not usually in agreement of his stance on many things. i think he has this one right. Thanks John for your objective view of the Obamacare debacle. I too would like to see the AHA modified. But thrown out completely with nothing to replace it? HELL NO.

    • Grace Clifton

      I haven’t seen any pure name-calling or pure disrespect yet. What I see is people offering valid points to back up their opposition – and the fact that it’s opposition against an individual does not make it pure disrespect.
      But even so, can you blame those who can’t respect a Rino?

      • Nelson

        Here are a couple of examples from your fellow commentors:

        “McShame. I can’t wait until this RINO is voted out!”
        “McCain is to conservatives and republicans the same way Taco Bell is to
        real Mexican Food. Both market themselves as such but anyone who knows
        the real thing can see they are full of crap and bad for you.”

        • Grace Clifton

          lol, neither of those are disrespectful or name-calling or anything. one person is expressing their personal wish, which there’s nothing wrong with, and the second makes a very great analogy that’s true

        • Grace Clifton

          fortunately for you the law that protects their freedom of speech also protects your right to complain of said expressions of that law.

          • Nelson

            I wasn’t complaining. I was giving examples pointing out your assertion of no name calling was wrong.

          • Grace Clifton

            actually it wasn’t. it’s completely legal to vote people out of office, so I can’t see anything wrong with the first comment you showed me. Would it be disrespectful to say “I wish president bush was voted out of office”? it’s the same basic idea. And calling him a Rino isn’t name calling, it’s a statement of fact. He calls himself a republican while supporting all democratic theologies.
            And the second is a completely legitimate analogy. I consider name calling something like “this person is just a mr. bimbo farty-pants” or something like that. I’m not seeing any of that in what you showed me. Maybe we have different definitions of name-calling and disrespect though.

          • Nelson

            That’s name calling.

            “Full of Crap”?!
            That’s also name calling.

            You’re just so prejudiced (in the sense that you pre-judge things) that you’ve lost perspective. For you, if it’s name calling you agree with, it’s not name calling. You’d make a horrible judge.

          • Grace Clifton

            I was analyzing what you had shown me, which wasn’t name-calling. McShame, can be considered name calling, but I don’t think it’s extreme enough to complain about. Also, “full of crap” is also a statement of fact, not name-calling. It has specific meaning.
            But debating this is entirely futile, since I can see that you are also biased. Which is fine, it happens.

          • Nelson

            If someone said “you’re full of crap” to you, you’d probably be offended and/or angry. Whenever you judge these things you have to look at it as if you were the target of the attack. Anyway the original topic was “What I see is people offering valid points to back up their opposition.” My point is “McShame” and “full of crap”, name calling or not, aren’t “valid points” for persuasive arguments.

          • Grace Clifton

            well, these people aren’t saying it to McCain, they’re saying it about him. I see democrats going around and doing the same thing constantly – Obama does it, the media does it, other government officials and no-bodys do it all over facebook – and they have every freedom to do so, don’t they? That’s how I’m judging it: what are these people free to do. I saw books on how to assassinate George Bush lying in my manager’s restaurant one time. I didn’t say anything, know why? Because, though as horrible as that may be, as much as I disagree and abhor it, they have the freedom to write and carry around such hateful how-tos.
            You have every right to argue against republicans, but you cannot demand that they change. I agree that republicans and democrats – anybody and everybody – are capable of name-calling. But the question is, who’s going to be the better man and not cry over it?

          • Nelson

            I agree that everyone has every right to call politicians names. But I do not believe that that is a good way to make someone who doesn’t agree with you start agreeing with you. For what it’s worth, I don’t like name calling from either side.

          • Grace Clifton

            well, that is one thing we can agree on. I think in this case, however, people commenting on this article are not trying to persuade others to agree with them when they use “name-calling”. Many are merely expressing how they feel. So I wouldn’t take it too seriously.

          • Grace Clifton

            I will say one thing, however. That while I did my best to analyze objectively, I noticed that instead of explaining how those comments are what you say they are, you just show me and then start calling me “prejudiced”, that I’ve “lost perspective”, I’d “make a horrible judge” – what this tells me is that since you’ve run out of facts, you’ve resorted to attacking me as a person to discredit everything I say. This, my friend, is sadly how a democrat typically argues :)

          • Nelson

            Mainly because you lack objectivity. These things are clearly name-calling. But because you agree with them, you’re not willing to call them name-calling. You should be objective, which means putting your feelings aside and look at things rationally, like Mr. Spock.

          • Grace Clifton

            and you don’t lack objectivity? lol. you clearly disagree with republicans, and therefore everything you see by them is hateful to you. If you can claim that I am biased, can you claim that you are not? What if I say that I am not; then what makes you right and me wrong?

