U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) speaks to the press following his private meeting with United States U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice about the attack on U.S. diplomats in Benghazi, Libya in Washington

The heat has been turned on for Lindsey Graham, and he is feeling it. The embattled republican senator from South Carolina is relying on misleading semantics to deceive voters  into reelecting him over his two serious challengers, state senator Lee Bright (R) and businesswoman Nancy Mace.

The Senate voted last week on whether or not to defund Obamacare. The vote for cloture was the last chance republicans had to stop Obamacare in the Senate. All eyes were on the cloture vote. If cloture was achieved republicans would be outnumbered on the final vote to defund Obamacare and Senate democrats would easily end all hope for those wanting Obamacare to end.

Only 19 senators (all republicans) voted no on cloture. Senator Scott, South Carolina’s replacement for Jim DeMint, joined the fight against cloture and voted no. Graham voted in favor of cloture. In total, 79 votes for cloture allowed debate to end and the final vote to take place. All knew that if the final vote was allowed to happen then Obamacare would not be defunded. However, that didn’t stop every republican in the Senate from voting against Obamacare funding on the final vote. This way they could return to their constituents, as Lindsey Graham did, and tell voters that they voted to defund Obamacare.

Lindsey Graham writes to supporters to tell them he voted to defund Obamacare
Lindsey Graham writes to supporters to tell them he voted to defund Obamacare

In the letter above we see a US Senator deceiving voters. Graham was not alone. Republican senators around the country played the same card in emails and social media updates telling their constituents they voted to stop Obamacare, but there was nothing more they could do. This was certainly not the case. By voting for cloture, the majority of republicans allowed for the funding of Obamacare.

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Michael Lotfi

CEO, Political Director at BrandFire Consulting LLC
Michael Lotfi is a Persian-American political analyst and adviser living in Nashville, Tennessee. Lotfi is the founder and CEO of BrandFire Consulting LLC. The firm specializes in public and private technology centered brand development, lead generation, data aggregation, online fundraising, social media, advertising, content generation, public relations, constituency management systems, print and more. Lotfi is the former executive state director for the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, a think-tank focused on restraining federal overreach.Lotfi graduated with top honors from Belmont University, a private Christian university located in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  • MiffedInTX

    Please add John Cornyn (TX) to the official list of lying RINOs. He’s been spouting the same non-sense on Facebook after he voted to let the vote proceed.

    • Joycelyn Williams Urech

      I am so disgusted with Cornyn! I am also insulted that he thought we would not catch on to his ploy! They could have stuck together and voted against cloture! He is out, out, out!!! They are lining up to oppose him.

  • F Plang

    He is of the same ilk as McCain Pelosi and Feinstein. All need to be fired.

  • truthistreason

    Well until the voters in his state smarten up and remove his rino butt from office, we will have to deal with his pesky liberal ideals.

  • FreeToBe

    Distorting facts is what politicians do best. We received basically the same email from TN senator Bob Corker stating “Today, I voted in support of advancing the House continuing resolution that would permanently defund Obamacare while funding the federal government. After the defunding provision in the bill was struck by an amendment that I opposed, I voted against passage of the amended bill. The bill, nonetheless, passed the Senate with only Democratic votes, and now moves back to the House”. Yeah well, thanks for nothing. Why couldn’t they have at least joined the momentum caused by Sen. Cruz and forced the debate?

  • Son of Liberty

    Lindsey Graham wouldn’t know the truth if it was painted on the front of a speeding freight train and he was tied and left standing, facing the train, in the middle of the tracks, with his eyes glued open…

    But hey, we can wish.

    Graham is PRECISELY the kind of despicable, duplicitous, lying back-stabbing, festering cancer, that is the REASON the Country is in the state it is in.

    ANYONE that votes for Graham (or his bummy buddy McInsane) in ANY future election is simply, a traitor.

