While appearing on Fox News on Sunday, Senator Lindsey Graham was asked what “percent chance” he would run for President. Graham answered, “91.”

The ability to raise enough money appears to be a big deciding factor for Graham, who raised over $11 million during his reelection campaign in 2014. According to Business Insider, Graham said over the weekend that he would need about $15 million to be competitive with other candidates.


WALLACE: What’s the percent chance that you’re going to get in?


WALLACE: Seriously?

GRAHAM: Yea, I think so. I’ve gotta put the means together. I think I’ve got a good message. I think I’ve been more right than wrong on foreign policy. I’ve criticized the president for leading from behind, for being weak and indecisive. I’ve been a problem solver in Washington, and I think I’ve got something to offer the party and the nation. I’ll make that decision in May. If I can raise the money, I’ll do it.


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