          • Nelson

            I don’t know if I agree with republicans that the health care law is a bad thing. I’m leaning towards “it’s probably better than what we have now” and I’m eager to see the results. I’m not willing to kill the thing before we try it just because some people are afraid of change.

          • Grace Clifton

            that’s fine if you support it, but I can say for myself and many other conservative republicans that we have done much research on the bill and we don’t like what we’ve learned. It has nothing to do with fear of change, but only the results of research. I have no problem with others liking or wanting it. But then, I wonder why it is being forced on everyone – those who both accept and reject Obamacare alike – rather than allowing those individuals the freedom to choose what’s best for them. I don’t think we should throw it out completely. I believe we should have the liberty to accept and reject it according to our personal needs. Can you agree that this would be the best alternative? that way you can have Obamacare, but I don’t have to have it.

          • Nelson

            We already have to pay for people who don’t have health coverage one way or another. We don’t have a choice in that because we lost that choice when we took away the ability of hospitals and doctors to just let people die who couldn’t afford treatment. Given that we’re going to have to pay for it, I view the ACA as an attempt to make it more efficient and fair. Instead of living without insurance and declaring bankruptcy if you need medical care (which increases costs for everyone), you’re now forced to pay for insurance. If anything this law reflects conservative principles even more than what we had before.

          • Grace Clifton

            You’re not a conservative, and therefore cannot say what the principles are; it’s like an athiest telling a Christian about Christian principles, or Christians telling ahiests what their athiest principles are. It’s illogical and presumptuous.
            I admit that I do not like having my income being currently taxed for redistribution in any manner. But in the future it may get worst. Obamacare will fine those who do not buy it, and will increase taxes further. And the thing is, I don’t want Obamacare or any form of health insurance, but eventually when it’s enforced I will have to suffer.
            Just because Obamacare may benefit a few people, does not give anyone the right to force rules on me that takes away my rights as a free American. How does monopolizing the insurance industry through law (putting many out of work), putting stress on the medical community from the sudden surge of patients, and limiting my personal freedoms to choose between insurance companies with threat of penalty, stealing my money for a cause I do not condone, hijacking my religious beliefs (for myself, Catholics, and others, our money will be used to buy contraceptives – including abortion – for women) be anything like conservative principles? It’s not, that’s how.

          • Nelson

            Auto liability insurance. Is it a good idea?

          • Grace Clifton

            how does that have anything to do with Obamacare? There is no comparison. Obamacare affects everyone, both those who do not have nor want health insurance and those who do. auto insurance only affects those who drive automobiles on public roads – which is to say that if a person buys a car, they are accepting the terms that come with it. If they do not want to pay auto insurance, they do not need to buy a car. There’s a choice there. Obamacare is purely force without consent.

          • Grace Clifton
      • Daniel Olson

        Over the last day the rhetoric and vitriol seems to have died a little bit. But I guess we didnt read the same older comments. Plenty of CLEAR name calling and disrespect.
        Of course a RINO is anyone who claims to be republican, but believes some things differntly than someone else who claims to be a republican. So every Republican could be a RINO to some other Republican. All you have to do to be labeled one is disagree with the majority on any given subject.
        Who needs a party like that? Not me. I’m a happy independent.

        • Grace Clifton

          that’s not how it works at all lol. That would mean that republicanism doesn’t exist at all if it’s entirely open to interpretation. Our country is a republic, and a republican supports that. Dictionary: a person advocating or supporting republican government.
          McCain calls himself a republican and yet supports democratic ideologies.
          So people have the right to complain about a RINO, because they entirely misrepresent republicans.

          • Daniel Olson

            I agree. *IF* McCain, more often that not, sides with democrats, then I suppose he could be considered a RINO. But he doesnt, does he? So, how many “democratic” ideologies does he support? One? Two? Then if McCain isn’t “ENTIRELY” misrepresenting republicans, then I would have to say you just ENTIRELY misrepresented McCain.

            Face it. If the situation were reversed and the dems were trying to defund a program, originally sponsored/supported by republican majority, that had been passed into law, you wouldnt tolerate it for a minute.
            True: McCain’s ideology on this isnt republican. Nor is it democratic. But it sure is AMERICAN.

          • Grace Clifton

            actually I’ve heard countless statements by McCain over the years that are highly democratic. He may have a few Republican ideas, but he pretty much supports – through votes and various remarks – a democracy rather than a republic. I’m not going to call him a democrat, I’m just saying he’s not republican. RINO stands for “Republican in name only”. that doesn’t mean he’s designated any other party, just that he calls himself a republican but doesn’t act like one.