    • Dana Brown

      I generally agree with you and gave your comment a thumbs-up.
      However, I’m not willing to censure any citizen for voting the way they wish. It is their right and duty to do so. Traitors? Certainly not.
      Politicians are a different story…they have sworn to uphold the Constitution and by deliberately not doing so they place themselves into the class of traitors and deserve appropriate treatment.

      • Son of Liberty

        I disagree – if you vote for politicians that are OBVIOUS frauds, and that do NOT defend The Constitution, and vote for the BRIBE they offer you in exchange for your vote, you are a traitor.

        It is one thing to have a difference of political opinion, but there is a clear line in the sand between destroying the country for the sake of belligerence and your own self interest, and voting responsibly.

        • Dana Brown

          Really? You would impose anything upon a fellow citizen without their agreement? I’m not good with that.
          If you want their vote to match your ideas of propriety then you should try education rather than extortion via the shame game.
          Your post indicate you have many great ideas. Please reconsider this one.

          • Son of Liberty

            The voters and politicians that are extorting THE COUNTRY, and yours and my pocket, deserve more of your attention.

            Lets see if you defend as vigorously if voters vote to enact Sharia Law…

            Take the blinders off.

            You have the Right to vote for whom you please, and I have the Right to say what I think about it.

          • Dana Brown

            You might consider taking your own advice.
            You seem to be indicating that sleeping voters are traitors because they’re asleep. If you truly care, wake them up.
            Sharia Law? Not likely.

            I would appreciate that you not throw voters into the mix as if they are intentionally screwing things up. Treason requires conscious effort to commit the crime. You know, intent to betray our nation for personal or political gain. Some may be guilty of that but I’m not willing to throw everyone who disagrees with me into that category.

          • Son of Liberty

            “Treason requires conscious effort to commit the crime. You know, intent to betray our nation for personal or political gain.”
            Precisely what the progressivesociocommunist despot political machine (otherwise known as the democrat party), and their voters, do.

          • http://www.americansforglobalwarming.com/ Bungalo Joe

            Really? So a 5th generation welfare recipient getting cash assistance, pregnant and an Obama phone in her hand is someone you consider to be truly conscious of the political ramifications of her vote? I think she and others like her know what they know – that the Dems hand out goodies they can see and hold, and are promising more.

            Like Rush says, you can’t vote out Santa Claus. The “children” won’t allow it. If our society is so bereft of dignity and personal responsibility, maybe its time to start over from scratch.

          • Son of Liberty

            @bungalojoe:disqus : Awesome! I am happy that at least someone gets it!

          • Dana Brown

            You’re just being an idiot now. Find another player.

        • http://www.americansforglobalwarming.com/ Bungalo Joe

          You need to change your handle then. You cannot purport to be FOR liberty, while at the same time censuring people for having a difference of opinion. While I certainly gnash my teeth at political stupidity across the entire political spectrum, to disallow political speech of any kind (especially in the form of a vote) is tyranny.

          If votes willingly lead themselves to slaughter, then perhaps this country’s time has passed. Nothing lasts forever.

  • Cheryl Newcomb

    Vote all these RINOS out!! Token vote on Obamacare, Gramnesty thinks we’re all stupid! We know you voted yes on cloture, and then voted no when you could have stopped it with the cloture!! Lying, little weasel.

  • Chris Moschini

    So… just to be clear you want the government to shut down as a result of non-funding, and want to hold this senator’s feet to the fire for not taking every opportunity possible to shut down the government?

    • Joycelyn Williams Urech

      Don’t be tricked by their scare tactics. If the government shuts down you will hardly notice. No fear!

      • Gregg Braddoch

        I agree, maybe we can shut down Congress, the White House and the IRS first.

    • astrummagister

      Nothing is very clear to you, is it? Do you normally have this much difficulty with reading comprehension? This has nothing to do with shutting down the government (as much as I would love for that to happen). It has everything to do with defunding Obamacare, and how Flimsey Lindsey is lying to his constituents to claim he voted to defund Obamacare, as the title claims.