            And this may be how you work, but it’s not who I am. So I have nothing to face ^_^ I like to look at things objectively, you apparently only look at things as sides. If you’re a democrat, then you feel obligated to support your “side” to the end of the world. If I, on the other hand, see a republican trying to pass a bill that I don’t agree with, I’ll fight it. Know why? because even republicans are humans, and to err is human. Therefore I must analyze and question everyone, since they are doomed as humans to make mistakes.
            — “Face it. If the situation were reversed and the dems were trying to
            defund a program, originally sponsored/supported by republican majority,
            that had been passed into law, you wouldnt tolerate it for a minute.”

            btw, your definition of “American” is questionable.

          • Daniel Olson

            Yet McCain voted against the affordable care act. Was anyone calling him a RINO then?
            So Specifically… My comment regarding McCains actions as American…. He voted as he believed was right, and according to the party stance he was affiliated with: to defeat the affordable care act and prevent it from becoming law. He also spoke against it on more than one occasion. I doubt you were calling the former republican candidate for President, a RINO then. Am I wrong?

            But now the bill has become law… and Mr McCain wants to support the constitution in not subverting or sabotaging the law (at least it seems so in this case).

            I call that working within the laws, even within the SPIRIT of the laws, of our nation. I call that American.

          • Grace Clifton

            -.- people have been calling McCain a Rino since I first heard about him many years ago. So what I called him then and what I call him now is beside the point, because republicans saw him for what he was long before I cared about politics.
            And just because he votes or says something Republican periodically, doesn’t make him a Republican. Just because he votes or says something democratic periodically, doesn’t make him a democrat. He flip-flops a lot, so he’s either a little of both or neither – which means he’s not a qualified representative of republicanism or democratism, and therefore – RINO.
            Right now, in this article, he sounds more like a totalitarian, actually. What he’s supporting is not American, republican, democratic, or constitutional – it is dictatorship.
            But I can see you don’t care about what I have to say. I think you’d rather just fight and I’m not interested in that.

  • paulio_male_gigalo

    Nothing McCain says makes any sense. I guess we should forget that there were appeasers in the time of the Nazis and we should pretend that there aren’t any Republicans who want to go along to get along. McCain is either ignorant or being dishonest.

  • eltiare

    McCain has long been a big-government proponent and a war monger. The only reason he still stays elected is because he’s a liberal at heart and a conservative in name – much like much of Southern Arizona. I hope that soon the liberals will see that he’s a war monger and that the conservatives will see that he’s all for increasing the kingdom of the president over the people of the United States.

  • Ralphizm

    McCain is to conservatives and republicans the same way Taco Bell is to real Mexican Food. Both market themselves as such but anyone who knows the real thing can see they are full of crap and bad for you.

    • Grace Clifton

      you make me laugh while at the same time providing a perfect mental picture of reality. nice job

  • Grace Clifton

    Just because Obama was reelected (with the help of a lot of democratic cheaters), doesn’t mean he has totalitarian power. Obamacare is unconstitutional, for one, so that alone should make it null and void. Second, no one knew what was in it when it passed! So the people could not have been voting Obama into office explicitly for Obamacare. And how can McCain use the past to prove his point for the present? Just because people DID reelect Obama, does not mean that the People continue to support him and his actions. Afterall, the president’s approval rating is dropping like a rock and more people are joining the fight against his policies. Obviously he lacks a wide range of support, so McCain’s statement is invalid.
    —-The senator then went on to argue that the public does indeed
    support Obamacare, since they reelected Obama. “The people spoke,” he
    said. “Elections have consequences.”

    • http://sitdowntragedies.wordpress.com/ Bill Liktor

      Can you explain to me how exactly it is unconstitutional?

      • Grace Clifton

        it might be best if you do the research yourself. Or just wait a few months and find out.

        • http://sitdowntragedies.wordpress.com/ Bill Liktor

          I was unaware that we are in opposition. I simply was wondering what parts of the bill are considered unconstitutional.

          • Grace Clifton

            ah, my apologies. Well, according to my sources businesses will be forced to provide health insurance for their employees (even small businesses that may not be able to afford it, which will cause them to shut-down), and those individuals who do not purchase Obamacare will be fined, and will be forced to fund Obamacare – which includes buying women contraceptives despite their personal beliefs about it. I, for instance, do not have nor want health insurance, and I believe in abstinence until marriage. And yet, my beliefs, freedom, and religion are being hijacked by Obamacare. In the future I may eventually be put out of a job, and on top of that I may be fined all because of the bill no one would read before they passed it.

          • Jeff

            Grace, small businesses with less than 50 employees are exempt from having to provide health insurance to full time employees. The fine of $2,000 is far less than the estimated cost of provideing insurance ($10,000). Contraceptive can be a medical treatment, such as in the case of a female friend of mine who is also practicing abstinence until marriage.

            “my beliefs, freedom, and religion are being hijacked by Obamacare”
            Your argument needs development. How does Obamacare do that? Maybe I misunderstand you but it sounds to me as though you want everyone to act according to your beliefs and religion.

          • Grace Clifton

            Even if contraceptives can also be for medical uses, does not give the government the right to force me to pay for everyone else’s medical problems. I don’t want to mother everyone around me and exhaust my financial resources when I have enough personal problems to deal with and pay for.

          • Grace Clifton

            tell your friend to get a job and take care of herself.

      • Jesse James Messick

        At best Obamacare is deceptive, excessive, unclear legislation that was blindly voted into law. Even Pelosi understood that fact when she stated “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it beyond the fog of the controversy.” It may not in your opinion be unconstitutional to pass laws before they are read and understood. But in my opinion it should be. Our founding fathers probably didn’t address that directly because they never could imagine a nation would be stupid enough to do something like that. But in this case they were mistaken. :(

      • yumadlh

        When it was turned into a OBAMATAX.

    • Nelson

      Supreme court said it was constitutional.

  • Frank Koza

    If 51% of the people decided John McCain should be tarred and feathered, well then, according to him the people have spoken and it shall be done. Hogwash. This is not a pure democracy, but a republic supposedly governed by the rule of law even though the governing elite inside the beltway think the law is anything they deem necessary to foist upon us.

    This is a bad law, written by insurance companies for the benefit of insurance companies to avoid many of the problems ineffective government regulation and meddling has created in the first place which are the true source of spiraling, out of control health care and pharmaceutical costs.

    • http://sitdowntragedies.wordpress.com/ Bill Liktor

      I’m curious as to which parts you take issue with?

      • Frank Koza

        Where to start, Bill?

        For one, like the IRS has it’s share of employees caught in identity theft scams, TSA has it’s share of employees caught stealing traveler’s property, now we’ll have more of the IRS and government workers in between us and our doctors with access to our personal health information. When they claim there are no ‘death panels’ just wait til rationing or determinations of what specific procedures are not covered kick in. Scary thought.

        Secondly, can anyone explain how putting third parties in the process between a doctor and patient make anything more affordable? Doctors already have to charge more to pay for their extra employees they are forced to hire for sorting out the different insurance policies and fighting for payment.

        We have our government proclaiming a farmer can’t grow wheat to feed his own livestock because that affects interstate commerce (Wickard v. Filburn), yet there are numerous impediments to insurance companies selling policies interstate which the federal government consistently fails to address.

        Patent laws drive pharmaceutical costs and focus research as well as prescriptions on patentable medicines vs generic or natural medicines which is not addressed in the ACA.

        This law doesn’t even address tort reform.
        The Act imposes additional taxes on medical devices.

        Shall I go on?

        • Nelson

          Most of your claims are non sequiturs. The IRS collects taxes for everything. Does that mean we should disband all government programs including the military? Farmers have nothing to do with health coverage. And “what could have been” doesn’t mean what is there is bad, it just means more work needs to be done.

          Many reform ideas could have been debated and enacted but Republicans didn’t want *any* health care reform bill. So, we get what we get. Once this has been on the books a while maybe the crazy fear-mongering will die down and further reforms can be made.

    • Nelson

      As opposed to what we had before? This law means millions more will be covered by health insurance. There also exists the idea that government should pay for all health care directly, but that was even more hated by conservatives. The ACA is the compromise solution.

  • Daniel Olson

    Come on people Grow up already!


    • Grace Clifton

      who’s not growing up?

      • Daniel Olson

        The people whining about Obamacare. And … for the record, I’m not speaking to those with concerns… who express them reasonably. I agree with what Jerry says below, and that echos McCain’s stance. This “I’m gonna stomp my feet take my ball and go home” BS has got to stop… no matter which side it comes from. We dont need elected officials who say “screw everyone until I get what I want”. Especially when they will still be collecting a full paycheck.

  • SovereignMary

    McCain – Spoken like a true ‘Manchurian Candidate!

  • Sunshine

    I’m sure there some good aspects of the ACA but the fact is, they are trying to shove this down our throats when it is no where near ready to roll out. No one is ready for it and the fact remains that because of it, people are getting their hours cut back to where they can’t get insurance at all because they are only part-time. The biggest fact remains though that congress isn’t and doesn’t want to listen to the American people and for McCain, Pelosi and the others to say that WE want this ACA is a bunch of hog wash. Besides that and as Cruz put it, if ACA is so good, why then are our elected officials and the unions wanting to be excluded? I totally agree with Cruz and I thank him for standing up for the American people. NO to ACA, NO to big government, NO to invading other countries, NO to the IRS, NO to the Federal Reserve, NO to illegal gathering and mining of our personal data and NO to their so-called gun control measures!