      • Chris Moschini

        The bill the House is trying to screw up Obamacare with is a bill for funding the entire government, not just the Affordable Care Act. Perhaps you’re unclear on things. Those in favor of this strategy are holding the government’s proper operation hostage over their demands.

        • Anon

          They did the same thing with the Monsanto protection act… tricks and deception.

        • Thvwandool Yusef Moring

          I do not think you understand what a government shutdown is. The government has “shut down”11 times since 1980. You know what is funny about that? The government did not actually shut down it stopped spending. The longest period was when Clinton vetoed a spending bill, it lasted 21 days, during which we still had a military, medicare, SSI, Veteran benefits, etc. etc. Fear mongering is all it is. There is no danger in shutting down the government, it is all political posturing.

          If you want I can provide you with some links that explain government shutdowns quite nicely, and describe what they really mean, because the democrat party has been lying their butts off about what it will mean to shut the government down, but it is not just Democrats, Republicans have pulled the same fear mongering tactics int he past. I for one HOPE THEY DO SHUT IT DOWN, so misinformed idiots can be proven wrong, and so the fear mongering idiots can be exposed for the liars they are. The only difference in Republicans and Democrats is one wears a red tie the other wears a blue, and they have the majority of the US believeing they are some how fundamentally different when reality shows us they both support big oil, big phrarma, big wall street, and all other lobbyists. Neither party would so much as piss on an American if they were on fire. They do not care about you, only their own wallet.

          • Chris Moschini

            Fear mongering it most certainly is, and I agree “shutdown” is too severe a phrase, but there’s no question that failing to fund the government’s functions fully means we cut many jobs and welfare for the needy, inefficiencies which have a negative ripple effect in the economy. It’s not catastrophic or apocalyptic the way the media and politicians portray it, but it is a stupid self-injury in an attempt to force one party to do what the other desires. Not a mortal self-injury, but the US is already a big lumbering piece of crap in many ways – taking steps backwards doesn’t make that any better.

          • Tim

            “we cut many jobs and welfare for the needy”

            Needy? Really? I know for a fact that the food stamp program is used by people who don’t need it all the time.

          • Chris Moschini

            Can you point to objective statistics showing that? Surely you must be aware there are at least SOME homeless and hungry people in the US that can use those programs that are getting cut – right now.

          • Thvwandool Yusef Moring

            I agree Chris. Unfortunately both sides of the political table made outrageous cuts to education and aid programs.

            Tim has a point that these programs are sometimes abused, it is unfortunate but it happens. Like that lady in Florida who was arrested this year for stealing MILLIONS from these programs.

            That said, I would like to think that most on it actually need it. But statistics themselves are logical fallacies in arguments because numbers can and are twisted by cherry picking, again both sides do this.

          • Chris Moschini

            Numbers can be twisted, but there is still an objective reality and it’s up to us as voters to be reasonable. Being reasonable requires getting to the real objective numbers past any spin. Every analysis I can find of fraud in US welfare – whether by the right or left – shows it at less than 2%.

            And again, in actual reality, anyone with eyes who’s been to any US city knows there’s homeless people out there – these program cuts are going to hurt them, and it’s a damned shame.

          • Thvwandool Yusef Moring

            I agree with you. As I said above I believe that most of the people who are on it actually need it. But fraud does exist, and it takes away from those who actually need it as well as all the other issues with welfare cuts and what not.

            But yes you can spin numbers to say anything you like, that is why statistics are logical fallacies unless all information is included in them. Sadly people just take politicians words for it instead of actually looking for themselves. It is unfortunate that most people blindly follow what they emotionally agree with rather than actually checking the facts. But then I was guilty of it also at a time, and this is why I will never vote Republican or Democrat again.

          • Thvwandool Yusef Moring

            You are partially correct but not completely.