    • hotgrandma

      You would make a great Libertarian.

  • LeTrashMan

    Well, ol’ John here must have forgotten that the United States is a Republic, not a democracy.

  • Walter Shipley

    I wonder how much bribe money it took for old McCain to change to a democrat?

  • FreeMind

    I am a huge fan of Ben Swann, but in this case I think it took a lot of courage for McCain to stand up to the arch-conservative media machina that believe THE ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS. (think about that for a minute)
    The article was pretty good but the comments turned my stomach. Both “sides” of the media/political pseudo spectrum (and by spectrum I mean black/white, this/that, or red/blue), operate in a complete vacuum of thought where opposing viewpoints are obsolete and not only absent but despised, villified, and demeaned….so much so, that they think “their” viewpoints are actually their own and not an extension of whatever media outlet they watch, and “I think” viewpoints can be arbritrarily exchanged with “everyone thinks/knows”…..
    You people need a healthy dose of opposing viewpoints served on a platter of an open mind, corporate shackle free….. :(

  • poptoy1949

    Troll !

  • Tiffany
    • hotgrandma

      I read the above referenced article. If it is true, then I wouldn’t know what all the hub-ub is about. We have all heard the horror stories. Why would people make this stuff up? I can see no reason for people to make stuff up about it. We heard the letters read by Senator Cruz. What would those people have to gain by telling lies? What would Cruz have to gain by lying to us? On the other hand Obama has lied to the American people repeatedly. We will see what happens once the law goes into effect. Seems like we’re spending an awful lot of money for all of this. Seems like it would have been cheaper to leave things as they are and just pay the medical bills of the poor.

  • Ol Grey Wolf

    McCain is a RINO…He is a traitor to the Constitution…He definitely does not remember his Oath to the united States of America. Alzheimer’s maybe? Maybe …he should retire…Traitor

  • Terry

    I’m from Arizona, and I think McCain is out of line and should be thrown out of office. He has sided with the liberals and the enemy too many times now. I’m embarrassed that he represents my state.

    • Jay Holm

      Good! Get him out of office! Pleeease!!!

    • zoinks

      I am betting the Arizona state republican party has the nomination process completely locked down. The republican party machinery is broken throughout the country. You won’t find the democrats letting that kind of thing slip. every committeeman post is filled, and they all know who to put in charge to shout down the liberty minded republicans. business as usual.

  • Joseph L Parker

    First of all Mr. McCain, we are not a democracy but rather a democratic republic. Since you are a United States Senator you should know that. Secondly, Mr. Obama was elected and yes Obamacare was passed but none of you read it to know what was in the bill or perhaps we would not be having this current problem now as we find out “what’s in it.” Do your job and support those who voted for you sir or perhaps the folks of Arizona will finally be tired of your song and dance and vote you OUT. BTW Mr. McCain, I know you won’t ever read this but here it is anyway, in case you don’t know what a republic is here is the definition for you: A republic is literally a form of government in which affairs of state are a “public matter.” Most often a republic is a sovereign state, but there are also sub-sovereign state entities that are referred to as republics, or which have governments that are described as “republican” in nature. For instance, Article IV of the United States Constitution “guarantee[s] to every State in this Union a Republican form of Government”.

  • Ben

    That is one of the dumbest things he has ever said. They passed Obamacare without even knowing what was in it. The fact that they caved on it in the first place is repugnant. He let Obama win the election he didn’t even put on the gloves for a fight on now he wants to tell us the Obama won the re-election so the people want Obamacare? How dumb does he think we are? We are just starting to find out what Obamacare is and how it is going to impact our society as a whole. The more the public learns about it the more freaked out people are getting. I wish the elections where this year so people who are aware of just how much of a nightmare these FAKE Republican’s have allowed to happen could get them the hell out of our lives and get some more TRUE Americans in DC to fight for us. They want our Guns. They want our Rights. They want to bleed us for every penny so they can bankrupt the United States and destroy our sovereignty and bring us into their New World Order. But guess what you statist we are waking up. Thousands of us every day are waking up and we are getting pissed off and we know who we are pissed off at. If you work hard and fast you might survive with your jobs but if you don’t we will be coming for you and you will pay the price for your treason. Make no mistake you have committed treason and the proof is flooding out all over the internet and it is to late to turn it off we already know. You know who I am and you know where to find me. Pack a lunch

  • Adam W Ruplinger

    That is a bogus argument that the voters voted for Obama, so we have to go along with the Obama plan. The vast majority of voters are very low information voters who do not know what they are really voting for. If Obamacare is really so great and we should go along with it, then WHY has Congress exempted themselves from it? If it is so great, why are all workers unions getting exemptions from it? If it is so great, why does Obama have to travel around the country trying to sell it? If it is so great, it should not need selling. It would sell itself. McCain is a Progressive in GOP clothing. I just moved to Arizona a few months ago, and I cannot wait for a chance to campaign and vote against him next time around. The man is a disgrace to Freedom and the Constitution. He is a real honor to Progressives bent on power and control. He makes my stomach turn every time I hear him speak just as much as Obama and Hillary and Reid do as well.

  • Wayne Herrod

    Juan McCain is a miscreant who wouldn’t recognize the truth if it came up and bit him on his ample rear end.

  • Angela

    Its not democrats vs rep anymore. It’s whoever has been bought out vs who hasn’t. We need fair new elections and fast! Better yet, it’s too late, its time for intervention from God! I appreciate and thank you Ted !!

  • The Retro Housewife

    McCain is a particularly disgusting individual who should have been tossed in jail for his involvement in the savings and load debacle.

  • Frank_O

    Cruz stood up to Obama & the Ds and did EXACTLY as he promised when he was elected. Why do Rs think that they have to roll over & play dead, breaking their promises to oppose Obama? I’m ashamed of McCain & other big government-loving (“Statist”) Establishment Rs. Those kinds of people are KILLING our Constitutional Republic, bankrupting the nation, taking away our freedoms & getting us into endless dumb wars. Two thumbs up for Cruz & a pox on McCain!!

  • Jeremy Mejia

    McShame. I can’t wait until this RINO is voted out!

  • Tom223

    “repair Obamacare” They are supposed to be working to wipe it out.

  • Tim

    What is coming out of Republicans right now is what we already knew. That the Republican Party was infiltrated with leftists a long time ago who were helping to force a “compromise” towards the left in Congress incrementally over many decades. What we are left with now is a gargantuan government that is becoming tyrannical and is largely insatiable. No manner of taxes can satisfy it’s appetite and the people are becoming poor as a result.

  • Tom223

    McCain and the Republican leadership are pretty much all RINO’s. When Bush Jr. was president the republicans had a chance to cut government spending and wasteful government programs in general and they did nothing. Most of those programs are just a funnel for money into the Democrat political campaign funds.

  • Tim

    According to the 10th Amendment…….those powers not delegated in the Constitution to the Federal Govt shall be enumerated TO THE STATES. Obamacare is unconstitutional and has no place at the Federal level BY LAW. Too many people in our country grow up highly ignorant about how our nation was created and what rules our government were setup for. Healthcare is not one of them.

    If the leftists/socialists want to pass a Constitutional Amendment to include “Healthcare” as a “right”, then please, by all means they should do that and be LEGAL within our system of Government!

  • Coulove Cunalta

    John McCain is for Obamacare? Figures! Remember the infamous words of one
    politician, “We need to pass so we can see what’s in it!” How big does the red
    flag need to be? We DO need universal, affordable health care, however, not at
    the expense of granting the few total control over every aspect
    of our lives. Repeal/Defund Obamacare. Start over. Do it
    correctly this time! No sneaky riders. Full public disclosure
    & debate before voting. Let your Senator know right


    1st, we are a Republic. Not a democracy.
    Cruz and many others knew that Obamacare was not good for the people as it was enacted. If, it’s not good enough for congress, corporations, federal employees and unions, then why would it be good for the people.

    Cruz stood for the people while McCain stood with Democrats who have shown that they do not care about the people. Only special interest and donors. This law has been a disaster since its conception when it was rammed down our throats in 2009. The Democrats think they know whats good for the people better than they do but, they are in a bubble as usual and are way out of touch with America.

    McCain has never stood with conservatives except, when he wants to protect his job but, in this instance, he has so much hatred for Cruz, there was no way he would join the fight to save America from this monstrosity.

    McCain’s days are numbered. Just as Graham and McConnel’s. We sent true conservatives to DC to put an end to the crony capitalism and spending and Cruz, Paul and Lee are doing a great job of showing America these RINOs true colors. They did not go there to make friends and fall in line with the criminals. They went there to save this country!

  • Steve T

    What the hell happened to the Republican Party? The Republican leadership had better wake up and embrace the likes of Cruz and Paul, or they will be wiped out in the next election. Who knows, maybe that would be for the best, then we can finally create a new and popular Libertarian Party that embraces the values that most hard-working Americans want. I have never been more angry about what is happening in DC. NOBODY is representing ME any more!!!

    • Taylor

      Please do not use the term “new” when referring to the Libertarian Party.