          • Thvwandool Yusef Moring

            Let me start by saying that I am in no way trying to justify the shut down. I am not saying it is a good thing. My point is just that the fear mongering is just as insane as the shut down.

            I think I could agree to most of what you said there, except the interruption to aid programs, this simply is not the case. That said it is stupid, but it is not just one party doing it as much of the media portrays. Past government shut downs and even this one are the fault of all of the idiots in Washington (by “all idiots” I mean all politicians). Granted 800k government employees are told not to work today and another 1.2 mil will work with out pay, but if the past is any indication as to government shut downs they will get back pay for the days they did not work or get paid.

            It is blown way out of proportion. It is silly, but it is silly for both parties. The Republican lead house proposed a bill last night that would fund the government WITHOUT defunding AHA (Obamacare) But it was denied because it delayed the penalties and full implementation of it for 1 more year. This is significant because Obama gave exemptions to ALL of big business and banks, to delay implementing AHA for another year for them. It would not have stopped enrollment or anything of the such it only would have delayed the penalties for another year like Big Business gets.

            As far as it effecting SSI, Welfare, Vet benefits, there is no truth to this. I got my VA check today, and my buddy on SSI disability got his, and he got his food stamps.

          • Chris Moschini

            Excellent post. On the matter of payments to those in need, as usual the truth is more complicated than the simple who’s right/wrong debate:


            So yes social security marches on and several other programs; but many do not. Devil’s in the details.

            Agreed those workers will get back pay, but if they lose their apartment in the meantime – that’s a damned shame. I happen to be a big fan of scientific research as well, and the Nasa shutdown puts us in an awkward position. We spent a lot to put a rover on another planet that now will sit there and have its power source slowly fade away while it does nothing. There are astronauts in the ISS that, given enough time, will be in dire straits if Nasa can’t rotate them out. So, I’m not trying to make the case it’s an apocalypse. But there are a lot of people who are trying to make the case, no one’s affected so goodie for savings. That argument simply does not hold water.

            As for which party is to blame, I agree the Dems and Repubs are mostly both composed of a few good guys, mostly jerks who got elected aware that voters don’t care, and count on them not to care, so they act mutually abusive in the relationship. I do have to notice though that it is the Republican party that chose to use this funding bill to go after the ACA – can’t ignore reality. What followed is all over the comments of this and Facebook and whatever, but that initiated this, and for some people that may mean a loss of their home. That’s the reality and it’s a damned shame, even though my life goes on unchanged.

          • Carol Chadbourne

            one guess who’s taking these steps backwards…and freedom loving Americans are, at the moment, forced to put up with him..until he is impeached. Wake up!

          • Chris Moschini

            That’s the kind of blind partisanship that has us stranded here yes.

        • Carol Chadbourne

          You, sir, really don’t know what you are talking about…any more than you know what WE ARE talking about. You are not as intelligent as you think you are……

    • usaok59

      Chris that has been the rallying cry of the Dems; but that is all you will hear on MSM. The Repubs DO want to shut down the government, they want some give on this atrocious healthcare plan. Compromise is going to be the only way to move this all forward. Right now the Dems are saying “no compromise”.

      • Chris Moschini

        Compromise would be to fix whatever portions of the bill people take most issue with. Let the opposition propose fixes then, instead of just attempting to poison a law. But the most ridiculous part is that this is being fought over a bill that’s just supposed to keep the government operating properly – that is a group that does not have majority support holding the proper operation of the government hostage, an offense to democracy.

        • enlson983

          They already passed a bill to fund the government, including every wasteful and unconstitutional program except Ocare.

          • Chris Moschini

            Yes, that’s the brinksmanship they’re employing. It’s ridiculous.

        • Carol Chadbourne

          the administration is an offense to our Country of Democracy…taking steps for nwo, which no educated person wants ,…socialism at best..communism at worst ..no thank you…no global gov.t we are a democratic Republic with no room for a ‘king’ or dictator….dems made a very bad error in voting for this radical islamic muslim .!! And that, Chris, is the God’s Honest truth about that kenyan-born, indonesian citizen..And, don’t bother telling me you’re an atheist….don’t care.

    • Carol Chadbourne

      You must have listened to the great pretender’s speech, following the vote. IT IS the fault of b.o. and harry reid that gov’t closed down…they WANTED it…reid would give NOT an inch for a discussion with the House. THEY definitely wanted it to end this way…that’s how deceitful, lying and evil they both are. Then he stands up there and says it was Boehner and colleagues. Finally, Boehner has grown some to fight funding of , as they say, a trainwreck waiting to happen. b.o. has LIED about the costs and all the taxes..21 new ones added to the first part of taxes. …the muslims and the illegals are exempt from prohibitive costs of this act..you and I will be paying for their health care…cute, huh?

  • nurseok1

    Lyin Lindsey! So you are telling me that SC is incapable of being respresented by a REAL conservative in Washington?? If that’s the case, the republic is truly doomed!

    • Carol Chadbourne

      What happened to my comment

  • usaok59

    I went to every FB account of Republicans that voted yes on cloture to tell them I thought they were going against the wishes of the voters. Almost every one of them was spinning the same kind of lies. It was a bit confusing until I realized what they were doing. They would just put the lie on their page and think all would believe them. After all they’ve seen Obama do that often enough.

  • gomezz56

    Shut it down! We have already overspent our budget for this year! When a person/family/business runs out of moneythey have to quit spending, should be the same for the Gov. NO MORE WASTEFUL Obamaphones, NO more foodstamps, NO more tax spending advertising for Ocare! Shut it down!

    • Thvwandool Yusef Moring

      There is no such thing as an Obama phone. This is a policy that goes back to Carter and was expanded by Clinton then Bush, they are Bush phones, or Carter phones or Clinton phones. Obama has committed enough actual crime and despicable acts we do not need to become liars ourselves to call out another liar. Do you see the issue that arises from doing that? It seems very hypocritical to me. I am not saying you knowingly lied, I am saying someone knowingly lied to you.

      • enlson983

        Actually the free government land line program, Link-Up, started in 1996 and the government started giving out free cell phones in 2008.

        • Thvwandool Yusef Moring

          Thanks enlson. I thought it started under Carter with a bill that aided the elderly who lived in rural areas. Apparently though it is a program first suggested by Reagan, and was expanded when Bush was in office. But I do not think it is even a government program. I think it is offered thought telecom companies and taxes do not pay for it.

          But thank you for showing me I was incorrect, it prompted me to look more into this. I was erroneous in thinking Carter started it, but I was correct in that Obama had nothing to do with it. At least from the information I have found this seems to be the case. I am no supporter of Obama, but again I still think he has enough actual crimes that we do not benefit by making some up, I think it actually hurts our cause by diluting truth, and making people not take us serious because they see a lot of it is made up and then just assume the rest is also.


  • oscarwong4

    shut it down, people will realize we all hate where this country is going, by showing these idiots we don’t like their crap

  • Skatt

    I noticed on Lindsey Graham’s FB page that he’s telling people that a Nuclear capable Iran is unimaginable, yet they have had a nuke power facility since 2011. I wanted to post a comment to make sure other people knew, only to discover that I had been blocked for the other times that I called him out on propaganda such as insisting that the Syrian government was responsible for the sarin attack without solid evidence and asking him why he supported the Prism project along with conspiring against the 4th amendment rights of people who are not suspected of crimes. Note that I was always respectful, informed, and provided my sources.

    • http://www.americansforglobalwarming.com/ Bungalo Joe

      He’s in hunker down mode. His publicist/propagandists cannot afford for voters to think critically about his record or his positions. All they want is for voters to see the “R” after his name, instead of the “D” for Douchebag that his actions proclaim him to be.

    • Carol Chadbourne

      Good for you !! 😉 …I’m sure, by now, he understands we can’t take much more lying from thief-in-chief..we certainly are not going to take it from him.