      • Elucidation

        Since many Americans still fall for the false two-party lie and worship their political party as though its their favorite football team, having elected officials who actually honor the rule of law rather than what the Republicrats say in DC would be “new” AND refreshing.

    • g.johnon

      what happened to the republican party was it got hijacked by multinational corporations and right wing fundamental Christianity.

  • rcon1

    Hes so irrelevant and corrupted, bye bye John.

    • Doug

      Elections do indeed have consequences. Its time for this shriveled up old coot to be voted out. McCain that is!

  • Brother Jonathan

    McCain is most likely a Pilgrim Society member the secret society that rules the world.
    Here is a list of some of their members:

  • Slim_Strontem


  • TheOtherBen

    Ben, I hate to say this (especially since you didn’t write this article), but you’re better than this kind of Tea Party drivel. Look at the comments that precede and follow mine. They’re looking at the false choice of Democrat and Republican and choosing a false third, a “Tea Party” choice. They don’t know anything about why we got here or what’s in store, they’re only motivated by knee-jerk reaction and what their pappies taught them.

    • g.johnon

      well, that’s what an education in government school will do for you.

  • Johnney Appleseed

    If you want to call illegal immigrant voters with no ID, brainwashed liberals, and poor uneducated minorities that just wanted that Obama phone “Voters” they yea. NOBODY I know with half a brain voted for Obama. Give Obama care a year or two to destroy the greatest health care system in the world. Once the working poor all realize what Obama care REALLY is and that that all that Obamacare means to them is a stolen tax return they will reject it in droves. And MR. McCain writing a piece of legislation that turns America into a police state complete with “Secret Arrests” *Cough* NDAA *cough* also has it’s consequences. You and Obama and the rest of your criminal regime better lawyer up, that is if the American people allow you to have one, as you have tried to deny us ours.

    • Nelson

      Sure dude. 62,611,250 Popular Votes for Obama. All of us were illegal immigrants.

      • Johnney Appleseed

        So Nelson, how’s that Obama phone workin’ out for you now?

        • Nelson

          I don’t know what an Obama phone is. Here’s what I do know. I know health care reform is in progress, Osama bin Laden is dead and we’re getting out of two wars. That’s not half bad.

          • Lucky Leisuresuit Larry

            OBL is dead – *citation needed.

            That means conclusive evidence not “we threw his body in the ocean and everyone involved in the raid happened to die within 6 months. Just trust us that he’s dead.”

      • Gannojo

        62,611,250 out of 240,900,000 eligible voters doesn’t look like a majority to me. More like 25% voted for him. That does not give him much support.

        • Nelson

          Even fewer voted for Romney. If you want to help get out the vote, more power to you.

    • ben

      Maybe nobody with half a brain voted Obama, I didn’t. But nobody with a quarter of a brain voted Romney. Peace be with you.

      • Johnny Appleseed

        Romney was a sham, he was never supposed to win and if he did he was the lesser of 2 evils. But can you honestly say we are better off now than when we were with Bush? (as bad as he was). I don’t think you can answer that. And for an Obama supporter to say “Peace be with you” when they support a president that tried to get us into WW3 is a little hypocritical? Let me guess..too much MSNBC??

        • Uppity Slave

          Ben said “Peace be with You”…maybe Ben supported Ron Paul, the only true Peace candidate.

        • g.johnon

          we are probably in pretty much the same place we would be if bush was still in the whitehouse.

  • Patricia

    Consequences are one thing when the stakes remain the same. But all of you, and most especially the President have changed the stakes dramatically since the election. The addition of exclusions to yourselves and so many others as well as the businesses with over 50 employees mandate has been given another grace period before they are required to participate. In anticipation of this Mandate (mandates to force citizens to purchase products is unconstitutional to begin with) many employers are already cutting down on the number of full time employees by cutting hours to current employees and hiring part time employees to make up the hours cut from current employees. Many are now forced to work 2 jobs with no medical coverage required from either employer thus mandating them to purchase their own coverage through the ACA. The stakes changed Mr. McCain and you have helped change them. Shame on you!

    • Dana Brown

      Well said Patricia. Thank you.

  • vanyam

    With the theme from the old western show Rawhide, “head em up, move em out, giddyup!”, we need to round up the tired old embedded cronies in the Beltway, male and female, and VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE.

    Who needs term limits if we can wake up the American voter to the scam we’ve condoned in the Beltway? McCain, Reid, McConnell, Pelosi, Feinstein, etc etc etc. They all need to be shown the political pasture for some grazin…

    Anyone on here know how to transpose all their faces on those cattle in the Rawhide intro footage? That would be very effective and funny video for the 2014 and 2016 elections in shuffling these old hayburners out the door.