  • Sally_Oh

    McConnell too. Guilty.

  • Cora Urquilla

    shut it down.. we do NOT want Obamacare.. PERIOD.. Do you understand?????

  • clocker1

    I hope Lindsey Graham looses his seat in 2014. He’s been deleting posts off his facebook. Heck, he even banned me.

    • Carol Chadbourne

      THAT doesn’t hurt anybody, really…but, he knows WHERE we stand, so let him delete all.!!! I’ve called his office at least 20 times to make sure he voted our way…or take the hi-way. LIED just about every time. ENUFF!

  • Bill1SC

    Lindsey Graham is a bald faced liar. As is Saxby Chambliss who posted on his website that he voted to defund Obamacare also. They must think we are complete idiots. Graham most certainly won’t get my vote and I will do all I can to make sure his other constituents know about his lies too.

    • Carol Chadbourne

      I’ll be telling my daughter that HER Sen.Chambliss-GA, ALSO voted for cloture…she won’t like that too much, either.

  • Gary

    He is a Democratic plant.

  • Tim

    This is why the “establishment” Republicans (who sold our country out for DECADES) were so upset at Ted Cruz, because during Ted Cruz’s filibuster he basically told the whole country that the Republicans could have easily voted silently behind closed doors in that session to force a 2/3rds majority. The Republicans didn’t. That means a SUBSTANTIAL number of Republicans are traitors and aren’t who they tell the voters they are.

  • Kevin Merck

    “By voting for cloture, the majority of republicans allowed for the funding of Obamacare.”

    Just about the only good Republican in Washington is now retired and living in Texas.

    Vote for Jessie Ventura.

  • TOMD


  • Cin

    My senator, Boozman, did the exact same thing as Graham :(

  • Carol Chadbourne

    I just could not believe that my Sen. Lindsey Graham of SC, could LIE so blatantly on face book; re his vote on b.o. care. After all, we were warned that there could be a trick played to make us think that they defunded..in a word..c-l-o-t-u-r-e. We were advised that the pols might think that voting ‘for’ cloture meant they said yes for defunding…when, in fact, we were told the word meant ‘no’ to defunding. All of them think we Americans are totally S_T_U_P_I_D…..Well, I guess I had a ‘dumb ‘ moment to actually trust his word in voting for defunding. Never again!

  • James Earl Turner

    Graham is a joke and South Carolinians know it. Question is why do you keep letting him win primaries!

    • C-Ann-C

      Hey, James, there’s a LOT of us down here in the good state SC that want to GET RID OF GRAHAM. There are now 4 candidates running to replace Graham this November, just recently another one threw his hat in the ring, but the 4 I do know are: Senator Lee Bright (State SC Senator for 5 years, a proven Constitutionalist Conservative voter, now sponsors the Constitutional Carry bill in session in the Senate, proven supporter of veterans – of which I am one who knows when I see a good man on the running and I’ve met and shook hands with this man, and you know when you shake someone’s hand that you can “feel” their true strength of who they are, and I felt that with Lee Bright), Nancy Mace (author of her book “In the Company of Man, The Citadel”) who has good conservative values but she hasn’t stepped up enough to the plate to be able to beat out Lindsey Graham, Bill Connor (currently still in the military, Major, served in Afghanistan, understands the vet very well, loves the constitution) but Bill is also a lawyer and we’ve had enough of that, plus Bill has run in 4 other previous primaries and lost every one, so we don’t know if he can win against Lindsey, and then there’s Richard Cash (a businessman, but when I saw him at the SC Tea Party Coalition Convention in January in Myrtle Beach at a vetting process with the other candidates, he didn’t carry the audience attention as well as Lee Bright did or Bill Connor….there could be a close race with Connor and Bright, but I still think Lee’s voting record in our State Senate is proven enough for me to support his efforts. He’s running a tough race and campaign money is scarce, with Graham’s $7 million in his till, Graham has the money but Graham is losing support. Already 7 counties’ Republican parties voted on a resolution holding Graham against the Principles of the Republican Party, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but Graham is losing points with a lot. And now with this recent vote that he voted against Obama’s debt ceiling raise, voting with Tim Scott this time around, Graham is stepping up his record for his voters and will say he voted against the debt ceiling, but AGAIN, ANOTHER LIE, because he voted to RAISE the debt ceiling 10 times before and esp. with Obama’s Democrats the prior times, so he’ll be lying about THIS one, too! And I cannot STAND a liar! So, my vote goes to Lee Bright at this June’s Primary. I think there will be a run-off, as some has predicted, and if that is true and there is a run off, Graham will lose because he cannot afford to have a runoff election!! I’ll guarantee there WILL be a runoff!

  • Diana Stokes

    Thank You For Contacting MeInboxx

    Senator Jeff FlakeDec 10 (2 days ago)

    to me

    I WROTE MY SENATOR JEFF FLAKE OF TUCSON AZ. ABOUT IMPEACHING obama. He ran as a conservative Republican. This is what he e-mailed me back. My jaw dropped!

    Dear Mrs. Stokes:

    Thank you for contacting me about President Barack Obama. I appreciate receiving your comments.

    Certainly, there will always be those who oppose the administration’s agenda – that is the nature of our system. However, impeaching a president is a serious endeavor. While I disagree with many of President Obama’s policies and much of his agenda, I do not believe he has committed any offense that would warrant impeachment.

    Although we may disagree on this issue, I hope you will continue to contact me in the future about issues that are important to you. I also encourage you to visit my website, which may be found at flake.senate.gov/.


    United States Senator

    • C-Ann-C

      Well, that FLAKE sounds like a REAL Flake! I hope you and others in your state will choose a better one to replace him! He either must be insane, out-of-sync (as usual with RINOs), a yellow-belly-creatin, scared-little-woose-puss, jerked-off-illiterate, unedumacated moron-low-information voter (as usual), smoked-up-toked-up-doobie-smokin’-weed-smoker, deranged beyond recognition, or just plain STUPID!!

  • Finkster

    Graham, like McCain & Mconnell is just another Rino that’s needs put out to pasture.

    They are the same as Reid and Finestein and Casey and Satan and Marx and Lenin and Zedong and Satan and Obama and Clinton and Gore and Satan and Byrde and Arlin and Kennedy and Satan and Moombean and Pelosi and Bloomberg and Satan and Kissinger and Kerry and Biden and Satan and Osama and King George and Castro and Satan and Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and Hillary and Satan and Weiner and Matthews and Cronkite and Satan and Abortion and Schumer and Wright and Satin and Islam and Homosexuals and Carter and Satan And FDR and Federal Reserve and Hitler and Satan and Cocaine and Cannabis and LBJ and Satan and Al Capone and Rather and Barbra Walters and Satan and Oprah and Barney and Rob Ford and Satan and Christie and Sandusky and the Devil.

  • C-Ann-C

    RINO is the word for Graham! I watched the cloture votes going on! I SAW that he voted on the cloture, so I KNOW he voted to end the debate to go ahead with the vote and look what happened! What a lying sack of “what’s-that-smell-in-your-pants”!!! Today, he had is little “breakfast” soiree for his “supporters”, and so a few of us Lee Bright supporters and others against reelecting Lindsey Graham, came out for a sign-wave “party” of our own outside his headquartered “establishment” in Myrtle Beach area – in fact, the address is 1103 48th Ave., Myrtle Beach, SC. His “staff supporters” all ready had his campaign signs out in the front, a big campaign sign at the entrance…and so the question is, according to campaign laws in the state, a candidate, or incumbent candidate, cannot post campaign signs until 90-days before an election or Primary….this is already over 4 months out. Why were his campaign signs already displayed on and around a building in Myrtle Beach? Hmmm?