  • Brother Jonathan

    What people really need to know is that after the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was signed by president Wilson the Pilgrimsociety.org funded the politicians who opposed their opposition to take them out of office. Within just a few years all the statesmen who stood for liberty and voted against the Federal Reserve Act were taken out of office. By 1936 the liberty movement was dead. The 1936 Republican party platform is a very interesting read. It was all about liberty and sound money. They lost in a landslide.

    I would be willing to bet a Morgan silver dollar that John McCain should be on the Pilgrim Society list along with Hillary Clinton and many others. John Kerry for example. James Baker is on the list. President Obama is an honorary member as are all U.S. Presidents since Teddy Roosevelt.


    • Scott Sourile

      i don’t think pilgrimsociety.org was around in 1913 or 1936

      • Elucidation

        It started in 1902 and still exists today.

      • Brother Jonathan

        If you can read English then you know for certain that the Pilgrim Society of Great Britain was formed in 1902, the year that Paul Warburg immigrated to America, and the year before the Pilgrim Society of the United States of America was formed. They themselves tell us that fact on their own website: http://www.pilgrimsociety.org/history.php

        While their website was not published on the Internet for nearly 100 years after the formation of their secret society, the fact of the matter is that The Pilgrims took control of America in 1913 and have been warmongering ever since. War Is a Racket.


  • PatrickHenry1789

    Nothing will EVER change in the district of corruption until folks finally wake up and realize that it’s time to decentralize!

  • Jerry

    McCain is correct, elections do indeed have consequences. Whether or not individuals agree with the Affordable Care act, it was voted into law and declared constitutional by SCOTUS. It is the law of the land, if you disagree with it, then work within the system to change it. I find it abhorrent that the Republicans in Congress are holding the USA hostage and may cause the first governmental default in our history because they are being whiny little s**ts over a law they don’t like.

    • Scott Sourile

      The irony is that, even though I have mixed feelings about Obamacare, The government shutdown is going to be far more costly to the US than anything in Obamacare.

      • Elucidation

        Specifically, how will our bloated National Government shutting down hurt the average American?

      • Cheryl Newcomb

        Details please, or you’re just another fear monger who’s bought into the lies.

      • g.johnon

        not only is this not the irony, it is not even the reality. Obamacare will likely be the final straw that collapses the American economy for good. much worse than a government (so called) shutdown.

    • Cheryl Newcomb

      It’s Obama and Reid who are threatening to shut the Government down. The Republicans have offered to fund the Government, just not Obamacare. Get your facts straight. Obama and Reid are playing the tyrants in this little kabuki dance.

    • Dana Brown

      Beg your pardon?
      Cruz IS working within the system to change things that the public have overwhelmingly disapproved of.
      You complain the republicans are holding the US hostage. Here’s a clue, the U.S. government is holding U.S citizens hostage and forcing them into this under duress with no regard for public opinion. Speaking of holding a thing hostage, Obama recently stated there would be, “no compromise” over the budget. Do you consider that a democratic response to his Presidential responsibility to our nation? I don’t. Without the possibility of compromise we might as well be in Nazi Germany in the late ‘thirties. And, yes, I think Obama and the others like him (including McCain) believe and demonstrate the worst qualities we could ever despise in a politician.

      I’m sorry, Jerry, but your comment is patently ridiculous in my view.

  • Lakrov

    Ted Cruz was elected too, you know.

    • Scott Sourile

      Don’t remind me…

  • LibertyChick

    I’m beginning to wonder what else they are working on. I think of magicians who get you to watch their left hand so you don’t see what the right hand is doing. Now we have Obamacare. Common Core Curriculum. Spying on citizens. We’re all watching and fighting these battles, but is there something else he’s doing that we’re not seeing as we watch his left hand? I don’t know. But seems everything he’s getting us into is promised to be no higher costs/taxes and better systems. They are not being tried out on smaller scale to determine effectiveness, and/or to make improvements before a large scale deployment. Everyone in business knows significant changes need to be done and tested on a small scale before major financial investments into a large scale project that could be a major flop. What else isn’t he showing us? What else is he doing while we are distracted with these issues?

    • Grace Clifton

      that’s a very intuitive question. maybe there is something else going on that none of us are aware of =o

    • Karolyn

      Try thinking Agenda 21! If you don’t know what that is and what they have in store for us in the long run researching this plan for our future may help you understand. We HAVE to vote conservative into office but there may be no time left with this POTUS ruining our country along with his minions but there has to be hope for us that love this great country.

  • g.johnon

    the simple fact that songbird McCain is a united states senator and had a ton of support for his presidential run, coupled with the fact that Obama lives in the white house combine to serve as glaring proof on how sick, ignorant and mal-educated our society has become.

  • Raymond Johnson

    McCain is a traitor to his own party and to the American people.